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SlidingG #151

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:10/11/2011 03:36:50Copy HTML

October 10th, who could have believed it?  Gorgeous day at East Beach today -- low 80's, brilliant sun, gentle breeze, fantastic water -- so late in the season, my latest visit ever.  Only drawback, the flies were biting, though the wind shifted later and they eased up.  Lots of people and many vehicles on the beach, which limited how daring I was in my choice of beach attire.  All in all, though, a great day for ending the beach season in New England.
JohnWatertown #152

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:03/05/2012 12:01:16Copy HTML

After reading the posts on East Beach, I think this year I'm going to drive down from MA and check it out.

Sounds like a great place to be, secluded, friendly, thong and nude friendly.  Currently looking at thong wear as the only 2 thongs I have are totally see through, which has never been a problem at Crane Beach.

I'm looking at the Dore line and find it impressive and affordable and would be great thong wear for the beach, also looking at wind breaks so that I can have some privacy should I decide not to wear the thong.

Thanks Rick for all the info you provided about this hidden gem of a beach.
rickl454 #153

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:03/05/2012 01:00:22Copy HTML

Not nude friendly anymore,  Last season I heard of $100 tickets handed out for nudity even in the usual thong area.  Otherwise anything goes, as long as it's something.
axn #154

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:05/23/2012 12:41:34Copy HTML

I will heading up to Rhode Island this upcoming weekend and I was wondering if anyone has other suggestions for beaches to thong at. It sounds like East Beach is the best option but we will be staying around Narragansett and I'm wondering how that beach is and if there is anything closer?  
Looking forward to your suggestions.
rickl454 #155

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:05/23/2012 12:59:31Copy HTML

Be sure to get there early - the parking lot is small and fills up fast expecially on a nice weekend.  I'd recommend around 8 am to be on the safe side.  Let us know how it goes.
axn #156

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:05/24/2012 03:45:54Copy HTML

Any other suggestions near Narragansett that are thong friendly?
riothong #157

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/10/2012 12:52:19Copy HTML

Has anyone been to East Beach yet this summer.  I am trying to work some midweek time off and would like to go to East Beach a day or two.  I am wondering what the conditions are like this year. 
rickl454 #158

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/11/2012 02:27:09Copy HTML

No word from anyone this season.  I haven't been due to other reasons but would likewise like to hear.  Maybe SlidingG might know.  If past seasons are any indication it's probably pretty nice except for the inevitible piping plover ropes.  Don't forget the bug spray (DEET) in case the wind is blowing the wrong way and the greenheads are out.
SlidingG #159

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/11/2012 07:30:27Copy HTML

Rick & others:  no, I haven't gotten down there yet this season, one reason being that sunning on our patio in mesh sliding sock-jocks has been so nice -- more convenient and much cheaper.  Also, I'm still aglow from running San Francisco's Bay-to-Breakers 12k foot race May 20th barefoot, wearing just a yellow cap.  After that, East Beach in a g-string is anti-climatic.

But I do hope to get there before we leave for Europe in early July, and I'll surely make it several times after our return.  It's so pleasant there stringing all day, taking long swims and walks, and just relaxing.  

I'm always amazed how tolerant folks are.  It's sort of like the thousands of clothed runners at B-2-B who pay us naked runners little heed -- our (un)attire is just another acceptable choice at this race for those who dare.  (Note:  I wore a light layer of olive oil over my whole body, honoring the spirit and the tradition of the ancient Greek Olympians, so I wasn't really naked, despite appearances.)  
rickl454 #160

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/12/2012 01:11:13Copy HTML

SlidingG - Olive oil over nothing qualifies as nude for sure, especially in the spirit in which it was worn.  I've worn my Dore triple dip at East
beach with no problem at all.  I think that as long as you look like your covered from a distance the Nude Gestapo won't give you a too close look.  

Have a good time in Europe.
SlidingG #161

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/20/2012 01:32:24Copy HTML

Heading down to East Beach tomorrow, Wednesday the 20th.  Should be perfect -- sunny and warm, breeze off the water to keep the bugs at bay, and hopefully a water temperature that's tolerable for long swims. 

Will probably set up around pole #9, 6-8 minutes down the beach among the regular folks, well short of the thonging area.  Stop and say hello if you're passing by.  
rickl454 #162

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/20/2012 07:34:06Copy HTML

Spectacular day at East Beach.  After early morning uncertainty the skies cleared into a perfect day at the beach.  Minimal surf and a nice breeze to keep things a little cooler than in the parking lot.  The usual thong area is free of piping plover ropes for a change.  There were about 10 or so thongers scattered about.  On the way back to the parking lot a lovely female thonger was spotted with her significant other.  Water temperature wasn't bad at all, although very few were observed in the water.  Thong du jour was a Dore tie side g-string in black and fuschia print.  Perfect for non-tanned skin tone.  Next time it will be yellow or white.
xmach1x #163

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/21/2012 02:04:36Copy HTML

I may try this beach tomorrow! I'm from Massachusetts and the only beach I've tried in RI is Misquamicut but it didn't look thong friendly at all so I wore dork shorts. Looks like East Beach is pretty close to Misquamicut though! Didn't know this beach existed until I read it here. I'm hoping to wear a Joe Snyder bulge thong suit. 
A little nervous since this will be my first time thonging on a public beach like this in the Northeast. I always only thonged on Haulover Nude beach of Miami Beach where of course it was acceptable. From looking at previous trip reports it looks like I shouldn't have a problem if I set up further down the beach though!
shs92645 #164

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/21/2012 08:10:19Copy HTML

you will have no problem anywhere on the beach.....you do not have to walk far unless you want to.
xmach1x #165

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/21/2012 08:29:09Copy HTML

Thanks! I'm looking forward to it, can't wait.
rickl454 #166

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/21/2012 08:33:40Copy HTML

xmach1x - While I think shs is correct, you might feel more comfortable if you turned left at the water and walked past the first roped off area.  about 15 minutes.  The usual thong area is just beyond the second roped off area.  That is a total walk of about 15 minutes (a little less than a mile).  Be sure to bring lots of water.  Also think about getting there before 9 AM.  The parking lot is very small and will fill up fast, especially in this weather.  Let us know how it goes.
SlidingG #167

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/21/2012 08:42:00Copy HTML

Xmach1x, like Rickl494, I was at East Beach yesterday, too.  Spectacular!  And got lots of long swims in.  Lots of roped-off areas for the piping plovers, more than I've seen other years, and the high water washes up just about to the ropes.  If you'd rather set up a bit back from the walkers going by, I'd suggest setting up where I spent the day yesterday, the open space between poles 31 and 33, the first open area you'll get to after leaving the life-guard area.  Not quite as far as 41, the traditional thonging area where Rickl494 set up, but just as good for thonging.  

There were only two other guys set up near me in the 31/33 area, both nude, one behind a windscreen, the other in some tall grass just above the beach proper.  I stayed in my brief gear because I prefer not feeling a need to hide from passersby.  So long as I'm covered where it counts, there's never any issues.

Saw only one ranger-type the whole day, a young woman checking the plover nesting areas.  Her job doesn't include patrolling for nudes (it's not allowed), yet you still run risks if you choose to do it.  Some folks were ticketed last year.  

Thonging is well tolerated at East Beach.  Walking from my car to pole 31 in an old Speedo thong, everyone returned my hearty 'Good Morning'.  Likewise after switching to a tan-thru sliding sock jock for my run down the beach.  Regular folks were very friendly. 

BTW, the sock jock stayed on fine.  This was a test run for wearing it running Bay-to-Breakers 12k foot race in San Francisco next May, dressed as a somewhat risque swimmer.  Next to B2B's naked runners, it's a bit tame, but it'll be fun anyway . . . . and my wife won't disown me!
xmach1x #168

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/21/2012 08:49:07Copy HTML

 Thanks for all the information guys! I'll be sure to post a trip report after. Water/Sunscreen/Bug Spray/Thong, check!
xmach1x #169

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/22/2012 09:22:33Copy HTML

Well I made it out today. Got there early (right before 8am) and didn't have to pay for parking since there was no one at the booth yet.  I initially pulled into the first lot on East Beach Rd and though this looks wrong...followed the road further down to the right beach. Word of advice, if you have a sports car don't take it! I thought I was going to lose the bumper on my Mustang.  The weather was great! Hot, occasional clouds and sun. I stayed until around 2:30 P.M. Got a real bad sun burn now! Ouch. I kept reapplying lotion and I looked fine on the beach but when I got home all red!
My experience thonging there was pretty good. When I got on the beach there were not too many people there yet. I made my way walking down the beach and ended up setting my towel down at post #21. I figured this was far enough down and I was right, the entire day I don't think I had anyone within a 1/2 mile of me in either direction. I wore my blue Joe Snyder bulge thong. There were many people walking the beach but they didn't care. I caught a lot of people looking as they walked by (Hey I'm 26 and in good shape and have a nice butt so I don't blame them!). The girls in their 20's or so seemed to look longer and stare more, while the older people just glanced and kept walking. Only two 20 something year olds walking down the beach with a guy were the only one's I heard a laugh from. One attractive, middle aged female stopped almost right in front of me on the beach to take off her hat and fix her hair? Intentional? I'd say so there was no one else on the beach for a while.
Had a great day, I'll def go back. My only complains are the horse flys. I brought bug spray but I don't think it was strong enough. They bothered me in the morning and then again around 2pm. Only saw 1 otherr thonger. I only saw one guy set way up past post #21 where I was and he was so far away I couldn't tell what he had on. As I was leaving around 2 is when I saw my first thonger, he was an older guy walking down towards where I was leaving. Time to go nurse this sun burn!
rickl454 #170

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/22/2012 10:20:03Copy HTML

Glad you had a good day!  For the greenheads I'd recommend Deep Woods Off with Deet.  Take a full bottle next time.  That seems to keep the greenheads at bay.  If the flies were the little black ones - forget it.  Nothing deters them not even swimming underwater.  Your only hope there is for the wind to pick up.  You might also check http://www.weather.com/ for Charlestown, RI before you depart for the beach.  The important thing is forecast wind velocity, the bugs can't fly in a breeze.
SlidingG #171

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/23/2012 05:10:02Copy HTML

xmach1x, I'll second Rickl494 on bugs vs. breezes.  I always check weather.com before going, and if the wind isn't off the water, and reasonably brisk, like at least 10 mph, I won't go!  On the 20th, I encountered absolutely no bugs, greenheads or otherwise, and enjoyed a hot, sunny, breezy day.  No burn, as I used plenty of sunscreen, but I've also got a good tan already from sunning on our patio at home in my mesh sliding sock jocks.

But next time I may try setting up near where you were.  I do enjoy feeling like a part of the normal beach crowd, especially if there's a chance to interact with the ladies.  Like on my early morning walk to pole #31 in a Speedo thong, then my run a good ways further in a mesh sock jock -- everyone, men and women alike, returned my friendly "Good Morning"'s, in the best JM style.  My coverage, though brief, was very adequate, and as Shs92645 said above, appropriate anywhere on the beach.

Glad you liked East Beach, it's been my favorite for years.  And it's great you were thonging away from the so-called 'thonging' area, showing the regular folks that us thongers are normal people, too.  That's why I like to set up near pole #9, among the regular folks, just enjoying my day in the sun and surf like everyone else.  In other words, as a thong ambassador.  That area was still all roped off still, of course, which is why I continued on to pole #31, the first open area.  Can't wait to get back!   
JM_Runs #172

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/23/2012 06:15:24Copy HTML

For accurate wind forecasts checkout WindGuru.  The link is for Ninigret Pond but that is close enough.   For other regions you can select from the drop down menus OR from a zoomable map.

kmyr #173

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/23/2012 10:42:51Copy HTML

 What are those little black flies that look like little house flies ?
I have only encountered them in the last 5 years and they seemto be everywhere. I have encountered them in my yard in centralNew Hampshire and in So. Vermont too as well as the So. Coast of Maine too ! Are they a import ?  They really SUCK !
rickl454 #174

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/24/2012 12:18:25Copy HTML

I have no idea what those bugs are or where they came from, kmyr.  But they are really nasty.  They must have a short life cycle because they are almost never around but when they are they are murder.  I think you may be right about them being recent because of all my years as the beach I don't remember them either.  Nothing works with them.  I've covered myself with bug spray to no effect.  They have chased me into the water and were still biting as I submerged and were waiting for me to surface.  The only thing that does keep them away is a breeze. 
SlidingG #175

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/24/2012 01:38:22Copy HTML

Try Natrapel, a green product my wife and I were introduced to at Audubon's Corkscrew Swamp in SW Florida.  We bought it in their visitor center before hiking on their boardwalk thru the swamp.  That was in March, 2011, and it worked well then.

And it worked very well again at East Beach one day last summer during a particularly vicious outbreak of the little black flies.  As others were leaving the beach early, I showed them how effective it was for me.  And I stayed 'til the end of the day.

From what I can tell on the net, it's widely available, not just at Audubon centers.  Target, GNC, and though we haven't bought any more yet, I believe I saw it at our local CVS.

It's worth a try, I've recommended it to several folks I've met at East Beach complaining about the bugs. 

SlidingG #176

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/26/2012 01:27:23Copy HTML

Anyone been to East Beach lately?  I'm hoping to get down there next Monday, and wonder if some of the Piping Plover enclosures have been taken down.  Back on June 20th, my last time there, they severely restricted where you could set up without being right out in the strollers' pathway, something I prefer to avoid, for their sake and my own.  Other years I've set up by pole #9, but on the 20th had to hike all the way down to pole #31 to set up back near the grassy area.  Thanks.
SlidingG #177

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/04/2012 11:30:31Copy HTML

Got to East Beach yesterday, arriving before sunrise.  Great to see it rise as I ran down the beach. 

All the Piping Plover fences are down now, so you can set up anywhere.  At pole #35 I found a flat area toward the rear for my huge beach towel, and donned my new orange Dore suit.  The orange strings show well from a distance, so no problem with folks strolling by.  Chatted with other guys in the area, who all seemed to like my suit.  Can't wait to get back.
riothong #178

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/04/2012 08:54:45Copy HTML

It is hard to believe, but I have not had a chance to get to East Beach this year, mainly due to work demands.  However I am hoping to get there Thursday or Friday (Aug 9 or 10). 

Has the bug situation changed any?  I am glad to hear the fences are down. 
SlidingG #179

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/05/2012 11:56:15Copy HTML

The wind was from the SW, so bugs were no problem, never saw a one.  I always check the weather report for the wind direction, and won't go if it tells me the critters will be descending from the dunes.
rickl454 #180

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/08/2012 03:48:16Copy HTML

Another perfect day at East Beach.  Arrived before 8 am to a parking lot with six cars (they don't collect before 8 am).  No plover areas but the numbered poles are still in place.  Pole #39 is best so that is where I set up.  I was there for a couple of hours before anyone else showed up.  There were a total of about six or seven thongers - actually one nude for sure and maybe one more a litte way down the beach.  The black flies were around for the first hour or so - a little put off by Deep Woods Off but maybe another brand should be tried.  The wind picked up and that was the end of the bugs for the day - no greenheads, by the way.  Thong of the day was a bladk and fushia Dore double tie side g-string. 

There were a couple of wind breaks set up where the persons were presumably nude.  One guy in the open wore an orange thong to begin with and stripped naked after a while.  He was right out in the open for anyone who cared to look could see.  He kept to himself, bothered no one and waited for walkers to pass before heading for the water.  Makes one wonder why anyone at all would care about nudity at the beach, particularly that section of that beach.

Water temperature was refreshing and waves were about average for that beach (1-3 feet). 
SlidingG #181

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/09/2012 12:15:44Copy HTML

Rickl, sounds like if you don't get in peoples' faces, you'll be fine going.    
riothong #182

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/10/2012 09:58:35Copy HTML

I was finally able to get to East Beach - first time this year. 

The day started out being over cast with a mist/fog which burned off and turned into a very nice day.  There was one guy nude in the open and later a couple more guys  came and were nude or in thongs near the dunes.   I met one guy, how had a very hot looking green tie side suit.  I did not get his name, but the suit looked really nice on him.  Especially when he untied the sides. 

I arrived in a green adjustible thong and changed into a couple of other thong and g-strings.  Since there were hardly any beach walker, I dicide to go nude. 

It was a great day.
SlidingG #183

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/18/2012 04:48:30Copy HTML

Fabulous day at East Beach yesterday -- bright sunshine, low 80's, breeze off the water keeping the bugs at bay, and light beach traffic.  Third car there at 6:30, and after an early run, set up at pole #35.  For a long time only one other guy was nearby.  Had a nice long chat with the guy (he had a speedo on), and donned an orange string.  Later switched to a mesh baggie and spent most of the day in that.  I figured that from a distance, folks seeing a splash of color in the right place, would conclude I wasn't totally nude, and not hassle me.  Others arrived in the area later for a nice atmosphere.  Kept a low profile, and no hassles.  

All in all, a super day, can't wait to get back. 
SlidingG #184

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/18/2012 07:40:01Copy HTML

Meant to say I met another member of this board at East Beach yesterday, a regular, but forgot to learn his board moniker.  
sailor250 #185

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/19/2012 01:36:55Copy HTML

When you mention wearing a sliding sock jock- is that a baggie with a waistband?  ( I call them a B string for bag string)  I've worn them at several beaches and hotels and if you have the waistband low down in the back people won't notice it's not a G string....but gives more freedom to move the string to avoid the tanline, and if possible mine can be untied or unhooked to lose the line.
SlidingG #186

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/19/2012 10:20:13Copy HTML

No, Sailor250, it's a sliding g-string without the cord that runs up between your cheeks.  Stays in place by catching it under your balls.  I often add a snap in back for easier on/off, like Friday seated on my chaise at the beach, chatting with my neighbor -- when a stroller approached, I remained seated and simply passed the waist cord around my waist, snapped it, and caught the pouch in place.  

A good example on the web is buffedbod.com's Freeform, in the underwear section.  Ron makes mine in any fabric I request, and I frequently wear them in cotton as regular underwear and as sleepware, my 'pajamas', as I joke with my wife.  In warm weather this summer, I've been rolling out of bed and enjoying my morning mug of coffee on our condo patio in my 'pajamas'.  Neighbors could stroll by any time, but never have that early.

When wearing a baggie at the beach and not wanting to appear nude, like up walking to and from the water, I'll often drap a cord around my waist and catch it under my balls in front.  Then slip it off back on my towel.  Last Friday I didn't bother with the cord, as regular folks on the beach were at a fair distance, so I figured the splash of color was sufficient to prove I wasn't nude. 
JM_Runs #187

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:05/01/2013 04:04:01Copy HTML

 Does anyone know the condition and status of the beach as a result of Sandy?
ctbeachguy #188

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:05/01/2013 04:10:03Copy HTML

 Hey if you find out I would like to know as well.. especially with the warm weather getting here
rickl454 #189

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:05/01/2013 06:32:25Copy HTML

I heard that the dunes are gone and the plover ropes are up.  If you go be sure to post here.
SlidingG #190

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:05/01/2013 08:59:12Copy HTML

I'll second that, I'd like to know, too, though I don't expect to get down 'til late June/early July.  Been sunning on our patio for several weeks, keeping the overall tan fresh, but will wait for the water to warm up at East Beach.  After Jan/Feb in Naples/FL wearing my strings, I'm spoiled for warm water!  Pushing the envelope at East Beach is super fun, but I play it cool in Naples, a conservative town where we're now regulars, hitting the beach just down the street from our place, among our neighbors. 
SlidingG #191

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/01/2013 03:21:03Copy HTML

Got down there today -- incredibly gorgeous.  Beach totally transformed -- much wider, nice and flat, long gentle slope to the water which is firm and great for running, dunes washed inland, so road it 2-3 feet higher, and very close to the beach, which now goes all the way to the trees.  New poles are set back by the trees, with numbers descending from parking lot, the reverse of before.

Second car in lot at 6:45.  On the beach before 7, chatted with the couple already set up from the first car; stripped to my string a short distance down  the beach; walked 10-12 minutes to second short opening between plover ropes (they're way back, so could have set up anywhere and laid out in my strings) at pole 64; dropped gear and set off running to the breach way.  Love those early morning runs when nobody's around (my two rules:  don't offend people, and don't get in trouble).
Chatted with an older gentleman on my way back from the breach way, who filled me in on details about the storm damage.  Other thongers arrived, we had good long conversations, everyone cool with brief gear.  

At 4:30, on with the shorts for easy walk back.  Stripped to my string at the car for a fresh water rinse.  

The beach is now the best ever for beach goers.  From ecology standpoint, time will tell, but nature's a strong force, and I think the refuge will bounce back in time.  Meanwhile, it's the best beach around here I know of for wearing brief gear.

Hope to get back at least once a month thru the summer.  Would go more, but the wife complains.  Besides, I can bake in the sun on our patio in next to nothing, just can't take a swim, damn!
CTthickstick #192

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/28/2013 02:43:23Copy HTML

Good crowds here lately?
SlidingG #193

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/28/2013 04:29:33Copy HTML

Very few folks on East Beach this past Tuesday.  Spent the day by pole #66, no hassles from anyone in my tan-thru sliding sock jock.  Everything from nude thru speedos and shorts, relaxed laid-back atmosphere.  Chatted with several at their spots and with others walking by.  Strollers at water's edge were few, and often unseen, given the long slope to the water.
rickl454 #194

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:09/12/2013 01:18:57Copy HTML

 Perfect late summer day at East Beach.  Arrived around 8 a.m. for about seven hours in the intense sunshine.  Water temperature is about as warm as it gets in this area.  The beach is very wide - the dunes apparently washed away by Hurricane Sandy.  Very little man made crap on the beach.  Several  4x4's drove the past as well as two horses and riders.  A few thonger/g-stringers in the usual thong area.  A very quiet and serene day in sun and water in a green, Dore tie-side g-string.. 
islandguy #195

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:09/19/2013 09:35:38Copy HTML

A beautiful cloudless day with temps around 70 F promised a good time. The steady breeze of about 10 mph made it feel cooler than it was.  I set up  near pole 67 and did some exploring, as this was my first time here.  I walked down as far as lot # 1 for campers, and then cut over to the inlet.  It was much more pleasant out of the wind.  However, I got a few mosquito bites which were annoying.

During my travels, I saw about half a dozen guys and one m/f couple wearing thongs.  Some of them got naked some of the time.  I was naked about half of the time; I wore my red net g-string when walking around.  Several off-road vehicles drove down the beach during the day.  I covered up as they approached, not knowing if one might be a park ranger or if someone might play the role of swimsuit police and call the rangers.  No ranger ever came.

A wind screen would be a good item to have - both to block the wind and to block the view of people riding by.  I did see a couple of parties with them.  On my way out there were 20-30 people on the beach in the immediate area of the parking lot.  The fee booth was not staffed, although there was a sign with the fee schedule prominently displayed.
rickl454 #196

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:09/20/2013 02:20:36Copy HTML

 islandguy - I'm glad you finally made it to East Beach.  I had planned to go myself but just couldn't motivate when the time came.  DEM rangers drive dark green stretched wheelbase Ford 4x4's with gold trim.  From what I hear naked is a $100 ticket but you are OK as long as you are wearing something.  Deep Woods Off works against virtually all East Beach bugs except for those little black flies - nothing but a change in wind direction works against them.
outdoorguy #197

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:09/29/2013 03:44:29Copy HTML

I had an opportunity to visit East Beach on the 20th of September.  Gorgeous weather, bright sun and 75 degrees.  Took a left at the entrance to the beach and walked down about half a mile before laying out the towel and my chair.  Wore an ultra small pouch orange g-string with no problem.  Talked to a couple of women and one fella in a transparent, see through thong.  All told me people are tolerant of just about anything.  Most of the male beachgoers were in speedos, a few in thongs. Had a nice, end of the season day.  Look forward to visiting again.  Just would like to be sure I went to the right area. 
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Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

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Sounds like the right area.  Do you recall the number on the pole nearby?  When I want to wear extreme gear, I generally go as far as  pole #66, which seems to be very forgiving.  The other thongers around don't seem to give a damn what I'm wearing.  That's understandable, since some of them are nude, and even seem to enjoy my 'attempts' at coverup.  

When spending the day in one of my regular, tan-thru sliding g-strings, which is perfectly legal and decent, I'll often set up much closer to the parking lot, among what I refer to as 'the regular folk'.  I like to be part of the whole human race.  I get there early and choose a spot in the open, so others coming along later can see what I'm wearing.  If they set up nearby, it's fine with me, for it tells me my attire doesn't offend them.  I feel completely at ease.    
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SlidingG - Thanks for the response.  I did not see any poles with numbers on them.  All I can tell you is I walked about 15 minutes or so when I left the protected area. Perhaps our paths will cross next year. 
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SlidingG - I don't think the pole numbers made too much sense this year.  The usual thonging area was around Pole #39.  This year it was 60 something.  When I went I gave up counting the poles. when I got to the parking area on the beach I backtracked a couple of hundred yards.  There was no other way to get any bearings because the dunes were wiped out by the winter storms.  In any event about 15 minutes is about right.  I hope the dunes come back over this winter.
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