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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Jillzeeker #301

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/17/2018 06:26:24Copy HTML

 To: rickl454; gw32;
A friendly couple and my wife and I are going to East Beach this weekend. First time this year. We usually bring a windscreen and tan nude. I will wear a thong for a walk down the beach, but wife puts traditional one piece bathing suit on.

On your visits the year, have you noticed many wind screens? It seems, like us, I've noticed the thongs are slipped off behind the wind screens. Can't wait for the weekend. Hope you will be there, too.
rickl454 #302

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/18/2018 11:41:33Copy HTML

 Windscreens are very common on East Beach.  If you are going to be nude behind yours I'd advise you to walk down the beach a ways.  Take a look at the Google Earth photo in my profile.  Just be aware that nudity is a $100 fine, I have no idea how strict enforcement is this year,  especially if you are behind a wind screen minding your own business as opposed to walking back and forth to the water nude.  It's entirely possible to spend a day at East Beach and never see a Ranger/Cop.  I wish I had better advice for you.  Be sure to get there early, once the parking lot is full you're out of luck.   Be sure to post your experience and have a good time.
Jazzy3098 #303

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:02/13/2019 01:33:10Copy HTML

Hey guys my BFF wants to know where she can by me a thong for this summer we usually go to Scarborough Beach and she knows I am not shy about wearing a Thong and showing off my entire body.  Unfortunately going nude on the beaches in Rhode Island is a BIG No No.

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