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Date Posted:11/27/2018 01:13:57Copy HTML

Saw a 15-18 year old in a one piece thong (gstring) today at a city of Edmonton pool. No one complained, so I think you are good to wear it whenever you like

thong_patrick #1

Re:Edmonton City Pools

Date Posted:11/27/2018 07:11:09Copy HTML

Which pool? I have often found that it is easier to get away with a smaller suit if there are no schools doing swim lessons at the same time, if you are swimming during the daytime. My favourite pool is Eastglen but the city is looking at closing it. Last week I went to a evening lap swim time at Hardisty and wore a Joe Snyder classic bikini, while there were 3 or 4 other guys in little square cut suits.
littleone55555 #2

Re:Edmonton City Pools

Date Posted:11/27/2018 04:09:46Copy HTML

Terwillllegar pool. PD day so lots of school kids. Too busy in my opinion

ohiothonger #3

Re:Edmonton City Pools

Date Posted:11/28/2018 09:37:09Copy HTML

I spent a week in Edmonton on business a few snowy Aprils ago. The hotel did not have a pool, but did have an exercise room with some free weights, exercise machines, and a large hot tub and cedar lined dry sauna. I just wore my thong from my room, down in the elevator, and to the hot tub and sauna. At one point, an employee from the front desk saw me and called me over. She had a package I was waiting for, and told me I could pick it up any time. I ask as casually as I could if my thong was okay, and she just sort of shrugged and said something like "why wouldn't it be okay. It's a swimsuit, isn't it." Other staff members and hotel guests accepted my thong too. There were almost no comments, and the few I did get were qutie complimentary. The suana was cedar lined and had a very small window, about the size of a Time magazine, in the door. There was a light inside, but it was quite dim. My first visit, I opened the door and a couple was deep into love making on one of the seats. The man ask if their "performance" as he called it, bothered me. I said no, not at all. I tnen ask if it would be okay for me to take my thong off. The lady said "why not". For the next 10 minutes or so, they continued what they had started until they were compled. We then got into a conversation about thongs, G-strings, nudity, and where they were acccepted. THey told me about one of the city pools (I don't know exactly where it was) that I could get to on the trolley bus that ran a block from the hotel. I thonged there without issue. Even though, or perhaps even because the city has a large and quite open Gay community, thongs on men were never associated with the Gay life style. The only place they said to wear more was the indoor water park at the big Edmonton mall. Women could wear thongs but men could not show any part of their crack. The man said they had both snuck in wearing thongs a few times, but that pool management ask the men to change or cover up as soon as they discovered what they were wearing. Women could wear anything. I wore a Rio type suit and was not ask to leave, even when I let the back side slip into my butt crack giving it a cheeky or almost thong look. There was, howver, a young man about 17 who had on a real Speedo thong. This was at a time when they still were available in stores. His thong had the Speedo logo in front, and from the front looked more like a Speedo Solar suit than the traditional Speedo thong had. I got behing him on a slide and ask him about his swimsuit. He had gotten it at one of the stores in the mall. He said that the waterpark people permitted swimwear that was purchased within the mall for people who stayed at the mall's hotel complex. You had to be able to show a sales reciept for the swimwear and a room key for entrancel. This seemed very unfair, but I guess it was set up to promote store sales to out-of-town visitors. One the way out of the mall I had to walk across the parking lot to get to the trolley bus stop. As I passed a car, I saw a hotel key laying on the pavement. I picked it up. The next day, I returned, and went to the store where the man who was thonging had gotten his swimwear. Sure enough, they had a small selection of the front-logo thongs like the guy at the water park had been wearing. They came in about 6 colors, and I bought a light blue one. The store featured a lot of English clothing and other items like dishes, cigarettes, and candies. The lady said that this suit was made by Speedo specifically for the English market, who demanded a somewhat more conservative look. (I called the store the next year and they said they had sold out and could not get any more. This was about the time Speedo stopped making them for the US market.) I was able to wear that thong at the water park after showing the receipt and room key. They put a dayglow bracelet on my arm to indicate I was okay with a thong. I don't think anyone complained.
littleone55555 #4

Re:Edmonton City Pools

Date Posted:12/01/2018 02:06:36Copy HTML

Wow Ohiothonger, that seems like a lot of hastle and very unfair. I'm sure today there would be no issue because people don't seem to get offended about such issues as much. I really wish Speedo still made thongs as an official swimwear one would be ideal. I find that a rio style makes my bum look the best and if the material is thin enough then a self-made thong works really well on the slides
Shazam #5

Re:Edmonton City Pools

Date Posted:12/11/2018 06:39:52Copy HTML

Bizarre. I've been here a few times now and there are quite a few women wearing thongs, some of them very skimpy. I wore jammers last time, the ladies appreciate seeing my man bump. I can't see how anybody cares what you wear as long as your penis is covered, there were quite a few guys wearing very small Speedos.
littleone55555 #6

Re:Edmonton City Pools

Date Posted:12/14/2018 02:43:10Copy HTML

I see lots of women in thongs at the water park, it's becoming more popular. City pools very rare to see it
Baguio #7

Re:Edmonton City Pools

Date Posted:03/16/2019 06:13:02Copy HTML

Glad to hear about the hotel and buying thongs there make it easier. Headed that way this June. Think I stay the night and buy my suit. But take along some of my favorites too.
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