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Date Posted:01/05/2016 03:32:41Copy HTML

Went to the water park in Edmonton today and while waiting to buy tickets there is a little swimwear shop you can lounge in. I asked the lady if she had any thongs for sale for my wife in which she answered: "we had some a few months ago, but they aren't that popular so we stopped stocking them. Don't worry there is no dress code for the water park, she can wear whatever she wants - and that goes for you too"
At first I wasn't exactly sure what that meant "and that goes for you too" but it sounds like she wants me to thong it in the water park =) I bet it makes the slides super fast.Only saw 1 girl in a half-thong - most of her butt was visible, a few guys in speedos, but 99% of the people were in american style bikini's and board shorts. If you're brave, the invitation is open and supported by the staff
jprob50 #1

Re:Edmonton World Water Park (indoor)

Date Posted:01/05/2016 04:56:47Copy HTML

 There is not much of a tan to be had at an indoor water park. It's strange that she would tell you there is no dress code, when they list it on their website. http://www.wem.ca/media/266773/2015-WWP-Changeroom-R-n-Regs-Sign-36-x-48-web.pdf
Grabeach #2

Re:Edmonton World Water Park (indoor)

Date Posted:01/05/2016 10:17:03Copy HTML

I've found that at most pools the shop sales people or even the person at the desk who takes your entry money won't know what the rules are. However any lifeguard who's even half competent and the pool supervisor definitely will. Even if they turn a blind eye to the quite clear "......thongs ........ not permitted", I'd bet that the conservative pool user who for whatever reason doesn't like brief swimwear will definitely know the rules and ensure they will be enforced. I wouldn't waste my time trying to wear a thong here.
littleone55555 #3

Re:Edmonton World Water Park (indoor)

Date Posted:01/25/2016 09:59:03Copy HTML

 Ah interesting that those rules posted state no thongs although she did clearly tell me they were allowed, as long as you aren't wearing shorts, shirts, etc. She was a shy Asian, when I asked what style she likes she showed me the american style with the most coverage (as I was getting ideas for my wife who I brought later). I asked again for you guys to another lady and she told me the same response that there is no dress code, where whatever you want, as small as you want, although I'm guessing her personal opinion is different.
I'm guessing it's a matter of what you feel comfortable in. Next time I'll try wearing a thong underneath, I'd like to strip down for the blue bullet, then put shorts on over-top once I'm at the bottom. It *should* be faster
Baguio #4

Re:Edmonton World Water Park (indoor)

Date Posted:04/15/2016 06:05:18Copy HTML

 I wrote them last year and their replay basically was "We are a family park, thongs are not allowed"
littleone55555 #5

Re:Edmonton World Water Park (indoor)

Date Posted:05/01/2016 05:57:42Copy HTML

 Well I did it, went back and wore shorts over my thong. While in line for the slides I took off the shorts and the slide was twice as fast! Guys and gals going down with shorts are missing out!Obviously the attendants saw my suit but said nothing all day. I always threw my shorts on after getting out of the water at the bottom of the slide. Maybe that helped? The front of my suit is conservative, and other girls wear Rio's and the occasional thong. So far I've never had an issue, just don't wear something tight showing off your junk. As long as no one complains the staff won't say anything
John Howard #6

Re:Edmonton World Water Park (indoor)

Date Posted:05/01/2016 07:02:41Copy HTML

 I agree a thong or naked cheeks would make the slide unbelievably faster....

I haven't worn a thong at a water slide yet, but my strategy is to wear a speedo or preferably a string bikini, and  just before jumping on the slide I pull the back in as if it was a thong, and off I go......

Once I arrive at the destination I fix the back side to a normal string bikini again.   
Never heard of any complaints.
Ethan85 #7

Re:Edmonton World Water Park (indoor)

Date Posted:05/16/2016 08:17:00Copy HTML

Nice.  In Edmonton I discretely strip down to my thong in hot-tubs where no-one can see, but always put my speedo back on before getting out and swimming laps.  Don't have the courage to push it any further.
Is there any public spot for a guy to sunbathe in a thong in Edmonton?  I heard Victoria park was probably the best bet.  Any particular areas?
thong_patrick #8

Re:Edmonton World Water Park (indoor)

Date Posted:05/22/2016 04:29:15Copy HTML

 The area at Victoria Park is just to the west of the Royal Glenora club, being the first turn off from River Valley Road as you drive westbound after the Glenora turnoff..  I haven't been there yet this year, as it is a bit out of my way.  I will often tan either at Goldbar Park or the Strathcona Science Park.  We had such an amazing start to May with 30 degree weather, I managed to get in a couple of hours in the sun, but the last few days have been way too wet and cloudy.
Which pools do you swim at in your Speedo and thong?  I enjoy going to the Eastglen pool on Friday or Saturday nights, as they have a late night Adult swim time from 10pm until midnight, and I can wear a speedo and not worry about uptight parents.
Ethan85 #9

Re:Edmonton World Water Park (indoor)

Date Posted:06/13/2016 08:25:06Copy HTML

I do laps in a pretty revealing bikini/speedo at various YMCA's and Kinsmen and never had any trouble.  I've only gone down to the thong in the hot tub when no-one can see, and I'm not sure I'd push it any further.  Have been past Victoria park a few times but never really seen anyone sunbathing, let along in a thong!
Anyone have experience at Oliver outdoor pool?
muzz #10

Re:Edmonton World Water Park (indoor)

Date Posted:06/27/2016 06:13:36Copy HTML

Now that summer is here, which is the best outdoor pool in Edmonton?  Criteria would be thongs, females, few kids etc.Heard Mill Creek was not bad.  Planning on visiting in July so any Intel is appreciated.
littleone55555 #11

Re:Edmonton World Water Park (indoor)

Date Posted:11/19/2016 10:23:48Copy HTML

No other intel or experiences?I'm interested as well as I don't have many opportunities to go out swimming / tanning if anyone knows.I did visit the water park again from 2 -5 pm on a quiet week day and there were two separate girls who were wearing those high waisted thongs. Basically like a full bikini but all the material was above their butt so full cheeks out. It's a shame about the double standard - although it did encourage me to pull my speedo up into a half thong and I left it like that for the last hour I was there. No complaints although at that time it's mostly mothers and their kids, so I feel more comfortable. It's usually the muscle buffs who give me dirty looks so I avoid wearing it around them
littleone55555 #12

Re:Edmonton World Water Park (indoor)

Date Posted:01/24/2017 05:20:18Copy HTML

 Three thongs today, on a quiet day of all things. 
littleone55555 #13

Re:Edmonton World Water Park (indoor)

Date Posted:03/16/2018 11:29:13Copy HTML

 We should organize a time to thong at the water park at the same time (guys and gals). There's increasingly more thongs daily but only by women
ithongit #14

Re:Edmonton World Water Park (indoor)

Date Posted:03/17/2018 10:25:33Copy HTML

Many years ago, around 1992, the man who became my husband and I went to the Edmonton Mall (West Edmonton Mall?).  We stayed the night at the Fantasy Land Hotel and of course visited many of the stores and attractions.  We were surprised to find the Submarine ride (now removed) used boats that actually submerged completely under the water instead of leaving the conning tower above the waterline.  We also were surprised that there were two adult toy/lingerie stores, as well as some Fredrick's of Hollywood or Victoria's secrets type stores.  There was even a Speedo store or a store that had virtually everything Speedo made including the now famous men's Speedo thong and several one and two piece women's thongs. So there were at least 3 stores that sold men's thongs, and a total of about 10 that sold women's thongs. 

We picked up a few and wore them to the water park without incident -- even though there was only three other thongers -- one man and two women.  They ask us "did you buy your swimsuits in the mall?" and when we said "yes" they said they wanted to thank us on behalf of the other businesses. 

We went back the next day and this time my husband had a Gazelle thong (which he still has and shows no wear) I had one from Venus.  We had brought these along from Ohio.  The waterpark person ask us the same question, and this time we both said "no" and were told we could not enter since thongs form outside venders were not permitted.  We had some shorts and stuff back at the room, and slipped them over the suits we had on, and went back and the person said we were okay now.  Once inside, we simply took our shorts off and then spent a couple of hours in the wave pool in our thongs on the water slides and just hanging around.  Nobody, including the lifeguards and the employees elsewhere had any issues with what we were wearing. 

These days the mall is suffering, with discount stores nearby and internet companies.  This trend is happening to virtually all malls, and some question how long they will stay in business.

I think the reason we got away wearing thongs was because they were at least slightly popular, and sold by other stores in the mall.  I also think a couple would be better accepted.  (The other male thonger was with a group of bikini clad women, one in a thong).  I also think that there were no people complaining.  I also have seen a general conservative movement in Western Canada similar to those in the Eastern US.  I think this group has been the main factor in discouraging thonging in the region.  
Baguio #15

Re:Edmonton World Water Park (indoor)

Date Posted:04/17/2018 12:01:41Copy HTML

 Good to hear thongs are being 'allowed' on the slides since they told me a few years back, by email, that they were not allowed. Have to get back there some day. Searched Youtube for any vids of someone in a thong there. None I could see. If anyone been there with pics/vids, please post them.
littleone55555 #16

Re:Edmonton World Water Park (indoor)

Date Posted:05/08/2018 11:01:54Copy HTML

 I was there yesterday, 2 mom's in half thongs. Although not in the best shape I still support it 100%. Honestly I haven't seen anyone with video cameras in there
Baguio #17

Re:Edmonton World Water Park (indoor)

Date Posted:03/16/2019 06:08:29Copy HTML

Anyone been lately in a thong or seen them there? Headed there this June, would love to meet others there. Anyone had any hassels about wearing thongs there? When is the best time of day to head there when not so crowded?

littleone55555 #18

Re:Edmonton World Water Park (indoor)

Date Posted:03/22/2019 03:08:01Copy HTML

Baguio: Between 12 - 3 is the quietest time since most people are working. After that the kids start to form lines for the slides, booo, but really any Monday - Thursday is best even if you stay until 6 pm closing
littleone55555 #19

Re:Edmonton World Water Park (indoor)

Date Posted:04/05/2019 11:40:15Copy HTML

https://www.facebook.com/SoundwaveEDM/photos/a.905475866294063/905482959626687/?type=3&theater After hours at the water park for a concert
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