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Date Posted:01/14/2019 06:24:44Copy HTML

While most beaches in the Northern US are too cold this time of year for thonging, I am interested in how the current (or any future) government shutdown might effect places like National Seashores or other places when thonging is traditionally acceptable.  I also see that some of the budgets approved by congress and put into law by a president (if not all recent ones) are considered temporary, and have a specific date when they will expire.  Should a new budget not be approved in time, another shutdown will occur.  For this reason, would it make sense to avoid travel to a place like the Outer Banks (a National Seashore) if a new government shutdown could be close.  I see people at this time who for example have gone to Washington DC to go to the museums, and have discovered many if not all are closed.

shavedboy #1

Re:Effects of Government Shutdown on Beaches

Date Posted:01/15/2019 01:21:02Copy HTML

Canaveral National Seashore is closed. That’ Apollo Beach and Playalinda beach. Shame, too as there were definitely beach weather days right around new year’s. (82 degrees Fahrenheit)
Martylouie #2

Re:Effects of Government Shutdown on Beaches

Date Posted:01/15/2019 02:47:25Copy HTML

One advantage of the NC Outer Banks and Ocracoke in particular is that the main road is Highway 12 and it is a state maintained road. NO gates to block access across the island. The campgrounds and official parking areas will be closed, there is nothing to preclude parking along the shoulder and crossing across to the beach.
tiggerix #3

Re:Effects of Government Shutdown on Beaches

Date Posted:01/15/2019 03:46:35Copy HTML

Can't help feeling that the gov't employees not getting paid is way more important than beach opportunities.
ithongit #4

Re:Effects of Government Shutdown on Beaches

Date Posted:01/15/2019 06:14:03Copy HTML

triggerix -- I have some government employees in my family, and to date they have always received back pay if they report for work (without pay). If they are furlowed it is treated like being laid off, and many are eligible for unemployment compensation. However, having to wait to be paid is a challenge if you don't have funds available to keep things running until you eventually get paid. And there are no absolute guarentees that they will get paid in the future. Unemployment compensation is also iffy and sometimes requires working elsewhere or attempting to get a job while you wait. There also are "waiting weeks" in most unemployment set ups that require you to be unemployeed one or more weeks before you are eligable, and some programs will not let you ever recover these weeks of pay (or only let you get them if you are laid off a longer time). Unemployment often has a "Cap" which limits how much a person can make (usually far less than what they made when working.) Some unemployment only pays a percentage, like 50% or 80% of your base pay. For people who are on a tight budget or depend on a lot of overtime, the percentage system also can be a challenge. So I have to agree that getting people back to work (and being able to use their services as well) should be the highest priority. At the same time, I can see Mary's point of view as well. If there is a shutdown when she was planning on a trip, especially if it was an expensive trip, the last thing she would want to do is spend a lot of money and then get to where she is going and find out that the place she was planning to go is closed. On a different line of thought, would parks and beaches run by the Army Corp of Engineers be shut down? We have some in the mid West that are associated with flood control and irrigation dams and if there was a shut down during summer, would these parks and beaches -- places actually owned and operated by the Corp of Engineers -- be closing too? The comment about the Outer Banks being both a park and a state highway also got me to thinking. There probably is some rules about where one starts and where one stops. For example, does the park start 50' from the center of the highway on each side. Also, would the traditional method to determine the property lines of beachfront houses also apply to the public beach (which might be closed.) Simplified this states that the property line is at the "mean" tide height at any location. This is why it is often perfectly legal to walk along the waterline at a ocean front beach and owner's of adjecent properties can not procecute for trespassing.
tiggerix #5

Re:Effects of Government Shutdown on Beaches

Date Posted:01/16/2019 11:29:30Copy HTML

@ithongit - yes, understand not wanting to travel if places are going to be closed.
JM_Runs #6

Re:Effects of Government Shutdown on Beaches

Date Posted:01/16/2019 03:31:04Copy HTML

Good thing it is not in the summertime, when a lot more people go to beaches and parks.
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