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Date Posted:12/02/2015 07:54:27Copy HTML

I just wanted to share with you all a thought I had whilst walking the full length of one of my local beaches in just my favourite thong, a cap and sunglasses. I stopped to swim and then continued on. It's a gorgeous day and quite a few people were down taking a mini break out of their days to enjoy the sun and ocean, just like me. I was the only man in a thong. There was also one gorgeous girl in a bright red thong bikini, also walking the beach. 
My thought /feeling was just how empowering it is for your sense of self to have the ability to just do what you want, where what you want and generally be yourself, happy in your own skin, (and thong) and not worrying about what everyone else may or may not think. 
In this case for me it was walking about in my thong, bunns out, as happy and natural as can be. Smiling at people, saying hi and just showing the world that guys can rock a thong bottom just as freely, happily and naturally as the girls. 

I had changed out off my business suit in the car park into only my thong and walked down to the beach with a bag. Again a lovely girl kindly helped my put suits screen in the middle of my back, which I can't reach. She smiled and didn't care a hoot that I was only wearing a thong. Heck, perhaps she liked it. Who knows. Who cares. We just got along and everyone enjoyed their beach time.
So express yourself, don't repress yourself. I think you'll also find it very empowering. Peace.
LoveMyThongs #1


Date Posted:07/19/2018 06:06:16Copy HTML

 Spot on and I feel the same way. To be honest it’s what I want to wear outside and as underwear and feel fully empowered. At the beach I feel so confident and powerful in my thong and even more so with my tan lines. I love the pm beach too after work stripping down in public to my thong and laying out and reading, swimming or walking. Most women don’t mind and men look the other way. Women in thongs are always friendly and loaded with questions. It’s so fun!
bmicro #2


Date Posted:07/20/2018 05:39:37Copy HTML

 Hopefully, thonging is but just one way that we feel empowered in our lives. I think that, in many cases this is true that being empowered in one aspect of life indicates and/or leads to empowerment in others. 
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