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Date Posted:07/31/2007 02:24:06Copy HTML

Despite thonging and stringing for years at popular beaches not all that far from home, like 1 to 2 hours away, I've never run into people I know from work or around home, or relatives. Were it to happen, they'd no doubt be surprised by my chosen beach attire, and were my wife with me, she'd be horrified. Would I greet them and engage in conversation, or try toavoid themand hope they didn't recognize me? I'd like to think the former, just being casual and friendly. And if the subject of thongs came up,that it would be by them, not by me. At which point I could readily acknowledge why I liked to thong -- getting an overall tan, feeling the sun and water all over my body, feeling free, etc. Would hope not to act embarrassed.Have any members of this board had such surprise encounters? How did they go? Any followup repercussions?
rickl454 #1

Re:Encountering friends or neighbors at the beach:

Date Posted:07/31/2007 07:57:17Copy HTML

Back in the halcyon days of Moonstone Beach (South Kingstown, RI) my wife and I met one of her grad school profs. We were nude, he was clothed. I saw him coming but I didn't know who the hell he was, I just thought he was some guy walking down the beach. There was no way to execute the Escape & Evasion Plan. I don't remember her exact words that day but she did end up with A's in all his classes.
Ex_Member #2

Re:Encountering friends or neighbors at the beach:

Date Posted:08/03/2007 10:29:24Copy HTML

I almost ran into a friend on the beach two weeks ago. This is a friend who I met through work and comes in on a regular basis. I was out in a rubber boat rowing from an Island not far from my car when I saw my friend. and his family on the beach of  the island I was rowing from. While I am not ashamed of what I wear, I did not row over and say hello because he was with his family with small kids and I'm not ready for every red neck at work to know I wear thongs. I might have to put up with a few at the beach, but I certainly don't want to deal with a few of the red necks at work all day every day.

I think if I didn't work with such morons and my friend was alone or with adult friends, I might have gone over and talked with him. I know my wearing thongs won't permanetly tramatize kids, I just didn't want my friend to feel uncomfortable. One day I would like to meet friends while wearing a thong and hang out with them.

String King

mack_back #3

Re:Encountering friends or neighbors at the beach:

Date Posted:08/04/2007 12:51:01Copy HTML

Reminds me of the sitcom Curb your Enthusiasm  creator of Seinfeld.
Larry David sees his shrink at the beach then his doctor turns around not noticing Larry and Cheryl David played by Cheryl Hines she says, with a big surprise, "Look at his bikini, little skimpy," it was a thong.
Larry tries to lay low not having his Doctor notice him. Then Larry tries to end his patient doctor relationship, also tells his buddy about what he saw his doctor wearing at the beach. Each guy tries unsuccessufully to get out of seeing the doctor then the doc says ' its about seeing me at the beach."  Larry denies even being at the beach but the doctor says i saw you Larry....
Its kinda same thing most people have to be ready for. Unless you make eye contact or the other co-worker, collegue or comes by to talk the best thing to do is give each other space.
I was nude and had another co-worker come up to me ask if he knew me from work, i hardly recognized him but again some folk look different with clothes on and off, so who knows what people seen me nude at the beach.
 Another time i had a attractive woman recognize me from work but she wasn't sure, she kept asking, he looks like this guy at work to her friends. The friends told her to go ask me but only thing i got was her comming over staring at me like i was an alien, kind of funny to me..
 Other times you may really not like or hate the person at work and that same person shows up at the beach.
 I thought i recognized a girl that i work with, so i did the hat thing and sunglasses and layed on my stomach for long time then i observed her habits on the beach she had. Then i exhalled a shy of big relief it wasn't her. The worst part is i'm paranoid now because once i had i conversation and told her i hang at the beach, a bad mistake but whats the odds..I guess there not good but i got time to figure it out one day at the beach.
JM_Runs #4

Re:Encountering friends or neighbors at the beach:

Date Posted:08/05/2007 12:37:41Copy HTML

You look very diffrent when you are in a thong, or at work with in cloths. 

Often people I know from the beach have said, "I did not regognise you with cloths on" when meeting them around town. 

Tanned Bum #5

Re:Encountering friends or neighbors at the beach:

Date Posted:08/24/2007 09:35:23Copy HTML

I had the last couple days off from work and planned to take the family to the beach on Friday.  As I arrived at the beach at 9:30am there were on a couple of parking spots left and lucky enough to get one. We picked out a nice spot so the kids can play in the tidal pools and have a little bit of privacy. I was wearing a pair of Levis shorts over my navy JS  rio thong, after undressing and setting up my chair. It was time to relax and take in some nice sunshine. About 15 minutes go by and ask my wife for my speedo spandex  shorts that I wear for a cover up. She looked in her bag and remembered they are still on the chair with her book. Well I headed down to the water to cool off and pick shells with the kids, not to mention it was a low tide and seemed to take for ever to get there. On the way down there I stop a the tidal pool and the kids looked for shells and sandollars, I few people stopped and talked to me how the beach is great for kids.  As the kids and I played in the water and I watched them for about 30 minutes and started to head back.

             Looking back up at my umbrella I see another family setting up right on top of my spot!  As I get closer it was one of my friends and his family. Me standing there wearing a JS rio thong, my wife say "look who is here" asking them how they knew we were here.  Apparently they were heading to another beach and called my cell to invite us, and my wife told them where we were. Trying to stand facing them since they stacked their  towels on my chairs, while they finished setting up. Their kids and my kids took off to the tidal pool to play, and my wife offered drinks to everyone.  We were all standing around talking and my friend's wife was looking at me up and down and said  " I didn't know you wore a Speedo?...a little one at that." By now everyone on the beach behind me knew I was wearing a thong since I was trying to face my friends. My wife's reply was " I think he wished he had a his Speedo on now" Talk about puzzeled looks on faces.  " He is in a thong"  She said "no way let me see" so I turned around and they all chuckeled and laughed. "OMG" you walk around in that here?" I explained i normally have a cover up, but my wife forgot it.  I wasn't about to wear my Levis into the water. 

  My friend and I were talking about how the Red Sox were doing down at the tidal pool watching the kids,(getting a few smiles from people passing by)  and the girls were at the umbrella talking whatever girls talk about. Then my  friend's wife walked up to me gave me a little hug and tucked a dollar in my thong. She said she could still see I was a little uncomfortable and told me to relax and be myself. Then let out a " woo,woo"

 To sum it up I guess if they are your real friends they don't care what you wear. I understand to be prepard for some joking around just as if I had purple hair.




sarasotajt #6

Re:Encountering friends or neighbors at the beach:

Date Posted:08/25/2007 03:59:05Copy HTML

Since I've been wearing thong swimwear for about 20 years now it is inevitable that I would eventually get "busted".
When I was in college before I was married I used to lay out at my apartment swimming pool. On two occasions former roommates of mine stopped by my apartment and my current roommate (a chic, platonic) told them where I was. Obviously I was surprised when they walked up to me out at the pool and said "Hi. What are you wearing?." Those guys were such good friends that they eventually got over it and since I've moved away I use the denial technique - claiming I no longer wear thongs. (I know, I'll catch hell from this board now for being 2-faced.) Later, another roommate found my thongs in the laundry. He still occasionally teases me about it.
When I first moved to Florida with my wife I was fairly brazen about walking the beach in my thong (provided she wasn't with me). I've now stopped that since we know so many people in town and there are really few thongers at our beaches now anyway. I still do it at beaches further away from my hometown. I've had former coworkers catch me in my thong at the beach. Sometimes I didn't even know they were there. They've all moved away now so it's a non-issue. I think I must have walked past one of my wife's friends once (not knowing it) because they have avoided us ever since. I don't know this for certain, but they even pretended they weren't home once when my wife knocked on their door. We used to go on "couples dates" at the movies and everything. I couldn't understand why we were banished from their friendship. My wearing a thong at the beach was the only explanation I could think of since my wife is well liked by her friends and we never treated them rudely. Wierd.
I've never been "caught" at the beach in recent years where I had to acknowledge and have a conversation with another friend or acquaintance. I've wondered how I would handle it.

spark2100 #7

Re:Encountering friends or neighbors at the beach:

Date Posted:08/25/2007 10:00:06Copy HTML

A couple of summers ago we went to the beach at out lake.My wife and her daughter were in thongs and topless and I had on a very brief bikini.As we got out of the boat a woman coming down the beach started to wave.I was our friends ,that was with us,sister in law.She looked at my wife and said"OH, you don't have a top on"Then she went and got her family(husband and 2 young boy around 8-10) and their chairs and joined us for the afternoon.After the first 30 seconds everything was normal.While we were sitting there relaxing a couple of guys I work with wandered by.They saw us and I waved to them but they just put their head down and carried on.On their return trip they wouldn't even acknoulage us.Since then the one fellow will talk to me but the other one won't.
tbck1000 #8

Re:Encountering friends or neighbors at the beach:

Date Posted:10/30/2007 11:31:14Copy HTML

I've run into friends a few times while thonging and even though I was mortified at first, it turned out fine each time. I think the best thing is not to avoid them or look the other way unless you are absolutely sure they did not see you first. If they see you, I think it's best to greet them as though everything were normal - which it is!

A couple times I have run into women I knew who were very impressed that I was wearing a thong, and I was glad I ran into them. Another time a guy I know who is the last person I ever thought would have accepted it came up to me and said hello. We spoke for half an hour and he acted completely unaware of my thong (actually more of a rio style suit).
heeledmarc #9

Re:Encountering friends or neighbors at the beach:

Date Posted:11/05/2007 02:40:35Copy HTML

I told my stories about this here: http://www.aimoo.com/forum/postview.cfm?id=466646&CategoryID=182921&startcat=1&ThreadID=1002022

Even if, there may be weird situation,s the best thing to do is to be natural. I now fully assume my choices and my friends and family are still there. ;-)


Pagan-Egyptian #10

Re:Encountering friends or neighbors at the beach:

Date Posted:11/06/2007 05:49:44Copy HTML

I think nothing of it if they are female friends as they are all cool about it, and sometimes even they ask if they can wear them too. Most of my male friends dont hang out at the beach or lake so I never worry about it.
Ex_Member #11

Re:Encountering friends or neighbors at the beach:

Date Posted:11/07/2007 07:11:52Copy HTML

Several years ago I actually ran into a co-worker on my way to the beach in Capitola.  A girlfriend and I decided to spend the Fourth of July down there.  Being a popular beach holiday in Capitola, we had to park almost 4 blocks away.  On the walk to the beach, I heard someone call my name.  It happened to be Carol and her husband.  We wound up spending part of the day together which was fine with me.  No one suspected that I was a thonger at that point.  No one said a word when I finally took my sundress off.  I didn't even have a micro on.  They were taken aback at my wearing a g-string in public.  My girlfriend Gina was ok with it after a little while, but Carol was somewhat uncomfortable.  Carol's husband didn't say much, but I noticed him stare every now and then.  The only concern I had was what Carol would say back at work.  She actually never said anything.

NudeNArizona #12

Re:Encountering friends or neighbors at the beach:

Date Posted:12/06/2018 03:24:57Copy HTML

While working and living in Hawaii it is inevitable you are eventually going to encounter friends or neighbors on the beach at some point so this is something you expect when going. So this is something to consider when you are getting your stuff ready or dressing for the beach. I remember one holiday weekend when we had a little get away to Maui and went to Little Beach. We had just set up on the beach around 9AM and a few minutes later we see a couple walking our way and it was one of my wife's co-workers and another guy who worked in the unit with her. They didn't notice Michelle and stopped about 25' from us after passing by. This meant whenever Michelle decided to turn-over or get up they would se her. They laid their things out and the girl removed her top and wore a thong bottom showing some pretty pale skin indicating this was probably her first time going topless and thong. The guy wore board shorts and dark glasses and seemed to be enjoying seeing all the others nude or near nude all around. So knowing she would be seen eventually Michelle got up and walked right over to where they were and stood in-front of them for a second before they noticed her, then I hear and "Oh, my! I didn't know you came here!", then a "holy shit! I would never have expected you to be going NAKED around all these people, aren't you afraid somebody will see you?" Michelle laughed and said "lots of people see me naked especially here!" Then the guy said "would you like to join us", thinking she was alone. Michelle then pointed over to me still on my towel and motioned me over, so I get up and walk over and she introduces me. All the while they are still sitting and are eye-level with our crotches looking straight ahead. Then they ask us "aren't you afraid of getting burnt on your sensitive parts. I said no not really just put sunscreen on and you will be fine. We talked for a little longer before returning to our towels.
kiyoothong #13

Re:Encountering friends or neighbors at the beach:

Date Posted:12/06/2018 04:30:54Copy HTML

As a Korean living in Canada, I'm wary of other Koreans. Words can spread quickly in a Korean community, as there aren't many of us and we tend to stick together. So, I do most of my thonging out of town. One time, I was thonging at a beach in Toronto(out of town). There were two Asian chicks next to me, and one of them was in a thong bikini. I didn't mind them at all because they were talking to each other in English. While I was thonging, I got a call from a Korean friend, and I spoke Korean. I was probably on the phone for 20 mins, and when I was done with the call, I turned around so that I could tan the other side. As I turned around, I realized that the girls next to me were gone. I might be overreacting here, but I'm assuming that these girls were Korean and they left after they heard me speak Korean.
tbck1000 #14

Re:Encountering friends or neighbors at the beach:

Date Posted:12/06/2018 09:31:00Copy HTML

I will go nude or wear a thong in front of strangers any place any time, but there are many friends and coworkers that I dread running into and these situations. Fortunately, the few times that has happened, everything was OK and turned out to be an enjoyable Meeting. I work in the construction industry around a lot of guys who I assume just would not understand why I was wearing a thong bathing suit in public. Once, I was working on a project near the coast and I had enough time to break away and spend the afternoon at the beach. I did not expect to see any of my coworkers there. So, I was walking down the beach in a thong, and walking directly towards me is one of the on site construction foreman. I could not avoid him or pretend I did Not see him. So, I just walked up to him as though there was nothing unusual about the situation and said hello. He was wearing a long baggy pair of trunks and I was wearing a tiny little unlined pastel colored thong. We stood there on the beach talking for a good 15 minutes, and he never once gave any Reaction one way or the other to my swimsuit. I saw him the next day and went on to work with him for another several years, and he never mentioned it once.
roninho #15

Re:Encountering friends or neighbors at the beach:

Date Posted:12/16/2018 09:40:04Copy HTML

There are certain friends in front of whom i would have no issue thonging, wearing very brief bathing costumes or being nude. A friend from school days has always been quite liberally minded about these things and in our school days we used to look through the adverts for tiny swimwear in the Sunday papers though neither of us daring to send of for a catalogue because of the reaction when it arrived from our parents. However on the occasions that we got one we used to pour over the styles. He married late in life and his wife quite younger but both seem to be amenable to going naked so maybe we'll all do this together. My wife is also up for a bit of nudity.
ithongit #16

Re:Encountering friends or neighbors at the beach:

Date Posted:12/17/2018 04:16:52Copy HTML

I have been thonging for so long, and even skinny dipping, that everyone I know and see regularly know what I wear. I am not ashamed of my appearance, love getting sun, and will admit part of my enjoyment of thonging is the reaction, usually positive, from the many men I don't know and even some of the ladies. I have had people from work stumble across me at the beach, and none have been the least bit upset. While a few time I was ask why I didn't wear more, I was never put-down for wearing less. Perhaps this is because I am a woman, but Randy and his brother have had similar reactions. Randy and I frequented the "Y" in our thongs, and nobody seemed to mind. Later, he became and instructor there, and usually wore a thong swimsuit with kids of all ages. When we went to the beach, kids he had taught would see him and come over to talk. Many times, they brought their parents over to meet Randy and the parents were always complimentary about his swiming and diving training, and if they said anything about his thongs it was complimentary like "I always liked seeing you in that type of swimsuit at the "Y"". A few years back, my sister, Nikki, and I decided to wear our thongs topfree during the super bowl game. Neither of us is into football, and we thought it would be fun to run around the house in next to nothing. We eoncouraged others who were not big football fans to come over, use the pool or hot tub instead of watching the game, and a few people, mostly women, did. Nikki and I were the most scantilly dressed women at the party, but one of the "guys" who joined us wore a really skimpy Rio type suit. We planned to use the hot-tub and also serve refreshments dressed in almost nothing. I invited several people from my work, and because of office politics felt obligated to invite my boss too. I really wasn't expecting him to cum, but he showed up when his plans changed at the last minute. I had always thought of him as a pretty conservative person, and he maintained this attitude, but he did admit something to the effect that he did like my swimsuit, and it reminded him of what some of the waitresses wore at foreign bars. He never said another word about my outfit, but a few weeks later, I got a promotion and nice raise. I ask him if it was because of the Super Bowl incident, but he assured me that they had several people they had been considering, but that the team selecting the new candidate chose me for the promotion anyway, and what I did off-hours had nothing to do with it. I will always wonder if I would have been selected for the promotion if he had not come to the party. Traci
rock1212 #17

Re:Encountering friends or neighbors at the beach:

Date Posted:12/18/2018 03:28:59Copy HTML

I'm sure your appearance at the party gave you the edge in their selection for the promotion and raise!  

Thongmad #18

Re:Encountering friends or neighbors at the beach:

Date Posted:01/01/2019 10:58:34Copy HTML

This is one thing I've thought about a lot throughout the many years of wearing thongs openly in public.

There are a few work places I have been at where the last thing I would have wanted was a co-worker to come across me at the beach in my thongs, or even a brief, back in the day. So I did it selectively. Wearing either would have bought me ridicule that I probably would not have coped too well with at the time. I think the main issue I would have had was dealing with the constant harassment around it.

Now it's a completely different story. I really would not care who showed up at the beach and saw me in a thong or g. I've got so many friends and neighbours etc that know me and know I wear thongs 24/7, and it isn't an issue. I am at the point that if that is a problem for you, then you probably aren't a real friend anyway. 

That said, I never been 'caught' too many times anyway. I have had quite a few people see me for the first time in skimpy briefs, but that's mainly because I have always worn the small styles anyway, and more often than not when all other males will be in boardshorts. It does surprise a few people considering everyone knows I'm a dedicated surfer and they just expect to see me in boardshorts. I've generally been able to appear in front of others in a thong when I think the time is right, so that's given me the upper hand in a way. I have to say, whenever my friends have found out, it really hasn't been a problem. 

Like I always say, there's a time and place, and a bit of respect never goes astray.

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