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Date Posted:11/07/2003 10:55:45Copy HTML

Moderator edit and note: As moderator I askedazcraig to start a second thread on this subject. The first one was getting a little long and had evolved under the wrong heading on the board.As the moderator I did not make my self clear and azcraig thought that I was criticizing his posts. Azcraig posted the following message.
It is my fault that he feels defensive about his pervious postings and needs to explain them.

I speak for all of us here in saying we enjoy reading about his experiences and delight in his thoughtful, introspective posts.
He need not be embarrassed about posting. His thread is read and thought about my many people. _____________________________________________________________________________________

I have found myself to be in a very rare but nice situation where Jean and I have been able to establish a circle of friends that share the enjoyment of wearing swimwear that has much less coverage than what is most common. Our summer activities are not sexually charged nor is there lewd or inapropriate behavoir at with those people we have come to most associate with.

We have been in situations that seem to promote that kind of activity but that is not what we are looking for. When we find ourselves in that kind of atmosphere we leave and do not return. We have had some folks over that made inapropriate comments or suggestions and made others feel uncomfortable and we don't ask those folks back. That is not to say they are somehow wrong or out of line, in the right setting I am sure there are many that approve of, and expect there to be very heavy sexual implications when a group of adults come together wearing very little and that is OK, for them, but we don't go there.

When I started this post and as time has gone on I shared the details so everyone would know that there are and can be these kinds of circles of people that can enjoy each others company and interests in a surrounding that is more of a gathering of friends than anything else.

It is not now, nor ever has been, a situationin whichwe try to force anyone unwillingly into and whenever anyone shows real resistance to reducing their swimwear coverage, we let it go. On that note Jean and I talked before we went to Ron and Sandy's (as talked about near the end of the other Az sun post) and both decided that our invitation was for all of the wrong reasons. If what we wear makes someone upset or will make a scene we don't usually go and chose not to go over there for that reason. It would have been much different if the only reason to go would not have been to upset a neighborbut to support a group of people trying to just have a good time but Ron made it clear his real reason to have us over was to upset members of his neighborhood and the mangement of his HOA.

Finally I never in my wildest dreams figured what I had to say on here would be interesting enough to get over 3000 visits from other visitors. I know it has turned into more of an open diary, but I thought that I could share some experiences and give other the self confindence to enjoy thongs and small bikinis in public too.

From the responses on the other posts and the emails I have had that has happened. Maybe I have only recruited a few on here but if everybody that visits this site could recruit a few then acceptance would grow. Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday season and may 2004 be bright and healthy for all of you.
Az Craig
beachfolks #1

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:11/07/2003 12:46:28Copy HTML

Craig-Your posts are most interesting, especially for someone who loves the valley of the sun, but doesn't get there much. For our occasional winter trips to AZ, we would like to hear of some AZ country spots to tan reasonably secluded either bare or in micro swimware. There are a few spots mentioned in guidebooks, but most are difficult to reach.
towelkewl1 #2

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:11/07/2003 01:28:01Copy HTML

Alright Craig! Ya gotta do what ya gotta do I reckon... but from a personal pov, I wish you would carry on here- Lived in the valley for awile & had to go back to the midwest. Esp. now in Nov, I absolutely miss  the area- outdoor pool/beach time by Lk. Michigan will not happen until Mar. at best! So I always enjoyed  your posts from the Valley of the Sun, many grand memories brought back to be sure..

For those that have never been in & around Phx, AZ, this is the IDEAL clmate to do what we like around pools (there are some beaches here in the mtns. surrounding the valley also) However, most of the ppl. there are rather conservative (this is my grand understatement for today)

In every post I have read on this thread, "outlandish" Craig has dealt with this element using judicious style, grace & a fair dose of humor; not always easy to say the least- while promoting a really positive attitude concerning minimal swimsuits (he always said he does not actually wear a thong, remember?)

Right then, when I return to the area, you will have the population converted to minimal wear I am hoping as even in a thong you are overdressed in the summers- 110-120  deg F. is a common everyday thing in this area.

So good luck, God bless & happy thonging (betcha do it eventually) to you & yours!

kevin1178 #3

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:11/07/2003 02:03:14Copy HTML

The AZ sun section you had up and running was by far the best section.  Always loved to see that there was an update under this section.  All the stories of your friends coming over and enjoying the pool getting a tan and could do it by wearing speedo suits was great.  After reading your post finally wore a thong out in public while i was on vacation.  Figured i wouldnt run into any of these people again.  Though then again wore a swimsuit at a hotel pool in town that covered a bit more then a thong but not a rio back either.  Think you need to continue your stories to help out others that are afraid to try wearing something that isnt what everyone else wears.  Your section has caused a lot of traffic because its interesting and its real.  Keep the stories coming


rock1212 #4

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:11/20/2003 06:34:59Copy HTML

Craig, your posts are the most interesting to read on this website! 

Btw, has your neighbor who couldn't stand how you dress on weekends and in the pool sold his house yet???  I remember your neighbor called the cops on you and said you were flashing people or something like that.

I see that it has been rather chilly in AZ right now.  I take it you and your wife haven't been throwing any bikini parties lately?

seymourskin #5

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:12/10/2003 10:22:02Copy HTML

Hey Craig!!! Are you still out there? I have not seen any posts from you in a while. Hope all is ok there in Arizona. Hope you have not got discougared and not going to tell us about what is going on by you. It is your telling of the pool parties you had and the acceptance by those that you were around that made me come out of the closet (back yard). I figured if you could be that free I could be a little more bold. Although I got some kidding from some of my co workers you were right because after I didnt let it look like it bothered me it all stopped. Cant wait for next summer to come so I can enjoy the great outdoors here in California. Hope you have a nice holiday season and thanks for sharing with all of us
nicthong #6

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:12/11/2003 09:57:16Copy HTML

Craig - I have to admit that your posts have always been one of my favourite reads. There has been a noticeable void in this community since they stopped. Please, if it is something you enjoyed doing and something you believed was contributing to the thonging community, do continue. Reading about your experiences was (and I hope will be once again) an encouragement and inspiration to us all! Best wishes for thie Christmas!
azcraig #7

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:01/02/2004 09:43:22Copy HTML

It has been a few months since I have been here and decided to give it a look agian. Thanks to all of you for the nice posts and words of encouragement. In my last post I was concerned about hogging up so much space and realized that maybe a weekly report was a bit much. I have just taken time to reread the posts and maybe I over reacted. I thought that because the origianl "Enjoying the Arizona Sun" got locked that it was a signal that enough was enough.  We have continued to enjoy the things that I have written about and actually gained a few more participants in our time in the outdoors. A few have converted and I have learned something more about the acceptance of adults in small swimwear. Our last nice warm day was a few days before Thanksgiving when I was putting up our outdoor Christmas displays wearing a very small red bikini working out front, ond on the roof of the hose. One of our new neighbrs across the street came over to visit while I was working. Not a word was said about my attire, we just chatted and he went back home. I think I told somewhere on here of getting a new bikini left at my house by someone that did not identify themself. Well for Christmas I got 2 more. One red speedo type suit and one red  speedo cut that has a very small 2 inch wide solid panel in the rear and a small solid red pouch in the front. The rest of ths suit is a red mesh kind of material. From a distance it looks like a full cut red bikini but up close it has a very minimal amount of coverage. I don't know who either is from. The speedo was from Santa and the mesh suit was from a "Secret Santa".  Eagerly awaiting 100 degree days again to be outside enjoying the Arizona sun...
rock1212 #8

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:01/02/2004 10:59:28Copy HTML

Craig, it is good to see you back on here!  I doubt anyone thought you were hogging up all the space!

So what did you learn about the acceptance of adults in small swimwear?

I think your stories were the most popular on here!


Dennis at Thong Beach #9

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:01/03/2004 03:19:18Copy HTML

Welcome back azcraig!!!  Sounds like there are a lot of Santa's in your neighborhood.

A lot of people on this board are looking forward to your "regular" updates!


azcraig #10

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:01/11/2004 05:26:43Copy HTML

During the tail end of swimwear weather the topic of what I wear outside came up a couple of times. Once we were at a restaurant and there was a family setting across the aisle from us that kept looking over our way. I finally overheard one of the kids say "thats the bikini guy".  They got up to leave and as they were leaving I noticed that there was a book laying on the seat where they were and pointed it out to the mother. She said thanks and then questined where we lived and I told her yes, and she said "we thought that was you but are udes to seeing you wearing less". I told her "yeah I enjoy the heat and the outdoors" to which her husband said "I hear that, every time we drive by it is in the hottest part of the day and you are wout working in yor yard doing something."  I responded by saying "if you dress for the heat it is not so bad". He asid "i hear that" and she said "I think everybody in the area knows you". and they left.

The most intersting conversation came up during a church get together. We were all outside enjoying a pot luck luncheon in the fall. There were 11 at the table Jean and I were at. I don't know everyobys name so I'll just share the converation.  Guy; Don't you just live down the street? Guy yes he is the one that wears the thong all the time. Gal I really like that yellow one. Thanks I said. Guy Don't you get sunburned? No not really I said. Gal No he gets a really nice tan though. Guy well he should he is always out running around in that thing. Guy he has more than one. Gal how many thongs do you have? Me actual thongs only a couple but the bikinis that you might see me in out front I have (asking my wife) I don't know ....about 10 or 12 she said. Me yeah  somebody even left me one as a gift a few weeks ago. Gal and it looks nice on you. Me AHAH! so your the one that left that. Gal no I just heard about it. Me so who did leave it? As they all look at each other and came to the conclusion they didn't know (or would not say). Guy so what is the difference in a thong or what you wear? Gal a thong is like butt floss, his have a small back. Everybody got a giggle out of the butt floss comment. Guy don't you worry about what people think? Me about what? Guy that your are almost naked. Gal obviously not or he would not do it. Guy to her Do you guys wear stuff like that around your house. Gal to him no I would be too embarressed. Her husband You would never catch me in something like what he wears. His wife If you ever went outside in anything like that we would all be blinded by those white legs. (remember this is going on after church and a sit down lunch) Guy doesnt anybody ever say anything to you? Me yes but most of it is complementary and I don't do it to get public response. Guy why do you do it then? Me because I enjoy the outdoors and working in the yard and if it gets hot I get in the pool or spray myself with the hose and even on the 115 days it really does not seem so hot. Gal well you look pretty hot. Me well I am not, I enjoy the heat. Guy I don't think that is what she meant. My wife yeah he does look good dont you think? Gal oh yeah laughing that is why we drive past all the time. Guy I guess how he looks is all a matter of perspective. Guy these days who cares, people do what they want. Me to the guy that asked if anybody says anything. You see most of the things that are said to me are of this nature so I guess everybody is alright with it. He says you think so? I said that is what it sounds to me like. He said let me ask you a hypothetical question, If you wore a dress out there how many people do you think would complain to yor face?...(.WOW I had never put it into that kind of perspective). Gee I dont know but I dont plan to find out either I said. He then said I think it is really about people being tolerant more than being alright with it. Guy yes that is probalby true because he is not breaking any laws so I guess really there is nothing anybody could do any way so why worry about it. Me well for me it is a comfort issue, not a fashion statement and like I said I am not seeking anybodys attention or approvoal for that matter, but I think if I thought I was offending very many I would probably be a little more careful. Guy so if I told you it offended me you would stop? (I saw a trap coming here) Me No if just one or a very few compained and a few have, I just remeind them not to look as they go by and that will fix the problem. What I meant was that if it was causing a neighborhood stir I would then be more concerned. Gal It for sure causes a stir but not in a way that most think you should stop dont you think (looking to the others at the table) Guy no it is no big deal like he said if you dont like it dont look. Guy how did we get off on this subject anyway? Gal You know I think what you wear is up to you and I see you out there too (looking at Jean) and you really seem to be nice people and everyone in the community talks about all of the work you two do for the community and I have never heard anybody say that anything bad happens as a result of it and we know you guys have swimming parties every summer and they are quiet and dont bother anybody so I have no problem at all with it. Like he said you are not breaking any laws or anything so what the heck? Guy that is where the toleration thing plays in because on first impression as you drive by and either of you are out there wearing your bikinis most people would get the wrong impression but because most everyone in the community know you we dont worry about it. If you guys were having wild parties and driniking and causing problems and the cops were over there all the time I think the reaction would be much different. Gal yes but that would be because of what they were doing not because of what they were or were not wearing. Guy Yeah you might be right. Guy how did you like the pastors sermon today?   We then changed topic.

What I came way with was that perhaps the community is more tolerant than supportive, and once the topic of the smaller swimwear that we wear is brought up, most seem somewhat willing to talk about it. One guy at the table never said a word. Everybody else particiapted at one point or another. The only thing one of the other guys  he said to change the subject. When I thought about it for a few days it began to bother me and Jean and I were talking about it at dinner one night when she reminded me " you said yourself if you don't like it don't look so don't worry about it". "the only time you should maybe even consider it is when we go to somebody elses house  and we do that anyway.

Makes me wonder how some of you might interpret that conversation.

sarpedion #11

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:01/11/2004 06:30:57Copy HTML

I don't think you're really going to get an honest opinion from anyone in a group setting.They are all going to say what is "safe" and expected as what everyone else percieves as normal.If you really want an honest opinion,you should talk to each one individually.

I would interpret what the guy was saying as "Wow! I wish I had the guts to be more like you-but it's much safer to be normal and just do what everyone else is doing!"

To the guy that asked if you would wear a dress:consider how much fashions have changed.Would you go out wearing a white,powdered wig and dressed in an 18th century costume with those silly looking socks if everyone decided that this was normal again?

Lets face it-we are all programmed to conform to societies demands of what is "normal".We really need to encourage individuality and applaude those who don't just go along with everyone else.Diversity is our greatest asset,especially in this country.We should embrace it rather than fear it.

If more people wore skimpy swimwear,mabey they'd consider how they are harming their bodies with poor food choices and lack of exercise.We're facing a real problem here,and hiding from it won't solve it.This is another real reason most people won't even consider smaller swimwear.

Dennis at Thong Beach #12

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:01/12/2004 04:16:27Copy HTML

azcraig....I think most of the guys in your picnic conversation don't like your swimsuits, but were being too polite to say so outright.   Hey that's just the way it is.  And the reasons are many and varied and have been talked about all over this board.  However, I want to add a further comment to the last reason stated by Sarpedion.  One of the main reasons why guys or gals, but especially guys, don't want to wear skimpy swimsuits is because so many are overweight.  The big, baggy clothes (not just swimsuits) mean you can be overweight and not show it.  Tight, skimpy clothing shows every unwanted bulge.  Obesity is increasing....it shows up in all studies again and again.  The link between fashion and clothes, is kind of a "chicken and the egg" question.  Is our current fashion of baggy, sloppy clothes allowing us to eat more without it being too obvious, or is our overeating making us prefer loose, sloppy clothes?  Which is cause, and which is effect?  Probably a little of both.  Fashion trends come and go, and this one will eventually go also.  The medical evidence and skyrocketing health care costs, will eventually swing the pendulum back.  Let's hope for sooner, rather than later, and hope it occurs in our lifetimes!

Hope you continue to wear the skimpy suits you like, but careful of too much sun, and welcome back!

JM_Runs #13

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:01/13/2004 04:30:55Copy HTML

az craig

Fantastic to see you back!

You posts are always interesting, entertaining, well thought-out, and insightful as to the thoughts of others around you. The way you challenge how others think about something that is completely harmless, but has a percieved prejudice against it, is great to read! And the stories telling how you are persuading others to relax a little a try it for themselves are inspirational! I've even began to take up on your lead and start revealing a little more of my revealing swimwear to those around me (not just complete strangers on the beach)

Great to have you posting again (hopefully regularly). I look forward to your future contributions!


azcraig #14

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:01/27/2004 05:34:34Copy HTML

Was at one of the clasic car auctions this weekend and we ran into a couple that were a part of the church tableside discussion I talked about above. As we walked looking at the, no maybe that should be drooling on the cars the wife said to me "we have't seen you outside lately in your swimsuits, I guess its been a litlle cold. I agreed that it has been way too cold and I only wear them when it is hotter. Then much to my surprise she said I remember last year you were doing your Chrstmas lights wearing a little red bikini. I had forgotten about that but remeberd that it was in the 90's last year. He told me that she drives by where I live 3 or 4 times a day going to various places and he always gets a report of what I was wearing. He then said now she is on me to get some speedo looking thing to wear too. She said he was such a prude and she only wanted him to do it in the privacy of their backyard but he wont. I asked him why wont you? He said he would look rediculous. She was encouraging him and I told him you know the key is if you enjoy being outside and in and out of the pool speedos are much more comfortable and cooler that shorts. Jean told him that he should not worry about it especially in his own back yard. She then went on to give the short story of the dare that started me wearing bikinis many years ago and once I found out how comfortable they were to wear, I never went back to shorts. She told him you really should do it for her sometime. Just try it she told him. He said maybe so but I dont think I could get very comfortable in one of those things. I told him he should try it sometime to which he responded "not likely". A few minutes later as we walked along I saw her and Jean had fallen behind and we were car talking and Jean asked to borrow my pen and then dropped back again. I found out on the way home that his wife was wanting to know where I got my swimsuits so Jean wrote it down for her. I am curious as to what will happen if she goes and gets him something.
azcraig #15

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/03/2004 06:50:22Copy HTML

It is supposed to be in the low 80's in Phoenix this weekend and hopefully nice enough to Enjoy the Arizona Sun a little bit. It has been a long cold winter with only a few warm days. My wife and I are looking forward to a ncie warm weekend to work outside. So we have already chosen or micro swimwear in anticipation of a wonderful warm day and will take the opportunity to get some yardwork done.
JM_Runs #16

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/04/2004 06:50:55Copy HTML


I've recently moved into a nice house with a VERY private backyard. No pool unfortunately, but working outside and washing the car looks like becoming a true thonging experience for me now, more than ever.

azcraig #17

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/07/2004 03:39:50Copy HTML

Being the first warm sunny day of the season I took the opportunity to get some work done around the house. Wearing a very small copper colored bikini I enjoyed the day in the mid 80's. Rolled the garbage can out by the street and was doing some basic spring yard clean up. Got a few honks from people driving by on this day with traffic seemingly heavier than normal. I was putting some stuff in the can when a guy came walking up the street and as he walked by he said 'nice day to work on your tan" and I responded "sure is" as he walked on. About an hour later somebody drives by in a noisy raised up Chevy 4X4 truck and as they went by the slowed way down. They went down the street about a block and turned around and came back by. This was probaly the 3rd or 4th turn around of the day and I just continued with what I was doing. This one drove down the street and turned around and came back again. I was about half way out in the yard and as they drove by the stopped. Somebody from in the truck yelled "put on some clothes". I waived and gave them a thumbs up as I drug the hose across the yard. As they took off they yelled "put on some clothes you damned faggot" and they drove off. I worked about another hour before I was done but that comment was on my mind the rest of the time. Makes me wonder if with all of the development in the area and thousands on new homes going in if maybe the freedom and comfort I have enjoyed in the past for my wife and I to work about the yard in our minimal swimwear in maybe in jeopardy. Guess I will have to wait and see but for today it was a really nice day to enjoy the Arizona sun.

rock1212 #18

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/07/2004 11:39:15Copy HTML

Reply to : azcraig

Craig, you have gotten strange responses like that before.  You also haven't been outside in a couple months, and people aren't used to seeing you out front wearing almost nothing.  At least the Sheriff's Office or Police Department wasn't involved this time!  I wear little bikinis out at the pool at my apartment complex, and once people get used to it, they realize there is nothing strange about it!  I wouldn't worry about it!  I remember one day I was out at the pool, and I was pulling the garden hose out of it, which some kids had pulled in there.  This girl who was about my age came out and started chatting with me for 45 minutes.  Don't let what happened the other day bother you!  I was once at a pool, and the manager for the complex came out, because she thought I was wearing a g-string, which I wasn't.  That stayed on my mind for a long time, but I learned to not let those kinds of things bother me!

JM_Runs #19

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/08/2004 11:51:49Copy HTML


I too get irritated at people who go out of their way to be rue to me. Think we are socially pressured into responding to negative critique more than positive comments.

When younger I was coached by an Olympic sailing coach.  As you probably know, a small sailing dingy is held upright by the weight of the crew. We were discussing capsizes: When the wind overcomes the crew and the boat heals over and takes on water.  Our tendency was to sail upright, it felt safer and in theory sailed faster.  But.... when unexpected strong puffs came you might capsize to leeward. Most dingy sailors capsize to leeward.

He taught us a very important lesson: Keep the boat healed over on top of you so that when a sudden puff comes the boat comes upright and accelerates, rather than healing over and spilling the wind. He said that if we were pushing the envelope, we should be capsizing to windward more than to leeward. He counted each time we went in. If we capsized to leeward more than to windward, he would gave us a hard time because we were not pushing the envelope enough. Initially it was a strange sensation to be sailing along with the boat leaning towards you, but with practice you get adjusted to it.

The life lesson I learned that week is balance. To advance you need to fail equally by trying to hard as to playing it safe. You get some on one side and some on the other. If they are about even, you have the equation of risk in balance.

Comments on thongs are similar. If you get 10 good ones and 1 negative one then the balance is way in your favor. I think it is just that we tend to go out of our ways to avoid animosity.  Negative comments tend to come with a perceived animosity.

If the guys in the truck did not want to see you then they did not need to double back several times. The fact that they did is just a sign that they were working up the courage to harass you. Your reaction was admirable. Remember it? not your job to make angry teenage read necks happy.

Comedians can do safe comedy but it? generally boring. Unless it? a little edgy it? often not funny. Keep the edge.

I am sure you did not pick up your cup of coffee that morning and say to your self   "Today I am going out to impress a bunch of teen age jerks in a pickup truck."  That job is best left to the "impressing teen age jerk professionals", like Budweiser girls, indy car drivers and fat guys who chew exhaust pipes and spit out custom choppers.

So don? let the little buggers get to you.

azcraig #20

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/10/2004 07:04:19Copy HTML

  On the way to work on Tuesday day I saw the Chevy 4X4 coming up behind me. As I appraoched a school zone with a speed limit of 15mph I slowed to get a better look of the driver. I was going about 12 mph inside the school zone and this jerk cruised right on past and probably going 18 to 20 mph. I was so busy looking at him I didnt notice the motorcycle cop hiding unitl he pulled out right in front of me as he went after the jerk in the 4X4 that had just sped past me. In AZ speeding in a school zone carries a very hefty fine and in addition passing or overtaking another vehicle within the school zone is I believe a $211 fine. The 4X4 was slowing to a stop with the cop behind him with his lights on as I passed. It was hard not to honk, laugh or yell out some smart as remark like "put some brakes on you damned faggot" or something similar, but I refrained and just drove on grinning from ear to ear. When I got to work one of my co workers asked "what are you grinning about?, you look like tha cat that just ate the canary!  Oh nothing I told him, and went on about rally enjoying another day in the AZ sun!
rock1212 #21

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/10/2004 09:02:17Copy HTML

Reply to : azcraig

Well, what goes around comes around!  When it comes to putting on clothes, I wouldn't listen to the driver of that Chevy.  Your freedom to wear a bikini in your front yard isn't in nearly as much danger as the freedom of the guy in the 4X4 to drive!  Look, Craig, as long as you're not doing anything illegal, you have law and order on your side when it comes to how you dress!  Right now, you are not doing anything wrong, and I am sure that there are a lot of guys around there wish they had the guts that you do to wear a bikini where they can be seen!

azcraig #22

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/14/2004 04:18:17Copy HTML

It was a nice sunny day in the high 80s so I put on a red micro and went out to enjoy the day. I am a litttle pale from the winter but that will change. While working about while in my fornt yard there were quite a few turn around lookers, honks yells and one yell of "put on some shorts!" I kept on as if I did not notice any of them..About 2:30 this white car drives by with a guy driving and I noticed him stare as he went by slowly. He turned around and came back by staring agian. It was about his 5th trip by that I was out near the street dumping some yard trimmings in the garbage can that he stopped. He was lost and asked for directions. After figuring out that he was on the wrong street and should have been in Tempe, not Phoenix I directed him to his desired location. Before he drove off he said can I ask you one more queston.  "Do you often wear that kind of a get up out in public".  I said I am not sure what you mean by getup, but if your referring to my swimsuit I told him that is what I wear all summer. "Out here" he said? Yes , usually, I told him, Dont you think that thats a little inapropraite for a public street like this, he asked? Well not really or I wouldnt do it. I told him I have worn this kind of swimwear for years and I dont even think about it, why is there a problem? Well he said you dont see most men wearing something that riske out in public. A thong that small is something that most wear in the privacy of their own backyard. I pointed out that is is not a thong because it has more rear coverage than a thong, and I was out in the back earlier but was now finishing up my front yard work. he then asked "so you dont get a lot of complaints about it?. No, I told him, I think most people around here are used to it and actually now kind of expect it. About that time some people I know from church walked by and said Hi Craig how ya doin? I told them fine,  out for a walk?. Yeah they said, it is such a beautiful afternoon we figured we would enjoy it. They kept on walking as i said see you later, yeah we'll probably se ya at church tonight she said. Looking back in the car, the man dressed in a business suit said. well they didnt seem to mind it but it does not seem normal to be almost naked out in public like this but that is just my opinion.  I responded, at the beach, the comminity pool and someones apartments or around my house, its all public and all the same to me. To me it is not about being nromal more of the less I wear the cooler I stay and you can find me out here in 115 plus degree weather taking care of my place.  Well that is much too brazin as far as I am concerned but that is just my opinion, thanks for the directions and he drove off. I went on about what I was doing with the heavy volume of traffic taking a lot of close looks and I moved about the front yard.  About 20 minutes later another white car drives up and stops and out gets a plain clothes cop and said have you been out here llong? Yes I responded, why? Well we had a complaint about someone being indecent at this address. You have been wearing that? Yes I told him, is that a problem? No not really, he responded. It is not illegal anyway. About that time a regular cop car drove up the the driver said something and the plain clothes said we had a report of a 4207 (or something like that). The cop in the other car said he has been out here almost every weekend like that as long as I have been on this beat. Well there is nothing we can do about it, hes not breaking any laws and the marked car cop said "you got it" and drove off. I then asked the unmarked is there anything else? No other than you might want to think about putting on some sort or something so you dont upset the neighbors but you dont have to if you dont want because your not breaking to law unless it becomes an issue of a public nuisanse which would really be a stretch. What does that mean I asked. Well if a bunch of your neigbors complained and we had to answer to numerous calls about it we could cite you for being a public nuisanse but the other officer seems to think that it is so common that could probalby never happen and even before that did happen you would get a written notice as a warning, so it is up to you, you dont have to worry about it if you dont want to. Have a nice day he said as he got in and drove away.

I finished up my work, folowed that by washing my truck and went on about my business until about 6 when I went inside. I am concerned that the pressure is rising as all of the new peole move in and wonder how long it will be before there is a problem. IN the mean time I will try to keep enjoying the AZ sun.

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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Reply to : azcraig

I'd say give it a few weeks for people to get used to the sight of you out in your yard wearing a bikini!

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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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It only takes one person to make a police complaint. They achieved what they set out to do, harass you.

It? probable that the officers will contact the complainant and tell them that there is nothing they could do because you were legal. Just like the conversation they had with you, they may go on to say they cannot do anything until the complaints become numerous enough to consider you a public nuisance. If some one is out to make trouble they will see that as an opening to file more complaints.

This is probably unnecessary worry BUT it is important to keep a daily log with dates and times. There are hundreds of people who now wish, after the fact, that they kept detailed logs of what happened before things got serious.

In your case it? probable that the man in the car was the person who complained. The driver was probably was not lost at all. Just out on patrol to see if he could enforce his religious and social values on some one.

Sounds like you handled it fine. You gave him directions. But do you know the cars licence number? If he were building a case against you, at this point he would have, pictures; maybe video, a police report with a written description. You have ?

My advice is to keep a log or dairy. Record each time you spend time outside and record any contacts with police or people asking questions. Record any suspicious contacts,  especially  when people ask questions.  You don? know who you are talking too.

If it comes to court then the one with the best documentation will probably win.  In court there are only winners and loosers.  You will not know a war has been declared until too late. Preparations for a good defense is important.  Documentation is critical.  You want to show that each time the police came they found nothing wrong.  You want to have an exact log that aggrees with the police as to exact times and dates.  This way other entrys in the log will be seen as just as acurate.

I suggest you get a copy of each and every complaint. Some police departments allow anonymous complaints but most record the name of the person who filed the complaint. You may later be able to break that anonymity if things get rough. Even with out breaking the anonymity your own diary will help.

If the compliant mentions the person stoped to ask for directions,  AND you have the licence number with notes on the description of the driver, you then have a way to identify the driver. This may be critical if you later find out the driver was not a member of the general public but an officer or relative of an officer. Police are not allowed to file there own anonymous complaints.

The reason that you may want to find out who is complains is because if it is one person repeatedly, or a group of people working together then it? not you who is breaking the law but them.

It? against the law to file a police complaint when you KNOW that no law has been broken. Its considered a frivolous complaint. So if one person files a complaint, is told by the police that there is no cause for action, and files the same compliant again then they are knowingly filing a frivolous complaint. If they are repeat complaints than you may also have cause for action against them.

It does not mater if its one person repeatedly, or his mother, then brother, then sister, then friend. If that happens, and (here is the difficult part) you can show they conspired to file false police reports in an attempt to harass you, then you have a case against the lot of them.

If you can show good grounds that there is a conspiracy to file false police reports then the police should be on your side in investigating the conspiracy. More likely they will not do anything against the conspirators than to tell them to knock it off with some stern warnings of what will happen if they continue to file frivolous reports.

On the other hand it? possible that some smart Alec in the police department may attempt to "Solve the problem" by building a case against you.

An undercover officer may engage you in conversation to get you to make admissions that he can later testify to in court. For example, if you admit that you enjoy the fact that some people are annoyed but cannot do any thing about it. Or that you get a thrill out of being so boldly out in public. The key words "enjoy" "annoying" "thrill" may show you intend to become a public special and nuisance.

Also remember that almost all police cars, marked and unmarked are equipped with cameras. Big brother is watching you. Treat all cars like they are TV trucks. Even private cars and cell phones may have video capacity. Cars that pass more than once are cruising you and should definitely be treated with caution and suspicion.

If some one stops to ask directions you may want to just give them directions to the local police station. If they were truly lost they will find it helpful, but if they were pulling a fast one it puts them on notice that the jig is up.

You may want to write out the directions, photo copy a few and stash them in a PVC tube by the gate. You just reach to the hidden tube take out the map and hand it to them. Say "This should solve your problem, have a good day."

I? love to see there face when you pull that one.

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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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I too suspect the guy that asked for directions as the one who filed a complaint. He was carrying a note with the address he was looking for on it and I think was truly lost. I also think that he may have used that as a reason to stop and ask me as opposed to calling someone on his cell phone. He may have felt a moral need to confront the issue. As ar as the legal defense and documenting everything, this is not that big of an issue to me that I can see myself going that far. While I do enjoy the freedom it is not so important that I would spend time an energy to go to extremes to keep open. I have seen people drive by and have had some stop to take photos over the years. My feeling is I am doing nothing illegal and am not ashamed. I get no real thrill out of it nor is it an in yor face kind of thing, it is just what I do. Until it becomes a real issue, I am not going to make it one. You may be right in that by the time I find out it is an issue it may be too late. I suppose I do document a lot of my activities right here. I am just beginning to worry that times are changing with the influx of new folks to the area. It is probably also true that as the summer goes on most will get used to it. I haven't been banned from church nor has anyone suggested that I stop any of the other activities that I do for the community so I have I still have some support. It should be warming up now for the summer so I will be outside most every weekend. We will see what hapens from here.
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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By the way he had a pesonalized license plate on his car that I do remember
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Reply to : azcraig

Once it gets warmer, the newcomers who are moving in from who knows where may see the madness behind your methods!  Especially if they haven't experienced a Phoenix summer yet!  I haven't experienced one, but I can completely understand why you dress the way you do when at home!

By the way he had a pesonalized license plate on his car that I do remember
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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I cannot understand complaints about the Bikini and Speedo-type swim suits which are found at every school and pro swim meet. We folks who "push the envelope" with g-strings and baggie suits on sunny beaches would expect a few complaints from neighbors on the block. From your discription of your front yard swimsuit attire, my feeling is that your coverage is sufficiently conservative enough that the troublemakers have no complaint-nada. They are just trouble-makers looking for something to gripe about.

Is this just conservative Arizonians, or do you have some ultra right extremist like Ralph Ovadahl who is trying to impose his version of morality on the Arizona population?

We are planning to eventually re-locate in Florida, have experienced some ultra prudish areas of older retired people, and selected our neighborhood carefully. We hope to avoid complaints, but would not be surprised to have some Floridians unhappy with our home attire.
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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I am a native of Arizona, Phoenix/Scottsdale to be exact.  I think Arizona is more consevative than you would expect.  Maybe it is because a lot of people originally came out here for health reasons?  I don't think what occured with Az craig, is that different from what might happen in a lot of other places.  No matter where you go there is going to be someone unhappy with something.  I think the type of suits we are talking about are quite a bit  it less than what a person driving by might be used to seeing someone wear in their front yard.  Going to the point of complaining, even for Arizona, that is another thing.   
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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The swimsuit(s) I usually wear are very small by mens standards. They are a pretty narrow lowcut pouch in the front and about a 4 inch wide rear. The problem is I have become so used to wearing them that I really dont even think about it anymore. In the events of the past few weeks there has been more negative than in the past year or so it seems. There is a tremendous amount of new people in this area and the traffic flow has doubled or maybe tripled in the past year. There used to be a car go by every 15 to 20 seconds. Now there is a constant flow in both directions. I am not ready to go hide or change what I wear just yet but am concerned. I enjoy being outdoors and the heat does not bother me, I love it!! That might be different if I wore more adn that is why I don't. The sad part is that some people read things into it (what I am wearing) that just are not there. Oh well, those of us that enjoy each others company have entered into a contest. We have all guessed what the first day is that it will reach 100 degrees. The one that has their guess the farthest off will host a BBQ pool party for all of the rest of us. Loser pays for everything. In case of a tie the one thats date has not past yet will be the loser. They are talking 98 on Saturday now. This could be over sooner than all of us may have thought.
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Reply to : azcraig

Good luck, Craig!  If people blush when they see you in a bikini, imagine what would happen if you lost that prediction game, you end up hosting the bikini party at your place, and at one point or another during the party, EVERYONE was out in front of your houst in bikinis!  Imagine what would happen then!  Just out of curiousity, how do people driving by handle it when your wife is out in front of the house in a bikini?  Btw, the way you have described what you wear for swimwear, I think by EVERYONE's standards it is small!  I would say give it a little time before people will get used to what you are wearing.  Oh, and keep good, detailed notes on who harasses you!

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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Craig-The 4in rear would be OK on most of the beaches which outlaw thongs, and require rear coverage. We think you are not breaking any laws or even a bit out of line in public.
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Beachfolks;   I am sure I am t breaking any laws but I do acknowledge that what I wear is not something most people would expect to see while driving down a street in Phoenix, or in most ofther cities for that matter so I am sure the ones that notice do a double take.. I have done this for so long it just seems perfectly normal to me.
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Rock. We have hosted many of these pool parties but usually everybody brings something. This on is a little different and kind of puts some fun into it. We will all get to razz whoever the loser is. As for everyone out front, if it is at my house we have kind of done what you suggested. See the post in the old Enjoying the Arizona Sun post that is way down the chart and was last posted to on 10.30/03 before the moderator locked everyone out. Now that post is slowly sinking out of sight so you have to scroll down a ways to find it. When you get there see the psot dated 6/16/03 about the car wash.
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Sounds like fun Craig! I've not posted in a while but have enjoyed your accounts of AZ. Just as a reminder for those who don't remember, I live in S. Tempe - N. Chandler area and understand the temperature and the traffic thing. I've been laying out in the backyard to regain some lost color from the winter. Went down to our community pool the other day and laid out in my Sninz Y-back without any problems but the pool was still cold....I noticed a lot more traffic than I remember from previous years.

However, now I'm stuck inside - I broke my leg last Sunday playing soccer and have been trying to avoid too much heat/sweat, which is irritating to the cast. Can't complain about the weather though, 80s-90s is beautiful in AZ! Hope to come up with a solution to the cast thing before we get to the 100s... Any suggestions? I want to get back to enjoying the AZ sun before it gets hotter!

Take care,
Good luck on the pool-party pool, Craig!

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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Sorry  to hear of the broken leg!  Not something you want to deal with.

Where do they play Soccer here in Phx?  I would really like to watch.  I used to live in a place where they played Soccer and Polo down the way from the house.  Have not found the fields where they play Soccer in Phoenix.  Be nice to go watch.

Your help would be appreciated.  Hope you just had a good clean break and not a spiral or the like which take longer to heal up.

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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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We play at Tempe Sports Complex (off Hardy, S.of Elliot) or Tempe Diablo Park (on 48th, S. of Broadway). With baseball starting we've moved over to Diablo. It's a division of AYSO but geared for adults - parents of kids that play and college students/graduates mostly. Usually out there Sunday nights. 6-10pm-ish. Lots of fun... both mens competative and co-ed recreational... (www.soccerforadults.com - Shameless plug...)

Thanks for the comments of support... It was a clean break no real bruising either. Just bummed because the weather has been so nice for laying out... but the temp is rising so with the cast it's uncomfortable if I'm out there for more than a 10-20 min. Hopefully I'll be back to swimming and laying out in about 4-6 wks. Laying out - probably sooner, soon as I get to have a walking cast.
Looks like we might get one last break in the temps before the 100s make it here to stay. I'm betting Craig'll have a couple weeks until the triple digits.

Take care,
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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D.T.  I think you are right about a short cooling trend. Historically it gets really warm like it was the weekend then cools off for a week or two and the the heat settles in. It was a beautiful weekend (in my opinion) but I had to work all weekend and as a result was inside most of it. Not a big deal though as there are lots of weekends left in the summer so that we can enjoy the AZ sun.
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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azcraig i wouldnt worry about the complaints.  Even if it seems like there are more this year then last year.  You did say the road has 2 or 3 times the traffic.  Well if there is 2 or 3 times the traiffic that would only mean you would have 2 or 3 times the complaints no?  If you did an average of the cars going by this year to last year with the number of complaints you would probably be at the same number.  So dont worry about it.  Enjoy doing your yard work and try to keep cool.



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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Spent the day working about the house today in a small blue micro. With the heavier traffic there were lots of lookers and turn arounds, a few whistles, honks, and yells. With the weather being very nice many that drove by had their windows down and I heard comments like "hey check that guy out" and so on. I went about my business and was washing my truck in the driveway when a neighbor stopped to chat. He said as he drove up, well it must be summer again, I see you broke out your summer attire. Some of us had been wondering when you would be back out. I told him I was out a couple weeks ago but he said he was gone that weekend. We were just chatting when in front of him pulls up the unmarked cop car that stopped by a couple of weeks ago. Now mind you here I stand at the edge of the road in a micro bikini talking to someone parked on the edge of the road facing the wrong way. I was just leaving by friend told the officer as he walked up to us. He said 'you are OK we just had a complaint about him, pointing to me. The officer asked me so are you really going to be out here every weekend wearing this? I told him yes this or something just like it. My buddy in the truck says "whats the deal is somebody bitchen' about it? He said yes we had a complaint so I had to come out. My buddy to the officer "hey tell them if they dont f___ing like it to look the f__k the other way. I cringed and thought ot myself, oh boy, this is real helpful. Well I dont talk to them the dispatcher does so she doesnt know the situation., she just calls me out here the officer said . Are you new out here my buddy asks? Yeah I just got assigned here a couple of months ago. My buddy told him well I have lived out here for 8 years and he has been ot here every summer as long as I can remember and there aint nobldy from around here that gives a f__k about it. I told him to chill for a minute and he said I got to take off anyway and as he told the officer 'hey he aint hurtin nobody dont hassel him" and then drove off. The officer said I am not here to hassel you I am just doing my job and have to check it out. I apologized for Leroy and told him he was a good guy just a little rough around the edges.  He then told me he was going to enter in the reprot that we are aware of what was going on but there is no issue and then I wont have to come out here. He then asked that is the only one of those you wear right? I told him no that I had other colors but the tan one might cause some problems. Why is that he asked and I told him because of the color. He said the color will not make any difference let me just do this report now so it is done. He got into his car and began to type on the computer in the car. While he was doing that I went in and changed into my tan micro and went back out. This suit is about the same cut, maybe very slightly fuller, but is almost exactly the color of my skin so you cant really tell if I am wearing anything from any distance. As I walked up the his car with him still typing away I said here is the tan one just so you understand. He looked at me and then put his hands overs his eyes, looked back and me and said, please do us a favor, dont wear that one out here, please? I told him OK I wont. He then said you wear that out hear we will have every person with a cell phone calling in and we dont need that. As he finshied typing into the computer he said, there, that should take care of it. We chatted for a little bit and I asked for one of his cards for future reference. He gave me a card and wrote his cell phone on it and told me if I had any problem to just call him. As he left he said have a nice day, stopped and said, do us a favor and go put the blue one back on or something. I told him OK and he left.

I was relieved that he seemed so cool about the whole thing for one, and that Leroy didnt get us arrested for two. I then changed back into blue, finished washing my truck (had to do it over now because it was all water spotted) and finished doing my yard work with only a few more reactions from passersby. Maybe it is true that I just need to be outside more to desensitize everybody.  Guess I'll findout.

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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Craig, your friend, Leroy did a good job of sticking up for you, and was probably smart to get out of there when he did!  It sounds like the police officer who stopped by to investigate was just trying to find out what was going on, and I have a feeling that his visit may be helpful for you as far as dealing with people who want to harass you!  He sounds like he is on your side, just with his giving you his card, and his cell phone number!

As far as that tan bikini that you showed him, I can understand him asking you not to wear that out front!  He doesn't want his dispatch center to get clogged with calls from all the "holier than thou" people who would complain.  Btw, I believe that everyone who is "holier than thou" is usually a closet-pervert!

I hate to say it, but with the way american society is, you're asking for people to keep driving by and oogle at you!  I figure though, that if you keep doing what you are doing, people are going to get used to you being out front.  Btw, what kinds of reactions does your wife get when she is out in front of the house in a bikini these days?

I think that perhaps it is about time for you to have your friends get their cars dirty, and go over to your house for a bikini party, and finish it with a bikini car wash!  And make sure the car wash is during the busiest time of the day on your street! 

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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Easter Sunday promises to be clear and sunny and in the mid 80s. I have fired up the pool heater and the water is 84 and we are having some folks over for our first pool party of the year. Will have to see what everyone wears for attire. Jean and I will be wearing some matching micro set I imagine. Might be a good day to "break the ice" so-to-speak, and have an easter egg hunt around the house including the front yard and make everone search in their swimsuits on Sunday afternoon.  Would be an opportunity for all the new folks in the area to know what to expect to see this summer as they pass by. Will wait and see how that plays out.
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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In a follow up to my 3-18 post we are now entering into the date area for our first 100 degree day contest. No 100s forecast for this week (like weather forcasters are accurate) but the first date picked was April 14th.
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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84 F (29 C) water temperature sounds nice!
azcraig #45

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/11/2004 05:38:53Copy HTML

It was a beautiful warm sunny Easter Sunday with temps in the 80s and the pool water at 84. We had invited some folks over for an afternoon by the pool for our first pool party of '04. Ann and Larry arrived just after 12 (about an hour early) and Jean and I greeted them wearing matching turquoise Micros with 4" backs and fronts and Jean a very small triangle top.

We had both been out front for about an hour just prior to that leaf blowing and doing final clean-up of the front yard. Lots of honks, whistles, and turn around for another lookers in that time. Most of that I think was for Jean. Ann and Larry came on in, did a little chit chat, and Ann wanted to go out back and get some sun. She stripped down to a very small thong bottom, almost a g string, and triangle top in black and went outside and laid out for a while. While Larry and I talked indoors Jean went out to visit with Ann. I went out back to get Larry and I something to drink and Ann had removed her top and adjusted the front of her bottoms in. She was virtually nude as the bottom was probably about 2 inches wide and pulled down very low.

A little after 1 Jerry and Jeri arrived. We greeted them and escorted them outback where Ann had put on her top and adjusted her bottom back after an hour in the sun. Right behind them came Ron and Tina, and Cliff and Sherry. We all made our way out back. Ron tested the water with his toe and said "hey its not cold"! I told him about my deisel fired heater and that I had it on for about 30 hours to warm it up. Most everyone then tested the water and Ann got in, and others followed. 

Ron wore his usual black speedo and Tina a print Rio cut bikini,  Jerry had on a black suit with a 2 inch red stripe diagnolly across the back that said "Speedo" in it. The cut was more along boy shorts than a bikini, while Jeri wore a purple string bikini with pink outline and strings. Larry was wearing his solar tan thru 1 inch side bikini. Cliff had on a blue speedo cut suit and Sherry had a pretty standard cut bikini in near the same color.

A few minutes later Paul and Marci showed and came out back. Paul pulled off his shorts and was wearing a black string side bikini and Marci took off her shirt and shorts and once again stole the show. Her suit is a little hard to explain but  try to follow along. She said she had bought this a few years ago and never worn it but it seemed appropriate. She said I am the Easter Bunny!  It was a black monokini kind of thing. The bottom was a full cut but not a triangle shape but more of an oval shape. About half way between the center and the right side was about a 2 inch round hole in the suit about midway up (or down) you could see her skin through. The top was made of materail that hooked to the bottom and two strips went up from the bottom and over each shoulder. The strips both attached to the bottom on the right side and one went staright up and one at an angle to go over the left shoulder. They were about 2 inches wide where they attached at the bottom and got about 4 or 5 inches wide as they went over her breasts, and then came to a point above that and just a string went over her shoulders. the same pattern formed on the back side of the suit. This set up gave the look of the Playboy Bunny Head that is the logo for Playboy magazine. If you can picture that logo then I hope this description makes sense. The hole was the bunny eye and it was truly unique. Not everyone got it right away but as soon as someone said Its the  Playboy Bunny, everyne realized what she was wearing. She couldn't even remember where she bought. The cut was a full coverage type of thing but it was really cool looking just the same. Of course the fact that Paul and Marci both workout helped with the look but it was very different. I don't know where she comes up with this stuff. Anyway there was food and drinks for all as we spent a few hours visiting and enjoying the Arizona sun.

nicthong #46

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/11/2004 11:31:49Copy HTML

Hey Craig - Just wanted to say thanks for continuing to post your stories! They're great to read and it's nice to know that others are enjoying the opportunity to thong (or wear skimpy stuff) among friends... it's good to read about stuff like this given I can't experience anything like it for myself! Heheh. I hope you're able to continue enjoying the sun like this! Did you do the easter egg hunt at all?
northernlights_se #47

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/12/2004 04:51:53Copy HTML

I agree with nicthong. Always great to read your posts, azcraig!

No problem with your new neighbors or ppl passing by during the pool party?

azcraig #48

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/12/2004 02:15:02Copy HTML

Nicthong.  Did not do the egg hunt deal so the area peope missed out on that. Why cant you have this kind of experience for yorself? My wife and I having this circle of friends is not something that happened overnight. It has taken years to establish this level of trust and openess. It was not easy but you have tostart somewhere.
nicthong #49

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/12/2004 07:17:30Copy HTML

Craig... why can't I have this same kind of experience? (a) I'm in England... which means (b) I don't have the same opportunities because of the weather! (c) I don't have a pool or even a yard I could invite friends to and (d) even if I did, I'm of a generation (I'm 25) and among a group of friends that does not readily accept guys in speedos, let alone thongs. I guess the weather doesn't exactly encourage it either! I'm sure you're right that you have to start somewhere... but where I am in life at the moment just doesn't seem conducive to it! In the meantime... it's good to hear about others who are able to enjoy the sun and thongs/bikinis!
azcraig #50

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/15/2004 09:55:55Copy HTML

Wow I have commented many times on how lucky I am to be able to enjoy what we do and the people we have to share our fun with. I tend to forget that most people are not that lucky. It is also a mistake to assume that everyone on here actually has the opportunity to participate in outdoor thonging and wearing of minimal swimwear. Too bad you in an area that is not only a problem socially but weather wise as well. I only hope that my posts can brighten your day a little and at least put some sunshine on an otherwise dreary day. As soon as I figure out how to package some our our great Arizona sunshine and sell it I will put it on ebay.

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