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goodyrthonger #451

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/22/2010 03:30:08Copy HTML

Another nice weekend in Arizona, worked in the yard and cleaned the pool.  Getting a nice tan line from my rio bikini.  Just hoping 100+ degree weather will not be here too soon.  The temps have been in the low 80's and most enjoyable.
azcraig #452

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/12/2010 03:00:18Copy HTML

Wow, what a gorgeous day in Phoenix! It was in the high 80’s, sunny and breezy. I got up this morning, put on a bright yellow micro and spent the whole day outside working except for putting on some short shorts to go get lunch.  At noon I went to the local Subway to pickup sandwiches. While I was in line I overheard a girl behind me tell her companion “look at his shorts” to which he responded “yeah that’s just wrong. As I was leaving a black lady came in and said to me “my, my, look at those legs, somebody’s been working on their tan.” While working around the house I found that for the most part things were pretty quiet for the beginning of the season. Several people honked hi as they went by. There was one that yelled “lookin good speedo man”, and another that yelled “nice speedo”.   Then there was a guy the slowed down to yell “put some f’ing clothes on, what the f’ is the matter with you? There was a couple walking by as I was washing my truck in the driveway near the street. The guy said “hi how ya doin”, and I told him fine. The gal then said “nice day to be out working on your tan” and I agreed as they walked on. Usually at the beginning of the warm season I get more negative comments than I did today. Hope that means that most are now accustomed to seeing me in very tiny swimwear working outside enjoying the Arizona sun.   
goodyrthonger #453

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/12/2010 11:46:59Copy HTML

I too spent time outside both Saturday and Sunday in my rio bikini.  Perfect weekend.   I washed a few windows and put on sun screens on the bedroom and family room windows.  I did not wash the car in my suit, not comfortable wearing this kind of suit while in the front yard for a period of time.  Only on the side of the house.
JM_Runs #454

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/12/2010 10:33:01Copy HTML

Do you guys want to plan a thong bbq  or something at one of the local lakes this summer?
JM_Runs #455

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/26/2010 11:53:40Copy HTML

Today it topped out at 93 degrees F.  I really enjoyed my backyard today and really etched in some nice lines representing a skimpy nu-parr cut.  Hope to suprise my wife with them when she gets home!  Anyhow I really love this Arizona weather.
JM_Runs #456

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/10/2010 10:03:55Copy HTML

So today i went down to one of my three Home owners association pools and enjoyed myself in my black nuparr suit.  I etched in  some pretty nice lines.  anyhow as i was sitting there a middle aged woman walked in and glanced at me and winked.  I jumped in the pool after she was settled and swam closer to her spot and we had a friendly conversation.  the conversation eventually led to my thong and i said my apologize if it shocked you and she said at first she didnt even notice and frankly she didnt even care.  we laughed and i told her its not everyday one sees a man in a thong at the local neighborhood pool.  anyhow my confidence is growing and i will continue  to do more weekday thonging there.  hopefully the trend will catch on.  Anyhow i was going to post some tan line pictures but im having trouble uploading them.  Anyhow its in the mid 80's here in az and i plan on getting dark this summer.  happy thonging!
azcraig #457

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/12/2010 01:55:55Copy HTML

Answering the phone earlier this week Ann was calling to talk to Jean. She asked when we were all going to get together and I told her the pool would be ready this weekend so just about any time. She said "pool party" and said she would call the gang and they would all come over Sunday. Jean got on the phone and said we had plans to go to her Moms on Sunday (Mothers Day) so they agreed on Saturday.
It has been warm and the pool cover has been on so the water was about 86. I got up early Saturday morning to get some things done before everyone showed up. Wearing a very small bright neon green micro I started going about my chores. I had no idea what an interesting day lay ahead of me.
I wheeled the garbage can out to the curb and as I did there were two  black ladies walking by. One looked at me and said  oooooowee, somebody forgot to put any clothes on this mornin. The other one said to me "don't mind her she don't appreciate nothin when she see's it. Oh I be seein plenty the first one said. The second one said to me "at least you can get away wearing something like that, If I had that nice a booty I'd were a G string too. The first one said that aint no G string that is a thong. At this point they are standing right in front of me and the second one grabs my arm and says turn around as she turns me. As I turned I told them they were both wrong because I was wearing an Arizona Rio bikini. The second one said well it sure don't cover much but I likes it. I told her thank you as they walked away. At that same moment someone driving by yelled "put some f'ing clothes on. The second lady yelled at him "shut the f up" he aint hurtin you. I heard the first one say he looks stupid  and I did not hear the response. I laughed and went on with what I was doing.
A couple of people drove by laying on the horn as I hosed down the driveway. Another guy came by walking his small dog but didn't look at me or say a word. About 20 minutes later I am taking some leaves I had raked out to the garbage can and a cop had gone by and was turning around. He drove back by very slowly as I dumped the trash into the can. Some of them spilled out so I was kneeling down (not bending over) to pick the stuff up. The cop went down a couple of houses and then turned around and came back slowly finally parking right across the street. They sat there for a minute or two while I cleaned up the mess I had made. Just as I was finishing they drove over to my side of the street. I stood there about five feet from their car for a few seconds and all of the sudden they took off.

 It is about 11 and everyone is to arrive about 1. I had just finished cleaning the pool and was emptying the trash from the back yard into the container at the curb. A car with two girls pulls up and stops. As I am pouring the trash into the container they just sat parked staring at me. I turned around and said good morning and the passenger said good morning to you. She then said don’t mind us we are just enjoying the show. I didn’t respond and started to walk away when the driver said, something that I didn’t hear so I turned back and said pardon me?  She then said we heard on the police scanner there was a man in a g-string causing a disturbance here but that is no g string. Did you change or did someone overreact? I told his I did not own any g strings and this is what I had been wearing all morning.  The passenger said to her well that is a tiny speedo not a g string. The driver asked where did you get such a skimpy little bikini? I told her I get them at a place call Nu Parr. She asked “them? You have more than that one. I told her yes and this is how I spend my summer weekends just working around the house and enjoying the warm days.  Well I guess you are certainly dress for the warm weather. I agreed and stared walking toward the house. As they drove away the passenger said thanks for the show Mister Speedo! 

I went inside and Jean told me she didn’t realize we were almost out of diet soda and asked if I had time to run and get some.  I told her I would run to Wal Mart and get some. I put on some cut offs that had about a 1 inch inseam before they started fraying, to go to the store. The shorts have now frayed in the rear all the way to the pockets so they are pretty short. As I go out the door Ann and Larry pull up. Ann wearing her signature very short shorts and a half top says we’re a little early, hope that’s okay. What if it’s not I joked?  She told me well, that is too bad, we are here now. I told them to go inside that I was running to the store and would be right back. Larry asked if he could tag along.  As we were on our way Larry told me not to run over anything reminding me of the last time we did this it turned into quite an event. (see my posting here from 5-9-04) We both laughed about that day and I promised to be careful. We went to Wal Mart got the soda and I was in line and he left to go get some tanning oil. A couple of lines over there are some young guys laughing and cutting up when one of them does the who wears shorts short jingle and they laugh. Standing behind me is a young black girl that said yeah and you keep on wearing them short shorts so we can see those pretty legs, theys just jealous.  I told her thanks. She said I am serious. Those little shorts look good on you, most dudes couldn’t never wear shorts like that. About that time Larry walks back up and says I hope we got everything the girls wanted us to get.  After checking out as we left the black girl said Bye pretty legs and to told her see ya later. She said I hope so.  Who was that Larry asked and I told him I had no idea.  

When we go back Jean was in the kitchen. Larry asked where Ann was and Jean told her she was out back laying out. Larry went to the back door and said My God Ann, why don’t you just wear a cork? I went to see what he was talking about and there she was with no top and the very tiny little blue g sting bottom that was tear drop shaped and maybe an inch wide at the widest part. She told Larry not to worry about in. He closed the door and just shook his head. Jean told him that he should be used to it by now and he said he never gets used to her being naked in public. Jean told him that she was in our backyard so that is different. Yeah but anyone driving down the side street can see her Larry said to which Jena told him it they don’t like it they shouldn’t look. 

It is now just after Noon. I had removed my shorts and was back to my green micro. I had been out back letting the dogs out into our field area to keep them out of the yard expecting the guests to start arriving. As I came back in the front door bell rang so I went to see who had arrived. As I opened the door wearing a bikini that has a very low front  narrow pouch and about a 4 inch wide rear with ¼ side straps,  to my surprise it was Phoenix Police officers. One male and one female, they said they were investigating a complaint of indecent exposure at this address. Larry heard what was going on and went to the back yard to tell Ann to put her swimsuit back on.  The officers went on to explain that there was a report earlier of a male that was nude or near nude out in the front yard area, and was that me?  I told them no, I had been wearing this all day. That is not what the complaint was he said. Then I remembered the girls that had heard the g string sighting on the police scanner.  I then told the officers, now wait….. wasn’t the complaint actually about a man in a g-string?  Why do you ask that the officer asked?  I told him that one of my friends had called me this morning and had heard that on his police scanner and then I asked if they were the ones here earlier this morning. They told me they were but had to leave for a priority call and were just now getting back. I told them that when they were here this morning this is what I was wearing and have not changed since I got up this morning. I told them that what I was wearing did not violate any laws because this is what I wear all summer every year for the past several years so I have been visited by officers a couple times before, and,, this really this is not within your jurisdiction because this is County and not City. Well we show this as City the officer said. I assured him it was not. The female officer stepped away and was talking on her radio. The male continued to question whether or not I was wearing something not legal prior to being told I was on the radar by my friend. I assured him that was not the case and that I knew the laws and was very careful not to violate them. The female walked back up and said I was right that this was County.  The male officer shrugged his shoulders and apologized for the misunderstanding. As they started to walk away the female turned back and told me “if I was you I would put on something more appropriate because that complaint will be forwarded to the Sheriff’s Department so someone will be back. I wanted to tell her I wasn’t worried but decided not to respond at all.  

As I go back in Jean, Ann, and Larry are all discussing the situation.  Jean was now in a very small green rio cut bikini with a small triangle top, and Ann in a purple print small thong with a very tiny triangle top. I told them not to worry about it that it was just someone misreporting and it was over.

 At almost 1:00 Paul and Marci show up with Pat and Mincy. As they are coming in Cliff and Sherry arrive and park out front so I waited for them at the door.  Tony and Becky were going to try to make it a little later. As we all gathered on the patio Ann quickly turn the conversation into the police being there and I assured everyone it was a non issue. We were all standing around chatting Cliff in a standard cut string bikini Sherry in a red and white striped thong bottom and twist top. Paul wore a very small cut purple thong that was only a pouch in the front with small strings attaching the rear triangle while Marci had on thong bottom that was made up white strings much like a shoe lace that outlined the light blue triangle front of the suit with a white string right up the center so it hugged her every curve, and the white strings outlined the small triangle in the rear. Her triangle top also used the same strings that created a large 5 inch triangle around her breasts. From each corner of the triangle there were strings going into the center attaching to about a 2 inch triangle of blue outlined by the white strings. She has several tops like this although I don’t think we have seen this suit before. She was telling Sherry how much she liked those tops because the outer triangle holds the inner triangle in place even during very active things like playing volleyball on the beach. She also noted that the seam up the center of the bottom did the same thing. These two options allow her to have the least coverage without having a wardrobe malfunction to which everyone laughed. Pat wore a black and blue print thong and Mincy wore this one piece string thing that had strings crisscrossing. I couldn’t begin to explain how it worked but that it had two small vertical ovals to cover her nipples and a very small thong looking bottom coverage. Larry wore a blue half inch side speedo. 

I fired up the grille and was just tossing on the burgers when the front doorbell rang. Jean was in the pool so Ann volunteered to get the door. I told her to take over the grille and I would get the door. When I answered the door it was the Sheriff’s Department doing a follow up to a complaint passed on by the City. I them what had happened earlier and he told me he was just making the call and that they drive by all the time and have never seen me in less that your thongs. He then went on to say that if I would cover up a little more they would not be out there so much. I told him I was sorry he had to come out and I thought they knew enough not to have to send anyone out anymore. He said that because it was a City request they had to check it out. He also said that due to budget cuts and staff shortages there is a possibility that I could be cited for creating a public nuisance even though running around like that is not a violation of the law, but lets hope it does not get to that.  That would be a call for my commanding officer. He said have a nice day and left.  

Once in the back yard I told everybody who it was and again assured them there was not a problem. We were settling down for some great food when we hear this loud crash out front. We all went running out the gate and found that someone had plowed into Cliff and Sherry’s mini van parked in the street. The driver of the car that hit them was getting out of the car somewhat dazed as we went running out there. The passengers head had hit the windshield and she was bleeding as Cliff called 911. The driver was somewhat injured by tried to take off running and was quickly caught by Paul who got the guy in a bear hug and carried him back to the scene.  Needless to say with the crash scene and 10 scantily clad adults standing around traffic came to a stop and there were people everywhere.  Paul put the driver down, told him to lay down or he was going to kick his ass. The guy laid down.  Marci was tending to the passenger. Marci had run to her car and gotten a blood pressure tester, was taking her vital signs and holding a cloth on her head.  I later found out Marci has some EMT training. The paramedics arrived and took over.  Marci gave them some basic information and they went to work on both people. As the police showed up we all went back to the patio except Cliff who stayed to talk to police. To make another long story short, the driver had a suspended license, no insurance  or registration and was arrested. The passenger refused to go to the hospital and was picked up by someone. The car was towed away and Cliff was able to drive his damaged  mini van home.  Lunch got cold, the mood changed and everyone was leaving. The last minute effort to get together didn’t really work out very well. Other than Ann getting to lay out for a while, I am not sure how much everyone really spent time enjoying the Arizona sun.   
JM_Runs #458

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/12/2010 05:38:02Copy HTML

That is one heck of a story azcraig.  Too bad you guys couldn't get some sun with everything going on like that.  Fortunately here in AZ we have plenty of weekends to look forward to some bronzing.  Take it easy.
azcraig #459

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:06/01/2010 11:10:02Copy HTML

The Memorial Day get together was to be at Ann’s Mom’s house. Ann’s Mom had left on Friday to visit some of her relatives back East and was to be gone for a week. Jean and I arrived about 12:30. Tony and Becky were already there.

Ann was wearing a tiny bright orange thong with a with a triangle top that had strips about an inch wide at the bottom that were about 4 inches tall. Larry wore a black and blue print Speedo. Tony was in about a one inch side bikini and Becky wore a pink Rio bikini. Jean and I wore matching copper colored micros. Paul and Marci arrived with Pat and Mincy. Paul and Marci wore matching green camouflage in honor of Memorial Day. Paul wore a thong. Marci’s was more along the line of a tear drop front G string with tear drop shaped top. The color was actually kind of ugly but it was a nice thought. Pat wore a bright yellow thong and Mincy had a G string bottom and matching triangle top in a turquoise color. Next to arrive were Cliff and Sherry still driving the mini-van that had been hit at my house a few weeks ago. Cliff had a dark blue string side bikini and Sherry in a dark blue thong and twist top.

Cliff told us all how he did not have full coverage insurance on this van and the guy that hit it had no insurance. He took it for an estimate it was going to cost more to fix it that what it would cost to replace it. He had put a tail light in it and was going to drive it until they found something else.

In all the chaos that weekend we forgot to do our guess the first 100 degree day of the year contest that we always do. We all talked about missing that and decided to do a first 110 degree day for this year instead. With the current ten day forecast that could be in the next week or so. We all made out guesses and will see how that turns out.

Marci was telling us she had spent a lot of time by the community pool where she lives and it was obvious because she was brown as a bean. She said she lays out in her smallest of suits without any problems so the next time we get together we will go there. We were all thankful for having a private gathering place on this holiday weekend as everything public was very crowded.

Ann had potato salad, pasta salad, chips and dips, burgers, dogs, and brats. It was supposed to be near 100 degrees out so in and around the water it was really nice. The day went without any problems or surprises and although some might see it a boring the truth is it was truly a great day for enjoying the Arizona sun. 
Dennis at Thong Beach #460

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:06/15/2010 07:48:43Copy HTML

AZCraig, I just have to comment on your 5/11 post.  What a day and what a story.  I can't get over Larry's line to his wife, "why don't you just wear a cork"!  What a line!  And based on your description of her tiny swimsuit bottom being only 1" wide max, whew!  I can see why her husband would say that.  That's a line to remember!  She's obviously pushing the limit.  But so are Paul and Marci--Paul with just a pouch and strings and Marci with a suit that doesn't just leave virtually nothing to the imagination, but in fact, would CREATE an imagination in any male with red blood, with that string up the middle of the front of her swimsuit!  Then everyone shows up on the street at the scene of the accident, with 6 out of 10 people wearing thongs!  I'm surprised there wasn't a chain reaction to the initial accident!

Man are you lucky to have a wife and friends like that, who all enjoy relaxing at the pool in super brief swimsuits.   Thanks for posting.  I'm sure your report put a smile on MANY faces!  It certainly did on mine.

azcraig #461

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:06/30/2010 05:08:27Copy HTML

Had the group over last Sunday. It was a toasty 110 but the pool was a refreshingly cool 84 degrees. I had been out doing chores all morning in a bright yellow AZ Rio. Things have been very quiet as I have worked around the house lately. I get the hello honks from those I know but very few long blaring honks, yells whistles or turn arounds. Part of that might be because it has been hot enough that everybody has their windows up and the A/C on as they go by.

There was a blue Ford Crown Victoria that parked across the road for about 10 minutes. It kind of looked like an undercover police car but I don’t think it was. The windows were dark tinted so I really couldn’t see inside. Don’t know what that was about. 

With everyone expected to arrive about noon it was a surprise to have Paul and Marci arrive first. Ann and Larry must be slipping as they always arrive first. Paul comes out on the patio in a leopard print thong and Marci in a pale yellow……….. I am not sure what you call it. The top was made up of about two 4 inch triangles that had a strap across the bottom that went from one triangle, around the back to the other triangle. That was all there was. Apparently there was some kind of metal spring material inside the strap that went around her back that held everything in place. I can best describe it as kind of like a commercial head set for your ears but the cups did not face each other, they faced the back of the band. Coverage was moderate but with no straps to speak of. The matching bottom was the same concept that had about a 4 inch triangle in the front with the strap/band going down underneath and up the center in the back with about a 2 inch triangle at the tip of the rear part. Again it was a spring kind of thing that looked like a thong but had no side straps. Marci always comes up with very unique swimwear.  

When Cliff and Sherry arrived next I began to worry that something had happened to Ann and Larry.  Cliff came out back in a light blue string side rio bikini, and Sherry in a yellow flowery print thong with a triangle top, Tony and Becky arrived. Tony was wearing a school bus yellow one inch side bikini and Becky was in a bright neon pink one piece thong.  We were all wondering about Ann and Larry. Jean had tried to call Ann on her cell phone but got no answer.

About 12:30 they arrived. Ann was in a half T-shirt top and very short lycra shorts that had were about an inch or so above the bottom her butt cheeks. Ann was not happy. I turns out that when they were in a store on the way over that someone ran into the store with two cops chasing them. Then more cops showed up at the door and sealed off the store while they searched for the guy that ran in. He was a suspect  in a hit and run accident someplace. They only had the store sealed off for about 5 minutes when they found out the guy they were chasing got out the back door. Because Ann and Larry, and a few others, saw the guy run in, the police questioned them as witnesses. Ann told them what she saw and Larry told them what he saw but then Larry (playing  Mr. F’ing detective according to Ann) walked the officers down the aisle where they were standing when he came in showed them that he could see the guy in the mirrors mounted on the ceiling at the back of the store. He told of the guys path through the store but wanted to hang around to see how it all played out. I guess they found the guy hiding in a dumpster out behind the store and because Ann and Larry were still there, the police asked them to ID the guy. The guy was an illegal which added to Ann’s frustration. Ann said if she had known what was going on she would have just dropped him as he ran past. The funny part of that is she is very capable of doing that

 After all that was explained Ann got down to her yellow and blue print thong with a very small triangle top. We were enjoying the cool water, the food and each other company.  We noticed that yellow seemed to be the color of the day. Becky suggested that when we plan these in the future we should pick out a color and all wear it. Nice idea I told her but I don’t have anything in pink. She told me I should and then told Jean that she should get me a bright pink thong and that with my dark tan I would look hot in it. Jean looked over at me and then told her, you may be  right. I told Jean, don’t bother, I don’t wear pink which started to open up a whole discussion on why guys don’t wear pink including all of the gay remarks.  

 The dogs were barking at something out front and as I went to look I heard the door bell ring. This was a good opportunity to get away from this conversation so I went to answer the door and there were two men asking if I had time to talk with them. I told them this was not a good time and they said they would try to come back later. I didn’t know what they wanted and there was no discussion of when later was. Don’t know what they were selling. They didn’t even seem to notice that I was only wearing my small AZ Rio. Probably means they won’t come back and I don’t waste time on solicitors anyway. I guess I should have told them that. 

When I went back out onto the patio Ann barked out “okay Craig we voted unanimously that bright pink will be what we all wear at the next party. Larry said that he didn’t vote for that and I told them pink was fine, I just would be able to attend that one. Paul admitted to having a pink thong and Cliff kept quiet. Then I told them I had a better idea. All the girls could wear the color they chose and all the guys would were a color we agreed on, to which Larry said he agreed. The girls did not agree. Hope that is the end of that. Trying to coordinate colors every time would be a PIA.

 Cliff and Sherry lost the first 110 degree day contest we had so they will have to host a special get together for all of us in the future. They don’t have a pool but live in an area with a community family pool. Don’t know how that will work. We have never gathered there.

 All in all it was another day to be grateful for,  as we all got to enjoy the Arizona sun.
azcraig #462

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/05/2010 04:12:25Copy HTML

Our 4th of July gathering was held at my house. Since Ann and Larry moved out of their house out in the West valley they no longer have a pool. Ann’s moms house has limited parking so Ann asked Jean if they could host at our house. They came over early to help get ready. At 7:00 a.m. I was at it getting the yard and patio cleaned up wearing a bright blue Az Rio, after the light winds had scattered leaves and pine needles all over the place.

Ann changed the theme color to red white and blue. They arrived with Ann in very short blue shorts with a red and white striped half top. Our plan was for Jean to wear a small red triangle top with a white thong bottom and my blue AZ Rio for our R-W-B combo since I do not really have any multi colored suits. Larry helped me outside while Ann and Jean got things ready on the inside.

At about noon Ann had stripped down to a white G string bottom with a top that had an American flag on each triangle of the top. Larry had on a stars and stripes Speedo that reminded me of what Mark Spiitz wore at the Olympics several years ago.

Cliff and Sherry arrived with Cliff in a Stars and stripes ½ inch side bikini and Sherry in Rio cut bikini with wavy red stripes on white with blue stars all over it.

Paul and Marci came in next with Pat and Mincy. Marci wore her suit she has worn before that has a white triangle top with one blue star in the center. The white part virtually disappears when wet and it looks like she is just wearing blue pasties for a top. The bottom in a red and white thong with the stripes running vertically. The stripes are about one half inch wide and the white part is like the top in that they pretty much disappear when wet. Paul had on a T-Back with wavy red and white stripes and blue stars on it.  Pat wore blue thong with white stars on it and red edging and strings. Mincy sported a white G string bottom with red and blue stars on it with a twist top that had blue with white stars on the left and then wavy red stripes on the right. It actually looked like a flag waiving across her chest

Tony got there wearing a one inch side bikini that had a flag on the front and the back. Becky had on a one piece that was a large V in the front with a Brazil cut back that had strings going around the waste to the front. The print was way red stripes with blue stars on it.

As we all gathered out near the pool the stars and stripes theme became more apparent and actually looked kind of cool. I commended Ann on the idea and everyone agreed that not only was it appropriate, it made for an interesting visual. Ann then brought up that we had to go with Pink for next time. I reminded her that the pink idea didn’t appeal to me and I didn’t own any pink suits anyway. Larry said me neither. And told Larry that they would have to go find him one to which he didn’t show much interest. Jean told Ann that she was sure Nu Parr could make me a little bright neon pink AZ Rio. I told them I am not doing pink. Jean told everyone that I had posted a discussion about wearing pink on a thong wearers website and that I had gotten several responses of guys that wear pink and encouraged Craig to go for it. Seemed like almost everyone chimed in and I felt like the losing dog in a dogfight. Cliff remained quiet on the topic so I said to him “gee Cliff don’t you want to jump in too? He said he didn’t have anything in pink either, but what-ever. I sarcastically thanked him for his support while Sherry told him he could get pink if that was what we were all going to do. He then asked what happened to the idea of the chicks wearing one color and the dudes wearing another. Marci told him that defeats the purpose and then asked him if he didn’t agree that everyone in red, white, and blue looked way cool. He said what-ever.

It was pretty warm out and we spent that afternoon in and out of the pool, and talking about everything from sports to politics to the economy. Played some pool volley ball, ate burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, chips with Jeans homemade salsa, and then had cake that Ann made that was decorated to look like the flag. She did a really nice job on it. As we were serving up the cake, Paul reminded us all of what we are celebrating and that we needed to take to appreciate those that are in other places around the world defending our rights to assemble with friends, speak freely, and enjoy this great country, Ann added and wear thongs. We all agreed then sat there quietly for a few moments. When Pat held up his Coke and said “A toast………here is to America.” We all toasted and then sat back as we enjoyed America and the Arizona sun.  
BeachBum413 #463

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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 It sounds like a good weekend. I have a pink thong and it looks good against my tan (wife says so). So go for a pink one. Remember that the lighter colors get see through though. I had a great 4th. Lots of people and kids around so no thongs for me this weekend. I was able to wear my blue and salmon colored Az Reo suits without any issue though. So go ahead  and go for it - or  do something more daring like a thong or a sheer or something else more daring. There are lots of possibilities.  They all know what you always wear and the girls are always different so do something different in pink. Let us know what you do.
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I don't own a pink thong either but wouldn't be against a real bright neon pink. My wife and I both think the bright intense colors look good on any tanned and toned body. The lighter color pinks or pastel pinks I wouldn't be interested in however. 
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Having gotten most of my outside chores done over the weekend and Monday the 5th being kind of a holiday I was kicking back in the house. I had just returned from Home Depot and still had on short shorts and a tank top when the doorbell rang. It was the two guys that had stopped by last week wanting to talk to me. Now there were three and one of them I recognized. They asked if I had time to talk to them and I asked them what about.

The lead guy, the speaker for the group, first apologized for the first time they were there and then said they would like to talk to me about your clothing, or lack of it, you wear in your front yard.  He then introduced himself and the others. Two of the guys were wearing dress slacks and shirts, and the third guy, John was in well worn blue jeans, a western shirt, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat that he removed when he came inside.  I invited them in.

Jean was back in her sewing room and came out to see who was there. She recognized all three as people from our church. Dan, the speaker guy, proceeded to say that they were there to express the community concern about me wearing G string swimsuit wear out in the front of the house. Jean quickly interrupted and told them that I never wear G strings and I interrupted and told her to let them talk. Dan went on to say that many people in the community have expressed concern that what I wore was very inappropriate and was offensive to most so they were coming by to see what they can do about it.

I asked Dan where he lived and how long where he lived and he told me. It was one mile North and East of me. I then asked Leo where he lived and it was the same area. I then asked John and he was about two miles West and one mile South of me. Dan had lived here for about 3 years, Leo, 5 years and John 15 years.  I reminded them that I had lived here for 24 years which was longer than all of them put together and that I had been wearing my swimsuits to work around the house for almost that entire time..  I then went on to say that what I was doing is not illegal, and Jean butted in “and it is really none of your business” and that if they have been in the area as long as they say should come as no surprise at this point. John said “yeah but they keep getting littler and littler, purdy soon you’ll be nekked”  Jean left the room at this point telling me she would just let me deal with it.
Dan said that there have been many complaints about it and that they chose to come talk with me face-to-face to see if we could work it out. He then went on to say they had called the authorities and that I was right in it not being illegal but if enough people complained they could take action. I asked him take what kind of action? For what? On what charges? And who is receiving all these complaints and how many is “many”?  Dan told me they were not there to start any trouble and they knew I was a reasonable person and that is why they were taking this approach. I again asked “ so who is complaining, and to who”? He told me that his daughter thought is was awful and many of the neighbors were complaining. I told him I didn’t know how many many is but that there were several that also didn’t have a problem with it. Furthermore it is an easy problem to solve, just don’t look or travel a different route. He told me it was hard not to notice when driving by and that it was a real distraction that has caused several accidents, and somebody is going to get hurt someday.

I told him that I was here every time I wore a swimsuit out front and I have not seen “several” accidents so I didn’t know what he was talking about and you said that there have been several complaints but have not told me who these complaints were filed with. Dan said look, I will say again that we are here as a courtesy. People are prepared to call in every time anyone sees you out in front to complain. If enough complaints are filed there could be charged and we don’t want that and I am sure you don’t. What you do in your back yard is your business so we are not talking about that, but keep in mind you don’t have a privacy fence.

John said Yeah and you have all those wild parties back there. I asked him “what wild parties” in a raised voice.  My patience was beginning to wear thin at this point. John went on to say that we just had one “yisterdee with all them people over here”. I asked him what in his mind constitutes a “wild party”. Well everbodys runnin round half nekked who knows what the hells goin on. I said that was my back yard, I thought that didn’t count? Dan told me that there have been times when your backyard group spills out into the front yard or street causing accidents.

I said okay let me clear a few things up. First off at my “wild parties” that John mentioned there is no drinking other than a beer every now and then, no one gets drunk, loud or obnoxious, there is no smoking, no drugs, no sex, no loud music, no screeching tires, to trash or debris, the police have never been called for any kind of disturbance that we have created, we don’t block the roads or park in other people driveways, and infringe on any one at these “wild parties”. Dan started to say something and I told him just hold on I am not finished. As for the accidents I cause and  parties spilling out into the streets, you might be interested in knowing that a few weeks back we were all enjoying ourselves IN MY BCKYARD when we heard a big crash out front. As we went to look we found that an impaired driver had crashed into a parked car and that yes none of us took the time to get dressed because it seemed more important to give aid to some of the victims and get control of the situation while the cops were enroot, which we did.

Dan said that is not what they heard happened. I told him I didn’t really care what they may have heard, I was here and maybe he should look at the police report if you don’t believe me but I understand why you came by and will consider your position.
Thank you for stopping by let me show you to the door. As they got up Dan said that they had hoped I would understand and be more considerate of the community.

As we got to the door I told him, let me say this. My first reaction is that I was here much before you and if you and the community don’t like it go back where you came from. I didn’t ask any of you to move here. Second is that I wear small bikinis all summer every summer and have for years. If I am being accused of wearing G strings which are nothing more than a small pouch and just enough tiny stings to hold them in place, maybe I should start wearing those instead so your accusations are correct. And that third if you or others don’t like what I wear, don’t look. Thank you for coming by.

John then said to the others “see I told ya it wouldn’t do no good to talk to him”. Then I said, you know what John? I have a valid driver license so I don’t need someone drive me around because of DUI convictions, as a  matter of fact I have never been drunk, which is more that you can say” so you don’t have any room to be telling people how to live their lives, and I closed the door.  I said that knowing that he has had a few DUI’s and has been arrested for driving on a suspended drivers license. I need to consider how to deal with this so I guess I will think it over. Jean just told me she is going to Nu Parr to buy me the tiniest bright pink g string they can make. Oh boy, here we go in the pink thing again. I am not sure if wearing a pink g string I would help be out enjoying the Arizona sun.
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 AzCraig, man I'm sorry those sobs came by and ruin your day. It sounds like you put them in place. Keep on thonging or g- stringing . Take care
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 Arizona Craig:  You're not breaking the law, those stuffed shirts need some manners.  Of course, they leave an unpleasant feeling with you, but there is nothing that they can do if you aren't breaking the law.  They may try to do something through the Homeowner's Association if there is one, but I don't think that they can contravene Arizona State Law.  I'm inspired by you standing up to them the way that you did.  I honestly think that g-strings were amongst the original garb of mankind and we need to preserve that for historical reasons as well as our own pleasure.  I'd like to meet you some day.  I intend to get to southern AZ to visit in-laws.  I'll write ahead.
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Wow, some story.  First on all if they all live a mile or more away, how do they know what you wear.  Do they purposely come into your neighborhood?  I am not a bold as you are Craig to wear a rio suit in the front yard for a long period of time.  I may walk from the backyard to the garage, or turn the water on on the side of the house.  I just dont want to deal with narrow minded people.   I am in Goodyear.  Most of the time my neighborhood is very quiet, I see no one out in their yards, but should be giving attention to their yards.  So instead of wearing my rio bikini, I will find a short shorts, or I wear my side split shorts from Nu Parr.  If a woman was out in front in a string bikini, I am sure they will have no complaints.  Anyway, Craig, I hope these idiots do not stir up any trouble for you.  Especially someone minding their own business, not hurting anyone. 

I enjoy your stories, but not like this one.  Good luck.
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We have discovered that Dan and the group that came to my house to voice their concerns about my swimwear choices, were not here representing, nor were they requested by the church, to make that visit. When Jean asked some of her friends about it most told her it wasn’t the churches business. She told them she did not know who came because I had talked to them. One told her that “your place always looks so nice and your husband does so much for the Community I don’t think anyone should complain. He is not hurting anyone.

To get a real feel for how people would respond I got my nephew to go door to door asking for signatures on a petition to make me wear shorts instead if small bikinis in my front yard. He went to about 50 houses at random in different areas around where I live.

There were 8 that were eager to sign making comments like, somebody needs to say something because that is just wrong, they should just arrest that pervert, and yeah I will sign it. Most just told him no. Some had no idea what he was talking about, some said it really wasn’t any of their business, some said they really didn’t care one way or the other. There were some that were upset that he was even trying such a thing saying things like   he is within his rights, if he wants to get skin cancer that is his business, it’s really none of my business, and he don’t bother me none. One lady would not sign and said she rather enjoyed driving by. One house he went to there was a gal in her mid twenties he estimated that called her friend to the door to tell her that he was collecting signatures to stop the speedo man from wearing his speedos. They both refused to sign and then one of them asked for the petition and then instead of signing wrote “We love you speedo man the less you wear the better we like it” and then signed Kate and Tiffany. He went to Dan’s house where his wife answered the door. She told him “no thank you, I don’t want to get involved.

I saw Dan at the gas station the next day and wearing my short shorts and tank top went over to him and asked “how’s it goin?” He said to me fine, how ‘bout yourself? I told him fine but I needed some clarification on his visit last week. I said that they had talked of the “community” being concerned and asked how many people had actually complained, how big his group is, and how he compiled his information, He told me that it really wasn’t important because you don’t seem to care. I told him I did care and that was why I was asking. Then he told me that there were even some people circulating petitions about it but that I needed to do what I needed to do. He was finished putting in gas and started to leave. I told him that I had seen the petition being circulated. This was one guy so there are not “people” and it was only one petition. When I asked to look at it he showed it to me and showed me his own notes on people that didn’t sign it. I found it odd that at your address his notes showed that you would not sign and didn’t want to get involved. He told me that wasn’t him that said that and then told me that he had to leave because he was running late.

It seems these guys were self appointed to deal with what they conceive as a community issue. While I find it respectable that they actually spoke to me I am disturbed that they may have misrepresented what they were trying to say.

While I am concerned to a certain degree that a few people in the area are upset, I follow that thought with the I was here first and if you don’t like it don’t look position. Jean went with Ann and bought me a bright neon green G string to wear just to piss them off. (Luckily they were out of hot pink). I really don’t want to escalate the situation so I am not sure the G string thing is a good idea. Plus I would have to get rid of my tan lines to wear it. I still have not come to a conclusion on how or if I should let all of this affect how I enjoy the Arizona sun.
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Maybe you could make a couple of nice looking signs that say, "Caution: Thongs worn here" and put them on each corner of your front lawn, that way people are warned and don't have to look when they drive by. LOL. A couple of losers that are most likely insecure and afraid their wives will like what they see when they go by, but they themselves don't have the goods to wear what you do.
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Good one.  Stand up for your self.  It takes a lot of courage, and it helps if you are confident in your comunity.

My old aunt from Jamaica who is 86 says  "If we don't dress colorful, then who the hell did the tourists come to see?"

You can't please all the people all the time.  I gave up trying long ago.  If I am not pissing off a few of the Taliban or moral minority I'am probably not doing my part.

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When I read the story about the accident, I knew someone would claim you (and your guests) caused it. As far as the petition goes, maybe a survey with multiple choice answers would have been better. A) he needs to wear more chothes. B) What he wears is none of my bussines. C) If he wants to show half or ALL of his butt thats fine with me.
I put a privacy fence around my pool. I still can't go in nude but, all I wear is a baggie. Slip on short shorts if I'm going out front. Now if I had a wife that went to the time and trouble of buying me a g-string, I'd wear it whereever and whenever she wanted. You'll need to work in the new tan lines. That isn't such a bad thing. You could put up a sign. "Honk if you like my new suit" 
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Good point about the multiple choice survey. I didn't think of that. The petition was kind of a spur of the moment thing that Jean and I came up with. As far as the sign goes, that goes back to turning up the wick on the whole issue. Over the years I have leaned toward more of a passive approach and tried to let things just settle out rather than poke at the hornets nest. But that is a thought worth consideration.
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Fom the Bible passage; 2 Samuel 6:14 shows that King David found it OK to run around barely dressed.  
Thanks for sharing your life azcraig.
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Good one Swan,   King David danced "naked" or most think in a "cloth"  He was celabrating the return of the arc!

David was cool but if you read on a few verses; his kill-joy wife was embarassed by him and gave him a verbal "dressing down" 

some things never change.  
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We have had a slow ending to our pool party summer as Marci got into a cycling accident in late July and broke her leg pretty badly. Having to have pins and screws put in to fix it, she has been in a cast for a couple of months. She is just now out of the cast and getting around again with a few scars on her leg that she was told to keep out of the sun and let the scars heal over

At about the same time Larry took a temporary position out-of-state so he and Ann have been gone and are due back in mid October. With those two couples out of the picture it pretty much ended the whole group getting together for our summer pool parties. I tend to forget how fragile our group is in that there are only a few key players that make it work.  If any of those are lost the whole thing stops working. Hopefully everything will get back to normal soon

One good thing is that the pink swimsuit day never went down so I didn’t have to deal with that. I have continued to spend time in my AZ Rio’s do chores around the house. I never heard anymore from the guys that came over complaining on behalf of the “community”.

I was at Carl’s Jr. on a Sunday a few weeks ago getting lunch and there were a couple of Sherriff’s officers waiting to get their order. One of them asked “how are you today” and told him fine and we chatted for a brief time. The officer I was talking to told his partner “this is our 10-27 (or something like that) guy that lives down the road pointing towards my house. The other officer looks at my short shorts and oh yeah, the shorts should given that away. He put out his hand and we shook hands. We talked about what I wear and they told me that people sometimes stop them and complain but we have to tell that there is really nothing illegal and you are within your rights. I then asked them how many complaints would you have to have for it to be a problem? They told me that there would have to be some sort of violation for them to try to take any action. The officer told me that he has been on this beat for 5 years and he has never seen anything that is unlawful even though to some it does push the morality envelope. Their number was called so they took their food and went to eat and said “take care”.

On one very hot day in August there was a young woman walking by about 10 on a Sunday morning. I was wearing an aqua very small cut AZ Rio bikini sweeping off the front walkway. As she walk by I said hi and she said hi back. She followed that with “why don’t you put on some clothes?” I told her it was too hot and this way I could get in and out of the pool and keep on working. She told me I would never wear something like that out in public and if it got that hot I would go back in the house. She kept on walking and I kept on working, just enjoying the Arizona Sun. 
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Azcraig, good to hear from you.  Sorry about your group not getting together as often as usual during the summer. You are right, small communities of friends can be difficult to maintain and easily dissipate when key people are not available.

I have found that as I get older one has to put a lot more effort into creating and sustaining comunity.  When I was young there were always friends, parties and events.  The issue was only if one was going to go or not. I also ran some events and it seemed all you needed was to tell a few people and on the day hundreds turned up.

As I get older I have found it takes more effort to maintain the small communities I belong too.  Sometimes we don't realize how special they are until we lose them.  But all is not lost. It sounds like you will still be getting together next summer.  To create more resilience in your group, think about inviting new people and finding new venues.

Often we don't notice ourselves and our friends aging, being surprised when the children grow tall and grow up so fast.  Maybe this is an indicator that it is time to bring in young blood.  Young people or couples who have more energy and who will sustain the comunity with their youth and enthusiasm. 

Most of the clubs and organizations I belong to fall into one of two camps: Those that renew themselves by bringing in young people and those that are slowly winding down and dying off.  The vitality of youth, even though it can be a bit anoying at times, is essential to the health of any group, be it a church, football team, running club, habitat for humanity or breakfast club. 

Maybe, instead of trying to embarrass each other with the pink thongs, your goal for next year could be for each of the couples to invite one new couple who are younger than them to one of the events. You do seem to thrive on competition. 
The rule would be the new couple must be younger than them and the new couple do not count unless at least one of them wears a thong and the guy does not wear board shorts.

Enjoy the rest of this years warm weather, although I suspect it is quickly turning cool where you are. 
I hope Marci heals well and you have some more social get-togethers, even if it is not in a swim suit by a pool.  (Swimming is good physio therapy for legs because it is non-weight bearing exercise).
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azcraig, would this happen to be you, by chance?

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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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 Not tan enough, IMHO.  And too much greenery for Phoenix.
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Speedosoldier;  Nope, that is not me. SlidingG is right in too green and not enough tan
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Events of this past summer have been pretty low key with our limited number of pool parties. During a visit to my eye doctor in early June, his assistant was talking to me and said she said she had just bought a new house and had been packing to move this weekend. I asked her where she was moving and when she told me of the area, I told her that is the area where I live. Upon further discussion it turned out she was moving in across the street from me. I told her that she was moving in next door to my dentist as he lived across from me as well. This was on a Friday. I got my eye exam done and needed a new set of glasses that the doctor said would be ready in about 5 to 8 working days and they would call me when they came in. A little over two weeks (three weekends later) I went in to get my glasses and while there I asked his assistant if they got all moved in. She told me they had but were still unpacking. She then said I see you out working in your yard every weekend, now I know why you are so tanned. I told her that I spend a lot of time outside. She asked me how I could stand the heat and I told her that I don’t wear much and am in and out of the pool a lot. She said yeah I have noticed you wear some very small bikinis around. I told her that was my summer attire and had been for years. She told me that the first day she saw me she had to look twice and that she thought I was wearing a little thong but then realized it was not quite a thong but sure was a small cut rio bikini. She asked if I had them custom made and I told her no and then told her where they came from. She told me that the neighbor lady (I am guessing my dentist wife) had told her that was what I wore just about every weekend. I told her that was true. Passersby this summer for the most part seemed to have gotten used to what I wear. There is the guy that every time he goes by yells “put on some f’ing clothes”. Other than that I have gotten a few whistles, hollers, honks, and a few very slow drive by’s. One guy stopped and told me he sees me out all the time in those little swim suits and asked where I got them. So I told him. One Saturday afternoon I was standing at the edge of the road by the driver’s window chatting with someone who had stopped,  some girls drove by, turned around and came back by and then turned around and came back by again. I was not keeping track but the guy I was talking to was. When they drove past slowly the third time to passenger said “nice ass” and then they drove on. The guy I was talking to said you must get those kinds of comment s lot. I told him that any more people don’t seem to pay attention but in years past there used to be a lot of that. He told me that by now everyone was used to me wearing what you wear so it is not a big deal. As he was pulling away I walked back toward my yard in my tiny aqua AZ rio and there was two gals walking up. I said hi and they said hi as they walked by. One of them said “that blue thong looks nice but I like the neon green better to which the other said or the yellow”. I said thanks and they walked on.   On one Monday morning there was a note under the windshield wiper of my truck that had a big red heart drawn on it with a bright red lips print in the center. Below it was printed “Love your thongs”  I have no idea who that came from And again this weekend, in November, it is supposed to be in the mid to high eighties, so  I will be out working in one of my AZ rio’s, enjoying the Arizona sun
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Hey Craig, REALLY liked your Detailed story you posted today (11-7).. It has Many of the reflections of how I Feel when I'm Thonging at my Favorite Public Beaches here in southern Cal (L.A.&O.C.).. Evan at my age of 50+ I'll still get some "open-minded" Women to ask for a Photo together plus Positive comments on my body and Thong swimwear! It just happened again during a HOT day in Sept. at MDR beach with a cute Brazilian Babe in a Green Tanga but mine V-thong was smaller!!! This Completed a REALLY GREAT day at the Beach!!!!  YES, I do think the Girls like "Bright Colored" swim\underWear on a well tanned MAN like US!!! Later BB
rock1212 #483

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Even if it was lower key than usual, it sounds like you still had an interesting bikini season, Craig!
nudevisits #484

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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While in Phoenix, I stayed at the Hilton Tapatio Cliffs, and found that swimming in the highest pool, secluded up behind one of the hotel blocks was fine in a string or thong, and especially after hours. Families tended to use the main pool, so this smaller pool seemed appropriate when it was quiet. I particularly enjoyed being in a tiny string one evening when suddenly joined unexpectedly by 4 16-17 year old female students in normal bikinis in the hot-tub who were innocently flirty with me, and I'm a European male in his early forties.  I did swim in a thong in the courtyard pool too, but this is overlooked by so many hotel bedroom windows it may not be as appropriate. Look for the steps up to the high pool.
   One day I drove out 50 miles into the desert, west of Phoenix to a hot springs where you can bathe in hot baths, but didn't find it erotic or sensual at all, just a load of older men nude enjoying bathing but thongs didn't feel right there at all, for me.
SlidingG #485

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Nudevisits, sounds similar to our stay at the Fairmont Scottsdale a couple years ago.  In the big, family pool, my 2" speedo was the briefest, and I thonged there only later in the evening (jacuzzi was awesome, the strong jets pulled your suit off!).  Their smaller pool, totally separate and set up better for laps, was fine for thonging.  Very few people used it, and those that did, as well as my wife and the staff, had no problem with my brand new V-kini thong picked up at Nu-Parr's shop on E. Indian School Road in Phoenix.  Upscale resorts tend to be tolerant, in my experience.  
azcraig #486

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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It was finally warm enough this past weekend to get out and enjoy the weather. It was like spring here in Phoenix with temps forecasted in the high eighties. Most of the plants are beginning to come out so it was time (maybe a little late) to get them trimmed upAbout a month ago someone left a red full cut speedo swimsuit in a bag hanging on the mirror of my truck. I have no idea who left it but figured I would wear it today. The sides are about 5 inches tall and they are really like a boy short type bottom. I went out about 9:30 to get started wearing the suit that was left. I got a couple of honks in the first hour I was out. It felt really weird wearing what felt to me like that much swim suit. I worked until about 11:30 then went in put on some shorts and went to Home Depot to get some plant food.

In the HD there is a black lady that always says hi when she sees me  As I was looking at plant foods she walked by, stopped and said I wondered when you was going to start wearin them shorts again. I told her I had been waiting for it to warm up. She told me now you can work on that nice tan you always get. I told her it was a beautiful day and everyone should be out enjoying it. She remarked, I don’t needs to work on my tan, God gave me one from the factory, and then she laughed, said have a nice day, and walked away.

When I went back home I couldn’t put the speedo back on. I was just uncomfortable in it. So I put on a red AZ Rio and went back outside. There were only a couple of honks in the afternoon and one whistle. Lots of traffic went by and even most had their windows down so
I am hoping that means everyone is over the shock of me doing yard work wearing so little. It was really nice outside while I was enjoying the Arizona sun.
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Well this year our first 100 degree day snuck up on our group before we had time to plan on it. Every year we all predict the date of the first 100 degree day and the one that is farthest off has to host a gathering for the others.

Over year years we have had catered pool parties, all worn custom made swimsuits at the lake, gone up in a man lift high above the rooflines to see the fourth of July fireworks, and even had one hosted at the Shangri La Nudist Resort North of Phoenix. These events are unpredictable but usually a lot of fun. 

Because the first day got past us we all agreed that this year’s contest will be to guess the next 100 degree day. Now we will wait to see who this year’s hosts will be. We have had several days in the high eighties and low nineties this spring.

It has been really nice and I have been doing all of my spring yard maintenance wearing only an AZ Rio. Due to the poor economic climate in Arizona many of the people that I used to see or hear pass by are now gone. A couple of the guys that used to stop by to visit, Sheelah, and others have moved elsewhere. With that I am expecting an interesting season as people get used to seeing a guy in almost nothing out front doing yard work, washing the car and so on.

These first few weeks have shown that. Last weekend I was trimming the shrubs out front when a car with two girls stopped out front. I was wearing only a royal blue micro bikini, actually an AZ Rio. They just parked in front of the house where I was working. I went on about my chores paying no attention to them.

Finally one of them said “Hey, can you come over here for a minute”? I looked up and the passenger said “come here”. As I approached the car I saw the driver was using her camera phone to film me.  As I got close the driver began to talk on the phone and I heard her say “did you see”? As I got close to the car the passenger said “that’s a nice little thong”.
I said that it was really not a thong but thanks anyway, and asked what they wanted.  The driver was still talking on the phone, describing me and my blue AZ Rio.
The passenger told me that her friend, the driver, was talking to someone in Cleveland and they wanted me to get closer so they could send pictures of me to them because they didn’t believe what they were being told. She then asked “you don’t mind do you”?
I asked her if it would matter if I did? 
She told me well you are out in public like that so no, I guess not really, but we don’t want to make you stop. I told her no problem and started to walk away.
The passenger got out and said "Hey wait".  Then the driver came around and wanted to take a picture of me standing next to the passenger. I said Okay and as I walked back toward the car I could see she was video recording. I stood next to the passenger for just a moment and then walked back toward the yard. The driver said check out those nice dark tanned buns. 
I went back to work and as they got back in the car the passenger said hope you don’t mind if we just sit here and enjoy the view. I did not respond.
Finally after a few minutes they honked and drove away.

Right after they drove away a guy drives by slowly and yells out “Hey my wife wants you to do our yard next” and drove away. After that I got a few long honks and few short “hello” honks. 

It was a beautiful warm sunny day. With the weather like it is and the pool cover in place it should be swim season hopefully by Easter. It is nice to be only in April and be enjoying the Arizona Sun.
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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The weather is finally warming up nice in Phoenix. Highs are flirting with the 100 degree mark but still has not officially made it since our group all chose the next 100 degree day for our annual contest.
I have been able to spend enough time outside for my summer tan to be setting in. Working around the house this past weekend wearing a bright neon green AZ Rio. I spent most of the day outside. While out front I had quite a few people drive by and honk, waive or yell something. Most were people I know and I would just waive back. A few whistled a few laughed and one drove by and yelled something in Spanish. I don’t speak it so I have no idea what they said and they probably aren’t smart enough to realize that I didn’t understand so the joke was on them.

At noon I put on some shorts and went to Carl’s Jr for lunch. While in line there were two girls behind me that I overheard talking about my shorts. They had just barely a one inch inseam and are now raveled pretty high in the sides. I thought heard one say “check out the bootie shorts on that guy”. The other girl said “I know, how could you miss them”. The first girl said “he’s got nice legs” to which the second one responded “he looks ridiculous”. After I placed my order I turned around to step away from the counter and the first girl recognized me. She said “oh it’s you in those short shorts”. I told yeah, I am me alright. The first girl then started to tell her who I was although I could not hear what she said. I kind of recognized the first girl but was not sure where I had seen her.

After they ordered they walked over to where I was and she said I’m Amanda, Dale’s wife, remember you came over this winter and helped Dale get our truck running? I now remembered her. She was wearing shorts and a tank top and girl 2 was in jeans and a t-shirt. Amanda said “it’s not often you see a guy in shorts like that”. Her friend asked why are they so short?” I told her you would have to ask my wife that, she cuts all my shorts off like this. Amanda then said to her “damn girl, look at those legs, if you had legs like that you could wear booty shorts too”.

They called my number so I told her to say Hi to Dale and walked toward the counter. As I did the lady next to them asked “do you know him?” I did not hear the answer but as I left I heard her say, “hot legs and rear or not, those shorts are just wrong” to which Amanda said “they look good as far as I am concerned.

I ate on the way home and when I got there I stripped down to my micro and went back outside to work.

I was standing on about a two foot ladder trimming the hedge when a Sheriff’s car drove up. I stepped down off of the ladder as the officer approached. I said Hi, how are you. I’m okay he responded. He then asked, “do you know why I stopped?” I told him I had no idea. He said “that” as he pointed to my swimsuit. I asked “what”?  He then went on to tell me about how I was out parading around in that thing stirring up all the neighbors. He told me everybody has been calling in complaining and that I need to go put some clothes on before there was a problem. I asked what problem? He told me that my attire bordered on indecent and that if I didn’t want to go to jail I needed to put on some shorts right now. I began to tell him how this was my summer work attire and that I had been wearing these kinds of swimsuits all summer every year for nearly the past twenty years.  There have been officers stop by before but it all boils down to I am not doing anything illegal. I gave his a couple of the previous officer’s names and told him to check with them. He told me “stay right here” and went to his car. He was in his car talking on the radio and I waited. After less than a minute, he got out of the cars and asked me my name. I told him and he said “well I don’t have time to go into all of this right now but I am going to check out your story. I have to go to another call but I may be back. In the mean time I would suggest you cover up a little.” I said can I ask you a question and as he got in his car he said I don’t have time for questions right now, got in his car and left.

As he drove away I was torn as whether to put on shorts or continue working. I decided to continue working but was watching for him to drive up again. If he had, I would have gone in the house.

Next week we are having the gang over for burgers, dogs, and a pool party. Hope he gets it figured out before then when hopefully there will be 8 or 10 of us all out enjoying the Arizona sun.
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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the police let their personal beliefs interfere with doing their job way too often, everyone should be able to dress however they like as long as they're not indecent, almost everyone is ignorant to the true meaning of freedom these days.
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Hey Craig!  Have you been having any adventures lately in smaller swimming attire?
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Been out all summer and have had the group together several times. I was rereading this post a few months back and thought it looked more like a “dear diary” than a personal experiences post so I haven’t been posting anything. It is not that nothing has been going on; I just figured you all might get tired of reading about it. But I have spent the summer enjoying the Arizona sun.
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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No azcraig, I don't think any of us ever got tired of your stories.  I sure didn't!  I had wondered why you hadn't kept us all up on the pool parties with your friends.  Did the ladies ever get you guys all in pink thongs?  LOL     Now....give us a re-cap of the summer, the parties, the thong wearing, and anything else you want to tell us.  I'm ready to hear all about your fun life in Arizona!!!
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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 Hey all new to this website and saw this Arizona topic. I just moved to the Phoenix area and am looking to wear my tight black g-string out in the sun before the weather starts to cool. I have never worn my g-strings out in public (only in private with girlfriends) and have finally built up the courage to decide to go for it. Any hot spots around where I can bust out my g-string? I have a pool at the condo I'm at, but there are a lot of children that use it and don't want to anger any parents. Thanks for any advice!
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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After not posting all summer I have had a few emails wanting to know if I was still here and wanting me to share this summers experiences. Now looking back it is hard to remember everything and there is a lot to share.
So I am going to break my 2011 recap into seperate topics. (what they wore, where we went, what was said, etc) and post them one at a time.  hope this works to share tis summers experiences. If I put it all together it would be 4 or 5 pages long.
There has been a lot going on this past summer while I was enjoying the Arizona sun.
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Okay, I have broken down into four posts highlights of the 2011 summer ativities. 1 What we wore, 2 What was said to me, 3 What I heard, what was said on drive bys, and what the police said, 4 Where we went and other stuff. There is a lot so I hope you can follow and like this reporting style rather than the detailed weekly updates. I know there are things that I have forgotten but here is most of it.

 What we wore; I spent the summer in various AZ Rio, or micro bikinis in red, navy blue, aqua, neon green, bright lemon yellow, golden yellow, black, tan (skin tone) and a light baby blue. The baby blue become totally transparent when wet and the bright yellow becomes somewhat transparent when wet. Never did the pink. All of my swim suits have elastic in the center of the rear (bun huggers) which keeps the rear of the suit in place. My shorts are all very short. The longest inseam on finished shorts is two inches and some of my cut off low rise jean shorts have almost no inseam at all and are cut high on the sides. Those I have to watch because if I pull them up my cheeks show. Jean has altered a few pair to put a pouch in the front to give some room. Most of the jean shorts are made from super low rise stretch Levis 520 and 524 jeans. Jean usually wore matching suits to mine that were either Rio cut or T back bottoms with triangle tops Ann wore a variety of very small thongs and G strings. She always wears very short shorts that usually has the lower part of her cheeks showing. (that is while we call her short shorts Ann) Once they arrived with Ann wearing a small triangle bikini top and very low rise very short cut offs. They had just come from walking through a swap meet. Another time they went to Fry’s on the way over and she wore a black totally see thru shirt with a very tiny red triangle bikini top underneath, along with her short shorts. Around the pool Larry wore mostly 2 inch side bikinis 

Marci, well she always comes up with the most unusual swim wear that included a couple of Thong/G-string bottoms (when they get that small I am not sure of the difference) and some  with clear side straps so it looked like she was wearing nothing but a very small patch or teardrop in front. Like my suits are in the back, several of her suits had the elastic in the center of the front so that they would cling to her anatomy like a second skin. The matching tops usually were barely big enough to cover her nipples. She wore one tan Rio cut bikini with elastic front and rear bottom and a small triangle top that was the same color as her skin. The material was very lightweight so it became a second skin when wet. When wet she looked totally naked. (the police thought she was naked in my back yard). She once wore a black Zorro suit the was a classic bikini bottom in the front from left to right with a black panel that crossed from her lower right to the left breast that was like a bandeau top that made for a Z look in the front, and was only small strings n the back. Paul almost always wore thongs except one bright orange teardrop front G string. One of his very small thongs had clear side straps on his bright blue suit that matched Marci’s and both were see through when wet. When we went to their community pool Marci wore a thong and Paul wore a string Rio bikini.  When Pat and Mincy came, Pat ware some type of thong or T back and Mincy wore very small thongs or G string bottoms with small triangle tops. She once wore a one piece that was like a big giant V or sling shot in front and only strings in back. A couple of times they wore matching colors, one of those times they were  bright pinkTony and Becky usually wore pretty standard string or one inch side bikinis. Once I think Becky wore a one piece.Sherry usually wore some variation of a thong. Once she wore a bright pink thong with a triangle top. When she got wet the top and the bottom became very see through. After she had been there a couple of hours as she was getting out of the pool Cliff said to her, “you know honey that you can see right through that when it is wet. She looked and became embarrassed and did not go near the water the rest of the day. Cliff always came in a 1 inch or string side bikini.Paul and Marci brought another couple with them one time, Her name was Debbie and I don’t remember his name. Marci had told them that they must wear their sexiest swimsuit and that standard shorts were not allowed. He was wearing a 3 inch side Speedo and she wore a white tie on string thong and triangle top. Being almost a gauze kind of material it became totally transparent when wet. When her husband commented on it she told him that Marci said to wear only your sexiest one and this is it. She was lucky in that Ann, Marci and Paul were also wearing suits you could see through when wet so she did seem to feel too out of place.  
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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What they said to me: You have a really dark tan, do you spend a lot of time outdoors? (DUH!)

A woman at Wal Mart sang some kind a little ditty that had something to do with bare feet and “tan cheeks” . which see followed with “and were not talking about your face”. 

At the pool store a woman asked me if I was the bikini guy from down the street describing where I live. I told her yes. She said she thought she recognized those legs and dark tan.

At a QT gas station a woman said “I’ll bet you don’t have any tan lines under those little Daisy Dukes”. I told her she was wrong but my tan lines were pretty small. Her husband/boyfriend said that’s the guy that mows his yard in the little Speedo. Her eyes lit up as she asked is that you? I confessed and she said I should have guessed that because nobody else could wear those shorts.

Girls walking past my house “the weather is hot and you’re hot. Can I take a picture? They both took pictures with their camera phones

A guy walking by: I guess wearing only that (a blue micro) is one way to stay cool

At home depot a woman that I didn’t recognize as I walked past the riding mower display: Why don’t you have one of these? Pointing to a riding mower. I told her I had a mower. She said yeah but I always see you out in one of your little bikinis mowing that great big yard with your walk behind mower. How can you stand the heat? I told her if you have seen me you know I am dressed for the heat and the walk behind is good exercise, as a matter of fact I once measured it and it is about a five mile walk. She then told me well it sure keeps your legs and so on in good shape and little yellow bikini sure looks good against your dark tan. Her friend that was with her said if you want more exercise, you can come mow my yard. I told her one is all I can stand. The first one laughed and said I would love to see the look on old lady Drapers face if he showed up in one of his daring little swimsuits and mowed your yard. The second one said she would just die, and they both laughed.

A woman walking past. Someone needs to take up a collection and buy you some clothes to wear so you don’t be out here almost nekked all the time.

A guy probably in his late twenties or early thirties stopped out front and said I see you out here all the time and I hope you don’t find this too intrusive, but where do you get those little bikinis like that? I told him that they were Arizona Rio’s or No tie Nada’s from Nu Parr. He wanted directions on where they were and I gave them to him. The next weekend he stopped again, this time with a female companion and asked me to give him the directions again. As I walked up to the car and gave him directions, the passenger said “turn around let’s see the back of that. As I turned she said “oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. We’re getting you some of those to wear on vacation. See I told ya you would like it he said. They thanked me and drove away.

One other guy stopped and got out of his car and walked up to me saying he has seen me several times and was wondering how long I had been wearing that kind of swimwear. I told him the brief story. As we stood next to the street someone drove by a laid on the horn. Doesn’t that bother you he asked? I told him no, I get up in the morning put on my swimsuit and don’t think twice about it. He couldn’t picture himself wearing anything smaller than a regular Speedo. I told him about the NU-Parr 3 stages suit deal, ( a package deal I suggested for them to offer) all the same color, all the same look, but each one skimpier than the other and if he wore them in stages he would find he would be wearing the smallest one all of the time. I was at Nu-Parr later that week and Yvonne told me he had been in and ordered two sets of the stages suits.    
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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What they said driving (or riding) by;  In addition to the usual honks, hollers, cat calls, and whistles, some  I remember; Nice Ass, Nice tan, Hi thong man, Hi Speedo man, Check out the guy in the Speedo, Put on some clothes, Cover that bare ass up, That’s just nasty, This ain’t the f----n beach bitch, What the hell? and a few things in Spanish that I didn’t understand. One car with a couple of girls drives by and honks most every Sunday. They once drove by while I was wearing red and yelled “put on the yellow one” Another woman stopped while driving by to ask “Don’t you think that is a little risqué to be wearing out here?” I told her this is what I wear all summer to which she responded “I know, I know” and then drove away  

What I heard:   At a restaurant; How gay are those shorts. (was wearing jean shorts with two inch inseam)While sitting at Burger King eating, two women sat down in the next booth. One (1) said “you are not going to believe what I saw on the way over here. Some guy out doing yard work in a tiny little red thong swimsuit.”  The second (2) asked if it was some fat gross looking guy. 1 “no he actually was dark tanned and was in pretty good shape. 2 “after we eat you’ll have to show me”.  I made sure I left and should have been back out by the time they drove by but don’t know if they did.Wearing tight stretchy jean shorts with no back pockets over my swimsuit. Two girls behind me in the check at Fry’s. Those must be his daughter’s bootie shorts. Look, you can see his thong line  

From the police; We have had a complaint about someone being nude out here. He saw what I was wearing, a red micro and wanted to make sure I was not exposing myself and left.Another one was responding to a complaint of indecent exposure from the group around the pool in the back yard looking through the side yard chain link fence (I live on a two acre corner lot) We had seen him parked on the side street and Marci looked like she was naked because the Rio bikini bottom and small top was the same color as her skin and very clingy. Ann was laying out topless but he could not see that from the road and she had put on her top by the time he came. He took a picture with his camera phone and said we were not breaking any laws but we sure were pushing the limits and left. Was at Burger King one morning wearing short shorts and one officer said hi to me and then explained to his partner who I was. She asked me if I go to nude beaches and I told her no to which she responded: Really! Another officer stopped by when I was wearing a tan colored micro and asked me to change to a brighter color because they had several calls that I was wearing nothing. I did.An officer stopped by one Sunday morning about 11 or so as I was out front in a bright green micro. He said that he knows I am outside a lot and was wondering if I had seen two black males in a red and silver mini van. I told him not that I remembered. He told me they were suspects in a home burglary that had just been committed about 30 minutes prior and if I see them try to get a license number and call police. I told him I would keep an eye out and was sorry I couldn’t help. He told me that he drives by all of the time and that nobody in this area is outside as much as you so he thought he would ask. 
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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 azcraig wrote: "A woman at Wal Mart sang some kind a little ditty that had something to do with bare feet and 'tan cheeks'  which see followed with 'and were not talking about your face'."

Probably John Greenleaf Whittier's "The Barefoot Boy":

BLESSINGS on thee, little man,
Barefoot boy, with cheek of tan!
With thy turned-up pantaloons,
And thy merry whistled tunes;
With thy red lip, redder still
Kissed by strawberries on the hill;
With the sunshine on thy face,
Through thy torn brim’s jaunty grace;
From my heart I give thee joy,—
I was once a barefoot boy!

Whole thing here: <http://www.bartleby.com/42/797.html>.

azcraig #499

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Maxlatl; The first two lines sound like what she sang. I knew it was something like that but really didn't catch it for sure.  Thanks for finding that
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Where we went;  Most of our pool parties were at my house or Ann’s moms. We went to Paul and Marci’s community pool twice. Once we went to the pool in the town house where Pat and Mincy live, and from the reactions we got I don’t think Pat and Mincy spent time at their pool in minimal swimwear. We were there about an hour. We also went to the club house pool where Cliff and Sherry lived. They told us thongs and G strings were not allowed at the pool. No one showed up in a thong but Ann’s suit was very close to it with about a 3 inch wide triangle top and about a 3 to 4 inch wide rear on here suit. Paul wore a string bikini and Marci had a Rio cut bikini with clear side straps. Jean and I wore matching red with about a 4 inch wide rear (AZ Rio) Cliff and Sherry wore standard cut bikinis.Someone from work invited Jean and I to a BBQ cookout and swim party. I told him that the only swimwear I have was Rio cut bikinis and that Jean wore the same. He told me to come in whatever we were comfortable. We wore our matching copper bikinis and went over. There were three other couples and everyone did a double take when we stepped out onto the patio and he introduced us. All the guys were in board shorts and the girls were in standard cut two piece suits. Although very little was said to me, the other girls wanted to know where Jean got us matching bikinis and commented that their mates would never wear anything like that in public.We had all planned a trip to Lake Havasu, but at the last minute that trip fell apart and we ended up at Ann’sPaul and Marci, along with Pat and Mincy hiked the Superstition Mountains in late May wearing only full cut bikinis but none of the rest of us knew about it until after. I can’t remember ever seeing Marci if a full cut standard bikini. I didn’t even know she owned one.  

Other stuff; Someone left an envelope with about 5 photos of me on different days wearing only a AZ Rio with a note that said to either cover up or they would start posting the photos on the internet. No signature, no name. I ignored it 

There is a younger couple that jogs past every morning. I would usually be out front on weekends in one of my swimsuits as they went by and they usually said Hi, how’s it goin’ and so on. One morning in June it was already in the mid nineties, and they stopped to kind of jog in place and the guy, I think it was Rick, asked me if I didn’t feel self conscious about wearing your Speedo’s all of the time. I told him not any more and that this is what I have worn for years so it feels very normal to me. He said he wished he had that kind of courage. He was wearing baggy shorts almost to his knees and a T-shirt, his wife in jogging shorts and a T-shirt. I told him you know if you just get yourself a regular Speedo and put it on with your T-shirt and force yourself to go for your run, after just a couple of days it will feel perfectly normal. He looked at his wife and asked what do you think everyone would say? Probably nothing I told him and if they do just ignore them. They then jogged off and said they would see me again. It was about two weeks later that I was in the carport and saw them jog by on a Saturday morning. He was wearing about a 3 inch side black Speedo with a tank top and his wife had on boy shorts with a sports top. On Sunday the same. It was the next weekend when I was out front as they came by. They stopped for a moment and Rick said you know you were right. We have been jogging like this for a couple of weeks and no one has said a word. Thanks for the advise. She is now wearing about the same kind of bottoms he is and in August he was jogging in only his Speedo wearing no shirt.

There was a couple from some other country that stopped while I was sweeping the driveway in a yellow micro. In very broken English they wanted to take a photo to show back home. He took a couple of photos as I swept and then got a tripod out and set up the camera and used the timer to take a photo of all three of us.

Someone left a new pair of swim trunks in a Kohl’s bag on our front door with a note that said “to the man of the house, You need these. I never wore them and gave them to Goodwill when we took in some other stuff. Never found out where they came from.

There are two guys that ride by on horseback from time to time. It’s funny to me that they are just walking until they get to my house and then fast as they can, ride like the wind past me and then slow back down. On Nov 30th it was about 80 degrees and sunny. I was wearing a red AZ Rio putting up Christmas lights. Being so late in the year I wore no sun screen and got a very light burn on my back and shoulders. While working a couple drove up and commented. “no place but Phoenix could anybody be putting up Christmas decorations in a bikini swimsuit. The woman added, you even wore red, how festive. That would make a great Christmas card.
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