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ioannis #651

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/04/2019 06:40:33Copy HTML

is he ok?  mean he is still a memeber, does he any problems? i remember now , how much i enjoyed reading his posts.....

rock1212 #652

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/22/2019 01:44:37Copy HTML

Craig, are you still out there???
azcraig #653

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/23/2019 03:07:38Copy HTML

I am back in now. Somehow I got locked out and could not get back in. I have been trying for like over a year but couldn't get help from Aimoo to open my account. Now suddenly my user name and password works again? There is a lot of catching up to do. I'll work on that in the next couple of weeks. It is now warming up here and I will be out enjoying the Arizona sun.
tobias5711 #654

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/23/2019 12:42:04Copy HTML

Welcome back azcraig. We all missed you.
BaltoBob #655

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/25/2019 09:04:24Copy HTML

Looking to hear from you!!!
azcraig #656

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/12/2019 04:31:40Copy HTML

A lot has happened since I last posted. One thing is somehow I got locked out of Aimoo and have had a hell of a time getting my account restored. When I tried to set up a nw one I would get a message that the account already exists. Anyway, after several tries and a few months of not trying (had given up) I somehow accidentally figured it out. I was reading back through some of my old posts and ran across a concept that I used in 2011 that gave a review of a years’ worth of activities by doing it in topics. So I am going to do that again to make getting caught up a little easier.

SOME THINGS THAT HAVE OCCURRED In ’14 I injured my knee and the surgery and recovery didn’t go well. I struggled with that for over a year and still have problems to this day. I still wear very small bikinis and thongs, and still wear very short shorts most of the summer. We still often see Ann and Larry, and Paul and Marci. Cliff and Sherri moved to Washington, and we don’t see Pat and Minci nor Tony and Becky very much at all. New friends include Ben and Eileen, (we always tease them that their last name should be Dover) and Ron and Sharon. The area has grown and there are tons more people out this way now. I feel like we are in the middle of town. Traffic past our house in almost non-stop except for folks stopping to do a double take.

There was a three car collision out front last August. It was blamed on me. Apparently, all three were looking my way. One of the investigating officers came over to me to explain the accident was partially my fault. I was wearing a small white thong and the people were staring at me and that caused the accident. He went on to tell me to go put some shorts on or he was going to write me a citation for something like causing a disturbance. It was almost 5:30 and I was about done for the day, and the cop was in a bed mood so I just went inside and did not come back out rather than argue about it. In discussions since I have been told that writing me a citation would be a stretch. And even if he would have there was no way they could make it stick.

I went into a Whataburger wearing my short Daisy Dukes and a black woman who was getting ready to order asked the cashier “Are you going to let him come in here dressed that a way?” The cashier told her yes, he is a frequent customer. The lady then told the cashier “then just never mind, I will go some place else.” She then turned to me and said “you should be ashamed of yourself.”  No, I said, “By making you leave the line just got shorter.” The guy in front of me (now the next in line) laughed and hi fived me.

As a result of the problems with my knee my activity level has gone down. I gained about 20 pounds but since the first of the year have reduced my food intake and have lost that. I went to lunch with a couple that we know and she asked why I was only having a small sandwich and nothing else. I told her I was trying to lose some weight. She commented “oh you are getting ready for swimsuit weather.” We all laughed.

The people approached me about finishing the calendar project they started a couple of years ago. They needed to take a few more pictures of me to complete the calendar. While I was ready to let them do a calendar then, I declined the request this time. They were very disappointed but I told them I had a change of heart. They have contacted me twice since then to see if I changed my mind but I haven’t.

Ann was at a Fry’s store (wearing her usual very short shorts and a half tank top) and some guy walked by and grabbed her butt and said ooh nice. She has taken self defense classes and still practices and is very good at martial arts. Anyway she spun around, all 5 foot 8 inches and 130 pounds of her, dropped the 6 footer right in the aisle of the store. Then standing with her foot on this throat told him to keep his f’ing hands to himself. She walked away while the guy rolled around on the floor moaning. Someone got the on duty police officer to come to the scene. The officer found Ann and wanted to know what happened. Calling it self defense, he wanted to know if she wanted to press assault charges. She said no and she hoped he had learned his lesson. I would bet he did. This is not the first time something like this has happened.

azcraig #657

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/12/2019 04:41:00Copy HTML

MORE CATCHING UP WHAT THEY WORE Ann almost always show up in shorts that are so short 1/3 of her cheeks are showing and some sort of brief top. Often the tops are see through and she has nothing on under it. She has a variety of very tiny thongs and g strings. Several are so small they barely cover anything. From very tiny triangle and teardrop tops to very tiny triangle and teardrop g string bottoms. Larry wears about 50/50 standard thongs and bikinis. Marci has so many hardly anything there suits it is hard to remember them all. She has one thong with a small triangle top that is powder blue (and Paul thong to match). Material is very thin and almost see through dry, but when wet they virtually disappear. I have never seen material that becomes as totally transparent as those do. Paul’s looks like it is painted on when dry and also disappears when wet. Most all of her suits are very clingy and fit like a second skin and follow every contour of her in detail. She has a thong set that is the same color as her skin with dark brown round spots in the center of the triangle top and a dark brown line down the front of the bottom. It makes her look totally nude at a glance. She has a one piece thong suit that the front bottom is shaped like a large black oval with one inch hole in the right side. Then coming form the left side of the oval are two black strips, one that goes straight up and the other at an angle over her breasts and over he shoulders. It looks like the Playboy Bunny logo. And she has a yellow C string bottom and the same a matching top that is some kind of plastic spring with a circle of material and then the strap that goes around her back and around the cover the other breast. She also once wore a sheer white one piece thong. Paul has several thongs that the front is made to cover the exact shape of his male anatomy. Jean and I have a selection of micro bikinis and thongs. I several colors. White, black, neon green, bright yellow, light and medium blue, red, pale pink and neon pink, purple, nude, and one stars and stripes (for the fourth of July) Someone sent me a green one of those half thongs. I tried it on but found it uncomfortable and never wore it. I also had a blue C-String but didn’t like it either. The rest of the group wear a variety of thongs, g-strings, bikinis and Speedos. Some quite small and most more standard.
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