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JM_Runs #51

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/16/2004 01:15:06Copy HTML

Good comment azcraig, on the build-up of trust. It's human nature to want to know and trust some one before we let them into our inner-selves too much. Consider it from their side, if they haven't been bought up with the acceptance most of us have obviously learned, they won't be so accepting to new ideas some may consider a little risque, perhaps.

My new house starts soon, and with it we will be putting in a pool! I'll be expecting to move in around Christmas - New Year (our summer) and will be hosting a few pool parties for house warmings and the like. If it's my pool, I reckon I'll get away with a bit more than I would showing up at someone else's place in a thong. I'll be making a rule for myself - no more than a rio in our pool for me, even when others are there! We'll see how many come back and hopefully start shrinking their suits too!

rock1212 #52

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/20/2004 01:45:47Copy HTML

Reply to : azcraig
Hey Craig, have you been going outside in a bikini at all lately?  Any new adventures or misadventures lately? 
azcraig #53

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/20/2004 07:01:21Copy HTML

Last week I spent most of the time out back. I did venture out front for about 20 minutes. While out there a car stopped and a woman got ut that spoke very little engish carrying a camara. I think they spoke french but she was asking me if she could take a picture and I said ok. So the two women, might have been a mother and daughter, got out wearing short shorts and one pulled off her shirt and had on a bikini top what the other wore a half shirt and the guy, maybe the hsuband, took a couple photos of the three of us. They thanked me (i think) and got in their car and left. Kind of an odd thing but not the first itme that has happened. Also got some new neighbors that are moving in. Hoping for more folks that are micro and thong tolerant. We will have to wait and see.
nicthong #54

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/21/2004 01:26:20Copy HTML

Perhaps you could invite your new neighbours over to one of your pool parties to welcome them to the neighbourhood... you and your friends' variety of swimsuits could challenge any preconceptions they might have, provoke them to consider that small swimwear makes sense in such hot climes, set a precedent as to what can be expected of you, and encourage them to join you in future! Just a thought...
azcraig #55

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/21/2004 10:13:29Copy HTML

Nicthong. That is a great idea. I think I will invite them over and see what happens.   Thanks
nicthong #56

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/21/2004 10:16:03Copy HTML

Be sure to keep us posted, eh, Craig? Seems like a great opportunity! Who knows, maybe they'll join you and it'll become a street 'trend'... everyone doing their yard work in bikinis! Heheh! Have fun!
azcraig #57

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/22/2004 10:45:36Copy HTML

From the third paragraph    " We greeted them and escorted them outback where Ann had put on her top and adjusted her bottom back after an hour in the sun."    
azcraig #58

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/09/2004 12:54:39Copy HTML

Had a few folks over for Mothers day. The ones that came were the ones with no kids at home. Ann and Larry, and Paul and Marci, just to kick back and enjoy the day. Little did I know how far off that was going to be. Everyone went out back to get in the pool, Marci and Ann in thongs, all the guys in some bikini cut suit, Jean and I in our usual micros, today in matching red. Everyone had been there about an hour and we were busy razzing Paul and Marci about losing the first 100 degree day contest. I was trying to figure out how they are going to host this party because they live in some town houses and only have a community pool. I can just see all of us showing up and invading the community pool. HA! that would be an eye opener. All I could get out of Paul was that they would hold up their end and we would be getting together in a few weeks.

Anyway, Jean is getting ready to toss some burgers and dogs on the grille and discovered we were out of propane, both bottles. After she got done giving me heck (which I deserved) for not getting the bottle filled 3 weeks ago like she asked, I told Larry come on lets run to Circle K and get a bottle. I told him I needed to get my wallet and put on some shorts and he said don't worry about it I will buy. A short discussion followed with him winning and insisting on buying. His shorts were on the patio. As he pulled them on I told him I'll just go like this (in my bikini) and won't get out of the truck. He said fine. I grabbed my wallet and keys and off we went. The store is about 2 miles away. We are about half way there when somebody in the oncoming lane ran over a board and flipped it into my lane and I ran over it and flattened the left front tire. Great! here we are Larry in only his shorts and me in a micro bikini. I kind of laughed and said I guess I should have put on some shorts and Larry laughed and said he would change the tire. I sat there in the truck for about 5 minutes while Larry began the struggle to change the tire. I felt like the girl in the itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini song. As I sat there I got madder and madder because a t didnt fill the bottle, b I ran over somethng and flattened the tire, and c because here I was stuck in the truck.

I finally could not stand it anymore and got out to help Larry. Needless to say the honks, cat calls, were coming fast as I helped get the tire changed. In addition there were 3 or 4 times we heard screaching tires of people looking at me instead of where they were going. We got the tire changed and I was jsut pulling away when a cop plulled in behind me and turned on his lights.Larry is now cracking up and I am getting more steamed. The cop walks up to the door asked for my liscence looks inside at me and says "can you explain what was going on back there"? I told him the whole story and how this quick little trip was turning into a major deal. He ahnded me my liscence back and said next you leave the house, put some clothes on. Larry said to the cop "hey would you mind following us home because we have been gone 30 minutes for a 5 minute trip and our wives are never going to believe this whole thing. The cop asked where we were going and I tod him. He thought for a minute and said Oh you are the thong guy! now this is all staring to fit. He told Larry that your wives will have to beleive your story because nobody could make that up, have a nice day.

We went on to Cirlcle K and Larry went in and came back out to say they were out we would have to go to the one (3 miles) down the street, We went there, got propane and went home Niether one of us took our cell phones and it was about 50 minutes later when we got back and the others were beginning to get worried. We explained the story as I hooked up the propane and lit the fire. It is approaching 3 oclock when the food is ready and we begin to gather on the patio. I had noticed a few gnats flying aound but really thought nothing of it till we sat down . Suddenly there were gnats everywhere. They were getting in the food, in the drinks and buzzing around all over the place. Finally as we were all batting at them one got in Marci's eye and as she went inside we grabbed all the food and headed indoors. All of the food, drinks, are being carried in and Ann grabs the burgers and dogs and spins around while swatting at gnats, bumps inot me and the burgers and dogs go to the floor. Needless to say my mood is not improving so I grab the stuff off of the floor throw it on the plate and head inside. Ann is on my heels apologizing all over the place and I kept telling her it was not her fault..

Now Marci is in the bathroom trying to get the gnat out of her eye and the rest of us are assessing the damage. Jean starts to remind me that if I had filled the bottle like I was supposed to....... and I told her dont't even go there. Suddenly Larry busts out laughing, then Paul and soon we are all laughing so hard we are in tears with our sides aching, and nobody knows why. Marci comes down the hall and askes what is so funny. We all stopped laughing for just a moment and then starited cracking up again. When we finally settled down Jeans says so now what are we going to do? Larry says I don't know about you guys but I am going to eat. He grabs a hot dog, a bun, some potato salad and his drink with gnats in it. Ann says to him that hot dog was on the gound and the food has bugs in it you cant eat that. A little dirt wont hurt me and the gnats are added protien he said as he starts eating. We all just looked at each other and dug in, except for Marci. She got a clean glass of ice, filled it with lemonade and ate chips.

I have no idea what happened to turn around what was a sure disaster and make it end the way it did but this will be a Mothers Day we will all talk about for a long time.

nicthong #59

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/09/2004 07:22:51Copy HTML

Sounds like a nightmare that went from bad to worse, Craig... but I'm pleased things worked out in the end: sometimes we just have to make the most of a bad situation! Any progress welcoming the new neighbours?
notherbigr #60

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/10/2004 03:53:19Copy HTML

Wow, what a story!

I have to admit I was somewhat disappointed because towards the end I thought we might get our first micro swimwear food fight story!

teeback269 #61

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/11/2004 06:44:41Copy HTML

Something in these lines happened to me about ten years ago. I was at the time living with Gisele a French lady. One day we were on holidays in Cairns and we decided to go on a tour to one of the Great Barrier Reef island (Frankland Island). Now Gisele used to wear tiny little g-string bikinis, similar to the Wicked Weasel microminimus, although even smaller if at all possible, and I usually wear only the smallest string bikini I can get away with, but that time I decided to keep Gisele company and wear only my "Hom" g-string. We also decided against wearing t-shirts and shorts, just a sarong on top of our bikinis, mine was a mini men's sarong, and hers was a small flimsy women sarong. We got the tour company bus to pick us from our hotel. Once on the ship, we saw that all the other tourits were from Japan, we were the only two Caucasians. Even the hostess was japanese, and all the information given was in japanese. On the boat we sat at the back, and one the ship got under way we decided to remove our sarongs to get some sunshine. We put the sarongs under the seat, and a few minutes later a gust of wind blew them away in the water. We just shrugged it of, as we did not know anyone on the beach, and said to the hostess who wanted to have the ship turned around not to bother. Arriving at the island we found out the ship could not anchor at the island, transfer was done by rubber boat. So there we had all these Japanese tourists in shirts and shorts or trousers, and the only two Europeans in g-strings. When lunch time came all the Japanese came to the picnic table all dressed up, and did they take plenty of photos of Gisele and me in just our g-strings. At the end of the day the bus took us back to the motel, still in only our g-strings. Arriving back at our hotel, the bus driver dropped us off on the opposite footpath of course, so we had to cross the very busy street to get to the hotel. All the Japanese on the bus were cheering us on, and taking pictures of our bare (and now quite brown) backsides. At the hotel we just walked in as if it was completely natural to walk the streets in g-strings. I am quite certain we are still talked about in Japan.
azcraig #62

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/16/2004 07:15:46Copy HTML

Over the weekend Ann invitied some of us over for the afternoon. Becuase they do not have a pool yet she invited us to her moms house. Here mom has a play pool and her mom and dad were away so she had use of the house. We arrived and Paul and Marci were already there as well as 2 other couples we had not met before. Ann was wearing a flower print very small cut rio and Larry was in shorts. Jean and I wearing matching red micros made our way out to the back yard. Our small swimsuit cuts were an eye opener for one of the couples, Steve and Marge. Marge commented "oh how cute, they have on matching bikinis, look Steve". He glanced over, kind of did a double take and said only "yeah". Ron and Tina came in a little later and we were all around or in the pool when Anns folk showed up, back early from their trip. I had not seen them in years and were reintroduced and after introductions they told us to enjoy ourselves and went inside. Marci wanted to have a drawing for the ones in the first hundred degree contest. She put some words in a bowl and we took turns pulling out little pieces of paper with words on them. Jean drew "aqua" (which is water in spanish) for us, I think Ann drew sunshine, and I am not sure who else got what but other words were midnight, flame, and strawberry. We asked Marci what the words meant but she would not tell us. She wrote down everybodys name on their word and put them away. Nobody has any idea what she is up to. When asked where we were and when we were all getting together she said it would be a couple more weeks and she would be letting us know. Paul and Marci were tight lipped about what they were up to as none of us could get any clues.

 At one point I went in the house. Anns mom asked if I was looking for the restroom and started to tell me where it was and I responded that I rememberd from the last time I was here many years ago. She did not remember at first and then we chatted for a few minutes anthen she remembered me as the one that Ann had tricked into wearing my wifes bikini many many years ago. She laughed and said that Ann had called her the next day and told her all about it. She told me that Ann had said "Oh mom you should have seen him in her tiny bikini, he looked really good and she just went on and on about you calling her bluff. I responded that yes Ann was the one that started me wearing bikini swimwear and I still am. She told me that you are so tanned you must spend a lot of time outdoors and I told her that this was about all I wore around the house every weekend as I go about doing my yardwork and so on. She said you are just like Ann. She puts on those little tiny g strings that cover about nothing and could not care less about what people think. Last summer she was over one day and needed to go out to her car to get something. She was this little gstring and a very small top and walked right out front to her car like it was nothing. While she was out the the mail came so she got the mail from the mail man while she was at it and thought nothing of it. I said I'll bet that made the mail mans day and she said Oh I am sure it did.

A while later we left and tried to figure out all the way home what the words meant. We have no idea but are sure that Marci is up to something that should be fun


nadathing #63

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/20/2004 10:29:48Copy HTML

Those words could be the names of colors and maybe Marci is making thongs for everybody. Seems like a lot to do with out measurements, but who knows? We're all looking forward to the rest of this story.
azcraig #64

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/23/2004 03:22:55Copy HTML

Nadathing; Interesting observation. Jean had come up with the same thought except what color is flame? Marci is very resourceful so it is hard to tell what she is up to. She called today to tell us not to make any plans for Sunday June the 13th. Guess we will find out then.
azcraig #65

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/23/2004 04:08:59Copy HTML

I was out cleaning the pool this afternoon when the dogs started carrying on. It was about 1:00 and I walked out front to see what was up. Wearing a small red micro I came around the end of the house and saw a car out front with someone in the passeger side and a guy at the door. He looked at me, kind of did a double take and Craig!!! I then recognised him as an old friend I had not seen in about 15 years. He had gotten taller I guess because he had grown up past his hair, and put on a few pounds. Pauls wife Cheryl shut off the car and got out when Paul motioned her. She came up gave me a hug, then stood back and looked me up and down and said "wow nice tan". Paul told me they were passing through and figured they would stop and see if I was still here. I told him to come on in and yelled to Jean that we had company. As we went into the living room I offered them something to drink and they opted for water. Paul said he was sorry to stop in unannounced and hoped he was not interrupting anything and that if I needed to go changed it was OK. I told him I was fine but if they were uncomfortable I could put on some shorts. He said no you are fine and Cheryl told Paul to leave me alone, it was my house. Cheryl then said "so you are still wearing those little speedos. Paul told her I think they call that a thong and I corrected him and told him it was really a small cut bikini. About that time Jean comes in from the back yard wearing a multi colored rio cut bikini with a reasonabley small triangle top. We talked about our swimwear for a while and then old times. I had forgotten that they had helped us move in here about 15 years ago and we had a swim party and cookout the day we moved in. I wore a bikini that day too Chryl reminded me. Paul asked "so did you know who was out front? I told him I had no idea but the dogs were letting me know somebody was. Paul then said "well wearing so little I thought you might have known. Jean told them that small bikinis like the one I had on was all I wore around the house on weekends. Paul asked "so you go out front almost naked like that? I told him I dont even think twice about it anymore.

We visited for about an hour and they went on their way. We walked them out front to their car as the got ready to leave. We are now standing beside the road and Paul says "so you really run around dressed like that all the time? Yes I told him, this is my weekend work clothes. About that time the phone rang, Jeans said good byeand ran in to answer the phone (which would turn out to be Marci). As Paul and Cheryl drove away a guy rode up on a bicycle and asked me if that was my tractor (a Case 440 on a trailer behind my truck. .

It turned out he lived in one of the closeby new homes and needed some dirt moved and wanted to know if he could rent the tractor. I told him no but then ofered to drive it over to his place and help him out. I  offered to follow him a couple of blocks to his house. I put on some shorts (that black vinyl seat gets very hot) and followed him to his house. He had dug a hole for a fountain/water fall that he was adding to his pool and wanted that big pile of dirt removed. I moved the dirt from his back yard to a big pile of dirt in a close by lot. Afterwards he offerd me something to drink and wanted to know how much he owed me. I told him he owed me nothing. His wife came out (she was a small little petite thing) and introduced herself as Jan, then he intro'd himself as Al. Where did you find someone with a tractor she asked him. He said this is the thong guy from over across the way. Oh! she said, it is nice to meet you. I see you all the time outside in your little bikinis just working away. She told me that some of the people she has met told her that we were really nice people so it nice to finally meet you. I am surprised to see you in shorts. I told here the seat on the tractor gets a little toasty so I needed ot cover up a bit. I told them I better get going and once again Al insisted on paying me something and I told him he owed me nothing. He said OK I'll tell you what. I a couple of weeks when we get the pool working you and your family are invited over and we will grille some steaks or chicken or what ever you want,  on us. Deal? he said. I said Deal, just let me know when, but you really don't have to do that. I insist he said, and I will let you know.

The past few weeks have had some very unexpected things happen. It is keeping things very interesting here enjoying the Arizona sun.

rock1212 #66

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/24/2004 12:45:06Copy HTML

Reply to : azcraig
It's good to hear that no one is giving you a hard time anymore!
azcraig #67

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/25/2004 11:57:50Copy HTML

Reply to : rock1212

Reply to : azcraigIt's good to hear that no one is giving you a hard time anymore!
They really have not had much of a chance lately. Other than a few weeks ago with the propane fiasco we have been other places or spent time with some projects in the back yard. That will all change this weekend as one of the projects is to pressure wash and paint the eves on the house which should take the bigger part of a couple of days with scraping, wire brushing and all that goes with that job.
azcraig #68

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/31/2004 04:41:45Copy HTML

Spent almost the whole Memorial Day weekend outside. Weather was great and in the high 90s and low 100s. Tinkering around the house and laying in the pool I got really dark. Had irrigatioin of my pasture on Saturday morning and that day wore a red micro all day. at the end of our water time I went out back to open the ditch and let the water go. As I was walking down the ditchbank one of the neighbors from down the street met me as she was coming to check on her water. She said Wow, look at your nice tan and I said thanks. She introduced herslef as Kate and I she said my, my, my, that is a tiny little swimsuit you have on. I told her that was my usual weekend attire. She said I see you sometimes wearing those but have never really noticed how small they were. I then said Yeah I should have probably put on some shorts but I really didnt expect to run into anybody, sorry. No need for that she said I have just never seen a man in a thong up close before. As she stood there in shorts and a black bikini top i explained to her it was not really a thong but a mens micro bikini because of the cut in the back. Oh she said as she stood there staring at me. I released the water and said there yah go, have a nice day, OK she said. As I walked away she said, my, my, my and she stood there staring until I went through my gate and back into my yard

Spent Sunday outside doing things and when out front in a black micro I got quite a few honks, cat calls, and one engine revving. On Monday morning  I put on a yellow micro with a vary narrow low front pouch, and a 3 inch wide rear panel that has elsastic vertically in the center so if hugs my buns like a second skin. I have found that this feature holds the suit in place and keeps it from moving around. The rear panel is also totally see thru when wet. I was expecting nobody to stop by so that was not a concern to me today. By this time I am gettting really dark. The bright yellow almost glowed against my dark tan. Again the same response as Sunday. There is a lot of traffic and there were many that slowed and did turn around for second takes. at about 1:00 I was washing the truck in the driveway at the edge of the street when a car load of girls in their late teens drives by for a double take. One of the girls shreiked as they went by and the driver laid on the horn. I waved to them. Then they come back going by very slowly and I hear one of them say "no way his is better" then I hear "go back go back" as the turn around and head back up the street. In a minute or two they are back driving very very slowly as I continue to wash my truck. I occurs to me that they are going slow enough and are close enough to see the back of my suit which is soaked. They are all jabbering a mile a minute and they whip their car around and go back down the street. A few minutes later here they come again but this time they stop, one of them jumps out and hands me a sheet of paper and says you win!!! I look at the paper and there is a trophy cup drawn on the paper and in the cup is says "best bikini". They got in their car and drove off. I was drying the truck when Jean came out front wearing a very small red bikini she had been sunning in to tell me she needed to go over to a neighbors house before we left to go to the Pennys so I needed to move my truck. I showed her my prize and explained it to her. Now here we are standing near the street, she is wearing almost a thong and a triangle 2 inch wide triangle top. The reaction from traffic is now double what it was. She went in pulled on a half shirt and shorts and left after I moved my truck to the edge of the street to finish drying it.

When she comes back about 5 minutes later I am putting the finishing touches on my truck and she came out to tell me that one of the new neighbors down the street is out doing his lawn in a bright green and black printed string bikini. That explains the award I got.

We went inside changed and headed over to the Pennys. On the way we drove by the neighbors and sure enough there he was trimming his hedge in a string bikini. When we arrived at the Pennys and got ready for the pool in our matching blue swimsuits Jean had the smallest bikini by far of the women and I was the only one in a bikini for the men. Her and my bottoms matched with narrow front and 4 inch wide rears and string sides. There were about 12 of 14 people there, most of which we did not know. Everyone was in the pool but one gal who still had on shorts and a shirt. I asked her is she was going in the water and she said maybe later. I told her dont be shy, come on in. She looked down at my bikini and said well OK. She went inside and came back out to reveal a one piece that was cut very high on the sides, probably 3 inches above the belt line and had a very low and wide cut v front top. The rear of her suit was a thong with the front very very narrow and the top was cut so wide and so low it barley coverd her nipples. When she came out everybody looked and one of the guys whistled. I could tell she was very embarresed and probably the first tiem she had worn that.  I got comments about my tan, and Jean and I about our matching bikinis and that was about it.

All in all it was a great weekend to enjoy the Arixona sun

el senor #69

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:06/01/2004 03:40:39Copy HTML


You're a lucky man. Not many people can run with a crowd that enjoys wearing smaller swimwear. I envy you and your wife, and I wish I lived closer. It'd be alot of fun to hang out with you guys!

Dennis at Thong Beach #70

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:06/01/2004 04:19:59Copy HTML

azcraig, your stories are always great to read.  I think you missed your calling as a journalist!  You do a great job, man, but watch the sun.  You keep talking about your dark tan, so you might want to think about whether you're overdoing the sun.  Take it from someone who has overdone it, and had several skins cancers removed.  Play it safe.....so you can do it longer!

azcraig #71

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:06/07/2004 02:01:12Copy HTML

Paul and Marci hosted their worst guess party Sunday and told us all to meet them at the lake boat ramp parking lot at 10:30 (Boat ramp???they dont own a boat)  Jean and I put on matching royal blue micro bikinis then pulled on some shorts and shirts and headed for the lake. When we got there we found them and Ron and Tina, Ann and Larry. Most wore shorts and shirts except Ann who had on her very typical very short cut offs with the lower third of her cheeks out and a very small bikini top. We were quizzing Paul trying to find out the plan and he insisted we wait for Cliff and Sherry.  About ten minutes later they arrived and on Pauls instrucitons we followed him to the other side of the parking lot  where the big day cruiser was hooked to the back of his truck. We all were saucer eyed asking where he got it and he told us he rented it and to get in lets put it in the water. He asked me to drive the truck and launch the boat, then park the truck and they would pick me up. Before I got in his truck I pulled off my shorts and shirt and tossed them in the boat. In the very crowded parking area, me in my blue micro bikini drew a lot of attention. I got in the truck and backed the boat into the water and got out ot release it. As I went to the back of the truck a gal in the boat next to us said "hey check out that guy". One of the others said wow I cant believe he would wear that in public. With the boat released I walk to the truck and the first gal says to oooooohhhh  nnniiiiccee biiikkiiinnnnii. The lot was near full so I parked way out on the end and walked back to the ramp to get in the boat. I heard some "oh my Gods". "check it outs" and an "oh brother" as I crossed the parking lot. I got in the boat and noticed that most everyone was in bikinis when Marci held out her hand and said here is yours. I held out my hand and she palced an aqua blue bikini in it and told me Jean was down below changing and that she had gotten everyone bikini swimwuits to wear for the day. As I went down to change Jean came out in hers. I put on mine which was a fuller cut than I usually wear but it fit fine. The guys suits were alll a 1/2 back cut in the back while the gals all got riio cut with triangle tops. Paul and Marci wore red, Ann and Larry got yellow, Ron and Tina bore black with yellow and orange flames, Cliff and Sherry got black. So Nadathing, you figured it out.  There were some strange tan lines showing but other than that it was interesting to see the whole group in the same cut of suits.

As we cruised out across the lake a few of us took turns skiing and some just rode along. I took my turn in the water as did Paul, Cliff, and Sherry was the only one of the girls that skied.  The lake was very busy so the water was a little rough and  after about an hour or so of skiing we went back into this cove and got set up for lunch. Paul and Marci pulled out a gas grille and the coolers and got everything ready. We all offered to help but they insisted on doing it themselves. We lost the bet Paul said, so we will pay the price. Most of us went down to get in the water and cool offf.  As we got out I noticed that and and Larrys yellow suits become almost  totally transparant. I then noticed that Jean and my suits were somewhat see through immediatley after gettting out of the water but nobody said anything.  Now Larry got in the water for just a couple of minutes and then got out and just kind of walked around the area, he had no clue his suit was totally see thru. As more of us gott out of the water Ann came out and she may as well have been wearing nothing as you see right through the wet yellow materail. Ann was probably the best one to have this happen to. Sherry went over and kind of whispered to her that her suit was ttotallly see thru. She looked down at herself , kind of shrugged her shoulders and said "oh well", not caring in the least. I look over at Larry and he is looking at himself but his had dried enough so it was not that transparant anymore.  Marci apologized to Ann and Larry and told us she ordered these but did not know the yellow would be that bad and if they wanted to change they could. Larry took the option and put on his green and blue solar tan through one inch side bikini, but Ann left her yellow on.. The food was cooking and we were all relaxing enjoying the day and we started talking about how Paul and Marci had really gone above and beyond on this deal. We ate some burgers and dogs, had potato salad, fruit, and cold watermelon, and just sat around for a while. Ann said she was going to lay out on the boat for a while and wondered iff anybody would notice if she took her top off. Larry told her it really didnt make any difference anyway. She she laid on the boat for about a half an hour while the rest of us just relaxed. A little later we went skiing again and cruised around the lake. We did see one gal skiing in a thong and went back inot another cove where there were some other gals in thongs and very small bikinis but ony saw one other guy in a speedo cut suit. 

After about 5 hours we were all pretty much spent so we headed  back to load the boat.  As we got back to the dock they pulled up to the shore and I got out to go get the truck and trailer. Once again I find myself walking across the parking lot wearing much less that any other guy and attracting a lot of attention.. I heard some more of the same kind of comments and got the truck and headed for the ramp. As I backed the trailer ito the water everybody except Paul jumped out of the boat for a last splash in the water. Now walking out of the water are 5 girls and 3 guys all in bikinis and Ann in her yellow see thru. As i hooked up the boat and pulled it out we are all milling around the boat and needless to say  everyone is looking our direction. There are people everywhere as folks are leaving the lake. All the guys in the area made sure to get a close look at Ann.  I was up near the front of the truck as these people next to us were loading to go home. One guy said to the other,  Did you catch the chick in the yellow? You can see everyting His wife/grilfriend  asked him, so did yo get an eyefull?  He asked her why don't you erver wear anything like that?. She said "oh yeah, right, why dont you wear something like that? pointing at me.  His response, "guys dont wear bikinis. She told him "well all of those guys are, check out the guy in the red one. .This guy was wearing shorts down to his knees and she was wearing a pretty full cut two piece.

As we left we all thanked Paul and Marci for the great time. I almost felt bad that they had gone to so much. I am sure they spent quite a bit on the day and we all enjoyed it. Everybody left with a new swimsuit, better tans, some bunrs on the untanned white spots and a promise to get together soon and enjoy some more of our Arizona sun.

rock1212 #72

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Reply to : azcraig
Hey Craig, did you and your wife go outside at all this weekend in your bikinis?
azcraig #73

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:06/27/2004 06:20:10Copy HTML

Went to Virginia for a couple of weeks to visit some friends. We took along what are our normal swimwear (rio cut bikinis) in case they had a pool. It turns out they have a community pool and Jean and I started to go down there one day. We wore matching red and Jean had a wrap around her waist and a very small triangle top and I pulled on some short shorts for the walk to the pool.

We were guests of our friends staying at their house and as we got ready to leave to go lay in the sun for a while Pat looked at us and said if the pool monitor asked, just let them know we were staying with them. He then asked Jean if she was wearing a thong and she said no, we have on rio cut micro bikinis.  He went on to tell us they don't allow thongs at the pool. Jean pulled off her wrap and asked if he thought her bikini would be ok. He told her yeah, that will probably be ok. "Probably" I asked? He said I think she will be ok. What about me I asked him? Sure your shorts are fine. No, Jean told him, we are wearing matching red bikinis. Pat said "I think you can wear speedos ok. Jean told him that my suit was the same identical cut as hers to which he said to me "if your wearing a teeny little bikini like Jeans he did not know if that would pass or not. I asked if maybe we should not go at all because we did not want to get them in any troulbe and he told us to go ahead, it should be alright. 

We walked down the street about a block to the pool and there were two other couples there laying out. The women had on full cut 2 piece swimsuits and the guys in long shorts. We walked in said hi chose a couple of lounge chairs Jena pulled off her wrap and I my shorts. All eyes were on us and one gal lowered her sun glasses to see us.

We sat down for a while and after about 15 minutes I got up and got in the water and then came back to lie on my stomach while Jean lied on her back. As i layed down the gal that lowered her sunglasses got up put a towell around herself and left for a couple of minutes. right after she returned this older lady came in and over to me and said "excuse me sir, are you a guest of one of our residents? I told her who we were staying with. She then told me that the resident had to be there with us and besides that we dont allow thongs at the community pool.  I told her neither of us is wearing a thong but our hosts were at work (made that up) and we didnt know about the rule that requried them to be with us. She then told me "well sir what you have on is virtually the same as a thong and she very politely asked us to leave, which we did. 

We got up to leave and I was a little upset so Jean put on her wrap and I carried my shorts as we left. As we went through the gate leaving the area Jean pulled off her wrap and put it with our towells and we walked back down the street in our micro mikinis and was telling  Pat what happened when the phone rang. I heard him say "yeah I know but I was not aware that he had to accompany us to the pool and that he had just come home form work and would take care of it.  When he got off the phone he told us that was the pool monitor calling to tell him we cant wear our thongs on the street either.  We obviouly never went back and came home a few days later. It is nice to be back home where we can enjoy the Arizona sun.

dayne #74

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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When I read this, Craig, I feel like I am stll at Ingleside Elementary School at 54th st and Osborn in Phoenix. Forty years ago we had hall monitors for the bathrooms.  For some people one sees that their mentality never changed.  For your friend  to get a call from the "pool monitor"-infantile rubbish!

I virtually never use emoticons,  but this deserves one!!!

Dayne in Arizona

rock1212 #75

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Reply to : azcraig
Man, that was stupid!  I can't believe they gave you guys such a hard time!  And btw, what is it with people not knowing the difference between a t-back, and everything else?  Some people are really stupid!
nicthong #76

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Sorry to hear about the response you got in Virginia Craig. But pleased to see that you can put it behind you and get back to enjoying the AZ sunshine! Look forward to reading more about your 'home' experiences!
ausgonzo #77

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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waiting for the next installment craig!!!

azcraig #78

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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We went over to (short shorts) Ann and Larrys on the 4th. They had their new pool in and invited some folks over. They have built a custom house way out west of Phoenix and this was our first time there. When we got there Ann greeted us at the door wearing a bright dayglo green very small thong, almost a g string and a matching tiny triangle top. As we were getting the tour of the house Larry joined in wearing an almost matching color string bikini. We went out in the back yard and were introduced to 2 other couples that were already there. One guy had long shorts on and his wife a one piece standard department store looking suit. The other couple had him in swim trunks and her in a standard cut bikini with a bandeua top. Jean and I wore red micros with about 4 inch wide rears. Next to arrrive were Ron and Tina. Ron had on a black speedo cut suit while tina wore a flowerey rio cut bikini. In next came Paul and Marci. They stripped down to matching stars and stripes thongs. Pauls thong was red and white striped with blue bands and a little blue triangle with one star on the triangle at the top in the rear. Marcis was a very tine red striped bottom that was really more of a g string because it had not triangle in the back, and her top was made of two very small blue triangles , probably about 2 inches, with one star on each. They both work out and are in really good shape so needless to say they got everyones attention. After looking at them the guy in the long shorts said "gee, I almost feel over dressed". Ann told him jokingly, hey I will loan you one of my bikinis if you want. He declined the offer. We spent most of the day in and out of their play pool playing milkjug volleyball and visiting. A few got sunburned but all in all it was a nice day. One intersting thing is that their pool area is surrouned by a wrought iron view fence. They have no pricasy fencing. They also have no neighbors within shouting distance.  For July it wasn't really that hot so we all had the chance to enjoy the Arizona sun.
rock1212 #79

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Well, now we have our next installment! 

So Craig, have people still been honking and driving by all the time whenever you've been out in front of your house lately?

clean_n_smooth #80

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Wow you sure have given me alot of nice reading material. Right now I'm deployed in Iraq, but I love the idea of wearing matching swimsuits with my wife. We both wear thong or g-string underware almost all the time but have never tried minimal swim suits. Where do you and your wife get yours? I may not be able to respond very quickly, the computers are up and down over here *laugh* I'm just glad to have them. But if you could e-mail me that would be great.  Thanks a ton. (Return Email button on top right of posting.) 

P.S.- If anyone else has links or suggestions about matching thongs or minimal suits rio-style I'd love to hear from you.

Thonging since 15, (now 25) *smile* And loving it.

dayne #81

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/06/2004 04:19:34Copy HTML

try the  Nuparr of Arizona website.  It is near my home.  An English lady does the custom work.  I know she could do basically anything you want done.  They make a comfortable suit in an array of differen styles and  fabrics.They have an advantage for you in they have been doing custom suits for men AND women for years.  No reason she couldn't use the same fabric for both of you in what you want.

I found a brochue.  The website is  www.nu-parr.com.

Hope this helps.  And thank you for what you are doing over there for me as a US citizen.  There is no way to really convey the appreciaton for what you are having to put up with to do your job.  Hope to hear your home safely soon.


Dan_AZ #82

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Hi everyone,

My name is Dan and I am a new member to this forum.  My wife Barbara and I also live in Phoenix and, like Craig, also enjoy the Arizona Sun.  We are spoiled by living here because the summer lasts 7-8 months.  We are both warm weather people and love the 100+ degree temperatures.  We spent a few days in San Diego last week and nearly froze our butts off.  It was 70 degrees and breezy.  We always took our jackets with us where ever we went.  We were only able to spend a few hours on the beach during the warmest part of the day.  We live in the southern part of Phoenix called Ahwatukee.  We enjoy spending weekends by our pool, getting tanned and enjoying a few Margaritas.  My wife and I enjoy wearing bikini style swimwear.  This weekend she wore a pink thong and a green bikini with boy shorts and a sexy push-up top.  I wore a purple Adidas bikini and a Tyr black/blue print bikini. 


Best regards to everyone,


Dan and Barbara

dayne #83

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Reply to : Dan_AZ

My friends all laugh at me when I take warm clothes with me on my trips to San Diego!!!  I am going to print out your post and show it to them.  I live in central Phoenix and will take the heat any day.

azcraig #84

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Reply to :  clean_n_smooth

Most of our suits come form Parr (now called Nu Parr) . She also gets some from some little boutique store in Tempe somewhere. But I like the fit and durablity of our Parr stuff the best.

azcraig #85

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Here it is early July and I don't think it has been over 110 yet. Usually we have had quite a few days in the hundred-teens by now. It has really been nice so far this summer. Yes I admit I am a desert rat because I really enjoy the heat. Jean does not like it as much as I do but gets out in it just the same. I have been trapped inside on some business for the last couple days and I hate it. Cant wait for the weekend to be outside enjoying the Arizona sun and heat!!  (the heat melts all the snowbirds you know)
Desert Thonger #86

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/10/2004 03:04:42Copy HTML

It has been a uncharacteristically mild summer out here in AZ! I agree with AZcraig... It's been really nice for thonging though - not so hot. Don't get me wrong I'm a bit of a desert rat also - I like the heat but I've been out longer this summer thanks to not getting dehydrated so quickly. Despite all that, I'm still hopeful for some rain soon - should have the "monsoon" starting up in a few days I hope.

Happy thonging!

azcraig #87

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/11/2004 07:58:51Copy HTML

Hey DT. You know that they say be careful what you wish for. Looks like yours is granted. I was out most of the day Saturday and most all day Sunday and the humidity is on the rise and it felt HOT out.  As of 10:30 Sunday evening it was still 102 out here. Drank over 2 gallons of water and sports drinks Sunday and made many trips to the pool. 

I was out front watering the plants about 3:30 wearing a very small blue micro. I was spraying myself down as a couple cycleists rode by. I heard the guy say  "Look at that" and the girl almost crashed looking back at me. Then they turned around and came back.  They rode up and stopped and the guy asked if they could have some of that water.  I offered to get them some bottled water but he said no, the hose is fine. 

As I handed the hose to him the girl said "My god you are tan, are you outside a lot?" (Kind of a dumb question I thought).  As the guy turned the hose on himself and drenched himself I told her that I spent most of my weekends outside working about in the yard and stuff.  She asked "Wwearing only that?" 

I kind of shruged my sholders and said "Yeah, this is basically all I wear outside all summer." 

The guy then said "I have been by here at 6 in the morning and seen him out here working but he had on a red one, here you want some? offering her the hose.  She took took the hose and sprayed herself down. The guy said boy, "I needed that."  When I asked them if they werent riding a little late he told me they had started out about 8:00 and had ridden all the way around South Mountain but had stopped at some friends house in Tempe (which is over 25 miles from where I am) and got a late start gettting back. 

The girl asked me "So what do your neighbors say?"  I said "nothing' .  About that time one of my friends drove up stopped rolled down his window and said "You know smart people are inside sitting under the A/C." So what are you saying?" I asked him.  He laughed and said "Nothing" as he rolled up his window and drove off. 

About that time Jean comes out in a very small fowerery print bikini and told me I had a phone call. I told the cyclists to help themselves to the hose and started inside. The guy said thanks but we better get going and they started to ride off. The girls parting remarks were "nice seeing you".

rock1212 #88

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Well Craig, sounds like you have quite the fan club in your area!

azcraig #89

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/13/2004 03:32:58Copy HTML

I don't think it is a fan club as much as it is a high level of tolerance.
JM_Runs #90

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/15/2004 07:48:56Copy HTML

That's just it, isn't it?

We all want that same high level of tollerance, no matter where we are!

Dennis at Thong Beach #91

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/21/2004 02:55:16Copy HTML

az craig, thanks again for all your enjoyable posts.  I just want to comment on your 4th of July pool report.  I think your friend Paul deserves a special commendation for being the only guy in a thong.   I know you and some others wear really brief suits, and two of the women were in thongs/g-strings, but it still takes guts to be the only guy wearing one.  Next time to see him, tell him that a lot of people admire that.

Dan_AZ #92

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/22/2004 02:06:31Copy HTML

Hi everyone,

The monsoon season has finally hit Phoenix.  Temps hit 111 deg and the humidity was pretty high this week.  After coming home from work on Tues I put on my Tyr black/ blue print bikini and jump in the pool.  It was so hot that Barbara didn? even bother to go inside and put on her bikini.  She stripped out of her clothes and jump in wearing a white bra and yellow panties.  Had lots of fun.


Best regards to everyone,
Dennis at Thong Beach #93

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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azcraig.....what happened?  Did you fall off a cliff?

azcraig #94

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:08/30/2004 10:16:40Copy HTML

My computer got sick a few weeks ago. Had to go to the computer hospital where it spent time in computer the. I.C.U. Just got it back.

In the past weeks we have enjoyed a very mild AZ summer. The group has had a few get togethers. A couple weeks ago Paul and Marci brought a couple (Jack and Pauline) with them to Anns Moms. Most of us wearing our usual small bikinis or thongs. Jack wore a black speedo full cut and Pauline wore a very traditional two piece. When it came time to get in the pool Pauline was quick to tell Jack he should feel right at home. She went on to say that Jack "runs around the house half naked" and even ventures out in his front yard wearing skimpy little swimsuits. Jean and I were wearing very brief red micros, Paul and Marci both had thongs, Ann had was in a thong, Larry in shorts (he keeps straying). I asked Jack, so whats with the Speedo? He told me his wife told him not to wear something like that over here but I guess I should not have listened. Pauline quickly asked me (as she pointed ot my micro) you wouldnt wear just that out in front of your house would you? That brought a laugh as I explained that this what I wore all summer out front in back or whenever I am around water at the lake or pool parties or what ever. Larry was quick to point out that I have even been at the edge of the road changing a flat tire dressed like that which again brought another laugh. By this time I realized that Pauline did not seem to approve so I tried to change the subject. As we all chatted Jack told a story (that has nothing to do with this board but is worth retelling.

Jack sells cat food and travels the country dealing with major corporations. About 20 years ago he was leaving Florido (back in the days of planes being hijacked to Cuba) when the pilot came on and said there was a problem and they were returning to Miami. Jack said there was this guy about three rows in front having an arguement with the flight attendant. The guy finally got out of his seat and headed toward the back of the plane to the bathroom. Jack recognised the guy and said HI TOM!. The guy was still upset and only said Hi Jack.  Jack says the plane got very quiet and everybody turned around to look at them. Jack said it took him a moment to figure out what was going on and he blurted out "thats a friend of mine and he was just saying hello, my name is Jack!!  Since then he always tells people never say hi Jack, please say hello Jack so people don't get teh wrong idea.

Jack and Pauline did not join us last week but the group will be getting together over the Labor Day holiday Saturday Sunday and Monday at each others places so maybe we will see them then. Need to go find some gallon size contianers of sun screen for those days. It will be needed with all those folks in out "skimpy" swimsuits enjoying the Arizona sun.

nicthong #95

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:08/30/2004 07:22:23Copy HTML

Craig - Great to hear from you again and good to have you back with us! I think several of us were probably a little worried about you!

Perhaps Pauline will, in retrospect if not at the time, realise that if everyone else is ok with you wearing your suits as 'daily wear' then she should be too... and hopefully she'll be more accepting of Jack doing that too! Keep us informed of how things go - especially if this couple become part of your group!

azcraig #96

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/05/2004 01:42:14Copy HTML

We went over to Paul and Marcis on Saturday. They had moved into a new place way out West of Phoenix near Apache Junction. We had never been there before but off we went. Jean had gotten us matching bright flourecent green bikinis to wear. Checking mine out before I put it on I noticed it was double thickness on the front so figured that was ok. The cuts were slightly larger than what we usually wore. The back was cut like a rio cut about 5 inches wide and mine had a narrow pouch in the front and string sides. Jeans was about the same cut with a medium cut triangle top. When we arrived at their place we found that the homes were like town homes. We went in and they showed us around and we got ready to go to the community pool. (Jean and I did not know this was a community pool outing) I guess Marci had called Ann and told her they did not allow thongs at the pool but did not call us because she knew we wore suits that were not thongs. Cliff and Sherri were already there and Ann and Larry got there just after us. We got in our cars and drove about a block to the pool.

I took off my shorts and left them in the truck and wore only a T-shirt and my bikini to the pool. Jean did the same. As we arrived at the pool most of the people were looking at me in my bright green bikini. As the others stripped down to get in the pool it was clear I had the smallest suit of all the guys by far. Paul had a string side bikini, and Cliffs was about a one inch side standard cut bikini and Larry wore shorts. Anns print bikini was slightlly smaller than Jeans, and Sherri's was a regular bikini. Marci had on a black one inch side bikini and triangle top. At least it looked that way at a glance. It was really very small cut thong in solid black and the rest of the suit was a black mesh kind of material. The top had a solid 3 onch round part in the center and the rest was mesh with about quarter inch holes. The veiw from behind made everybody do a double take. We sat around the pool for a while and enjoyed some beverages and talk and then got in the water for a while. As I got out of the pool I looked down to make sure my suit was not see thru and even though it was double layer you could kind of see through it. As I walked from the pool Sherri commented, "God Graig, your tan is really dark!. I noticed how much the green made my tan look dark. Then as others got out of hte pool when Jena got out you could see right through her top and the back of the bottom. I then realized the rear of mine must be the same way.

Jean and I stayed out of the water the rest of the day. While I was sitting on one of the lounge chairs the woman next to me asked "are you from around here. I just said no. Then she asked what country are you from? I told here we were from Arizona, just way over on the other side of Phoenix. Then she said "oh I thoght you might be european or something because of your bathing suits. No, we are from here I told her and the conversation ended. We sat around a while had some cold cuts and tater salad and stuff. We were all at the pool about 3 hrs and then left. With two more days of pool side activites we felt 3 hours was enough time to enjoy the AZ sun.

azcraig #97

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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On Sunday the the gang was at my house. The first to arrive were Ann and Larry at about 10:30. Ann wore yellow thong with a very small triangle top and Larry had on a string side bikini. Ron and Tina came with Ron in a speedo and Tina in a very breif rio cut print bikini. Jean and I wore blue micros. Jack and Pauline came and Jack wore his speedo and Pauline wore the same suit she had on before. Paul and Marci shwed up and were wearing white matching Harley Davidson bikinis that covered about half of their rears. Marci's top was a medium cut triangle. Their suits had the Harley logo in the front on the bottoms and Marci's top had about a 1 inch logo on the center of each triangle. Most were enjoying each others company but I could hear Pauline making comments to Jack. We had all been in the pool for a while and when I got out to toss some burgers and dogs on the grill some of the others got out. When Marci got out her white suit was totally transparent. It was like it was light weight T-shirt material or something. It clung to her like a second skin and it followed every curve of her body. Because her and Paul do the body building thing I know they keep pretty well shaven. Marci must be completely shaven as the material clung to her. The back and the top was completlely see through except for the H-D logos which barely covered her nipples. Pauline expressed her disapproval of Marci's suit by saying "if you are going to wear something like that I don't know why you would wear anything at all". The rest of us were complemening her when Paul got out and had the same effect. The rear and the front werr totally see through except for the H-D loge on the front. his suit clung to him like a second skin as well. I asked Marci, where do you find all this exotic swimwear? She told me she finds some of it on line and some by just shopping around. She had found these in a little boutique store out by their new house and thought they were cute. We all were having some food and waiting to watch the race on TV. Soaking up some rays and having a good time, we played some pool volley jug. Anns Yellow thong top was also see thru when wet. I could tell Pauline was not enjoying herself and that Jack was trying to have a good time. Pauline sat out of the water most of the day and only got in to cool off every now and then. She would not even play volley jug with us. About 3:30 Jack came out of the house and told us they had to leave and thanked everybody. The rest of us stayed until the race was over in the evening. Tina was a little red from being out all day but the rest of us just added to our tans and enjoyed another great day. Tomorrow it is off to the Pennys
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Jerri was not feeling well so the Panny's pool party didn't happen. I stayed home and spent the day working around the house. I wore bright yellow micro with about a 3 inch wide pouch and 3 1/2 inch wide rear. The rear panel was a Parr "bun hugger" style that has the elastic vertically in the center. It makes it follow the contour of your buns but more importantly, it makes it stay put and not slide or move around. It was just barely wide enough to cover my tan lines and was single layer so it bacame see through when wet. No one was coming over today so that was not a problem. A few batches of bicycle riders came by early in the morning. I was out near the street as they rode past. I heard these comments. Hey check out the guy in the thong. Wow look at that. Did you see that guy back there? You would never catch me out in public in something like that. HOLY!!!!! There ya go Janet, check that out. (from a female) Ooooohhhhh niiiicce, and one "Oh brother did you see that guy? Yeah he is out there all the time. All of that happened within about 5 minutes as about 50 or 60 riders went past. After 2 full days outside I was brown as a bean and the bright yellow suit really set off my tan. Jean had been in the back cleanng the pool and came out front wearing her matching yellow micro. as she stood there talking to me we, or maybe, she got 2 horn horks as she told me she was going shopping for a while with a friend of hers from church. It is now about 11:00 and I am covered in taning oil and prespiring at a pretty good rate. I was putting some trimmings in the trash can out at the roads edge when a Isuzu SUV pulls up and stops. Hi you must be Craig, I am here to pickup Jean, is she inside? I told her yes so she got out and walked to the house. My yellow suit is soaked so you know what thet meant. As she walked by she tried not to look but took a quick glance. I acted like I ddin't notice and went on about my work. As jean and her left Jean stopped to introduce her. I offered an apology for what I was wearing and told her I had no idea she was coming over. She said don't worry about it, I am a LPN (nurse) so I am used to seeing the human body and at least you keep yourself in good shape.

I had not done much yard work in the past few weeks so I spent most of my day out front. As I was out front one of my neighbors stopped to talk about last nights Nascar race. As he pulled up I had just finshed rinsing myself off with the hose so her I was agian, saoked. I was standing at his truck and turned around to lay the hose down and he said "man, your bikini is a little thin isn't it?  Yeah I told him but it is comfortable. I'll bet he said. We talked for about 15 minutes and just as he drove off a Sherrif drove up and stopped. He said Hi, how ya doin today?  I told him fine He asked "have you been wearing that out front here today? I looked down and the material was dry enough that you could not really see through it. I told him "yes I put it on this morning when I got up and have had it on since then, why is there a problem?  No he said, not as long as you are wearing something. Although that is awfully small and doesn't really cover much, it meets the law so you are ok. I asked him why he stopped and he told me someone had reported a man with no clothes on out front at this address. Are you going to be out here long? he asked. Well I planned on being out here most of the day. Ok I'll make a note of it here. Obviously you don't have any ID on you can I get your name? He got some info, entered it into his computer and went on his way.

Not more than a minute later another Sherrif pulls up and gets out of his car. Hi, What are you doing out here? he asked. I am just cleaning up my yard and trimming the bushes. I was facing him and he said "turn around" A asked him, what for?  He said if that is a G string we might have a problem. I told him it is not and I turned around, and as I did I told him that another Sherrif had just left not more than a minute ago. Is that so he said. I said yes you just missed him. And what did he tell you about wearing that thing out here? He told me it was fine and legal and there was nothing he could do about it. Then this officer told me to wait here just a minute. He got in his car and was punching somehting into the computer, and I walked over to the car and told him my phone was ringing I will be right back. No he said, you wait right here. I said look, is there a problem here? No he said I am just checkg out your story and I see officer Evans was just out here, it just had not gotten into my computer yet. He then went on to tell me that Officer Evens let me off easy because I could be cited for creating a public nuisance wearing something like that out in public. I told him, "you know what...just wait right here, and I went inside to get the card the other Sherrif had left me months ago in case this ever happened. I went in found the card and as I came out he was driving off. I didn't get his name but he was a jerk.

Half mad, I bent over and grabbed the hose that had one of those squeeze nozzles on it. As I picked it up I dropped it and the handle hit the ground and came on a soaked me. I grabbed it again and just held it over my head soaking msyself.  As I did that there was a guy jogging by (yes jogging at 12:30 on a sunny afternnon) As he jogged up behind me he said that looks like that feels good, can I have some. I was so focussed on being mad at the Sherrif I didn't hear the jogger come up and when he spoke it half scared me. I said what? He said that look like it feels good would you spray me off too? sure I told him as I stood there soaked in my see thru micro again. As I sprayed him he still ran in place and kind of turned around while I sprayed him. He then introduced himself as Ed, we just moved in down the street a few months ago. I intro'd myself as I sprayed him and finally he said that is good thanks. and he jogged off. As he left is bright orange shorts that looked almost like Hooters girls shorts, were soaked and I could see he was wearing a dark thong under the short shorts.

I went inside and changed into a blue micro and went back out front. I was getting a few honkks and hollars as traffic went by but didn't care at that point. I went on about my business of my yardwaok. As I was working and a guy drove up in a Green Lexus, rolled his window down and said "excuse me, do you lie here" Yes I told him. He said OK thanks and drove off????

This day continued to be weird. At about 2:00 there was a guy and girl riding past on their bikes across te street. I head the guy say "look over there" and she said yeah, I saw him and about that time I hear this bike crash. I look acros the street and here they are crashed on top of each other. Now without thinking I run across the street wearing only a royal blue micro bikini and flip flops to ask if they are OK. The girls is cracking up laughing and the guy is pissed. His response to me was Yeah we are OK but if you would put on some f---ing clothes this would not have happened. A guy in a pickup truck stopped to see if they were OK and the male bike rider told the guy the same thing he had just told me. I am feeling a litle silly when the guy in the truck said looks to me like you need to watch where you are going a little better and if seeing a man in a skimpy little thing like that makes you crash you had better find another route cause he is out here all the time.  The girls knee is bleeding a litle bit so I asked her if she wanted something for that. She told me maybe just a little water to rinse it off. I pointed to my hose across the street and told her she could use that if that is what she wanted. She said thanks and pushed her bike acros the street. The guy rode off cursing while she riinsed herself off. Are you really out here often in something so small she asked. I don't think I have ever seen a guy wear such a skimpy swimsuit before but it looks good on you. I told her I didn't think her companion felt the same way but yes this is what i wear to work around the house in.. She said  Wow .... don't worry about Tom, he is just embarressed he crashed while looking at you. She said her name was Brenda I told her mine and she said thanks and rode off. .

Ok I go on finshing up the front of the house and was washing my truck out near the street at the end of the driveway. Up drives the Green Lexus and a woman in a business suit gets out. She hands me her business card and tells me she is a sales person for the new homes across the street. I said OH!, how are sales going over there? Pretty good she said, but there is a lttle problem. What problem, I asked. She replied "well I see you over here all the time in your litlle bikinis and I have had 3 customers in the past 2 weeks that lost interest because they saw you and were concerned what kind of a guy you were running around like that. She said I know you are not doing anything illegal and there is nothing anybody can do about it but in the name of common decency could you please consider wearing shorts or something when you are out front for the sake of our buyers?  And besdies, aren't you afraid of getting  skin cancer being out here all the time? I started out by saying very calmly that I was very sorry if I had cost her any sales and that was not my intention. Then it hit me, wait a minute, here is my cop caller I thought.! I then change my tone and asked her how long she had been selling across the street and she said about 3 months. I pointed my finger in her face and said let me just tell you a few things. I have been here for 15 years, long before there were even any houses over there. And I will wear what ever I want in my own front yard. As a matter of fact I'll just start wearing my skimpiest G-Strings out front just for you. And another thing, I want all of my potential neighbors to know how I live my life and if they don't like it they can go somewhere else and if you were an honest person you would disclose that too. And further more I am more concerned about getting lung cancer from all of the traffic you are bringing to this area with all of this traffic you will be generating. She then said I am sorry to have bothered you and walked toward her car. As far as the disclosure she said as she was getting in, we have the moniker of "thong View Estates" because of you, and she got in her car and left.

Now as I reflect I need to go over and apologize for the way I talked to her. Although I meant what I said, lashing out like that will do nothing but escilate the problem. It was just the end of a very unusual day trying to enjoy the Arizona sun.

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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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azcraig--after reading all that, I am sort of speechless.  Wow, what else could have happened?  Talk about a weird day.  However, I do commend you for sticking up for yourself.  While I can also see the real estate agent's point of view, it's hard to feel sorry for real estate developers and their agents. I doubt if she  is interested in an apology.  All she wants is sales, sales, sales!  And an apology won't help that.!  If there had been a large tree in your yard blocking someone's mountain view from her development, she no doubt would have asked you to trim it or cut it down.  Anything that interferes with her job of selling is probably all she cares about.

As for the couple crashing the bikes, if it was the guy's fault, I'm sure he is totally mortified.  No wonder he was mad.

It's amazing to me, how many times people accuse you of wearing a thong, when you are not wearing a thong.  Are these people that clueless?  Maybe the skimpiness of the back makes them look like a thong from a distance. 

Also, from your posts, it seems that your friends Paul and Marci wear thongs a lot.  I'm surprised they'd buy a home with a community pool that does not allow them.

Anyway, azcraig, you certainly have created a stir in your neighborhood.  For your sake, I hope it calms down.  Even though these things make for interesting reading by others, I'm sure there is a limit as to how much you can put up with.  I hope everyone can peacefully coexist.  Good luck!

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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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I went over on Tuesday to apologize to the lady I had gotten so short with over the weekend. I found her in the office and introduced myself and before I got done she started apologizing to me. She said she was terribly sorry what she implied and that I was completely within my rights and she should not have even said anything. I told her that I had come over to apologize for the way I talked to her. I told her I had kind of a bad day but that is no excuse for my behavior. I told her that I did mean what I said about if would be home buyers don't like what I wear I want them to know now. She agreed, and said I understand what you are saying and you are absolutley right. We both apologized again and I turned to leave. As I was leaving she said, "if you don't mind my asking, where do you find those bikinis that you wear or does your wife make them? I told her I got most of them at Nu Parr on East Indian School here in Phoenix. She asked how to spell the name and siad OK thank you and I left.

On Sunday it was another sunny day of about 108 and I spent most of the day doing yardwork in a bright yellow, lined suit.  There must have been somehting going on in the area because traffic was very heavy and lots of cops driving by. There were so many honks from passersby I lost count, In addition there were revving engines, and yells almost all day. At about 2:00 in the afternoon there is a piar of motorcycle officers going by and one of them does a double take and turns around to look at me as he rode by. He went about a block and they came back and stopped. One of them said WHAT.............ARE YOU DOING? in a very nasty tone. I am watering the plants I told him. IN THAT? he said pointing to my swimsuit. Very softly I responded, sssshhhh the plants don't care what I wear, they just want water (kind of jokingly). Then he said AND JUST WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO IMPRESS? No one I told him, why, is there a problem?. He said you are wearing a thong out in your fornt yard on a heavily travelled street and you are asking me if there is soomething wrong? Don't you see anything wrong?  I told him no, if I thought it was wrong I would not do it and I aam NOT wearing a thong. His partner was talking on the radio during this and yelled Hey Brooks, we gotta go. As Brooks got ready to leave he said to me "you need to think about what you are doing here. As they rode off the other cop looked at me and kind of waived his hand like don't worry about it and they left.

About an hour later another motorcycle cop rides up and gets off his bike. I am up near the house trimming some bushes adn he walks up and introduces himself and says he was here with patroman Brooks a while ago. I said Yeah? He went on to say that Brooks was out of bounds to talk to me like he did and he was coming back by to give me his badge number in case I wanted to file a complaint. I told him I was not intersted in doing that but did not understand why he came down on me like he did. Well that is just Brooks. You know as police officres we see about everything but what you are wearing is a bit out of the norm even though you are within your rights to do so and you are breaking no laws, it is still unusual. I told him I had been wearing this kind of stuff for years and it seems very normal to me and I don't even think about it. He told me well OK, I just wanted to give you the information if you needed to file a complaint. Have a good day. I asked him, can I ask you a question.? He  said sure. Isn't it a lttle odd for you to try to get your partner in trouble like this I asked? He said first off Brooks is not my partner, we are just together for today. Second I have been with the force for 22 years and have never had a complaint filed against me and I didn't want to risk having one now because of his actions. He got on his bike and left.

Two weeks in a row, this is getting a little old, I hope everything settles down soon as it is getting really hard to enjoy the AZ sun.

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