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JM_Runs #101

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/12/2004 09:04:01Copy HTML

Made me laugh this morning.  Congratulations, Good self control !    It's amazing how a calm reaction and self confidence can sothe a situation.   
northernlights_se #102

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:10/10/2004 04:03:23Copy HTML

Where did azcraig go? We miss your posts, craig!
rock1212 #103

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:10/24/2004 02:51:40Copy HTML

Reply to : northernlights_se
Good question!  I hope he's okay!  A while back, he was gone for a while, but I think he was having computer problems.
azcraig #104

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:10/31/2004 10:12:10Copy HTML

I have been spending a lot of time out of town so have not had many pool parties the past month or so. A couple of quick updates. We may have been to a couple since then with nothing too unusual. A week or so after I had words with, and then apologized to the real estate lady across the street, she left me an "I'm sorry" card with a $50 gift certificate to Nu Parr in it. I called over to thank her and they told me she had been relocated to another site so I got that number and called. When I finally talked to her and thanked her she siad she kind of did it as a perting gift too. She went on to tell me that the new person that replaced her had seen me and asked what that was about. I told her, she said, not to worry about you  that you were a nice guy and you and your wife just don't wear much during the summer. She went on to say that she hoped the new girl understood and would not bother me.

We had a couple of get togethers but stopped inviting Jack and Pauline. We all felt it was best as Pauline never got used to what we wear. Our group is pretty select about who we invite into it. It can be kind of trying when people join in for the wrong reasons so rather than have a problem we are just selective.

It got a little cold here the past couple of weeks and we had a couple of storms come through. I was not home to cover the pool and keep it warm, and now I have lost it (it is too cold) for the season. That does not keep me from being outside working around the house.  Nascar is in town this week so I will be at the track most of the week in shorts and a t-shirt. It is looking like it will be sunny and warm so it should be fun enjoying the Arizona sun.

azcraig #105

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/05/2005 10:08:59Copy HTML

It has been a long cold wet winter in the Phoenix area. Here it is March and I have been having to do all of my outdoor work in long sleeves shirts and pants. The weather forecast was for sunny and low 80's for this weekend. Now it is Saturday and cold and rainy and more of the same tomorow. I just hate it.  Because of all of the rain this winter the weeds are growing like.....well, WEEDS!!! And no sunny warm days to work outside. I almost have no tan lines left at all and cannot remember when that has happened. I am so spolied by our nice weather I guess to some degree I have been taking it for granted. I hope it warms up soon. This is really depressing!
JM_Runs #106

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/06/2005 06:52:52Copy HTML

Welcome back!

I was beginning to think you'd fallen off the planet! Look forward to more stories when the weather gets better!

nicthong #107

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/06/2005 08:36:01Copy HTML

Agreed: it's good to see you back Azcraig! Hope the weather improves for you!
cavalier2 #108

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/08/2005 12:19:13Copy HTML

Azcraig, I've missed your stories and insight over the last few months.  I look forward to seeing your posts again in 2005.


azcraig #109

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/13/2005 03:13:12Copy HTML

Finally! A warm sunny day in AZ. This is the first weekend in ?05 that we have had nice warm weather on the weekend. It felt great to be outdoors again. Spent the entire day outside in a red very micro bikini. Although most of the day was spent in the rear and side yard some was out front as well. The traffic on our street in now almost non-stop with all of the new homes going in around us. Only had a couple of honks and one yell today

Was out washing my truck in the driveway at the curb and a couple walked by. I was working on one side of the truck as they approached from the other. I was washing the side and never even noticed them until I raised up and there they were approaching the opposite side of the truck walking toward my side down the road. I said Hi and he said "haven't you heard it is gong to rain tomorrow.?" I told him please don't tell me that as they passed by the back of the truck and came into full view of me. They both did a major double take and I stood there in my tiny red micro. They kept on walking and she looked back a couple of times. I heard her say to him, "he's pretty bold to be wearing a thong out here". I could not hear what he said. A couple in their late twenties, I have never seen them before so don't know where they came from, but they made no comment to me about what I was wearing.


I am concerned about all of the new neighbors and traffic and the freedom to wear as little as I want around the house. It seems that the traffic volume is heavy enough now the people are watching the road and not sight seeing, which might be good for me. Although I am a little on the pale side it was really nice to get some rays and get some long overdue work done. Maybe it will stay warm now so I can continue to enjoy the Arizona sun.


On a side note,  Jean told me, as she got ready to fire up the grille and cook some steaks, that we were out of propane. Quickly remembering what happened the last time she told me that on a Sunday, I told her "well then, you better fix something else."  I wasn't going after propane now.

sunbaked #110

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/15/2005 09:27:47Copy HTML

I just barely found this board by accident. As i was reading this listing i had no idea that there were any other thongers in the Phoenix area. I wear thongs in my back yard but have never worn them beyond that. Craig you make it sound like you have been accepted for what you wear without many hassles. I wonder why you seem to not wear thongs yourself. It seems like your freinds would not mind. I do sometimes wear like a speedo out in public. Most of the time I just wear shorts. May be this summer I will try to venture out more. May be if your group has a lake outing or something some others might join in. Really liked reading your listing on here but there are things that refer to another listing of yours. Where do you find that one?
azcraig #111

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/16/2005 10:35:48Copy HTML

Sunbaked:  The references to other posts probably refer to the first Enjoying the Arizona sun posting that got too big so this second one was started. You can find the first one by going to the personal experiences page (the one you are in) and go to the bottom and where is says "page", click on the number 2. Go about 2/3 of the way down that page and you will find the first E.A.S.  As for the thong question, and I think I addressed this somewher,  I think the swimsuits that I wear are slightly more acceptable in social arenas that thong might be. The truth is that what I wear is so small, many call them thongs anyway. It is just what I have gotten used to and it works for me. Not without some hassels and some greif. It just kind of goes with the territory I guess. But over the years of being seen so much wearing so little, I think it may have desensitised most, and they have gotten used to it or just become somewhat tolerant.

northernlights_se #112

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/18/2005 05:37:56Copy HTML

Welcome back azcraig! Great to hear from you again!
sunbaked #113

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/20/2005 12:45:40Copy HTML

WOW  I have just read both of the Enjoying sun listings.  All of the experiences you have talked about are amazing. I look up to your feeling that you just wear what you want and let others get used to it. As I sit here at my computer I think I want to have the courage to wear my thongs out in public. I do not really know if I can do that but I am going to try. It does not look like it will be this week. It is going to be cloudy and cool here this weekend so I will have to wait. After reading all of your listing I see why it has had over 7000 visits. It looks like the most popular listing on the site.
azcraig #114

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/20/2005 08:02:47Copy HTML

Sunbaked; Luckily the weather guessers were wrong agian and the sun came out Sunday and it was a nice afternoon. Got to enjoy it for a while.

As far as your courage thing goes, somewhere on here I have described going in stages and I will repeat it for you because I am not sure where it is. To get more comforatble wearing your thong more than in the seclusion of your back yard,  try getting a variety of swimsuits in different cuts that are perhaps all the same color. You can go to a place called Nu Parr on E Indian School and get these various things from a speedo cut to a G-string. Then is what you do is put on the one with the most coverage and wear it around for a while. Once the neighbors get used to seeing you in that you put on one a little smaller, and keep on doing that until you get down to wearing the coverage you want. This kind of desensitises people and they often do not even realize what has happened during the stages, they just know yor swimwear has gotten very small. It has worked for some others so you might want to try it. Plus by having this assortment, you will have something that you will find appropriate for most any occation and never have to go back to shorts agian. So just go for it. Get yourself something and on one of the upcoming hot days just go out and mow the yard or wash your car and don't worry about what others think. They will get used to it.

clean_n_smooth #115

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/21/2005 12:59:31Copy HTML

I totally agree that going in steps will help build your courage. Or you can do what I did this weekend and go for broke.  Me and my friend went to a sauna. A German sauna. For those of you that don't know what that is, it is a totally no clothing day spa. Lots of different pools, dry sauna's, steam sauna's, and whirlpools. They also do massages and turkish baths. It was a totally relaxing experience. Being from a very modest Nebraska upbringing at first I was in awe of this open display. Now I feel like I could wear any thong or string anywhere in the world. After being totally naked for 4 hours and seeing other people from ages of 4 yrs old up to 60+ you feel totally free. I would recomend it to anyone that is able to go to one.
sunbaked #116

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/21/2005 09:04:05Copy HTML

I guess I better try the stages approach. Germany is a little far from Ariizona. Although the the part about being in that kind of environment for a while make be a confidence booster. If I get time this week maybe I go try to find some different cuts so I can start the process. I am not sure if I ever see myself in open public in a thong. But I can still enjoying thonging in my backyard.
azcraig #117

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/22/2005 11:33:56Copy HTML

Hey Sunbaked. If being in a totally nude environment will help you to adjust, go for it. There is a clothing optional hot springs place out in Apache Junction someplace. There also is the Shangri La nudist resort out by carefree.  I have never been to either but I will bet there are some on here that have. 
stringpe #118

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/23/2005 11:40:22Copy HTML

A question to azcraig.  Do the other couples that enjoy the smaller swimwear that you hang around with, mind you talking about your adventures with them on this board?  I do not think they any of them or active on this board, are they?  Are the other couples as open as you and your wife are?  Don't mean to put you on the spot, but was just curious.  The more people that are open to the smaller swimwear on this board the better.  I do not know if you stated your age, but I just turned 50 and I to also started with Parr back in the mid seventies.  Out in the midwest sometimes I am the only guy in a bikini. Almost never see another guy in something smaller than a bikini.  Thats why my wffe and I like to travel to places where people are more open.  Its hard to find accepting attitudes relating to the male human body in the bible belt.  When we travel outside the midwest, strangers have encouraged our choice of swimwear.  Very few negative comments.  Maybe the warmer weather opens up peoples views better.    

azcraig #119

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/24/2005 12:01:21Copy HTML

There are some in the group that know of this site but I am not sure if they visit. I think most are open enough not to have a problem with it and I am careful not to release things that need not be released. The only other one that used to be active in this was Shorts Shorts Ann before they moved a few years ago. I also am over 50 and the first I remember of Parr they were on the East side of either 7th or 16th Street next to the canal. I have followed them through the years as they have moved all over the Phoenix area. This question opens up a hand full of topics that I will share.

FIrst off I got started wearing something other than swim trunks on a dare from Short Shorts Ann. For as long as I have known her she has always worn very short shorts that usually leave her cheeks showing, hence the nickname. She had called to invite us over to her house for a cookout. I answered the phone when she called to invite us. She wanted to talk to Jean and I asked her what for? I was kidding with her and she told me she wanted to know what she was wearing (you know, one of those women things).  I made some comment about not sure what Jean was wearing and I couldn't figure out which bikini I was wearing either. I was joking but Ann jumped on that like a duck on a Junebug. Anyway after she talked to Jean, Ann had told Jean that I couldn't come if I didn't wear a bikini. I wasn't going to do that but for the next few days Jean kept bugging me about it. Finally Sunday came and Jean was still on me about calling Anns bluff and that I could wear one of her Bikini bottoms  It finally occured to me that I could really get Ann if I did in fact show up in a bikini. So Jean dug out a blue brazil cut bikini and I put it on under my shorts and off we went to Anns. We showed up and when Ann answered the door, she stuck out her hand with her palm facing me and asked "wheres the bikini"? I told her you'll see and marched right past her into the house. As I went in her and Jean were whispering and gigling. I went out on the patio and visited with Larry for a while when Jean and Ann come out in their bikinis and say let's get in the pool.. I knew it wasn't so much about gettting in the pool as it was about seeing what I had on under my shorts. As I slid off my short to reveal that I was indeed wearing my wifes bikini bottom, Ann shreiked and said Oh my God, he really did it. We all laughed as I got in the water. I knew that I had cought Ann off guard which was worth the embarressment that I tried not to let show. Then the tables turned. As Ann and Larry and Jean got in and out of the pool, I stayed in. Then another couple arrived that I did not know, and then another. Now I felt like the girl in the itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini song.....I was a afraid to come out of the water.  Then when the food was ready Ann called to everyone. All the girls were kind of huddled staring towards me in the pool. I knew that Ann now had the upper hand and if I didn't take control of the situation, she would never let me live it down.  I was the only one left in the pool. So I just swallowed my pride and got out of the pool like there was nothing unusual. Needless to say there was quite a stir. As I casually strolled over and got my food and sat down, I could see that once agian I had the upper hand in the situation. One of the other girls looked down at my bikini and said "that looks nice on you". Jean agreed and then a discussion of the dare that made me wear it took place and we all had fun at mostly my expence.   What I didn't know was that this whole thing became a set up by Jean and Ann in they both knew others were coming over that day and that should add to my humilliation. Jean told me later is really ruined Anns day when I went along with it so well.

The thing I discoverd that day is how much more comfortable the bikini bottom was over short or trunks. I saw an ad in the paper for Parr, went and bought my own bikini, and never went back to shorts. That was about 1978.

Ann and Larry moved to Florida a few years after that and we never heard from them agian.  Then there was another one of these boards, before this one existed, that I posted this message on about "what got you started". A friend of Anns in Florida saw it that knew ann lived in Phoenix, told Ann about it, she read it, and realized it was me, talking about her. They have since moved back to the Phoenix area and now live out West.of town. 

Ann was active, if not on this one maybe the board prior, until they started building thier new house a few years back and they had no internet services. I don't think she subscribes to this site but has seen it on my computer at home and has read some of the posts. So I am sure she has no problem with it. And she has brought it up to the others a couple of times by suggesting that certain things that have happened should be real interesting on here. So I think most are aware.

Ann still wears her shorts very short. Even at 50 she still is in good shape and looks good. I remember Jean and I saw here at Cosco last year mid summer. She was wearing some cut off jeans that made Daisy Dukes shorts look like bloomers, and a black top that was very thin and totally see through. the shirt had pockets on the front so you really could not clearly see her nipples from the front, but from the side you could very clearly see the sillouette of here breasts. As she bent forward and the shirt moved away from her skin you could see everything. That is just Ann. And to this day I have her to thank for breaking the ice and getting me into smaller swimwear. Jean enjoys small swimwear too. I now think almost nothing of being out in public wearing a very small microkini. At home, at freinds, at other peoples pool, at the lake, you can find me enjoying the Arizona sun, (whenever it is out)

stringpe #120

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/28/2005 01:15:20Copy HTML

Thats a great story to share.  I purchased my first bikini from Parr in 1977.  Since then I have graduated to the smallest bikini I can get away wearing.  Sometimes I will wear a thong, but in the midwest there are few places to go and feel comfortable.  I really enjoy wearing the no tie nada.  I wouldn't mind wearing something between the nada and a thong.  I need to have to get someone to make me a custom bikini, something like a micro-nada.  I personally feel if women can wear a bikini, so can men.  At 50 years old I am in better shape now then I have been in the past 10 years.  I found that the people who like the smaller swimwear are usually in shape themselves and have a healthy attitude of the human body.  The people that have a problem with men and women showing their bodies are usually overweight or obese.  If they can't wear something sexy, you can't either.  I've done alot of long distance swimming over the years at a private club.  I always wear a bikini to lap swim.  Its too hard to swim in board shorts and I can't stand them.  If I had to wear board shorts, I wouldn't even swim.  I never had a problem wearing a bikini and most women commented positively on my choice of swimwear.  I live on a lake and spend alot of time in my bikini.  I got my wife to wear some of Parr's bikinis years ago, but she has been gravitating towards more conservative swimwear.  I have been working on her victorian attitudes and I think she is going back to a more sexy bikini.  If men and women keep in shape, to me there are no age limits on what they can wear.  I personally feel its a greater accomplishment seeing a man or woman that's older and in shape, than some 20 year old.  At 20 you should be in shape, but at 50 it takes work and dedication.  Its refreshing to see other healthy attitudes and experiences.
JM_Runs #121

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/28/2005 03:27:19Copy HTML

Stringpe, I think we're on the same wavelength!  At 61, I'm in better shape than ever, work out regularly and compete in triathlons.  I'm lucky that a nearby RI beach is thong friendly, as I've moved from a Parr bikini bought in the early sixties to wear under one of those then somewhat popular reversible, side zip-up boxer suits, instead of a jock as most guys did, to now loving my orange Nu-Parr V-kini thong.  Back then, away from home and disapproving relatives (or so I assumed but dared not test), I soon ditched the boxer suit and felt very liberated in the bikini.  Now I race -- swim, bike, run -- in just my Speedo Solar, it feels so comfortable.  And yes, the 20 somethings, in their youthful slimness, all seem to wear longish gear.  At least it's spandex, not board shorts.  Interesting how many of us older guys got our starts with Parr swimwear, and still stick with it.                  SlidingG       

azcraig #122

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/29/2005 10:33:10Copy HTML

The very small bikinis I wear that most people call at thong is very close to one without actually being one. The rear panel is about 4 inches wide at the top and then narrows as it goes down. It also has an elastic strip sewn vertically in the rear. This makes the rear stay put and not move around so when in a setting that you do not want to wear a thong, it will not turn into one.  They seem to wear very well and to me are very comfortable. These are a custom suit made by Nu Parr. To order one call them at 602-279-4044 and ask for Yvonne. Tell her you want the Arizona Rio style and she knows what that is. I am not sure the guy there is familiar with that cut.
stringpe #123

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/30/2005 02:19:39Copy HTML

Thanks azcraig for the information on your type of swimming suit from Nu-Parr.  I hope to add a new suit to my collection.  I look forward hearing of more adventures from your exciting life.  My life sounds quite dull compared to yours.  I wish I lived somewhere warmer.  Maybe I would have met more people with a healthy postive view on men's and womens bodies.  I'm sure most of the people on this board wished they had a group of friends that didn't take life too serious and were as open as you are to the human body.  More people should take the attitude of live and let live.  Life's too short to sweet the small stuff.  We need more people like youself you march to their own tune when it comes to mens fastionable swimwear. 
sunbaked #124

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/30/2005 12:58:20Copy HTML

I was on E Indian School today and was lookig for the Nuparr store. I did not find it and did not find it in the phone book. Have they moved or can somebody give me directions to it?
azcraig #125

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/01/2005 10:44:30Copy HTML

Parr is at 929 E Indian Schol Rd on the South side of the street. It is kind of hard to find but is across the street from the McDonalds. Last time I was there I dont think there was a sign out front but the building has a white sign with black letters that says....I think it is "Workroom:. Parking is in the rear and there is a very narrow driveway on the East end of the building right next to the La Paz mortuary. If you look you will see some displays in there window. Hope this helps
don85259 #126

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/01/2005 05:54:17Copy HTML

I find that it is easier to park in the parking lot of the funeral home next door to Parr and walk over.  Their new store is very small and their selection is more limited now, but it is still the same old Parr we've always known. 

Ever since I moved to Arizona in 1993, I've been a patron of Parr.  Back in 1995 and 1996, under a prior owner, I used to do some modeling for them.  This is when they were on 7th Street between Indian School and Camelback, which was by far their best location. 


azcraig #127

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/04/2005 11:46:21Copy HTML

I attended a community meeting recently that was for information about coming development, coming community activities, and general concerns. Late in the meeting a guy stood up and asked the Board what all their purpose was. They told him that they were there to keep the community informed and help with planning and were a venue to work out problems and concerns in the community. They went on to say they sometimes are asked to work out disputes and address issues on a community level, and arrange meeting like this one etc. Then the guy said, "good, then maybe you can do something about the guy that is parading around in a g-string in his front yard all the time. I have called the police and they told me there is nothing they can do".  There were a few giggles in the crowd as he stood there waiting for an answer. The Chairperson then said that she assumed he was talking about me, describing my house, to which he said "thats the one". Well she said, he has been here as long as I have and although I dont ever recall seeing him in a g string, I will admit his attire is rather brief, and he has been out every summer as long as I can remember. I think the police department is right in there is nothing they can do because he is not breaking any laws and...then the guy interrupted and said "how about disturbing the peace?" She then told him she didn't feel he is disturbing anyone, although some might be uncofortable with it, he is within his rights. Then he said "so you aren't going to say anything to him either, is that what you are saying? She then told him that there was no point because the man you are talking about is Mr. Philips, and he is sittng right behind you, so you have already told him. He turned around and I was there in a suit and tie, and I stood up and introduced myself to him and shook his hand. As I was shaking has hand he asked me "so what is that all about anyway? I asked him where he lived and how long had he been in the area. He told me where he lived and that he had been here about 6 months. I told him I had been there over 15 years, I was there when his house was still a cotton field and any time he wanted to discuss this we was free to stop by, and I sat down. He kind of stood there for a minute as the Chairperson moved on to the next topic then he sat down.

After the meeting as we were leaving I cornered the guy and told him that I was sorry if my weekend work attire offended him. But just for the record I do not wear a g-string or a thong and it is actually just a small mens bikini. I then told him that I had lived there for over 15 years and I didn't ask him to move to this area so it is somewhat unreasonable to move into an area and then expect people that were there before you to change their lifestyles to satisfy your tastes. There were a few others gathering around listening to our conversatin at this point. He then said that he thought it was disgusting, to which I responded "then don't look". Then he said I don't even drive down that street anymore, I go around. I told him OK then, problem solved as he walked away. A conversation of those that had gathered started with comments like, I'll have to admit the first itme I saw you I about drove off in the ditch, but I am used to it now,   your not doing anything illegal so don't worry about it,  your thongs are a little riske, and he should be happy we have had a long cool winter, usually you have been out since mid February. Then this woman who intorduced heself as Connie told me not ot worry about him. She is a part of the H.O.A. where he lives and he is at every meeting complaining about something. From trash cans blocking the sidewalk on trash day, to a guy working on his car in the driveway, which turned out to be he was changing a flat tire, to his neighbors kids doing cannonballs in their pool and splashing water into his yard.  I have driven by on many occasion since I moved here almost 3 years ago. Although it is not socially the norm in this country, I have travelled to a lot of countires where it would not be an issue. Maybe if our society found less coverage more acceptable, people would be a little more motivated to take care of themselves. He husband then interjected, "yeah, can you imagine that fat slob in a speedo? (The guy that was complaing about me was probably about 5'10 and 300 plus pounds and looked like the Michelin tire man). Then her husband (didn't get his name) said, "you know, Connie is right, look around at most of the people here and most of them are overweight and abviously do not get enough time off of the couch.

We then parted and I went home but am a little less comfortable becasue I am sure there are many that share the same opinion. Now with thousands of new neighbors in all of the new development it makes me wonder how much longer I can continue to enjoy the Arizona sun as I do?

nicthong #128

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/05/2005 02:03:40Copy HTML

Craig - I know that I don't have the same perspective that you do, and I know I'm not the one that has to face comments like that, but for as long as I've been a member of this board and have read your stories of various encounters, you have always shown an attitude that is respectful and polite and you stand up for your rights. These are good qualities.

Maybe there are others that share this guys opinion - in fact, I have no doubt that there are! - but take encouragement and strength from those others that, although they may not join you in wearing such brief attire, honour your right to do so. I'm not suggesting you just keep going completely regardless of others, but I believe you have enough sense and self-respect to keep enjoying the Arizona sun as you do at the moment. I hope - for your sake and for the sake of society as a whole - that you will never ben forced to give up your rights for the sake of other people's insecurity and jealousy.

Take care and enjoy the summer!

sunbaked #129

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/05/2005 06:46:11Copy HTML

On my second try I found Nu Parr by parking in the funeral home parking lot and walking next door. It is a small llittle boutique but there was quite a variety there. I ended up buying an Apollo, a G suit and a No Tie Nada.  I did not see the Arizona Rio suits but the Nada is quite small. All are in a royal blue color so I guess I will stat this weekend with the Apollo and have promised myself to venture out in it. We will have to see what happens.
stringpe #130

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Thank again to azcraid for the information on an Arizona Rio.  I placed my order yesterday.  I sympathize with your dilemma.  What rights does someone have telling another person what appropriate to wear on your own property.  I find that type of attitude repulsive.  After all isn't this the US?  Aren't people free to express themselves within the definition of the law?  I'm sure if you told him that you find his weight to be gross and he should not venture out in public, he would tell you where to go.  Personally I feel fat and obese people look far worse than a man or women in a micro swimming suit or a thong.   The human body is something to be reveled, not repulsed.  People have the right to their own personnal enjoyment of life and property.  I see people all the time telling what other people can and cannot do with themselves and their property.  They need to get a life and stay out of other peoples affairs.  It took alot of courage to stand up in public and state your rights.  I wish you would have asked one question to this man.  What gives you the right to tell me or anyone one else how to live my life?  Unfortunately in the midwest this happens all the time.  Not too many people stand up for their rights.  I had an incident last summer on a public beach on a lake.  I was told I could not wear a rio style bathing suit becuase it was a family beach.  I said if women can wear one so can men.  I demanded they put that in writting and send it to me.  Seems this particular ranger took it upon himself to decide what I could wear.  However his boss said if someone complains I would have to cover up.  We will see this summer.  I have the same rights as any other man or women and will not be told what swimming suit to wear on a tax funded public beach.  According to the Illinois Department of Natural Resourses thong are legal, so rio backed swimwear is also legal.  Keep fighting or all will be lost.  Then a select few will decide what everbody can wear even around your house and yard.  I see now board shorts have a 24 inch inseam.  My inseam is only 30 inches.  These are closer to pants than swimming suits.  Keep standing up for your rights, we are all behind you.  Otherwise ther will be one less man out their wearing a bikini and the conservatives have won another battle.     
JM_Runs #131

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Azcraig, I often wish more young men would start wearing thongs. Then you handle a situation like that with courage and grace, and I am glad that some older heads are on the thong bodies.

You handled his complaints with courage, grace and resolution, not an easy task in a public forum. Don't you dare modify your behavior to appease that slob, other wise he will have one a little.

I am glad that your board also dealt with him politely but curtly. Although there was not a vote on the subject it sort of sets the standard for future meetings. I am an officer on my own home owners board. It is a defensive political move. My over grown hedges and tatty boats on my dock that I feel defensive about, more than my cycling down the street in a thong.

Good work !!

azcraig #132

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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I have been approached by two people I had never met since that meeting and was thanked for standing up to this guy. I guess most of his neighbors don't get along with him. He lives alone and is retired/disabled, or something and does not work. I guess he has nothing better to do than complain about others. One lady that talked to me did not know me and does not drive by my house, (didn't know where it was) and she told me that he has become like the hall monitor is school for their street. She told me that he will  drive up and down the street leaving sticky notes on peoples mail boxes if he sees something he does not feel is right. She went on to say that he takes over the H.O.A. meetings and most everyone is sick of listening to him. She then asked "so do you really wear like a thong while mowing your lawn and such? I told her I didnt wear a thong but it was a rio cut mens bikini and that is my summer weekend work attire and that is what I wear most of the time.

I am thinking about going over to this guys house and trying to talk to him. Maybe he has no friends and just having someone to talk to might sooth his ruffled  feathers a little. Do any of you agree with that or am I just going to stir him up more? I am kind of on the fence on this one.

sunbaked #133

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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I see that it is going to be warm and sunny here this weekend. I AM going to see what happens when I wear my apollo  that I just bought outside. It will be kind of interesting to see what the neighbors say or do.. I hope there is not a problem. I would like to enjoy the freedom that Arizona Craig does around his house. My wife is not to keen on the idea even though she says she likes what I bought. She thinks that wearing them out fornt may be a recipe for trouble. I guess I will find out tomorrow 
sunbaked #134

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Today was a beautiful day here in Az. I did wear my new Apollokini from NuParr all day from about 10 in the morning on. I should have used more sunscreen because my shoulders got a little red. I spent time in the front of my house. I mowed my yard and swept and other things. Was out there about 2 hours. I saw af few of my neighbors and they waved but nobody said anything. I was very reluctant to go out at first. Once I was out there for a while it seemed ok. Now I will have to move to something smaller in weeks to come. It was nice not having to wear shorts. Thanks Az Craig for the encouragement. 

Craig what kind of adventures did you have this weekend?

nicthong #135

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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@azcraig: I'd agree with you in that it sounds like this guy needs a friend - or at least someone to talk to. It seems like he's a little bitter - perhaps about his own situation - and, sadly, it's very easy for single people to get down and insecure. A very common reaction to insecurity is to put others down because it gives a sense of elevating the self. There's a whole lot of this in society as it is. Going to see him could help... but you're probably best advised to do it with caution and a good dose of sensitivity. Don't expect him to welcome you with open arms; if he is insecure in some way, his defenses will go up straight away and he could just think you're there to cause trouble. Reassuring him that that's not your intention would be a good starting point. I've every confidence you'd do this anyway because you've demonstrated respect for others in the past and - even at the top of this particular page - you've mentioned ways of 'keeping the peace'. So in answer to your question, I think it would be a good thing to do... but I also think his natural ingrained first reaction will be that it might stir things up. Go with that expectation, a lot of patience and tolerance, and you could do this situation a whole lot of good! I wish you all the best, whatever you decide to do.

don85259 #136

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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I would not bother the guy in his home.  He sounds paranoid at best and people like this I've dealt with in the past are not going to change their ways after one or two conversations with you. 

If you think it appropriate, strike up a conversation with him the next time you happen to meet.  I would not, however, seek him out. 

For my part of enjoying the Arizona sun, I went hiking in a thong on Sunday.  I left the house with small shorts, then ditched those shorts on the trail to reveal a red and orange thong from Skinzwear.  Had a great hike, got a lot of color and received quite a few looks but no comments.  There weren't that many people on the trail so that was good.  All in all, an enjoyable experience. 


azcraig #137

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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After being approached by a few people I had figured out where this guy lived. I went over to visit with him and see if I could ease his tension a little. I rang his door bell and he opened the door and said'what do you want"? I responded that he had expressed concerns at the meeting and I was only there to try to understand his issues. Standing in the door he told me "my issue is that you run around half naked  and that offends me and I don't like it." I then told him that I had lived there for many years and have worn that kind of weekend attire for a long time. I do not do it to offend or upset anyone, it is just the way I am most comfortable and when I go outside on the weekends I dont even think about it.. He then said "well maybe you should think about it because it bothers a lot of people besides just me." Really, I resonded, how many people have talked to you about this and expressed a concern since last week?" He then told me that "people dont talk to him much I just know, thats all". I said "well I have talked to many people over the years and most dont object and no one has made the fuss over it that you have and I just wanted to understand your perspective. Like I said I am not trying to offend anyone, even you, and that if you are truly offended I am sorry." Then he asked, "but you aren't going to stop it are you?" I told him it was not likely and that is my comfort level and just like I would tell you how to run your life, I would only ask the same from you." He then said " well you aren't going to change what you do and I am not going to change how I feel so I guess we are just wasting time here" and started to close the door. Before he did I thanked him for taking a few moments to talk with me and wished him a nice day (although I really didnt mean that).

The guy was very gruff and I am sure I did not make any headway. Don, you were probably right in that I should have left him alone, but I felt I had to at least try. I guess I can only hope that he does not drive by any more while I am out enjoying the Arizona sun.

JM_Runs #138

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Wow! A home visit. That's brave!

I tend to be averse to confrontations. I'm friendly to all, but in the face of rude comments I ignore them and just go about my business. Your direct approach to talking with the individual took emotional courage. That's more proactive than I would have been.

You provide me with inspiration. A very good example of tackling a social problem straight on, with out procrastination. Three cheers.
BeachBum413 #139

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Being in the conservative part of ffice:smarttags" />Michigan my neighbors don't understand me either. So I have adapted the following strategy - when I'm at home and it's warm enough I wear my strings and thongs in the back yard. So far no one has said anything to me and the wife likes the view. When I'm at the lake it depends on who is around and I generally wear Dore ultra low bikinis. It seems as long as my rear is covered I can get away with most anything. It has taken me a long time to educate the lake folks - a little bit more revealing each year - but they accept me now and in general I try and wear as little as possible. The real problem is with my kids - they are really conservative and don't understand grandpa - (but my granddaughter likes the small suits) but generally ignore me. I guess that when you get older you don't have some of the hang-ups that the younger folks do.

sunbaked #140

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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I admire you for having the nerve to go to that guys house. It is really good that you are standing up for the rights of us all, It is really encouraging to me that you are so open about it. Today when I got up I was going to muster enough courage to spend the day outside in something little.  By the time I read the paper it was almost 10:30 so I went and put on my Apollokini to go outside. But the time came and I could not do it. I sat down at the computer and read through your stories. It was then that I realized I had to go for it. I went out back for a while. It was  warm enogh outside that I wore my Apollokini all afternoon. The boldest thiing I did was wash the car. I was out there for near an hour. Waived to one neighbor and talked to another for a few minutes. I wanted them to say something about what I was wearing. Nobody said a word so they must be all right with it.  Az Craig is right on when he talks about how much more comfortable it is than clunky old shorts.  It makes me feel good that nobody said anything to me. I feel brave enough now that I am going to wear my g suit tomorrow. at this rate I will be thongin in no time.

don85259 #141

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/17/2005 09:04:39Copy HTML

The result I'm not surprised by.  As I predicted, he took your seeking him out at his home turf to be an affront.  Aside from the fact he is rather ignorant and opinionated, confronting people at their home, even if done nicely as you did, is just not wise.  As the expression goes, he was dug in like an Alabama tick and wasn't going to budge one iota. 

You have a better chance of reasoning with him logically in a neutral turf, where he can't hunker down like he did and be recalcitrant.  It sounds like he is just best left alone and you need to go on about your business.  He's probably old and set in his ways, and no amount of talking you can do will change that.  There are a lot of people like this in Maricopa County, such as anti-tax miscreants who rail against the government but then want everything legislated to death. 

Good luck with your future enjoying the sun endeavours. 


azcraig #142

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Don; I would have to say that you were right. I probably should not have gone over there. At the time it seemed like the right thing to do to assure him I was not a bad guy and was not out to offend or upset him.  I have talked to a few about this situation and Larry seems to think that the guy is like a hermit and now that I have confronted him he will likely leave me alone.  He seems to think that peolple like that try to avoid confrontations. If larry is right then I will consider that a gain. But it is hard to tell. I can only hope that I did not stir him up or energize him to pursue his cause.

I did spend the weekend outside, mostly out front. Saturday I wore a red and Sunday a neon green micro with very little response. A jogger went past, and waived, a few people did turn arounds with slow driving by second looks, a guy showed up from the pool company to check on my pool ( just had it pebble tech coated) he talked with me for a few minutes, and a couple drove by 4 of 5 times before they stopped to ask for directions. They were very lost and should have been in Tempe, 10 or 12 miles East. After I gave them instructions, they thanked me a left.  Not ONE person said anything about what I was wearing. I guess that is a good thing.

stringpe #143

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Thanks to azcraig for the lead on an Arizona Rio from Nu-Parr.  My new suit arrived a couple of days ago.  The suit fits great.  Its been at least 10 years since I ordered a suit from Nu-Parr.  Quality is still great and the front of the Arizona Rio is micro-sized and fits just right.  Back of the suit is 4 inches wide, covers more than a thong and does not ride up.  If a person wants to wear a little more than a thong this is the perfect suit.  No one should have a problem with you wearing a suit like this.  Good luck in the future.
azcraig #144

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/23/2005 11:47:23Copy HTML

The minimal coverage, and the design that keeps it from moving around make that suit very comfortable. That is why I wear them so much. It is a great cut and fit that I have not found in others. I don't know why I haven't mentioned it before.
stringpe #145

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/25/2005 04:49:38Copy HTML

The Arizona Rio is a great suit to wear when thongs are prohibited or when someone wants a little more coverage than a thong provides.  Its amazing the suit stays put and doesn't ride up.  Nu-Parr should advertise this suit on their webb-site.  I think the response would be worth it.  Does Nu-Parr make this suit for women?  My wife may want to try one for herself. 
azcraig #146

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/25/2005 09:49:10Copy HTML

Yes the Az Rio comes in a womans cut too. My wife has a couple. The fronts on the womens cuts are naturally smaller. One of hers she had the elastic put in the front panel like the rear panel has. She can even dive from the diving board and not worry about the bottoms moving around.
sunbaked #147

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/29/2005 01:03:04Copy HTML

It is going to be sunny and warm in Arizona this weekend. If I don\t have to work I hope to get outside and to enjoy it. Craig you have not told us about any pool parties yet this year. Have you had any? May be this weekend? 
azcraig #148

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/01/2005 02:45:48Copy HTML

It has been a very mild spring and as a group we have not assembled but have been in touch. In addition, we have just finished having our pool resurfaced so our place has been kind of out of service anyway. On that subject, last week I was home during the day to fill the pool. I spent most of the day around the house in a royal blue micro filling the pool through the pool heater so the water would be warm. About 2 in the afternoon some guy shows up from the pool company to check on the progress of filling the pool. He came to the backyard gate and when I asked if I could help him, he looked down at what I was wearing and them said, "oh I am sorry to show up unannounced, I was just in the area and was going to check on the pool, I can check back later, in about an hour or so if that is OK. I told him he could do what ever he needed now if he wanted. He asked, are you sure I am not intruding? I told him no, that he could come on in. I could tell he was very uncomfortable but he came in looked at the pool, gave me his card and told me to call if there were any problems and quickly left.
rock1212 #149

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/01/2005 07:24:28Copy HTML

I have been in a similar kind of situation with people being uncomfortable around me.

I knew one guy who had always seen me in street clothes until he saw me in a Skinz Skinny-Side Rio at the pool at the apartment complex I used to live at. He didn't quite know how to handle it at the time. The next time I saw him I was in street clothes, and I think he realized I was cool. At the time when he saw me in swimming attire, he just didn't quite know how to handle it. I think we ran into each other again at the pool, and he was much more at ease with the whole situation.
azcraig #150

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/05/2005 11:12:52Copy HTML

Because of our new pool surface that has to be brushed every day for 10 days, I have been home all week in mid day to brush the pool. Today a lady stopped by, again unannounced from the pool company, to check on the status of the pool. As the dogs started barking and raising heck, I realized there must be someone out front. When I went to the gate she was there. She asked if she could come in and check the chemicals in the water and do a final check on the pool. I opended the gate and she walked right past me focussed on the pool.  As I followed her toward the pool I told her I was just finishing giving the sides their daily brushing. I then asked how much longer I would have to brush it.  She took a sample of water out of the pool and then turned around and started to say somethng but just stopped with her mouth hanging open as she saw me there in my bright blue micro. She said' Well, it looks like you are all ready for the pool. She then gave me final instrucitons and told me I didn't have to brush it any more and started to leave. As she headed for the gate she apologized for just dropping in and said that she had tried to call but got no answer and figured she would stop by and hopefully someone would be home. She said obviously you were not ecpecting anybody to show up. I asked her why she said that and she responded that "well I would assume you don't have guests over when you are just wearing a little tanning thong. I let her know that the bikini I had on is what I wear all of the time with or without guests and that her dropping in was no problem. Well, that explains the nice tan she said as she went out the gate. I followed her out and went to the street to roll in the garbage can as she was getting in her car. Before she got in she asked, so is that really all you wear, even out here, is that little thing? I told her that was it. She smiled, them made kind of a funny face while shaking her head no and as she got in her car she said  "well enjoy your new pool" and left.

I don't think she was impressed but I don't really care. And the part she will liikely never understand is that even if I had known she was coming, I would have been wearing the same thing while out enjoying the Arizona sun. 

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