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JM_Runs #201

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:08/25/2005 07:13:41Copy HTML

Working in your front yard in micros or thongs or whatever doesn't hurt anybody. Neither does going to the supermarket in a thong, but I don't think that's appropriate. In the front yard, I say go for it. Maybe the people complaining should take a little perspective on this one. Trouble is these are the ones who are really not taking into consderation fully the thoughts and feelings of others.

Loud music, smoking, etc - legal, yes, but harmful to others. Thong wearing, tattoos, piercings, - all legal too, but are the individuals choice and only have any real affect on that individual. Others may not care for it, or may even be offended by seeing it, but they can determine if it really has any affect on them directly. So choose NOT to let it have an affect, and get on with your day. Let the individual be themselves too.

Let's get on with enjoying the Arizona sun!

nicthong #202

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:08/25/2005 09:09:56Copy HTML

Although I could, I don't want to spur this debate on further; I just want to point out that the topic of discussion has changed slightly. After all, this is not a debate over what's right or wrong (you can't determine what's right or wrong based on the view of just a few people - otherwise running in running tights or swimming in speedos would also be wrong), nor is this a debate over what's appropriate or inappropriate (if it's inappropriate to dress down in the heat, that would suggest it's inappropriate to wrap up in warm clothes if it's cold); no, this has become a discussion of what we do when faced with others that don't agree with our preference, which as Buttstrap said is an issue of social responsibility.

However, what this thread is really about is Craig's enjoyment of the Arizona sun. The most recent discussion has been a response to the accusation that he does this for the rush, to satisfy his exhibitionist nature, and for pure self-gratification. The reality is that although Craig does go about his life enjoying his freedom and exercising his rights (yes, but to the dismay of a few), Craig's posts clearly display an acute awareness of his social responsibility. Here are just a few examples:

"I went over on Tuesday to apologize to the lady I had gotten so short with over the weekend."
"...he had expressed concerns at the meeting and I was only there to try to understand his issues."
"I think everyone enjoyed themselves and I don't think, at least I hope, my swimwear did not offend anyone."
...and finally...
"I try not to push my morals or taste in swimwear off on anyone. I usually try to be respectcful of others feelings... There are occasions where we have folks over that do not approve of my very minimal swimwear. On those occasions I wear a speedo cut bikini."

Craig has only ever expressed his enjoyment at wearing small suits with friends (i.e. being himself) and enjoying the sun. This isn't exhibitionism, this isn't exposing himself for some kind of rush, and this isn't pure self-gratification. Yes, he wants to enjoy himself but there's nothing wrong with that. Social responsibility isn't about stopping doing anything that someone else disagrees with (some people will complain about anything just to get some attention) but about being aware and considerate of others. Craig is both aware and considerate otherwise he wouldn't have written any of the above. The 'support' Craig received at the community meeting he attended when one person objected to his small suits would suggest that, at least for the moment, he doesn't need to worry about upsetting or offending too many people. Sure, it's inappropriate to behave in a manner or do something that offends or harms on a large scale but you can't please everyone all the time and there's no point in trying. The majority of people may find Craig's attire unusual but, if you read through all his posts, you'll find the majority of people also just let him get on with it. I'd suggest we do the same.

azcraig #203

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:08/25/2005 10:05:43Copy HTML

Let me clear my position on some of this.  First of to Stungun: At first, in the beginning, many ears ago there was some feeling of satisfaction when I would emerge and catch everyone offguard. Call it what you want, but to me it was never and "in your face" kind of deal. I have always, and still do try to be sensitive to others and the surroundings. Now I don't even think about it. On my days off in the warm weather I get up put on a micro and go about my daily routine. I don't look at which neighbor is outside and, until you mentioned it, never gave it a thought about who I should and who I shouldn't go out in front of. Actually I have not even made a mental list of who does and who doesn't. What is a stretch for some is everyday for me. I don't skydive. For me that would be quite challanging mentally to jump out of an airplane. If I wanted to be on the ground I would just stay there. For those that do I,m sure it is a rush fo them, and for the more experienced ones, it probably becomes somewhat routine.
When working in the triple digit temps it is nice to get in and out of the pool or just spray yourself down with the hose. I have found that I get the best effect when the water can evaporate from my skin. If you are waering pants and a shirt when you get wet, then your just sticky. My choice of swimwear is not done to alienate anyone. There are times that wearing what I wear is inapropriate. But the question is inapropriate to whom? There was an occation once where I was along the side of the road changing a flat tire in a micro. That was inapropriate. But the situation came up and I painted myself into a corner and ahd little choice.
I also indulge in work in my backyard and in our animal pen in my weeekend micros. The animal pen is about 80 X 100 and is completley surrounded by dense landscaping. Nobody can see in so it is very private. There are a lot of activities I don't report on here. Those are just not worth writing.
There have been folks join in our group that want to be a part for what I think are the wrong reasons. We enjoy time spent together. There are no drugs, no heavy drinking, no sexual tension amoung the regulars. Those that don't agree with that kind of conduct are not invited back. They ARE alienated for obvious reasons.
I do what I do because to me is appropriate. Over time many have come to, well, I'm not sure it they accept it or just get used to it, but they don't object to it. For many that drive, ride, jog, walk, or stop by, it has become somewhat normal to see me going about my activities wearing only a very small bikini.
If you smoke and I don't like it I can leave. Have you alienated me? Maybe. But it is I that has chosen to change what I was doing by leaving. Same goes for people that drink to get drunk. I just leave when it gets to that. People that don't like what I am wearing have the simple choice of not looking.
You have charectarized me as being some kind of exhibitionist that is only trying to get a stir out of others. You are way off base. For some this board is a way of communicating common feelings, For others it is entertainment. And some, like yourself, are just bored and have nothing better to do. I wonder why you read this? Does it give you a rush? Or is there some other reason you would continue to follow something you seem to find so objectionable?  I am not trying to instill my morals on you or any others. I dont approve of smioking pot and doing drugs but you will not find me on message boards of people that do trying to make them feel they are wrong.
Say what you will. Think what you will. But I think in my surroundings what I do not inapropriate. Different, Yes. But if we all did and thought the same things, life would truly be boring.

ButtStrap #204

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:08/26/2005 02:20:42Copy HTML

What StunGun is pointing out is the hypocrisy in many of the messages on this board, not only in azcraig's posts.

A thong is not "just underwear" or "just a swimsuit." It's an item of clothing designed to be highly provocative and
sexually alluring. It forces attention on the most intimate parts of the human body. That's why it's been worn by
strippers, both male and female, for decades. Its primary purpose is to tease the audience in the most erotic way
possible, while staying a step ahead of the law.

StunGun isn't saying there's anything wrong with that. He's only commenting on how insincere it is to pretend that
a thong, or any other very revealing micro, is just a mundane, ordinary garment, like a scarf or a sweater. It would
be far more honest, and more interesting, to admit to the exhibitionistic rush of wearing something so sexy in public
and getting away with it.
Dennis at Thong Beach #205

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:08/30/2005 06:45:33Copy HTML

Hey StunGun, while I don't necessarily agree with everything you said, you make some good points.  Thanks for a good dose of reality!
Spencer93727 #206

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/16/2005 12:40:22Copy HTML

When I first started reading StunGun's posts, I rolled my eyes and thought, "Oh no, here we go... another rant from some anti-thonger complaining about `standards' and what is `appropriate'..."  But then as I kept reading, I realized that StunGun is actually right in most of what he says.  Folks, I believe there is such a thing as "responsible thonging," as opposed to "irresponsible thonging," which actually gives thongers a bad name and just hurts our cause by turning more people against thongs.

Let me describe the situation in my home city.  I live in Tokyo.  10-15 years ago, pretty much every pool in the city allowed thongs.  Now there are many pools that explicitly prohibit thongs.  Why?  Did Japanese people suddenly turn all puritanistic on us?  No.  A not insignificant portion of the thonging population got carried away, wearing the most extreme G-strings with tiny micro front pouches, constantly walking and "prancing" around at pools in front of children and families, and just generally making a spectacle of themselves.  I see this behavior even today at the pools that still allow thongs.  (Once when I was thonging at a public pool, a guy in a G-string followed me the whole time, rubbing his crotch and just being really creepy.  He made no effort to be discreet about his lewd behavior.)  The fact is, these people are taking their exhibitionist behavior too far.  They have offended a great number of people, who have complained to pool management, with the result that many pools here now prohibit thongs altogether.

Let's face it, a lot of people just find thongs offensive.  Is their belief grounded in any OBJECTIVE measure of what is appropriate and what is not?  Of course not.  Is their discomfort caused by their own subjective beliefs about what is appropriate and what is not?  Yes.  Do I wish things were different and people were more accepting of thongs?  Of course I do!  But the simple fact is, we thongers choose to engage in a behavior that we KNOW makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

For this reason, I try to strike a balance between my own desire to thong and the sensibilities of other people.  Do I get a charge out of wearing a thong in public?  Of course I do.  I think probably the main reason 90% of us like to wear thongs is for the adrenaline rush of pushing the limits of acceptable swimwear.  I know I do.  (I don't know why, but that's just the way I am, and I have come to accept it.)  Yes, I have discovered practical reasons for wearing thongs, e.g. they feel better in the water than any other swimsuit, they don't crawl up your butt like a regular speedo necessitating that you constantly pull them back down over your butt, and these are great additional reasons to wear a thong.  But let's not kid ourselves.  We like the thrill of pushing the envelope.

When I thong, I do try to exercise some discretion.  I make sure to thong only at pools where I know there will be no children.  (It's not that I think children are traumatized by the sight of a human butt.  It is that parents may be upset when someone exposes their butt to their children.)  I do not wear tiny G-strings with no liner that become see-through when wet.  I do not go constantly prancing around the pool, or return to the locker room again and again to change into ever-smaller swimsuits.  I wear a regular (non-string-type) thong, swim normally like I would in any standard speedo, maybe do some stretching exercises by the pool, maybe walk over to the sauna, and just try to behave the way I would if I were in a regular suit.  Depending on the pool location or how crowded the pool is, I might stay covered with a small towel while I am walking around poolside.  Through my own experiences I have realized that if I just exercise a little discretion and good judgment, no one will hassle me or tell me to leave. 

Yes, during the whole time that I am thonging at a pool, I love the thrill of wearing a tiny swimsuit.  But I hate making people uncomfortable.  So it is always a fine line between satisfying my own desires and respecting the wishes of others.  Sadly, there are many thongers who do not try to balance those competing interests.  Those thongers are doing no one any good--not the people they offend, and certainly not themselves, as their behavior just turns more people against thongs and causes more locations to prohibit thongs altogether.

Tyr1957 #207

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/16/2005 05:34:44Copy HTML

To Spencer93727:

I couldn't have said it more clearly. I agree 100%.


nicthong #208

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/18/2005 08:33:43Copy HTML

Absolutely. We thongers, as a minority, must be responsible in what we do. I would agree with everything Spencer93727 has to say. And he's right, StunGun is right in most of what he has to say too. But, Spencer, you say you exercise discretion in the interest of 'responsible thonging' by not wearing tiny g-strings that go see-through, by not prancing around, and by behaving like you would in any standard speedo, so we can hardly start criticising Craig given he does pretty much the same. He doesn't wear thongs, he gets on with 'business as usual', he doesn't prance around, he doesn't "rub his crotch", and in fact he doesn't go to a public place like a public swimming pool either - he does it all at home (even if that does include his own front yard). All in all, according to your standards, Craig exercises discretion too.

Sadly, other than provoking some good discussion and more rounded thoughts on responsible thonging (yes, I'll admit I've been challenged by some of what's been said!), all that's happened on this thread recently is that it's pretty much forced a regular contributor of the board to shy away. I just hope Craig is able to continue enjoying the Arizona sun despite what's been thrown in his direction on this thread.

Sun in peace, azcraig.

azcraig #209

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/20/2005 12:35:42Copy HTML

A combination of down computer, then a broken DSL box, and then being out of town over the past 8 weeks or so has not allowed me to visit here much.
First off I understand the point SG is making. I know that what I wear is not normal, as in standard. I know that to many it may be inapropriate, and I know that there may be some deep down hidden motive for it beyond the comfort level. I don't go to bed the night before with fantasies of being outside wearing next to nothing, and I don't get up in the morning put on my micro and run outside to see who I can catch more people offguard. For me, this activitiy has become simply routine. I share it with everyone on this board and am so open about it, hoping it becomes more acceptable. I really believe that is working. The honks, cat calls, and other reactions of that nature are becoming less frequent. Either everybody is so busy as they drive by that nobody notices anymore, or they have just become accustomed to it. I hope it is the latter. I know for a fact that many folks have just gotten used to it and they have grown comfortable with what I am wearing. To me, that is a positive thing. If everyone got used to it that would be great. I don't do it for the thrill, so I would be perfectly happy if everyone did it.
I have had a lot of positive things happen over the years as a result of my small swimsuits. Some of them include, the numerous compliments that I have had, the hand drawn trophy cup I recieved for best bikini, the rio swimsuits left on my door from unknown neighbors, the sheet of paper with the lipstick lips print on it that said "you make my weekends something to look forward to, I love you",  the prizes for best swimsuit at pool parties, all of the folks that have stopped, some total stangers, and struck up a pleasant conversation, and some I have inspired to wear thier smaller swimwear in public. There are lots of negs too but I try not to dwell on them. Bottom line is that my wife and I, as well as our friends enjoy life here in the desert. I am not ashamed of that nor do I try to force my views on others. That is for them to decide on their own.
Would I be happier if everyone shared my opinion on swimwear? Absolutely!  That will not likely happen but in the mean time I feel like I am continuing to erode the dork shorts for guys stereotype, one person at a time. There are only a few billion more people to convert, but I am doing my part.
There are quite a few experiences to catch up on over the past few weeks and now that my computer is up and running I will share some of them as time allows.
But meanwhile, I continue to enjoy the Arizona sun.
nicthong #210

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/20/2005 05:40:19Copy HTML

Good to see you back around Craig. Sorry to have jumped to conclusions - I look forward, along with many others I'm sure, to continuing to read about your enjoyment of the sunshine. And I actually hope to add some of my own reports following my upcoming vacation (cos let's face it, the UK doesn't have the most thong-friendly weather!). Welcome back, sir!
ButtStrap #211

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/22/2005 04:34:04Copy HTML

I was startled to read StunGun's post. It's such a complete reversal of his earlier opinions, which I had agreed with completely. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I also was being somewhat hypocritical and much too judgemental about Craig's wearing of a micro on his own property.
I called it inappropriate but I'm beginning to think that's an unfair criticism.

I don't wear a micro around my property, but maybe that's because I live in a quiet, wooded area with very few people out and about during the day. Only the deer and the squirrels would see me, and I don't think they'd be interested in a discussion about dork shorts vs. minimal swimwear. Perhaps if my house were on a busy street, as Craig's house seems to be, I might be tempted to make a statement.

However, I always wear a Rio-cut suit at the beach. It's so brief that it's almost a thong, but I never bother to cover up when I go to the refreshment stand or walk to and from my car. For all I know, I could be offending a great many people; just because they don't say anything doesn't mean that they approve.

StunGun's angry reaction to his neighbor really made me think. I'd probably respond in the same way if I were in a similar situation. As StunGun said, "This is MY backyard."

I guess I owe an apology to Craig for saying that what he wears on his own property is wrong or not socially responsible. Sorry about that.

ctmonline #212

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/22/2005 06:17:06Copy HTML

I think people know what they can get away with, that guy probably figured he needed to flex his stroke (masculinity), you just happened to be an easy target for him. If that only happened to me, the neighbor would've learned real quick that he made a big mistake, at my 6'-2" height and at a very muscular 225 lbs...my best advice to the neighbor would then be to run home as quick as possible...common sense would tell you that you don't come on another guys property and act that way unless you want a free trip to the hospital.

chasnsx #213

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/22/2005 12:24:53Copy HTML


As everyone else has said, and you thought, it is YOUR backyard.  Period.  How many neighbors can see over your fence and into your yard, anyway?  Can the neighborhood children see through your fence into your pool area?

Even if they can, as long as you are in compliance with local anti-nudity laws, why worry about it?

You should have said to your busybody neighbor:  "What part of this being MY BACKYARD do you NOT UNDERSTAND?"  and followed it up with "How do you think the neighbors feel about seeing your PLUMBER'S CRACK every time you bend over?"

Your jerk neighbor was a trespasser.  Plain and simple.



ctmonline #214

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/23/2005 12:05:35Copy HTML

Great story, at least now you know the "better half", maybe she'll change the husbands outlook a bit.
ButtStrap #215

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/23/2005 01:05:34Copy HTML

StunGun: It's apparent that your neighbor Hank and his wife are having some serious problems, otherwise why would she even bother to confront you about the rio suit you left in the gift bag? She just would have tossed it and said nothing. And why would she suddenly be so open about their marriage? It's not as if you were close friends. If I were you, I'd be very careful about this.
JM_Runs #216

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/23/2005 03:48:20Copy HTML

Sounds like you are waving a purple flag, at a bull.
azcraig #217

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/23/2005 01:48:11Copy HTML

Hey StunGun. What part of Arizona are you in?  You may have already posted that soemwhere and if so I missed it.
rock1212 #218

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/23/2005 08:33:52Copy HTML

Hey StunGun, it sounds like Hank is a little insecure about things, and probably just has some issues. I wouldn't worry about him! Keep on wearing whatever you like for swimwear! At least Hanks wife is on your side!

One thing I would do though, is steer clear of both of them as much as you can at this point, because it sounds like(having re-read the posts a couple times) they may be having some SERIOUS problems! Be careful around both of them!
azcraig #219

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/24/2005 03:51:02Copy HTML

Your swimsuit gift story is very puzzling. There must be more to it.  Why would anyone leave Hank a small swimuit? Do you know this guy? It just seems wierd.  And forgive me for being slow but I didn't understand what the last couple of lines meant.
beachfolks #220

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/25/2005 11:57:35Copy HTML

Wives have pretty good success in getting their husbands to change their clothing choices- at least this wife likely has a good chance, sounds like she is trying hard to do it. You could have a converted neighbor soon.
You should have admitted to it. Its a good neighbor joke.
Don't throw out your thongs, you could have a neighborhood thong party.
azcraig #221

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/25/2005 02:21:41Copy HTML

To do a little catching up, a few weeks ago Jean and I went over to Paul and Marci's. The plan, to lounge by the pool for a while and then go to a movie. We arrived about 12:30 and the four of us went down to the pool. So as not to have a bunch of stuff to keep track of, I had on  a pair short shorts, Jena wore only an oversize tank over her swimsuit, Paul just wrapped in a towell, and Marci the same.

When we arrived at the pool there were about 5 couples there. It was pretty hot, probably too hot for most so there was not a lot of activity. Jean pullled off her tank and me my shorts. We were wearing matching red rio cut bikinis. Paul took off his towell and had a black brazil cut string bikini and Marci had on a black thong bottom with a small trianlge top. Her top was proably about 2 inches wide at the bottom and about 4 inches tall, which was not much coverage for her size. She is about the size of half of a cantelope. Needless to say all eyes at the pool were our way as we sat on some of the lounge chairs. All of the other gals at the pool had on regular full bikinis or one piece suits and all the guys dork shorts.

We were snacking on chips and salsa and some sodas and just chatting enjoying the beautiful day. After about 20 minutes or so I decided to get in the water and the rest followed. We were in for about 10 or 15 minutes when Marc decided to get out, so we all did. Right after we had sat back down this older lady (maybe in her 60's) came over to Marci, and in a very nice soft tone told Marci "You might want to consider what you wear in the public, you are making quite a stir" she said with a smile. Marci politlely told her that she didn't want to offend anybody and said "I could go change". The lady said "that might be nice". and walked away looking all of us over very closely. Marci started to getting up and said "ill be back in a couple of minutes. We all told her not to go change but she insisted. To offer to change was not the response I expected from Marci.  I told her maybe we should all leave and she insisted "no, just wait here, I'll be right back. She tossed her towell over her shoulder and proceeded to walk about 2/3 of the way around the pool to the gate and left in her thong.  You need to understand that although Marci is big for a girl, her a Paul work out and hike and are in very good shape. Marci has better abs tan most guys and is very muscular so when she walks there is nothing jiggling. She is not the body builder type of look, just very firm, so all the guys at the pool watched her every step as she left.

She was gone about 5 minutes and returned wearing a light blue one piece. It was cut kind of high on the thigh, and had low v cut front. The back was completely open and way low cut so the  cleavage of her ass was just visable. The only thing on the back was a starp that went from side to side across the middle of her back. In Marci style, suti clung to her body like a second skin and you could clearly see very line and curve. As Marci pssed by the lady that complained the lady just looked at her and smiled. Marci came over and sat down. I told Marci that she must have more swimsuits than most women have shoes. Paul said she has a whole chest-or-drawers full of them. We just B.S'd for a while and then Paul and I got in the water. I noticed that most all eyes were on me in my small cut bikini but just pretended not to notice. We were in the water just a couple of minutes and the girls joined us. While we were in the water the lady left. After a few minutes we all got out and headed back over to our chairs and it was then that i discovered that Marci's suit became TOTALLY transperent when wet. I mean you could barely tell she was even wearing anything it was so transperent.  That took the eyes off of the rest of us becasue all eyes were on her and she calmly waked back to her chair. When I first saw her in that suit I figured it might be a little see through when wet but never imagined that it would basically disappear on her.  Even for me it was an eye opener, I have neer seen material beomce that clear, it was quite a sight. As we sat back down, Marci said "well it is too bad my lady firend left, I hope she liked this better than that revealing thong that i was wearing, I just don't know what I was thinking when I put that on. We all kind of laughed. We were there about another 30 minutes and then left. 

Marci told us as she walked in only the now presperation soaked suit back to there place,  that she was going to put on a G-string and come back but decided on the one piece instead.   I am sure the other guys at the pool that day had something to talk about on Monday after we spent a few hours enjoying the Arizona sun,
azcraig #222

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/26/2005 11:08:32Copy HTML

SG  Well I guess I misread your post. I thought someone else had left Hank the gift. Sorry, guess I should read a little closer.

As for Paul not being upset about Marci's disappearing suit, they are both either a.) exhibitionists ,  b.) very in touch with their sexuality,  or c.) a little of both.  They frequent a nudist camp North of Phoenix  and use the tanning booths at the health club they belong to so they have no tan lines. Marci is a little more bold that Ann in our group but Ann runs a very close second. Ann's husband Larry I think is often times embarressed by what Ann chooses to wear but just goes along with it. It is kind of odd because Ann is very small and petitie but is very outspoken and doesn't take anything from anyone.  Marci on the other hand (as I have said) is big and muscular and looks like she could probably whip most guys, but she is more soft spoken. It is probably good that they have the personalities they do. If you reversed them Ann would seem very timid and Marc would be very threataning.

In the catching up department, there has been someone that honks everytime they drive by and I am out front. At the end of last summer I noticed this tan mid 80's four door Pontiac would honk twice evertime they went by. I alway wave and go about my business. Sometimes they go by 3 or 4 times in a day. But everytime I hear honk, honk, as they pass.  I never could see who is in it. In late spring I noticed as they drove by and honked the drivers door was dark blue so they must have damaged the original one, but still two honks eerytime by. Even with the new door the window tint is dark enough that I cannot tell who is inside. I didn't see the car for a month ar so and then one day I heard honk-honk and knew by the honk it was the Ponitac. When I looked around and waived I notice the car now had a pale yellow front end on it so they must have wrecked it again. In late July/early August once agian I heard that familiar double honk turned around to waive and the drivers window was down an a woman wavied out the window. The next few times past I saw the same thing, but still did not recognise her. I would guess that now the air conditioning is out on the poor old Pontiac. Just this past weekend I was walking back to the house after rolling the garbage can out to the road and heard that familiar honk. I looked around and waived and noticed the now drivers side fender and headlight were smashed. I still do not know who this woman is and I never see that car anytime other than when i passes my house. I have watched as the poor car gets run into the ground but it keeps plugging along. But even after what it lookes like it has been through, at least the horn still works so she can honk when I am out enjoying the Arizona sun.

ButtStrap #223

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/27/2005 07:45:56Copy HTML


What you've reported here just confirms my earlier post about being cautious in this situation.

First, your neighbor Hank angrily intrudes on you on your own property to complain that you're wearing a micro swimsuit. This is very upsetting to him and the other neighbors (or so he says). Never mind that the suit is perfectly legal AND you're wearing it in the privacy of your own backyard.

Later, you play a practical joke on him by putting a low-cut rio suit in a gift bag and leaving it on his porch--which I think was a neat way of telling him to mind his own business. That should have ended any further discussion.

But next, his wife Janice rings your bell and holds up the gift bag with the rio suit, knowing full well that you left it on their porch. Out of nowhere, she reveals to you how up-tight Hank is, and how she's become more relaxed over the years, indicating that her marriage is not all that smooth any more. That's an odd thing to confess to a neighbor she hardly knows. AND she makes it clear that she's wearing a thong under her slacks as she walks away.

Not long after, you get a blue thong in a gift bag from Hank. He suddenly does a complete turn-around, becoming extremely friendly, and thanks you for the low-cut rio (which his wife ultimately gave him to wear). He tells you he bought several thong swimsuits for himself, similar to the one he just gave you, and that his wife was very turned on by the way he looked in them. He also asks you where to buy more, even going so far as to pull down his waistband and show you the string of his Calvin Kein thong underwear.

I'm not a normally suspicious person, but what's wrong with this picture? It seems to me that this couple is playing some kind of game with you. If you ask me (and I know you didn't), they are looking for a scene. You and your wife better be prepared, because I don't think this is the last you'll hear from Hank and Janice.

azcraig #224

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/27/2005 01:16:51Copy HTML

Buttstrap.  I have to agree that this borders on bazaar. In my years of dealing with these issues I have never had anyone do a turn-around like this in such a short time. I've done the try it you'll like it routine several times and that usually send them firther the other direction. I will have to say that I have never left any kind of swimsuit on someone's door. I would think that would only escalate the resistance and bitterness. But again I have never tried it. SG, I would have to agree with BS that something else is up.

A few years ago I had this guy confront me, at my house, in my front yard, and proceed to yell and curse and tell me how wrong it was for me to be in public in something like that. He was very belligerant and after a short time of his yelling at me I kind of lost it and told him if he didn't like it stop looking and get the f--- off my property.  As he left he said I'll take care of you.  A few weeks later he came driving up when I was out front and told me he had the stuff on me and if I didn't stop running around like that he was going to ruin me. When I asked him how, he pulled out an envelope and pulled out some 8X10 color photos that he had taken of me in front of my house in a rio cut bikini. He told me he was going to send them to the media and make a fool of me. Thinking quickly, I asked him to please not submit those photos to the press. He told me next time he saw me outside like that (pointing to my swimsuit) he would turn them in. I told him he didn't understand, You see, I went on, those pictures are awful. They are from far away, very grainy and the lighting was lousy. I am a swimsuit model, I told him, and I do photo shots for national publications so if he wanted to send photos to the press please get some clearer upclose photos. I even offerd to pose for him if he wanted. HE WAS PISSED!!!!! He cussed and swore at me all the way back to his car and said I wouldn't do shit to help you you f___ing queer bastard! He got in his car and tore out and I never heard from him again. (I also never got my photos in the press like he promised) So as you can see SG, my situation that started out like the one you describe, turned out much differently.

ButtStrap #225

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/27/2005 10:14:59Copy HTML

That was quick thinking, Craig. Congratulations! It's amazing that the guy actually took pictures of you to send to the media, but it just shows you what a jerk he was. After all, you weren't wearing a thong, so what was he so angry about? A small swimsuit? I mean, how much skin could you be showing?

But the point is, you certainly got the upper-hand in this situation, and in a very clever way, which is something you should be proud of. Naturally, the guy hurled the typical insult at you--"queer"--but that's to be expected from creeps like him. You definitely came out the winner.

BTW, I'm glad you agree with me about StunGun and his neighbors. Something's going on with them, and I think StunGun should not be so dismissive about it. Then again, I could be wrong. People do things that are sometimes unexplainable.
Spencer93727 #226

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/27/2005 11:45:35Copy HTML

OMG, is this thread for real???  It has taken more unexpected turns than a suspense novel! 

I'm often suspicious of stories I read on the Internet, and I hope no one here will be offended if I tell you I don't quite know what to make of the recent postings to this thread, but it sure as hell is entertaining!  I look forward to the next installment!!

azcraig #227

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/28/2005 02:58:27Copy HTML

SG  I don't really model swimwear but it was just a way to take the wind out of his sails. I had kind of forgotten about that unitl I read your post. I have no idea where that thought came from but it just came to me to use as a weapon against him.  Much to my surprise it worked. If he was your neighbor Hank I guess he would have shown up later with a camera crew and fashion photographer. Then I would have been up the creek without a paddle.  The closest I have ever come to getting photographed for publication was when a newspaper reporter took a photo of me on my carport roof, rolling on white roffing in 110 plus weather one summer wearing only a micro. He was doing an article about how people dress for the heat, or something like that. As far as I know, it was never published though..
azcraig #228

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:10/03/2005 04:04:28Copy HTML

We went to church in a neighboring area Sunday for services. Every now and then we go to a new church just for the experience. Anyway, at the end of the service was kind of a public announcement segment. The Pastor talked about many things including someone from the area that had gone back the New Orleans area to tend to his sister that had a stroke. While he was back there Katrina was coming so he got his sister and went to stay with one of her  firends out of harms way. After the storm he went back to check on his sisters place to find her mobile home completely gone, blown away, nothing at all left. About two weeks later his sister passed away. Last week he returned and found his house had been broken into. Gone was the truck that was in his garage, and everything of any value in the house. They took tools, appliances, money, antiques, and even took most of the food out of his freezer along with anything else they could load into his pickup truck. And because he was renting, he had no insurance to cover his losses.
  So the Pastor was asking members of the church to help their outreach program to help out. This guy was retired and single and now needed help. He said there was a list of needs out on the table out front and if anyone could help to please do so. As we left I was looking at the list and saw TV set on it so I signed after TV to show I was going to take care of that one.
  With hs address in hand I went home and got the 27 inch color TV we no longer used and went over to give it to him. As we approached the area there were many cars parked along the street and as I drove by I sudenly realized who it was.
  Earlier this year I was at an neighborhood meeting when this old guy started complaining to the directors about what I wore around my house. I even went over to his house to talk to him. He was a cranky gruff old man that complained about everything. In spite of my previous meeting with him, we decided to take the TV in and found the house with many people there bringing food and offering him assistance.  I brought the TV in and asked where it went. He pointed out to me where it went so I set it there. He then asked how much I wanted for it because he was going to pay everyone back. I told him I did not want to sell it he could just have it. He insisted on a price so he would know how much to pay me back. I told him it was not for sale and I would just loan it to him until he got another one, then he could return it. He agreed to that. I told him OK then and started to leave and he said, Hey! I don't lnow where you live, here put your name and address and phone number on this ( a yelloe sticky note) and put it on the TV so I know where it goes to. As I filled out the note I reminced him who I was. That turned the gruff back on and he just said "oh, it's you". He took the sticky note and stuck it on the side of the TV and said that he would return in as soon as he could.  (Didn't say thank you)
  It is kind of weird how small the world is. I felt really sorry for the guy, even though hs is a cranky old fart , but was glad we could help out. As we left he said I'll bring it back as soon as I get another. I told him fine, when-ever, no rush, just return it when you like, you know where I am.
  Poor old guy. They cleand him out but it was nice to see so many turn out to help him. Don't know if this has anythng to do with the topic. I don't think it will change his opinion and I don't expect to have his family over telling me he switched to thongs, but I thought is was interesting.

JM_Runs #229

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:10/04/2005 05:33:35Copy HTML

This is totally unrelated, too, but you should be congratulated for your kind heartedness. Forgetting the thong issue, you saw a need to help somebody who obviously could do with it, and didn't let a negative attitude deter you. Well Done!

I think this may also demonstrate he has had liitle help or friends in his life for a long time, hence the gruff attitude. People who react inappropriately to a situation generally haven't been there before, or haven't seen how to react from others growing up. Maybe some kindness given his way may demonstrate to him that you can't outwardly judge people like he apparently does. It may be the silver lining on his dark cloud.

azcraig #230

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:12/12/2005 10:38:21Copy HTML

I was out last weekend putting up Christmas decorations. It was cold for us desert dogs (cloudy and in the sixties) so I had on pants and a long sleeve shirt.. The surpising part was there were 8 or 10 people that went by and honked. One guy even stopped to BS and made the comment "heck Craig, I didn't even know you ever wore long pants." 
So with winter set in I will be looking forward to the warm weather and spring so once again I can enjoy the Arizona sun.

Happy Holidays everyone !!!!!!!!

nicthong #231

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:12/14/2005 01:12:23Copy HTML

Happy Holidays to you too, Craig! I hope things warm up for you soon.

azcraig #232

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:12/20/2005 09:11:15Copy HTML

The weather guessers are forecasting temps of near 80 on Christmas day here. Although not very Christmasy, it is just what I wanted. Looking forward to a nice warm weekend. Imagine, this side of the globe and spending Christmas with family and friends enjoying the Arizona sun!
azcraig #233

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:01/08/2006 07:20:48Copy HTML

I was out taking down my Christmas decorations yesterday. It was really nice out. Sunny and near 80 degrees. One thermometer that was in the direct sunlight was showing 105.  I was wearing only a pair of very short shorts. Low rise and about 6 inches tall on the sides, they are more revealing than most mens swimwear.  Compared to the attire I usually wear outdoors, they were more than I usually wear.
Up and down the ladder, up on the roof and around the front yard and street all day, there were the normal amount of honks and yells. At one point these three black ladies stopped and the front passenger asked where the closest gas station was. I gave her directions and she thanked me. As they got ready to drive away one of them said, "My heavens, you show do gots purdy legs, my, my, my". So starting off 2006 I heard a comment that I had never heard before. Or, at least not in that way

The winter here has been very mild and very dry. No rain in over 3 months. Record hihg daytime temperatures in the high seventies. If this is any indication, I could be a very long hot summer. More time to enjoy the Arizona sun!

beachfolks #234

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:01/08/2006 08:40:29Copy HTML

What is the brand of your short shorts?
azcraig #235

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:02/22/2006 11:16:19Copy HTML

Beachfolks: There is no longer a tag on them.  I have had them so long I am not even sure where I got them. I think I may have gotten them at Parr of Arizona about 8 or 10 years ago but I am just not sure.  Sorry!!

azcraig #236

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/05/2006 01:52:44Copy HTML

Even though it is cold and rainy today the weather guessers are forecasting near 90 and sunny this weekend so I have fired the pool heater up and will have our first get together of the season this weekend. I was going to do it on Easter but most everybody this year have other plans so we will move it forward a week and get ready to enjoy the Arizona sun.
ButtStrap #237

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/05/2006 09:26:19Copy HTML

Good to see you back on the board, Craig! Have you been wearing any new mircros since we last heard from you?
azcraig #238

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/08/2006 09:51:02Copy HTML

No, I have either been out of town on the warm weekends or it has been cold. This is the first warm weather weekend I have been able to enjoy in a long time.
Desert Thonger #239

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/09/2006 07:33:51Copy HTML


Should be a great weekend for you in Phoenix! I'm jealous... I'd love to be out there... but I've got strict orders from my doctor to stay out of the sun for a couple more weeks -
Along with that I can't go in the hot tub or pool for 2 more weeks. I just had ACL replacement surgery and I have to wait for the scarring to go down and get rid of the brace before I can be back out enjoying the AZ sun! Hope you got a good weekend in! The weather is beautiful. I'm already planning some serious pool time when I get the "all clear" from the doctor.

-DT (from Tempe)
azcraig #240

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/12/2006 07:21:46Copy HTML

Finally, a nice warm sunny weekend in Phoenix. Spent some time out on Saturday going about my usual chores. Was out in the front yard doing some spring trimming in a red micro, getting a few honks and so on.


I noticed a yellow Mustang convertible drive by slowly a couple of times. A guy was driving and a gal was the passenger. The third time that I saw them go by he honked and I just waived and went on about my business. Then they came by again and stopped.

The guy said  "Hey! I just gotta ask... is it a bet or a dare?

I walked a little closer I said "Excuse me?"

He said "You out here in that, is it because of a dare of a bet?"

I thought for a minute and told him "Well I guess it is more of a dare."

He kind of pushed the woman on the shoulder and said "See I told you."


Then I said "Yeah, it was a dare from one of my wife's friends about 20 years ago".   He asked what I meant by that. I very briefly told him how I started wearing these and told him that I had been wearing them every since.


Now she pushed him on the shoulder and said "See I told ya!"  She turned to me and said he was trying to tell her it was a bet or dare, and said "I told him your tan was too even, that you wore thongs a lot."  She again turned to him, pushed his shoulder again and said "See?" 

"Okay, okay, you were right." he told her.  He said "See ya" to me.

As they began to drive away she said "We'll see you again, bye". And off they went.


Spent the rest of the day getting ready for the gang to come over tomorrow. Throughout the day there were a lot of double takes, turn arounds and honks. I think more than ever before. I have not been out much so it will take a while for all the passersby to get over the initial shock of seeing a guy in a small swimsuit out enjoying the Arizona sun.

azcraig #241

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/19/2006 03:01:06Copy HTML

Our Pre Easter get together never went off. Jeans mother who lives about 3 hours North of Phoenix fell and broke her arm and got a slight concussion on the Wednesday before. Jean went up that night I spent the weekend up there as well. It seems that our whole group has had very hectic schedules and we have not had a real get togther yet this year. Ann and Larry were over one weekend, Paul and Marci another and we have been to Ann and Larrys once. So it has been kind of a dull spring as far as our pool parties go.
A few points of interest are that Ann and Larry lost our (now anual) guess the first 100 degree day contest and will be hosting a party at their house on Memorial Day weekend. She wanted to hurry and have it as kind of a fiarwell to the Penny's who are moving to Virginia mid June.

Trafiic is getting heavier and heavier by my house these days. There are new homes building everywhere, and what was once kind of a nice little country road is now an urban City street. This is creating some problems. For one, everytime I am out wearing one of my very small swimsuits, there are numerous honks and yells. Too many to waive to all of them. Sometimes the comments are almost lewd to the point Jean seldom goes out front in less that shorts and a shirt. A few weeks back I was raking out front when I heard a very short screach and a thud. I looked up to find that someone is a fairly new rice grinder had rear-ended an SUV right in front of my house. I did not look real bad but was bad enough to deploy the air bags in the car. As the single driver got out of the SUV and three people got out of the car I asked if everyone was ok and if they wanted me to call the Police? The SUV driver ( guy) said "it looks like everyone is OK. The guy then turned to the driver of the car ( a woman) and asked weren't you looking where you were going?? She said I was looking at him (pointing to me) I am so Sorry. I went in the hose and called the police then went back out front. I went on about my business and about 10 minutes later the police arrived and did what ever it is that they do at an accident scene, including get the vehicles out of the roadway. After a while the cop came over to me to ask if I called in. I told him yes. Did you see it happen? I said no. Looking down at my lime green micro, he asked is that what you were wearing out here at the time of the accident? I told him yes. He then said, I am not even going to ask why you are wearing something like that, but I will ask what are you doing out here in that? I breifly explained my history of what I were and told him that is about all I wear  every weekend. He then asked me my name and so on. Then he went on to explain that I was the cause of the accident. ME?? I said. I was here in my yard minding my own business and had nothing to do with it. He told me you out here running around like that caused a distraction that resulted in the accident. I told him that the accident was not my fault and that I was doing nothing illegal and that I had talked to the police department about it before and they assured me there was no problem. He said yeah I know, my supervisor just ran the whole thing down to me. I want you to know that I could site you for creating a public nuisance, but I am not. But, this has got to stop before you get somebody hurt.
He went back over to the scene and finished up. A tow truck came to get the car. As the guy got in hsi SUV he yelled "If you would put on some frickin clothes this shit wouldn't have happened"., got in and left.  This whole thing is beginning to really concern me.

Anyway, we are having some of our group over this Sunday with temps promising ot be in the low 100's and hopefully we can all enjoy the Arizona Sun.

beach pirate #242

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/20/2006 12:02:05Copy HTML

hi craig...

first time reading your second "enjoying the arizona sun" topic...

personally i wouldn't worry to much about it...

i ride a bike quite a bit and my biggest problem is people with cell phones that do not pay attention to anything!!!

i live here in florida and have been thonging or nude sunbathing most of my life...(i am also over 50) and i have had the same experience of major housing developement on the end of the island that i live on...meaning more traffic...

really don't go to the beach and thong anymore (three blocks away) too many rednecks...

spent a lot of time on our boat enjoying the sun but unfortunetly had to sell it...too many rich people have driven the slip rentals out of site...it hard to pay a rental payment on a slip that is more than your boat payment...

anyway i am happy that you have such good friends that enjoy the lifestyle that you and your wife do...

since selling the boat we are investing in a swimspa and screened in enclosure for our side yard and it has always been enclosed with a privacy fence...

only one neighbor that can really see in our backyard and they are world travelers him being in the military and based in europe for most of his career and they are not really concerned with nudity or small swimwear...

i hope to find a small group of couples like yours that enjoy social outings...

fun in the florida sun...


JM_Runs #243

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/20/2006 07:22:56Copy HTML


Regarding the policeman's warning and the SUV driver yelling "If you would put
on some frickin clothes this shit wouldn't have happened":

Well, now you're finding out what it's like for most of the rest of us.

I fear that if there is another collision in front of your house that you will
most certainly be cited.

My worse fear is that such an in incident will rally people or a council per-
son to propose an anti-thong ordinance. I hope I'm wrong.

pk thong #244

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/20/2006 09:01:14Copy HTML

Just read yor last post sorry about the accident incident.  After reading your continuing saga I have wondered what my neighbors would think if I tried to do anythingin plain view of them while wearing a rio.  You have a lot of good experiences and I also wish that I had such a cool group of friends.  I would probably stop the public displays and continue with pool parties etc. It was good while it lasted.

azcraig #245

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/20/2006 12:18:35Copy HTML

I dug out a card from one of the officers that was out in the past and told me I was not doing anythng illegal. I called him Friday and he returned my call today. I told him what happened about the accident and told him what the investigating officer said, then reminded him that he told me I was okay.  Then I asked him what the deal was. He told me that any officer could write a citation for anything they feel is warranted. It is up to each officer to decide how to handle each situation. He told me he could write me a ticket for speed not reasonable and prudent if I was running down the sidewalk,  He then told me getting it to stick is a whole different situation. Something like that would get tossed out before it ever went to court and the issuing officer would likely be reminded not to do things that are a waste of the departments and courts time. In your case, he went on, I would really find it a stretch to cite yor for that. Now if you were standing out on the street corner waviing to passersby or something like that it might be different. I think that as long as you are on your own property, going about your own business in the way you have described, I cannot imagine any of our officers giving you a citation. I don't think it would stick.
Then he said, that being said, while what you are doing is not illegal, and really lacks being an activity that falls into some kind of enforcement issue, I would suggest you consider the changes in your area. Although I am not telling you that you have to, you might want to consider modifying your behavior a little. That is up to you.  The officer that came out is probably new to the area and was not aware of your situation.

Now my first reaction is to become more senstive to passing traffic and neighbors. But on the other hand I was here long before all of them. This is not something new to me or the people that have been in the area for a while. I see it as kind of like moving into a new house next to the firestation. You better get used to hearing sirens at all hours of the day and night. Or moving in next to a Dairy. You better adjust to the smell. I am wondering if this most of this will blow over once the shock value wears off for the new people.

I need to ponder this one some more. Have to see how tomorrow goes.

JM_Runs #246

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/21/2006 05:22:49Copy HTML


I hope you're right. But it wouldn't be the first time that newcomers to an area tried to change laws or statutes to suit their liking.

General aviation (light aircraft) pilots have been fighting this type of battle for a couple of decades. As the cities grow outward, the subdivisions gobble up more and more farmland. Many of the previously outlying areas contain small airports. Subdivisions build up aroung them, then the new residents start petitioning the city or county council to get rid of the airport because of those noisy (and some imply dangerous) "little airplanes". The airport may have been there for the previous 50 years, but it doesn't make any difference to the new residents. And indeed alot of times the airports are shut down and
subdivided. Is it fair? No. But it happens.

Of course no politician wants to touch the real hot-button issue of un- controlled or poorly planned growth. And nobody seems to want to talk about the real cause of ever-expanding cities: population growth. But that's another discussion for a different group (but obviously not unrelated, in your case).

Getting back to your situation, all you need is a citizen looking for a cause to latch on to, or a politician looking for press. Then they'll play the "we must do it for the sake of the children" card, and who can argue against that? (*I* would, however. A ridiculous law is a rediculous law, regardless of the age it's intended for).

Once again, I hope I'm wrong, but don't be surprised if there is some fall- out over this soon, or in the not too distant future.
nicthong #247

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/21/2006 06:57:00Copy HTML

Hi Craig

I've only just read the accounts of your recent experiences and I'm sorry to hear you're the one caught in the middle of someone else's negligence. If someone had an accident while answering their cell phone, could they realistically blame the person calling them? No; it's their responsibility to drive safely. And it was the lady driver's responsibility to be in full control of her car at all times. Sure, you may have been a little 'out of the ordinary' but that doesn't make the accident your fault. Similarly, if a goat escaped from a city zoo and someone had an accident because they were looking at the goat on a sidewalk, you couldn't blame the goat. Sadly, we live in a 'blame' culture and you were an 'easy target' for everyone involved.

I'm also sorry to read that the best support some of your fellow thongers can offer is "now you know what it's like for the rest of us". The reality is we all have different experiences and different environments in which we live; the point for you has nothing to do with others' experiences (including mine) - it's the fact that your environment is changing in a way you can't really control. So the issue for you (at least as I see it) is how you respond.

One option of course is that you relocate to a less developed area where you can once again enjoy your privacy. But that doesn't solve the problem and, in all likelihood, developments will chase you wherever you go. Another option is that you stay where you are but start wearing more clothes. But that's just allowing other people to dictate to you... and who knows how far that could be taken?! You could 'stand your ground', based on what you've been told by officers in the past and this contact you spoke to recently... but I fear with the developments in your area you could face further hostility... and on a very real level, I'm sure you don't really want there to be any further accidents. (Let me re-state that the accident was not your fault and it was not your responsibility - but if one person chooses to take their eyes off the road, others will too - so the question is then whether you can help avoid that). I don't know your area but I wonder if you could plant some trees or something to at least obscure the view of your property from the road; you'd block the view from your house of the new developments and you'd screen your garden so you can continue enjoying the Arizona sun with less cause for others to cast any blame in your direction for you will have acted responsibly and reasonably in the face of confrontation.

I don't want to tell you what to do; I'm just throwing some ideas around to help you out. "As far as it is possible, do what you can to live in peace with those around you."

All the best.


ButtStrap #248

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/22/2006 12:39:03Copy HTML


Imagine a similar auto-accident situation if it were a man who had been staring at a skimpily dressed woman. I'm sure the policeman's reaction would have been completely different.

It's amazing to me how a guy in a skimpy bathing suit brings out such hostility. It's just another example of the double standard in today's polarized society.
JM_Runs #249

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/22/2006 03:06:45Copy HTML

It's not your fault, don't feel guilty.  People get distracted and have accidents all the time. We have girls stopping traffic, and frequently causing fender benders at my beach.  (The highway runs by the beach, only separated by a low wall and sidewalk.)  Heck, some times it's the guys who stop traffic.  

Some times it's children playing, or a billboard, or a wild animal, or a cell phone call, or a child in the back seat that distracts drivers.  We can't make laws to prevent all drivers from being distracted. The news that most states have banned TV's in the front seats is good!   Other than that, keeping your eyes on the road is the job of the driver, not the neaby home owners.

I think you are reading too much into it, and taking on two much responsibility.

People get annoyed after an accident. At least one party is normally totally innocent, and the other is anoyed that they slipped up.  Both parties are upset.  People say things they probably would not otherwise have said.  I don't think the policeman was seriously implying that it was your fault, it oviously was not.  It was the driver who was not paying attention to what they were doing.

I know that we get a lot more traffic on my road when new houses are under construction.  It's all the builders, subcontractors, inspectors and lunch wagons. While the increase in traffic in your neighborhood is due to the new construction, once the homes are all built, and the turf, occupants and furniture delivered, the level of traffic may drop off again. At least at that point, the people may have been around for a season or two and know what to expect.

I run the length of the beach, stretch by the sidewalk, and bike the mile to and from the beach, all in a thong. Only when I run behind a life guard station, or a low dune, am I not visible from the road. The roads are very busy and sometimes there are comments from the passing cars.  Occasionaly there is a shout of derision, but mostly people ignore me, or there are sounds of support.  It does my self esteem good to get all the friendly waves, honks and other positive reactions. I don't think I have ever caused an accident, but then I may not know because I am normally moving on and looking ahead.  I often get cars slow down, and once in a while a group of girls in a car will all chear.   

I have never had a problem from the officials, but I do try to help them out when I can.  I pick up glass on the beach and notify the life guards if there is a problem.   I have assisted the guards and even the police once in a while.  I hope that most guards and police consider me a positive influence. Heck, my riding to the beach in a thong cant be that shocking to the community, because I have recently become president of my residents association.

You too probably have a positive influence on your community.  It my be that some of the people who are purchasing the homes down your road saw you and thought, "I would like to live in a free and open community where people are tolerant and feel comfortable to wear what they want." There are people on this board who don't feel comfortable in public and would like to live in a community that is more tolerant.   It may be because they thong, or are gay, or are green men from mars: Whatever the reason, a lot of people look for signs that the community they are moving into, is at least a little bohemian.

While your thong wearing my not start an outbreak of thong wearing in the comunity, your bohemian atitude may empower others to be free in their own self expression.  It may be art, or music, or just the color of their house or hair.

Bohemian comminutes do well when it comes to price appriciation.  Just ask any body in trying to purchase a place in down town Paris or Venice Beach.

Being Bohemian is all about living and express your self without regard for social convention.... Bohemian is used to describe free-thinking, free-living people... After all that's what America is all about, land of the free and all that.   What could be more American than being a Bohemian?  >> http://www.newbohemian.com/

You can fake a little bit of a bohemian community by putting in a Starbucks. You know, the coffee shop that has wallpaper featuring the faces of famous Bohemians.  But you need real Bohemian people to inhabit a community, otherwise it's just .... wallpaper.

If the new residents wanted to live by the church, they would have.  No, the new residents chouse to live near you.  You are just one colorful part of the community tapestry they want to move into. Don't lose your color.

beach pirate #250

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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excellent post...JM
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