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azcraig #251

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/23/2006 08:20:13Copy HTML

Did some stuff around the house Sunday morning wearing my usual in red. Did not spend a lot of time in the front yard as I had that all done on Saturday. The little time I did spend out front was to clean off the driveaway. Got a couple of honks during that 20 minutes. Shortly after noon Ann and Larry arrive. Ann wearing a very small bright neon green triangle top and a pair a very short cut offs. Out in the backyard Ann strips down to her very tiney green thong and grabs a lounge chair to catch some rays. Larry pulls off his long shorts and is wearing some pretty generic swim trunks. No matter how much we try to get him to wear something smaller he keeps faling back into not. Ann really gives him crap over it but he does not seem to care much. She told us that she got him a matching green bikini but he was to chikens@#t to wear it. She reminided him that Jean and I wear wearing matching red, and probably everyone else will match but us.
About then Paul and Marci arrive and strip down to matching purple and orange thongs. Ann was quick to point out to Larry that they wore matching suits. Marci explained that those were their Phoenix Suns thongs. Paul had called on Saturday to ask if they could have a couple of their freinds come over for a while and I had agreed.  About a half hour later they drove up and Paul went to let them in. As they came into the back Paul intro'd them as Jason (wearing baggy shorts cut below the knee) and Tammy  wearing pretty standard shorts and a tank top. I showed them around and Tammy went into the bathroom to change. while Jason and I went back out onto the patio. In a little bit Tammy came out in a bright orange brazillian cut bikini and got into the pool. We encouraged Jason to get in but he was not ready. To be sociable I got out and sat at the table to talk to him.  As we were talikng he pulled out his cigarettes and asked where there was an ashtray. I hesitated for a moment and then told him that nobldy smoked and we didn't have any but he could use a saucer that was on the table. Jean and Ann went inside to start getting food ready, and Paul got out of the water to sit and chat. He told Jason he should get in the pool that the water was really nice. He said "maybe later". I went over to get the grille ready and behind me Jason got up to go inside. I heard Jean say loudly as he closed the door, Hey! we don't smoke in the house. I did not hear his response but was told later he said "I'm only going to be in here for a minute.  Anyway they had words and I only know that just a few seconds after closing the door he opened it agian and flicked his cigarette out onto the patio. I picked it up and put it out in the saucer. When he came back out I told him that he missed the ashtray but i picked it up for him and to please use the ashtray and not the floor. When he saw the crunched up cig in the make-shift ashtray he said "maybe I wasn't done with that yet. I told him Sorry. What I did not know was that Jean was pissed. She came and flung the back doors open and had opened all the windows to air out the house. If she has a sensitive spot, people smoking around her it. As she came out onto the patio she told me she turned the A/C off and opened all the windows to get the stink out of the house.  Jason then said :man, don't make such a big deal out of it, I won't go back in your crummy house OK? Paul told Jason I guess I forgot to tell you that nobody smokes to which Jason said "yeah, whatever". Tammy got out ot the pool adn came over and whispered something in Jason ear, adn then announced that she was sorry but they were going to have to leave. Things were a bit tense for a few minutes. After they left Paul apologized for them and I told him not to worry about it. From out front I hear a big long continuois honk and a cat call. Ann had walked out front to her car to get something wearing only her thong. She came back with the invitations to her 100 degree day loser party for June 3. As we began to cook the food I told all of how I was causing accidents. Everyone (naturally) agreed that drivers need to watch were they are going.
We ate some food and swam for a while. about 5:30 Marci remembers something she had brought to Jean and goes out front in her thong, Ann agrees to go for support. They got 3 honks and hollars in the 60 seconds they were out there. After laughing about how some people react everyone, even Larry, agreed that people need to learn to live with it, and I should not have to change my ways to satisfy them.
At the end of the day I ended up with some morol support that I needed after a day of enjoying the Arizona sun.

azcraig #252

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/30/2006 12:05:49Copy HTML

Over the Holiday weekend I spent a lot of time out front doing various chores. Saturday I cut down a tree in the back yard and then drug it around to the fornt driveway to cut up and loaded in the truck. Wearing only a blue micro I spent most of the day working on it. Could not hear when I had the chain saw running, but when it was not there were numerous honks and yells from people passing by. Traffic was pretty heavy with many slowing way down driving past three or four times. Some even stopped across the street for a minute or two.

At about three I put on some short shorts and went to the landfill to dump of the tree I had cut up. I had a neighbor friend come with me to help unload. After we unloaded and we were leaving he asked me is I noticed that most everyone stopped when we started unloading. I told him I had not. He said that people are not used to seeing a man in shorts like you have on and everyone stopped to stare. I told him that I had not noticed but I could not have looked any worse than the guy next to us in pants cut off below the knee with no shirt that was way overweight. My freind laughed and said he looked like the Michelin tire man. Then he asked me if it bothered me that everyone stared at me. I thought for a moment and told him I didn't even think about it. This is what I wear away from the house most of the time on weekends so I don't even think about it. He lives behind me and is a long short wearer and usually does not even mention what I am wearing. I kind of wanted to take the conversation a little further but then decided not to. Other than him, I didn't talk to anybody on Saturday.

unday morning I am up bright and early wearing a bright yellow micro. I was out front sweeping the driveway and picking up  the mess from Saturday when the morning bike riders started coming by. Comments I heard in cluded "Oh my God look at that", "Hey check it out over on your left", "I haven't seen him in a while"  a "hi thong man" and a "hey speedoman" and she was waiving, I waived back. There was some other "Hey hey look" kind of comments, and a few he is out here all the time.

One woman who was riding alone behind one of the groups stopped. I recognized her as stopping before but do not remember the circumstances. She said she hadn't seen me in a while and ask how I was doing, fine I told her. I asked why she was alone and she told me she was way ahead of the rest of her group because she was on a power ride for the fiirst ten miles. I asked how far she rode in a day and she told me usually about 30 or 40 miles. She was probably in her late thirties and and obviously in good shape. We chit chatted for about 5 minutes but she never brought up my attire. Finally she looks back and sees her group coming. Well here they come so I gotta go. What is your name anyway? I told her Carig she stuck out her hand for a shake and said I am Robin. I never knew your name onther than the speedo guy, take care. And she rode off. I heard someone say "that why Robin was going so fast she wanted to stop and flirt with the speedo guy. I could not hear her response. 

I spent the rest of the day doing stuff outside. At one point I was sweeping the pool and someome stopped on my side street. We have only a chaiin link fence between us and the street. Jean was outback as well wearing some shorts and a tank top. She noticed him and thought he was taking pictures.  We both stopped and looked at him and he drove off. 

We were expecting a couple to stop by that Jean knew from church. When they arrived we were was still working on the pool. Jean called tehm to the side yard gate to come out back. They were there to alk to Jean about some church stuff. They came into the yard and Jean introduced us. The woman, Pat said "boy you are so tan!" Jean told her that I spent all of my weekend time outside so he usually looks like a Mexican.  They talked for a few minutes and then left both saying it was nive meeting you. As they left I follwed them out front to put the stuff out of the skimmer in the trach can at the curb. someone droving by honked and yelled. Frank (Pats husband) said you must get a lot of that. I told him not a lot but there are some as he got in his car and they left. I was pressure washing the eves of the house so I could paint them next day, and heard a dew honks and yells from passing traffic.  

On Monday I was up on a ladder painting the eves of the house. I had on a bright dayglo green micro. In that two hour it took me there was one long honk from the passsing traffic that was somewhat light.   I was almost finished when someone drove by and yelled "put on some clothes" I then washed my truck out in the driveway and got a couple of honks there. Overall it was pretty calm on what was turning out to be a really nice weekend with temps in the high 80's and low 90's.  I was all done by noon and went in to get ready to go to Ann and Larry's for their hosting of their 100 degree bet party.


azcraig #253

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:06/02/2006 11:43:43Copy HTML

Went to Ann and Larrys as they were hosting a get together becuase they lost the bet on the first 100 degree day in Phoenix. Now Ann had called and told everyone that she was having some other folks over as well so we went not quite sure what to expect
We arrived a little early. Ann met us at the door wearing very short cut off low rize denim shorts and a rather small orange and yellow print triangle top. Because this was also a good bye to the Penny's (Jerry's job is relocating him back East) Jean and I wore our matching copper micros. We were still in our shorts and shirts and looked out into the backyard to see what they had done since we were there last. Out on the patio is this rather lavish set up of stainless steel pans and cookers and a complete catered layout including two men and one women in tuxedos with black bow ties. I lauged out loud and commented to Larry that they had really gone the extra mile on this one. He then told me that actually their neighbor had won a fully catered poolside BBQ in some contest. But because he did not have a pool, he made a deal with Ann to have it at Ann and Larry's. Okay, so now I get it. Ann is cheating. She is using the fully catered BBQ thing to get her off the hook for the bet she lost. She is so crafty.  The guy and his wife, maybe girlfriend, I not sure, that had won the BBQ arrives and ANN intros us.He is in dork shorts and a tank top she in bermuda looking shorts and a tank top. Paul and Marci arrive next. They were pretty quick to get down to the black string bikini for Paul and a bright orange thong for Marci.  Jean and I stripped down to our swim suits and we went out back. The caterers did a bouble take when we came into the back yard. As other people began to arrive it was clear there were no small swimsuit wearers in that group. Ann had taken off her shorts and was wearing a pretty small rio cut bikini and even Larry wore one of his speedo suits  The only others from our group that showed were Cliff and Sherry, he in a black bikini and her in a black, red and yellow print rio, along with . Jerry and Jeri, the Penny's. Jerry had what I can only describe as boy cut shorts and Jeri a pretty standard green and yellow print bikini. There were 5 couples that were a part of the BBQ winners group. It was an unusual mix. Although not much  was said that i know of, the atmosphere was a little uncomfortable for both sides it think. Jeri noticed that Jean and I wore our copper colored suits.  Marci was the only one in a thong. I most definatly had the smallest suit of the guys and Marci of the gals. I had a few commetns on my tan. Most were wanting to know how I get so tan. One of the women for the other couples commented to Jean and I how cute our matching bikinis were.
All in all it was intersting to say the least. Ann had fulfilled her end of the deal I guess and we had a pretty good time. All of our group was sad to see the Penny's go. The food was great, more than all of us could eat, there was cold sodas, and cold beer on tap, wine and wine coolers. The catereres were there all day serving up what ever we wanted. We just spent the afternoon enjoying each others company and enjoying the Arizona sun.
azcraig #254

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/18/2006 02:21:25Copy HTML

 Over the past few weeks I have been spending time out and round my house working in one of my micros. Over the July fourth weekend I did some major landscaping and sprinkler work so I spent Saturday through Tuesday mostly in the front yard. On Saturday there were lots of honks whistles and comments made by passing traffic. There was way more than I could count.  A few of things that stick out I remember was a pickup with some younger guys in it that drove by. The first time by I heard one yell "Oh my God, look at that". They did a quick turn around and came back by slowly honking and whistling as I went about my work. The third time by one yelled "Look,  a dude in a G String"  followed by one of the others yelling "AAHHHH I'm blind!" they all started laughing and drove off. I had to laugh at that one.


Another car honked as they drove by, turned around drove by slowly with a long steady honk, and another long steady honk on the third pass by. I usually always waive to people that honk so I waived to them. That car came back by for a double drive by with long honks about an hour later.  And then again for another double about an hour after that.


There was this red Lexus that stopped and backed up into the driveway across the street (with the front of their car facing me) and sat there for about 20 minutes.  That same car came back and did the same thing at about the same time all four days


There was a couple that walked by early Sunday morning. I said good morning to them and they said good morning back. With my yard partially dug up and supplies laying all over, the guy said " Looks like quite a project"  I told him I was putting in sprinklers and hoping I could get it done by the Fourth. The gal said You better keep the sunscreen on or you will be as red as that, pointing to my very small microkini.  I told her I would and as they walked on he said to her "he is so tanned he probably doesn't burn.  She responded I know, he is out here in those things all the time and could not hear what was said beyond that.


Shortly after that, the first group of Sunday bicyclists came by, I would guess there were about  15 or so.  A guy said "On your left"  another guy Geez!, another guy Oh my Heavens!  A gal, ooooooh looking good. Another guy that's ridiculous, another guy, Ah don't worry about it he's obviously not, another guy, yeah, he ain't scared.


In the next group of riders I hear from gal Hey look there's the thong guy, from a guy Oh my God,  from another guy, yeah, he's out here all the time.,  a gal yells Hi Thongman! I waive, from a guy, Is that guy really out here like that all the time?  I could not hear anymore of what was said


As the weekend went on the traffic stayed very busy but the honks, yells and whistles became less frequent. By Tuesday it seems there were only a couple of honks.  A couple of people I knew stopped to chat and there was a car that stopped rolled down the passenger window and the passenger to a picture.


I have been out every Saturday and Sunday since and sometimes on weekday evenings and traffic goes past almost without notice. I guess they are getting used to it. There is more pedestrians, bicyclists, and traffic than ever before and it continues to increase.  Hopefully the repeat exposure is reducing the shock to the new and old members of the community which I hope will allow me to continue to enjoy the Arizona sun.



azcraig #255

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/05/2006 11:55:07Copy HTML

 Summer is winding down and my work schedule has allowed us to participate in only a few of our groups pool parties. We did manage to have everyone over on Sunday Labor day weekend. 


Jean and I wore matching royal blue micros with about a 3 inch wide rear and she had a triangle top with about three inch triangles. But we were a little surprised by what the rest of the group wore.  Ann and Larry arrived and Ann wore a yellow and red print G string bottom with a matching top with triangles that were about two inches wide and two inches tall. Larry wore a string side rio cut bikini which is a pretty small cut for him.


 Paul and Marci came wearing matching bright orange thongs. They were extremely small cut with Paul's just big enough to fit in and Marci's was a very small triangle front bottom, more of a G string, and with a tiny top that had narrow vertical  strips that were maybe a quarter inch wide at the bottom widening to about an inch and a half wide in the center to cover her nipples and then tapering up to a point . The side strings were also very small.  Paul and Marci had brought a couple with them we had not met. Tony wore moderately cut black and red print thong and Becky had on a black and red striped thong. It was cut pretty small with a very small triangle top. They were both in very good shape because they did the lightweight body building shows with Paul and Marci.


When Cliff and Sherry arrived they stripped down to matching black thongs.  As everyone settled in for an afternoon by the pool a discussion started about how Jean and I had missed most of the pool parties and a lake excursion this summer.


Marci told us how she had called everyone and told them to wear their smallest thongs today. She pointed out that everyone but Larry did. Larry responded by saying he didn't like those things and this was the briefest thing he owns.  Paul told him he should have borrowed one of Ann's thongs. He laughed and said he couldn't even fit into most of her dinky little g strings. Ann then told us that she tried to get him to wear red one she had but he wouldn't. When Marci questioned Larry about that he told her he just didn't like thongs.


Then Marci turned to me and said "you know Craig I have never seen you in a thong, what's up with that? I told her I didn't like the feel of them but reminded her that usually what I wore was the smallest of all of the guys and that my little micros are what I wear all of the time.


Jean got up and went in the house during this conversation. When she came back out she had changed and put on her royal blue G string that she usually laid out in. It too is a very small cut top and bottom and I don't ever remember her wearing it around other people but it seemed appropriate today. She said as she came back outside that she didn't want to be a misfit. Because I spend so much time outside I was more tanned than everyone else except maybe Tony but I think he is slightly darker skinned that I am.


As we spent the afternoon enjoying a beautiful day Paul noticed somebody parked on the street beside my house taking pictures of all of us. With only a chain link fenced around our pool area it is very visible even though the road is about one hundred feet away. We all just went about our business. After about twenty minutes he left.


Ann was in the house when the door bell rang. Being the only one in the house she decided to answer the door (in her G string) The guy asked for me so she told him to go around to the side gate that I was in the back yard. She came out back and told me somebody was wanting me and they were coming to the side gate. I met him at the gate. He looked down at what I had on and then was looking at everyone else as he introduced himself as someone I had made an appointment with to look at some damage on my roof. He then said it looks like I have come at a bad time. I told him I forgot all about him coming out on Sunday but he was here so he could look at it. I went out front to point out the problem. He got a ladder from his truck and went up to look. I followed him up there in my micro. While up on the roof some people driving by honked or yelled and I waived. I could tell he was not believing this whole scenario. He pointed out that my tile roof was covered with leaves and debris and it needed to be cleaned off before he could look at the condition of the roof. I told him I would take care of that and call him to come back. He left telling me to call him and he would come back out. The whole time he was there he kept glancing down at my swimsuit but never said a word.


As the afternoon was ending I began to realize how much fun we had missed this summer because of my work schedule I was really nice having everyone over, enjoying good food and the company while enjoying the Arizona sun.  

sheer1delight #256

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/06/2006 09:11:08Copy HTML

It's great to see your stories. I like finding out in detail what you and your wife are wearing -not to mention your like minded friends. It must be a sight to behold around your pool.


Dennis at Thong Beach #257

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/07/2006 01:50:50Copy HTML

Craig, thanks for the enjoyable report of a great swim party.  With 3 couples in thongs, plus your wife, it sounds like it was your first thong party.  Glad to hear it.  It makes all the rest of us jealous.  It sounds like Marci's top was a real eye catcher.  Thanks for sharing the good times.
sheer1delight #258

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/07/2006 03:54:59Copy HTML

Just readng some of your earlier tales. As always very entertaining. Your friend Marci seems to have the cutest range of microwear available and doesn't mind wearing them either.!


azcraig #259

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/07/2006 11:21:12Copy HTML

Marci does come up with the most exotic range of micro swimwear of the group. You just never know what she show up in. I don't  know where she finds it all. She has a one piece that looks like the playboy bunny head that is really interesting. I don't remember if I have described it on here. That is something she got a long time ago someplace and I think she wore it once at maybe Easter time. She must have a huge selection but because the cuts are usually so small I would guess they don't take up much room in a drawer.........I think next time we are over there I am going to ask to see her collection.
azcraig #260

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/10/2006 11:23:50Copy HTML

Got up Sunday morning put on a copper colored micro and went outside to do some yard work on what was to be a nice warm sunny Arizona day. I remembered that I needed to get all of the debris cleaned off of the roof of the house. I thought about putting on some shorts to work on the roof and then decided against it figuring that nobody looks up on the roof anyway. Boy was I wrong. 


 From the time I got up on the roof there were numerous honks hollers and whistles. At one point somebody in a pickup went by laying on the horn as a group of morning bicyclists passed. I heard one the cyclists say "what the hell was his problem?" I am sure they thought the honk was at them but I think it was at me and the cyclists did not notice me on the roof.  At one point I started to get down and put some shorts on but didn't. I had been up there about 45 minutes when a dark brown Ford with dark windows pulls up and stops. It was an unmarked Sheriff's car. The guy got out of the car and asked what I was doing. I told him. He told me "well if you are trying to stir everyone up you have been successful. I told him that was not my intent. He told me they have had numerous calls about a naked guy or a guy in a thong prancing around of the roof.  I responding by reiterating what I was doing and told him I was not prancing and obviously not naked.  He then told me that from down there my suit was close to the same color as my tan so at a glance it is hard to tell. I call the color copper but it is kind of a cross between maroon and copper colored. I had not thought about there being such little contrast between the color of the suit and my skin. I told the officer that I was not my intention to cause a problem but this is what I typically work outside in. He said he knew that "but you usually are not on the fricken roof."  I offered to go change into something else and he told me that might be a good idea.  As he got ready to leave he thanked my for my cooperation and said "be careful up there", It told him I would and he left.  I went into the house and told Jean what had happened and she told me that she could see how at a glance it might appear I was nude.


 I went back to put on some shorts and began to wonder of all of the attention was because I was on the roof in such a small swimsuit or if they thought I was nude. If I put on shorts I will never know. So I put on a very bright yellow micro and went back up to work. I figured out by now that all of the hoopla was because folks thought I was nude. Wrong again!!!


For the next hour as I finished my roof cleaning the honks and comments were almost non-stop. In additions to the yells whistles and hollers, I heard "put on some clothes", "put on some pants",  "get down from  there you faggot",  and "ooooohhhhh nice",  Some stopped and stared, some took pictures, one guy had a video camera going. 

So I guess that from the responses more people are looking in the sky (on my roof) than at the road (ground level in my front yard) as they drive. That is kind of scary. But the bottom line is the roof of a house in small swimwear is not a good place to enjoy the Arizona sun.  Just as I was getting down a van from one of the local TV stations pulls up and stops. I was headed to the backyard and when I came back out front about five minutes later they were driving off.


This is not the first time I have been working on the roof wearing my summer work clothes (a micro). A year of so back I was working on the roof and was photographed for a story on what people did during the hot days of summer.

Dennis at Thong Beach #261

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/11/2006 03:28:11Copy HTML

AZcraig, it's not that people are looking at the roofs of houses, it's just the opposite.  Because people are not normally on their roofs, someone on a roof catches people's eyes as they go by.  Once you've caught their attention, THEN they notice what you're wearing (or not wearing).  Therefore, more people will notice you on the roof.  I can guarantee if your thong party from last weekend was on the roof, there would have been a massive traffic jam in front of your house, and probably several accidents too!

And speaking of which, including myself, there have been at least 3 guys and 3 women who have worn thongs to my condo/apartment complex pool over the years, but never all at once, as happened at your pool.  How you are so lucky to know that many couples who like to thong is beyond me.  But you're mighty lucky!

etchiman69 #262

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/12/2006 11:46:26Copy HTML

azcraig, for all the work you do around the house, you must have the nicest house in the neighborhood.

Maybe my house would look better if could work in the yard wearing only a micro, but here in a small town in Tennessee, I wouldn't be just the talk of the neighborhood, I'd be the talk of this town, the next town and at work.

I don't think I could handle that.

But I do enjoy swimming laps at the public pool in my N2N Enhance bikini. That's about as skimpy as I dare get. My nickname there among the ladies in the aerobics class is the "torpedo in the speedo."

azcraig #263

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/18/2006 01:47:36Copy HTML

I went to a fast food on Sunday to get some lunch. I had been outside in a micro and just pulled on some shorts and at T-shirt. As I was waiting for my food there were a couple a younger guys there and I overheard one of them say to the other. "check it out, look how short that dudes shorts are. The other guy looks around very casually at me and then turns back to the other guy and says "Yeah thats nothin you oughta see the guy over on the next street always in a thong. The first guys asks "for real? Where? I have never seen him. The second guy went on to describe where I lived. They both agreed that when they got their food they were going to by and check it out.

If they went by my house from there, I was not at home. I never did see them go by but would bet they did. I am pretty sure they had no clue who I was.

On another note I saw the unmarked officer that came by the day I was on the roof and asked him if the calls stopped after he was there. He told me that changing seemed to settle everyone down. He then asked me to do them all a favor and don't go on our roof in a thong. I told him I would try to remember that.

It is odd that he said the calls calmed down after I changed while the noise and comments from those driving by did not seem to change

azcraig #264

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:10/02/2006 02:45:20Copy HTML

Went to a local fast food store over the weekend for breakfast. I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt and overheard one guy in the store say to another "looks like that guy is wearing Daisy Duke's shorts". The other guy says to him "thats nothin, have you caught the dude over on the other street in the thong? This dudes like always out mowing his lawn and stuff wearing only a thong." The first guy says "no way". The second guy says "here man check it out I took his picture yesterday" and proceeds to open his cell phone and show him a photo. The second guy laughs loudly and says "dude, that's f---ed up" Makes me wonder how often photos are taken with the common use of cell phone cameras.

As the summer winds down, and I have been at home a little more, the honks, yells, and slow drive pasts have almost stopped. In fact Sunday I was outside most fo the day and did not hear anything. So it seems that just about the time most passersby are used to it the weather will change and I will have to start all over next spring. With only 6 to 8 weeks of swimsuit weather left time is quickly running out in '06 to enjoy the Arizona sun

azcraig #265

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:12/13/2006 09:51:21Copy HTML

The weekend weather calls for cold and rainy weather so it looks like swimwsuit season in Phoenix is over. It has not been too cold yet and a little over 100 out in the sunlight on Sunday afternoons. It was nice enough that I was able to get all of my Christmas decorations put up over the last three weekends. As usual my outside attire was a small micro cut bikini. Last weekend while on a ladder at the front of the house some girls drove by. The first time one yelled "look, it's Santa Claus in a thong"!. They came back by a couple of minutes later whistled and yelled OOOOOOHHHH SEEEEXXXXYYYY!  On the third pass they stopped and yelled "hey thong man, you are lookin niiiiice. I then overheard one say to the other "If I had buns like that I'd wear a thong too." They then yelled "Merry Christmas thong man"  I turned around and waived and they drove off honking the horn. 
The weekend before when I was working out front in a blue micro 2 guys in a pickup stopped out front and asked where the closest beach was. I told them that this was the desert and all the beaches are a long ways away. They said "well your dressed like your goin to the beach so we figured there must be one close by and drove off.......Got me!!! I fell for that one.
Because most everyones schedules have been so messed up this summer the gang has only gotten together a few times. That is something we have all vowed to change for next summer. One intersting thing was we were over at Paul and Marci's getting ready to out to dinnerone evening.  I brought up that with as many swimsuits as Marci has, she must have a whole chest of drawers just for swimsuits. She laughed and said come here I'll show you. Jean and I followed Marci to their room and she reached under the bed and pulled out two plastic trays about 24 inches by 24 inches by about 5 inches deep. As she lifted the top off of the containers, there neatly and individually packed in zip lock bags was her swimsuit assortment. As Jean and I stood there saucer eyed, Marci explained that in one was one peice and more traditional bikinis, and the other one had smaller bikinis, thongs and g-stings. Both of the trays were stuffed full. All in rows all very neatly placed and all of the bags labeled. I asked here how many there were and she said there were a 150 or so, she hadn't counted recently. Not to be outdone Paul told us that Marci had all those and here is all I have. He pulled a tray out form under his side of the bed about 24 by 18 and removed the lid to show all of his stored the same way. He guessed he had 40 or 50. (And all this time I had been wondering if having a drawer under my bed with just my swimwear in it was a little overdoing it). Marci went on to tell us that after every wearing, she had washes them, lets them dry and puts them away and they are all in order from the most coverage to the least. Then she pulled one out of the one piece tray and said "this one covers the most", and reaching into the back of the other tray she held up a little bag that just looked like it had a little bit of orange yarn in it, and said "this one covers the least". She told us Pauls were orgainzed the same way. Jean and I walked back down the hall in disbelief of what we had just seen.
From now on, every time we see Paul and Marci we will both have visons of there swimsuit collection. It will probably be a few months before we can put on our swimsuits and get to gether to enjoy the Arizona Sun.

Hope you all have a nice holiday season and all of you folks on the other side of the planet have a nice summer!

sheer1delight #266

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Marci and Paul seem to take their swimwear seriously. They are really organised with swimwear carefully packed away and graded according to size.

Roll on the good weather when their swimwear and your own(and wife's) can make a fresh appearance.

You are lucky the sutable weather for microwear  lasts as long as it does in Arizona. Alas in the UK there are not many days even during the summer when the weather is good enough, though last year was an exception. 

I'm sure everyone on the board will be waiting for you to describe in your usual detail the latest microwear wearing by you and your circle of friends. It's great to hear of your experiences as a group and the surprise effect it has on others who come into contact with you. You must be the talk of the neighbourhood.

I always look forward to your messages on the board.

At least during the winter you will all have time to stock up with some new gear from the multitude of suppliers there now appears to be on the internet. 

It's difficult to believe what fantastic gear some designers can produce with just a few square inches of cloth!!!!!!!!

Regards and a Merry Christmas 


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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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2006 has ended
2007 begins
Its time to start all over
With stares and snickers and grins

Not caring what others think
About how little you have on
Just cast your shyness aside
As you go out in your thong

I call it dressing for the weather
Don't wear much when it's hot
For it's not about what you're wearing
But more about what you"re not

So as this new year begins
And we go near the water and such
Let's all band together and show the world
It's more fun when you're not wearing much

Arizona Craig


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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Its Been A Long Time From Hearing Anything - Please Tell Us What Is Going On - Were Missing You Craig



sheer1delight #269

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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I agree. Lets read some more tales about  Azcraig and friends.




azcraig #270

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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There has not been much to report lately until this past Easter weekend. For our group schedules and commitments have kept us from gathering as often as we would like. I still spend a lot of time outdoors wearing very little. With the volume of traffic now passing down my street it is taking more and more time to break in all of the gawkers.  Many drive by slowly several times, some take photos with their camera phones and some have taken photos with video cameras.  I still get whistles, cat calls, and honks etc. Maybe I'll give an update on some of those things.


Last weekend the group came over to my house for Easter Sunday. Jean and I wore matching light blue suits. Mine was a Nu-Parr Arizona Rio (what I call a micro and others call a thong) and Jeans a matching small Rio cut with a small triangle top. As usual Ann and Larry show up first. Ann was wearing her usual very short shorts (with most of her cheeks showing) and a half shirt. They had stopped at the store and picked up some ice and drinks and brought them in. As Ann was facing away from me as she bent over to pour the ice into the ice chest. At this point almost her whole ass was showing from under her short shorts and as her half shirt hung down it was clear to see she had nothing on underneath it. As Ann finished pouring the ice she started telling us how she got scolded by some black lady at the store for what she was wearing. The black lady told her "you need to take them nasty pants off girl". Ann said she quickly responded to her " I can't take them off lady, I don't have anything on underneath these shorts".  The lady then said "thems just plain nasty" to which Ann told her "so are you". I can clearly vision that conversation taking place. Larry was not close when this happened but looked at me and said, "you know I just can't take her anywhere". Ann turned around, raised her sunglasses and said "yeah, don't you just love it"?

We were moving things out onto the patio when Paul and Marci arrived with Tony and Becky. They do a lot of hiking and work out together so I guess Paul and Marci have made them part of the group. That was all we were expecting. The Penny's have moved away, Cliff and Sherry might not be around for a while because Sherry is very pregnant, and due any time. Ann retold her nasty pants story . Paul and Marci laughed. Tony did not comment but Becky asked is that what you were wearing? Ann shook her head and Becky told her " well no wonder, your whole ass is hanging out of those shorts. "That's why they call them shorts" Ann replied.

I invited all out back where the pool was ready. I have had the solar blanket on it for a few weeks. The weather has been nice and warm and the water was about 84 degrees. It was a nice sunny day and everyone started to strip down to get in the pool except Ann who had gone inside to change. Paul had a black almost a thong on. I guess it was a thong but it had about a 3 inch by 3 inch triangle in the back. Marci had on a one piece suit she has worn before. It is what I call her bunny suit. I am sure I have described it before but the front of the bottom is kind of oval shaped with a hole in the left side. There are two straps that attach to the bottom on the left side. They are about and inch or so wide where they attach to the bottom. One goes almost straight up and gets wider as it goes over her breast, the other strap goes at an angle over the other breast and tie around the back of her neck like a halter top.  Looking at the image of the suit it looks like the Playboy Bunny head.  I think she wore this last Easter to be the Easter Bunny.
Tony slipped off his shorts and was wearing a string side cheetah striped bikini and Becky an orange and white striped thong with matching triangle top. Ann came out of the house in a very tiny bright pink thong and triangle top that was probably about 2 inches wide by 3 inches tall.  Larry was wearing a pretty standard cut speedo looking bikini.


We spent the day enjoying each others company and some good food, all agreeing that we did not get together enough last summer. We vowed to change that for this year. It has not been 100 yet so we all picked our day when we think the first 100 degrees will hit. It was a beautiful day and as the day wound down we planned to go to Paul and Marci's in a few weeks for another day enjoying the Arizona sun.

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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Where are good pbulic places to go.............hhmmmm. That is kind of hard for me to answer because I wear my micros (not quite a thong) anywhere I go around water. (as well as other places). One place I have heard that is NOT thong freindly is Tempe Town Lake.. We have been to public pools at some apartments and HOA managed pools. We have been to Saguaro Lake, Lake Pleasant,  and Roosevelt Lake. Lake Havasu, and others along that river area I am told are pretty good.  For me, I have found that because what I wear is not really a tong but very close to it, I usually do not have a problem anywhere.  If I acually wore a thong, it might be more problematic in some cases. I am so used to wearing tiny litle bikinis, it is almost secong nature to me and I usually don't even worry about it. If I show up in an AZ Rio and someone is offended , I usually just leave.
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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I would really like to start hearing from you again Craig on this post - It has been a LONG time !! - illinithong
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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With the weather here in Florida/DeSoto this week I have to post on the Arizona site. My wife was wondering on the beach a week ago why so many young men feel they must wear those big swimsuits with pants legs to or below their knees.
sheer1delight #274

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Yes it has been a long time since we have heard from AZcraig. I am longing to see some more of his tales or shoul that be tails!
azcraig #275

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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In mid April I took on a job that consumed my entire weekends. Working inside, it was only supposed to last for 6 to 8 weeks but ended up going thru last weekend. For the first time in I don't even remember how long, I have no tan. There is barely a hint of any tan lines. It has been a long boring summer. We have missed all the pool parties and spent little time outdoors in the daylight. I hate the cold winter and short days. Missing last summer on top of that really stinks. I am looking forward to it warming up here is Az so I can again enjoy the Arizona Sun.
rock1212 #276

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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So Craig, do you plan on being outside this summer at all in your usual attire?  You will have to tell us all about it!
azcraig #277

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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With the weather here is Phoenix warming up I can begin to enjoy the outdoors. I should have the weekends to myself again so I can enjoy the summer like I have in the past. Because I missed most of last summers outdoors fun I am so pale I can hardly see my tan lines. I cannot remember when I got this white. Guess I will have to visit one of the area tanning salons so I can get a head start. If I spent the whole day outside like I am I would likely burn to a crisp. I will also have to retrain all of the neighbors so they get used to me being out wearing very little. They will have to again get used to me enjoying the Arizona sun.
rock1212 #278

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Craig, I am sure you'll have your neighbors back in shape before you know it.  If nothing else, spend a few days laying out for shorter periods of time in a bikini and wearing LOTS of sunscreen.  Before you know it you will be tanned, and able to spend all day outside wearing very little.
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Finally after almost a year with no weekends off I was able to enjoy a weekend at home outdoors. Being warm and sunny I put on a red rio bikini and went out to enjoy the day. Usually doing all my own yard work in very small swimwear it was nice to be out again. Last summer I had one of the neighbor kids keep the yard up and it need a lot of detail work. As the area grows traffic that used to be light on weekends is now almost non-stop in front of my house. Because I had not been out in quite a while and the increased traffic there were lots of honks whistles and cat calls as passers by saw me out in what most probably figured was a skimpy bikini. By my usual standards it had more coverage than what I usually wear during the really hot part of the summer. I guessed that I needed to re-acclimate the neighbors to my summer wardrobe so I chose more coverage. One of  the neighbors was driving by and stopped and thought I had moved or something because he had not seen me out in a long time.  He told me “everyone is going to have to get used to seeing me in my speedos all over again”. I told him the honks and yells had already started and he told me “they’ll get used to it just like we did”  As he drove off and I was standing at the edge of the road and the traffic behind him generated a few more honks and yells. I got me thinking about how people really do get used to it over time and the reaction from others seems to be less as the summer goes on. I guess folks do get used to it. I thought about going in and changing into one of my micro bikinis to get the process moving along faster but didn’t.

As I continued to do some cleanup a young couple started to walk by and I heard the girl say “oh my God, look at that”.  I could not hear the guys full response but part of it was “that’s sick”. As they walked past the front of the house I said hi to them. They both said hi back and he asked how I was doing. I told him fine and they walked on. At about 1:00 this little blue car drove by with a couple of girls in it and they shrieked when they saw me. They turned around and came back by very slowly laughing. As the went on past they again started to turn around. The street in front of my house is a three lane affair with one lane going each direction and what is supposed to be a left turning lane in the center. Most people dangerously use the center lane as a passing lane.  After the girls had driven by very slowly it kind of backed the traffic up so one of the drivers back in the line decided to pass the slow moving traffic. As the girls started to make a U turn I heard the squealing tires and the crash as the passer plowed into the left front of the girls car. They didn’t hit very hard and luckily no one seemed to be hurt. With the accident scene in the middle of the road now traffic was creeping past very slowly. I kept on working but now could hear many comments as people slowly past.  “Look at that’, check it out”, “Oh my God”, “oooh sexy”, and “hey nice speedo” were the kinds of things I heard more than once. When the police arrived about 30 minutes later I watched as the officer talked to the drivers. The girls kept pointing back at me while they talked to the cop. It was another hour before the tow trucks showed to remove both cars. After everyone left to investigating officer parked right across the street from my house and wrote for a few minutes. I expected him to complain about what I was (or wasn’t) wearing but he never said a word.

This whole incident has me worried about the coming summer and how much freedom I will have to enjoy the Arizona sun.
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Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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It was beautiful again here in AZ this weekend. Sunny and in the low 80’s. Put on a Parr small red micro (Arizona Rio) and went outside to do my Sunday chores. Because I did most of the front yard stuff last week I spent most of my time in the back yard. I walked out front to put some clippings in the trash container, as I got close to the container a car passing by laid on the horn and I waived. They went down, turned around and came back. The driver rolled down their window and she yelled  OOOOOOHHHHHH NIICCCEE!!! They laughed and drove on. While I was emptying the small container into the big one another little car was passing and I heard “OH my God Look”. As I looked up the passenger had here arm out the window pointing to me. In an SUV right behind them were a couple of guys who looked over at me as well. The girls in the front car slowed down and the guys in the SUV just barely bumped into the back of the girls car. They stopped got out and began yelling at each other. The girl yelled why don’t you watch where you’re going? And the guy said “well you were pointing out the window so I looked at what you were pointing at…why did you slam on the brakes? I started walking back into the back yard as the argument went on. As I got close to the house the guy yelled “HEY! Why don’t you put some f---ing clothes on you faggot. I did not turn around I just kept walking. When I went out front a few minutes later they were gone.

Jean had told me that some ladies were coming over to drop off some stuff that she had ordered. I told her what had happened a few minutes earlier and she said exactly what I did not want to hear. She said “ You know with all of the new people and the traffic in the area we may have to become a little more concerned about what we wear out front” as she stood there in short shorts and a tank top. I reminded her how I don’t even think about what I am wearing when I go out front, or anywhere for that matter. I reminded her that this had been my weekend work attire for many years. She agreed but said we might have to think about it.
About an hour later I am out front again emptying more into the trash can when her lady friends drive up about an hour earlier than expected. There were two older ladies and one younger (maybe in her twenties) that got out of their mini van carrying some boxes. One of the ladies said “It looks like you have been in the pool”. I told her no, the water is still a little too cold for me. She then commented “well I just noticed you had that little swimsuit on. They went on inside and were there for a few minutes and then came out to leave as I was sweeping the front walkway. The lady said to me “your wife tells me that you wear that little tiny swimsuit all summer, aren’t you afraid of getting skin cancer or something?” I told her yeah I usually wear something like this outdoors and didn’t give the cancer thing much of a thought. She said “well you be careful there are a lot or weirdos out there these days. I told her thanks and they left. The others never said a word.
As they left Ann and Larry drove up. Ann gets out (wearing very short shorts with her cheeks hanging out and a short tank top) comes over and gives me a hug, Larry shakes my hand and we talk about how we had not seen each other in quite a while. They were in the area and decided to stop by. We went inside visited for a couple hours. Jean told them about the two traffic accidents I had caused and that she was concerned. Ann said “Craig has been wearing those things ever since we dared him 20 years ago, and pointing her finger at Jean said “so this is your fault too. She looked at me and said “screw those idiots, you don’t need to change anything, let them learn how to drive. You otta start wearing thongs or G’s.  We need to get the group together for a pool party. Me and Marci will wear our smallest G’s and wash our cars out front and see how many wrecks WE can cause. By the time they left it was almost 6. As they drove off we promised each other to get together real soon with the old gang. Ann promised that if I caved and stopped wearing bikinis she would kick my ass. They drove off as I stood next to the edge of the road in my very small micro-kini. I really wonder if I am going to have to change how I am enjoying the Arizona Sun.
rock1212 #281

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Craig, I bet that if Jean, Marci, and Ann went and did their own bikini car wash, they could cause at least half a dozen wrecks within an hour or so!
azcraig #282

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Rock: I think you may be right. Sad part is that knowing Ann she is totally serious and would follow thru on her threat. After they left Jean made the same observation. She thinks they could cause major problems with traffic if the current trend is indicative of any patterns. If that were the case where does that get us? Would that not be somewhat counter productive? Would that not help those that are critical get some justification to their positiion?
rock1212 #283

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Craig, I should have indicated that it was more of a joke than a serious suggestion.  I agree with you, though.
JM_Runs #284

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Craig, sounds to me like it's time to cool it with wearing your Arizona Rio in the front yard, in the interests of public safety.  Though to you it's the most natural thing in the world, and it's understandable you don't give a damn if others see you so attired, i.e., doesn't appear to be an exhibitionist thing, the trouble it's causing trumps your comfort.  Sure, it feels great to be bold and daring in public, and that may be part of your motivation, but much as it grates, you'd be better off donning a pair of baggy gym shorts kept handy for your necessary forays out front, I think.  Pool parties, yard work, whatever you do out back is fine to go on wearing whatever you like.  Folks will still see you on occassion, but it should result just in heckles or cheers, not in car wrecks!  I'm trying to picture how my 75 year old cousin, who's lived in Phoenix since 1954, would react were she to see you while driving by.  She'd probably take it in stride, but hopefully not ram the rear of some jerk in front who'd jammed on their brakes.        
darksmooth #285

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Craig, Sliding G is probably right about scaling back for a while.  I used to live in Phoenix and know how bad traffic can be even in residential areas.  Maybe you could consider wearing some really short cutoffs for awhile.  You could still enjoy the Az sun while getting your chores done.  Based on my experience, you still get plenty of stares and comments, but the comments are always favorable.  Even in convenience or hardware stores, I have no problems.  So this would certainly be acceptable in your own yard.  Just make sure they are a little bit longer than Ann's on the backside.
azcraig #286

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/09/2008 01:52:07Copy HTML

While understand that I should have a concern for public safety, and that something so normal to me might have a lot of shock value to others, I am not sure what "for a while" means. It seems to me that once I give in, it is over. If I change "for a while" what happens after the "for a while" is up? Additionally I should note that my house is basically on a corner lot surrounded by metal corral fencing with chain link on it. So there is not much privacy there and  do often have observers from that angle although not the traffic that is out front. I was hoping that the problem would fix itself as folks get used to me being out and about. In the past as the summer has gone on the responses soften and the impact seems to minimize after time. Perhaps now that period of adjustment curve may be to steep at the front for those new to the area. In the past 5 years I have gone from being surrounded with fields with crops of cotton to fields with crops of houses. My little 2 lane country road out front now has more traffic in an hour than it used to have in a day. Times are changing for sure, and probably not for the better. One thing is for sure. baggy shorts down to or below the knee are not an option for me. Might as well wear full length pants and it is too hot in the summer for that.
sheerdelight #287

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Great to hear the "impact" you are making in the neighbourhood Craig. I look forward to hearing some more of your tales now that the better weather is with you. We all missed your lack of contributions over the past year due to your other commitments.
Hopefully everything is back on form and your microwearing colleagues will be able to live up to their past reputation for showing off their gear.

Indeed a bikini car wash with Jean, Marci and Ann sounds just great to me!
goodyrthonger #288

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/10/2008 12:20:26Copy HTML

I had an experience where I work a red Speedo, about 2" side, outside in front of my home.  I was washing my car.  I could hear a kid staying "that guys is wearing is underwear".  His mother said no that is a swimsuit.  Even if Craig wore shorts, square cut swimwear, he would still get the same comment.  And perhaps someone would call the police to say someone is in the underwear.  I heard of this happening to someone where side split shorts, cops called.  The police said not a crime or city ordinance, but reconsider what you wear around the neighborhood when kids are about.  Stupid as people are, no matter is you are a little different in your choice of swimwear, you will hear some comment
darksmooth #289

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/10/2008 01:29:39Copy HTML

Craig,  I agree with your assessment that "once I give in, it's over".  The more I've thought about it, and read the other's responses, it is the ignorance of others at the root of the problem.  The same sort of accidents could happen if a couple of guys driving looked over and saw a girl in a bikini, too.  It's just normal for people to look at anyone in minimal clothing, especially in our society where most seem to be ashamed of showing anything but shins and forearms.  Keep on wearing what you're comfortable with.  Your stories give the rest of us more confidence to wear what we want in public, too.
azcraig #290

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/16/2008 09:28:05Copy HTML

Last Sunday morning as I prepared for my day outdoors I found myself trying to decide what to wear. This was somewhat odd to me. I usually give little thought and just grab something out of the drawer and off I go. Given the experiences of the last couple of weeks, things seemed different. I decided to wear a pair of stretch denim low rise shorts with a one inch inseam. I went out to do my typical weekend activities hoping to calm to restless waters so-to-speak.
While working out front, and walking back and forth, there were a few honks from passersby. There was a noted difference that I had not paid attention to before. The honks (5 of them) were double, short, “beep beep” kind of honks. There were no long laying on the horn and honks after completely passing by. It was almost like those folks were saying hi, kind of honk. Then a guy stops out front (know him but not his name) and yells “ Hey Craig what’s up? No thong today? I walked out to his truck and told him I was giving it a rest and told him why. He told me that me wearing shorts is sure to cause a scene from the regulars when we try to figure out who is in your yard. He went on to say it sounds like people need to learn to drive. He asked me “ so does that mean if there were two dogs f----ing on the side of the road everyone would crash looking at them? …And what would they do to the dogs?? I laughed at his interesting analogy. As he was leaving he said “well if you stop wearing your thongs it just won’t be the same”.
I continued with what I was doing and the same time of honks (maybe 4 or 5 more) continued. At about 2:00 I needed to go to the Home Depot so put on a shirt and off I went. While I was there I ran into a lady from church. She is very outspoken and says what is on her mind. She said she had driven by earlier and wondered why weren’t your wearing your Speedo today? As I told her the story she rolled her eyes and said “people need to frickin learn how to drive”.  I drive by and honk at you all the time and I haven’t wrecked anybody. This morning when I drove by and honked you didn’t even waive. I asked what she was driving and remembered that Silver SUV going by and honking. About that time Chris (Sonya’s husband) walks up and she begins to tell him the story. He told me that will take all the fun out of it if I start wearing shorts. Sonya said that as they approach my house they always look to see what I am wearing. When you wear that little lime green Speedo you can see it a mile away. Then when you wear that kind of brownish one..copper color? I asked…..yeah, I guess it’s kind of copper, well anyway you have to look real close cause it looks like you are naked. I told them that maybe I was going to be a little more conservative about what I wear so as not to make any more trouble. Sonya told me that everyone expects it and if anybody is caught off guard they must be new to that area and they will get used to it. Chris asked “so does that mean you we won’t see the gals out front anymore either? I told him I really wasn’t sure where all this was going, I’ll have to see. At that point Sonya put her arm around me and said “listen big boy, you wear your little Speedos any time you want cause all of us from around here expect it and you don’t want to let us all down do you?” I told her that I wasn’t sure if everybody wanted me to wear bikinis but we would see what happened. Then she called out to another woman walking past us. I think she called her Alicia. She asked her if she had heard that the guy that always wears those little Speedos was not going to do it anymore. In a disappointing tone she said “really, why not?” Sonya explained and Alicia said “that’s not right”. As she walked away Sonya said see? I told ya. You don’t want to disappoint all my Bunco friends do ya?. I told her we would see what happens.
I got back home and continued to work in just my shorts and got a few more honk-honks as the afternoon passed.  About 5:00 a couple walks by walking their dog and he says “no Speedo today huh? I told him no not today and they walked on. When I went inside later I told Jean well nobody crashed out front today, I guess that is a good thing. She told me that one of the neighbors called to ask why I wasn’t wearing a little swimsuit today. She told her I just didn’t feel like it today but did not explain why. Signals are really mixed at this point. I not sure what I will wear in the future as I continue to enjoy that Arizona sun.
pkthong #291

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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 Sound s like you got way more "yeas" than "nays". Good luck with whatever you choose but since you've got such good support from the locals I would go back to the rios.
azcraig #292

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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I was at the Home Depot store last night and was talking to a guy, Rex,  that mentioned he had seen me wearing shorts and wondered if I had stopped wearing “those dinky little speedos”. I told him I was just giving it a break without explaining the whole story to him. He said “I don’t know how you can run around like that. Doesn’t it bother you?”  The shorts I asked? No, what you usually have on, what there is of it, he said.  I told him “its really not really nothing to me” to which he responded, “you got that right” I asked him what he meant by that and he told me that was what I wore, almost nothing. I started to respond when this other guy walks up and asks me if I am Craig. Telling him yes, he tells me that the cashier told him I might be able to answer a building code question. I told him I would try. He asked me a simple question and I gave him the info he was wanting. He thanked me and introduced himself and said he was new to the area, and I’m sure I’ll be seeing a lot more of you. Rex chimed in and said “you have no idea”. The guy looked at him with a puzzled look and then thanked me again and said I’ll see ya.  I said to Rex “aren’t you quick tonight?” He told me “hey I just call ‘em like I see ‘em, as he walked away.
When I got home Jean showed me a letter that Sonya had dropped off. It was from her Bunco group. It said “In support of you wearing speedos any time you want” and had seven signatures on it. Jean tells me that she doesn’t think everyone must have signed it because she thinks there are 12 in that group.
JM_Runs #293

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Craig, It's still completely inappropriate ...
I read your threads, but don't understand why you need to push the boundaries like that. 

Not everyone is going to agree with you, or with me... but it's seriously selfish to not consider the impact of your actions on the community you live in. 

rock1212 #294

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Sounds like you have a lot of friends who are very supportive of you!  As far as Rex goes, he is trying to deal with it, but he seems to try to deal with it, and as far as the other guy with the building code question, he will get used to it, but I am sure he has figured out you're an alright kind of guy, and not some "weirdo" or anything like that!

Nothing like your wife getting a petition from her friends to changed back into your usual attire!
JM_Runs #295

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Nixit,  I think, "the impact of his actions on the community he lives in" to paraphrase your remark, is to add to the diversity and probably make it less up tight. Some people and 'communities' are far to uptight.  You have not articulated the impact you speak of, but your words suggest what ever you are worrying about it is negative.

An impact is when something hits something else, an asteroid from outer space has an 'impact' on a community.  Wearing a thong is not exactly an impact, nor an aggressive action, not even passive aggressive, for it is not really targeted at any one other than the wearer.

Have you also considered the positive aspects?  The improved tolerance and humor in the community?  The smiles he brings to peoples faces?

DavyJ #296

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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I agree with Rock1212.  Getting a petition with 7 signatures is an amazing validation of your activities.  Be sure to save it and continue having fun.
azcraig #297

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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Nixit:While some may find that wearing so little is “inappropriate” it is a judgment that one must make for them self. Much like wearing a three piece suit to a NASCAR race could be considered “inappropriate” by some it is likely that the person doing it may not feel that way. So people stare and point and giggle or make derogatory comments. If I thought it was inappropriate, I wouldn’t do it. I do not wear G strings, see-thru, or any of the erotic things that are out there. This is not sexual nor erotic for me. It is more the norm, as abnormal as that may be to some. I don’t even think about it most of the time. I know some find it objectionable, some find it in poor taste, some don’t care and some enjoy it. It is not something I do for others entertainment. I do not push the “boundaries”. Where there is resistance or in certain situations where what I wear is not welcome is something I try to avoid. Jean and I have been at pool parties where we felt out of place and have left because of what we were wearing.
As for the petition, while seven signed, if there were 12 there that is just slightly more than half and I would bet some signed just for the fun and not the sincerity of it.
I really do believe that there is more tolerance than support for what I wear.  Finally, if people don’t like it or approve, they shouldn’t drive out of their way to drive by and they should not look either. They have control of the situation. I do not go to where they are uninvited, they come to me.  To me the real question is has the tolerance level dropped to point where it is no longer acceptable and, is there a public safety issue to be concerned with?
JM_Runs #298

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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azcraig could run down the main street of town butt naked and it would have NO real 'impact' on anyone or anything!

Nothing really changes because of what azcraig, or any of us for that matter, does or does not wear! He/we have no actual affect on any person as far as I can see. Yes, some may think it is offensive, or rude, or just doesn't look good, or whatever. Everyone who sees it would have an opinion, be it positive or negative, but tomorrow their life will be as it was yesterday as a result. Maybe the worst case would be a mind or two being broadened!

I'm happy to bare my ass in public (to put it bluntly) as I see fit because I'm comfortable that I'm not causing any harm. I'm not robbing a bank, bashing anyone, or causing physical or mental harm. If you don't want to see me in my thong, there's about 200 degrees rotation left where you won't see me! I would also care to wager that if they thought they could, around 50% of the population would be out therre in their front yard mowing the lawn in their swimwear! It'd be great, wouldn't it? Why do we all get around like that on holidays?

Go for it Craig. I wish I was as courageous as you!
nicthong #299

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

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I just did a definition search for 'appropriate', resulting in the following:
- suitable for a particular person, place or condition
- advantageous
- suitable and fitting

I've been told running tights are 'inappropriate' for guys to wear when running. I've been told Speedos are 'inappropriate' for guys to wear when swimming. Surely running tights are, by definition, appropriate for running. By definition, Speedos are appropriate for swimming (moreso than loose shorts). Let's not make the mistake of thinking that cultural norms define what is 'appropriate' - they only define what is 'the norm'.

If the sun is beating down and you're working hard, skimpy swimwear is more 'appropriate' than a t-shirt and long shorts, or whatever else people typically wear. Wearing small anything in your front yard may be 'unusual', 'unexpected' and 'different' but it's not 'inappropriate'.

Craig, you may be right that there is more tolerance than support - just as most locations we each choose to thong at are more 'thong tolerant' than 'thong friendly' - but don't let that discourage you. I've been learning a lot recently about growing to be more comfortable with who I am - even though I don't fit the mould prescribed by our western culture (that says I shouldn't wear tight jeans, running tights, tight swimwear and that says I should drink and smoke and sleep around). If you are more comfortable in your swimwear, then I say go for it.

And with regards to public safety, the accident wasn't your fault. Drivers have the choice (and responsibility!) of where they look. I got distracted by a beautiful woman the other day but if I had crashed, that would be my fault - not hers. When people 'rubber neck' to look back at an accident they've passed and have an accident themselves, that's their own fault - not the fault of the drivers in the first crash.

At a guess, the impact you have is that you bring a moment of unexpected surprise into people's days. And then the moment passes.

So I say enjoy being you. Enjoy living with the freedom you have. Claim it. Live it. And keep enjoying that Arizona sun!
JM_Runs #300

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/19/2008 04:27:29Copy HTML

Until they start issuing burkas to girls with good figures who cause road accidents, I don't think you should feel guilty  or feel a need to cover up.  We have idiots who cause car accidents while out looking at Christmas lights, and we don't even have snow down here. 
We have people having fender benders all up and down the beach becuase people are looking at the people on the beach or sidewalk, but no one talks about preventing the beach girls from wearing thongs, or suggesting the rolerbladers cover up.
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