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nadathing #351

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/05/2008 04:39:09Copy HTML

On the noon to 2 and 2 to 4 thing,
I would expect the most intense sunning to be one hour before and after local solar noon.  That would be offset by daylight savings and generally to a lesser extent by whatever variation a particular location has relative to the time zone.  So noon to 2 is about right in most locations in the summer.  The further away from the solar center of the time zone one is, the more variation there will be.
And the day will warm up more the hight the sun is in the sky, so it is still heating up past 2:00 PM and into the later afternoon.  It also will vary with location and local solar time relative to the time zone.
azcraig #352

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/10/2008 01:25:27Copy HTML

Was working in the front yard Friday getting ready for folks to come over for a 4th celebration. Wearing only a small red micro, I was sweeping off the driveway when Sheelah drove up and honked. As I approached her car she rolled down the passenger side window to thank me for the referral for guys to do her yard work.  “They are doing a fantastic jobs, thanks so much, have a nice weekend, thanks again” and she drove off.  

A couple of weeks ago she stopped by on a Sunday to ask me to do her yard work again and I told her I did not have time but had some guys that had taken care of my yard when I was away that I could recommend.  I gave her their numbers and now I guess all is good.

I was having the group over on the 4th of July for an afternoon/evening get together, to pay up for losing the first 100 degree day bet we all do every year, and to enjoy another great day.

As always Ann and Larry arrive first. Ann wearing a little yellow thong with a very tiny triangle top, and Larry was sporting a stars and stripes string bikini. I was still wearing my small red micro and Jean was wearing a matching suit with triangle top. Cliff and Sherry arrived next. Cliff was wearing a rio cut black bikini and Sherry a green and orange print thong with a matching bandeau top.

Paul and Marci arrived last. They too wore stars and stripes. Paul in a pretty standard cut thong and Marci in an extremely tiny g-string and triangle top. Each side of the triangle top was a see thru white mesh kind of material with one single star in the center. Looked more like wearing pasties than a swim suit top. The bottom was maybe 3 inches wide, worn very low and had very small strings.

At about 3:00 the doorbell rang while Ann was in the house so she answered the door. (I would have loved to see the look of the guy when she opened the door in her swimsuit). She came to tell me someone was at the door so I went around to the side gate and went out front. When the guy saw me he said “well I guess that is one way to beat the heat, don’t wear any clothes.” I told him it worked for me. “He said it works for your wife too”. I told him that wasn’t my wife it was just some friends we were waving over and then asked him what he wanted. He asked me if I knew a Rick and if he was supposed to drop off a scissor lift here. Much to my surprise I told him yes and I went out to the street to help unload it.

Many honks and hollers occurred as I stood next to the road while the guy unloaded the equipment. When he got done explaining everything to me, he gave me a ticket to sign and started leaving. As they walked away I heard him say “you just never know what you’re gonna see on this job”. The other guy said something, they both laughed and left.

After a nice dinner of Steak, baked potatoes, homemade beans and potato salad, we were all sitting on the patio watching the beautiful sunset. As they complimented me on a fine dinner they started talking about leaving and I told them it wasn’t over yet. I told them that I had a lift out front. It goes 25 feet in the air and we can take our chairs out around 8, go up in the lift and watch all of the fireworks all over the Valley.

Paul and Marci jumped at the idea, Ann and Larry thought that would be really cool but Cliff did not seem interested. A short discussion revealed he was very afraid of heights. Sherry said they needed to get home any and were sorry they could not stay.

So about 8;30 the rest of us took our chairs out, got in the scissor lift, went up 25 feet and sat for about an hour or so watching all of the fireworks displays all over Phoenix. It had cooled off a bit, and there was a slight breeze. Watching all of the fireworks was truly a tremendous sight. What a fun filled fourth enjoying the Arizona sun and show.
rock1212 #353

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/10/2008 02:15:15Copy HTML

Now that is one way to enjoy the fireworks, on top of a scissor lift!
koenig3456 #354

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/13/2008 09:21:25Copy HTML

 The descriptions of folks doing yard work while wearing minimal attire has inspired me. Today I mowed and trimmed the front lawn wearing a pair of 'Skrim Shorts' from bodyaware.com. These shorts expose the bottom of my cheeks. I was outside for about one and half hours. While I was out, I waved to various neighbors. Everyone smiled and waved back. I don't know if suburban Philadelphia is ready for yard work in a thong, but I felt great just wearing minimal shorts.
JM_Runs #355

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/14/2008 06:27:36Copy HTML

I don't know if I'd have the guts to go mow the front yard in a thong but my wife and I just spent 4 days at my mother in laws and I spent the whole time outside at the pool, sunning and swimming, wearing either a pink thong or a yellow rio cut swimsuit. My wife wore a silver one piece thong from skinzwear and her mom wore a red onepiece from skinzwear. The backyard is only surrounded by a chainlink fence so many of the neighboors saw us and some people driving by noticably slowed down, but we had a great time. We all got great tans, drank a bit too much and had fun.
azcraig #356

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/14/2008 03:32:38Copy HTML

Sliding G; I understand your perspective when you look at my actions on the surface. The reality is there are several factors that play into what I wear while working about.  

First off is that I live in an area where each home is on 2 to 4 acre parcels except for the new development across the street. With setbacks, the roadway, landscaping and easements, those houses are probably 2 to 3 hundred feet away. So it is not an area like most subdivisions where the houses are all stacked on top of each other.

That is why you see me talking about folks driving up to talk and not chatting over the fence.  My neighbors houses are 150 to 200 feet away on each side and 500 feet on the back side.  I do live on a corner lot so there is a small side street that runs past me, but is sees very little traffic.  

Next is the fact that often during these summer days it is above 110 in the shade. Out in the direct sunlight it is 140 plus. This weekend it was very humid to go with the 100 plus temperatures. So, when I am working and I start getting too hot I go out back and get in the pool for a few minutes, cool off and go back to work. It is not about showing off. Wearing very little allows the perspiration to evaporate faster keeping me much cooler than wearing pants and a shirt. Plus, wearing only a swimsuit, getting in and out of the pool becomes more practical. 

Now keep in mind this is a condition that I have settled into over a period of several years. It is the doing it in stages thing I have talked about. It was several years ago that I wore my first bikini in front of people on a dare. I found them comfortable and continued to wear them after that. Over the years they have gotten smaller in cut. Usually worn in and around the pool area, occasionally I would venture out front to put out the trash can or something like that. Then I washed my car in the driveway and so on. Over a period of time it just became the norm to put on a little swimsuit and go about my business.  

During those years of becoming more and more comfortable in wearing minimal coverage swimwear, there was not a lot of traffic that went past my house. Then there were maybe 2 or 3 cars per hour, so it really wasn’t a big deal. With all of the development in the area that has now turned into 200 to 300 per day. But in that time I have gotten so used to wearing very little, I truly don’t give it much thought.  Add to that I am lucky enough to get very little grief from my neighbors and our group of folks that we get together with, it makes that environment even more comfortable.

I know that I am very lucky to have all of this going on. In a different environment I might act differently. Luckily I don’t live in that environment.

In my boldness, I have come to realize that when wearing very small swimwear around other people, they become tolerant to that. Most of my neighbors and friends don’t seem to have any concern about it anymore and certainly the shock value is completely gone.  

If posting my experiences gives other the courage to be a little more bold and outgoing, then maybe there is some good in it for everyone. That is kind of what this board is all about isn’t it?

My situation and actions are not for everyone. It may not work in every situation and every area. But if everybody stayed hidden in the house and very discretely secluded in their back yards behind block fences, we would all be challenged to enjoy the freedoms we do.

Without a doubt, my attire is more suited for some beached. I am sure there are some that think what I wear is outrageous. Yes I know I push the envelope. But I do try to be careful not to offend anyone, encroach on their rights, nor do I try to force others to wear less or push my beliefs off on them. If you don’t like what I wear, don’t look. 

I don’t drink, have never done drugs, and there is no inappropriate behavior around my house. I would gladly trade meth labs, drop houses, violent crime, thieves, and other types of crime for people wearing things that may catch me by surprise.
dayne #357

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/21/2008 06:14:54Copy HTML

Speaking of arizona experiences. I live in central Phoenix in a gated community. I have spent the last few days getting rid of a lot of stuff. Friday morning I was on the patio in a speedo when I decided it was time to dump the trash and go to the recyling bin. In the past, I have never worn anything more than at the pool or dry sauna. I thought about putting on a pair of shorts to go to the trash but couldn't really think of a good reason now that my weight and body are back to where I want them to be. Of course the first person I saw was a nasty old man, Ted, who would complain that I breath to often if air was not free. I just walked past him. I know he will make the most of that to those people that are still speaking to him. I made several more trips but didn't notice any one else. The next day I was wearing a solar style-even less. The first person I encountered was a young latino fellow. We both said hello and nothing more was said of it. I also had a couple of other neighbors who waved. I haven't heard anything more and don't expect to.

My next step when I am done getting rid of about a truck load of stuff will be to "Ted proof" the gate off my yard. It opens on to the circular drive around the complex. I know that he and a few of his friends regularly look through people's wood and metal gates so they can complain about such things as people watering during the heat of the day.   Once I have done that I will feel free to wear what ever I wish out on the patio. I am tired of having to throw towels over the gate for complete privacy.  (Ted even complained about why the tops of my towels could be seen over the gate from the outside one day.)  That done my only concern will be anyone working on the roof or a/c's. They can see over the brick walls.

azcraig #358

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/22/2008 12:54:20Copy HTML

Dayne:   Living in a closely spaced community, your challenges are different than mine. I would guess that going out to the recycling bin in a speedo does not violate any HOA rules. Perhaps the stages format that I have described might work for you. A suit with more coverage at first, getting smaller as time goes on. I think it is all about getting folks used to seeing you in your swimsuit. Even if Ted does not approve, if it does not violate any policy he may have difficulty doing anything about it. If he tries and fails, he may try again. At some point he may not be able to get any more ears to hear his complaint. Then you can wear what you are comfortable in without concern. Washing the car, taking out the trash and simple yard maintenance might all become acceptable for you. Neighbors will likely get used to it as well. This is for sure: If you don’t try you will never have that freedom.As far as someone on a neighboring roof, or flying over in a helicopter, or someone looking in your backyard on google earth, that is their problem. If they don’t like it they can look away. Good luck and keep us posted. I wish you success.  Craig
dayne #359

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/22/2008 01:38:05Copy HTML


I doubt if I would wear much less that a I" side speedo out to the trash.  I have worn a Parr no tie Nada out to the pool but that's about it. And as you know, the no tie nada can be the equivalent of a thong with the depending on the back one chooses  (s, m or L).  After the grief people have given you, I was glad to report my neutral experience.

Since rarely is there anyone on the roof doing maintanence, I'm not to concerned.  I have had the experience of looking out the door off the patio-all glass-and seen someone up there.  I know they saw me nude.  Rather than jump back and close the drapes like there was something wrong with me being nude, I just looked at what they were doing then walked away.

Thanks for the encouragement!

azcraig #360

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/29/2008 03:08:00Copy HTML

A while back Paul and Marci ran into problems with the new property manager at their community pool. He told them they could no longer wear thongs at the pool now that he was in charge. Paul challenged that with the property management company. He and Marci as well as others had worn thongs to that pool in the past with no issue, so Paul requested seeing some sort of written document that would have described swimwear restrictions at the pool. That has been a couple of months ago and people have continued to wear thongs at the pool since.  Last week everyone at the complex got swimming pool and common area rules in their mailboxes. Here is what it says about swimwear. Proper bathing attire must be worn at all times. Proper attire is swimsuits. Cut offs, T-shirts, and clothing not intended for swimming is not allowed in the pool.At the end of the rules is… The management reserves the right to enforce these rules and implement rules as deemed necessary to ensure safe and orderly use of the swimming pool and common areas for our members and guests. And…… All laws and ordinances of applicable municipalities apply at all times.  I see nothing here that says thongs or not acceptable. Thongs are swimsuits and are intended for swimming. Paul has invited the group over this weekend to celebrate a victory against the new management’s attempts to restrict their freedom to wear thongs at the pool. So I guess we will go over there Sunday to enjoy the Arizona sun.  
rock1212 #361

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/29/2008 03:11:13Copy HTML

WOOHOOO!!!!  Have a good time, Craig!
sheerdelight #362

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/29/2008 03:25:57Copy HTML

I'm not so sure about the interpretation of the letter but there is only one way to find out. I do hope that all goes well and that you have a great  day. Like many others I look forward to reading your stories and the fun you have. Sounds the perfect opportunity for sporting some new micro gear in celebration(?) Do keep us posted!
Maxtlatl #363

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:07/29/2008 07:49:05Copy HTML

From my point of view, if it's not in the lease, it's not enforceable. Your lease sets forth the corresponding legal duties on both sides: your responsibility to pay rent, keep your unit in a certain condition, and the usage of the facilities, their responsibility to keep the utilities working, maintain common areas, etc.

If the lease says nothing about a thong rule for the pool, or says nothing about them being able to create and modify pool rules at their pleasure, then any new rules really don't mean anything, and you ought to be free to ignore them.

However, if you do bring this to their attention, they then might modifiy their lease next time it is up for renewal.
azcraig #364

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:08/01/2008 01:01:20Copy HTML

Although I have not seen their lease, I have seen plenty. The pool rules has a clause that allows them make up new rules as they see fit. I would bet there is a section in the lease where they reseerve the right to make up the rules as they go.... so to speak. So while maybe not addressed directly in the lease, the typical boiler plate lease that big companies use usually leaves enough wiggle room for them to do as they feel they need to. That allows them the flexibility to operate their complexes in a manner they see as most appealing to prospective clients.
dayne #365

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:08/01/2008 03:34:25Copy HTML

 I have always wondered one thing concerning the "wiggle room" in the leases.  Do these override what is considered legal by state law?
JM_Runs #366

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:08/01/2008 08:43:58Copy HTML

Interesting that it says 'Proper bathing attire must be worn'
The rules posted at our local council operated pool say 'appropriate swimming attire must be worn'
This could be interpreted as 'inoffensive swimwear' or that you must wear 'swimwear', and not your tuxedo or motorbike boots. I think it actually is in place to stop somebody coming by after work and jumping in wearing their filthy, greasy work clothes or the like, from a hygeine perspective more than anything.
They actually expect you to wear your lycra, in whatever form.
Hooray for common sense!
azcraig #367

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:08/01/2008 03:01:56Copy HTML

Dayne:  Wiggle room does not allow requirements that are unlawful or violate ones civil rights etc, etc. Local laws and codes will always prevail if challenged................... How did we get this far off the main topic here????????????????????   :)
azcraig #368

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:08/04/2008 05:23:41Copy HTML

Went to Paul and Marci’s on Sunday. Wow, what a day.

It was to be a “thong only” afternoon. I told Marci I have no thongs so I guess we would not come. She told me my micro’s are close enough.

I told Jean we should go early to beat Ann and Larry there and she agreed. Even though I tend to consider that kind of rude to arrive early, it was more of a joke kind of thing. We arrived at 11:32  and followed Ann and Larry in (rats!!!) I asked Larry if he wore his thong and he told me not quite.

At about 12:05 Marci put a note on her for door for the others she had invited, telling them to meet us at the  pool. 

We walked down to the pool. When we got to the pool there were 3 girls and one guy there in thongs, and one guy in dork shorts. Marci then explained that she had told some other people in the complex that it was going to be thong day at the pool. I should have known she would orchestrate this into a major event.  

By about 1:00 there were 12 girls and 3 guys in thongs. Cliff and Sherry had shown up about 12:50 The guys thongs were pretty full coverage in front with thong rears. Two guys wore pretty standard speedo’s Larry and Cliff both wore string bikinis. My suit was the smallest of all of the guys in the front by a long shot.

Ann had on the tiniest thong bottom and top. Jean wore a blue thong that was about the same color as my AZ Rio. There were two other couples there for a short time wearing pretty standard swimwear, They stayed for a short time and left.

I have to admit that while the get together was a huge success form the participation point, it was a little uncomfortable at the same time. I have never felt that way before. Because I did not know most of the people there, it was hard to get a feel for the perspective of why everyone was there. Some for the fun, sum for the point of it, some perhaps for other reasons. I did notice an unusual amount of traffic walking around or through the pool area. Many took pictures.  

There was one guy that came down about 1:30 wearing board shorts carrying a cup and and newspaper. As he walked into the pool area, he stopped, looked around, shrugged his shoulders and went over to lay on one of the lounge chairs and read his paper. To the best of my knowledge he never said a word to anybody. He was probably there about 45 minutes, got in the pool for a quick dip, and left.  

One of the thongers approached me, and didn’t intro himself, and asked where I got such a small thong. I was telling him about Nu Parr and his partner (don’t know there relationship) walked up and asked what we were talking about. He told her and she told him he should get one of those and that it would look really hot on him. She then turned to me and asked how I got so tan, did I go to a salon? No I told her and then explained a little about myself and what I wear most every weekend.
She interrupted me and said “get out”. “You mean that you wear just that to mow your yard, wash your car, and trim your trees, all around your house? She asked where I lived and I told her the general area. She then said, “well if that is all you wear all summer I’ll bet your neighbors get an eyeful.”  I told her I had been doing this for several years and they were all pretty much used to it.

About that time Marci called me over to the other side of the pool, I said excuse me, and walked away. As I walked away I heard her say “that’s freaky” and the guy said “that’s bulls**t there’s no way…..and then I could no longer hear what they were saying.  

A little later I was getting a bottle of water from the ice chest. She came over to get a soda and asked “were you for real about just wearing that all around all summer? I said to her, how do you think I got this tan? She told me she didn’t know, it could be sprayed on or I go to a tanning salon or something. I told nope, it is just from being outside.
She said she had never seen a dude out in public like that before. At the lake or river or around the pool maybe, but not doing yard work. Jean had walked up during this conversation. I had told her about the first one so she was aware of what was going on. She told the gal that I wore something a little conservative to this and that most of my swimsuits were even smaller. Then the gal said “well I guess you’re not afraid of getting cancer or nothing" and walked away. Jean asked me “what’s her problem?” I told her I didn’t know and wasn’t going to worry about it.

Then Jean told me that one the other guys,  the one Ann is talking to, was hitting on her and she told him she was happily married and didn’t appreciate his remarks.  About that time there was a big splash and when I looked Ann had pushed the guy into the pool and was walking away.
When he came up he said something that ended in “bitch”. As he was getting out Ann was headed for the steps from one direction and Larry for the other. I pushed Larry in the pool and went to grab Ann but Paul got her first.
Larry is yelling to me asking, "What did you push me in for?"  Paul was telling Ann to let it go and I went over to help Larry get out and told him the same. I told him not to make a scene because that would ruin it for all of us and that asshole is not worth that.

After just a couple of minutes the other guy and his group left. A few minutes later we all decided to call it a day as well. I was very hot and very humid and if you weren’t in the water it was pretty uncomfortable. As we were heading for the gate Larry came running over and pushed me in the pool. When I came up our whole group was cracking up. Larry said there, now we’re even. I laughed and told him “yeah, I guess I had that coming”. 

As I got out Ann was still cracking up so I picked her up and tossed her in the pool asking “what’s so damned funny” as I tossed her in. As I was tossing her in Larry pushed me again but I grabbed his arm and took him in with me. Paul then pushed Marci in, and then jumped in himself followed by Jean, Cliff then Sherry.

As we all just stood there looking at each other Ann started cracking up I splashed her then we all splashed each other. After we splashed half of the water out of the pool in a big splash fight, Paul said “hey, hey, hey, we better stop before we get thrown out. Marci agreed and said “let’s go”. We all agreed and got out of the pool to leave.

We were walking away when Ann decide to push me in one more time. I stared to resist but decided to let her have her fun and fell in. We all walked back to Paul and Marci’s (about a half a block) with our towels over our shoulders except Sherry who wore hers as a cover.

It was a very interesting day that could have turned ugly but ended up being reasonably enjoyable enjoying the Arizona Sun. 
rock1212 #369

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:08/04/2008 01:02:47Copy HTML

A lot of people(especially guys!) just don't know how to deal with guys wearing very small swimwear.  The guy who asked you where you got your suit was probably thinking "Man, I wish I had the guts to wear something like that!", and if nothing else, his girlfriend is probably going to be very encouraging and supportive of him wearing the kind of suit you wear.  The key to it is act and feel like it is totally normal despite others not thinking it is.  The sorts of situations you've been in, I've been in many times, myself.
azcraig #370

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/01/2008 05:06:29Copy HTML

The group has been together several times in the past few weeks and things have been pretty uneventful. Today we went to Paul and Marci’s for a get together.

Seems that since we were there the last time for Marci’s “thong day”, thongs have become the norm for the pool area. Marci has told us that almost every time she has been there since, there has been someone there in a thong. This being an adult only community, there are seldom children at the pool area.

We arrived with Jean and I wearing matching yellow suits, both about the same cut as my AZ Rio. Ann and Larry were there already so we all headed toward the pool area. When we arrived there were a few folks there. The guys were in dork shorts, two girls in bikinis, one in a thong, and one in a one piece. Ann stripped down to a very small pink thong with yellow edging and strings. Larry had on a blue and white striped one inch side bikini. Marci wore a bright orange thong with a small triangle top, and Paul in a red and white thong.

We arranged the lounge chairs so we all were kind of together and set up next to a guy and girl, probably in their twenties. He wore a speedo style suit and she wore a pretty small cut bikini.  As we got settled in to enjoy the afternoon,  the couple seemed to be watching our every move.  After about fifteen minutes, the girl got up and said to me in a very foreign accent, “we can come back in a few minutes, yes?  As she pointed to their lounge chairs with their towels on them. I thought she was wanting us to save their places so I told the “Yes, no problem. They spoke to each other in a foreign language and left.

We went on about our business and were playing in the pool when the couple came back. She had put on a little red thong, and he was wearing this off white colored thong with blue and green stripes running horizontally around it. Boy was it ugly. Anyway they lied down to sun themselves.

After we were out of the pool for a while I went over to the pop machine to get some sodas. The guy came over when I was there and bought a Mountain Dew and a Diet Coke. As I started to walk away he was pointing to my swimsuit and  asked “where did you get such a suit”? I told him Nu Parr here in Phoenix. He tried to repeat the name so I told him again and spelled it out for him. I then tried to explain where they were. I am not sure if he got it or not. Neither of them seemed to speak very fluent English.

As he walked back he took a couple of drinks of the Mountain Dew and then a couple of drinks of the Diet Coke. Then he poured the remains of one into the other and then poured them back and forth.  After he got the mixed he sat down and gave the girl one. She was lying on her back and turned over when he handed her the drink and they both drank up.  That seems like it would taste awful! Yuk!! He then said something to her and she looked over at me and said something back.

When I sat back down Jean asked what he said to me so I told her. A couple of minutes had gone by. I was rearranging my towel when the girl kind of sat up. She was wearing a triangle top but the tie was in the center of the front. She united it and laid back and removed her top. She was wearing some red pasties under her top so she just laid back to sun herself. I didn’t say anything but Jean soon noticed and said to Ann, look she took her top off. Ann raised up and turned to Larry and said “and you would let me wear mine”. He kind of shrugged and said I didn’t think you could get away with that here”. Marci said she didn’t think so either but she is not breaking the law so I guess it is okay. I commented that it was interesting that her top tied in the front and was quickly informed by the girls that all you have to do is move the string and any of them can be like that. I then asked “then why in the heck would you put the tie at the back where you can’t reach it? I got no good answer.

About twenty or thirty minutes go by and the girl puts her top back on and they got in the pool. When they got out she sat back down and took her top back off. Within about a half hour they left and shortly thereafter so did we. On the way back Marci and Ann were planning the next time they went to the pool they would wear pasties under their tops too.

I never did figure out what Nationality they were. Marci thought they were maybe Swedish or something. I couldn’t tell. Paul got out of them that they were house/condo sitting for a week or so but could not understand for whom. Both of them were pretty tanned and they both had sandy blonde hair. Wherever they were from they seemed to enjoy the Arizona Sun.
sheerdelight #371

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/01/2008 01:51:36Copy HTML

At least seeing the gang in your micros encouraged them to wear the same! Maybe they will get something just as stylish for the next occasion!
azcraig #372

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/15/2008 03:20:57Copy HTML

Sunday morning while out front doing some yard work an unmarked Sherriff’s car pulls up rolls down his window and asks me “how’s it goin”?
"Okay" I responded.  I was wearing a very small cut aqua blue micro.
He then went on to say “I know you are outside a lot, have you seen a guy on a bicycle pulling a cart go by” and then went on to describe him.  I told him I had seen him, we talked about that for a short time and he told me to call if I see him again.

Then he said “thanks for taking care of that car wash issue a while back, it was clogging up the phone lines.”  Then I remembered him coming out earlier this summer when the girls decided to wash a truck out next to the road wearing only their thongs. I asked him, what he meant by “clogging up the phone lines” and he told me they had several calls that day and that there being so many more than usual they had to respond.

I then asked what he meant by so many more than usual. He told me that they get calls all of the time and are aware of the situation but I was within the confines of the law so there was nothing they can do. He told me that the dispatchers usually don’t even relay the calls through any more. Actually, he told me, that he has not heard much lately so I guess people are adjusting to it. He took a call on his radio and said he had to go and to call if I see the guy again.

We were having the group over for a pool party for what is near the end of the 100 plus degree days. Ann and Larry showed up with Ann in a very tiny yellow thong and Larry in a black string bikini. Cliff and Sherry came in with Cliff in a black Speedo and Sherry wearing a small rio cut print bikini. Paul and Marci showed with Tony and Becky, Paul in a orange thong and Marci in a matching color very tiny thong, with a very small triangle top. Tony wore a Rio cut red bikini and Becky had on a very revealing cut one piece thong.

While we were all visiting I told of the story of the unmarked that had been there that morning and reminded that he was the one that showed up for their last car wash, to which Ann commented, “oh that party pooper”. Larry thought it was interesting that he had said they get lots of calls and wondered how they handled that. As the conversation went on curiosity elevated and so Larry decided to call in on his cell phone to see what they would say. He called in to 911 and told them that there was a guy out doing yard work in only a G string and the operator told him that was not an emergency and she was transferring his call. He was on hold for a little over 5 minutes (which is really a very long time). When someone answered he told them the same thing, gave my address and then was told “we are aware of the situation and have assigned it to a field officer for them to take appropriate action” and thanked him for calling.

Larry didn’t push the issue and just hung up. He made this call on his speaker phone so we all heard it. “That must be the politically correct way of saying nothing is going to happen” Paul commented. There was more discussion about it, but we all found the way they handled it interesting.

We all went on about our enjoyment of the day playing in the pool, eating and visiting. As the summer winds down it was nice to get together for another day of enjoying the Arizona sun.
azcraig #373

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/24/2008 05:26:50Copy HTML

I spent most of Sunday working around the house wearing a lime green modified AZ Rio from Nu Parr. It is a slightly smaller cut than what the rest of my suits are in that it is little more than a pouch in the front with a very narrow back. For those that know me and say I wear thongs around my house, this is close to one. 

As the summer winds down I found it interesting that there was very little reaction to what I wore out in the front yard. Even when someone stopped to chat and I was standing at the side of the road talking to them at their driver’s window, traffic passed by without reaction.  We talked for about 10 minutes when he commented that he was surprised nobody was honking at me standing there in your thong.

I told him that as the summer goes on folks seem to get used to it. Every year in spring there are honks, comments yelled, and people driving by two or three times, but as the summer passes by that reactions seems to calm. I did tell him that reactions in the spring every year get to be greater in numbers I think mostly to the increase in people in the area. A couple a minutes later there is a long honk from a passing by SUV.  I asked “there, now do you feel better”? He told me “ Yes, I guess I can leave now” and drove away.

As he drove off someone else drove up and stopped. Rolling their passenger side window down the women driving asked if I knew where an address was. I walked back up to the passenger side of the car where another women was setting and asked them that address again. She told me but before I could respond, the passenger said “My god you have a nice tan”.
"Thank you" I told her, and started to give the driver directions.

The passenger interrupted by saying “So you must thong a lot?”  I told her that what I had on was what I wore most every weekend to work around the house. I again started to give directions to the driver when the passenger interrupted again saying “Not very many guys could get away wearing so little but you have it down” and put up her hand to give me a high five.  The driver told her to shut up and so I could tell her where to go to which the passenger responded “I can tell you where to go”.  I told the driver how to find her destination and she thanked me.

The passenger then said “It was really nice seeing you” and the driver said “why don’t you just take a picture?"
The passenger exclaimed “That’s a great idea!" then asked me "Would you mind?"

I told her I wouldn’t mind and she told the driver to open the trunk.  She got out of the car and got in the trunk to get her camera out. She asked that I pose by the back of their car so she could prove she saw me because nobody back home will believe it.

I stood there a smiled while she clicked off a couple of shots and then she asked me to turn around and said “OOOHH THAT’S NICE” and she took a couple more.  I asked her where home was and she pointed to the license plate and said New Mexico.

The driver is yelling “Would you hurry up!”, so she thanked me and got in the car. 

As she got in the car she told the driver “he’s like way hot”. The driver said something as they drove off with the passenger hanging out the window saying “Thanks thongman!"   

Overall there were only a couple hello honks all day and only one turnaround that I noticed. It is a shame now that everyone seems to be acclimated to my small swimsuits, that the weather will soon cool off and I will likely have to reacclimate them all over again next spring. Luckily I have a few more weeks this year to really enjoy the Arizona sun.
darksmooth #374

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/24/2008 06:39:59Copy HTML

Awesome story Craig.  That may be one of the best I've read!
swflaguy #375

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:09/24/2008 08:01:43Copy HTML

Okay Craig....

Now you have to post up your picture so we can check you out!
AzThongLover #376

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:10/09/2008 06:55:35Copy HTML

I am with swflaguy on this one... We gotta have a piture to the stories. Not to sound gay or anything, but put a picture on your profile. Awsome story!!!
azcraig #377

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:10/30/2008 08:17:33Copy HTML

Still nice and warm in Phoenix and in the 90’s last Sunday.  Went out to work around the house and enjoy the day wearing a very bright yellow micro.

I have seen very few packs of bicyclists this summer but about 9:30 there was a group of twenty or thirty that passed by. As they approached I heard “Carmen, on your left” followed by several comments, cat calls and whistles. Some that I could make out were “dude, put on some clothes” with a girls voice following that said “Ryan you’re just jealous”. I heard “nice tan, nice thong, oh my God, that’s just wrong, and wow, we’ll have to come this way more often.” One girl toward the end hollered to me “lookin good, lookin good.” I waived and went on with my sweeping.
They were about 5 to 8 hundred feet past when two of the girls turned back. They rode back up and stopped. The first one said "Hi, how are you today?" 
"Just fine, how are  you?" I responded. 
"Fine" she told me and then said "It is such a beautiful day but it has been a pretty boring ride up till now.”

We talked for a bit about their route and when they started and where they end up and so on. The second girl asked if I usually swept my driveway wearing only a little speedo. I told her that is what I wear all summer to do chores around the house and the first one then asked “”so do you tan in the nude?” 
I told her "No, this is pretty much it."
"You have such a dark tan I figured you must lay out a lot."
I told her that this tan was from working outdoors all summer and I really didn’t just lay out much.

About that time a guy rode up that had circled back to tell them they better get going or they will never catch up. They talked about that some and then the guy said quit bugging this guy and come on. The first one asked “are we bothering you?”
I casually told her “not really”.

The second girl said she had been by here a few times but had never seen me and the guy said he is out here all the time every summer, now let’s go. I told them that there used to be several groups of cyclists that came by on the weekends but now I seldom see any. The guy told me they don’t come this way much anymore they have changed their route because of traffic. He again said to them ‘come, let’s go”.  
The first girl said “ I guess we better get going have a nice day” and they rode off.
As they rode away the second girl said to the first, well I know what route I’ll be taking from now in. 

I went on about my business and there were a few hello honks, a few oh wow honks and a couple of turn around and drive by again slowly that I noticed. There were a few other cyclists that rode by without comment. 

A black lady drove up and stopped to tell me she was in bible study, or something like that, and offered me some kind of pamphlet. I told her no thanks. “She said have a nice day, Jesus loves you” and drove away. 

Just before noon a cop pulled someone over and they stopped right across the street. While standing there talking to the woman he had stopped I saw him look around behind him at me. I think he wrote the woman a ticket. After about 15 minutes or so he left and she just sat there for another 10 minutes or so looking over my direction. She finally left she drove off slowly, laying on the horn in a long steady hoooooonnkk.   

I went in and pulled on some cut offs so Jena and I could go get some fast food. These low rise stretch shorts I have had for a few years and they have continued to fray with every washing so they are now have less than a one inch inseam. Ultra short for guys standards but comfortable just the same.  At the Jack in the Box, Jean sat down while I ordered. While I was ordering a black gal walked up and told me “Yo sho do gots some nice legs."
I thanked her and then the gal waiting on me said "and a nice tan to with them”.
I told her that “yeah, I was outside the other day and got this.”
She said “I see you out in your little speedo all the time, you’re like outside everyday."
I went over to get our drinks and heard the black girl ask the cashier if she knew me and she told her “no I just see him outside all the time wearing a tiny little speedo.”  
As I sat down Jena commented how everywhere we go somebody knows me.

While at lunch we decided we would go to the Arizona State Fair and just check it out. We went home and got cleaned up, I put on a pair of shorts that have about a 2 inch inseam and off we went. While at the fair Jean had to go to the bathroom. While waiting outside a woman standing beside me said “you have such a nice tan, you must tan in the nude.”  
"Thank you", I told her "but don’t tan in the nude."  Then I very kindly asked her what would make her thing I laid out in the nude.
She told me that with shorts that short she just thought I wouldn’t have any tan lines and most men don’t wear their shorts that short  You got the legs for it though she said.

I don’t ever recall someone asking me if I tan in the nude and I thought it odd that it would happen twice in the same day.

I am hoping it stays warm for a while longer so that even though I don’t tan in the nude, I can continue to enjoy that Arizona sun. 
azcraig #378

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:11/13/2008 02:42:16Copy HTML

A couple of weeks ago Jean decided to have a yard (more like a driveway) sale.

I was to be a beautiful warm sunny day so I helped her get everything set up Friday evening for the Saturday sale.  At 6:00 a.m. on Saturday, when we did the final set up, and it was still pretty much dark and in the low 60’s. That is way too cold to me so I had on sweat pants and shirt, Jean very low rise stretch jeans with no back pockets and a t-shirt. Her jeans looked painted on.  The shoppers began to stream in about 7;00 and by 9:00 it was nice enough that I took off my sweats and wore some short shorts and a tank top.

There were several people that came through that day that commented about me. Some comments about me wearing shorts instead of “your little speedo” or your thongs, I responded to by saying I had dressed up for the occasion.

Some comments to me were in more of a negative tone,  “ figured you would be wearing a thong”, “so you do have something other than a speedo to wear”, “nice to see you in some clothes”. “decided to wear your wife’s shorts instead of a thong” and “that looks better than what you usually have on.

In the more favorable tones were (from two ladies) “and we thought you would be in one of your speedos” and from others “you look good in those little short shorts”, “nice shorts”, “so where’s the speedo today” and “I guess thonging weather is about over for this year”.

One woman commented on how nice my tan was and another said to her “he is usually just wearing a G string so he gets really tan all over”.

There were also some that stopped by that know us that didn’t say a word about what I wear. I overheard two guys talking about how good Jean looked in her low tight jeans. Her sale went well and by about 3:00 we put the leftovers away.

Sunday being in the low 90’s in the afternoon was just another day to work and enjoy the nice warm day and I did so in a royal blue micro. We irrigated Sunday so that took up most of the day taking care of that. As the summer draws to an end, the shock to passing people of me out and about in only my tiny swimsuits seems to be minimal. There was only one long honk, one whistle and one turn around that I noticed all day. There were a few honk-honk hellos and that was about it.

In years past I have been out on Thanksgiving weekend putting up Christmas decorations in a little red micro. Don’t know if it will be warm enough this year but that is usually about it until spring. WINTER SUCKS!!!

I really rather enjoy my summers, even when it is 115 plus. It is great to be out enjoying the Arizona sun.
azcraig #379

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:11/24/2008 11:17:31Copy HTML

Last weekend the IHBA World Finals boat races were held here in Phoenix at Firebird Lake.  Could only go Sunday so I put on a red rio cut bikini (it is the suit I have that has the most coverage)  under and a pair of ¾ inch inseam cut off denim shorts with a T-shirt and went out. Jean calls my cut offs, my “Daisy Dukes” as they are so short when pulled up the lower part of my butt barely shows.

It was a beautiful sunny day in the low 80’s. When I got there I strolled through the pit area looking at all the boats and went down to the water and watched some racing. Much to my disappointment, I saw no girls in small bikinis, and no thongs. There were a few in pretty regular two piece suits and a few in shorts and bikini tops. Only one guy in shorts that were shorter that mid thigh.

I heard a few comments about my shorts being so short, some points, giggles and two whistles. ??????? I am at the boat races in Arizona!  I did get three compliments on how tan I was, and I overheard two women say “If I had legs and an ass like that I’d show it off too”.
I stayed for most of the show but thought it was really weird that were very few people in swimsuits. This year certainly was different.  In the past it was not uncommon to see some of the girls wearing very little and I usually end up wearing only a bikini, but not this year. Everyone seemed covered up.  Out in the direct sunlight it was nice and warm (I even heard some complaining it was hot) so it certainly wasn’t the weather.

I did not make it to any of the lakes or beach this year. Is wearing more and showing less the current trend? Seemed to me like a nice day to Enjoy the Arizona Sun. 
azcraig #380

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:12/24/2008 11:19:43Copy HTML

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Christmas and Holiday Season. Even though the world economy is weak, we should all give thanks for what we have. One surprising Christmas gift I got was a Christmas card the Sheelah hand delivered this morning. She wanted to thank me for finding someone to take care of her lawn and yard.  Inside the card was a one hundred dollar bill with the hand written words “Thank you for caring enough to help out a stranger.  Boy did that whole scenario turn out much different than I had ever even imagined. That might be the easiest C note I ever made. Nice of her to show her appreciation. With December weather being unusually cold and wet (I call it “dog nose weather”) it makes me look forward to warmer days when I can be enjoying the Arizona Sun HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!
azcraig #381

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:12/31/2008 01:51:08Copy HTML

I was at a local Burger King Sunday having some lunch and saw a guy that lives in the development across the street from me. I see him often and we usually stop to shoot the bull for a while. He sat down while he was waiting for his order to come up and we began chatting about this and that. I mentioned that I see him drive by all the time and that he should at least stop and say hi once in a while.

Kind of leaning over the table and looking me in the eye he asked, "Can I be honest with ya"?
"Well sure", I told him. 
He then told me “You know you run around in those little G strings all summer and frankly I find it a little embarrassing and uncomfortable to stop." He then kind of shrugged his shoulders and went on...

"I know you’re not doing anything illegal, and you have been doing that for years, and that some have tried to stop you, and you are a nice enough guy and all, but it just makes me, and a lot of others very uncomfortable. I don’t know if you know it or not but last summer sometime  at my HOA meeting the topic came up and the HOA Board was going to send you a letter stating their concern with it. After they argued whether they should do it for about fifteen minutes, they finally decided not to. No offense, not trying to hurt your feelings or make you mad, but that’s it in a nutshell."

I told him I understood and appreciated his honesty. He told me he hoped I was not mad and I assured him I was not. His order was now ready and as he left I told him you can still honk or waive during the summer but he could stop by anytime this winter. He pointed at me with his hand shaped like pistol, nodded his head and said that’s a deal.

I am so used to what I wear all summer I sometimes almost forget that there is that perception out there. Some even perceive worse.  At times like this I would bet that a majority of the folks in the area probably share his feelings. I started to think about maybe this summer I should stick to wearing short out in front of my house. That would mean taking them off and on as I went in and out of the pool or back yard. After giving that some thought I began to think that if I was doing that, then that might suggest that there is something wrong with what I wear (or don’t) so I am covering up. Now I have confused my own thoughts.

This seems to surface every now and then.  I have been told, and it is true, that nowhere else do you ever see anybody wearing stuff like that in public all the time, except my house. Hope these thoughts go away when it warms up and it is time to enjoy the Arizona sun.
swflaguy #382

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:12/31/2008 03:01:21Copy HTML

You have to decide what's right for you but you do have to consider the "community standard" and be aware of what your putting out there. As we all well know most people are pretty low on the tolerance scale. Probably being in the front/public yard in your skimpiest of attire may be pushing it a bit. If you sense you are getting a negative reaction consider toning it down. We don't all have the same standard and you have to recognize that some people are a bit more prudish than others. If you're in shape, tanned and hot obviously people will give you more leeway...male or female. While others will see you as some sort of crackpot. Personally, I don't like to bring a lot of negative attention to myself so I play low and hope for the best. But remember if you do something to attract attention, don't be surprised when you get attention - even if it is negative. And...that exercising your freedoms can affect the rest of us.
Post up some picutres sometime.....
And best of luck to you
rock1212 #383

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:12/31/2008 03:11:18Copy HTML

Craig, you've been wearing the same attire for years.  Why stop now?  They are VERY insecure about themselves, and REALLY need to get a grip!
JM_Runs #384

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:12/31/2008 03:38:37Copy HTML

I celebrate other people's freedom to wear what they like, so long as they don't cross the line to indencency.  You surely don't do that, Craig.  Some folks I find most distasteful, so I don't look.  Others, like you, all tanned and in a good looking suit, by my judgment, I'll enjoy the view, glad you're comfortable, even as I know others take personal offence because of their preferences and 'standards' of what is proper.  Unless it gets out of hand somehow, who's it hurting?  I think what I'm saying is, live and let live.  Your neighbor was not only being honest, he was living and letting live, despite his distaste for your attire.  I won't label him insecure, though.  Our preferences are very individual and are accululated over a lifetime.  We're all different, which makes life more interesting, yet we need a good dose of tolerance to smooth our civil relationships.  It is civility that Mr. Obama and Mr. Huckabee are pushing these days.  I'm ready to listen. 
dayne #385

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:12/31/2008 06:19:33Copy HTML

One thing you want to consider when deciding what you will wear in the front yard when the weather is warm enough to do it.  If putting on a light cover up of some sort would eliminate so much of the negativity you seem  always having to deal with, would it be worth it?  Just eliminating that ongoing annoyance in your life might be nice.  You aren't being forced to do it as much as you'd be forcing people to keep their mouths shut.

Just a thought. 

Hope it is warm enough to be out wearing whatever this weekend!  I'm looking forward to it!
goodyrthonger #386

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:12/31/2008 11:56:12Copy HTML

I sometimes where my AZ Rio suit from the backyard along the side into the garage.  Sometimes wrap a towel around me.  I was walking across my drive way and my neighbor waved to me, so I know he saw me in this yellow AZ Rio suit, I waived back, no comment.  I also know he probably saw me from the second floor of his house, again nothing said.   But I dont spend too much time out in front like washing my car.  I know the neighbors would complain, people are that way.  I was wearing white side split shorts walking late at nite and got stopped by the police, some complained that I was wearing underwear.  The police said to rethink what you are wearing because of children in the neighborhood.  I was covered, people are just ignorant and dont like anything different.  To some a 2" Speedo is pushing the issue. 
azcraig #387

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:12/31/2008 01:49:08Copy HTML

I know there are mixed feeling about wearing so little. I also have learned over the years that there are several things that factor into those feelings. The first is the shock of it. Much like seeing anything out of the norm it makes you do a double take. Wearing a tuxedo to sit in the stands at a NASCAR race would certainly make everyone look twice. Where T-shirts with your favorite drivers logo and blue jeans are what you expect, a tux would catch most anyone off guard. Doesn’t make it wrong, just a bit of a shock. After a while, if this guy is sitting next to you,  you might find out he is not a bad guy, just maybe has different standards. The shock goes away and your tolerance level begins to adjust. By the end of the day it will no longer be a big deal at all, to you. There are still all the others that will see him for the first time that will have to go through the shock thing. 

So I am certainly aware that my wearing an AZ Rio all summer long gets attention. Some positive, some neutral, probably most in a negative light. Every spring it seems that the shock value has returned and the reactions are the strongest. Historically as the summer passes, that shock goes down and the tolerance value adjusts. Even for me, it seems every spring I am questioning what I am wearing when the reactions are high, which shocks me. Then as the summer goes on reactions relax and my tolerance adjusts. As I go through each day I find plenty of people that I find offensive. The 400 pound cellulite covered woman in tight spandex pants, the skin and bones drug addict who’s personal hygiene stopped year ago, the parents that go into a store and let their kind run wild ripping and tearing, and so on. I try to be tolerant. I go by the live and let live. Until their lifestyle impacts me, I try to be tolerant.  

Wearing so little in the hot AZ summers is what I find most comfortable. I am not sure that I do it to draw attention. I don’t feel that way. I don’t look to make sure someone is watching or coming when I go out front. I just go. Most of the time I pay no attention to who is around because I am very comfortable in my setting. But I still have a little shock every now and then as to peoples perspective. I also feel that if people spent more time wearing less they might be more motivated to take better care of themselves. I know that works for Jean and I. Happy New Year everone!!
JM_Runs #388

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:01/01/2009 01:08:25Copy HTML

 I too have worked on this issue in my mind.  I live in a upscale and conservative part of a liberal town. I have also been a member of the Homeoners association board and at one point the president. Yet I do enjoy my morning runs in a thong on the beach, and regularly ride my bike in just a thong and running singlet top.

People have said things to me, mostly in a good nature, like your friend did.  I am sure there are people who shy away from associating with me because they perceive that I may be gay, or communist, or something.  On the other hand there are many people who take it in stride and act completely normally to me, even standing up to defend me if some one else says something snarky.

When I first started I was much more worried about what people would think, and that people I know would give me a hard time.  Maybe because I was an insecure young man.  My confidence has grown over the years.  I now know the Mayor, and my city councilor and her husband my county council greet me by name.  So do some of the police sergeants that I have worked with over the years. This has made me a lot less scared of the 'authorities' in general.

I have a very private yard, and if I do need to be out front cutting the hedge it is likely that I will be in work cloths, shirt, shorts and strong shoes because the sap from the ficus hedge is toxic and itches, so thonging in the front yard is not an issue.  But I still climb on a bike and regularly ride the street in a thong.  Other home owners in their cars or yards wave or say good morning as I go by. I don't notice anybody deliberately giving me the cold shoulder.

I have wondered about the affect of my thonging on others.  In general I believe it has several positive affects.  First is that others see me and think this place can't be too up-tight if he is allowed to do that.  It sends a message that this is a laid-back and liberal community, if only on the surface. I think it also gives other men and women permission to wear a smaller swim suit. I man who sees me and then sizes down to a speedo knows that he is not pushing the limit. I think it may give others confidence, on the "If he can wear that, then I can wear this" principle. 

I realize that I look down on some people I know from my community.  Either because I know they are no good evil money grubbing sons of bitches, or that I just can't stand their self righteous attitude where they feel entitled and that everyone else should be working for them. Needless to say we don't associate and they don't invite me to their Christmas parties.

For many years I had assumed that the unspoken was negative.  That they disproved and I would hear about it eventually. I was worried that one day my free pass would end and I would get into trouble.  Eventually I realized that most people had their own lives to live. If they thought anything about me it was only a fleeting moment in their lives, and probably just an occasional source of amusement.

On the other hand I find that many more people either quietly respect or outrite support my individuality. Much like you have found with the honks of support and positive comments you often get in the summertime.

I have found support in unusual places, where I did not expect to find it. For example my very old and very crusty, ex-major in the British Royal Engineers, father was visiting many years ago.  I had slipped out with shorts over my thong, then did my normal beach run in a thong.  I was stretching by a palm tree after my run and was surprised to find my 67 year old father had walked the mile and a half to the beach, and now wanted to take photos of me doing my stretches. While I had been thonging for many years, this was the first time in front of my crusty old very British dad. He took it in stride like it was totally normal and never said anything.

The coffee shop where I once went after every run for breakfast, and now only go occasionally has always defended my thonging, even when some patrons complained to the manager. After the complaint I was asked to have a towel to sit on when using their chairs, but the owner did not suggest I should not thong, and even offered to provide the towel.

I have worked with Sergeant V. from the police department when doing the course for several local running club races. When I saw him at the beach, with a few of the officers who report to him, I assumed he would pretend not to know me, but even though I was in nothing more than a tiny red g-string he came over and greeted me by name, and introduced me to the other officers like I was wearing a business suit. I think they got the message that if he did not have a problem with what I was wearing, they did not either.

In all my years of serving on the home owners association board, never once has anybody said anything to my face about my thonging around the nabourhood, even when we have had heated disputes on other issues.  There are some distinct factions to the point that some people will not serve on the board if other people are serving at the same time. Yet it suprizes me that I have never heard anyone say anything negitive aobut my thonging, at least not within my hearing.

Community support can be direct, in the form of honks and encouragement, or indirect in the form of a consent agreement that what you do is your business and not theirs. Don't discount all the quiet support.  If you stop then there will be people in your community who are disappointed that you were intimidated into not thong. It is good to live where people have the freedom to be individuals.

I think we are over attuned to reacting strongly to suggestions of negative reaction while tending to fail to recognize or to discount the positive ones. I think this naturally comes from parents who make children very aware of the meaning of that look, or quiet clearing of the throat, yet tell the child not to jump up and down when complimented in case they looked self important. We tend to be far more sensitive to the negative and often fail to appreciate the quiet blessing of those who approve of our expressing individuality.

If you count the number of people who have said positive things, the people who have waved, honked, shouted hi, or simply smiled your direction, I believe they would out way the few negative comments or dirty looks.  I suspect the positive comments are so numerous that you cant even remember and count each one.

You can't be an individual that stands out from the pack and expresses your individuality while trying to please all the people all the time. I some small way the fact that not everybody agrees with you all the time is a good sign that you are living and not dead.

My old Aunt who lived in Jamaca had it right when she said,  "If we are not colorful then who the heck did the torists come to see?"

JM_Runs #389

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:03/17/2009 05:59:04Copy HTML

It's about time for it to be worm enough for you to be out working in your yard Craig. Hope to hear some new stories soon. Do you have the pool ready yet ?
azcraig #390

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/01/2009 07:26:34Copy HTML

No new stories to report. Actually I will not be posting anymore. All of these reports of activities I have done are just stuff I made up. I have never wore a thong or bikini in my life. Seldom go outside in less that long shorts and t shirt. Sorry to disappoint you all but it is time to stop this nonsense. When it gets hot I’ll be inside under the A/C and cause it gets too fricken hot to outside enjoying the Arizona sun.
John Howard #391

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/01/2009 08:14:18Copy HTML

yep, azcraig got me!!
JM_Runs #392

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/01/2009 04:06:25Copy HTML

I, for one, believe Azcraig.  I'm ready to be proved wrong, of course.  How long will it take for the 'real' Azcraig to become obvious to us all?  How could a guy make all that stuff up?  Why would anyone want to?  Just to jerk us all around?  Hard to think so.  Still, I didn't see him in his front yard during our recent trip to Phoenix, so maybe it's true, he just loves making stuff up and stringing us gullible folks along.  And I'll bet he's not the only one doing it, either.  Some of these posts are pretty rich.  But they're fun, so we'll go along with it.  Any other takers?  
JM_Runs #393

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/01/2009 05:44:18Copy HTML

Sometimes people just make up stories.

On the web it's not like a newspaper that has real reporters and fact checkers, and a reputation to uphold.  Out here on the web anybody can make up anything.  The members of are comunity are the only ones who do the fact checking and cry bullshit when a story does not ring true.

But all this is changing for the better.  Now the real newspapers are coming onto the web and embracing the new technology.  Soon we will have reporters looking and fact checkers joining us in the quest for truth on the internet, as you see from the following article from the Guardian newspaper in the UK.


This new development can only lead to better reporting and less tendency for people to lead us astray with made up stories.  I suggest everyone read it, for it clearly shows the direction social media like message boards and twitter will be taking in the future.

In the mean time it's up to us, as a community to police ourselves, both on the message board and on the beach.
clean_n_smooth #394

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/01/2009 07:07:35Copy HTML

Looking at the date of the post, is it possible that azcraig is pulling a April Fool? Just wondered.
JM_Runs #395

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/02/2009 07:19:41Copy HTML

Reading this board fro as long as I have, and another in particular related to a primarily female activity, I don't think he is the only one...
I'm reasonably sure there is a topfree one in existence that has about 3-4 members who are the same (probably male) person living out a few fantasies - the language and manner are all too similar, and the events seem far too contrived to be anything but 'stories'.

Anyway azcraig, you entertained a few people for a while...
azcraig #396

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/02/2009 02:32:31Copy HTML

APRIL FOOLS!!!  To those of you that bought into this I want to sincerely thank you. I find it quite complimentary that you think I am that creative. Believe me, I couldn’t make all this stuff up.  Changing the flat tire, comments and reactions from passersby, to create the character of Ann or Marci and the things they do and say would take quite an imagination. How it all started, visits from the police, the swimsuits left on the door, bugs in the food, a near fight at Paul and Marci’s, and Sheelah, dear Sheelah, I could have never made that one up. Yes it was just an April fools joke. I have not posted for the last couple of weeks even though I have been out. I was saving for April first to have some fun.

 As I think I have written before sometimes I think about how lucky I am to have the circle of friends that we have and have a wonderful wife that shares it all. It has not been very hot here yet so the pool is not quite ready. Soon we will have the whole group over and once again be found enjoying the Arizona sun. Hope it at least made you smile.   
JM_Runs #397

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/02/2009 08:36:08Copy HTML

Well Craig - I think that I could say for the entire community that we are very happy that you will still be with us and please feal free to start writting more soon. We love to hear those stories (im shure glad the're true) !!! Hope to read one real soon.
pkthong #398

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/03/2009 12:16:00Copy HTML

Touchee Craig! I occassionally think about your stories and wonder how cool it would be to have friends like that. When I first read your 4/1 post I didn't put 2 and 2 together. Glad it was a joke and Hope to hear from you soon.
azcraig #399

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:04/24/2009 03:36:49Copy HTML

It reached 100 (actually 102) on Tuesday 4-21 so Paul and Marci will be this years losers of our predict the first 100 degree day contest we do every year. This means they have to host an all expenses paid party somewhere for all of the group. There is often a lot of creativity that goes into these so it will be fun to see what Paul and Marci come up with. Have been out the past couple of weekends wearing my summer wear of a micro bikini and it has been amazingly calm. There have been very few honks, whistles, or yells from passersby so far this season. There have been a few turn arounds to drive back by slowly but not near what the early part of the season has been in the past. I had seen a few folks around the area prior to that that had asked me if it was warm enough to be speedo weather yet. At that time the answer was no. I fully expected to have to reacclimatize folks to the fact that not everyone wears baggy shorts and t-shirts all summer. That is usually the case in that things are somewhat hectic in spring and comments mellow by mid-summer to almost no reactions by late summer. With even more people in the area than before and traffic being heavier, I find it very encouraging that maybe finally people are used to my summer attire. The pool is warming and in the next week or so it should be swim ready so we can get the group together and begin to spend our weekends enjoying the Arizona sun.  
azcraig #400

Re:Enjoying the Az sun II - continuation of the - Enjoying the Arizona sun

Date Posted:05/12/2009 05:22:56Copy HTML

   Have spent the past few weekends outside working wearing only one of my AZ Rio micro swimsuits. It has been surprisingly quiet.  Very few honks, whistles, cat calls, etc. There have been a few turn arounds and drive back by lookers, but not as much as in past spring seasons. 
   Last Friday when I got home Jean handed me a box that she found at the front door that was addressed to “thong man” I opened it and found a very bright orange speedo with about 2 inch sides and a matching bright orange very small G string. A note inside read “ It is spring and time to get out the swimsuits. I bought these and think they will look great on you. Wear whichever one you like this weekend. I will be checking on you.    It was unsigned.
   I tried them on. The G was very small in the pouch area with small strings for the rest. The other was a 2 inch side speedo. Both fit and the orange was a standout color. I decided to wear the speedo since my tan lines would look weird in the G string. I kind of pulled the suit up high and rolled that top sown to give it a ½ side speedo look. Even though it was more coverage than I usually have, I wore it all day Saturday.

   At about 2 in the afternoon I needed to go to get some weed killer so I pulled on some of my short shorts (about a ¾ in inseam) and went to Wal-Mart. I went in get 3 bottles and was walking back out. There were two teenage guys that burst out laughing as I walked by. One of them said “nice short shorts” and then they both laughed and went the other way.
   Then I was standing in line at the check out when the woman behind me said not to pay attention to those kids. She then said "You have about the nicest legs I have seen on a guy. Do you work out?"
   I thanked her and said "No, I did not work out."  She then told me I had a very nice tan and that I had really nice legs. You should wear short shorts. I thanked her and turned around to wait in line.  There was a black girl opening up in the line next to me. She looked directly at me and said “I am opening, you can come over here, and I did. 
    As I approached the register her manager said to me, "She just wanted to wait on you to see your nice legs. Are those for real?" she asked.    I told her they were real but was not sure what she was asking and she said  "Is that a real tan or a spray on?"
    As she rang me up I told her it was real and that I spent a lot of time outdoors. “Well you can come through my line any time in those short little shorts”. “Wow you have nice looking legs”.
    I thanked her and started to leave.  Out in the parking lot I went to my truck to unlock the door. There were three girls in a car next to me. As I was unlocking the door one of the girls said “Oh my God!! Look."    "Now that’s what I’m talking about” said another one. The one at the passenger front door said to me; "Hey sexy legs, let’s see your tan lines."
    I told her I almost don’t have any. She asked if that was a natural tan or did I go to a salon. I told her my tan was real from being outside a lot. She said, “Your outside a lot and don’t have any tan lines, so do you wear a G-string or go nude or what?" 
   I told her that I usually wear only a little speedo and pulled down the side of my shorts for here to see the ¼ inch wide tan line I have on the side. Against my brown skin the narrow white line almost glows it is so bright. She said “wow, nice tan.” One of the others said "nice legs too” and the other girl said and that is a really nice ass peeking out from under those Daisy Dukes.
  I told them all thanks and got into my truck to leave and saw a note on the windshield. I got out to get it and as I reached over to get it one of the girls said “Oh yeah, that’s nice. Is that your little Orange speedo under those shorts?"  I told her no and started to get back in the truck. They begged me to show them my speedo but I told them maybe next time.
    I looked at the note and it said “I would have bet your would have worn the G string!!" Again there was no signature. I looked over at the girls and they were all looking my way.  I asked “Okay, which one of you left this and held up the note. They all denied leaving the note and didn’t even seem to know what it was. Then one of them said that “that lady in the blue tank top put it there”. I asked for a description of what she looked like or where she went and they only knew she got in a white pickup and left. That narrows it down to about 300. 

   As I drove home a few thing crossed my mind. !. Was the person that left me the swimsuits stalking me or was the just a coincidence that she saw me?. Are my shorts so short that my cheeks and swim suit are showing? When I got home I put a mirror at ground level and looked in it to find that my cheeks were just barely showing. I guess maybe these shorts need to get replaced.  It was interesting that I got so much reaction at Wal-Mart after so little the rest of the day.  Oh well…….

I peeled off the shorts and shirt and down to my orange speedo and went back to enjoying the Arizona sun .
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