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Date Posted:10/26/2004 03:43:03Copy HTML

Just asking, I really need some information on making thongs. All help will be greatly appreciated.
Ex_Member #1

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:04/17/2004 09:50:22Copy HTML

Minimal coverage is very easily solved by making your own thongs.When I met my present wife she was amazed at my collection of thongs some purchased from all over the world and some made with th help of a sewing machine.

my wife is a bit of an exhibitionist but even she was taken back at the brevity of my thongs or G strings and also the various materials.I love the feel of taffeta or thin chiffon thongs as does my wife especially as both of us are completely shaven.

It is not difficult to make thongs at least you can get a perfect brief fit with knowledge that when coming out of the sea they will stay in place maybe a bit sheer when wet but nobody seems to mind.

So thongers get sewing and try out more sensuous fabrics especially for beach wear.

Pete01 #2

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:04/18/2004 05:11:53Copy HTML


You must be a better seamstress than me, because my few attempts to make a tiny thong myself  usually end in something thats looks awful -there is definetely a knack to getting the pouch shape right. Any tips/ hints would be appreciated.  I occasionally make minor modifications to thongs to make them fit better. 

There is now such a selection of thongs available on the net, that you can usually find something to satisfy your tastes from Dore or Koala etc.

Ex_Member #3

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:04/18/2004 10:03:05Copy HTML

Following my message about making your own thongs and Pete's reply,it is not difficult.Make a pattern out of any material and adjust until the fit is just right.Bind the edges with elastic add bum strap and waist strap and there you have your perfect thong.The choice of material is up to you but I can recommend feely fabrics such as taffeta,chiffon or thin satin .Once you have got the hang of it you will be amazed how many you will make.

Good luck with your sewing.

wr1944 #4

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:04/19/2004 02:06:53Copy HTML

As the man said: It is not so difficult, you need just a lot of patience to get the desired result.
There is a site with patterns by Stitchboy, check it out.
I hope this sufficient to push you in the right direction
onesmallthong #5

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:04/27/2004 06:03:03Copy HTML

O. K. I will let you guys in on my secret, others have done what I do, so it is not original.  I wear a ladies thong.  Not what you think, however.  I buy a ladies top.  Could be a regular string top of any sort.  I prefer a Wicked Weasel or something similar.  I get a large WW because otherwise your "package" as some of you call it would not fit totally in. 
Then I go to Wal-Mart and buy the smallest elastic they carry in black or white, depending on the need and I unstring the string that came with the top, and then re-string with the elastic, bringing the string all the way down to the point that would have been the top of the bikini top.  When you do this, you have a "VERY" minimal suit, with a double strap on the back. 
With the WW suits, they come with a metal ring at the point described and I simply tie it firmly at that point.  When the elastic wears out with oil and time, I simple replace it.  The great thing is you get two suits for the price of one!  However, if you are not daring don't try this, it is for the bravest of thongers.  So now you know the "rest of the story."
Try it you might like it!
Beachlover492000 #6

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:04/28/2004 12:27:43Copy HTML

Hi onesmallthong!

Did I meet you at Ft. Desoto Beach, last Friday?

 If so, he's right guys. His modified WW thong is wild. You made my Koala Feline suit look conservative!

onesmallthong #7

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:05/03/2004 05:44:22Copy HTML

Guilty as charged Beachlover,

Sorry if my self-made thong is too little for your tastes.  I love the limits being pushed, but I have had no hassles from the "officials" at all at the Ft., so I figure it must not be a problem for them, so it is no problem for me.

Anyway, see you around I am sure.  I get out one to two times a week.


Live good, Live right!


Ex_Member #8

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:09/02/2004 03:38:28Copy HTML

With so many thong designers/makers out there willing to custom make you a thong, why make your own? Dore, for example, will make anything you can think of. Her work is excellent. I think you'd have to have a lot of years working as a seamstress to match the quaility and fit she can deliever. $15-$20 and you've got the suit of your dreams! Skinz will customize too, although they are more expensive.
sebastianspencer #9

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:10/28/2004 02:44:25Copy HTML

I have a pattern that I downloaded years ago (I've never used it).  Email me at sebastianspencer @ yahoo . com (without the spaces) and I'll send it to you.

sarasotajt #10

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:10/28/2004 11:40:21Copy HTML

Years ago when I was single I saw a guy at a beach in Gulfport, MS wearing a very unique leather thong/g-string. At that time all of my swim thongs were fairly conservative nylon-lycra spandex material purchased from various vendors.  I knew there was a Tandy leather store located near where I worked so I stopped in to browse around and ended up buying a couple of small swatches of soft suede leather. Using my favorite store-bought thong as a pattern, I made a pouch from the suede and used leather boot laces (doubled) for the straps and for the g-string. I added some gold colored beads along the string part for interest. After a breaking-in period, it ended up being fairly comfortable and definately got people's attention. I would only wear it at secluded beaches in the Gulfport area and on Ship Island. It's been years since I've worn it publicly as it's more revealing than the suits I wear now.  It would also be more difficult to explain the resulting smaller tanline to my wife who doesn't like me wearing them in the first place.


Noelb #11

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:11/29/2004 02:23:36Copy HTML

You might try the "Stitch Boy" website at http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Heights/3204/1home.html


I am sure there are other sites out there -- but have not come across them yet....

Elmware #12

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:12/30/2004 08:12:22Copy HTML

Would you need a industrial sewing machine, serger or something specifically made for stretch fabric to make your own thong with stretch fabric, or would a basic sewing machine do?  What kind of thread would you recommend, cotton, polyester, nylon, etc.?
Thong Kong #13

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:05/10/2005 12:45:24Copy HTML

Here's a complete pattern with instructions online:


This is for a standard European cut thong swimsuit (unlined).

And here's something interesting:

wackymac #14

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:05/10/2005 08:03:48Copy HTML

The other day I found a two piece bikini in a thrift store.  The top was two triangles (cups) with a gathering at the bottom of each that  would slide on the strap that went around the chest.  Each cup was seperate, they were not connected together. On the top of each cup was a strap that would tie at the back of the neck.  I slid one cup off the chest strap and with the other cup upside down (the gathering was now on top),  used the chest strap  to go around my waist and tied it on my left side. The neck strap went between my butt cheeks and tied to the waist strap in back.  I cut out the lining of the cup.   This made a neat thong swimsuit.  The bottom also fit me so I use it as a bikini suit.
JM_Runs #15

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:05/10/2005 08:20:28Copy HTML

Reply to: wackymac

After various trys at making my own thongs, back in 1978, I came across the same solution.  I still have the two brown thongs I made from two diffrent suit tops.  They were halter tops that tied at the neck so there was a bit of extra fabric in the neck string to make the back strap.  Back then the style was to cut a bit of shape in the cups but also they were still cut symetrical, so the resulting thong looked pro.  Now most string tops are cut asymetrical (left and right are diffrent).  This fits the women better, but it's not much cop for a thong conversion. 

wackymac #16

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:05/14/2005 11:52:51Copy HTML

To JM_Runs

Today I bought a Joe Boxer halter top priced at $14.95 with a 20% discount at K-Mart.  It was a Junior large, with pink elastic straps.  The cups seem to be symetrical.  I removed one cup, cut the liner out of the other and made a neat thong.

eaglespy009 #17

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:05/15/2005 10:39:10Copy HTML

i tried but it wasnt the most successful and wasnt worth the work for the quality it turned out
Thong Kong #18

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:05/25/2005 10:06:50Copy HTML

Hah! Just like wackymac and JM I have successfully converted a bikini top into a pair of matching men's sliding front y-back strings. The back strap was plenty long enough to make two waist bands, and the halter tie bra cups were the absolutely perfect shape!

In fact, the bra top in question was a screwed up wrong size order from Wicked Temptations.

I might even consider wearing these in public under the right circumstances. They're definitely very comfortable, and they look totally professional.
wackymac #19

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:05/29/2005 12:47:02Copy HTML

I took another halter top of the same design, cut the two neck straps real short and tied them together.  This made the suit an hourglass shape. Then I used the chest strap around the waist as before.   This gave the suit a "tanga" back.  
616 #20

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:06/05/2005 10:13:01Copy HTML

I think this is somewhat relevent but more on the comical side,

Was you first thong bought or did you make it yourself?

My first thong was made of elastic used in dressmaking, I cut lengths and stapled it together(office stapler), I then found a bit of rag cut it into a triangle and stapled it to the elastic, geeee  it wasn't the most comfortable G I ever wore but it was my handy work! ............only lasted a cople of weeks, now only bought ones!

Im sure this can be an entertaining topic,  don't be shy and have laugh!!

Ryan Booth #21

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:06/07/2005 06:22:37Copy HTML

I've always bought my thongs. I wouldn't even know were to begin in making any garment of clothing.
wr1944 #22

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:06/07/2005 07:21:08Copy HTML

In the early 60's I saw a German movie were the leading male actor showered in a string. That made some impression on me. I tried to make strings but I had no elastic fabric so the result was very poor. I also tried to modify old swimming trunks into a kind of Speedo, that certainly turned some heads in those days. In the 80's I tried again and the result was much better. Now I am back again on making strings and thongs and they are now good enough to wear in public. I have bought a lot of minimal swimwear in the last 5 years but designing and making your own stuff is great fun.
bmicro #23

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:03/13/2006 11:09:48Copy HTML

I find that making my own suits is the best way to "push the envelope". I have made a number of them by sewing hooks at the three vertices of triangular fabric in which I had sewn a dart and then using monofilament line with eyelets attached as the string. I have then worked on pushing the envelope by cutting the edges of the fabric each time I wear them, thus narrowing the coverage. I have worn these on South Beach with the cloth barely wide enough at the top to cover and not nearly wide enough at the bottom. The most extreme I have worn was a chain waist band with two chains attached running from the front to the back. I then took brown leather cord and wound it back and forth like shoe laces. From a distance the brown melded with me and you could not discern anything. The look from up close, however was much different. A life guard actually said something to me about it as an old man with his wife had complained. When I returned to my towel, a topless young lady asked me if the lifeguard has said something. When I told her that he had, she couldn't believe it. (she was wearing a very micro bottom). I changed to a "regular" brief g-string and have worn it on other occasions with no problem (can't always tell what prude might be on the beach - best strategy is to change and come back another day).

sailor250 #24

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:04/26/2006 07:29:52Copy HTML

So Bmicro was your homemade suit like the ones at  www.beach-n-danc.com on page 1A  ??  There are some others around her site including on the "customers wearing" page.

That design presses you together but you're very visible! 

I've never had the balls - pardon the pun- to wear that bare a suit on South Beach at least for long.  I have worn "no ball room" suits before briefly on South Beach.

bmicro #25

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:04/27/2006 08:08:16Copy HTML

Yes, very similar with a chain border and leather straps across the front. Maybe a little less coverage than the one on top, more than the cages.

By the way, I am on the top of the styles page and in the black fishnet on page IIA. I have worn both on South Beach and Key Biscayne. I have worn the Coral suit (on the Styles page) on Hollywood and Ft. Lauderdale beaches.

JM_Runs #26

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:04/15/2010 08:54:06Copy HTML

My husband copied  my Colleen  Kelly Tear Drop String and made an original out of Sea Shells we took from the Jersey Shore.  I've worn it to Gunnison a few times and to a few Luau themed partys...I've posted some pictures.  Contrary to how it looks it's pretty comfortable...lol
odiekyle #27

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:08/06/2014 01:31:12Copy HTML

 I've always been the kind of guy who looks at something and says "I could make that". Whether it was a radio, computer, storage shed, deck, tools and gadgets, even stunt kites and scratch-built model airplanes. I just finished two home made g-strings, one in red and one in neon green. Sewing is not my strongest skill, but I think they came out pretty good. Minimal coverage up front without the semi erect look that I personally don't care for in some commercial suits. Pictures are in my gallery. Comments or suggestions are welcomed of course!
32189 #28

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:08/07/2014 03:27:29Copy HTML

This reminds of how when I was younger I would take some tight whitie underwear and cut it up and make slits in a certain ways to make it sexy.  That was a fun, creative outlet.  
leo40 #29

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:08/08/2014 05:38:46Copy HTML

I have found chamois intended for polishing cars is a good material for homemade thongs.  It is intended to be used wet, it is thin enough to sew either on a machine or by hand, and there is no need to bind the edges.  You can make a narrow loincloth type thong without any sewing at all.
sailor250 #30

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:08/24/2017 12:40:45Copy HTML

 Never saw these before but several videos about making No sew- thong underwear out of old worn underwear some installing new fabric- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjupQtdDjLY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUTQRs6Iffc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ5t7HE5IQM 
NudeNArizona #31

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:09/26/2017 08:11:35Copy HTML

 Now I haven't ever made a thong but i have made "baggies" that i have wore swimming and sunbathing and it only took about a minute to make with no sewing needed.

Go buy a pair of women's footie stocking

Try stocking on for size from the elastic banding top "inside out"

Tie off excess stocking material with a knot

cut off excess material

turn right side out while putting baggie back on

cost less than a dollar!

I have also combined this with a homemade Bunn-G made out of elastic cording

NcknameInUse #32

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:09/27/2017 03:59:48Copy HTML

 Going back to my earliest days when I wanted but couldn't find a thong I had to modify what I could find. That's over 30 years ago.
I'd never worn a thong in public and really wanted to try wearing one at our local public pool that had recently had some fun slides installed making it a indoor waterpark.I looked round every shop I could find and just got funny looks when asking for a swim thong. The best I found was what used to be called a Tanga. a fairly moderate back and pouch front held together by a 1/2 wide elasticated waistband, white lycra. It was already way skimpier than anything I'd seen a man wear in public and I got some admiring looks as it was.To modify it I detached the back from the waistband and reattached it both shorter and narrower at the back. So it was about 3 inches wide at its widest. 
It actually worked really well. If I adjusted it while standing still it gave some coverage but as soon as I moved it immediately became a thong. So that was the first time I thonged in public. A home modified suit  I was a toned teenager then with glutes to die for and got hooked on the exhibitionism, admiring glances and freedom.
leo40 #33

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:09/30/2017 01:00:44Copy HTML

Before today's flood of low cost "baggie" swimsuits, like my fav Wang Jiang tie up bag suits, I would turn inside out a men's elastic sock, make one contoured seam to form a pouch using the sock's elastic opening, cut it off just below the seam, throw away the toe end, and turn the resulting pouch right side out.  With striped socks this would make a sharp looking and practical strapless suit, but all this is no longer necessary in today' market.
tbck1000 #34

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:01/25/2018 02:00:53Copy HTML

A few years ago I read a book about a man who lived on a tropical island by himself. He wore a “Maro” which is basically a loin cloth. For women it’s called a “Pareo” and worn like a wrap around skirt. These are both just a large lightweight cloth usually with a colorful pattern.
I became obsessed with wearing a maro particularly when needing a cover up to and from nude beaches. There’s a trick to folding wrapping and securing the cloth to wear as a loin cloth but you get the hang of it very quickly. The traditional version is not all that skimpy, but it covers the front and goes up between the cheeks in back.  I first tried it with a large bandana (double size), and it worked. But the patterns were boring. It was obviously a bandana, and the cotton did not dry quickly if you went for a swim.
I tried other fabrics until it dawned on me to use an actual women’s cover up.  So I ordered a couple of mesh cover Up cloths in nice patterns from skinzwear. They worked perfectly. I wanted more and I just bought them in local women’s swimwear shops for less money. I hardly wore any other bathing suits to the beach for a whole summer. (For some reason it felt awkward at swimming pools ) 
Not only was it fun to wear, it was a great conversation starter.  It seemed like a few people I spoke to thought the loin cloth was better for a man to wear than a thong. ( just my impression not that it matters) By the end of the summer though I was just wrapping the cloth around my waist like a woman would or like a kilt I guess. I would fold the cloth in half first so it was shorter. I actually wore it that way instead of a bathing suit several times on regular beaches. It covered everything but still satisfied my desire to push the exposure limits a little.
Finally, I cut the cloths in half and wrapped them around my waist. This made full use of the fine mesh fabric...a little see through up close, very light and airy...definitely felt like being nude on a textile beach.
I encourage anyone to try this either as a loin cloth or a wrap around. No sewing skills required.
tbck1000 #35

Re:Ever try making your own Thongs?

Date Posted:01/25/2018 04:38:55Copy HTML

Here’s a good how to video. Not exactly how I did it but it gives the general idea. I recommend a smaller cloth for this group.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QcmicGexG1w
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