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Date Posted:01/11/2016 01:16:14Copy HTML

OK now here's a new topic for discussion of men wearing tights in public.
Women too if they want but it's mainly men experience issues with it.

Just to start off I wore my Jeans print tights to an Air Show yesterday.
It's absolutely amazing people's ability to Not Notice things.
I kept catching people having a look but Always they moved their eyes away when I looked at them.
Had lots of conversations with lots of people and only One commented on the tights.
He and his girlfriend came up and he asked if they were Denim Spandex mix to which I replied "Not much denim though"
Although they have a print on them like jeans it's pretty obvious they are only thin tights as there is no Zip  over the bulge.

CompressionMan #1

Re:Everyday Tights

Date Posted:01/12/2016 12:10:41Copy HTML

I’m a guy, 6’2, 200 pounds, early 40s. Married with kids, living in suburbia. Can I pick your brain for a minute?

If I go to the grocery store (or anywhere public) at midnight, can I wear a fleece hoodie pullover, white low-cut ankle socks, running shoes and long black Nike, Under Armour or 2XU compression pants…and NOTHING ELSE (including underwear)?

Do you think I should toss on a pair of fleece running shorts over the leggings? What color shorts? Does color matter?

And instead of white low-cut ankle socks, can I wear thick white slouch socks with the leggings tucked in (socks in size to fit)?

How about this clothing combination for an overnight errand: a T-shirt, white low-cut ankle socks, running shoes and fleece shorts over three-quarter-length black tights (Nike, UA, Reebok, etc.). No underwear.

Do men's three-quarter-length sports tights too closely resemble women's capri yoga pants when worn without athletic shorts?

If any of this gear is unacceptable for the grocery store, what about a neighborhood jog at 5:30 in the morning? Or the gym?

Have you ever seen a guy wearing compression tights in public? Where? Was he discreet? Did others notice?

Let’s assume all the clothing described here was made for men by reputable, family-trusted designers and sold in your local mall big box sporting goods store. No crossdressers, no gay porn, no pantyhose, no nylon, lycra or spandex fetish.

Full disclosure: In the past year, I’ve replaced all my underwear with compression shorts. Someday all men will discover what I’ve learned and do the same. Sure, all your drawers will cost $25-$30 a pop, but the comfort makes ’em worth every penny!

Also: I’m not trying to show off my bulge (not much to show anyway).
Matt37 #2

Re:Everyday Tights

Date Posted:01/12/2016 01:13:25Copy HTML

Interestingly enough, I wear tights out in public on some occasions. I have a pair of 2XU tights that I will wear to the grocery store or out to do random errors (usually with the long shirt that covers much of my front and butt, though there's enough visible to tell I have a nice ass). I also have some CWX tights (Stabilyx) that I wear when I go hiking, primarily because they have the support for my knees and calves in them. And though I haven't had the chance yet because it's been too cold, I will likely wear compression shorts out this coming summer. No one's said anything or even reacted at all to me wearing these anywhere.
pikeman #3

Re:Everyday Tights

Date Posted:01/13/2016 02:30:35Copy HTML

 CompressionMan;I think you are obsessing. If you are comfortable with what you wear, that's what counts. I live in the greater Austin, TX area and have frequently been out and about in either 2 inch spandex shorts, or running tights depending on the season. Unless you are a spectacle, it is unlikely anyone will notice you. By "spectacle" I mean obese. When I grocery shop and observe a 300lb (usually female) person in spandex it makes me question their judgement. When you are not in this category people do not notice. Even the bulge, which is inevitable. Accept your bulge - it's entirely natural.Relax, enjoy your tights and compression wear! You're OK!
ShadowT #4

Re:Everyday Tights

Date Posted:01/13/2016 04:35:53Copy HTML

I would give exception to overtly enhanced bulges, but especially bulge pouch leggings.  Anything overtly perverse.
I haven't gone out shopping in compression gear, but certainly into gas stations and such.  My stuff is all very athletic, and I wouldn't worry about going out wearing it, but it's a pain when you have no pockets.
I think more colorful leggings, or those with patterns, would even be fine.  But I would expect to draw some attention; perhaps a lot, depending on the leggings.  Many of N2N's leggings are fairly daring, for example.  Personally, I would only worry about running into people I know, or acquaintances, and virtually not at all about complete strangers.  Conversely, people I know see me in my 2XU shorts and leggings all the time.  Part of the reason I'm comfortable with that, is that I'm comfortable wearing them.  They appear purposeful, whereas something more daring may at least appear to be worn for attention.
njbob1949 #5

Re:Everyday Tights

Date Posted:01/14/2016 11:54:36Copy HTML

 About a year ago, I was looking for a pair of colorful leggings. I checked N2N and saw that they had several styles, All of them were low rise. I purchased a blue pair that has a black and white patterns on it.  I usually wear a thong underneath. With or without a thong, the package is clearly seen. From the rear, the top of the crack usually appears. When I go out or exercise with them, I always wear a longer top to hide the top of the leggings. They are comfortable and I often wear them around the house. Next time, I would buy a pair that has a higher waist. 
Seam_Stress #6

Re:Everyday Tights

Date Posted:01/17/2016 03:55:51Copy HTML

One of the best parts about transitioning is nobody cares what tights and leggings I wear.  Nobody comments on the colours and prints, so I wear what I like.  (Idiots comment on me as a woman, but they quickly shut up because I take no guff from anyone.)

I wear my fancy prints with shirt dresses - Queen of Hearts, dragon scales, dragon skin, alligator prints, you name it, though I haven't broken out the leopard print leggings just yet.  And I still get to wear my regular tights for working out (though I still have to work out as a man).  Life is verrrrrrry good.
Seam_Stress #7

Re:Everyday Tights

Date Posted:01/25/2016 06:31:58Copy HTML

Ayus Zentai, another site where people discussed tights and other clothing (e.g. zentail, like it's name) is sadly going the way of the dodo as of January 31.  The site owner is no longer able or willing to keep it up and running, and no one took over the site.


letshavefun1313 #8

Re:Everyday Tights

Date Posted:01/28/2016 04:22:27Copy HTML

 I am an Under Armour guy, and I wear them out to all kinds of places. I wear them all the time to a neighborhood sports bar and grill. I have not had any issues with anyone I meet. When I went in tonight, the cute female bartender did not see me walk in, but when she brought me my beer, she asked me if I had on my sexy pants!!! She told me they love to see me in my tights!!!! 
Seam_Stress #9

Re:Everyday Tights

Date Posted:03/06/2016 04:35:59Copy HTML

I'm now out to my coworkers after a get together on the weekend.  I wore a black shirt dress with colourful but tasteful leggings (a playing card print).  It felt great.

On a recent night out (a different day) I went out in another shirt dress, finally wearing my leopard print tights.  Rowr.  Everybody loved it.
JM_Runs #10

Re:Everyday Tights

Date Posted:02/16/2019 03:07:02Copy HTML

In Florida for most of the year it is to hot to wear jeans, tights or leggins outside. We wear shorts most of the year, for just about everything except work in clients offices or going to court. When winter comes around I often wear running tights, leggings, jeggings, or just regular back tights, the knitted non-transparent kind. Often combined with just a t-shirt, running singlet or shirt on top. I never wear shorts over tights. I wear them on the bike, at the bar, or at the store. The exception is when visiting clients, when I won't be wearing the thinner tights, but may wear jeans, jeggings or running tights. The knit tights and most of the running tights are all black. I find that black tights or leggings are never questioned. Curiosity is peaked when my leggings look a bit like jeans, or could be just skinny jeans. The more interesting ones have the same stitching as jeans and actual functioning back pockets. However I have some that are just spandex with the pockets just printed on. Some men will ask "Are those jeggings?" and I say "Yes". That's the end of it. Women never ask, even if I am just wearing tights, because they are smart enough to figure this out for themselves, and they really don't care. However sometimes they will tell me I am brave, or they wish more men would. Most of the tights that work for me have longer legs, and are not too tall or tight round the middle. The more stretchy ones seem to spend less time trying to work their way down my legs. This is good because I don't need to hike them back up. The better tights are knit, and have a knitted waistband and ankles. The better leggings don't have elastic sewn in around the waist, but make the shape from the same fabric, like good running tights.
johny_b #11

Re:Everyday Tights

Date Posted:02/19/2019 06:46:54Copy HTML

i have a pair of those ones that look like jeans, i wear them all the time i get to, look just like skinny jeans thats for sure. i like yoga legging to for the patterns and colors. definatly looking for more that look like jeans tho, very convincing from a distance for sure.
MrFalcon #12

Re:Everyday Tights

Date Posted:02/19/2019 07:11:11Copy HTML

I have some meggings that I have worn out before, like to Walmart for example. I find that's a good testing ground since it's well understood you'll see all types. I have a pair that is bright colored "galaxy" print. I have received compliments from women on them. I've also worn these on stage (I play music). I don't wear my black tights as often, but if I wear either pair I like to have on a longer shirt and weather permitting a hoodie. Helps complete the look and also has the pockets that my leggings lack. I also have a pair of legging shorts with a phone-sized pocket that I'll wear in the summer with a t or tank. I have a pouch on my phone that can hold an id and credit card so I can put them and the phone in the pocket and I'm ready to go, except for those pesky car keys.
Chantelle4both #13

Re:Everyday Tights

Date Posted:02/25/2019 04:01:44Copy HTML

Wallets & keys - yes. That can be a problem with tights! What sort of top do you wear with your tights?
njbob1949 #14

Re:Everyday Tights

Date Posted:02/25/2019 09:59:26Copy HTML

I wear spandex tights or shorts whenever I do exercise. Nowadays, that is mostly power walking. For my keys, wallet, etc, I place them in a fanny pack.
JM_Runs #15

Re:Everyday Tights

Date Posted:02/27/2019 01:02:21Copy HTML

Tights without pockets sometimes pose a challenge. The key is not to need keys. My bikes use combination locks and often a secret cash stash. When you do need to carry a key: (a) Some hats and caps have tiny pockets, sometimes in the brim, sometimes in the peak, especially in folding running caps. Before tri-suits became the standard uniform for triathlons many makers made two part kit, quick dry bike shorts that one would wear for the entire race, and a slip on top for the bike and run. These "Triathlon" shirts or singlets often had a single rear pocket in the center of the lower back to put gels in on the run. Also some of the running singlets marketed for marathon runners also have a single rear pocket. Nowadays most clothing marketed at Triathletes is form fitting, sort of compression wear, and most lack the rear pocket. But you can still find some singlets or shirts with one rear, or a couple of side pockets. These work well over "everyday tights".
brocker36 #16

Re:Everyday Tights

Date Posted:02/28/2019 10:46:58Copy HTML

Since I now live in a cold winter climate my collection of tights has significantly increased. Once it gets down to about 45 degrees I almost always have on two layers, both top and bottom. I stated with regular running tights, then added insulated running tights. Finally I added pouch-front tights which I have in coated-black an silver. The silver ones are perhaps the best in terms of other clothes slipping on top of, and only the insulated running tights are warmer. I rather like the pouch front which keeps from over-compressing things up front, and depending on what I am wearing I can add a c-ring if I want to show more of a bulge. For daily wear I also wear a thong under the leggings so I can get more use out of them in-between washes. Sure, I could get other long underwear, but the leggings are more fun and double as lounge wear / sleep wear. Most of my tights I have now have come from aliexpress, except the thermal ones I picked up from amazon. My general comfort in the winter is much higher wit this extra layer, however it does increase laundry. I tend to collect all of the spandex gear from this and working out into a load and wash it all on delicate, being careful not to put anything abrasive in with them. So far that seems to work almost as well as hand washing, which is too tedious for me! I've also increased the quantity of running tights quite a bit, and when I gear up appropriately can run comfortably so long as it's not too windy down to 20 degrees. For this I'll wear two, or sometimes three pairs of tights. Typically I mix a pair of compression tights and thermal tights, usually with the thermal underneath because I think the compression tights look better, and I haven't noticed much difference in warmth by layering one way vs. the other. I've tied wearing other jogging pants, but after getting used to tights for winter running I find any extra fabric to just be annoying. Most true running tights have some form of key pocket which I'll use when it's not so cold I need a jacket. I have one pair of yoga tights which I sometimes will wear because they have a fun sparkly print, they don't have a pocket but do have a super wide waist band that I can easily tuck a key in without having a problem of it moving around or getting lost. However, as soon as I need to add a jacket because it's too cold, the jacket pocket always wins. I should also add, I always wear a thong under whatever running tights I happen to be wearing because it adds just the right amount of support and I find the thong lines to be attractive. Sadly the thong lines under the tights usually end up covered by whatever top I'm wearing.
big daddy thong #17

Re:Everyday Tights

Date Posted:03/03/2019 07:00:38Copy HTML

https://bodyaware.com/collections/mens-sports-leggings/products/mens-snakeskin-leggings?variant=17972377780289 I just added these to my collection, love em, has side pocket for cell phone, wore them to hot yoga and got lots of props from the yoga momma's
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