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Date Posted:07/06/2018 11:28:49Copy HTML

Of course there are the instagram thongwearers with photoshopped perfect or more than perfect bodies.  Has anyone else had to deal with exposing some imperfections while on the beach?  Sarah Hyland just posted photos of her in her thong with scars from a kidney procedure on display with #scars on display.
I think it's just a part of life!I've had little adversity like this - butt I did have to spend the better part of a summer in a cast on my ankle a few years back- it didn't keep me from the beach.  I crutched out half a mile down the beach to get nude while wearing a thong from the car.  People realize that the cast is temporary but I got asked by someone if it's legal to "go like that out here" one morning.  I said "you'll have to get a cast like this".  It was hot to sweat in that thing!  No swimming!On some nude beaches I've seen folks exposing things I know they wish they didn't have to put up with--- I say good on them!  But I think going up to them to tell them that is patronizing.  I've seen a guy with a big hernia truss on a belly hernia.  I've seen a guy must have been 90 on Haulover with a cane shuffling with a huge ball sack, some sort of thing there.  Good for him for having a good time.  I saw some college age girls taking selfies in front of him- making fun.I've seen women with tampon strings- what can you do??Breast cancer surgery ladies- good on you!

I think it's great to not worry about exposing these things= you could stay bundled up and no one would know.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #1

Re:Exposing Imperfections or more!

Date Posted:07/07/2018 02:53:03Copy HTML

 The last woman I dated had a mastecomy the week before we met at a wedding.   We started dating while she was undergoing chemo.  First dates she had no hair.  She was one of the most beautiful women I’ve met.  We had spent a few nights together without any intimacy.  One evening she walked towards me with a sexy black nightgown on.  I asked her if she was OK and she said she was scared to death.  I was the first person who had seen her without a breast.  I told her it was my first too.  It turned out to be a great night. 
ithongit #2

Re:Exposing Imperfections or more!

Date Posted:07/07/2018 10:14:31Copy HTML

 I have seen the occasional surgery scars on others at the beach. I have also seen what looked like non-surgery related scars, probably from an accident or some form of violence.  Some in the second group can be a bit overwhelming at first.  Frank, one of my friends has a really bad scar on his upper arm from a work-related accident.  He has regained his strength and also worked on a more muscular body.  To hide the scar, he went to a talented tattoo artist who says many people now use tattoos to cover body imperfections.  By creating a tattoo which has contours much like those of the scar, the scar area sort of disappears from view.   I remember when I was a kid that there was a guy who would entertain children of all ages.  He did this at parties and places like store openings and street fairs.  What he would do is have a person take a pen and make a line no more than a foot or so in total length ahd he would then incorporate the line into a drawing.  As he worked he would ask the person questions. If the person liked muscle cars, then the picture turned out to be a car.  If they liked giraffes, the picture became a giraffe.  The tattoo artist uses the same technique.  I have now met two other people, one a woman and another a man who have also had their scars hidden by a cleaver tattoo.
J_R_365 #3

Re:Exposing Imperfections or more!

Date Posted:07/07/2018 01:48:44Copy HTML

 I was at a c/o campground a couple of years ago, and another visitor was a woman whose torso was just laced with scars - all around the abdomen and around both breasts, which did not look like mastectomy scars. It looked like something horrendous had happened to her at one time.

She was totally at ease with her appearance, and, after a few minutes, so was I.
The Swan #4

Re:Exposing Imperfections or more!

Date Posted:07/07/2018 03:11:44Copy HTML

I'm fairly scarred, let's say from an interesting childhood. When I get tan some of these scars are apparent.No one ever says anything except to wonder how I got some of them.
beachlion #5

Re:Exposing Imperfections or more!

Date Posted:07/07/2018 04:49:29Copy HTML

Nude beaches are in general very tolerant. I have not seen or did not notice scarred or incomplete people that much.Once I was in a strange situation. Somewhere in the 80s, I was on vacation to St Tropez, France, on a bike. I stayed on a campsite and biked to the beaches and city. Three times in as much days I was hit by a car. It was not serious, some cuts and bruises but in the end I had both elbows, both wrists and both knees in bandages. And I still went to the beaches. Back in Holland and the bandages removed, I looked like a zebra and it took quite some time to get rid of the white bands.
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