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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:06/28/2018 02:41:19Copy HTML

Hi Everyone,
This forum has been a tremendous resource for all of us -- Just want to confirm that we will be able to migrate this forum and all of the historical data to the new upgraded forum!
SPR #1


Date Posted:06/30/2018 12:41:11Copy HTML

 I agreeI was quite alarmed by the message that just appeard before logging in
Grabeach #2


Date Posted:07/02/2018 12:53:18Copy HTML

I get the message every time I move to a new page. Rather annoying.
JM_Runs #3


Date Posted:07/02/2018 01:40:14Copy HTML

 YUP, I agree.
It is this sort of nonsense that makes me not want to sign up for forum migration, until other people have dealt with the bugs of the newer software.
So my plan is to see how other forms work out, and maybe even start a new test forum to figure out the features and "skin" issues before asking to be transfered. 

sandrhymes #4


Date Posted:07/02/2018 03:52:29Copy HTML

In the upper right hand corner there is a little red "X" & Close.  Click on it and like magic; the message disappears and does not come back.  Yay!!  :-)
J_R_365 #5


Date Posted:07/04/2018 02:20:40Copy HTML

 The notice goes away for  while, then comes back.

One thing I'd like to see in ThongBoard II is an improved editor for posts. It always seem I have to press Enter an extra time to get paragraph breaks to look right.
JM_Runs #6


Date Posted:07/04/2018 05:53:37Copy HTML

 Instead of using just the enter key, try SHIFT-ENTER
mbannon #7


Date Posted:07/30/2018 10:00:29Copy HTML

I use Bing as my search engine, and this migrated thong board forum doesn't yet list there.
killamozilla #8


Date Posted:08/08/2018 11:04:49Copy HTML

For me (in the USA) doing a google search for "thongboard" does not result in a link to the new forum. I see links to the old forum and also sunsplash as well as some other random websites. Does anybody get similar in their search results?
HermesOrange #9


Date Posted:08/21/2018 07:21:58Copy HTML

I have not been on the forum for a while and much of the content is not visible and many links are not functioning. Is there a procedure I should take to update?

Many thanks!

JM_Runs #10


Date Posted:08/21/2018 10:37:41Copy HTML

Both set of links to the thongboard now work. Links from other webistes and websearches should all be working. Good. 

However many functions are not yet implemented.  Turns out Aimoo.com are doing a total rewrite, and migrated before the new software contained all the existing functions. Daft.

So there is nothing we can do except report errors and wait for them to slowly implement fixes for what breaks, and implement the missing functions.

The two major items I am anxious to get back are MOVE and MERGE.   

MOVE - to move a reply to a more appropriate thread.   

MERGE - to merge to threads when someone starts a new one where there is already a thread on that subject.

Matt37 #11


Date Posted:08/21/2018 11:24:51Copy HTML

I can't believe they "rewrote" the entire code and we still end up with a website that looks like a 3rd grade coding project. With all of the free forum software packages out there (many of which are absolutely stunning and have a huge array of features), they're still looking like this. Absolutely insane.
JM_Runs #12


Date Posted:08/22/2018 03:50:38Copy HTML

That's what I said in a strongly worded message to them. I asked why did they not just write a data translator to migrate to the stable and similar phpbb platform. Bunch of nitwits.
HermesOrange #13


Date Posted:08/23/2018 02:38:50Copy HTML

Thanks for the explaining.  Aimoo has long been behind the tech curve, but the basic functions worked...  Now it's an incomplete site in slow-motion. Taking a few steps back to move forward is one thing, but to go as they are now is a train-wreck.  Patience is a virtue!

mack_back #14


Date Posted:08/24/2018 04:03:37Copy HTML

As some here wrote not all things are implemented. Yet I can post using my iPhone X but can’t with my MacBook. Tried the links given to new forum adding the forum1 link and name, email but errors with matching my name and email or wrong URLgiven  persists. 

mel_frohike #15


Date Posted:08/31/2018 01:27:34Copy HTML

Somewhere during the migration I've lost access to my profile - mo_thong. Consequently, lost my messages, contacts, etc. How can I get that back?
kutag #16


Date Posted:01/10/2019 10:14:41Copy HTML

First up I know very little about websites, computers etc. It's been a while now since the change/forum migration whatever it's called happened, to me it has been a huge failure. I can't even see my own photos in my profile let alone anyone else's. This has resulted in a dramatic drop in peoples participation from my observation. Where does the site go now? because it will not last much longer like this. Was the plan to run it into the ground?
JM_Runs #17


Date Posted:01/10/2019 03:20:08Copy HTML

The forum is still hosted by Aimoo.com - They have fixed some of the more glaring data problems after the migration. Still waiting for them to fix profile access issues, like photos. We have considered migrating the forum to a different platform, i.e. different host, but this also means a rather large screen scrape and user migration problem, because we don't have raw access to the underlying data or user files. You are Aimoo.com users, and just board members. This forum is always slower when the Northern Hemisphere experiences winter. Hopefully Aimoo will have fixed things by the time spring comes and people start thonging again.
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