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Date Posted:11/01/2015 05:26:40Copy HTML

I wondering whether any family members or close friends know of your thong wearing and whether you have had any negative reactions or comments? I would imagine that this would be less of an issue for the female members due to the fact thongs are far more widely accepted on women than men...sadly.The reason I ask is I have two daughters, one 18 and the other a 20 year old, whilst I have never really hidden the fact I cant exactly say I broadcast the fact either as I get dressed in the privacy of my bedroom and either my wife or I do the washing. As far as I am aware they have no clue of my thong underwear wearing...and more recently my thong swimwear wearing due to the fact my wife and I now leave the kids at home and holiday together without them as they holiday with their friends now...which is great! Same could be said for my parents I didn't start really wearing thong underwear until i left home at 21, so they have no clue either. Personally I think if you want to it is really easy to keep the underwear part private in my opinion, which is something I've managed easily for 23 years it just becomes more difficult as children get older or if you choose wear thong swimwear with either family or friends.
String_guy #1

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:11/02/2015 03:24:10Copy HTML

 My wife and all 4 of my daughters know I wear thongs exclusively. Son in law knows too. I have not had the opportunity to wear them on family vacation. We are all adults. I dont see any reason to hide my choice in swimwear or underwear. I know all of the girls wear them. Why should it be an issue if I do?
mulch774 #2

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:11/02/2015 04:38:17Copy HTML

 I have secretly wore thongs/skimpy underwear privately for years.  Mainly because my wife does not like anything other than boxer briefs on me.  So I keep underwear that I don't think she'll approve of hidden.  I wash it separately so she doesn't see it, and dress when she is not watching.  I However I wish she would accept it or at least tolerate it so I wouldn't have to keep it hidden,
Ex_Member #3

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:11/02/2015 06:24:26Copy HTML

String_guy your obviously in a very open minded family environment and I am quite envious of that...unfortunately mine are not so and nothing seems to divide opinion like men wearing thongs! Mulch774 sorry to hear your wife does not like them, my wife was not too keen when I first started to wear them either,However she has grown to love them as she has got older and matured and like me she wears them all the time and we both wear thong swimwear on holiday. I hope in time your wife learns to accept your choice of underwear  
mulch774 #4

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:11/02/2015 10:13:16Copy HTML

I don't get the double standard as she is allowed to wear thong no problem, but in her mind for a man to wear a thong is considered "gay", which I disagree with.   I think I may just start wearing them all the time and see what happens.  Any suggestions anybody have on getting spouse on board?
John Howard #5

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:11/03/2015 07:43:07Copy HTML

 Hey mulch I feel for your situation mate.    I believe you need to assert yourself and liberate from any attitude of hiding or not being 100% honest about your likes and desires.  
I think we need to be always honest in the things we do.  Don't hide anything from your wife, by not hiding anything from her you are showing that you are a man of his domain, not scared of her or of the consequences of her likes and dislikes.   Remember always... 'you can handle it mate!'....She will jump up and down, accuse you of gay or cross dresser or anything she might want.   But at the end, you will feel the empowering sensation that you did what you wanted to do.
She definitely has a problem with double standards,   But eventually after weeks or days she will have to accept that  (1)  you will not abide by her likes or dislikes, and (2)  she will have to accept you the way you are.  
Wear your thong proudly and with confidence buddy.   And don't move a finger to change your choice just because she dislikes what she sees.  She can always look away.
John Howard #6

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:11/03/2015 08:19:36Copy HTML

 Hi M_M, I'm glad your wife has started to like you wearing thongs.   
I can see that having daughters that age,  and you 'coming off the closet' thongwise relatively recently, might be a bit difficult.What I would do is to take advantage of your recent holiday, and show your girls photos of the holiday, of both you and your wife,  between other photos, sunbaking wearing thongs on the beach.    I hope you took a few shots wearing thongs,  so you can show them.
I tell you mate, we usually overestimate the potential reactions of people.  They might find it hilarious, adventurous,  especially because these 2 are Mum and Dad,... but eventually it will pass.  You have the fortune of being with your wife, both of you wearing similar styles of swim gear,  you match each other.  Besides, I had a look at your profile, and according to your photos, you do pull it off mate!!  I wonder how many girls the age of your daughters can be proud of their Dad's bodies as your daughters can.   Mate you work hard lifting iron, eating well, being healthy and strong.  Wearing a thong on the beach is only the icing on the cake.
Unlike you, I started wearing thongs many years ago, before I got married.  My wife then girlfriend bought my first thong bathers on a trip we made to the Gold Coast.   Since then I've only worn thongs to the beach, unless special circumstances (like the father or brother in law who I can tell they wouldn't like to see me wearing a thong, and fair enough I make the concession for the sake of harmony and the little frequency we go to the beach with them).
Funny how the other day watching old videos when my two boys were toddlers, I appear by the side of the pool, the beach, or the garden, on summer days playing with them and the wife,  just wearing a thong.  I used to wear Dore's thongs then.. Even when we went to Fiji, Cairns, all I appear wearing on the beach is thongs.  That's why my kids don't find anything wrong or strange on me wearing thongs.  They are now 15 and 12,  they are becoming young men and I take them as often as I can to the gym to lift weights.  But I can notice that they are starting to become more body conscious.  they dont like speedos any more, they prefer the board shorts probably due to peer pressure.  And I understand that if we were to go to the beach with their mates, I would probably prefer to wear a speedo for the ocassion.But with the kids and wife , its only thongs.   
As I said I would only not wear thongs next to my in laws (father and brother).  I couldnt care less about my mother in law.However they would both know that I wear them by now..  My father in law has seen our washing on the line plenty of times, and my brother in law must know by his daughter. She is 13 and we took her on a holiday to the beach and she saw me wearing a Muscleskins, with no problem.   I also wear a thong to the beach in front of  my nephew and niece (my sis' children) who are 29 and 27.   
I think I must becoming old.  the older you get, the less you care.

thong_jock #7

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:11/03/2015 02:35:59Copy HTML

 I wear thongs openly around.my gay friends but my str sight friends don't know, but if they found out I wouldn't really care. I have two teenage girls and they have seen my things laying around before but I only wear small bikini  wimwear around them when we go to the beach. I have worn as small as posing suits around them. Since they are teens now we don't go to the beach together much so I am almost 100% thonging.  When I was younger and married to their mom I used to buy skimpy swimwear and hide it too. I was still struggling with being gay back then and also associated my thong fetish with my attraction to.men, which in retrospect was pretty silly. Nonetheless, now all.i want to wear is thong swimwear and I never take a beach vacation where thongs wouldn't be cool wear wear openly on the beach and by the pool.  By the way both u guys look awesome in thongs. Glad u wear them openly. U do the world of male thonging proud!

Ex_Member #8

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:11/03/2015 06:06:34Copy HTML

Hi John Howard, Thanks for the compliments and kind words, My daughters may have an idea I wear them all our washing goes on the same washing line etc.... Possibly assume they are my wife's though...lol Anyway I will give some thought too your ideas, must admit the older I become the less I care. Couldn't Imagine thonging on a hotel complex 10 years ago. I bet you are chuffed it is now your spring/summer season, come to think of it your winter is probably better than our summer?.lol! Just long dark and cold nights to look forward to here : (Mulch In my experience I would persevere with your thong wearing and try and explain to your wife why you like to wear them...its probably not to far away from why she likes wearing them given she is a thong wearer, so hopefully she will understand.
Ex_Member #9

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:11/03/2015 06:09:13Copy HTML

 Thong Jock thanks for your compliments also..like you I would not consider a holiday where I could not wear thong swimwear..I intend to grow old disgracefully ; )
ShadowT #10

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:11/03/2015 09:52:07Copy HTML

Only a few of my friends know I wear thongs.  Naturally, my wife knows; she neither approves or disapproves. The kids know, since we don't shelter them from too much, but I don't think they realize that it's different in any sort of way.  I don't get many opportunities to wear thongs on a beach, even though we have a ton of shoreline here.  Much of the area is too conservative for me to be comfortable, so it's mostly when it's just my wife and I, and we've moved off away from families.
FWIW, I can't think of many friends that would care, and not too many acquaintances that would care; particularly concerning underwear.  The topic simply doesn't come up.  Since many of us have young families, I do believe several would have issues with thonging in front of the kids.  That's just the mindset around here, even among some of the most liberal people.  Most of my own family (mother, sisters, brothers-in-law, grand parents, cousins, etc...) are VERY conservative.  I know several that wouldn't care.  My mother and sisters wouldn't care about thong underwear; almost certain of that.  Thong swimwear is a whole different story.
briankay #11

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:11/04/2015 06:42:48Copy HTML

People who go to the beach with me know... obviously. I see no reason to go out of my way to tell anyone I don't go to the beach with. Why would it matter? Its not like I need to confess or want to shock or thrill them or whatever their reaction would be.

I also don't go out my way to tell people when I'm wearing socks with holes in them. Only those with me when I take my shoes off know!

Nuwalket #12

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:04/25/2016 12:50:19Copy HTML

A few years ago my sister in law came to stay for awhile when my wife had some health issues. One day while I was at work she took it upon herself to do the laundry. At first she assumed the thong underwear was her sisters. It wasn't until she removed them from the dryer that the realization of a pouch meant they were mine. There was a bit of kidding or teasing (her husband only wore tighty whities) until my wife said that she likes them on me plus I have the butt for it. When we returned from Florida this year she asked about our tans so I proudly showed of my white whale tail. Even though I have worn thongs or go commando for years it the first time I actually wore a thong on a beach was this year. 
johny_b #13

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:05/01/2016 10:10:43Copy HTML

my whole family knows so why switch. i wear thongs, rios and bikini style bathing suits, i wear the bikini or rio backs when my wife's kids and my nephew's are here. just thongs when its only adults here, my wife encourages it so im keeping her happy.
nz_thong #14

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:05/03/2016 12:48:07Copy HTML

Most of the family knows by now.
We were at the beach, I decided to go for a swim wearing only a g-string, while in the water the wife's mother, sister and her kids came down to the beach.  I kept swimming for a little while but they had come down to stay for the afternoon, so I decided "too bad for them" and just walked out of the water and enjoyed the sun.
The only comment on the day was from the sister inlaw, she said she didn't care what I wore.  They have joined us at the beach a few times now, I have been in a thong or g-string each time.  I have even worn a very micro g-string in front of the mother in-law, whenever I see her she asks if I'm getting out and enjoying the sun.
I'll enjoy it wile I can.
thongmom #15

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:05/08/2016 06:03:08Copy HTML

 I've never hidden the fact that I wear thongs from my family. My daughter (16) started wearing them recently too.

Most of my friends know at this point, but I still wear bikinis around the more conservative ones.
Thongdude87 #16

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:05/12/2016 03:21:58Copy HTML

 I think my whole family knows. My sister definitely does, and my parents have seen me sunbathing in thongs, so they probably suspect, but have never asked.
Nuwalket #17

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:05/13/2016 12:51:27Copy HTML

My wife has a friend that knows I am usually naked at home so she always calls before stopping by the house. She called last evening to say that she was stopping by so I just threw on a pair of elastic waist shorts. Long story shortened, she asked if I could lift something out of her trunk and put it in her backseat so she could get it out later. When I streched and bent to get in the trunk the waistline slipped exposing my whale tail tan line. That's when she asked where in Florida did I go to get that tan line? So we filled her in on my exploits and time at Fort Desoto. Maybe next time she stops by I'll just slip on a thong for the reaction.
AVBW21 #18

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:01/06/2017 04:04:52Copy HTML

All my girl friends and now wife know it of course. They are all comfortable with it as they understand this is my own underwear choice and does not affect anybody. One of my old female colleague who is at mid 40s, we usually had dinner together at work and we talked everything happened in our lives. One time she asked what underwear do I wear and answered I wear all kinds of them: boxer briefs, briefs, etc. She followed to ask if I also wear thong as well I just answered Yes. She told me the usual 'I don't like the wedgie' thing, I answered it just takes time to get used to it, which I actually don't think she wears any thong at all as I know she only wears seamless briefs as I can tell from her tight leggings and pants.

Recently I had a dinner with another group of two female colleagues, one around 40, one around 27. The young one is always flirty and likes to touch male colleagues in a friendly way but she likes to sometimes touch your chest and butt. She's very open to talk about sex and other intimate topics. We talked about underwear colours and styles and I said I was wearing black underwear. She wanted to check and she saw and touched the thick strap around my waist and back and she was very surprised and asked what underwear it is.

I said you can guess. She threw out some ridiculous guesses like some body shaping corset and made me tell her I was wearing a thong. Her facial expressions was like she was very bewildered and surprised. She asked me why do you need a thong? It's like something cutting through your butt!

I said thong is playful and sometimes I don't like VPL on my slim cut pants and jeans. On that day I was wearing a very stretchy tight fitting jeans and Body Art Anogia string. She touched the thong and commented it is very soft and comfy thong. This is literally the first time to talk openly with friends about my thong and I felt a little bit embarrassing but they both are open minded. The young girl thinks it is just a piece of underwear and not weird, and she says she doesn't care about VPL at all and just let it show.

This is a very good experience actually and it reminded me that that is just a piece of underwear and won't make you weird or gay. Next time if I have a chance to talk about underwear I think I will admit my thong choice right away. But of course sometimes it depends very much on what kind of people and how well you know each other.
jazzyfay #19

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:01/06/2017 06:50:48Copy HTML

 Well my sister-in-law figured it out through deductive reasoning over a period of months that she visited and slept over at my house. Apparently we left my thongs and g-strings out at various intervals and she took mental note. Other than her, the only other person besides my wife who has found out has been an older lady whom I work with. We happened to go out for a work party and ended up closing the bar down, but before we did the subject of underwear came up and I shared that I wear thongs regularly and was wearing one at the moment. I showed her my thong and she was shocked but enamored.  Its fun to show off a little whale tale every now and then when she works just  for the heck of it.  Haven't had any other conversations regarding it but its fun no less.
Thongzo #20

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:01/08/2017 04:16:32Copy HTML

Another couple that we hang out with knows because we all went to Mexico together and I wore a thong there, so yeah, they definitely saw plenty. So whoever they told. Not sure if my wife's sisters know, unless she told them. A few girlfriends know and I guess some guys at work because they've seen my thong when I change at the gym at work. Oh, and my neighbors because they've likely spotted me during the summer months when I tan in a thong in the back yard. 
75texasthong #21

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:01/08/2017 08:56:59Copy HTML

 Have some old Co workers who saw me strip to my underwear and run in the ocean in my thong while at a conference. I got points from the men because I explained the reason I did it was to get the female in the group to do the same. She mentioned she wanted to run in the ocean but only had a thong for underwear. When I told her me too I think she felt she had to. Ha.
75texasthong #22

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:01/08/2017 08:58:55Copy HTML

 My immediate family knows and so does my MIL. My in laws stayed with us a while and she surprised me by doing the laundry. My thong underwear was folded better than I ever did it.
undercover20 #23

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:01/09/2017 01:44:02Copy HTML

 My entire family knows. 
a_lex #24

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:01/09/2017 07:31:59Copy HTML

 Apart from my girlfriend, who wears thongs with me, only a handful of close friends know - and I went to the beach with them. I guess I could include a couple of acquaintances who went to the same beach and I think recognised me at one point or another. 
None in my family knows.
Nuwalket #25

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:01/09/2017 05:09:56Copy HTML

 I guess I can add a  sister in law who knows as last evening she decided to do a load of her laundry and went through our clothes hamper in order to make a full load. She thought at first they were her sisters (my wife) until she noticed the pouch. She made a comment about my skimpy underwear and my wife just said that's what he wears when he's not commando! That was the end of the conversation according to my better half!
Thongmad #26

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:06/05/2017 12:03:27Copy HTML

My wife obviously knows and she used to buy them for me when we first got together. 
Her sister knows as my wife bought them on shopping trips with her. We've since discussed it when the subject has come up. 

My In-Laws have always known, as my MIL has done our washing from time-to-time, and my FIL has seen my tan line when we used to go to the nude beach together (yes, really) and from probably the same conversation as with my MIL. He never had a problem as he's always been a Speedo wearer as well.

Both of my parents knew, my father not even liking briefs, but my mother actually defended me!

I have a group of three female friends who know. I discussed it with them, but think they weren't sure until one day at our place in my pool, I wore them all day and into the evening, in front of one of their husbands who wore shorts. They expect to see me in them now.

I know most of my neighbours know, from seeing me in our pool, or after seeing me washing my cars out the front in briefs, my wife has told them what I usually wear when they comment on my skimpy briefs. I am sure many of our other friends know from similar conversations.
String_guy #27

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:06/05/2017 10:26:41Copy HTML

 All 4 of my daughters know from conversation or seeing me in the pool. Obviously my wife knows, And still does not approve! My wife's sister and her family know from conversation while on vacation. This was one of those moments when i didn't do it when the opportunity was there and now regret it... My MIL knows because she has done some alterations for me. She asked what I needed done, I said I didn't know. You are are the seamstress, you tell me as I pulled my shorts down to expose my thong. She was mad, but got over it. Now she does all my adjustments. Custom fit is way better. 
Bojangles64 #28

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:06/07/2017 03:02:42Copy HTML

 my parents both know. . Some of my friends know and those are the ones I "accidentally" show it off too. Perhaps my other friends seen it but i doubt it because i know they would have said something
WagersThrone #29

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:06/10/2017 03:25:34Copy HTML

 My immediate family (both parents and two brothers) know I that I wear thongs. They are cool with it. I have not told anyone else about it.
JM_Runs #30

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:06/10/2017 07:52:35Copy HTML

 The guys I work out with know I wear a thong to tan as they first saw the tanline at the gym and at the Korean spas we frequent.  They were also aware of my grooming habits and efforts to keeps the hair minimal as well.  They don't mind but seem very curious.  When we have gone to the beaches together, they have always been amazed at my confidence to wear what I wear and the direct attention we get from the ladies.  They have started to call my thongs my chick-magnets.  
underwater #31

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:06/10/2017 02:35:56Copy HTML

 I don't think there is anyone I know who doesn't know I wear thongs when I can't be nude. I don't make a big deal of it, and neither do my friends.
thong1066 #32

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:06/15/2017 01:55:53Copy HTML

ithongit #33

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:06/15/2017 09:56:37Copy HTML

 In my case, it's probably more like who doesn't know that we wear thongs.  We don't hide it at all.  Our close neighbors see us in our thongs (or sometimes less) and have gotten used to the look.  People at the beach also see us only rarely in any more than a thong.  At work, I have vacation pictures that show me, some showing my thongs quite obviously.  I am just as casual about going topfree, and spend as much time as possible without a top.  Vacation pictures with me exposing my breasts are also prominently shown on my bulletin board.  I am not afraid or ashamed of what I do, and don't really care who finds out.  If they can't accept it, too bad for them.
Thonict #34

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:07/18/2017 03:35:31Copy HTML

 Most people know I do, it's nothing to be ashamed about or keep secret really. 
thong1066 #35

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:08/03/2017 06:10:38Copy HTML

My sister in law knows now.  I was laying out in the back yard wearing a Joe Snyder bulge rio, face down. I did not hear her pull in, she walked into the back yard and said nice ass so I got up and she was like WOW nice swimsuit. I did not think you would wear something that small. I said I usually wear a thong. She was like Yeah Right!   We talked for awhile and I noticed were her eyes kept going, then she said can you put some shorts on I don't think I should be seeing this much of you. I said why we are both adults and I have no shorts outside.    

So we walked over to her car and the nut came of the wiper arm so I went into the house for a wrench and a nut and to put a thong on, I just had to.

As I put the wiper arm back on, she walked behind me and said you do wear thongs. So I just wiggled my ass and she slapped on the ass and was all smiles. We talked for awhile and she had a lot of questions about my swimwear.  When she was ready to leave she said you look great wearing a thong and she wished more men would wear thongs. I just have no idea how long it will be to my wife hear about this.                                                              
7423080 #36

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:08/04/2017 10:26:24Copy HTML

 For me it goes back years and years.  GF and I both wore strings on vacations in St Martin and other islands.  She liked to take picturesso tons of pictures with me in them and I was nearly always in a g string at the pool or beach.  She showed them to her parents, our friends,and anyone that wanted to look at vacation pictures.  So everyone pretty well knows both of us wear g strings.  I am sure there were commentswhile they looked at the pictures but not a sole ever said a thing to me.  Who cares anyway.  I could care less what anyone wears.
letshavefun1395 #37

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:08/05/2017 01:32:11Copy HTML

 I wore my g-string for the first time this week around my 17 year old son, and he was perfectly fine being around me (posted more in another thread). I also have a best friend that knows I love to go to nude beaches and wear g-strings, but have never done it around him yet!!!!  
NudeNArizona #38

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:08/10/2017 05:48:32Copy HTML

 I first started wearing thongs when I was in my early 20's but had wore bikini underwear since the time I was in my early teens when they were more popular back on the 80's.  So growing up my mother used to buy bikini underwear for me, and doing the wash she would see them all the time. Also when it was warm in the house and we had no A/C growing up I would lounge around in a bikini, and this was no different when we had friends over as a teenager. So when I bought my first thong it wasn't much different than what I had wore for years in front coverage just less back coverage, actually I think my first thong had a larger front coverage. So when I wore it for the first time nobody really was surprised.  But I really didn't like the higher/wider front of the thong, so I found a few G-strings at Fredrick's of Hollywood the next trip to the mall. I remember trying them on at the store and modeling them for my girlfriend and the girls working in the store, and with the positive review I bought one in every color and they were on sale for 3/15$ and I came home with about 12 of them since I liked how they fit. Since they were Lycra instead of cotton they also doubled as swimwear.

So a few days went buy since I had made my purchase of my G-strings and since I was older and working I didn't see my parents as often as when I was younger so they didn't see my new G-strings until one day I had off from work and it was a nice day and I decided to swim at the pool with my girlfriend, whose parents had an above ground pool and both worked during the day and we would have the pool to ourselves. So I put on the white G-string to show off my tan and grabbed my towel and other thing and put everything in a back-pack and was getting ready to leave the house my mom asked what I was going to do that day and I told her about going for a swim, then she commented that I might want to change my suit because white get pretty sheer when wet and that with hot small it was it didn't give much modesty. I said that's fine, I'm only going to the pool and it's only going to be the 2 of us and we will most likely be in the water the whole time. As I walked out to my car she said aren't you going to put some clothes on over your suit? I said I had shorts in the back-pack for after my swim. She also noticed that I was now shaved down to the G-string line, and I said I didn't like the hair sticking out.

I hadn't told my girlfriend what I was going to wear but she was aware of my new G-strings, so it wasn't a total surprise when i showed up wearing just the G-string, but what was a surprise was that she had a friend over visiting and that her mom was not at work that day. They had all seen me swim before in my Speedo so from the front walking to the pool nobody really noticed until I put my bag down and pulled out my towel to place on a lounger on the deck. This is when I heard her friend comment that the "moon was out early today!" and laugh. Then I commented "if you got it flaunt it!!" and jumped in the pool to cool off

After swimming for about 30 minutes we all decided to get out of the water and work on our tans.  What I hadn't noticed being in the water was that both of the girls were wearing new thongs and as they climbed up the ladder I commented "yes the moon is out early!!"

We all sat on our loungers and started to apply sunscreen when my gf's mom walked out and with some cold drinks.  This is when I noticed how sheer my G-string had gotten because the entire front panel was completely sheer, and she said "for a moment there I thought I was running a nudist resort!" I also noticed that even though I trimmed the hair around the suit, the hair under the fabric really showed thru drawing more attention.

After she left I asked the girls "why didn't you tell me everything was showing thru?" Lisa then said "what difference does it make, she was already walking out the door" I said i could have wrapped a towel around me, Then Barb said "and miss that awkward moment...lol" We continued to swim and sunbath the rest of the afternoon, but that evening before going out I went home and showered and shaved everything off in the pubic area.

The next day when I got up I took another shower and did some touch-up shaving making sure everything was cleaned up, also since it was Monday my parents were at work so I didn't bother getting dressed and went down to get breakfast nude. A few minutes later I got a call from Lisa asking if I wanted to go out on Barb's family pontoon boat today? I said sure.  She said we are on our way to pick you up! She lived 10 minutes away so I figured I had time to eat my cereal then go get dressed to go on the boat! What I didn't realize since this was prior to caller ID was that they were down the street at barb's which was only about 3 minutes away. As I got up to rinse my bowl I see Lisa walking up to the door with Barb close behind which caused a little bit of a panic. But with no where to hide and no cover-up I walked to the front door as they were reaching for the doorbell and opened it and said come on in, give me a few minutes to get dressed and we can go!

Lisa broke into a big smile and said you don't have to cover up for me! Barb said I can see you are happy to see us! Then I walked to my room and put on my G-string and shorts as a cover-up and grabbed a t-shirt and walked back out to the kitchen. When I got there Barb was sitting alone in the kitchen and I said, Where's Lisa?  She said she needed to use the restroom and I sat down. Then Lisa came walking out wearing a NEW White G-string and said now we will match!

The three of us drove to where the boat was docked and we met up with a few more of Barb's friends and 10 or so of us boarded the boat and headed out on the lake. Everyone else was dressed except for Lisa who had on just her G-string and a crop tank top. I hadn't realized that we were going to have 10 people on the boat today, or I would have wore a Speedo or swimming trunks instead of jean shorts as a cover-up for my G-string, once we got about 300 yards from shore and out of the wake zone everyone started settling into their spots on the boat and Lisa and i went up top alone where we could get some sun

When we got up top Lisa removed her crop top revealing she did not bring her bikini top and said see"now we match" as I removed my shorts. I asked what about the others on the boat and she said "they won't care, Barb is going topless today as well, they all do out here in the middle of the lake" After setting anchor we wanted to cool off so I jumped into the water from the top deck, and swam around with the others for a while, nobody seemed to notice my G-string until it was time to go up the ladder back onto the boat.  Then Barb said "at least he has something on, he was naked when we stopped to pick him up this morning. She also commented "as sheer as it is you might as well go naked because we can see everything"  So Lisa said from the top deck "I will if you will!" and everyone began to cheer, as she stood up from her seat and untied the side of her G-string and let it drop to the floor before diving off the top deck.

So after she removed her G-string i went back up and removed mine and sat back down on my seat, waiting for Lisa to come back up to sunbathe. Everyone else was taking turn jumping in the water, most of the girls had removed their tops but Lisa was the only one who removed her bottoms. One other guy removed his shorts and was jumping in the lake. Lisa came back and stood in from of me and asked if I needed her to put some sunscreen on my back as she applied it to her front, saying she didn't want to burn anything sensitive. Then i noticed she was now completely smooth, she smiled and said I had to take care of the last bit of hair once i say you were completely shaved this morning.

32189 #39

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:09/24/2017 03:10:15Copy HTML

Just recently I was laying out in my thong at the beach and a friend of mine texted me and said she wanted to hit the volleyball around with me.  I told her to come on down as I had a vball in my car.  I warned her that I wear smaller than usual swimwear.  When she showed up and I was laying ass up in my thong.  She did not say anything about it and we we went on to hit the vball around.  I double checked to make sure she was cool and she said that she does not care what other people wear.  She is cool with whatever.  Since then we have gotten together a few more times to hit the volleyball around and I wore my thong.  It is nice to wear what I want and have my friend be totally cool about it.  
gsj #40

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:09/24/2017 05:03:37Copy HTML

 Some little while ago  we had friends staying & the visiting wife & I went to the beach for a morning swim. After about 20 minutes we both came ashore to dry off in the sun. I was wearing an Intersparta half back suit with only strings visible at the side.When I turned on to my front I noticed my friend having a surreptitious inspection! Nothing was said.
gog5150 #41

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:06/20/2018 01:25:19Copy HTML

 My cousin knows I wear thongs, and she seems to be cool with it.  She has only seen a pic of my tan line and knows that it must be a small suit, plus she knows what brand I wear (Skinz).  She is visiting in August so she will see me in the back yard by the pool in my thong.  Hope she is not uncomfortable.  I don't think she will be.  I am not messing up my tan lines for anyone LOL!  If anyone has any advice or thoughts I am all ears.
mack_back #42

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:06/20/2018 05:13:43Copy HTML

Had distant second cousin walk in my yard one sunny day unannounced. While laying out on my stomach she suddenly noticed me but found it to late to turn back. She told me she was curious seeing my pickle garden walking by me as if seemingly didn’t care what I was wearing. Until I stood up on my knees she took a double take. She watched me as we walked together back from the yard onto the patio. I think she was waiting for me to put on some coverup, which I never did. Thinking to myself why bother ruining my tan line. She seen everything so why be timid now. She left quickly

Thought to myself oh no! Or Sh@“t, did I overstep do something unseemly? Will I hear it from my mom later telling me my older cousin told her was appalled looking at me in tiny swimwear? Does she think I’m a pervert .. up to no good and should be ashamed of myself? Bothered me so much I asked my mom to call the cousin who saw me in yard and ask what happened to her that day. Listening in on the conversation my cousin never let my mom know what happened. She lied about about the visit to my mom. My mom figured something had to happen but wasn’t sure. Looked at me peculiarly but decided not to ask. My cousen kept it a secret.  Weeks later she began to become very affectionate and friendly to me, grabbing me under the arm with a gleeful smile. 

My advice is if your comfortable with the way you appear in minimal swimwear then your cousin should feel the same. Showing pic tan line is a lot different then noticing you in the flesh. Woman often get little uptight when directly observing a males body. 

Hannon941 #43

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:02/13/2019 01:01:00Copy HTML

As a young man who very much likes to wear thong underwear one of my biggest concerns was the eventual reaction of others when they saw what I was wearing. Most of these situations I was able to avoid such as the gym locker room by simply turning around so to only expose my front. However still living at home my mother does the laundry for the entire house. I tried washing them separately for over a year but at a certain point it became too tedious to be constantly doing secretive loads of laundry at home. I finally dropped a pair in the family hamper.  I don’t think she liked it but she washed it none the less and it was given to me with all my other clothes. The next time I did this she questioned me about if I like this type of underwear and I said yes and that was the end of the conversation. The worst situation was one in which another women who comes over to help around the house did a load of our laundry came across my black thongs and placed them with my mothers clothes as she assumed they belonged to the only women in the house. That was pretty embarrassing. 

I was curious what others experiences were with their mothers, family, friends, or aquantinces finding out. We’re you embarrassed or did they like it. Did they talk to you about it or ignore it?

Vega1210 #44

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:02/13/2019 11:44:14Copy HTML

The other women didnt realize who they belonged to.  Not sure the relationship of this women but if shes hired help i for sure would have your mom point out these are yours so it doesnt happen again.  If its not hired help and someone still helping out I would still point this out.  They could be really cool and supportive of this.  My wife has no issues with my thongs and encourages me to wear them around the house.

Mary0826 #45

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:02/14/2019 08:12:04Copy HTML

Very close family members, like siblings and parents might make a fuss when they find out you wear thongs. This probably would apply to anyone except perhaps a girl/women wearing thong underwear, which is still pretty popular. More distant relatives probably would hold back on voicing ther opinions. In most families, these distant relatives are just visiting and want to have a good time when they visit so they don't have issue with Uncle Jack running around with a stuffed animal or Aunt Betty starting the day with a couple of drinks. Distant relatives generally are treated with more respect than they would get in the general population. Unfortunately, they often are treated with more respect than other close family members.
ithongit #46

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:02/15/2019 04:31:40Copy HTML

The last post makes me think of the first time our new neighbors saw Randy in the buff. Randy was a lifeguard and swim-instructor at the "Y" and knew both the girls from teaching swimming. They knew he was into thongs (he and another lifeguard used to wear thongs almost exclusively when working.) The the mother and two kids ran into Randy and me at a local state-park which we were enjoying in just our thongs, and the kids made sure the mom met him. He was not at all suprised that she was into thongs at that time too. She was not a knock-out woman, but very tall with what my dad called legs that wouldn't stop. Her body was certainly above average and the very high waisted thongs and one-piece swimsuits she prefered made the best of her unusually tall height. So they found out the other was into thongs even before we became neigbors, but nobody, expecially the kids, seemed to mind. We bought the house from te estate of a horder who had died about a year earlier. This ment we had a lot of work to do, and even if the house had been immaculate, Randy and Mark (Nikki's future husband who was also Randy's brother) would have found things to mess around with. We did not know who lived next door until after we took poession. From day one, Randy wore thong swimsuits whenever possible when working in and around the house. Randy put an outdoor shower on the end of the garage where the pipes were explosed as a place to cool down and clean up after dealing with the mess. He always wore his thongs when bathing, and many times the mother next door would come over and stand at the fence come into the yard as he bathed so she could ask his advice or just talk with him when he was finished. Randy always planned on building a privacy fence around the shower but he never did. (This was like 15 years ago, and there still is no fence!) Every thing seemed to be going good until one day I look out from the house and see the neighbor lady standing at the fence with a huge grin on her face and the oldest daughter (who was 15 at the time) with her eyes wide opened and an "Oh my gosh" look on her face. I went outside and Randy's standing there, back to the fence, naked and taking a shower. I grabbed his towel and told him to cover up, and he said "Why", using the argument that both the mother and daughter had already seen him nude. Later the mother came over and appologized for checking Randy out. She said she didn't have any issues with Randy's nudity, and that she had taken the girls to a nude beach several times before. She said she would rather have the girls see Randy, a guy they already respected and who was not a risk than somebody she didn't know and who might be a danger to them. Knowing that the mom didn't have issues with his nudity, Randy started spending more time in the nude in the back yard, and the mother never had any issues. After a few more experiences, and the younger girl also seeing him nude, the girls became used to Randy's nudity, and barely looked at his body. The mom started hanging out in the buff in her back yard as well. Several years later, as the girls had their 18th birthdays, they shared the backyard nude along with Randy, and their mother. So at first the kids found out Randy was into thongs from his work at the "Y". Then the mom found out from the girls when they introduced him to their mom. Then Randy put on his imprompto show, and the mother realized Randy liked running around in the buff. Then we find out the mom is also into nudity and had already exposed [pun not intended] the kids to adult nudity and the fact that it is normal behavior. Finally, as they "come of age", the kids join the rest of us in acceptance of nudity and join us sometimes when we are nude.
32189 #47

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:02/17/2019 04:45:59Copy HTML

More of my friends now know that I wear thongs because of my posts on Insta. Some think it's funny and some give me a hard time. Some are hard to read cause they don't say anything. But when it comes down to it, I don't think anyone really cares. They probably just get used to it. Around my community some of my neighbors know I wear thongs cause they see me at the pool. They have all remained friendly. Sometimes they ask me about it but most of the time they don't. We just converse about normal things like anyone not wearing a thong would.
mack_back #48

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:02/19/2019 06:50:36Copy HTML

Married female friend for many years was making a point in our discussions about people labeling others unfairly. She described her ex-boyfriend liking to wear g-strings. She asked me knowing, i wore tiny speedo poser briefs to the  pool years ago, unsure if  i still wear them today. While in the company of others i hesitated to reply, shocked upon her comments about her being cool about thongs. She explained her ex wasn't gay but when she brought up the topic with others about her boyfriend likes wearing g-strtings people gave a raised eyebrow. I was speechless little did she know i swim in thongs, go to beach in g-strings and wear thongs everyday under my jeans or workout wear. Couldn't find the words seeing she surprised me with her open minded thoughts of male in g-strings lounging around the pool. Had pictures on my phone i could of shown to her of me on the beach in g-string. Yet i stood in shock at this amazing woman i thought i knew for years was very old fashion and modest.

Although i'm sure i will tell her i wear thongs at some point which will be no big deal in her eyes. While earlier time having another female friend seeing pictures i shown of me in g-strings on the beach often teases me for it asking question if i have something on underneath my workout leggings. In the company of the earlier married woman friend i stayed quite not knowing what she would think of me. if i knew at the time of her relatonship of male g-strings from her ex-boyfriend i would be more open talking about it myself.

Grabeach #49

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:02/20/2019 12:09:47Copy HTML

When I lived at home my parents knew, as I always hung my g-sting swimwear on the clothes line to dry. They never said a thing. It was never going to be a big issue anyway as they would have been used to me swimming nude in our pool by then.

Sister moved out when I was 15, which was before I wore g's. One day many years later she had an appointment near one of the Olympic pools I used, so we met afterwards for a swim. I told her I usually sun in a g and asked was it okay with her. She said fine by her, but was a bit unsure what others would say and told me not to get arrested. I said arrested doesn’t happen and I leave acceptability up to the lifeguards. She seemed to relax after two women with a pre-schooler came and sunned next to us. Afterwards she said she had a nice day and we should do it again.

When I first met my wife to be we would occasionally go to the beach or pool. Although she has always been conservative in dress, she accepted me wearing a g when just the two of us. It would not have been acceptable at a beach outing with her parents, brothers and nephews. Interestingly I was sunning at a beach one day when her father and new step-mother wandered close by. I had sunnies on and was engrossed in a book, so by the time it had registered who they were they had passed, so I didn't say anything. They definitely would have seen it was me. My father-in-law happened to be at our place that evening and mentioned that they had been walking on that particular beach. I said that I had also been there that day. Nothing more was said.

My kids have always known I wore g's, having seen them on the clothes line. However both my kids were fairer skinned than me, so when we took them to the beach when they were younger, we led by example in encouraging them to wear sun tops. I wore 'Speedos' and a long sleeve rashie.

We live in one of several houses on a private road. Before the trees overshadowed it, I used to sun nude on our balcony mid-week. This would have been visible to three of these neighbours if they'd bothered to look in our direction. I had asked the female partner of each if they minded. They all had no problems. I'd never wanted to wear a g when washing the car as I always lay on the concrete to hose underneath and needed more padding. I'd have also worry about abrading the strings on the concrete ($$).

My friends had never been beach people, so swimwear had never been mentioned. It also wasn't mentioned by a woman who went hiking with me. When finding a good swimming hole in the bush we both simply assumed that swimming in such situations would be done naked.

Rhodesthong #50

Re:Family members or friends who know you wear thongs?

Date Posted:02/26/2019 01:13:44Copy HTML

Last week it was half term and we were at my wife's parents place near Manchester and we took the kids swimming to the local fun pool. I wore a Hom swim string but under a pair of board shorts (pretty sure I'd be thrown out for wearing just the string!). When we got home my wife put all of our swimwear in the wash - we then both fell asleep. When I woke up I found my swimwear drying on the towel rail in the bathroom so my mother-in-law must have emptied the washing machine and put it there! My M-I-L didn't say anything but she must have realised that the string was mine..
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