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Date Posted:12/23/2003 01:44:02Copy HTML

As a young male in my teens I frequently ran around the house in my bikini underwear with little to no reaction from my family thankfully. I ran across a candid picture in a box awhile back where I as clad in only bikinis and sporting a muscle man pose that was just hysterical as I look back on it. It got me to thinking - I wonder in today's world of modern underwear and swimwear (ala thongs of course!) if there are guys who run around the house or the beach with the family thong-clad with the same lack of inhibition as I did in the 80s in my bikinis?
I quickly graduated to thongs, but would have never been comfortable being seen in them by the family. The family eventually knew I wore them, but I just wasnt jaunting around the same way. I guessa question I would have too is are there folks who know that dad/mom is a thonger or thattheir son/daugheris? Have times changed at all? 
It's easy to presume that if dad was a boxer guy, the son would likely be too et cetera. Is the same true of more revealing underwear/swimwear?
Ever make a convert out of a family member? I have only had that happen with friends. 

sarpedion #1

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:12/23/2003 07:09:23Copy HTML

I am a 37 year old father with 3 kids.I wear a g-string outside at my own pool all summer around my wife and kids.It's a non-issue for them.It's just what dad wears.I wear it to get as much sun as possible,not to get a reaction or attract attention from other females.I've raised my kids to accept their bodies-seeing each other nude is not a big deal(unless someone else is visiting).

I don't understand why so many posters on this board equate skimpy swimwear with being a sexual predator,or lude behavior.If you don't make a big deal about it,we'd all be much more accepting and have a lot more freedom to wear whatever we want.

I also believe that if I raise my children to be more tolerant,mabey their generation will be able to throw away some of the hang ups we seem to have.I always try to tell my kids to think for themselves and not just go along with what everyone else is thinking.This mind set is what allowed Hitler to come to power!

Gymthong #2

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:12/28/2003 04:52:45Copy HTML

Just as an FYI - My frame of reference in the original post was more of modesty than inferring anything lewd or sexual in nature. I regret any confusion.  Perhaps it is better said, "Are families becoming more/less modest with each other with regard to hanging out in underwear together?" Or some such thing.

So, with that in mind....who in your family are thongers and who knows this about them?

PS-Sarpedion- Would have been fun to have a dad as cool and easy going about this stuff as you.

sebastianspencer #3

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:12/28/2003 08:03:45Copy HTML

My family knows that I wear thong underwear, and they can probably guess that I have thong swimsuits.  I have never worn my thong swimsuits in front of them.  On my last family vacations, I wore square-cuts the whole time with one set of parents, and my bikinis with the other.  I chose to wear the square-cuts only because I had put on a little weight and felt I looked better in them than my bikinis.  However, within a few months, when I traveled with the other set of parents, I had lost quite a bit of weight and spent the weekend in my bikinis.  I have yet to thong with them.  (And as I live alone, no one sees me thonging at home.)

thongfreak #4

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:12/28/2003 10:57:05Copy HTML

I wear thongs, my daughter wears thongs, and so does my wife. We have also been to nude beaches together, all 3 of us. I've seen my daughter naked many times, as she has seen me and my wife naked many times. There are occasions where I end up in either my wife's or my daughter's thongs because I wear a variety of brands and styles. Plus, the reason I fit in my daughter's thongs is because we are both about the same size. I can barely fit into her jeans but she can easily fit in mine.

I shave, may daughter shaves, and so does my wife. We are a very open family around our house and in public with the appropriate locations. We've been to topless beaches and such, and my daughter has taken part right along with my wife, but be aware folks, my daughter does NOT leave my sight when taking part in such activities. if she goes to the beach without me, she's always with friends, with a cell phone, and NEVER wears a thong or goes topless unless I'm there, or we've deemed it a safe haven.

sarpedion #5

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:12/28/2003 06:42:43Copy HTML

Thanks for the compliment!I just think that we should all be more tolerant of others chioces,weather it's swimwear,clothes,hair style,or whatever.You gotta be you,but I've gotta be me.In a perfect world,we'd accept people for who they are rather than all conforming to societies demands for what passes as "normal".
string #6

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:02/02/2004 08:03:49Copy HTML

My mother who is a real thong addict and expose her buns on beach even  in the presence other relatives without the least hint of embarrassment in spite of her muslim religion and the fact of being  of abrab and Tunisien extraction transmitted to me her thong passion, besides she bought for me my first thong at the age of 15. Now as I 'm 23 she encourage me to take care of my body and specially my butt (it seems strange butt I swear on my mother life) so I practise bodybuiding, use shoothing skin cream daily and shave my body entirely as she shaved too (it has to be said I'm straight ) .During our summer holidays my mother who recently surgically augmonte her buutocks to achieve a more shape and rounded butt which beacame flabby as she get older (she is actually 46) and I both wear thong to the beach .We always have with us my 16 years old sister who wear thong often less than us ( a question of taste) despite her shapely smooth butt ,and some my girl friend who is found of g-string come with us contrary to my ather whose job as a chef wich intensify in summer kept him .I 've seen my mom's genitals through her micro msh wicked weasel thong as she has seen my shaved and smooth genitals through my too small wet semi -sheer g-string which did not coverall my equipement jammed inside. Really if you saw one of our holidays photo you would notice the shared deep affection and complicity between us .

forgive my english.

JM_Runs #7

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:02/03/2004 02:41:17Copy HTML

My wife and kids would think somethiing was wrong if I took off my pants and there wasn't a thong underneath! I wear them around the house quite a bit, and will venture into our back yard as it is reasonably private, in just a thong. My kids will grow up to acccept thongs and g-strings as a normal part of our wardrobe, because they are quite used to seeing Mum and Dad in them. No big deal to them!

My mother did the washing, so naturally she knows I wore them as a teenager and early 20's when I was at home, but couldn't understand how they would be comfortable. No big deal there either. The rest of my family know I like small bikinis because they've seen me in them enough. I'm pretty sure none of them know I wear thongs and g's, and reasonably sure they don't care!

I know my wife's sister-in-law wears thongs, and before she had kids or was married, she wore them to the beach (she's had four kids and I think the body image would stop her now). I can distinctly remember her on holidays one year, bringing out her new swimmers she had just bought to show everyone. All the women loved her new one-piece, then she turned them over and revealed the thong back (she wasn't wearing them!) and a few reactions changed a little from the older women there. No one made any negative comments, but the vibe changed a little.

My whole family know that my father-in-law and I go to the nude beach together, and despite a few not approving, no body thinks any less of us for it. He and I are good friends and do quite a few things ike got to car shows and racing together when the women don't really want to participate. I reckon I'd get away with the thong thing around him, too, but my two brother-in-laws may be different. One is definately in the non-acceptance camp, even though I have seen him in a regular speedo around the family a few times (he is married to my wife's sister and is a beer-and-watch-sport type) My wife's brother (married to the thong wearer I talked about above) my be a little different now days since he has lost the gut-from-beer-and-watching-sport, and is around my size these days. I think his wife, my wife and her sister would like the idea of a couple of guys in thongs around the pool.

But how to approach it and feel it out first? 

maninthong79 #8

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:04/06/2004 04:25:30Copy HTML

Reply to : Gymthong

My wife wears thongs and I wear g-strings as underwear and to the beach/pool.  Her brother, who is staying with us, has seen us by the pool and the beach wearing minimal coverage ; One time I went downstairs to the kitchen to get a drink of water at like 3 am and my brother in law was there too.  I had nothing but a g-string on (which is what I sleep in). He did not say anything to me, instead asked me where I had gotten it and if that was what I wore as underwear.There was one time that my mother in law showed up at our house without telling us and found me by the pool wearing my g-string.  She said "oh My.." and actually ended up complementing me on my physique. Since I go to the beach with friends and family all the time, 75% of my relatives and about 70% of my close friends have seen me with just a g-string on.  A female friend even once told me to help her get one for her husband.  I have two college buddies who now wear only thongs and g-strings as underwear and to the beach, because of me. They tell me that their girlfriends love it. We live in Miami, so it is quite common to see minimal coverage at the beach, anyway.-Paul   I am wondering if anyone has been told by their girlfriend or wife that they do not want to see them wearing thongs or g-strings to the beach or as underwear.

shaved4ts #9

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:04/07/2004 03:14:54Copy HTML

Hey to everyone ... I am new to the boad and somehow just stumbled across it - I AM SO GLAD THAT I DID!!!  To answer your question, I have been told by my wife that she doesn't want me to wear thongs or g-strings...:  (.  Try as I might she won't give in.  I don't know what to do b/c I really like wearing them and I wanth  her to enjoy me in them too! 
Dare2Bare #10

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:04/07/2004 04:25:24Copy HTML

Give her time. Wear them anyway and I'll bet she'll come around. Maybe buy her one too   My wife was the same way, now she accepts them. I work out hard nearly everyday to keep my body toned, so I think that helps. Show her all the web sites with men's thongs for sale. That'll show her it is a common thing. The way I figured it, she'll either accept or divorce me. She accepted, and now she's surprised when I'm not wearing thong underwear. As for thongs on the beach, well I do take her feelings into account. I don't thong in front of her family, for example. But I will wear a Rio suit. If it's just us at the beach, I wear a thong! Good luck. It may take a while and a lot of discussions, even arguments, but things should work out. You could always use the argument "if women can wear them, why not me?"
JM_Runs #11

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:04/07/2004 06:21:55Copy HTML


Give your wife some time.  There is no reason to make a huge deal out of it.  Unfortunately, many people on this board met their girlfriends/wives after thonging so they haven't run into this problem.  I would suggest not trying to wear them everyday or even to the pool/beach.  Start working out more and tell her that you want to use thongs athletically.  Thongs give much better support and don't give you wedgies when working out.  This is a lifesaver when working legs...  Its like a jock strap but more comfortable.  Also, the boys don't pop out to say hello to everyone.  Then hopefully she will begin to accept them ever so slowly.  After working out for a while, she probably would associate them with you getting in good shape (what woman doesn't like that?)

Your wife is probably embarassed by the fact that you want to wear thongs and doesnt realize that men actually wear them.  (You can reference the heated debate about whether sporty/fit individuals should only wear thongs to support the thong "movement" or whatever.  Obviously, your wife associates thongs with old fat perverted men and doesnt want to have that picture of you or have other people picture you as that...

dayne #12

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:04/07/2004 04:26:37Copy HTML

Maybe he should have his wife check out this board.  Might give her a different perspective on men wearing thongs.
maximusthongman #13

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:04/08/2004 08:39:59Copy HTML

(replying to gymthong)

my mom and sister have lots of thongs, one of the reasons i got into thongs, because always see them around the front room where all the washing was and they intrigued me.

i'm a lazy git and my mom still does my washing, all the family i live with know i wear thongs, and i'm proud of it, i usually wear them high and my trousers low so that they show ever the top, it's pretty pointless because i always wear a big t-shirt which covers it up, but someone could see it if i bent over.

my friend who bought me my first thongs says her dad wears thongs, lots of nice interesting ones too, she's going to find out where he gets them from for me.

i guess if your parents wear thongs, especially the same sex parent, and you are aware of it from an early age, it will leave you more open minded about wearing thongs yoruself, and i think to try it is to love it, so in general people are more likely to wear thongs if their parents do.

as for families becoming more/less modest with each other with regard to hanging out in underwear together, i know that we, as a family would never consider going around in the hosue in our underwear. i often come get out of the shower, wrap my towel around my waiste, and then go downstairs (to the front room, go figure) to get some clothes, i always get comments like "oh god put it away", sarcastically, but i don't think anyone in my family appreciates seeing each other's naked flesh, except between my parents ofcourse.

thongluver4life #14

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:06/08/2004 02:24:53Copy HTML

i got into thonging from my mom.  she wore thongs everyday.  it intrigued me when i look at her botttom an i saw this string going down between her butt cheeks.  i asked if i could try one and she let me try one of her new ones.  i got addicted since then.  after that, she bought me 3 thongs.  they're still in good condition, and they're pretty small, so i wear them whenever i wear my tightest clothing
DaemonDrew #15

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:07/02/2004 04:59:16Copy HTML

I joined this board a while ago and although I've not had much time to post I have lurked. I decided today to try to rectify that. This thread really caught my eye and I thought I'd add my two pence worth.

As several members of my family are thongers it's not really a big deal. My kids have grown up knowing that mum and dad wear thongs as do their aunt and uncle. Every summer my brother and I go to a villa in Majorca with our families and spend most of the time in thongs around the pool. The four of us are very close and our kids have grown up together and weve tried to bring our kids up not to be body conscious. To that end if either of my kids, a boy who's 15 and a girl whos 14, wanted to wear thongs my wife and I wouldn't have a problem. My brother and his wife have the same attitude.

I think the thing with kids is that they do tend to become victims of peer pressure. My son is very much of an age where fitting in is so important, hence his underwear of choice is boxers and his swimwear is board shorts. I did suggest to him a few months back on a shopping trip that he might want to try briefs or something, but the force of his "No way" told me that he wasn't ready to and as far as I'm concerned that's totally up to him.

Last year my daughter started wearing thongs as underwear and has asked if she can have a thong bathing suit for when we go away this year. Interestingly, it wasn't long after my niece, who is a couple of years older than my daughter, started wearing thongs.

I had a discussion with my brother a short time ago, which is probably what prompted me to post here today. He told me that his son had told him that he had bought a couple of pairs of thong underwear recently. It turns out that the lad (he's 17) had been borrowing his father's to see what they're like and now wants his own. Privately, my brother and I think it may have a lot to do with a girlfriend who he's been getting serious with over the past few months. We shall see if this has an effect on my son, who looks up to his cousin like an older brother.

As for the wider family, my parents were never too keen with my brother and my choices of underwear, but they accept that we're a different generation and it's not like we ever have a reason to be seen by them in thongs.

My sister in-law wears thongs but her husband doesn't. In fact he's quite hostile to the idea of men wearing what he calls "poof's clothes". But then he's an out of shape, beer drinking, knuckle dragger and we've never got on for a number of reasons and only ever see my wife's family when we have to.

I have a couple of female cousins, one of whom told my wife a while ago that she would like her husband to try a thong and wondered how she had persuaded me. My wife replied that it was the other way round.

All in all I have a fairly well adjusted family, most of whom are open minded.

nicksthong #16

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:10/13/2004 02:40:34Copy HTML

I've began wearing thongs when I still lived with my parents during highschool.   They knew that I wore them (mum did my laundry).  They would not talk to me if I was not wearing pants.  They were never offensive about it, but they were firm...

fastthongteen #17

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:11/25/2004 10:25:27Copy HTML

I just bought a speedo thong.  I really want to were it to the beach but the only time I go is with my mom and dad.  My mom knows I were thongs and my dad might.  I not sure what to do.  I am 16 and don't no how to go about telling my mom and dad that I want to wear a thong to the beach.  Help!!

Ryan Booth #18

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:11/26/2004 12:54:11Copy HTML

Reply to fastthongteen:
Well if you Mum knows then approach her on the matter. Find out from your mother if you father knows that you wear thongs and try to find out whether he approves, disapproves or isn't bothered either way. If both parents are fine with your thonging then gently hint at the idea that you might wear one to the beach. If they have any objections then I would respect your parents wishes and go thonging elsewhere with friends.
lexmedia #19

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:11/30/2004 10:35:49Copy HTML

Hey everyone,

Quite awhile ago I bought a speedo, and although I wear it to the Y to swim laps, and my parents know about it, I've never really worn it in public with them. Over the past year or so, I've slowly migrated over to thongs, and my mother is aware of that as well, as she does the laundery. I'm curious as to how I should present the idea to them that I'm interested in purchasing a Speedo Thong Bikini for our trip to Maui this year - I'm perfectly comfortable with it, as I'm a fit 16-year-old, but I'm not sure as to how they might respond. If you were a mother or father, how do you think you would respond?
redraider55 #20

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:12/09/2004 01:09:09Copy HTML

I only wear g-strings for underwear and thongs/bikinis for swimwear.  My kids (age 3 & 6) don't care.  During the summer, I would sometimes lounge in my thongs around the house.  My wife mostly wears thongs for underwear as well. Our children have seen us in our underwear, and we do not make a big deal out of it.  We don't want them growing up to be prudes.  When our children get old/mature enough to wear thongs,  they can if they want to.  Closer supervision will then occur to prevent problems.
barefischer #21

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:03/14/2005 08:06:23Copy HTML

I have a daughter & son 7 & 5 I wear only thongs or G strings as underwear or swimwear when I take them to the beach in the summer. I am a nudist first though ! If I can't be nude at the beach or in the yard then it is thongs or G stings for me
sailhoopsbare #22

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:03/14/2005 10:17:05Copy HTML

This is a revealing topic and I find it very encouraging and interesting. First off, I'm a guy, 61, married with two kids in their early 20s, son and daughter. My wife will not wear a thong, several years ago, I bought her some as a present and she took them back and her response was quite chilly. Nonetheless, over time I would buy a thong occassionally and wear it but only for my own satisfaction, comfort. I ran across this board and reading it and realizing that there are a number of men, and some my age who wear thongs or g strings, I went ahead and ordered several. For that past few months I have only worn thongs or g strings for underware. I have yet to wear one at a beach. Next week my wife and I are going to Fort Lauderdale and I hope to get the opportunity/courage to wear them inpublic. I have some g strings from Suits You, and got a very, very, very small g string from Dore, which barely covers. I am really hoping I can wear it. I have been losing weight, I'm not a fat slob but have losing some pounds I picked up over the holidays. I go to the gym pretty regularly, I'm certainly not a sculpted physique though.

Now as to my famly, my 20 year old daughter wears thong underware, I know from folding laundry, my son wears boxers. I have never worn my thong or g string in front of my children, I am sure they would be mortified. I am a pretty conservative dresser in general, work in an office. As to the rest of my family one brother probably wouldn't care but his wife probably would, my other brother and his wife would be appalled and very outspoken about the sinfulness of it.

My wife's family is very conservative so they would object I'm sure, but after all her parents are in their 80's, she has a brother and sister and they probably wouldn't like it either, so I would not try and wear a thong or g at her parent's pool. I'm going to take my kids and a couple of nieces and nephews sailing in the BVI this summer. I know that it would not be appropriate for me to wear them then either. I think it might be interesting to see what the youn females will wear, I imagine regular bikinis. I would not care if either of my kids chose to wore thongs, it's their life. My son works out and is in very good shape so he would look great, but I know he's way too conservative. Or at least think so. My daughter might wear a thong, but probably not around me.

JM_Runs #23

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:03/14/2005 11:17:48Copy HTML

"Sailing in the BVI" That sounds fun. Summer is off session so it should not be too crowded.

Living on a boat means that people are very close, possibly uncomfortably close. I don't think I would start with a thong, I would start by going nude. How about skinny dipping one morning as a way to break the ice?

The others may think its absurd, but then, they my join in. Once you have got over the "I have seen yours, you have seen mine" problem thonging will seem much simpler.

Thonging on a boat is simpler if it's a bare-boat. If it's a crewed charter than you may want to find one of the crews who specialize in nudist clients, then let you hosts lead the way.

sailhoopsbare #24

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:03/14/2005 08:58:54Copy HTML

Thanks for the comments JM.  We will be bareboating.  I know it will be pretty close on a boat, have sailed quite a bit, not the level of experience you have though.  I will not try and break the ice by skinny dipping.  My nieces and nephews would be embarassed and their parents, my wife's brother and sister, would be livid.  Plus, I am completely smooth, get waxed regularly, so that is a nother source of embarassment.  All in all, it will be a pretty conservative trip, on my part anyway.  Although, I'd sure love to be able to go nude or skinny dip.
JM_Runs #25

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:03/15/2005 04:01:28Copy HTML

Regarding BVI bare-boating.  Here is an old trick: Get first one morning and let the others here you rising.  Jump in with a big splash they will hear. Go for a swim, but first tie your swim suit securely to the anchor line.  Put it a few feet under water but make sure its not going to drift off.  Then swim off and enjoy the early morning.  
At some point they will appear in the cockpit, coffee mugs in hand.  They will look around to see where you are.  With a little luck they will figure you are nude, but will not shout out.  Being clever bears they will sit up topside drinking coffee and waiting for your return, with a smug grin expecting you to have to appear naked.  They may even check the boarding ladder to see if your suite is stashed there.  
You swim up to the anchor line and when out of sight, under the bow, you retreave the suite. When you appear up the boarding ladder you are dressed for a day at the office.  
Curiosity of the cat will get them to bring the subject up.  Play it by ear.  You may have some in the audience who are receptive and will jump to your defense.  Probably the younger ones, who by this point in life have probably had enough of the older ones morals lectures.
My twist to this was that I had a deserted anchorage with a deserted beach that I could run on.  From the boat they would spy me, at long distance, ether when swimming or when running nude on the beach. Sometimes one of them would get the binoculars out to see if I was wearing anything. When I returned and appeared in a swim suite they would be a little confused.  I knew, and they knew, that I'd been running nude on the beach, but they did not want to admit to getting the binoculars out and spying on me.  
Your problem is that today you probably can't find an anchorage with a beach, that is not full of bare-boats or where somebody has not dropped a bunch of houses on the shore.

sailhoopsbare #26

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:03/15/2005 09:12:07Copy HTML

Hmmm, that might not be a bad idea. Since I will have teenagers and early 20 somethings, they will be prone to sleep late anyway. Hell they might not wake up even if I drop a depth charge. But I do love to skinny dip so it might be my chance each day.

Thanks for the suggestion.
B0ardr84 #27

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:03/29/2005 01:02:48Copy HTML

Back when I was 16, I purchased my 1st pair of thong underwear online and my mother got the package, opened it, then came in and asked what they were.. I told her it was a fetish of mine or something like that. She didn't say another thing.. About 2 weeks later, I purchased 5 more thongs because I liked them, but as soon as I went back to high school I switched back to Boxers. I've started wearing thongs again, I wear them out when I'm at work, but I get a really wild feeling in my stomach, almost as if I'm going to puke because I'm afraid people are going to find out. I'm still a closet thonger and am just wondering what ways to ease the apprehension of wearing a thong int he presence of my family, even though they have no idea what kind of underwear I'm wearing.. Thanks in advance.
Oz_Thong_Boi #28

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:03/29/2005 06:44:31Copy HTML

Hi there BOardr84

I gues ur around 21? (from ur nickname)

Anyways, i'm 22 and have been wearing thongs since i was 13. See part of the excitement about first wearing them was being caught. But if u don't want to be caught, always make sure u wear a blet, or havee ur shirt tucked in, or make sure ur pants are tight.

Really, the thing is if you are going to wear them as everyday underwear, its best to relax and forget you are wearing them. If you are uptight and worrying about it other people will pick up on this

Besides, how iften do ppl go around pulling down other peoples pants just to see what underwear another person is wearing?

B0ardr84 #29

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:03/29/2005 09:38:07Copy HTML

I'm in the states so yea, people around here have the idea of male thongers being gay, which is something I don't want to be labeled as just because I wear them. I wear a belt and tuck in my shirt at work, bothers me a bit at work, but not as much as it bothers me at home. I remember when I 1st got boxers at the age of 11 and my mom made some crack because I spilled some soda all over my pants, she said to just wear my boxers as shorts, made me really uptight about boxers for some reason so I went back to briefs for a while. Eventually, I got comfortable wearing them. I really got uptight when my mom opened my mail and found the 2 thongs I had purchased. I was pretty open with my sister about wearing thongs and she didn't seem to mind, but being around her made me nervous sometimes. Thought she didn't think it was acceptable for guys to wear thongs, even though they were male thongs. My dad also made a crack which made me uncomfortable, but he doesn't live with us anymore. Reading these boards makes me feel a little more comfortable about wearing them, but maybe if I could find an environment where guys, other than just me, wear thongs regularly I would feel more comfortable. Thanks for the suggestions though. Going to try forgetting that I'm wearing a thong, but I just like them soo much!..
murray1 #30

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:01/28/2006 02:47:51Copy HTML

Family thonging is great. I am 42, wife 39, daughter12, and son 13: we all thong. I think children should be raised to respect there body and not to be ashamed of there body. It used to be that way at one time but somebody got on there soap box saying we are making perverts and sex offenders out of them. The ones doing that were told growing up that it was a sin to be nude or to let any one to see you nude. I wonder how many of these people sat down and talked openly about the facts of life? Was it your not old enough (at 17 years old ) and were never told, and those kids finley frustrated went out and knocked some one up, or came home with vd. Sorry I got off track here I really think we should let children get use to there bodies and rexcept everyone elsies body. They will grow up fine. For god sake talk to your kids don't let them grow up think that all this taboo.

GymThongGuy #31

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:12/02/2006 02:00:28Copy HTML

I thought I mighr ressurect this thread about Familiy Thonging (see original post) from some time ago and ask if anyone new has something they can add OR does anyone who replied to this original post have an update? Sadly I have nothing new to report of my own situation, however as I looked back through these posts tonight I got to wondering if, for example, DaemonDrew's son ever took after his older cousin and dad and started thonging? Did anyone finally brave it and thong for the first time in front of family? Or perhaps someone got found out and can report how that came aout?  Looking forward to hearing updates!
JM_Runs #32

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:12/07/2006 11:31:26Copy HTML

When I was younger, I was very shy about my body. As I grew older I became more comfortable with it. Several yrs. ago I was working around the pool at my parents home and wanting to get some sun, asked if it would be alright to wear my skimpy suit. Told my folks I didn't even know if I had it with me. All I found was my black g-string. They said go ahead! Wish they still had that pool!! Didn't think I could ever feel confident enough to wear a brief bikini, yet alone a g-string in front of them.
ithongit #33

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:12/09/2006 07:25:03Copy HTML

Nothing specific, but a general observation.  Two or three times a year, we see a "family unit" (Parents or older people, teens - low 20's, and younger children) at a beach or lake where one of the adolescent children are thonging.  It used to always be a girl, but now sometimes it's a  boy.  Nobody in the group smirks or hasles the thonger, so they must be used to the look, and others outside the group look on, but accept the situation.  Seeing a family where a teen or early 20's child is comfortable enough to wear a thong is one of the best re-enforcements for thonging there is.  Last year we saw a family wth a a teen boy, about 14 at Ceaser's Creek in OH, and a family with girl thongers in Cleveland at a motel pool and another in Pennsylvania.  The thonging kids act just like any kid -- toss the football, lay out in the sun, swim, get into horseplay with the other kids, etc.  The parents are not telling them to cover up or flip over when someone walks by or to pull shorts on if the ranger shows up either.  The key thing is everyone, parents, small tots, and the thongers themselves are fully accepting of the thong look.

While we have found tollerance for thongers in general to be getting more and more polarized (people either don't care at all or absolutely hate the look and feel the need to complain) we have never seen the family with child thonger ever bothered.  We have seen adults who thong be hasled, even when they have their children along (How could you dress like THAT in front of your kids?), so the family that have thonging children seem somehow to be more acceptable to the thong haters, or maybe they just learn the places where they can get away with their thonging without being bothered.

In any event, I believe that when a family accepts their thonging child, it is harder for complainers to find fault with the situation.


koordje #34

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:12/24/2006 07:20:58Copy HTML

don't really have a family on my own (living as a single right now), but my sister, my parents, my cousin and his family, ... and even my neighbours know I'm a thong-wearer. I don't see why i should be not wearing thongs at some occasions, so i wear them al the time. Even in public.
Untill now not had any negativ comment. My neighbours recently even gave me a tip about a very sunny traveling destination where they went and that would be perfect for me because of my tanning habbits.
lovethongs #35

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:03/04/2007 11:18:04Copy HTML


What hotels/motels in Cleveland and Pennsylvania did you see thongers?  I wil be going to Cleveland soon and would be interested in a hotel in which thonging is common or semi-common.  Also, are there any beaches in or around the Cleveland area in which thonging or topless is common?


ENB #36

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:12/01/2009 05:24:38Copy HTML

We have raised all three of our kids as naturists from the time they were born.  Every summer we all spend 2 weeks at a naturist resort in Europe.  

We alternate between Croatian seaside, Corsica (La Chippa resort) or Le Jenny Resort in France.  

All of these are real family friendly naturist resorts, lots of families with kids of all ages which is great for our crew. 

We have been summering at these places for years and as soon as we get to the resort, or in the car for before we even get there, my kids are shucking off their traveling clothes as fast as they possibly can. 

In about 20 seconds the clothes are totally off all 3 of them and repacked in their carry ons. 

The great thing about naturist vacation is that you need a minimal amount of clothing..packing, even for our kids, is wonderfully simple. 

By the time we arrive at our cottage the kids are all nude and as soon as I stop the car they are off to find their friends. 

They are off to the pool the shops the beach, the game room etc. no hesitation what so ever. 

My wife and I of course have to unpack, get into the cottage etc. BEFORE we can enjoy getting rid of our clothes.  

In fact if the weather is decent, and it usually is in in all these places in late July and early August, none of the kids will put on one stitch of clothing during the entire 2 week stay.  

The boys are totally comfortable being completely nude in front of their male and female friends their parents guests etc. 

Last summer we had some Midwestern cousins visit us at Le Jenny. I had to bribe both boys to put on the one pair of bikini briefs that each of them brought on the trip, 

so that our delicate Midwestern cousins and their parents could "ease into" the naturist life.  

I managed to persuade each of them to wear their bikinis for a grand total of 20 minutes before the briefs were stripped off, bunched up into 2 balls and tossed under a chair in the living room.  

All I saw was the boys, minus their bikinis, leading their cousins down to the beach for a swim and to meet their friends! 

Yet when we go to the beach in Florida , as I noted in the Sanibel Islands thread, I cant even get them out of boardies and into speedos let along thongs.  Strange but interesting.  

75texasthong #37

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:06/18/2016 12:03:02Copy HTML

 Today I laid out in a thong with the family. I have a 14 yr boy and a 10 yr old girl. My son made a comment about my "panties".I said call them what you want  they are the most comfortable thing there is. A while later he wanted to drop his shorts to tan like me. Of course that meant he was in some compression shorts, but it seemed like something clicked. Like he understood. We worry way too much about this stuff.  Have a great attitude when doing it and it all works out. 
johny_b #38

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:07/10/2016 02:04:15Copy HTML

 im 36 and wear bikini and thong underwear around the house, my mom lives downstairs so she sees me in them all the time. my friends have all seen me wearing a thong a time or 2 but they are cool with it. its just underwear my mom said so whats the big deal, everyone wears underwear.
mattsthong #39

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:10/16/2017 02:34:31Copy HTML

I wear thong swimwear all summer long in front of my wife and kids 7 and 10. They don't see it as different because I've always done it. My wife wears thong underwear and they see her too. I'm trying to get her in a thong on the beach because I'm more concerned that it looks funny when dad is wearing a thong but mum isn't. It's silly I know but society is way too prudish about this issue. I've taught my boys that nudity is ok and that their bodies are fine just the way they are. I've never covered them up in changerooms or used a private stall to get changed. It has to be healthier than hiding away and being ashamed of your body image. So I'm all for family thonging. I think the kids can wait until their late teens before they start and only if they want to.
LoveMyThongs #40

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:08/19/2018 04:45:56Copy HTML

We all wear thongs and have on trips to Hawaii and Cabo. I’m sure there were some odd thoughts but none were said. It’s certainly not the norm but both my kids wanted to wear them and while my wife and I do too and don’t hide it, we never pushed it. My son said it celebrates the human body to be seen and not hidden. Good point I thought.
gog5150 #41

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:10/01/2018 11:55:31Copy HTML

My cousin just finished a long visit in August here in San Diego. She knows my swimwear preference. We basically stayed in the pool the whole time in thongs. She is now converted to thongs and loves them. I got her a few wicked weasels which she loves.
dandyandy #42

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:10/02/2018 01:13:12Copy HTML

My wife is just heading more and more down the conservative route. Was going to wear a brazilian cut bikini but she wanted me to put shorts on when we were at the beach.. Have just ended up not swimming at all with the kids as a result. She's worried about the kuds but in reality she is the one who is uncomfortable. Probably the last time we go to the beach together again as I am just uncomfortable with being draped out in shorts just to go swimming and it's no fun. Like my skimpy swimmers. Always have. Always will. Roll on going home.
Vega1210 #43

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:02/09/2019 06:02:31Copy HTML

@dandyandy not sure how brief your brazilian cut bikini is but would love to see examples of this. A lot of time I will wear a seobean cut swimwear at the pool or beach with no complaints from my wife. We do have a younger daughter and dont see a problem with this at all.
JM_Runs #44

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:02/09/2019 07:00:52Copy HTML

Dandyandy - You might consider doing some beach trips with just you and the kids. Get the kids accustomed to your swimsuit choices. With luck they will later tell your wife when she is being a fuddy-duddy. I don't know the age of your kids, but you may want to support their clothing choices too: Not just what they wear on the beach, but to school or Grandma's house. There are lots of 'learning points' or little battles you may need to have with kids, but being over controlling about what they wear is, in the global scheme of things, unnecessary. At very chance support their expressions of individuality and they will probably support yours.
ithongit #45

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:02/10/2019 09:29:34Copy HTML

DandyAndy -- I have known a few others who have had their significant other turn more and more conservative. First I am curious what your wife now and in the past wears. I am also concerned if you have had bad comments made about you when she or your kids are around. If she used to wear skimpier stuff, and has transitioned to something more conservative I guess you need to know why. Is it watching too much self-improvement stuff on TV? Is it that her body has blimped out and she no longer feels comfortable in smaller swimwear? Does it have something to do with peer pressure from her friends who found out what she wore, and told her it is wrong? Does it have something to do with a "magic" age when women are not supposed to wear minimal swimwear? In any event, if she has changed, and expects you to change, then that is unfair. While she certainly has the right to put her foot down and say "I will not hang out with you if you want to look like that." it is her issue and an attempt to make you conform to whatever she wants to do. The same logic can be applied if she only sees issues with you wearing smaller swimwear and not her. She is imposing her will on you in an unfair way. I believe that either scenario is a barometer on the health of your marriage or friendship. Is it possible to truely love someone, but at the same time say "but I want to control this aspect of your life." Soon she will be dictating what restaurants to go to, where you live and work, what furniture you need, your car color and who knows what else. A professional theropist might help if you can find one (a lot are quacks) and your SO lets you go to him or her. If the issue is due to her being offended by comments made by others, then it is another issue where she is unable to seperate her own feelings for yours. She should be able to let you do your thing, as long as it does not hurt anyone or be against the law where you live. You should be able to have your own hobbies. If you want to collect stamps or mess around with cars, or hike or bike, or have any other hobby you want provided it is not so expensive it hurts the family budget, takes too much of your time, or takes up too much space. Collecting full-sized airplanes might be a fine hobby, but few people could justify the cost, the amount of space, and perhaps the time needed to do so. Choosing to swim or get sun in a thong can be very inexpensive. All you need is a tiny place to put your swimwear, a place to swim or sun, and the will to do it. Now, if you have kids and they are at an imprssionable age, you might want to cool the minimal swimwear if others you encounter harrase you. There are too many other things out there, trying to pull you away from your kids, or them from you. But this does not mean that this is a "never go" thing either. You still can go places yourself. Many people find it necessary to get away from their home life, and go to bars or on trips alone to do so. What is wrong with you doing the same if you want to wear a thong? You certainly could invite you SO to go with you, but make it clear you intend to wear your thongs since the kids will not be there to get bad vibes, that you have the balls to stand up to negative comments personnaly, and so you won't change your swimwear preferences due to any of her feelings. Likewise, if she wants to go someplace to swim or sun, and does not want you to wear you thong, you should give her space to do her own thing. Again, you could tag along, but let her know that you really would prefer wearing your minimal swimwear, and drop the matter there. Next time you go someplace, explain that it is only fair that you wear what you want and this is beyond her control.
ithongit #46

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:02/10/2019 09:44:15Copy HTML

My dad has a thonging buddy. He has worn them for as long as we can remember. But his wife is now on the "conservative" wagon. When he was about 55, she started to complain about his swimwear, but didn't make too big of a thing about it. At some point, the wife overheard a complaint and suddenly "everyone" thought his swimwear was dumb. Then one of their children had her own kids, and started the "thongs are bad for children to see". He was carefull to not wear thong on trips with the son and his grandkids, but his wife got on the band wagon and thongs were now "inappropriate" for young children to see, and he was poisoning all their minds. Each time an anti-thong issue came up, it built on top of the others, and eventually she expected him to do without thongs all together. She even "helped" him one day by throwing all his thongs into the trash. Today there is no longer a marriage. They did go to some counselling and when the professional said his beavior was unusual perhaps, it was not illegal and she should let him indulge in it if he wanted. She said the counsellor was wrong, and found two who took her side as proof. Distrust over other issues came up after the thong purge and soon they were questioning the spending of money, each other's freinds, and even suspected each other of doing things behind the other's back. I doubt that all this was because of thongs, but thongs were an early indication that things were going sour. A compromise on both sides about thong wearing might have helped guide them back to a more normal relationship -- but maybe not. (We can not predict what would happen if history, even our own, was different.)
Beached_Santa_Cruz #47

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:02/11/2019 06:32:46Copy HTML

My late wife didn't mind as long as we weren't with family. She would wear one if we were somewhere far from home where no one knew her.   

After my wife passed I dated a couple of women who didn't mind.  One encouraged it.  The other went ballistic and said if her friends saw me they'd think I was gay.  My opinion, "So what?".   She even went to a counselor who encouraged her to break up with me.  It wasn't going to work anyway.  I also wore running tights to in-line skate in and according to her "that was gay".  I had won an in-line speed skating championship in the 90's and thought "WTF?".    

I haven't been to the beach with the latest GF but she's known me for the last 12 years.   My late wife had said before she passed that she thought the now GF and I should be together after she was gone.  So she doesn't have any issue with my thong underwear or anything else that I wear.  I wear leggings all the time around her and her friends.  She actually likes them on me.   

If you have a significant other that's totally against them it's not going to work period.  It doesn't matter how much counseling either of you go to one of you is going to hold a grudge against the other.

JM_Runs #48

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:02/11/2019 02:12:10Copy HTML

Some people treat others with respect: Appreciating them for who they are now; who they want to be; and the person they will in time become. Others treat you like an actor in their own personal fabulous life... so they correct you when they think you are not playing the roll correctly. As 'Director' and 'head of wardrobe' they see their corrections and admonishments to you as both necessary and helpful. Should you grumble or chafe they will say they are "just trying to help you." People who are who insecure, selfish, or over controlling, will tell you how to dress, what to wear to this or that event, in every aspect how to make the controlling one look good. Similarly dressing or acting in a way that their friends or family might disapprove of is forbidden, at least when there is the slightest possibility of contact. Because what other people think of the fabulous one is more important than how you feel inside. I understand requests to dress this way or that when going to meet their parents for the first time, or their work colleagues. But beyond that I would hope a partner is supportive of who you are and who you wish to become. Your partner should be glad you have the strength of mind, and strength of personality, to use your short time on this earth to pursue your dreams and desires, to be individually fulfilled, without cowering because someone else might disapprove. A partner does not need to share ALL your passions, just be mutually supportive. That, in turn, means supporting and praising them when they try something, even if they have self doubt in their own skill or confidence. Nobody starts out an expert. If you are not learning something new, perfecting a skill, trying a new experience, or off on a new adventure you are probably not moving in any direction other than retirement and thence to your grave. Don't tell people they got something wrong, tell them it was a good try, that they improved, that they did better than last time, or that sometimes you win, sometimes you don't, but keep at it. There are a couple of women in my life who I lived with for a number of years. I decided I did not want to have kids with them because I did not see the nurturing instinct towards kids or others. In other words, while they were my lovers, I would not have liked them to be my mother. I loved, and still care for these people. We are still friends. I hope you all find lovers who give you the sort of mutual respect and support I hope you give them. Together you will probably make good parents. Parents who will respect you kids as individuals with their own hopes, fears, dreams and desires, and support them whatever their dreams and desires may be.
XChip #49

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:02/11/2019 02:29:10Copy HTML

That's a great post, JM.
pkthong #50

Re:Family thonging?

Date Posted:02/11/2019 03:19:46Copy HTML

These last few posts really speak to me. The topic of thongs and thonging have been controversial in our home over the last 21 years of marriage. Sometimes I compromise and when I do I feel like a sellout. When I stand my ground I feel like I’m being unreasonable. Our daughters are now 17,15 and are fully aware of my preferences. Their brains haven’t exploded. They think it’s weird but as long as I don’t wear skimpy stuff in front of their friends they leave me alone. The “thonging” is just a symptom of other problems. I am starting to realize how little my wife and I have in common. We have been so busy raising kids etc. And now that we are almost empty nesters there is room for the reality to come home to roost.
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