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Date Posted:05/29/2018 05:25:34Copy HTML

Simple question -- hopefully some insightful answers.

I would like to see more thongs and "G"'s of course, but do like the cheeky look which seems to be something new.  I wish men would/could get and wear cheek suits too.

Spandex/Lycra stuff especially for -- like "bike pants", leggings for men (as a general fashion look -- not just for exercise).

Get rid of the "sports bra" except for exercise activities.  Women should be opened to going braless under other cloths more of the time.

More nice sandals on men -- not just flip-flops.  Guys, there is nothing wrong with showing off  your toes.

Less pantie hose -- they are uncomfortable especially in the summer.

Any type of board shorts as swimwear -- These are okay as general shorts for men if not too long.


ithongit #1

Re:Fashions to revive, Fashions to eliminate

Date Posted:05/30/2018 01:10:37Copy HTML

Bralessness or topfreedom for woman should be legal any place a man can not wear a shirt.  PERIOD  No excuses for children being nearby.  No excuses for what people used to do.  If a place wants to stop topfreedom, then make it apply to the men too.  A rule requiring women to cover up but letting men not do so is just plain stupid.

OS777 #2

Re:Fashions to revive, Fashions to eliminate

Date Posted:05/30/2018 03:42:48Copy HTML

Braless and topless are legal and a given in Austin city parks as well as Barton Springs public pool within Zilker Park near downtown Austin and just off of the wide clear water Colorado River.  Topless has been legal for nearly 50 years.  Hippie Hollow (McGregor city paek) on Lake Travis a few miles west of Austin is a legal clothing optional park and has a long cliff shoreline and beach.  Why vacation anywhere else?  My numerous visits to Barton Springs public pool always allows me to wear the smallest thong of anyone.  Last Memorial weekend there were thousands of visitors on the pool's grass lawns.  A few topless women sunning and swimming.  Myself, I opted to lay in the shade and read with occasional visits to the 300m long 33m wide fresh water pool.
John Howard #3

Re:Fashions to revive, Fashions to eliminate

Date Posted:05/30/2018 02:53:14Copy HTML

 I would love to see the 'whale tail' fashion on girls back!!!!
Will never forget 15 years ago when changing planes at Hong Kong airport, I spotted a gorgeous young British woman wearing a ridiculous low rise painted tight jeans with a g-string for all to see... 
Since those stupid women magazines decided whale tails (low rise jeans with thongs underneath) were not 'in',  all the ladies followed the advise like sheep.
Grabeach #4

Re:Fashions to revive, Fashions to eliminate

Date Posted:05/31/2018 09:41:02Copy HTML

I find women in shorts attractive. Ditto women in skirts. Whatever length is chosen for whatever reason is fine by me. However what I find most unattractive is women wearing both at the same time. One or the other, please.
teeback269 #5

Re:Fashions to revive, Fashions to eliminate

Date Posted:06/01/2018 09:00:49Copy HTML

 Grabeach, I fully agree with you!
leo40 #6

Re:Fashions to revive, Fashions to eliminate

Date Posted:06/02/2018 01:07:50Copy HTML

There are lots of men's c-strings being sold these days, many too see-thru for beach or pools, and too small to fit comfortably.  Earlier, there were suits called "hip clip" that had higher fronts, about the size and shape as an ordinary jockstrap, and a higher and cloth covered back that reached up to the small of your back.  The ads said "They won't fall off," and they didn't; you could run wearing them.  Cheeks still were mostly bare, the seamless front made you go 12 o'clock shaft, they were completely side-less, and still had full coverage.   One seller was "Sport Europa," no longer in business.  Wouldn't mind seeing these practical suits return.  Another suit off the market was a brief by DMK with opaque rear but black mesh front.  Showed too much for many places, but still a cool idea.
ithongit #7

Re:Fashions to revive, Fashions to eliminate

Date Posted:06/02/2018 01:30:51Copy HTML

 I would love to see what some call the "stringer" top come back into favor.  They are still sold, but have moved from something any guy could wear anyplace, (and available may places including traditional brick and mortar stores) to something almost exclusively worn my muscle building men at the gym or when they want to show off their bodies.  For those not familiar with this style, it is a tank-top like top with extended arm openings (not as opened as the open sided shirts discussed elsewhere).  The most noticeable feature is a very narrow back, sometimes only an inch or so wide.  I loved this look on good looking guys and even on some that had less than perfect bodies.  Bring them back to common use again, please. .  
beachlion #8

Re:Fashions to revive, Fashions to eliminate

Date Posted:06/04/2018 07:12:26Copy HTML

 Get rid of the whole idea of fashion. Wear what you want to wear. Don't let other people decide what you have to wear. The whole idea of fashion is giving people a handle to body/fashion shame other people, especially trough the anonymous "social" media. What is in fashion now will be out of fashion next season and you are expected to buy new outfits. To me it sounds like a well organized scam by the fashion industry to make money. And the trend followers are the victims. Go back to the freedom of and in fashion of the 60s. It is bad enough that local and federal laws are restricting what you can wear in certain places.
The Swan #9

Re:Fashions to revive, Fashions to eliminate

Date Posted:06/04/2018 07:20:52Copy HTML

 I wish would go away; any clothes that looked they were designed and constructed by a tentmaker.I mean if you can use that t-shirt as a sail on a skiff it might just not be too flattering.
With the exception of the Maxi-skirt I like for women's fashions clothes from the early 70-'s through the early 80's.
Once Madonna put on that bustier it was down hill after that.

I like for men's fashions anything Gary Cooper or Joey Ramone would wear.
Beachwear I really don't care anymore except; "No diapers in public pools! That goes for you too Grandma!"
Mary0826 #10

Re:Fashions to revive, Fashions to eliminate

Date Posted:06/05/2018 05:05:25Copy HTML

 LION makes a very good point.  Most products go through such company induced shenanigans.  For years Ford made the model T.  It was improved from time to time, but the differences were rarely that apparent.  After WW II cars went through a period of yearly model changes, most extreme.  Fins are an obvious example.  But now, cars do not change all that often, and the yearly changes are often improvements instead of huge changes in the product's looks.  Many clothing fashions are simply ways to sell more stuff.  There are few fashions that have not gone through upgrades or whatever you want to call them.  Even staples like 501 Levi's jeans have gone through attacks.  Remember the flared jeans from the 1970's, the acid washed jeans from a later date or today's fake distressed look.  But the old blue standby jeans are still quite popular.  I thought board shorts would last only a short while, but their length (as long as all the ways to mid calf) and other features kept changing and dictating what was newly fashionable, and just like the car fins that did nothing to improve the cars they were on, the changes made to board shorts were generally useless.  .  This seems to have been going on for at least 30 years with board shorts.  However, unlike the jeans, there is no standard yet for people to turn back to within the board short area, so I think people who have nothing to go back to within the board short trend will keep buying an over promoted product and don't know what a sensible pair of beach shorts might look like.  

Maybe the lack of a return point within the board short community might create an opening for return to the men's Speedo style.  Unfortunately, I think thongs in the 70's and 80's were created like board shorts as a new direction for fashion trends to follow.  I think there was also a monetary reason for pushing the board shorts.  When board shorts were first pushed heavily, they cost many times more than a men's thong or Speedo style suit.  Some of this might he legitimate due to the additional materials and labor used in board shorts, but it appears that money still does rule.  If money was the only consideration however, the prominent brands could have just as easily bumped up the prices over a few years to make their spandex lines just as profitable.  At first, the board shorts were so radically different from the more traditional Speedos that younger men often adopted them to not look like dad or grand dad.  But Dad and Grand dad soon joined in, perhaps since board shorts cover physical issues better than Speeds, or perhaps just to stay current and cool.

I always thought that most fashion trends lasted about 5 years.  The first year or two are in promotion and advertising and getting people to think this is something I really need to wear.  The next few years cover the time when that particular fashion is sold widely, and soon flood the market.  By this time, a new trend is in the background waiting to become the hottest thing on Earth.  The trend goes on and on unless there is a reliable product like the standard blue jeans that meet the needs of the people and are well liked.  Often these reliable fashions are kept around and worn from time to time and the stores and designers cringe thinking about all the money they loose because they can't sell the products they promote instead.

JM_Runs #11

Re:Fashions to revive, Fashions to eliminate

Date Posted:06/05/2018 01:38:17Copy HTML

People sometimes ask me if I am gay, because of the clothes I wear, or the lack of clothing.  I am well known member of the short shorts club. Some of us lead.  That is what real Fashion is about, the edgie, cutting edge of style. Doing something different and a little unexpected. It shows selfconfidnece. It is the underlying self confidence that people find attractive. 

With the exception of mens business suits, people don't pay lots of money for something that looks perfectly ordinary. They pay to stand out. That means looking a bit different.  If everyone around you is wearing the same then you are just run-of-the-mill.

I wear skinny jeans and short shorts, and I am not under 30, but I do have good legs for my age. People pushing fashion, like in a runway show, are generally looking for good bodies, interesting bodies. Exercise helps. 

As exercise and fitness have become fashionable, the clothing appears in regular life, or influence current styles.  We see women in gym leggings everywhere, because the first people to adopt them, the gym bunnies, had good bodies, and so others wanted to look like that.  

We need fit men, the James Bond type, to start dressing with more adventure. We need people to start being bold, and for the people who dress the stars in movies to start being a lot bolder. 

Hopefully, some point soon, the night crowd, who currently dress in all black, will rediscover colors that glow under ultraviolet light.  They need to bring the festival look to nightclubs.  Most young people can't afford to take several days off, pay to travel to festivals, and then pay the high gate fees. But they can bring the look home to there local dance bars. 

The more colorful we are, the more we slowly drag the rest of the world in our direction. I had a Jamaican Aunt, who said "If we are not colorful, who the hell did the tourists come to see?"  If you don't get complimented, or at least a comment about what you are wearing, each and every day, you are just not trying hard enough.  Mix it up. Try different things. 

Be bold. Be different. Be stylish in your own way, by creating your own style. - You only have one life to live, and you are not getting any younger.

gw32 #12

Re:Fashions to revive, Fashions to eliminate

Date Posted:06/06/2018 02:13:38Copy HTML

 @JM_Runs: Awesome comment! I agree 100%!!
MBareAs #13

Re:Fashions to revive, Fashions to eliminate

Date Posted:06/07/2018 12:27:42Copy HTML

 These are what I would consider 'cheeky' thongs... with an incredible price to 'boot'.


'Yeah, baby!'


Or this truly cringe worthy Austin Power's clip:  https://youtu.be/2anYvN5_E_s
The Swan #14

Re:Fashions to revive, Fashions to eliminate

Date Posted:07/19/2018 01:43:54Copy HTML

 So I'm at a cookout with some close friends. I'm wearing sandals, cutoffs (3-1/2" inseam), homemade open sided t shirt, and a cowboy hat. To quote Bruce Willis in the movie Diehard, "Yippee Kay Yay...." The women loved it they kept going on how they could see my nipples. The men of course complained that we couldn't see their nipples. All good fun. To quote JM Runs, "Be Bold. Be different. Be stylish in your own way, by creating your own style."
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