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Date Posted:01/25/2012 09:55:47Copy HTML

Okay, I admit that I feel sexy when I'm wearing a thong. I just like the feel of the strap between my cheeks, the way the pouch firmly supports my package, the way a thong shapes my butt, and the way I look in a thong. Furthermore, I get excited, knowing that I'm wearing something that most guys don't. But, it is hard to accept that sexiness is also a male trait. I mean, society and the media have influenced us to think that men have to be manly and strong, and that women are the ones who are allowed to look good and sex-appealing. So, it seems that the word 'sexy' cannot be used to describe a guy. 'Sexy' to a guy is more thought of as 'perverted', whereas 'sexy' to a woman means 'hot', 'appealing', and 'attractive'.

So, tell me guys. Do you also feel sexy when you're in a thong? 
stanpuppy #1

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:01/25/2012 10:02:42Copy HTML

Sometimes I feel sexy (intimacy with wife), sometimes I feel free (tanning on the beach), sometimes I feel like I am just wearing underwear and have no significance attached to my thong (i.e getting dressed to lift weights at the gym).  Wearing a thong is pretty much a normal part of my existance, so I run the gamut of emotions when I am wearing one
beachlion #2

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:01/26/2012 01:40:50Copy HTML

I have to admit that wearing a string at the beach gives me a slight feeling of exitement. I think it is that few percent of exhibitionisme that most stringers have (I think at least). But for the rest it is underwear/swimwear that is just (much) smaller than the rest of the pack.
When I ordered my first batch of Dore strings/thongs I got realy exited. It was so tiny, I could not think it would ever fit. After 30 minutes I was cooled down and the suits did fit, but just that. With the second batch I was still exited but not that much. The exitement came back with my first beachwalks, but also that disappeared fast and now it is almost as common as breathing.
nicksthong #3

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:01/26/2012 05:44:19Copy HTML

 Stan puppy, I think that you put to words something that I have been trying to say for much of my life.

"Sometimes I feel sexy, sometimes I feel free, sometimes I feel like I am just wearing underwear and have no significance attached to my thong.  Wearing a thong is pretty much a normal part of my existance, so I run the gamut of emotions when I am wearing on."

Thanks, I wouldn't have thought of it like this, but its a perfect explanation of my identity as a thong wearer.
Ex_Member #4

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:01/26/2012 10:50:48Copy HTML

yes I agree it does make you feel sexy. It's also a confidence thing. If your wearing a thong under your normal day clothes you do get a bit of a rush out of it.
Its more so if you go the beach.Girls who go for WW styles love the fact that they catch the eye of every guy on the beach. And I've had more people come up and talk to me at the beach when in a thong, which is flattering.
tanlines2thin #5

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:01/26/2012 12:02:25Copy HTML

i'll put it very simply - wearing a thong 'puts a little swoosh in your tush'......oh, yeah!
BJR #6

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:01/26/2012 07:10:24Copy HTML

Makes my butt look better in jeans and i feel very sexy. Often had many good  comments when i have worn them under low- rise jeans and had my ass grabbed or pinched.
Ex_Member #7

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:03/14/2012 01:12:11Copy HTML

Spring has really put me the mood for wearing my gstring. All winter I was wearing my gstring around the house but finally made it to the beach yesterday for the start of my tanning season. Nothing like wearing my dental floss on public beaches, I did feel a little out of place because my skin is not nearly as dark as I usually am. I have some work to do on the tan but isn't that the fun of this. I think I will hit the Skinz store this week and start a new collection of suits for the season. I love it when I am in the store trying on suits and other female customers are watching me pickout and try on suits. What is the color trend for this season and what are the patterns if any? I always like the bright colors like orange, pink and sky blue. Gonna make it a goal to have a really deep base started with in the next few weeks. The gym has paid off this winter so at least the body is trim and fit now just gotta make the skin golden. It is gonna be a great summer.....
tanlines2thin #8

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:03/14/2012 02:00:00Copy HTML

gbod......superlatively said.....i'd much rather be discussing suntanning in sexi g-strings - which is something that we can actually do something about - as opposed to my previous post........please, excuse my previous post.......i had a temporary bout of insanity and brainwashing.......what was i thinking?......only college educated thieves care about big-time money, and only egotistical connivers care about politics.......the days of walter ruther - one tough cookie and no village idiot - are gone......the 'illuminati types' have made sure of that..........

onto more relevent matters.......which jovana did you get?.......i'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my ohh-sooo-sexi jovana one-strap slighshot.....whew - talk about dare-2-wear!!!!........or should i say, dare-2-bare!!!

great to hear you've been gym-ing........me, too, but i needed to.......didn't have a choice.......
armand_galleon #9

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:03/14/2012 04:27:55Copy HTML

 Our western culture has forced on us, limited us as males, to feel "manly" only. Feeling sexy is something that I think most men struggle with, as if feeling sexy is wrong. Women feel sexy, sensual, due to a great many number of things, not just sexual. As I male I feel sexy and I'm OK feeling sexy by a number of things as well: I feel sexy/sensual, and not just manly, if I am wearing a well fitted business suit, driving a clean and late model car, a close-fit muscle-type t-shirt, a 24 hr stubble, an expensive watch, and a thong, whether as underwear or swimwear. I guess I feel so for the same reasons that women feel sexy wearing lacy unmentionables under the conservative business suits, even wearing them to church. Why? I dunno. I guess the naughtiness of 'em; the focus on the erogenous zone, the gasp looks I get from strangers seeing me walk by, the warmth of the sun on my butt (different feeling than the hot feeling felt while wearing surf trunks), the feel of the water as it rises up my legs to buttocks as I step deeper into the ocean... But mostly I feel sexy due to the self-affirmation I give myself that regardless of what people think that I have worked very hard to look the way I do and even if people disapprove most people, I hope they're saying to themselves--and if they are not I imagine they are saying to themselves: "at least he's got the built to get away with it". As such it is my contribution as ambassador to attempt to make this type of swimwear for men more acceptable.
Sexy/sexual? Not really, not any more. I am aroused sexually within the context and proximity of sexual contact. I am generally NOT aroused outside of this context. I find it strange that men are aroused by just looking at a hot woman. I look, I find myself looking some more, imagining her naked, having a drink with me, maybe even more, but that though process doesn't translate into a boner. It is a very different story if I engage her in conversation, take her to the dance floor and feel her tight butt up against my groin! In the same fashion I do not feel any sexier/turned on by wearing a thong. I will become arouse if I begin to think about my girlfriend and the things we did the other night, which will generate a stiffy, but that will happen regardless of what I am wearing, thong or not.

hidrive #10

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:03/14/2012 06:59:52Copy HTML

Hmmm...interesting comments.  I am a guy with a high sex drive and wearing thongs and G's definitely feel sexy to me.  I'm a beach goer, and can't imagine that not feeling sexual.  I can enjoy the feeling of the sun on my body, the breeze, the water, and nature in general, but that all blends in with the sexual for me.  Its all wonderful.
tnline #11

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:03/15/2012 05:02:31Copy HTML

My guess is that most guys that post here feel sexy when they are wearing a thong especially on the beach.  It's a combination of being relaxed in the sun, some exhibition and for many the erotic pleasure from wearing one on the beach
thong_jock #12

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:03/16/2012 03:02:20Copy HTML

 Without a doubt they make me feel erotically charged.
thonger2005 #13

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:03/17/2012 12:46:39Copy HTML

 I cant really say anything different than what has already been said.
luvzbikinis #14

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:03/17/2012 06:04:25Copy HTML

Yes  - I definitely find that wearing a string bikini is a very sensual and erotic experience. When I openly wear a string bikini either for swimming, sunbathing, or lounging in the sun I feel that I am making something of a sexual statement.
Chantelle4both #15

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:03/19/2012 04:12:00Copy HTML

For me it is much the variety as it is the thong itself. If I were to wear nothing but thongs for weeks on end, I'm sure they would lose their appeal and maybe briefs would be a turn on.
sxmthonger #16

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:03/20/2012 12:52:30Copy HTML

I definitely feel sexier when wearing a thong!  I love when I'm wearing conservative business attire, but I know I have a secret underneath.  On the beach, it's more of a feeling of freedom, though I would say there is some sexiness involved.
thonger2005 #17

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:03/20/2012 04:56:41Copy HTML

 I have been going thru this feeling even more recently.

when at work alone, I enjoy being free enough to wear my low rise jeans and allow my thong to show and not worry about anyone seeing it. Although I did wear scrubs that were sort of see thru depending on the color of the materials. But I can also where the shorter shorts and flip flops now, and there is even less worry about being seen at work in such outfits. I can even go barefoot, and where the tank tops here at work also.

But regarding the original post, yeah I feel soooo much sexier being able to where my clothing of choice (even my exercise wear) with a thong and it be blatantly obvious i have a thong on.
Ex_Member #18

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:03/20/2012 08:31:47Copy HTML

For me a thong is much the sexiest type of underwear that I could choose. I don't like going commando because I do like the feeling of being supported up front - the feel of my equipment supported upright in a tight pouch. The best thing of all is the nearly-bare feeling behind, being teased by the strap in my crack whilst my jeans are carressing my bare cheeks. I guess you just have to call that sexy!
LAthongguy #19

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:03/21/2012 06:31:47Copy HTML

The only reason I wear thongs is that wearing they excites me.  I do not need the feeling of others watching me to feel excited.  I wear thongs when I want to feel sexy.  I wear thongs on the beach very rarely.  I wear various thongs under my regular clothing on almost a  daily basis.  I don't need the public attention.  I like the feeling I get and maybe one other person in private.  I do enjoy getting a tan on the beach but that's not my prime interest in thonginng.
I love wearing a suit or nice dress slacks and a thong.  The thinness and the softness of dress pants against your body and the thong are great.  When I wear suit my gf goes nuts because she knows what I am wearing.  She likes to put her hand between the jacket and the pants.  No one can see that she is digging her hand past my waist band to give my thong or g-string a pull.  Knowing what I am wearing makes me feel sexy and confident.  
RobinHood413 #20

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:03/21/2012 09:35:48Copy HTML

 I pretty much feel sexy all the time, LOL
When im thonging it on the beach, im just showin off my sexiness... Most people seem OK with it, some enjoy it, and some just have fun with it... Usually the people i see on the beach or pool like to look... mostly women, but some guys too. Funny how many women like to get their photos with me, LOL, im probably that "thong guy" in quite a few peoples vacation albums... anyone else get this?
Ex_Member #21

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:03/22/2012 08:25:08Copy HTML

 Wow lycrathong, when you put it like that it sure does sound sexy!
gc11800 #22

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:05/06/2012 09:15:14Copy HTML

 For me, I get a little more swagger, a little more strut in my step when I rock my gear. 
turnej #23

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:05/07/2012 12:26:29Copy HTML

Always feel sexy wearing a thong or string and love the feeling when you pull them up and the string settles between your bum cheeks and teases your crack as you move. My thoughts echo lycrathong's in that it is truly nice to feel your bare bum against jeans or suit trousers :-)
Sybok #24

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:05/08/2012 05:50:36Copy HTML

I'm pretty much the same. 
Ex_Member #25

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:05/08/2012 12:48:45Copy HTML

 This is the main reason I ever wore a thong, I like to feel sexy for me and for others to see!

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:05/08/2012 01:11:52Copy HTML

I get aroused as well when putting on my thong or string, funnily (?) enough especially when I am sporting a model that doen't leave much room to get aroused even slightly. This is mostly at the start. After some time the feeling usually subsides, sometimes to return with a vengeance.Last time this feeling of arousal was sustained during all of my visit to the beach. Memorable outing.
thonglife #27

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:05/08/2012 03:06:38Copy HTML

I definitely feel sexy wearing a thong. Whether its as underwear and no ones knows (under jeans out for dinner), under my compression shorts (on a run) and those who look closely can see or on display as swimwear (at the beach) for everyone to see, I admit its a turn-on. My wife would agree with me that wearing thong swimwear at the beach makes her feel sexy - and naughty.
richard12181970 #28

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:05/09/2012 04:48:46Copy HTML

Being exposed out in the sun wearing a thong makes me feel sexy and aroused.  Its just neat to think I might be seen in a way not typically seen.  When wearing thong underwear, I get a sexy feeling at times.  When parting on warm jeans or particularly good fitting trousers, otherwise its just normal-no strong feeling.
sunnfun #29

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:05/14/2012 06:36:06Copy HTML

 I have loved feeling the way I feel- free, uninhibited, hot, muscular, toned, masculine and feminine (a complex feeling!) and I love the warmth of the sun on my cheeks and the water lapping at the pouch.  I love the tease of easing out of the water very slowly as the tiny little straps peak above the water line, and go down in front and back, lower and lower, and people can't tell when they are going to stop going any lower.  "What's he wearing down there?"   I love looking down at my abs, flexing, and seeing my pelvic bones and package press the tiny straps ever so slightly away from my skin, seeing daylight peek through below.  For me, that last part is kind of like seeing a very well endowed woman in a tiny triangle top, her breasts lifting the top strings away from her collar bone. I have worked hard to feel this way, I enjoy it, it relaxes and excites me.
Ex_Member #30

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:06/20/2012 05:27:14Copy HTML

I definitely feel sexy when wearing a thong or g-string. The first couple of months I was wearing them, it was almost impossible for me to put one on without getting aroused. For me, what really hit the nail on the head was bootyfulasian saying "I get excited, knowing that I'm wearing something that most guys don't". Of course I would still wear thongs even if they were much more mainstream and accepted for guys. The fact that I'm one of a small percentage of guys who wear them definitely adds to the appeal though.  
navythong #31

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:07/05/2012 07:18:31Copy HTML

It sure gives me a sexy feeling when sunbathing in a thong. But it is not just wearing the thong.
Feeling the sun on my buns or swimming in a thong intensifies the feeling.
Sometimes it gives an extra thrill knowing that people might be looking at you.
Every now and then I get a little aroused sunbathing in one of my thongs.

32189 #32

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:10/14/2012 03:51:51Copy HTML

I do feel sexy in a thong and I enjoy the idea of showing my butt.  It is nice to be somewhere public where I can wear very little clothing which appeals to my exhibitionist side.  I really enjoy showing off my thong when females go by.  Feeling sexy is not the main reason that I thong though.  I do it because I like wearing very little in public and it is something that very few people do.  It would be nice if there were more male thongers around but maybe someday that will happen.
Sharon73 #33

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:10/15/2012 11:47:23Copy HTML

I always feel sexy in my thong.  I love to show off my body and to have guys look at it is erotic to me.
elbeast #34

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:10/15/2012 11:30:23Copy HTML

i love wearing g-strings because of how they make me look and feel. ask any female and i would bet they would say the same thing. the old "i wear them because i don't want panty lines" excuse is probably true in many cases, but the feeling of sexiness you get from wearing such minimal coverage clothing is very exhilarating. my past two girlfriends who both wore thongs and g-strings regularly admitted that feeling sexy trumped preventing panty lines.
Thongdude87 #35

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:10/19/2012 10:20:01Copy HTML

 Yep, although they are practical and comfortable, being or feeling sexy and good-looking is important.
bikiniminaz #36

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:10/25/2012 05:07:24Copy HTML

I don't necessarily feel sexy when wearing one in and of itself.  I feel sexy when being seen by somebody while wearing my thongs and knowing that they are enjoying the view.  I guess that's just the exhibitionist in me.  I don't wear thongs as underwear when I am out and about because it's not as fun when others can't see it. 
thngluver #37

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:01/20/2013 11:05:57Copy HTML

 i feel soooo sexy when im wearing a thong, it makes my butt look fantastic and it really makes me feel sexy when someone else sees me wearing a thong
nicksthong #38

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:01/21/2013 07:57:54Copy HTML

Of course I am trying to look and feel sexy when I wear a thong- That is the whole point. The only reason we say otherwise is because men aren't supposed to express their sexuality in our culture.  
easytoremember #39

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:05/23/2013 10:31:32Copy HTML

Damn straight I feel sexy. I love pulling down my trackies and seeing a pink frilly silk flower design wrapped around my privates going into my butt. Yeah, I'm a guy. Guess it makes me kinda weird. The feel is amazing and seeing it turns me on even more. I've done some shopping for womens lingerie and there are some amazing ones. They even have things that are brief-styled at the front to fit your stuff in and then go into a thong at the back. And some have some really cute designs. Can't get enough of the laces and see-through frilly parts. Oh ye!
barebunz #40

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:05/24/2013 02:07:24Copy HTML

 With age 60 in my rear view mirror, I have no illusions of looking sexy, but they do make me feel it. And while my wife acts pretty neutral about them most of the time, the bunz definitely get more attention when I wear one to bed.
magnus66b #41

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:05/30/2013 11:07:09Copy HTML

I love the look and feel of a thong.  I get a charge, a feeling of sexiness, freedom, oneness.  I love swimming in the Pacific Ocean in a thong.  The water is cold in Santa Cruz, but that adds to the exhilaration.  Walking from the ocean after a swim with just wearing my thong, with the saltwater dripping from my body.  If everyone could just wear a thong once and everyone else could feel what I feel and no one would ever go back to regular swimwear.
dobbybeach #42

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:06/11/2013 01:24:42Copy HTML

my girlfriend stands firm on her opinoin that they are not sexy.  They totally make me look like a homosexual, which is totally unattractive to her.  And if I think any girl finds me attractive/sexy then I'm obviously completely weird/disgusting, and don't ever touch me again she says. 
thenextthong #43

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:06/11/2013 09:37:36Copy HTML

 @ dobbybeach

That's a downer! I hope she has other redeeming traits.
tanlines2thin #44

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:06/11/2013 12:46:54Copy HTML

unfortunately, your GF's opinion about thongs being a 'homo' look is more narrow-minded, broad-brush, jump-to-the-wrong-conclusion b-s, based on inaccurate  & incorrect data.........most gays i know do not - repeat, do not - approve of my wearing Gee-string suits.......they condescendingly look down on them, and make sarcastic remarks regarding said such suits..........

what i do know is that my wearing Gee-strings is all about the uninhibiting freedom & expression of sexuality, as promiscuous and permissive as that might seem......

more unfortunate is the fact that most women have their head up their rear about the honest display of sexuality, when wearing any kind of clothes, eastern euro chics being the exception.....those babes are cool about sexuality, yours and theirs.........

bottom line - get a GF who likes your style before ya get too comfy & lazy with this judgemental, henpecking witch.......nothing personal......just my expert opinion..........your life is for you to live, not for her to subject you to her confining rules and regulation.........dump her & don't look back.......that'll teach her.....let her boss around some other slobs life...... 
mack_back #45

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:06/11/2013 03:54:12Copy HTML

Dobbybeach your not alone with women that think that exact same falsehood. In many womens minds they can't acccept males in thongs or other provactive clothes only they have the right to wear it. Sometimes women want to scare males wearing something they don't like using sexual preference as a tool to change your mind.. With a confident male in his sexuality won't be tricked into a womens lie for him to change.
Only best answer is to be just as stubborn and ridiculous in the reply. Say to your women you look better then many females wearing a thong and are jealous with envy that she is  afraid to wear one herself... Or that other more attractive women will try to take you away from her and that she is far to insecure about her own body and losing you....
JM_Runs #46

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:06/11/2013 06:45:19Copy HTML

 I do feel sexier and I do feel that I look more attractive in a thong. I feel very free, comfortable and quite sensual, more than sexual. Although society thinks otherwise I still think most women do find men in thongs attractive but are afraid to admit it because of social peer pressure, as well as men; some men wish they could wear a thong to feel more sexy and be more in touch with his sensuality and masculinity but would never admit it or even try it because of social peer pressure.I am very confidant in my body, I have a concept of sensuality and masculinity most would say its erroneous but it's my concept and I believe in it. I do believe a man feels sexy when wearing a thong rather he'll admit it or not as well as a woman feels sexy when wearing a thong rather she admits it or not, showing skin is naturally sensual because we are made feel sensual when showing skin, it is our natural animal (cell) instinct.
luvnmythong #47

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:06/11/2013 06:50:01Copy HTML

So true, novicethonger!   You hit the nail on the head.   I don't think any of us would be wearing thongs or g strings if it didn't make us feel more sensual, and sensual too!   
kohler1977 #48

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:06/14/2013 11:40:27Copy HTML

When you start out wearing a thong, the string in your crack, you have to get use to it, but when you are comfortable, then it feels good, and that is when the sexy part takes place.
SlidingG #49

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:06/15/2013 02:35:33Copy HTML

Novicethonger, your comments ring true with me, too, just as they do with Luvnmythong.  Regarding your feelings of sensuality and masculinity, I'm curious about your latest profile pics, which display a nice outcropping of pubic hair.  Does that feel more sexy than smooth shaven?  

I ask because I don't shave my pubes, and sometimes a lot of it shows, especially in my baggies.  Though it may turn others off, I like it and would never shave it, since it's one of my more defining masculine attributes, and I feel more sexy for allowing it to be seen.  

IMHO, the male model in my drawing is more appealing for being totally natural in this respect -- though I didn't ask him if he felt more sexy for displaying a healthy bush!  But I could more readily identify with him, and wish I were in his place, expressing my sexuality with self-confidence and with a casual non-chalance. 
JM_Runs #50

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:06/15/2013 02:50:22Copy HTML

SlidingG pubic hair is a matter of personal choice, some men like having them and showing them off other men just don't. 
As for if it displays more of ones masculinity I think to a point it does, to some at least. Before discussing this we have to make clear on what is masculinity in our modern times, it used to be a concept that body hair, overly developed muscles, chiseled chin, etc is considered masculine and part of masculinity, but what if one of us fails in one of those standards? Does it mean we aren't masculine or masculine enough? In modern times it doesn't mean your not masculine because masculinity has more standards to it then it used to. Let's say male grooming; in modern times a man who shaves his legs, plucks his unibrow and shaves his beard isn't considered less masculine then men who don't do those things.I think masculinity is defined by the man who owns it; meaning if you can be a man who is skinny, fat, buffed, with a lot of facial hair, cannot grow any facial hair, which a chiseled chin, with a narrow chin, etc, ect but if you believe you are masculine than you simply are.

Back to the pubic hair part, as I said before its a personal choice to have them or shave them off, for some men it works very well for others it doesn't. And if it feels sexy a smooth shave or pubes/trimmed pubes that is a personal choice as well for you and your woman (or man), if you think its sexy and your partner thinks it sexy leave it cause its a plus for both of you.I say if your a thonger and you like your pubs at least trim them, why? you may ask, aesthetics mostly and because some thong cuts are very low cut and wearing them with a giant bush of pubs looks odd, especially at the beach when it fills with sand. This is just my personal opinion, as for me I shave from time to time but I mostly keep them trimmed because of what I said before.
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