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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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ThongersAngels #51

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:06/15/2013 04:14:45Copy HTML

 Nothing makes a woman feel sexier than a nice thong, be it lace, low rise, or g-string.

I own all styles but my preference is, I like them snug. JUST snug enough that they arent cutting into my skin (my hips or inner groin areas) But just snug enough that I feel I am wearing a thong and I dont get that "gotten used to it/dont even notice it" sensation. If I am wearing a thong, I want to feel that strap between my cheeks all day, and not just for the first few minutes after getting dressed.

Just for fun, I even wear one of my suspender bikinis under my work clothes or dress like the peekaboo string but in a suspender style.

I like feeling and sensing that I have a thong on all day long.
I am editting this because I ran to thr store just now and saw a lady in a thin sun dress and I saw her squat down to tie her kids shoe and saw her thong pantyline through her dress. Watever material in the dress she had on was quite clingy to her butt and when she walked, (she looked very fit) her butt cheeks jiggled (muscular and toned but not "buns of steel" like).

Thats what I find sexy!

Picture this: The movie Roadhouse, Kelly Lynch walking away from Swazey and Sam Elliot in that diner and Sam says "That woman has too many brains to have an ass like that".

THAT kind of look is what makes me feel sexy! I know, an odd description but I hope you get the point.
NordicString #52

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:06/25/2013 06:15:48Copy HTML

 A thong for me has to be be super soft (why I love the HOM Plumes), a nice snug fit, but obviously not uncomfortable. I love the feeling of wearing a thong all day, especially at work. For me it is the feeling of having a naked butt against clothes and of course the subtle feeling of the strap between my cheeks. Guess it is also the risque feeling that makes me feel sexy!

JM_Runs #53

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:07/11/2013 09:42:07Copy HTML

I feel excited wearing thongs, g-strings, or sunning and swimming naked.  The feeling of slinky material (mmm, tricot!) gliding across sensitive parts is more than sufficient to give me a boner.  Wind, sun, sand, and water all have their arousing aspects.  I think the thrill is much enhanced for folks like me who discovered thongs gradually, with the first silky, string bikini underwear for men (remember International Skants?), which I wore a generation ago in secluded spots, just worried that someone would notice it was underwear.  I would buy a loose size, then hitch it up higher and higher to make my bottom bare! Please note, in all of my thonging or other sexy activity, then and now, I *only* do it where I expect not to distress or frighten any onlookers.

But what a difference today, when most men wear ridiculously large suits while a few yards away I lay nude!  Or I'll frolic in a teensy wisp while other guys are dragging board shorts. 

Here is a fun thing I do.  In areas that are uncrowded but too busy to go naked, I lay down on my stomach and pull down the back and sides of my suit.  My package is hidden by the sand.  I slowly apply suntan lotion now and then on my exposed bare bottom.  If a suit has side clips I unclip them.  Love those suits!  The temporary view causes the ladies and gay men to steal their glances to me, bringing a very welcome sexy feeling.  I wish there were more acceptance of fully backless suits.  Malepak or somebody had one called the Mustang; some guys wore them on South Beach for a period in the early 90s.

The colors, fabrics, and tiny cuts we guys have today give us many flattering looks.  Part of me enjoys looking and feeling like a young girl on the beach with an exposed bottom, but at the same time the hard male part feels ultra male.  A very odd sexual duality, perhaps that is its power?
The Swan #54

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:07/14/2013 01:09:20Copy HTML

Wearing or not wearing thongs has no bearing on my sexuality. I broadcast sexuality wherever I go. I feel sexy whether I am wearing only a thong on the beach or a pair of greasy jeans and a greasy t-shirt while wrenching on one of my vehicles. 
RapidBlue #55

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:04/07/2014 11:18:05Copy HTML

 I love wearing a thong both as sun/swimwear and as underwear. Do I feel sexy when wearing one? Hell yes! Depending on my mood and the design of the thong I will feel more sexy. The pouch enhancing styles with soft fabric is sensual to me. The brighter the colors the better. I feel sexy most every day. That is different from feeling sexual. When I get positive attention I smile and know I am looking sexy. Got to love it. I have been told more than a few time that I have a nice ass from random women and some men. I enjoy the complement.
thongerfan #56

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:04/08/2014 03:23:57Copy HTML

 It's the main reason why I wear them!
tanlines2thin #57

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:04/09/2014 11:47:14Copy HTML

 I've put my 2 cents in on this topic before, but this is a topic that can never be discussed to death, and is very much worth revisiting......as we all should know - but not all of us admit - is that thonging is all about the sexiness and sexuality of those of us who both refuse and simply cannot live in one of society's stuffy and confining pigeonholes......
Swaggerseven #58

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:05/05/2014 04:13:20Copy HTML

I'm new to thongs but have tried other sexy male underwear.  I find that I enjoy wearing sexier underwear almost daily....the most when wearing them under jeans.  I'm engaged to a beautiful woman but she isn't aware that I have some of the more revealing underwear....or that I'll sometimes wear them around our home when she's not home.  I live not too far from a beach known for nude sunbathing and it's high on my list of things to try. I very much wish to walk on the beach in a thong or something equally sexy and revealing. I'm excited about exploring exhibitionism.... and I feel that sexy underwear is the beginning of this exploration. A thong seems to be the pinnacle of sexy underwear for men. 
RapidBlue #59

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:05/05/2014 12:25:33Copy HTML

I am headed to Ft. Lauderdale in a couple of weeks and can not wait it be of the beach looking sexy. It will be refreshing to be on the warm sand sunning my buns. I got some new thongs for the trip that are eye catching. Feeling sexy is a benefit of wearing a thong. 
joad58 #60

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:05/05/2014 08:38:38Copy HTML

I feel incredibly sexy whenever I wear a thing. I love the feel of the cord up my crack and the way the pouch makes my package look hedge. The usual reaction is " eeeeeew,gross",but it's " ummmm lookin' good" often enough. That is hot.
pennme #61

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:02/10/2015 06:05:23Copy HTML

 I wear thong underwear all the time.  I have been doing so for 5 years.  Joe Boxer's.  For my work, I wear white pants all the time, and I have had many women check out my ass, and many of them have asked if indeed I am wearing a thong.  They all think it is sexy as hell.  Also, they always feel up my ass.  They say they love feeling my ass thru the thin white pants, and seeing the lack of lines.  I have had many of these women wear thongs themselves, and they then as me how I like there ass in pants with a thong, and of course I am given the wonderful opportunity to feel some sweet pieces of ass.  Every day I see these women, they will stop me, check out my ass, and confirm that I am wearing a thong.  I have had many offers for more than just a grab.  Never done so since I am happily married, but sill makes you feel good, especially when you are 48 years old.  The women say that I have one of the sweetest pieces of ass that they have ever seen.
iowaboi65 #62

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:02/10/2015 02:06:33Copy HTML

 feel extra sexy when i wear a thong even sexier when it has a lil slip or under tight bike shorts so you csn see the thong vpl plus you know women like to see it as much as we do!!
thong_jock #63

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:02/10/2015 04:57:28Copy HTML

 Hell ya. I have a male thong swimwear fetish so I feel sexy, sensual and erotic in my thong suits and kind of lose it when I run into a handsome fit thong guy at the beach or pool. I ever wear thongs to nude beaches and gay saunas as being thonged is way sexiest to me than nude and all my fantasies involve male thong swimwear.
jprob50 #64

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:02/11/2015 01:26:00Copy HTML

Pennme, I'm have no idea where you work, but it sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Those actions would never be tolerated where I live.
Baphomet1003 #65

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:02/28/2015 05:17:35Copy HTML

 Feeling sexy wearing g-string underneath street clothes and just a thong or g-string to sleep, it is starting to warm up here in FL (maybe except for the last few days) which means wearing g-string much more than regular underwear.
SixDelta #66

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:04/01/2015 02:24:57Copy HTML

Well I'm a guy and I've been wearing men's string thongs and gees for "recreational use" for several years now but am a recent convert to everyday thong wear. Finally found something that I can wear all day and it remains comfortable. For me it's comfortable and makes me feel sexy-confident as all hell, and is very visually flattering for the package and the ass. Many women online will feel compelled to say "gross" because that's how society has trained them to react, but I know the real so I'm not even concerned with that. If you've got the confidence and the figure they'll be down with it, trust me :) I've been rocking men's teardrop string thongs every day lately and most of the time I can't tell they're there, but I get the occasional reminder from the back string, not uncomfortable, just a little "hey I'm here" feeling which is great. 
GAGUY30013 #67

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:04/07/2015 12:34:15Copy HTML

I am a guy, and I feel that sexy is a state of mind. If you feel good, you are more likely to just be a better person towards other people.  I feel sexy in my thongs. I am told I have a great ass for a guy, and I wear my jeans a little on the tight side, hate the feeling of boxers being all bunched up in my jeans.  
We all get clouded judgement about ourselves, because we let others suggest how we should dress or feel. Screw them, I dress the way that I want to, because I what I where feels good to me.  To look at me, you would probably never guess that under my jeans I am wearing a thong, but I have have numerous women flat out ask, how do you make that ass look so good.  I just smile and walk on. 
RapidBlue #68

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:04/07/2015 05:06:52Copy HTML

 GAGUY you are right sexy is a state of mind. I wear a thong day and feel sexy every day. There are several women I know that also know what I wear. They tell me it is nice or sexy or as one said damn hot.
GAGUY30013 #69

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:04/07/2015 06:21:41Copy HTML

That is awesome RapidBlue, of the hand full of women that know what I wear as underwear, ( including my GF) Most have been very intrigued by it, or have been extremely excited by it.  

thongsrus2 #70

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:04/08/2015 12:07:34Copy HTML

 Speaking of thongs, I am going to wear one at a legal j-off club tonight in Seattle. Never been to one because I was with my wife for 32 years and she wouldn't have sex with me for 14 years (TMI) I am looking to have my first gay old time and I think I will love it. I can't possibly care how I look in a thong at this event. So freeing it will be. It's so fun to go from 5% gay to 100% gay?!
athletehot #71

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:01/10/2017 07:11:26Copy HTML

Of course I feel sexy with my thong : the front pouch shaping my package, the side strap high on the hips, the rear strap deeply adjusted, the look and feel on my muscles is a pinnacle of masculinity. 
barenow #72

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:01/11/2017 02:58:24Copy HTML

 Although I admit it is such a rush to have others see me in my thong I really wear them for me first.  Sometimes it is to feel sexy, sometimes it is for practical reasons (so underwear doesn't show), and sometimes it is because it is the next underwear in my drawer.  I wear various types of underwear but thongs feel oh so special most times.  I love wearing them to work.  I tend to not wear them during the winter months if the weather outside is too cold.  Then I appreciate the extra layers for warmth.  Did I ever mention summer is my most favorite time of the year.

I applaud all men to wear thongs!  I want to give a big hug to all men who wear them to feel sexy as you should be able to wear whatever does it for you.  So, slip on a pair of thongs and indulge in that moment of sexiness regardless of what others think or have determined what is "acceptable" for society.
ChadE #73

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:01/21/2017 04:09:25Copy HTML

 I feel incredibly sexy in a thong. I love how a thong reveals and conceals. A thong is the only article of clothing that I wear that I would call cute.
JM_Runs #74

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:01/21/2017 05:42:31Copy HTML

There are times when I am out and about the beaches of Southern California just enjoying my solitude and working on my tan.  Times when I don't feel sexy in a thong because it just feels natural to be soaking up the sun in my favorite minimal swimwear.  Then, an unexpected occurrence makes me feel sexy.  Maybe another beach goer strikes up a conversation about my swimwear.  It could be someone caught taking a picture. A compliment from another beach goer, male or female, makes me feel sexy as well.  I do sometimes forget that even thought I am in a very thong friendly state, and a very body-conscious environment, a thong or g-string can still sometimes catch others by surprise.  Those surprises can get uncomfortable real quick. Getting those shocked or surprised looks on faces are not sexy but can be fun.  I think the most sexy I have felt is after I was at the community pool one weekday and crossed paths with some longtime neighbors.  Afterwards, on that weekend, I ran into them again at the local coffee shop.  The husband asked me discretely where he could get some for himself to wear.  He said his wife suggested it after our paths crossed.  Made me feel like I made a real impression!
Beachlover492000 #75

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:01/21/2017 07:08:59Copy HTML

 I find that wearing a g-string on the beach to be very erotic. It's fun meeting other like minded people and it's a huge compliment when women introduce themselves and sometimes ask to take my picture. That never happens when I'm wearing clothes, LOL. I have even seen a few of my photos on the Web, which makes me quite proud.
Like some others I love the concept of wearing something that few others have the courage to wear. Years ago another thonger introduced me to Koala swimwear. Before long I got hooked on their "fem suits" and have worn several "fem suit" styles over the years. Using rings, tie sides, a strudy strap between my cheeks and a tiny pouch, these suits create a tiny package for me that might look uncomfortable  but is really quite the opposite. Combine that with a totally shaved body and layer of lotion and oil, and I am set for a very stimulating fun day. One of the secrets of Koala swimwear is that there is often more going on for the wearer than meets the eye.
LoveMyThongs #76

Re:Feeling sexy when wearing a thong

Date Posted:09/16/2018 08:38:47Copy HTML

Even now when I get new thongs I can’t wait to try them on and get so turned on. When I’m at the beach or in public in general I so turned on. I love the look and feel and honestly nothing accentuates the body better than a thong for men and women.
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