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sailor250 #51

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:02/13/2011 02:24:06Copy HTML

interesting contestant pictures from a few years back interesting slingshots
and one piece
love that tail
sailor250 #52

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:04/02/2011 04:24:06Copy HTML

8 thongs in a row in this pool
matchingthongs #53

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:07/19/2011 08:43:48Copy HTML

 One of the most amazing videos I've seen. This is the 2010 student show in Brazil I presume. Notice the size of the crowd, how enthusiastic they are and how family orientated the whole show is. 
I totally agree with the comment beneath: a de biquini roxo é uma deusa..."The girl in purple is a goddess!" @3:22 be prepared!!
JM_Runs #54

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:07/22/2011 04:48:56Copy HTML

 Brazilian chicks have great asses that go well with thongs.
sailor250 #55

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:10/04/2011 01:05:12Copy HTML

Here's a bikini contest in south america that's all thongs!
the "assential" video from Miss Reef contest, boating, swimming
new NVR contestant love that aqua color G against her skin, love the G tanline at 1:46
joshuaspain #56

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:10/25/2011 02:13:34Copy HTML

Here's a bodybuilder (Lucas di Santi) at a competition posing in thong...  might thong be gaining popularity in men's bodybuilding competition? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Gjz3iXZ9Hw&list=FLl9JdrHXEa1kQzbSYXm7cwQ&index=11
Another one (Paul Krueger)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QliSrYMs6ns
joshuaspain #57

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:10/25/2011 04:16:26Copy HTML

The models in this fashion show are all wearing thong...  (go to 40 seconds and you will see the model changing in the background and showing off the thong)
DarkThong #58

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:10/25/2011 06:42:36Copy HTML

wow Joshua that is a great find, nice to see the male models are also wearing a thong just like the female models..
JM_Runs #59

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:10/26/2011 02:37:04Copy HTML

 Great videos, joshuaspain. It's great to see that even male models wear thongs. Also, I can see why a bodybuilder would want to wear a thong in a bodybuilding competition. I think that wearing a thong could be one way to show more muscles. (Butt cheek muscles are still muscles).  
sailor250 #60

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:02/05/2013 02:39:29Copy HTML

Here's a beachfront fashion show from the-bikini.com with all their barest suits


here's another show in a spanish nightclub for the-bikini- hear a DJ, see the V jay

sailor250 #61

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:02/20/2013 02:59:37Copy HTML

Miss Butt Brazil  runner up shows off her thong on Southbeach- her names Andressa not Undressa!


taking a thong stroll on Espanola Way- that's a little street with shops and restaurants a few blocks from the beach


well she's getting a little attention there

now she's a part of the scenery for that sightseeing bus

sailor250 #62

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:06/04/2013 01:21:22Copy HTML

you'd think they were in competition but these Israeli Army Recruit girls are in hot water for showing their TNT thongs- and it's not the hot tub hot water!

After they complete more training they'll be able to go Commando! not until then!
surfguy #63

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:06/04/2013 02:13:04Copy HTML

We really need to invite those gals to our Sunsplash.
sailor250 #64

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:03/16/2014 03:11:29Copy HTML

 here are some female wrestlers in thongs- must have a whole league?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSmUXdgFjEQhe's wrestling her in a "Miley Thong" which is finding it's own way! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yf7PkFx_KFA 
OK now this is more genuine, he's ready for wrestling and stops on some moveshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8kN_MW1yTY
sailor250 #65

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:12/07/2014 08:15:30Copy HTML

 Miss Bum Bum contestant shows off her tan lines.  Heard about a Bum Bum contestant who had a bum bum literally.  Her thigh implants got infected and she nearly died! http://www.egotastic.com/2014/12/thank-god-its-funbags-miss-bum-bum-indianara-carvalho-topless-for-revista-sexy/indianara-carvalho-goes-topless-for-revista-sexy-2015-in-punta-cana-03/ http://www.egotastic.com/2014/12/miss-bumbum-andressa-urach-topless-once-more-for-miami-heat-and-bikini-asstastic-views/miss-butt-brazil-model-andressa-urach-topless-on-the-beach-in-miami-02/
mack_back #66

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:12/07/2014 11:20:04Copy HTML

Nice post thanks. Always forget its annual event keep missing it. Tried to look through the link of al contestants.
My favourite is Patricia Oliveira at age 39 oldest contestant makes me root for her. Keeping herself in shape in the weight room is admirable trait, gotta love that. http://ink361.com/app/users/ig-299935933/patriciaoliveira35/photos/ig-864752038893755239_299935933
Wonder what these woman opinions seeing guys like us in thongs, not a contest but beach wearing thongers? 

sailor250 #67

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:03/14/2015 03:57:45Copy HTML

 Ass-cept no subs- tit-tudes!  This is Miss Bum Bum!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoUF-G-AkTc check out the thong tanlines!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvWmkEJSFWw Miss Cola Less contestants wear thongs and T shirts- it's all in the ass!  Then WAIT they bring out the finalists in the men's competition in T shirts and Thongs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5doAUPt90s
they were earlier judged wearing bikinis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVW9svGKnBc
sailor250 #68

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:05/26/2016 09:02:11Copy HTML

 this female dancer gave lap dances to school boys in Germany!  wow that's an "ass"embly I wouldn't miss!! http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/german-teachers-allowed-pupils-lap-8059930
sailor250 #69

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:08/01/2016 01:45:10Copy HTML

 Well she's in a contest-  and in this art mural wearing a thong--- butt it's Hillary Clinton!!! No joke/yes joke from down under                     
John Howard #70

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:08/01/2016 02:01:33Copy HTML

 It's a pity the mural will probably be taken down.   Even Lushsux's (the artist who made it) had his profile removed from Instagram.
Hillary looks hot wearing that suit, with a stash of cash hanging from the sides.  I reckon she probably looks better in the mural than in real life.

but we live in the era of political correctness and 'I'm offended' hysteria.   I wonder why or who decided to remove Lushsux's profile from Instagram. Perhaps a coincidence but sometimes it seems that the political side which should be more open to freedom of expression and liberties is the one with slight totalitarian tendencies.
sailor250 #71

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:08/05/2016 12:03:40Copy HTML

 Here's the US Womens Water Polo team .  Look at the picture from the back.  Plenty of cheeky suits but wow that's a thong on her in the middle!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3722541/US-women-s-water-polo-team-smiles-prepare-defend-gold-medal-Rio.html
Muero #72

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:08/05/2016 10:50:29Copy HTML

That's Caroline "KK" Clark, a 26-year-old defender from California. She's 6 feet 2 inches tall. I wouldn't say she's actually wearing a thong, because they all have the same uniform suits on. Hers is just pulled up in the back, whether that was intentional or from leg movements during polo. I found a video where she talks about her body: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vkM6SQx0Ls and here is what she says:

"Being tall and lanky wasn't always the most comfortable thing. Fortunately in this sport, it's an advantage to be as long as I am, so I've learned to really love that about myself." 

"Being insecure, has forced me, as an athlete, to prove people wrong."

"My body is my greatest tool as an athlete, and it doesn't matter what other people think about it."

I think she looks great, and her fitness is obviously exceptional. Not that you have to be a world-class athlete to be happy with your body, but having an Olympian on TV who isn't worried about every square inch of skin showing will be great.
mack_back #73

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:08/06/2016 04:53:38Copy HTML

Seen Caroline photo and find it intentional for entire team of females wearing cheeky bottoms.  Do feel a lot of input went into these cheeky trendy swimsuits. Think some of the team feels uncomfortable wearing as a thong wedgie as Caroline shows. So compromise had to be made on the style for the other teammates. That said Olympic body may have a rule on swimwear attire as well no thongs.... So risking wearing only a thong one piece may get them reprimanded pushing the limits. So a cheeky one piece that could be worn as a thong, wink, wink by accident nothing could be done but overlooked. The same mindset had to be discussed amongst the team would we get in trouble just wearing a thong at the olympics as we thongers ask when going to certain resorts, pools, beaches. 

Funny how woman are afraid to boldly thong but using the wedgie as an excuse to do it. So later they can play dumb apologizing to the prudish mothers with babies that they find their swimwear in bad taste thinking about their children are exposed to. 
Just peeves me off that grown athletic woman have the option subtly wear their swimwear as a thong for plausible deniability that it was a attire mishap. In reality Caroline would wear a thong one piece boldly unlike some of her competitors and teammates. Still the fear of wearing a bold thong swimsuit on Caroline alone would focus the spotlight more on her and bring some interest to the games. Yet they act dumb whenever someone decides to point their finger to her or teammates that they look sluty, terrible thus quickly hiking down for more coverage appeasing the haters. 
What about strong will woman standing tall like her and not being ashamed to show off her buttocks and giving other thongers the courage to do the same, mind you on a lesser scale for people to watch and observe. 
Bet anyone here, Caroline is reading news or opinions about her state of attire seeing if people are loving it or hating. I'll be one who says, hate Caroline cowardly swimwear style. Only because she could wear a bold thong swimsuit telling everyone it's okay. If any feedback she receives will be positive about her body and glutes me  included so stop hiding upon trying to cover up, become a woman not a timid girl. Hate the fact she is sitting on the fence once a newscast focuses upon her bum exposed not the athletic achievements, she can become a victim pulling down the backside  and people will villinalize the reporter being a pervert to sweet innocent Caroline. Hate when women want it both ways. Tells me they are still insecure despite what she is apparently trying to flaunt. 

Do understand people's hesitation wearing thongs and body image see all the time woman wearing full back coverage bikini at the beach. Even with full or partial coverage in the back it can be noticed most non-athletic females have cellulite on their bottoms, thus afraid to wear any sort of cheeky thongs.
No need for Olympic aquatic female athletes to worry or be shy showing off their booty.  Looking upon the pictures shows they have no fat deposits on their bottoms thus feel comfortable flaunting buttocks for attention they will certainly receive. Let's face it woman's water polo isn't on the top of everyones got to watch list as professional sports.  So having a racy photo of Caroline's buttocks might shine some attention and sponsorship deals depending how well they do at the games or interest watching.
Let's face it this water polo team or swimmers in general have leaner physique thus a flatter bottoms in most cases. They aren't Puerto Rican fitness model like YARISHNA  take a look at her instagram pictures and compare her booty to Caroline. Some women have hips like Yarishna because of her genetics a plumper region along her upper thighs and buttocks while staying petite. Many believe it looks better a plumper buttocks than a leaner swimmer type body. Like myself or Caroline feel insecure in comparison to a bodybuilder or fitness queen. 

 My thoughts are not all women are equal and shouldn't deter them from showing off their body no matter what someone says. I heard one female elude to me ("hinting") other people wearing a thong should have a ass for it. Suppose she feels i don't have the backside to wear it, being so lean, yet enjoys seeing me only because what i show off upfront.

sailor250 #74

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:08/07/2016 02:15:56Copy HTML

 Miss Bum Bum in Brazil- see the "line up" http://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/535839/miss-bum-bum-brazil-2016-suzy-cortez-rio-olympics
sailor250 #75

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:08/22/2016 11:11:53Copy HTML

 Thong Imposter!!! Kim K gives a friend a  gold thong bikini and uses her as a decoy!!  She looks a lot like Kim- same ass! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3753170/Kim-Kardashian-fakes-paparazzi-lookalike-grab-bit-privacy-Punta-Mita-vacation.html
OS777 #76

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:08/24/2016 12:37:30Copy HTML

 I am always amazed at the people who worship at the feet of the Kardasian.  Those "K" sisters/clowns make trailer trash look saintly. They will always be nobodies!!!!!
Board members are bored with every little tattletale of those wantabe bimbos.  If you have to follow those nobodies maybe you should be watching reruns of their totally dysfunctional lives 24/7.  They have never had any class or intelligence!  To follow them is to be one of them... A brainless sheep.
sailor250 #77

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:08/25/2016 09:49:45Copy HTML

 Your opinion is not unique but they are popular- and in history will be credited with return of cheeky bikinis for women ...don't call them thongs.
They aren't brainless sheep believe me - they just act like that.  What you see isn't real- just like the Presidential race!
sailor250 #78

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:09/07/2016 01:25:25Copy HTML

 Daisy's a contestant on british TV "strictly come dancing" like America's "Dancing with the Stars" and she's dancing in a thong in a video all over the internet and people are saying it's inappropriate!!  Well Let's See! http://www.dailystar.co.uk/strictly/543671/strictly-spin-daisy-strip-footage-shows-contestant-performing-lap-dance
sailor250 #79

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:10/01/2016 01:45:21Copy HTML

 It's BumBum '16 season in Brazil!! http://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/549595/miss-bum-bum-brazil-2016-finalists-bikini-booty-vote-suzy-cortez-instagram
sailor250 #80

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:10/14/2016 12:13:27Copy HTML

 So female WWE wrestler has torn pants and continues to wrestle in her thong-- wow ratings are going up http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/553329/WWE-Diva-Dawn-Marie-flashes-bum-outfit-torn-Torrie-Wilson-ECW
sailor250 #81

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:10/22/2016 01:45:45Copy HTML

 Miss BumBum- more ass events!! http://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/555762/miss-bum-bum-2016-finalists-topless-booty-suzy-cortez 
sailor250 #82

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:10/22/2016 03:47:25Copy HTML

 Giselle Larolon Miss Reef 2016 shows us her G string while tanning - it's her duty to tan her ass  !
sailor250 #83

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:04/27/2017 01:29:02Copy HTML

 Miss Reef 17   need I say morehttp://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/603324/best-bum-competition-miss-reef-chile-2017-bikini-women-strip-bottoms
sailor250 #84

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:05/14/2017 01:15:28Copy HTML

 OK so in the USA this would cause a "big ass lawsuit" but in Brazil not so big..... Miss Bum Bum contestants are now limited in circumference!!  Kim K would be disqualified.   warning lots a OPT http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4498808/Miss-BumBum-2017-contestants-no-42-INCH-wide.html
sailor250 #85

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:05/21/2017 01:34:51Copy HTML

 Here's the Sun UK newspaper's Miss Sun Bum contest!   Belfies on displayhttps://www.thesun.co.uk/competitions/3611503/search-for-miss-sun-bum-hots-up-as-cheeky-sun-readers-show-off-their-belfies-now-its-your-turn/
sailor250 #86

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:06/14/2017 09:29:15Copy HTML

 Corrine on Bachelor in Paradise previously surprised everyone going TNT in the pool.  Now she's gone wilder!  BOOOMMM -that's the sound or exploding ratings!  She's ditched her thong now and had pool s3x!  They can't show any of this on TV but people will want to see what they are shown
sailor250 #87

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:06/20/2017 01:50:03Copy HTML

 They'll show you how to move it girls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qDch9xogOs bikini fitness casting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NI4XZcFsJn8 
sailor250 #88

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:06/29/2017 12:40:11Copy HTML

 Here are  pictures from a thong contest in China.  What are those face masks for?  Oh wait someone from Tennessee just let me know that's so the young boys don't get excited when they see a pretty faced girl!http://www.tmz.com/photos/2017/06/28/womens-beautiful-buttock-series-china-photos/images/2017/06/27/womens-beautiful-buttock-series-photos00-jpg
sailor250 #89

Re:Female thong contestants

Date Posted:01/10/2018 02:37:52Copy HTML

 This female former Marine must have really excelled at "Booty Camp"- in that G string! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5251747/Marine-turned-model-reveals-received-marriage-offers.html
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