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Date Posted:01/08/2006 08:44:48Copy HTML

Can anyone tell me anything about Thongin, or nude/topless in Fiji or on any of their secluded islands?
matchingthongs #1

Re:Fiji anyone??

Date Posted:01/08/2006 06:56:33Copy HTML

Fiji is very conservative and ethnically mixed. The attitudes are not the same as Tahiti for example. Obvoiusly, on a secluded beach you could probably wear as little as possible. We stayed on a remote island with local islanders for a week and in the capital at a beach resort for a few days during a quiet time of the year. My wife didn't have her thong then and she never sunbathed topless, but if I remember there was a woman in a small backed bikini at the resort pool. I'm sure thonging would've been fine at the hotel which was mainly a few foreign tourists from Europe and New Zealand.

You can never tell, but I would expect that thonging is fine in hotel resorts and tourist beaches; toplessness probably OK - as long as you are just lying around. Nude bathing is illegal, probably very risky and best avoided in Fiji. That seems to be the 'default' situation in most places. I would be a bit more sensitive to local feelings in more remote islands; e.g. you should always be bare-headed but covered up in homes and villages.

The fijians are very friendly and welcoming and it is the responsibility of tourists to respect their customs, so keep the swimwear for the pool and beach only. Never tip (it can offend!), never raise your voice or confront. Assess the situation re. attire and don't always presume that if others are stripped it's alright. I think that applies to most places infact!

Remember that Fiji is tropical and very green and that can mean rain... lots of it. Don't let that put you off; it's beautiful and relaxing. Both "Blue Lagoon" films were shot there and you can see why!
pkthong #2

Re:Fiji anyone??

Date Posted:07/22/2011 06:28:19Copy HTML

 Any recent experiences in Fiji? We are planning a family trip around Christmas time. I will probably wear rios if I gather the atmosphere seems relaxed enough. I rarely wear thongs in public, even in places like Punta Cana, and this place does not sound like the kind of place to start "testing the waters".
DoreFan #3

Re:Fiji anyone??

Date Posted:07/22/2011 06:20:20Copy HTML

It has been many years since I've been to Fiji, but the people there are extremely relaxed and don't worry about anything. Back in those days I only had speedo style bikinis and no thongs, but I'm sure thongs will be fine there. The locals are the most relaxed and friendly people I've met.
pkthong #4

Re:Fiji anyone??

Date Posted:01/07/2012 10:45:20Copy HTML

 Just returned from 2 weeks in Fiji. We (wife and 2 daughters 10,7 ) spent the first week at Malolo Island Resort and the second at Shangri-La.
MIR is a small (45)rooms b.k.a. as "bures" in the local lingo and a great place to relax as there are no phones or tv's in the bures so you really have to socialize and get to know almost everyone on a first name basis. there were 3 families from the U.S. the rest were from Australia or New Zealand.I wore one of several rios while there but I did not thong in public. The rios were skinz standard rio, Js capri, sunup/sundwn. I did not feel like I was marginalized because of this and this was a pleasant surprise. you could probably thong if you are so inclined but I did not see any male or female.
This was one of the first times that I think I inspired another guy to wear a bikini. after the first day there, a guy who was playing with his toddler near the beach in swimtrunks. Later I noticed from a distance that he was wearing a blue 1/2 back bikini. I did not make his acquaintance as he and his family left the next day.
I am very happy to say that we made friends with several families from Australia. One family in particular had 2 kids close in age to our own and we all got on well. Although I did get a little good natured ribbing from the blokes, they did tell me that I was in great shape and they did wear similar "togs" when they were younger and in better shape. Their kids did not seem to be off put either. The best comment I got was from an older lady visiting from the Seattle area.It was X-mas morning and Santa was coming in by boat to give all the visiting kids their gifts. We were walking over to take pics of this she was walking some 15 feet behind me and I was wearing my wine colored JS capri and she said" I see you're wearing your X-mas suit!" with a grin on her face. I'm not sure my wife heard that but I just turned around and said "I guess so" and smiled back.
Shangri-La is a nice place also but it is a big resort with around 450 rooms and tons of kids. I wore rios here but not the JS capris as I thought they were too close to thongs and I didn't want to push the envelope with my wife. The atmosphere just did not seem conducive to minimal attire and of course I had the smallest gear male or female. There were a couple of guys in regular Speedos which is more than I can say for the usual resorts we go to that are packed with North Americans. Even here I did not feel like I was "that guy" as much as I do say in Cozumel or Aruba.We did not get to make any great friendships while at this resort nor did my kids, oh well I suppose.
I would say that this one of the best holidays we have had, the Fijian and Australian people were fantastic. I was just a little unsure of how we would be received there since we are ethnically Indian and there have been tensions in the past between the native Fijians and the Indo-Fijians. I was happy to see that for the most part those issues have resolved, and we were treated just like all the other tourists.
I would strongly recommend the first resort for a family or couples vacation, especially for those living "down under" since it is as easy for you as the Carribean is for us. And if you are braver than I try thonging you will probably have just as good a time as I did.
John Howard #5

Re:Fiji anyone??

Date Posted:01/09/2012 11:57:33Copy HTML

 pkthong, I also went to Shangri La a few years ago, and I understand what you say.   I felt the same about wearing a thong there, so at the end didn't do it.  I wore my Andreas cahling rio posing suits, and a Rodeo string bikini that I bought in the eighties and is still going, almost  a half back string bikini that amazingly stays on and doesn't ride up, probably because of its good quality, made in Holland.
I did thong though at Natadola beach, a few kilometres north, a sort of adult couples resort there, where we spent one day.  Me my wife and then 3 y/o son, had a good time in Fiji.   A bit disappointed of Shangri La, the beach area is tiny due to coral all around the island.  Lots of families, and kids, but most Aussies and Kiwis who unlike some American tourists, are used to Speedos and bikinis on men.  So my string bikinis didn't cause a problem at all.    However the day I thonged at Natadola, there were some locals there, and they seemed to be shocked to see a guy wearing a thong, I learned then that Fijians are a bit more conservative, but this was a tourist area so it didn't matter.
I reckon you should have thonged at Shangri La at any of the adult pools they got.  They got two I think, very beautiful and the best of all, clear of kids.!! A guy wearing a thong at that pool should be more than ok.  But I didn't do it either!!!  You know mate, at that moment only 3 years married, felt sorry for leaving the wife who was pregnant of my second then,  on her own with my oldest while I was sunbaking almost naked drinking pina colada at the adults pool..... But as you will probably discover as year go by and you are i.e. 10 years married, the assertiveness in you comes back and you start doing the things you want to do, not hiding anything but telling your wife what you want do do and what not.   Now if I went back to Shangi La, I would tell her to do shifts, and I would go to the adults pool for a couple of hours to sunbake, and then we swap and I stay with the kids while she reads a book at the pool too. I also missed the free scuba diving lessons at the main pool, now I regret it.  
I didn't miss the pool volleyball activities though, remember a muscly  NZ guy wearing speedos playing on the opposite team who asked his g/f to film him in the pool, a few times I spotted her filming me, lol, at the end we became mates, Kiwis are vere friendly people.
Thongmad #6

Re:Fiji anyone??

Date Posted:06/01/2012 11:54:05Copy HTML

We are booked for the Shangri-la for 7 days later this year.

From what I've heard of Fiji previously, I was thinking a 1" side Muscleskins rio would be the go for the resort. I know how conservative it is if you venture away from the tourist areas, so didn't expect a thong to be an option.

I will pack a few and see if the opportunity arises, but will expect to be in the rios.
Thongmad #7

Re:Fiji anyone??

Date Posted:08/13/2012 08:20:49Copy HTML

Going next Monday - will post a report in about two weeks...

Let's hope it's a positive one!
Thongmad #8

Re:Fiji anyone??

Date Posted:09/04/2012 05:31:46Copy HTML

Bulla!   I’m back from Fiji !!!
Well it certainly was not a thong paradise! OK…yes it is, but nobody thongs there!

It was a case of staying at the wrong place, really. As others before me have said, the Shangri-la is a family-friendly package style resort (and getting a bit tired at that), mostly full of couples with kids under 5yo. 85% percent (no exaggeration) were Australian, a fair few Kiwis, and the majority of the rest Japanese. So as you can imagine, lots of overweight dads in boardshorts, and mums covering up more than they really need to!

There were a fair number of ladies in string bikinis of varying sizes (the ladies and the bikinis), as they are a strong trend on Aussie beaches in recent times. The closest I saw to a thong was a youngish lady tanning face down with her top undone and bottoms pulled up like a thong. A few tanned with tops undone while face down (my wife included) but nobody female goes topless.

I wore my Muscleskins 1”side bikinis in the pool and at the beach. I think I saw about 5 other guys in speedos in 7 days.

I wore my 1” side Muscleskins thong on two occasions. One afternoon there was a major Rugby Union game in the nearby town, and the resort was at around 30% capacity due to many guests and staff attending. The beach was so nice that afternoon I couldn’t resist! I spent the best part of 6 hours on my lounger soaking it up! We spoke to a few other guests nearby (as you usually do) and ordered drinks from the staff as usual, who stay and chat for a bit, and nobody commented about my thong. Yes they usually look, but no problems at all. I covered up with my bikinis to go for a swim, however.

I also did the same one afternoon around the smaller pool near our ground-floor room on the other side of the resort. It was away from the main beach and pool. Same deal, no problems! Every afternoon we’d sit and have a drink on our verandah, me in my thongs, and never a comment from staff or passing guests. I even helped out the lady staying beside us with some sunset photos one evening. She didn’t say anything, and I’m sure she didn’t mind either!

So my assessment is that if you want to wear a thong at a resort, you could if you use common sense. The Fijian staff really couldn’t care I’m sure, it’s just other guests you may have to consider as you usually would.

The best idea would be to go to a more exclusive Island Resort that doesn’t cater for kids so much, and I’m sure you’d be right to thong on the beach and the pool. That would be about it though.

If you ever go to Fiji, visit a real Fijian village. The people are just beautiful!
pkthong #9

Re:Fiji anyone??

Date Posted:09/11/2012 05:28:26Copy HTML

 @Thonmad: Glad you had a good time in Fiji. We were there in January and found the same demographic that you described. We did spend the prior week at Malolo Island Resort which was just fantastic. There were just as many kids at Malolo as compared to Shanri-La(percentage wise).
I did find that the kids and people in general were not taken aback by my skimpy swimwear as much as in resort inCozumel for example which is predominantly populated with American and Canadian tourists.
Thongmad #10

Re:Fiji anyone??

Date Posted:09/12/2012 09:27:02Copy HTML

pk, that because the Aussies will look twice, think 'that's a bit different' then go back to their beer/bourbon'n'coke.

Especially when they're on holidays!!!
pkthong #11

Re:Fiji anyone??

Date Posted:09/12/2012 03:51:54Copy HTML

 Cheers mate!
Happy_Thonger #12

Re:Fiji anyone??

Date Posted:01/25/2017 09:48:19Copy HTML

Hi team - Does anyone have any update on how well or not thong bathers are received on the beaches and resorts of Fiji? We are thinking of taking a family holiday there this year. Any advice, suggestions or pointers welcomed. Cheers! 
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