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Date Posted:05/27/2017 09:01:04Copy HTML

There is a state park, about 20 miles from any major population center, called Findley Lake State Park.   It is maybe 20-25 miles West of Lodi, OH or Medina, OH.  The pictures of this park include a nice, but small beach area, and their website includes swimming as one of the recreational things to do.
Has anyone been to this park, and if so, what was it like?  Could you thong comfortably and could women go topfree here without getting a lot of flack?  Randy and I plan to be in the area several times in the next month or so, but even then, it will be a bit out of our way, and so if this park really sucks, I would like to do something else.  This part of the state has very few parks, and the nearest 0ther state park is probably 40 to 50 miles away, so I would think that even though this park is small, it might have a high volume of customer equipment.
Nuwalket #1

Re:Findley State Park Ohio (West and South of Cleveland)

Date Posted:05/27/2017 02:16:02Copy HTML

I wish I could help but never knew that park was there! From the beach reviews I've read it seems that there are a lot of goose droppings and the water can be foul at times. Maybe a canoe or kayak rental and get away to a secluded cove? The campground sounds decent enough so I'll be interested in what you find there. Safe travels! 
sctty #2

Re:Findley State Park Ohio (West and South of Cleveland)

Date Posted:07/04/2017 12:59:57Copy HTML

I go there alot and have had no problems at all. I've laid at at the beach, parking lot, and hiked in a thong or tights. I've wor n a speedo thong, string thong, cheekys, and brazilian. I'll sometimes wear my running tights in cold weather and still get friendly hello's. You may get a couple looks, but no one has ever said anything to me. I have even taken a nude hike there, mind you the place was empty on an early morning. I will also say there are quite a few of "cruisers" that go there, but just tell them to go away and they do. It is a nice, laid back, quite place to visit.
ithongit #3

Re:Findley State Park Ohio (West and South of Cleveland)

Date Posted:07/04/2017 02:55:43Copy HTML

Got to Findlay State Park last week.  as SCTTY says, no issues and I went as far as a G-string and topfree.  Some gawkers who I don't think have ever seen a woman's breasts before.  They didn't get too close, but kept going back and forth and while they had dark glasses, I am pretty sure they were looking at me because they turned their head when they went by.  I have gotten the same reaction at other state parks where topfree is not common, and people have not seen it that much. 

Beach is small, like most small state parks.  There are goose droppings, but you find  those (unfortunately) at most state parks in Ohio.  They sort of plow the beach from time to time, which mixes up the "sand" and goose droppings, and at least this coats them so they are not quite as bad.  "Sand" is somewhat muddy, again like most parks in Ohio.  There are a few (Rocky Fork main beach as an example) where sand is really sand.  I think this is since most lakes are not natural, and so a naturally sandy area is not available.  I don't know if the "sand" is something from within the park, or if it is sand they bring in on trucks and it gets mixed up with the natural soil in the area.

Back to the park.  A couple of people were quite open about taking pictures.  With they guys, it was their backs (and bun exposing thongs) with me it was my front they were more interested in.  Scott had us lay out boy, girl, boy and they guys layed stomach down and I laid stomach up and the people with cameras all returned for what I assume were group pictures.  One lady ask if I was legal (going topfree) and I assured her I was, but she said she would have to ask her boyfriend before she could join me. 

The cutest young man about 14, who was very polite was interested in the guy's thongs, but seemed almost oblivious to my bare breasts.  He was wearing pretty short board-short inspired swimwear.  He said he had seen men and women in thongs here before, but never had the nerve to ask about what it was like wearing a thong.  His parents were with a daughter a little distance away, and didn't seem to be bothered by him coming over and talking. 

After some greetings, he ask politely if he could sit down with us and talk.  He said he liked my suit, and thought that more women should go topfree,  He said he also liked that all of us wore thongs.  He said his older sister wore thongs, and later he brought her over and she ask a lot of the same questions he had ask.  His main focus was "can a man [his words] wear at thong without looking like a sissy/wussy.  Brad ask if either he or Scott looked that way, and he admitted that they both looked really manly. 

He ask me about how I dealt with being stared at, and I told him I developed a thick skin and didn't let it bother me.  I added that it might take some time to get used to having people stare, and that his friends might find out.  He said he didn't think his friends would mind and probably would get over it in a day or two. 

The daughter had on a very high-cut one piece thong.  The waist was well above the hips, and everything from above her hips to her toes was exposed.  This was an old fashion look from the 1980s maybe.  Anyway, she said her mom gave it to her, and that the mom had worn it when she was younger.  Her mom no longer wears thong, but apparently, she doesn't worry too much about what her kids were wearing. 

Later the mom came over and thanked us for talking to her kids.  She said they told her what we had said and she agreed with every word.  She said they probably felt more at ease talking with us and not with her and her boyfriend.  She said her Ex-husband was very anti-thong and that is when she stopped wearing them, but he didn't see anything wrong with the daughter (who was now 19) wore one.      

I think when there are a couple (man and woman) wearing thongs, they are instantly more acceptable.  Two men are "gay" and two women are "looking for men", but a man and women are just going to the beach.  Having Brad along only re-enforced the normality of thong swimwear and made us all that more acceptable. 

There will always be people who stare and take pictures until thongs and topfreedom are very common. I noticed a lot less staring and picture taking at Miami and other places where topfree women are more common.

sctty #4

Re:Findley State Park Ohio (West and South of Cleveland)

Date Posted:07/05/2017 04:47:37Copy HTML

I am actually headed there tomorrow wed 7/5 around 1pm.... if any cares to join in.
mbannon #5

Re:Findley State Park Ohio (West and South of Cleveland)

Date Posted:07/21/2017 03:15:54Copy HTML

 After reading the reviews here, I went to Findley State Park this morning at 7 AM to check it out. When I got to the beach and boat rental parking lot, there was one other man there who apparently had just finished swimming. He was just closing his driver's door and leaving as I was walking past in shorts towards the beach. I was now alone for what turned out to be the next 40 minutes. I looked at the beach, out door shower (wet from his use), changing rooms and restrooms. "Nice place", I thought as I went back to the car. I stripped to my thong and sandals, took my shorts and towel and went to the beach.
The sand is earth mixed with sand, but it's not bad and FAR better than Edgewater State Park's sand! The water was still as glass, fairly warm, and reasonably clean for a lake. Yon can walk from the shore about halfway out to the buoys and still only be waist deep in water. The bottom felt better in the middle of the beach than at either end. I swam around for about  15 minutes and then decided to go for a walk. As you face the water, the boat rental, and further away, the dam are to your left.
I walked past the boat rental, and walked the .2 mile trail through the woods to the dam. I walked the closed vehicle access road that runs across the top of the dam. It's all very easy and pleasant except having to watch for bird or dog poop on the trail or road. I turned around and retraced my steps back to the parking lot. As I was getting near the lot, and older man showed up to use a metal detector. I don't know if he saw me in my thong from the front or not. To avoid a possible hassle, with the restrooms between me and him unloading his truck, I covered my Speedo thong with my shorts. We passed each other, each giving a friendly greeting, him coming to the beach, me leaving it. I then drove around the rest of the park to see what it was like.
I liked my experience there, and will come back in the future, but I can't say at all if it's thong friendly or not based on this visit. For the 40 minutes I was thonging, in and out of the water, I saw no one.
sctty #6

Re:Findley State Park Ohio (West and South of Cleveland)

Date Posted:07/25/2017 07:15:16Copy HTML

 Dont worry about metal detector guy...he's up there alot..  minds his own business
sctty #7

Re:Findley State Park Ohio (West and South of Cleveland)

Date Posted:07/25/2017 07:18:06Copy HTML

 Also people, dont forget...the cleveland metroparks honor the state laws, so places such as hinckley lake and wallace lake are topfree and thong tolerable...by law
mbannon #8

Re:Findley State Park Ohio (West and South of Cleveland)

Date Posted:08/02/2017 09:49:54Copy HTML

I've now been to Findley State Park five times, each time in the morning 7-7:30 AM. Recently it was Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday. If you want to try thonging where it's free, legal and there's no one around, this is the time and place in northeast Ohio! During the five times I've been there, roughly 11 people have seen me in my black Speedo thong, 7 of these this past Monday because I was there much later than usual, leaving at about 9:30 AM. Two were lurking or creepy in their trucks and soon left, the rest barely even gave me a second glance.
I usually park at the beach parking lot, strip to my thong there, then take my towel and shorts and go swimming for up to 20 minutes. I think the maintenance guy with the John Deere tractor tills the beach every other day. He acts like I'm not there, which is fine with me. The water is OK, but not great. It's a lake with geese and fish, it's no chlorinated swimming pool! I will not put my face in it while swimming. I rinse off at the outdoor shower head at the restrooms.
Then I usually walk on the hiking trails clockwise some portion around the lake. Most times I've walked to just short of the campground. Once you get past the dam area, the amount of goose droppings you have to step around drops to almost nothing. Nearing the campground on the trail this past Monday, I saw a retired man walking his dog towards me. We both exchanged friendly "hellos", his biggest concern was that his dog gets aggressive around other dogs. Since I had no dog, he wasn't concerned. We never stopped walking as we encountered each other, and he acted as if I had knee-length hiking shorts on. Man, I'm just liking this place more and more! 
I walked entirely around the lake and back to the beach, mostly on the trails. When I was on the trails, and completely away from pavement, parking lots, boat ramps, and campsites, I was in my thong, carrying my running shorts and towel. Other than the guy with his dog, I saw no one. When I got to areas that could have more people, I put the shorts on over the thong. If you decide to walk around the lake, most of the trails are not marked really well in the woods south of the beach. I got somewhat lost on at least five occasions. Part of the problem is that the walking trails crisscross the biking trails and there's other paths branching out from each of those. The maps at most of the trailheads make it look far more straightforward than it is.
Overall, at least in the morning, this is a beautiful, quiet place to thong. I used to thong regularly 2000-2007 during mornings and late afternoons at Edgewater State Park's beach. Sometimes I hung out with Dave, another thonger that I don't think was on this Board. The deteriorating condition of the sand, water quality, and trashed toilets at the old beachhouse drove me away from Edgewater. If you're new to thonging, or largely want to be alone and hassle-free, Findley's beach is a great place to go.
sctty #9

Re:Findley State Park Ohio (West and South of Cleveland)

Date Posted:08/04/2017 04:25:31Copy HTML

 I will be out there monday afternoon and thursday morning if anyone is interested....
mbannon #10

Re:Findley State Park Ohio (West and South of Cleveland)

Date Posted:08/07/2017 04:56:06Copy HTML

I've gone to Findley a few more times since my last post.

Wednesday I went at 1:20 PM. There were mostly moms with kids, a retired couple, a 30's couple on mountain bikes, and a family of 4-5 with a friend along. During the hour and a half i was there, about 18 people in all saw me in the Speedo thong. There were a few raised eyebrows, a few distant negative comments, and a couple disdainful looks. Overall though, everyone went back to what they were doing and largely ignored me.

I never tried to hide from view the entire time I was there. I undressed at the car to the thong, grabbed my towel and went to the beach and swam for 20 minutes. I then laid on my towel in the grass between the restrooms and sand face up, then face down to tan for a bit for about half an hour total.

Interestingly enough, a lady with daughter took her pile of stuff from under a tree and laid it out 40 feet from me. She could have gone anywhere else on the grass to lay out and read her book, but chose not to. I rinsed the lake water off myself at the outdoor shower head at the restrooms that faces the beach, then went to the car to cover up and leave. All in all, not a bad experience.
mbannon #11

Re:Findley State Park Ohio (West and South of Cleveland)

Date Posted:08/11/2017 02:17:25Copy HTML

Went to Findley State Park's beach today at 9:10. Initially saw almost no one. Went swimming in my black Speedo thong for 25 minutes. As i was getting done, and coming out of the water, a lady backpacker in her 20's came along and started unpacking her stuff at a picnic table. As I went across the grass up to the outdoor shower head, I met SCTTY for the first time. He undressed to a red thong and laid out on his towel in the grass, while I showered off up the hill.

When I was done, to break the ice, I went partway over to her to ask about some gear near SCTTY that may have been hers. She said it was hers, so I asked about her tent. As she went to show it to me she realized both of us guys were in thongs. This surprised her, but put her in a really good mood. I kidded her that "we're having a two-man protest of boardshorts", which she thought was funny in a good way!

We all talked about several subjects for an hour including the fact it's legal to thong and women to go topless in all Ohio State parks. She was a lot of fun with a terrific attitude, and all three of us had a good time. She and I each took some pictures. During our time there thonging and talking with her, probably 15 people came through the area and saw us, including at least 5 park maintenance guys. No one seemed to say anything, but they also didn't come down to the grass or beach, either.

Before we were done, a guy that reminded me of Wavey Gravey from Woodstock '69 showed up to swim. I complimented him on his American flag boardshorts and towel. He smiled, we exchanged pleasantries, and he went swimming. He was unfazed by our thongs.

When backpacker lady and we were done, SCTTY and I put shorts over our thongs and headed for the parking lot. She went back to packing up all her gear and leaving. She cheerfully waved goodbye to us as she left for her next adventure. SCTTY and I talked a bit in the parking lot, then went our separate ways. It was a great few hours, and the first time in years I've thonged with another thonger. I'm rather sure that the cute backpacker lady's presence kept anyone from giving us any flack. She never wore less than a sportsbra and hiking shorts.
mbannon #12

Re:Findley State Park Ohio (West and South of Cleveland)

Date Posted:08/13/2017 02:04:45Copy HTML

Went to Findley's beach Saturday morning. Swam, rinsed off, and walked on the hiking trails going clockwise from the beach, all in my thong. I went across the dam, through the spillway valley, to a little past the first place the trail crosses the campground road. I always put on shorts near the populous campground area. I found out today that I'm not the only one who finds the trails near the campground and south of there to be poorly marked and therefore confusing. Some kids and a guy with a dog had trouble figuring it out, too. Then I returned the same way, covered up at the car and left.
There must have been some event going on that was starting from the beach area because there were many teens there gathering for something. I've also never seen so many people pass me while I returned on the trail to the beach parking lot. Overall, about 30 people saw me in the thong. No one gave me any trouble, but there were a lot of raised eyebrows, a few horrified looks, and a few amused looks. I think most people are afraid to engage a thonger for fear the "crazy thonger" will hang around. The last thing anyone wants to do is encourage a crazy person to hang around. I'm not crazy, I just like to wear smaller swimwear than they do. Either way, this place is certainly thong tolerant.
Martylouie #13

Re:Findley State Park Ohio (West and South of Cleveland)

Date Posted:08/13/2017 12:21:55Copy HTML

 You say you aren't crazy, did your mother have you tested?  Sorry, could not resist the Big Bang Theory reference. 
mbannon #14

Re:Findley State Park Ohio (West and South of Cleveland)

Date Posted:08/13/2017 01:20:46Copy HTML

Not familiar with BBT references. Yes, she did have me tested, and I was declared normal. However the men in white coats took HER away in the little ambulance! Lol.Back to Findley beach: If you live in northeast Ohio and want to start thonging without a hassle, early morning here during the week is great. I rarely see more than five people around the beach area until about 9 AM. Most of those are just passing through walking or biking.
mbannon #15

Re:Findley State Park Ohio (West and South of Cleveland)

Date Posted:08/29/2017 01:10:59Copy HTML

I've gone to Findley several times since my last post. Typical of most parks and touristy places, it's busier on weekends than it is midweek. Almost every time when I arrive early to go to the swimming beach though, it's deserted except for a retired couple walking past once or twice. We smile and wave at each other. When I walk around the perimeter of the lake on the hiking trails, which takes one hour, I maybe encounter up to five people on the trails themselves. I cover up with shorts most of the time where the trail crosses roads, parking lots, or campgrounds. The campgrounds are by far the most used part of Findley. The boating is electric motor only, so I've seen and been seen by a few boaters who were fishing.

One of the last times I went, someone must have called in a thong-man report to the park office. I was coming out of the woods, off a hiking trail in my thong, back to the beach to leave. Two workers in a white DCNR (parks department) truck had just showed up. We clearly saw each other, and I waved and smiled at them. As I went to my car and put shorts on over my thong, they circled around, stayed at a distance, and watched me until I had driven out of the parking lot. I'm sure I was the only reason they were there. Even though I've been seen by park employees several times at the park, they've never said or done anything negative. They are probably required to investigate a thong-person report to make sure that what the thonger is wearing and what they're doing is legal. I'm fine on both counts, and intend to stay that way.
mbannon #16

Re:Findley State Park Ohio (West and South of Cleveland)

Date Posted:07/15/2018 04:42:13Copy HTML

 I've been to Findley State Park several times this year, mostly with good results. I go in the morning arriving at sunrise, or maybe up to an hour later. Other than the campground areas, this place is virtually deserted in the early morning. I wear a black Speedo thong while swimming at the beach and walking the hiking trails around the lake. I cover up with shorts usually only while crossing some parking lots and the edges of the campground areas.

About a month ago, shortly after I arrived at the beach parking lot, another man with two kids arrived also, and were parked nearby. The kids looked like they were 6 and 10, a boy and a girl. I decided to swim anyway, but kept my running shorts on until I got to the beach. They went fishing, backs to me I guess, to the left side of the beach, while I went to the middle of the beach. We arrived at the beach at the same time. I took off my shorts, revealing my thong, and went into the water quietly to swim, which I did for the next 20 minutes.

No problem until I got out of the water and went to shower off at the outdoor showerhead at the restrooms. He and the kids were just then coming up the hill to leave. He shouts, "hey dude, why don't you wear some swimwear?". I replied, "it IS swimwear, it's a men's thong swimsuit". He yells back something about it being a family place as they go out of view to leave. I'll bet if I was a woman in a thong, he would't complain. By the time I'm done, they're gone. While we both have the right to be there, swimming is best done from this beach, while people fish from several other places around the lake.
Other than that, no real problems. Last weekend morning, there were about eight people fishing either in boats or from the steep shore of the dam. A lady was in a chair at the top of the dam, her husband below fishing at the water's edge. As you walk the access road across the top of the dam, you can be seen clearly for four minutes. Once into view, I decided to just keep walking in the thong, holding my shorts and shirt in hand. She sees me, and just keeps watching as I get closer to passing her. Once past her, she sees my butt, chuckles a bit, and that's the end of it. I sometimes get a few raised eyebrows and surprised looks but that's about it.

On the other hand, there's a guy I saw twice last year and once this year. He comes to swim, usually when I'm about to leave. He wears an American flag pair of shorts. He claims to work at a pool and said he likes my swimwear choice, but was surprised to find that it was legal. We had a short but fun conversation about a few things last week before I left, and he went swimming.

Two other observations: I counted 20 geese and lots of geese poop around the beach area the last several times, but not any geese and less poop on 7-14-18. They usually don't leave until fall. I wonder if the park relocated them? Kayaks. The kayak thing must really be taking off in this area, as I've seen several more people launching/using them at Findley this year.

mbannon #17

Re:Findley State Park Ohio (West and South of Cleveland)

Date Posted:09/07/2018 10:34:38Copy HTML

Findley State Park has been having a possible issue with algae in the lake water, therefore advising against swimming. There's an additional sign at the beach where I swim warning of this potential hazard. On their website though, it shows other parks with a water quality warning, MANY of them on Lake Erie, but not theirs. That's confusing.
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