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bigbuzz #101

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:04/21/2008 11:54:05Copy HTML

Sailor- It was a C-String suit. Now she just does it with one with tie sides.

We just do what they ask us to do and after a while go back to what we were doing. We know now what they get upset over and we just make sure we keep it cool when they come down the beach.  We never try to flaunt it and usually always try and give families plenty of notice time. If we see ones coming with kids I will usually stand up in advance so they can see they may run into thonged people. We are never really blatten about it unless they decide to set up right around us, then it's like what do you do.
beachfolks #102

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:04/22/2008 03:17:07Copy HTML

 Yes, I'm sure I'm a pain in the ass for not jumping for their command, continuing to wear swimsuits just inside the  rules, and he was just looking for a way to get rid of me(and found one). At my advanced age, I don't take to being jacked around. Very likely my objections when being chased out from the gulf in front of the space they declared off limits while shelling the previous day was what set him off. They don't like anyone who doesn't jump when they say. These rangers have always made up their own rules as the go along, chasing beachgoers out of whatever they decide whenever they decide. Not only is a marked space off-limits, but while we were present they have made up unmarked lines and forced fellow  beachgoers away from the off-limits spaces saying "we're going to mark that off limits next year". Their objection to my compliant swimsuit has frequently been that they were going to ban all thongs in the future

When he came up, the ranger said I can see through your suit, so I grabbed a conservative thong and put it on, but he told the deputy he wanted me banned from the beach -leave now-and then followed us all the way to our car.

Yes, I'm sure they have more complaint problems now by forcing everyone into more confined space.
bigbuzz #103

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:04/22/2008 09:17:51Copy HTML

I can see your point as you are out there a lot more than we are. But unless you were given a written trespass you can go back today. Maybe just play it cool for a little while and let them have their way.  The last time we were out they had the beach blocked off completely where you could not walk down it at all. I thought you had said you could walk down the beach now but you could not set up your towels and stuff. So why the big deal the day you were out walking?
briankay #104

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:04/23/2008 01:18:23Copy HTML

bigbuzz, I think you're probably right that they can't verbally ban beachfolks from DeSoto, but there's the practical standpoint.  It seems there is a long time series of conflicts between beachfolks and the ranger and so if he goes back, what they will probably have is a huge chess game.  The ranger will try to catch him doing something wrong while not crossing the line to obvious harrassment.  At the same time beachfolks would have to be perfect while trying to set it up that the ranger was harrassing him.

But another thing it could be, and I suspect this is it, that the ranger thought he made a deal... you won't get a ticket today but don't come back.  IOW, and I think beachfolks said something close to this, the ranger was more interested punishing him by getting him out permanently (because that was better for the ranger) than punishing him by getting a ticket, fine, etc, which would allow him to come back.   So it could be they'll look at it as if he comes back, well, OK, we're going to give you a ticket for the other day.  Don't know if they can give a ticket a couple days after the fact, but even if they actually can't, but do anyway, then he's got the ticket issue to deal with.

(I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice.)
Beachlover492000 #105

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:04/23/2008 01:17:57Copy HTML

The current rule seems to be that the area in front of the signs in the previous "forbidden territory" can be used only for walking. You can't set up a blanket and umbrella even in front of the signs. The only reason why you can walk there is because the rule was unenforcable and they had to take down the total "closed beach" signs.

This bird policy is totally stupid. You look behind the signs and there are SUV traces all over it where the rangers run up and down the beach. This is not about conservation; it about getting in people's faces and CONTROL.

I wrote this Browning guy who is the point man for this foolishness. One of his reasons, he gave me for this bird policy is that we need to preserve the land because so much beach has been taken up by development. GREAT! The "little people" get another "tax" laid on them because the super rich get to build huge houses on the beach and developers get to put up condos and those awlful overpriced hotels on St. Pete Beach. Yea, Mr. Browning is a "real man of the people." RIGHT!

Revised to add:

I think that will be to our advantage to avoid strapless and see-though suits. The strapless suit make look like you are completely nude from many angles and prompt complaints. The see-though suits are also not a good idea given the current climate. Make no mistake about it. Part of the reason for this beach clusure was directed to thongers and people who went nude on the far end of the beach by the trees. The bird part was also good liberal politics for Mr. Browning.
bigbuzz #106

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:04/30/2008 11:50:58Copy HTML

We were out both Saturday and Sunday. It was beautiful. We had a nice long talk with the head ranger on Sunday regarding the preservation area.  Two months ago you could not walk down the beach. They have actually opened some more beach and you can walk  almost all the way to the inlet south of north beach. Saturday they were allowing people to lay out on the beach side f the signs. Saturday afternoon a different ranger made people pack up and leave the area. Sunday we asked and soon you will not be allowed to lay down in that area. You will only be allowed to walk. So we just stay where the signs begin on the beach and enjoy our stay. The trucks will have to stop driving down before too long and the rangers will have to walk. It was interesting as the ranger pointed out an American Oyster Catcher sitting on two eggs. These are rare birds and having them there is kind of neat. I will give up beach to share with them.
runningbear #107

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/13/2008 12:23:02Copy HTML

I do not mind sharing the beach with the birds. I do object to people being herded like cattle. If those who have assumed the authority to dictate to others should decide to ban those over 60 from the beach, would that  be acceptable? It would be for our good, you know, because we do get skin cancer. The beach would be much more attractive if only 20 and 30 somethings were allowed. Perhaps next year the beach police could require Gold's Gym cards. An improvement would surely be to allow only an equal of women and men on the beach. No old duffers in g-strings. There is no limit to the improvements those in authority could make. I am over 60. A relaxing day at Ft. Desoto is but a memory, and that memory is fading.
Beachlover492000 #108

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/19/2008 02:23:47Copy HTML

You can still have fun at Ft. De Soto, runningbear, especially on weekdays when the crowds are smaller. It's just that the area where we can set up is further south.

As for the rangers driving up and down the bird area, they are still doing it. The tracks continue to show up in back of the signs.  I know enough about the winds and the waves to know that those tracks only last for a couple of days. The bird policy is a farce, and it will continue to be a farce as long as the rangers keep driving their SUVs close to the nests, eggs and young birds.

One more interesting failure are the palm trees the management put up to replace the shade trees that used to shelter the benches on the walking trail between North Beach and the giftshop. The palm trees and now dying and falling over just as I predicted they would. Palm trees need lots of water, fertilizer and wooden stake supports after they have been planted. These palms are getting none of that from what I can see. For a bunch of "experts," the Ft. De Soto park management seems to be about bright as a bag of hammers.
bigbuzz #109

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/22/2008 02:01:01Copy HTML

Still the nicest beach we have on the west coast in the Tampa/ St. Pete area.  Not sure how high gas prices will end up affecting the amount of people going out there. Would be nice if the number of people going out do slow down. That allows the thongers to have more room along the beach. We keep hoping to get out but the weather is not cooperating right now. Maybe in a few weeks.

Everybody needs to understand the Rangers at the Fort are just the indians. The cheif's are sitting in some office downtown. They just please the squeekiest wheel.  We have never had a problem with a ranger and I gurantee you they know the wife is laying there topless. They know they can see thru my little thong. And I gurantee you they know we are naked out there in the water on rafts.
bigbuzz #110

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/25/2008 10:01:52Copy HTML

Just got in from agreat day at the Fort. Definitely a Holiday with all the families. Us included. Appears they are only allowing people to walk down the beach in front of the conservation beach.  Actually a lady out there today with some type of bird foundation vest on letting people know the rules. The ranger came down twice while we were out. First time road down and ask every one to move back down the beach. The second time made no effort to drive down the beach. Still a lot of thongs. Women were still laying out topless. So nothing has really changed except that people end up being a little closer together.
JM_Runs #111

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/26/2008 03:15:10Copy HTML

 Seems like a good time to integrate the thonging population with the local beach population.  Something that is more difficult to do in winter when all the snowbirds are down, brining their northen attitudes.

Since you can't have a private thongers haven you have to adjust your sights and go for social integration of the whole place.  Maybe that means skipping the suits that push the limit by being transparent or non-existent.  On the other hand getting integrated into the general population may encourage some of the other locals to join you, or at least change down a size or two. If you are well integrated into the rest of the park then when the snowbirds come back it will be fate-accompli. 

Given lemons you have to make lemonade.  Now that’s not a bad idea, a thong wearing lemonade stand.

Your chance to change and instead of having a hostile relationship with the rangers turn and have a friendly relationship with the rest of the park users.  It’s amazing what a few cherry ‘Good Mornings’ and some genuinely welcoming smiles will achieve.

People laughed when the Haulover group started their semi formalized ‘Goodwill Beach Ambassador’ program.  But look where that goodwill program got them.

Time to turn on the charm and become ‘Thong Ambassadors of Goodwill’.
bigbuzz #112

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/26/2008 02:01:22Copy HTML

JM Runs- Very well put.  We have always been nice to the rangers and in turn they have been nice to us. We all have to understand that things change over time and we can make it better or we can make it worse.  Yesterday when we saw the ranger we flagged him down and asked how the oyster Catcher was doing with her little ones. He was so excited that someone actually wanted to discuss a positive outcome of this conservation area. Wife and I both in thongs.  Wife ended up laying out topless most of the day. As a matter of fact a lady next to us ended up removing her top.  We saw no wierd stares or finger pointing about thongs or topfree. I still believe the majority of the problems are coming from the older crowd. Younger (20-30's) seem to not care nearly as much as the over 60's group. Now with the water warm the rafts will be out and enjoyment will be had by all.
Beachbroad1975b #113

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/31/2008 12:13:47Copy HTML

I went to Fort Desoto today and had a wonderful time! The sun was great and there were no crowds on the beach just north of the Fort. The tide was really low and people were out walking on the sand bar beachcombing. I was able to sit and lay out naked. I kept a close watch for the beach patrol, but never saw them head up the beach. Everyone was very considerate and didn't mind me sunbathing nude. A few other women eventually went topless. Glad I could start something positive. Hope everyone is able to get out to the beach this weekend. T!
bigbuzz #114

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/01/2008 08:06:16Copy HTML

Beachbroad- we were ou there yesterday all day. Saw no woman laying out nude. From the fort north about 1 mile the beach was packed. After that it got less crowded but there was no way a female layed out nude within 1 mile of that fort yesterday without being reported to the rangers. There was at least one other contributor here that we know that was out yesterday as well. So I have my doubts about you and your story. And I say that because of the numbers of kids that were out yesterday along the beach. Most parents would not allow that around their children and the rangers were on the beach a few times.

It was a beautiful day. So much so that we stayed so long we are too burned to go back today. Wanted to so bad but just got too much sun yesterday. Did not put on enough sunscreen and did not get under the umbrella at all. Wished we had but we will get back out soon. About another 2 weeks and it will be perfect rafting weather out there.

As for the conservation areas. Seems mre and more people are beginning to play by the rules. Last weekend there were volunteers out for the bird watchers educating people on why they must stay clear. I believe this helped. They did not bother anybody sunbathing. They actually never said a word about the women that were laying topless. They were doing what they were suppose to do and that was to educate the people.
Ex_Member #115

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/02/2008 01:58:12Copy HTML

 I think she was there on Friday as she posted Saturday and reffered to being at the beach yesterday which would have been Friday.  I was out Sunday but on Shell Key on the boat, there were a lot of boats out yesterday. I was sporting some new suits I got last week from skinz.  Love having that store so close to home.
bigbuzz #116

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/03/2008 12:57:18Copy HTML

Ski- The only problem I have with Skinz is how much they charge. Now if youo go to their online store and find their clearance sale they will accept that price in the store for that item. Is very interesting to see the price differences. We got the wife a couple a few years ago. Found them on their site and called. They said they would honor the price. It was 1/2 their sale price in the store. Just a tidbit of info.

I may be wrong because she might have been out friday. In that case I am sorry. But we need to make sure people understand there is no nude area at Fort Desoto.
Ex_Member #117

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/03/2008 12:28:24Copy HTML

Bigbuzz - 

I could not agree more about NO NUDE Bathing and the Fort!  I have been going to the Fort for over 20 years, long before most people even new about the best beach in the country.  I do not want people to ruin a good thing by causing a stir by laying out nude and then some mom reporting them and then we are left without another place to enjoy.  Regarding skinz, I could not agree more to the pricing. It seems the smaller the suit I buy the more money it cost.  The quality of the suit is well worth it.  Honestly, I have only purchased my suits from Skinz, I guess because I can go to the store when ever I want a try on before buying.  An example was the other day  I purchased a gstring in XL, the comfort of the size was much better in the style I purchased over other Large sizes in the past even though I am only a 35 waist and yes in shape, I am just a tall individual.  But I also purchased a bikini, even though it is very small in coverage, almost a thong, I got that suit in a large which I will wear when I visit Clearwater Beach.  So the advantage of being able to try on the suits is a plus and I guess I have to pay the price for that advantage.  I did get the sale price at $21 per suit instead of $28 so I guess I got a small bargin.
Ex_Member #118

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/05/2008 11:52:42Copy HTML

95 degrees yesterday at the Fort and not a cloud in the sky.  The water temp is perfect and the rays were intense.  I spent about 4 hours at the Fort right were the bird signs begin on west beach. There a few women laying out but none with desireable suits on at least not the kind I prefer on a woman. I must say that I like the closed off section of beach heading north, it give the walk along the shore more privacy, there is plenty of sand for laying out your chair and towel and still being away from the tourist but the walk north makes the beach seem even more private than it already is.  I spent all afternoon in my new skinz g and I must say I am a little burnt this morning from the sun and I have a dark tan already.  I was the only one out for sometime until one other guy showed up and went to the opposite end of the beach.  Gonna try to make it out today and I will be there for sure on Friday. 
Ex_Member #119

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/08/2008 01:27:22Copy HTML

Got to the Fort again on Friday for 3  + hours after 1 pm only about 93 degrees and the water temp is still perfect to cool off from the heat.  I had on a new blue low gstring from skinz that I bought this week, it has a mesh type material that fit great and allowed for a tan thru affect.  Only two other micro bathers one on a boat.  I will be back on Monday.

Ex_Member #120

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/10/2008 01:15:10Copy HTML

Finally some more G's at the Fort yesterday.  Girls and Guys and couples.  Great day, the weather is awesome.  Gotta love the late day storms that roll thru and cool down the temps.  Back again today!
Ex_Member #121

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/10/2008 03:40:49Copy HTML

I'm going to try to get down there next week, for sure.

The current issue of the Naturist Society's magazine has an article about the local group that was trying to get a clothing optional section of beach designated at the Fort.   Sounds like they've given up and are looking for some beach to focus on somewhere else in the area.  I can't imagine they'll find one, though.  The article mentioned how some beach goers were "banned for life" by the rangers but then appealed it.
Ex_Member #122

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/11/2008 01:11:38Copy HTML

Back at the Fort on Tuesday - What a difference a day makes, very few people at the beach only about 4 G's and the south end of tourist was very thin compared to Monday when the place was busy with people all up and down the beach.  Was out from 1-4 and got plenty of sun, the water temp was perfect.  Guy and gal were close by and she began to layout nude after sometime and he stayed under the umbrella and in his dork shorts.  I can not understand how you have a women layout out next to you nude and you have on shorts that might as well be pants. 
thongt2 #123

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/13/2008 08:33:36Copy HTML

 I'll be coming in from the west coast later this month and am planning a trip to Fort De Soto.  It's been about 5 years since I've been there last, and I was wonder where the popular spot to wear a thong would be?  The last time I was there, the north western part of Fort De Soto was popular.  Could someone tell me the best place to go these days at the Fort?
Ex_Member #124

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/13/2008 10:23:10Copy HTML

I'm guessing you should park at the lot just after the actual fort, where the gift shop is, and walk north a bit.
skinzfan #125

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/13/2008 11:45:36Copy HTML

I've been trying to keep up with the Ft. DeSoto bird/ranger situation. I kinda got lost trying to figure out if the bird nesting season is still affecting the beach area frequented by thongers. AFAIK, thongs are still legal swimwear except in Clearwater. I just choose Ft. DeSoto beach because the snide remarks are less there than any of the other beaches I've thonged. Anyway, I'm planning to do some skating tomorrow and then "work" on my tan:-)
If the nesting area is still in effect, where have all the regulars been going?
FL_thong #126

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/14/2008 01:33:08Copy HTML

A few months ago, ffter reading on here about other thongers at DeSoto I headed up there to the north side.  I was laying out in my thong facedown and some guy walks up to me and asks if he can sit near me.  I'm 28, married, and very small framed (5'9"-145lb) but my wife did not come with me to the beach that day.  I told him it was an open beach and laid my face back into my beach towel.  He kept trying to talk to me and I would be as breif as possible with my answers and avoiding all eye contact.  He commented on how fit and tone my body was and how I looked great in a thong.  He kept talking and talking but then he got silent.  A few seconds later I hear the tell tale "fwap-fwap-fwap" sound.  Looking up and to my horror he was staring at my backside and jacking off on a public beach.  I told him that I said he could sit there because it was an open beach but that what he was doing was highly inappropriate.  He packed his stuff away, thanked me and said he would be back in a minute.  I hurriedly packed my things and left.  An experience like that will make a guy never want to go thonging again.
bigbuzz #127

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/14/2008 01:52:10Copy HTML

The thongers have just moved south a little. Most are hanging out just about where the conservation signs move down from the edge of the dunes to about 1/2 down on the beach.  You cannot miss it. Ends up being about 1/2 mile north of the gift shop aprking lot north of the fort. Actually the foot traffic has slowed down because all the ones that use to come down from north beach cannot get there anymore. The ones walking north start seeing thongs and if they do not want to see them they turn around and go back.
Ex_Member #128

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/14/2008 03:12:21Copy HTML

Take your wife with you next time.  I love it when mine comes along, but that's all too rare since she much avoid too much sun.  I've been propositioned, but my polite "no thanks" has generally been honored without any kind of horror scene.  Except once, in Bermuda, when a big guy came by and commanded me to roll over.  I've never moved so fast in my life -- I swear I was about to be raped!  I'm a blood doner, 2 pints shy of 25 gallons, would hate to have to give that up, if I even survived.  I still thong and string in Bermuda, always clearly out in the open now where no one can pull that manoever on me again. 
skinzfan #129

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/14/2008 03:18:32Copy HTML

Okay. I actually prefer being a bit south of the dunes only because it seemed more of a "direct" walk to the beach, plus, while most were not thongers, there seems to be more people to watch. The down side is the snide remarks and the abrupt turn around. I'm planning to do some skating around 9 or 10ish and then on the beach afterwards.
JM_Runs #130

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/14/2008 05:03:57Copy HTML

FL_thong's experience is, as he said " inappropriate". (I moved the post over here because it was mis-posted).

The actions of that man were VERY INAPPROPRIATE ! This sort of activity gets the thong community a bad name.
When this happens report the person. They have to be made to stop. If you don't report them they just move on to scare some one else.

As a general rule, when dealing with getting cruised by gay guys who make you feel uncomfortable by their overeager looking. wanting to be close, or repeatedly trying to chat with you when you don't want too, the answer is to be more firm in your initial and subsequent brush offs.

Answers I have given are "I have come here to be alone." This is a polite way to say 'I don't want your company."

If they ask if they can sit by you, understand that's like saying, "Can I get to know you." Now some shy thongers do need to feel safer by thonging with other thongers, so that creates a dilemma.
I don't want to be rude, but a reply like "I would prefer you didn't but if you do please don't disturb me" sets the ground rules, and again shows you are not interested in getting to know them.

Women are much better at giving the brush off than men. Quite often they can give a derisory look that means SOD OFF without even opening their mouths.

When something very inappropriate happens like that, I am not shy in telling them, in no uncertain terms that it is inappropriate and I'm going to call the police. On the rare occasions I have had to do this the person has split fast. Sometimes they watch you to see if you will follow through. If you have a cell-phone pull it out and use it, if not go talk to a ranger. You may not want to get involved in the hassle of making a full police report but at least be seen to be going through the motions. Make it a dangerous place for them. When calling or talking look and gesture in the direction where they departed.

A similar incident did happen to me many years ago when I was thonging on a very quiet stretch of beach. Such incidents almost never happen to me these days because I normally thong on a very public beach, in amongst the regular people, who would call the cops in a heartbeat.

Once in a while, while stopping for a shower at the North end of my beach, a gay man will come up and make it obvious by his body language that he is interested in a sexual leasion, though his words or by grabbing his crouch, or stroking him self through his shorts. I have practiced a look of utter contempt, which I use, and tun my back on them. If they continue to approach, or walk round in front of me while looking me up and down, I am forthright in telling them, while looking at them square in the eyes, to "SOD OFF" and "GO AWAY". I do it in a loud and affirmative voice, like telling a loose dog to GO HOME.

There are some socially inappropriate gay men who just don’t get the hint. There are also LOTS of socially inappropriate straight men who regularly harass the bejebers out of women in thongs, or women just women in general. You wonder why so few women wear thongs or provocative clothing? It's because so many men act so inappropriately and so immaturely.

It's not what you wear that matters, it's how you act.  When people are acting inappropriatly we should let them know. When their actions go way over the line, as happend to FL_thong, then call the police or rangers and get them off the beach.

Maxtlatl #131

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/14/2008 10:02:19Copy HTML

Adding to what JM_Runs said, this is a situation in which having a camera is very useful.

If you can pull it out and snap a shot, trust me, he'll leave you alone. And, if you want to pursue it further, you have a picture you can take to the authorities.
bigbuzz #132

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/16/2008 11:12:12Copy HTML

It's really funny how things just happen to people. I wear a pouche so I do not want any smart remarks back. I wear it because I personally hate having a big white butt and I also hate wet clothes. So this has become my beach compromise.  I do occassionally walk down the beach with it on but I walk the direction where nobody can lay out. This way I do not put myself in a position to get remarks from the family section of the beach. I am sure that I pass people every now and then that do not like it but they saw it when they walked that far north.  We have seen guys pull  it out and I just get up and walk straight toward them. Usually it gets put away quickly. But some on here seem to want to attract comments and perverts. If you know that if you sit in a certain area you are going to hear comments then why sit there? Walk a little further away from the general beach population. If you purposely wear just your thong from the car to the bathroom, back to the car, then drive down to the grass area and get, then slowly unpack your stuff, walk to the beach, and setup next to conventionally clothed beach goers youare asking for comments. Don't tell me it is your right. You should still be respectful to other people with different view points of the clothing that should be worn at the beach. 
Fosite #133

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/18/2008 09:34:26Copy HTML

 Hey bigbuzz I'm new here at this forum and also a newbee thonger at Fort desoto you may have seen me the only black guy that layout in the thong area. I have a question, the couple of times i layed out i notice most couple will change into their swimwear right there on the beach so i did the same on my last visit making sure all the walkers and non thongers wasn't looking is this okay to do?
Beachlover492000 #134

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/18/2008 10:57:24Copy HTML

Hi Fosite! I prefer to change before I go the beach and remove my cover-up after I arrive. Remember nudity is prohibited, and if the rangers catch you even changing, they could give you trouble.
bigbuzz #135

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/23/2008 02:50:34Copy HTML

Fosite- I am no expert on the beach rules. You take your chances when you do that. But there are a lot that do that.

NOW for today. It was an absolutely beautiful day. Just a few people. Then about 3:00pm the big storm came through. Ran everybody out of the park. But from 10:00 to 3:00 it could not have been better.
bigbuzz #136

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/08/2008 10:13:31Copy HTML

Heard the mosquitos are getting bad through the grass on the way out to the beach. Once you hit the beach they are gone. Just a little info.
bigbuzz #137

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/13/2008 01:18:33Copy HTML

Anybody got a mosquito report for eveyone?
Beachlover492000 #138

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/13/2008 02:51:06Copy HTML

I went to the Fort on Thursday. The mosquitoes were bad in the early morning (8:30 AM) out in the grassy area, but once you got on the beach they did not bother me. They were not a problem coming back in the late afternoon at 5 o'clock either.

Still I'm one of those people that the mosquitoes don't find as tasty as some others. My wife on the other hand is one of their favorite foods.
bigbuzz #139

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/23/2008 10:47:58Copy HTML

We went Saturday and Sunday and had no bug problems. We got there around 10:30 and left around 4:00. So that is good news for everyone going.  It is perfect out there right now. Water is warm and the Manatees are swimming by.  Not too crowded either. That has surprized us.
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Re:Fort De Soto Beach

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The mosquitos are not the problem out there, but the ants can be pretty nasty.  I suggest you bring a lawn chair or cot so you can put some distance between you and them.
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Re:Fort De Soto Beach

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We were just out this past weekend. The ants were not bad on Saturday but Sunday they were out in force. Have found that if you spray a line about 6 inches widearound your stuff with repellent they do stay away.  Even in a chair they get in your clothes and all on your feet unless you hold them up the whole time.  FL thong thanks for reminding me to say something about the repellent.

The beach was empty Saturday afternoon. There were not 10 people out after 5:00 pm. Sunday morning and afternoon we looked like sardines. The beach was packed. Still plenty of thongers out. Both men and women. Was a great day overall even if it was really crowded.  Great walk from te the thongers area north alongthe conservation beach now. You can see plenty of new sand piling up along the dunes, the sea oates are growing and multiplying, some type of grass is growing up by the dunes, turtle nest are there, and plenty of birds are hanging out. So I have to say even though I miss the are we use to lay out at I am glad to see nature taking back over.
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Re:Fort De Soto Beach

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The beach WAS pretty empty after about 5pm Sat and Sun.  I stuck it out till about 7 but got bored and headed home.  Sunday had a few more people in the late evening but it seemed the 7pm whistle went off and everyone ran for their cars.  I'm just glad the menacing looking weather held off those two days.  Today on the other hand... I was out from about 2-6 and there were 8 or 10 people thonging and two couples in bikini/speedo.  I also met a really fun couple with matching color thong suits.  We chatted for a while but kept looking up at the sky hoping the clouds would veer.  We braved the rain for a little while but we ended walking through the rain back to our cars when we saw the first bolt of lightning .  I headed to the changing area to put on some dry clothes and by the time I was done the rain was gone.  I considered heading back out there but when I did the dark cloud reared its ugly head again and I just went to the bookstore instead.  I'll probably head out tomorrow and try again to catch some good weather.  Thanks for the tip about the bugspray.  I'll definately try that since, even with the cot, I still got bit 3 times.  Pesky fire ants!
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Re:Fort De Soto Beach

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I was out again today and despite the menacing cloud that stole our sun for all of 2.5 hours it was a very pleasant day except for one event.  I caught some little 20 something creep (about my age - maybe a little younger) taking pictures of an older thonging couple.  He pretended to have lost something in the sand for about 20 minutes, finally planted himself up on a dune, stripped down to those tight brazilian style shorts for men, and headed to the water.  He came back after about 20 min and grabbed "a shirt" and stood right behind them taking pictures while holding the camera under the shirt.  He saw me see him do it and he quickly packed up and left.  I probably should have told the couple too but I guess I was a little scared, maybe I'll get the courage to talk to them someday. 

About 7pm three ladies (maybe 50,30 and 15) came to the beach with two young boys who must have been about 5-6.  They set up south of me about 100yds.  The two younger ones took a walk up the beach to the north.  Since there were kids a short distance away (and b/c I was cold) I decided to cover up but it didn't take long to get warm again and as they came back from their walk I was uncovered.  Both kept glancing at me as they passed.  Then they grabbed the older lady and the two kids and walked north again.  Since they had already passed me once and decided to bring the kids my direction I decided against covering up this time and flipped over to my front side so I could go back to TRYING to read the book I've brought with me for the last 5 days.   As they passed I could hear a barely audible child asking if "that man over there is naked" and the 30 something lady (very matter of factly) said "no, he wearing a thong".  That was the end of the conversation and they kept walking and picking up seashells.

Well the sunset was really nice, even more so since the sun was completely hidden from 5-7:30.  I packed up, wrapped my waist in my towel, and ended up walking the trail back to the car right alongside this group.  The older two ladies both smiled and greeted me asking how I was doing.  I responded that I was terrific after the marvelous sunset.  They agreed and we chatted most of the rest of the way to our vehicles which happened to be parked about 15 feet apart.  I bid them farewell and they did the same.

All in all, it was a very pleasant day (except the mosquitoes nailed me about 9 times between the beach and the car)  Note to self... "use bug spray before walking through the tall grasses".
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Re:Fort De Soto Beach

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FL_thong, congrats to you for handling the kids' interest well, and congrats to their seniors for handling this learning opportunity for their kids well, too.  Would that my recent 'roasting' at the beach had been an episode more like yours, but the redneck father in my case chose not to handle my thonging as an opportunity for teaching his daughter broad-mindedness -- he had none to share!  Poor child, her uptight future is more assured than ever.
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Re:Fort De Soto Beach

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 Where is the best place to buy thongs in the local area?
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Re:Fort De Soto Beach

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I think Skinz.

They're in Clearwater at 2027 Gulf to Bay Blvd., Clearwater, FL 33765


Also, most of the larger beach wear stores have thongs...at least they do in the Venice / Ft Myers area. If you have a factory outlet in your area check out Swim Mart. I just bought two nice quality thongs there a few days ago for $18 each.

Good luck
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Re:Fort De Soto Beach

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Fosite- A place called Under the Sun up in Land O Lakes.  They have quite few. They even have the ones that have no strap between the legs. It is like a pouch.  I have bought some from Skinz in the past but they just seem to be bigger and made with heavier material.
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Re:Fort De Soto Beach

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 Under the sun caters to nudists. We are fans of their high quality but expensive clothes. That being said, their line of thongs and baggies is apparently locally made by some unexperienced seamstress and is a real disappointment.
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Re:Fort De Soto Beach

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We were at the popular thong spot just north of the Fort twice during our vacation, both times on a Saturday (August 2nd & 9th), each time setting up as far north as the conservation area and high tide would permit. My wife wore a Skinz G-String bikini and I wore a mesh g-string both days, we didn't see any women there either time and the few men there were wearing fairly conservative suits, we looked like exhibitionists compared to everyone else...not that it bothered us but some company would've been nice. It was a good trip otherwise...one day we'll make the gulf coast of Florida our permanent residence.
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Re:Fort De Soto Beach

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 Can anyone remind me of just what type of suit is legal at Ft. Desoto and what's not?  I've been wearing a minimal rio all around the Tampa Bay area to eliminate the confusion, but I'd like to wear a true thong next time and I've heard this is the only place it's legal.
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