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tampit70 #1551

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/14/2018 11:46:12Copy HTML

 Heading to the fort today can't wait
jtanguy #1552

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/16/2018 07:20:28Copy HTML

I made it out to Fort De Soto on Sunday. The weather predicted was to be rain free and it was a perfect day for the beach. The walking path from the grass parking area to the beach was fine with no problems of mud or bugs. Water temps were great and just enough beach goers given the fact that many were home watching the World Cup soccer game. There were about a dozen thongers spread out the beach with a few couples near the beginning part of the thonger beach area and other thong regulars. Some great sightings of a few manatees throughout the day. Great beach day as it's been a while since I've been out to the fort.

infinitythong #1553

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/18/2018 06:58:35Copy HTML

I haven't been to the fort in quite sometime and would like to make a return trip in the next couple weeks. Does anyone know if the Red Tide has affected the beach? I'm looking forward to a fun thong day at the beach, and always enjoyed going to the fort in the past.
waldoboro #1554

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/19/2018 11:21:08Copy HTML

As of yesterday, August 18th....water clear, extremely small traces of red tide, no dead fish......they will be testing the waters daily there we were told. Small crowd there yesterday....people are afraid it's hit here.......It's gorgeous!!!!

infinitythong #1555

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/19/2018 06:27:49Copy HTML

Thanks so much waldoboro! I'll try to make it over there this week, or the next. Is there a better day to go? I've been on a Thursday in the past, and only a couple people in thongs I remember.
thong4me #1556

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:09/23/2018 03:50:58Copy HTML

I visited Fort DeSoto this past week on a Monday and Tuesday. I found the area to the "thong section" easy to find for both parking and trails and walking from reading the prior posts to this board and using google earth/maps when driving up. After about a 1/4 mile walk or less to the beach from the parking spot, I went north. The red tide was in (slight) effect and there was a lot of dead fish but frankly the red tide was like a 1.5 on a scale of 1 to 10 so it really wasn't an issue. I did read and see news reports where it has been much worse earlier in the summer and on different beaches. As for my trip, the beach was fairly empty where I was. There was 1 guy way at the top of the beach where you could walk no further, and he walked down and we chatted and he was courteous and then he left a few hours later. It seems that the families set up farther south because there is more of a crescent beach section and probably a shorter walk to the parking lot. I set up probably about 200 yards from the top of the beach and at that distance I could only see a person and not what they were (or were not wearing). I wore a few different suits each day to change things up, but none of them were nude in color or had sides the size of dental floss. I did not go nude at all, but did change suits a few times and did so closer to the dunes. On both days a white pick up truck drove by around 3pm and he drove right by me standing there on the beach and he did not stop but did wave. I could see how the remoteness of the northern part of this beach would lead people to go nude as there is only 1 way in and that is by coming down the beach. If you wanted to, you could certainly go nude while keeping an eye out down the beach. In both days, there were probably only 2 other thongers besides myself and 2 guys that went nude. One at the top of the beach and one to the left of me in what I would say would be the "danger zone." But that guy was surprised by a few walkers and quickly left after only being there about half an hour. All in all I would definitely return to this beach to thong. The people that I spoke to (other thongers, nudes, and every day people walking) were all nice and courteous and everyone minded their own business. Would be fun to be there on a friday or saturday where more thongers could congregate and hang out. Although I walked out to the beach with shorts on, when leaving on both days I walked all the way to my car in nothing but my thong and again there was no issue from anyone that crossed paths. I look forward to heading back there again.
Thongzo #1557

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:10/12/2018 03:46:37Copy HTML

Might be down there thonging weekend after next....
orlcpl #1558

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:10/18/2018 12:04:31Copy HTML

Was out there today and a beautiful younger couple was there, nice to see some new faces. Even though I don't go as often as we would like, it was the perfect day out. No signs of red tide. I was surprised it was so empty.
Thongzo #1559

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:10/22/2018 06:16:48Copy HTML

I've been hearing reports of red tide. Say it ain't so! I'm planning to go Saturday and possibly Sunday too if the sun is out. Want to get a couple long days in under the sun with a couple different thongs. Is the beach still beachable?
waldoboro #1560

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:10/22/2018 10:35:41Copy HTML

No red tide at Desoto.....it's great!!

Thongzo #1561

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:10/23/2018 03:17:25Copy HTML

Great! I'm going to try and get there this Saturday and Sunday. Looks like cloudy Saturday but sunny on Sunday? Still fun to go if it's cloudy?
waldoboro #1562

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:10/23/2018 10:31:25Copy HTML

It will be nice!!!!

Thongzo #1563

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:10/25/2018 08:06:58Copy HTML

Anyone going to be at De Soto Friday? Looks like it’ll be cloudy so not sure if I’ll head out. Might wait for Saturday/Sunday.
hotrod1 #1564

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:10/26/2018 05:08:18Copy HTML

Here on Friday at 1:00 with the misses and two fishermen, she is in a cheeky suit.  Cloudy, very breezy, many kite surfers. Still enjoying the beach.

tsqtpie #1565

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:11/08/2018 05:36:28Copy HTML

Been beautifully the last couple days
Chrish217 #1566

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:11/12/2018 03:49:29Copy HTML

Was going to head to the Fort today but it looks like the red tide is high. Anybody in the area with a local report?
orlcpl #1567

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:11/12/2018 10:36:33Copy HTML

Planning on going tomorrow for a bit, I'll keep you posted
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