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bigbuzz #201

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/01/2009 12:45:31Copy HTML

The ropes will be up until August or sooner if a storm takes them out.  I can live with that to save the birds. Keeps the destructive tourist and teenagers away from tearing up the dunes. Why is it always the negative that people see when trying to preserve something for future generations. Maybe they should have let them develop this beach 30 years ago with condos and not worried whether you would want to use the beach or not.  We all need to quit being so selfish. That is one of the reasons this country is in the mess it is in.

The rangers have never threatened to throw us out or arrest us for wearing a thong. I am sure they have seen the wife there topless once or twice. We always wave and say hello. Goes along way when you don't fight them. We were asked to move toward the water one time but we were pushing the limit on the conservation line. So we just pulled our stuff down a little bit. Amazingly we had the same view and sun. These rangers barely make enough to live on. They do this job because they love the outdoors and love wildlife. Rangers do not go to cop school and want to shoot people.

I enjoy going to Fort Desoto and am happy that I can wear my thong and be on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  If you don't like the way this beach is run then go to another one. A few bad apples should not ruin it for the rest of us.  Either live by the rules or stay at home.
beachfolks #202

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/01/2009 02:24:27Copy HTML

 Buzz-20 yr ago the southern part of that beach (above the fort) was "renourished" and the sand bladed flat as a pancake all the way back to the drive path elevation by a motor patrol. Notice how flat it is behind the dunes. The northern half  below the inlet was heavily treed and tall mangroves almost to the water line and was really nice.  We were there, used to beach sit in little private shady open spaces between the trees and the mangroves. The rangers walked the beach then.
The dunes all grew from windblown sand. We really miss those trees.

Ex_Member #203

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/01/2009 01:22:50Copy HTML

I can remember sitting under the trees late in the afternoon to get some shade from the sun after soaking up the rays all day.  The seabreeze along the shade and the sound of the wind blowing thru the trees made for a late afternoon knap!  I am all in favor of protecting the birds and even more so of our beach.  I wish we had more open space like we use to 20 or even 30 years ago.  Times change and everyone has to make a buck$$$.
I remember when the Fort was ghost town or ghost beach, you could go out to the beach now the thong beach and maybe see five people all afternoon.  Take it for what it is, I just hope they slow down the upgrades to the Fort like bike paths and side walks, just keep the park as natural as possible.

beachfolks #204

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/01/2009 02:26:50Copy HTML

Unfortunately, the park management direction is to the expanded features like rental pedalcarts to change it to barren and compact enclaves connected with paved driving and skating walks, like a big and treeless city beach.
bigbuzz #205

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/02/2009 01:17:55Copy HTML

We do go over evry now and then and park in the Fort parking lot. Walk out toward the channel and enjoy that area. It is  very quite and those Australian pines with the wind whipping through them sounds so good. Makes you just want to climb in a hammock and take a nap. Not many places left like that along any part of Florida.  But we can see what happens when preservation is ignored. I love the Australian pines but they excrete a chemical that kills all the natural plants around them. They have such a shallow root base that they fall over easily in a wind and then they just lay there and rot. The ones that fall along the beach prevent the turtles from laying their eggs. I can go on for days as the wife is an Environmental Scientist. So I hear it constantly about conservation and helping the critters. I have been trained to know the difference betwwen red, black, and white mangrove.
beachfolks #206

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/02/2009 02:06:02Copy HTML

 Another one of those coincidences-predictions come true.

This afternoon on the thong beach north of the fort, we spotted an ATV coming with signs announcing Pepsi products, Snocones, hotdogs, etc. -a brand new mobile hot dog vendor---he drove way up north along the bird area fence.

Just like Cony island. (Almost) makes me homesick for the big city.

143741 #207

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/02/2009 10:45:33Copy HTML

Now we need the hot dog vendors, to be like the days when the pretty girls in thongs were serving us.
JM_Runs #208

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/02/2009 07:05:38Copy HTML

I think you need to have a word with the park manager about extra ATV's on the beach.  If they truley want to keep it quit for the birds that's not the way to do it.
beachfolks #209

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/03/2009 04:42:40Copy HTML

 Pinellas staff think that it's the thought that counts. The bird sanctuary BS is just bringing in food for their raccoons. To their credit, some of the Raccoons have been "relocated", but that is a program which defys common sense too.
1Tinysuit #210

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/03/2009 09:59:22Copy HTML

Wow, what a great day at the Fort today. My wife and I went to the beach today both wearing black Skinz thongs and saw the most amout of thongers there in a long time. We were out there from 12:00 to about 4:00 and saw probably 30 thong/g-stringers out today. What was encouraging was the number of female thongers we saw. I counted 9 women today.  The weather was wonderful and sights were great. I will have to mention that there was a really hot couple there today. She had on a white g-string and he had on a gold g-string. Just was wandering if it was anyone from the board. In all it was a great day for thonging!
briankay #211

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/06/2009 06:53:28Copy HTML

bigbuzz wrote
A few bad apples should not ruin it for the rest of us.  Either live by the rules or stay at home.

It seems to me management is being excessive on the fence issue.  Nothing says not to touch the fence and any reasonable interpretation of a fence is that it represents the boundary, rather than a boundary being an undefined distance from the fence.  Still, if they want to define the rules as being something unreasonable, then a reasonable conclusion is that they're doing it to try to get thongers to leave.

This could be considered an indirect attempt to achieve a goal.  The initial goal of some of those in authority. to eliminate thongs entirely by direct action, was derailed by the scorn heaped upon them by the public for wasting resources on what was perceived as an issue of low relevance, and by a supportive editorial in the SP Times.  Yet it could easily have gone the other way had the anti-thongers been more successful at informing the public about the behavioral issues present, which could easily have been presented successfully, although incorrectly, as widespread problems rather than limited, though persistent ones, caused by just a few individuals.

It is my opinion that attempts to push to the bare limits of compliance with existing thong rules which were beyond what many preceived as reasonable, combined with behavior outside the norms, prompted the anti-thonger's actions.  The anti-thongers are certainly not happy at their set back, and would like nothing better than to run thongers off by other means or bring the issue back by creating incidents where it can be alleged thongers are behaving improperly.

So even if the rules on the fence issue are silly, I suggest full compliance with directions from those in authority concerning the fence.  And I certainly hope no one on this board is among those who clearly act unreasonably and against the rules by going under the fence and into the dunes. Wearing a thong is one strike, but that can be taken.  Breaking the habitat preservation directives and behaving inappropriately are strikes two and three, and three strikes and we're out. People who have lost on something they consider a moral issue usually don't go away.  They instead become dangerously ruthless opponents.  In such a situation it is vitally important to give them absolutely nothing to make a case on.
JM_Runs #212

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/06/2009 12:51:43Copy HTML

briankay  briankay, that was well said.
beachfolks #213

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/06/2009 03:46:08Copy HTML

 DeSoto rangers do not discriminate annoying beachgoers about being too close to their bird fence. They bother thongers and non-thongers alike.
bigbuzz #214

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/08/2009 02:12:07Copy HTML

Briankay- First let me tell you that the fence was not installed by rangers. It was installed by FWC ( Fish and Wildlife Commision). If you take the time to read some of the signs you will see they are FWC and DEP signs. FWC officers are Law Enforcement.  The rangers have been asked to keep an eye on it and keep people out so that the number of vehicles are limited. I will gurantee you that DEP and FWC officers will be a real damper on the thongers.

Again it is not the thongers that the people want out. It's the bad apples that go out there and play with themselves or troll the beach with their business hanging out. Or that wear what looks like a tube over themselves. We were out Tuesday. We walked well to the north where the stumps are at. As we were setting up this older gentleman in a thong comes walking up and starts telling us that we are in an area frequented by gay and bisexual men that may play around. That's a great welcome.  Who cares about a fence when you having those issues facing the possible loss of the beach.
beachfolks #215

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/08/2009 02:50:13Copy HTML

 Buzz-The fish and wildlife people have been on Desoto all spring. Mostly there were 2 young women in a pickup truck looking after the birds, counting and photographing the birds, etc, also occasionally a middle aged man in uniform. They seemed friendly, talked extensively with some of the more bare thongers by the inlet who informed us the fish and wildlife people were quite tolerant, not to be concerned. They said the count of birds was good.

When not nesting, these rare birds are out on the beach begging the beachgoers for food. The birds certainly are not afraid or wanting to be isolated.
bigbuzz #216

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/09/2009 01:30:30Copy HTML

If the count of birds is good then what is being done is working. Read today where people along north Clearwater will have to keep their dogs on leashes along the beaches. This again is to protect the birds. I just hate to see people keep bashing the rangers like they are some rival gang to thongers. I keep saying it is not the person out there enjoying the beach in a thong that is being harassed or spoke to without some type of action taking place.  This last Sunday when the ranger came down and got and to walk to the north end he said nothing to the women in semi-sheer suits. Trust me he could see they were see  thru. He said nothing to me about not having a string up my nate. He saw it and never said a word. As he came walking up we said hello and I stuck out my hand to shake his and ask him how things were going. We talked about budget cuts and the new beach area where boat motors are not allowed. We love that so now the kids can enjoy a nice swimming area without having to keep an eye out for jetskis and boats.  As my wife says, we do not push the limits with our suits and we respect the other beach goers that may not quite understand the area they are walking into to. So we keep it kind of discreet and we are fine with that. If that is what it takes to keep it I am all for it. There is no reason to push my thong wearing down around the pier family area by walking all around them down there. Most thongers I believe prefer to be off in a quite spot. They probably don't want to have somebody right next to them or hear screaming kids all day.
beachfolks #217

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/09/2009 04:18:42Copy HTML

 Buzz-Yes, most of the new womens swimsuits are very see-thru, particularly the gstrings and thongs.  Do you think the Park rangers are now going to try letting us thongers alone without harassment if we stay away from the heavily used family beach locations?
bigbuzz #218

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/10/2009 12:56:01Copy HTML

I believe if we respect the family zone and keep the stupid sexual activity at zero we will be fine.  I understand that families do come down by where the thongers are at. There will always be one or two that will complain to the rangers when they see butt cheeks. But if we have our thongs on are just laying or sitting when they come by the ranger will just tell them that those suits are legal. We have to police our area and keep the sexual situations away from the beach. I have no problem calling the ranger to report that activity.

But yes I do believe if you wear regular shorts down to the beach, get down to your thong, and then get your area situated and your sunscreen on I believe they will leave us alone. That is a thong or a pouch with a waistband that is easy to see.  If people try and walk from their car and then walk toward the family area by the pier something will be said.
bigbuzz #219

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/11/2009 10:34:33Copy HTML

There was a really good article in the Tampa Tribune today about the ranger at Fort Desoto and the nesting areas for the shore birds. Kind of interesting that a large portion of North Beach was closed off as well for these birds. So even the full bottom people are being harassed by the rangers and naturist now. Just pushing a point there.  You can go to the following link and learn a lot about what is going on with these birds.


They have done a good job of spreading out the preservation area over the whole Park.
beachfolks #220

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/12/2009 12:18:40Copy HTML

 ---and all the islands areound the park and up and down the coast. How many thousands of damn birds do we need?
Oh yes, people are unimportant now, it's for the birds.
Ex_Member #221

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/12/2009 11:20:18Copy HTML

There's so little undeveloped shoreline for bird nesting space now they they're nesting on top of shopping center roofs...and the chicks are falling off them.  I'll happily trade some temporary beach space for birds and turtles.  People don't need to crawl all over every inch of land like ants on a piece of fruit.
bigbuzz #222

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/14/2009 01:05:58Copy HTML

Beachfolks- A lot of what you think are islands are really mangroves with no real ground that stays above the tides.  We would have plenty of space if all the northerners would have stayed up north and not come down here and built houses along the coast. Tieere Verde should have never been developed. It should have all been part of a park.
skinzfan #223

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/16/2009 01:50:42Copy HTML

 Anyone heading to DeSoto this weekend? I'd like some time away from my pool and studying. I'm thinking Sunday.
bigbuzz #224

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/18/2009 11:07:06Copy HTML

We were out both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday along with all the other thongers we had six couples in thongs in one group.  The ranger came part way down the beach late in the day but other than that we enjoyed a wonderful time. Saturday we got there after lunch and stayed until almost sunset. It was perfect. Water is starting to get warm enough to really hang out in. Sunday we got out there about 10 am and stayed until 2:30. Another great day with no hazzles from the rangers. We did have two authorized bird watchers and their cameras walk by looking for birds to photograph. If I could post a picture taken on Saturday you would see at minimum 12 butts in thongs walking down the beach. We were going to help push out an idiot in a boat that ran out of gas and tied himself to a tree. It was kind of scary watching the boat ram into the tree over and over while he waited on SeaTow.
As for all the bitching about losing the thong beach, I have this to say. Anybody that believes it is just to get rid of the thongers need to go up to north beach and walk out on that beach. They have taken a large portion of that beach and roped it off as well. So I guess the rangers are out to get rid of everybody including the non thongers. The conservation/bird nesting area has nothing to do with thongers on the beach. It has to do with keeping some nature around.

I will tell you of a problem we are getting out there that will get the thongers a bad name and a lot of bad publicity. We watched a gentleman in a full back suit but an elongated front. Dick sticking out in a tube of cloth walk up and down the beach when couples and families came by. I said something to him and he got pissed that the regular thongers did not appreciate him wearing that on the beach. That was not a thong of any kind. It was a pervert bathing suit and those should be banned. That is uncalled behavior at any beach. That suit serves no tanning purpose just a freak looking to see people look at his business. I wanted to walk over and slap it and look at him and say something like "I Hate snakes" or "put that thing away we don't need that out here".
briankay #225

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/19/2009 05:00:36Copy HTML

beachfolks wrote
>>and all the islands areound the park and up and down the coast. How many thousands of damn birds do we >>need?

Yea, well, it used to be all birds and no humans.  Wonder how many humans the birds think they need?

Not that I'm suggesting that everything be turned back to nature... just asking you to consider accepting a minor inconvenience for a huge benefit to someone else.

I believe the view, stated elsewhere, that none of Tierra Verde should have been developed is correct.  Well, its done now.  Bet the birds wouldn't have voted for it though!
briankay #226

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/19/2009 05:03:08Copy HTML

>>I said something to him


skinzfan #227

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/19/2009 12:37:46Copy HTML

 Sorry I didn't make it! Ironically, it was my pool that kept me home. I wish I had the funds to convert it to a salt water pool. I'm glad to hear more thongers are out, but thumbs down on the guy with the "missile" suit.
bigbuzz #228

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/22/2009 12:18:22Copy HTML

Just to let everyone know and not have it blamed on the rangers let me tell everyone the bird watchers will be out this weekend. Because of the busy Holiday weekend the bird watchers will be set up along the beaches. They will usually have a small tent or umbrella set up and will be wearing orange vest. This will happen up and down the Gulf coast beaches this weekend to protect the bird nest from people. With so many people and a large amount of tourist they are afraid they will step on some nest and/or scare the parent birds away. If the sun is out, eggs without cover are fried in a short period of time. So this is not a conspiracy against thongers set up by bird lovers. They usually have no problem with thongers as they are watching the birds and the nests. So Beachfolks don't even try and make it like people are after you again. Get in compliance with your suit and stay at the thongers end of the beach and nobody will harass you at all.
bigbuzz #229

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/28/2009 09:12:16Copy HTML

We just got voted the best beach in the country again. That is two years in a row. How much better can it get than being able to enjoy that beach all the time in a thong?
Ex_Member #230

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/28/2009 10:15:19Copy HTML

Now that summer is on and the temps is near 90 everyday, this is my kind of beach weather.  The gulf temp is perfect and refreshing while still in the mid 70's. I spent most of the day Wednesday at the Fort. I started out at southern end of the well constructed rope line wearing my skinz blue MR2 G-string. The seabreeze was blowing with less than 2 foot waves and the water was green, blue and very tropical. About 100 ft away were two females laying out in there modest bikinis.  Everytime I went for a swim they always seemed to roll over and watch me enjoy my cooling off swim. I gotta tell ya that being out in the beautiful sun on a perfect beach in my favorite suit and having two women watching you is a complete rush. All I did was lay in the sun and swim in the gulf but the rush for me was sensual.  Later on after a family came out to the Fort with 2 small kids a little further down from the women, I decided to head north about half way up the fence line and setup my chair and spent the rest of my time there. There were alot of guys out in but no women that I could see which was a little disappointing.  I am planning to be out again Friday, weather permitting. 

skinzfan #231

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/29/2009 11:16:34Copy HTML

 I haven't been to Ft DeSoto in a long time. I used to park about 2/3 of the way between the concession/bike rental place and the the first parking lot of the North area. Is the truck road no longer accessible? I used to walk on the truck road and either walk more North on the beach of stay just around the truck road. Are most of the thongers still in the same general area? The last time I was there I went just a bit South where the dunes leveled out, but was gawked at by way too many families. I don't have anything against families, but they sure were against me. After the gym I was thinking about heading out there.
bigbuzz #232

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/29/2009 11:11:35Copy HTML

Skinz- You can park in the same general area but the truck trail is long gone. You just follow the trail out that has been made. You do walk a little way on a truck trail but it is east/west not north/south like the old one. Once you hit the beach you will see where to go. Nothing has changed but the sand has blown around a little. Hoping to get out this weekend. Will have the kids so no thong but any day at Fort Desoto is a great day.

No more pulling up to the beach with motorized boats or jetskis anymore. There are know buoys out keeping them a safe distance from shore. We love it because now you can relax and not have to watch for the idiots flying along looking at the beach not at what is in front of them.
skinzfan #233

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/30/2009 11:34:33Copy HTML

 Yeah that truck trail was a bit long especially when it paralled the beach. Today is probably the best chance I'll be able to go.
FL_thong #234

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/30/2009 02:51:18Copy HTML

I made it down to the beach last weekend and it was packed but then on Tuesday it was deserted.  I guess I've only ever made it there on the weekends, and even then only a few times.  There was barely a parking spot on saturday but on tuesday I think I saw 4 cars for a half mile where I was parked.  It was great, I just walked the beach, watched the birds swooping and diving into the water... and the storm clouds move in.  Also, I did get eaten alive by fire ants, more so than usual.  Does anyone know of a remedy to these nuisances?  I tried the "bugspray around the towel" suggestion someone made but they just didn't seem to care.

Anyways, the wife and I are headed to the Fort tomorrow.  She's never worn a thong on the beach before so if there's any other couple out there willing to help make her feel more comfortable with the idea of a husband/wife thonging together, send me a message.  And if you know how to keep the fire ants from biting us incessantly, that would be very helpful.
skinzfan #235

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/31/2009 02:14:43Copy HTML

 I was there today. I saw only a few thongers. One middle aged woman with a hard body wore a red thong, was with her husband/partner who wore board shorts. If it was anything like today, not many people in the thonger area. I saw some ants, but got no bites. I might go tomorrow. So far, none of my female friends will wear a thong :-(  but if I'm there you are welcome to hangout with me. I'll be wearing my skinny side thong with a skulls design.
bigbuzz #236

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/31/2009 03:45:35Copy HTML

Skinz- Are you talking about the couple that was walking down the beach? We were their Saturday afternoon with the family. Did not see a red thong at all.  Saw very few people anywhere in the thongers area. Did see two women with cowbiy hats in regular swimsuits. 

Wish we could post a picture or two of the birds on the nest we took yesterday.  Just to ley everyone know the Oyster Cacthers nesting at Fort D are having healthier chicks. They are weighing roughly 4 grams more than other nesting areas. So the conservation area is working and I am actually glad to see it. We still have our beach are to thong and relax.
skinzfan #237

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/31/2009 10:51:18Copy HTML

 I was right next to the two girls with cowboy hats. From the back, it looked like the older woman had a red thong. I did see them walking, but only from the back.

Today was much better. I met Kurt or Kirk from the board. I was in sight of three thong couples, which was nice to see. The water was just perfect temperature wise. Even for a such a nice day, the beach was not crowded, not a whole lot of gawkers, and everyone seemed to be having a great time.
1Tinysuit #238

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:05/31/2009 11:46:54Copy HTML

What an incredible day at the fort today. My wife and I were out from 11-3pm today wearing a black Dore thong and her wearing a black Skinz thong. We had a great time and met some cool people. There must have been 7 thong couples and probably about 25 people wearing them total. I realize that everywhere else you go around tampa/st. pete there are not many thongers, but to me it seems like on the weekends lately there are more and more people wearing them at the fort. Hopefully we can get to a level where there are 40-50 people there. We can only hope. On a more serious note watch out for the sting rays, they were out today and stung a couple of people. Probably going again in 2 weeks I hope to see more people out the next Sunday that we go.
bigbuzz #239

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/01/2009 01:32:57Copy HTML

As long as we keep policing the area ourselves we will keep the beach. If we start allowing sexual adventures or men wanting to walk around other people out of their thong then we will lose the area. We all should take pride in the area and be willing to ask people to obey the rules. When people start walking in the conservation area just ask them to get out and explain that can cause us to lose the area.  When you see non thongers with kids or just fuddy duudys stay put until they go by.  If you are already walking then you do not have much of a choice. But when we wathc guys time it to wlak just in front of people with kids or older couples it gets old quick. Those are the ones that get reported and force the ranger to make a trip down the beach.

Skinz- I think a know who you are. Which side of the girls were you on?

1tiny- Thanks for the stingray report. I forgot to tell everyone they had 12 hits on Saturday between the thong area and the Pier. Sure you ran into some people that we know out there. Hope to meet you twwo some doy out there.
skinzfan #240

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/01/2009 01:56:48Copy HTML

 I was just North of the girls.
Beachlover492000 #241

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/01/2009 03:10:48Copy HTML

I went to the Fort today (Sunday, May 30) and had a wonderful time. There was nice breeze and plenty of sun. I also met so old friends and a couple of new ones.

Unfortunately there was one jerk, who I understand has been banned. Now he arrives by boat instead. He insists upon stripping naked and walking the beach in, how do I put this, an inappropriate condtion. This guy must be on on one of those drugs. A couple of us have told him to knock it off, but he's not listening. It's really sad that this sick-o could mess things up for all of us. He's got a tattoo of man smoking weed on his butt.
beachfolks #242

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/01/2009 03:46:41Copy HTML

 The oystercatchers must return to the exact same nesting location. The oystercatcher couple are bigger than last year. Nested back of a dune no more than 10ft away from where we usually sat on beach mats and begged food from us. OK until raccoons ate the eggs. Controlling raccoons is much more critical than controlling people. Most people won't purposely disturb the nests, but the Raccoons will.
bigbuzz #243

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/01/2009 10:31:22Copy HTML

Beahlover- Is it a canoe he comes in? Does he wear a straw looking baseball cap? If so we can get him banned rather quickly. Know exactly who it is. Be careful as he wears a nude colored G-string and it looks like he is nude sometimes but he really is not. Now for the other problem that is how we can have him thrown out. Just write down the rangers phone number and keep it in your beach bag or wallet. When you see the issue arise then make the call. Let them know you are calling from down there and do not want to lose the beach because of these assholes.

Beachfolks- They took out a dozen or so raccoons from the treed area a couple of years ago. There are still traps out there now if you know where to go look. They were also eating the turtle eggs. Stragely we have not seen any turtle nest this year. Not sure if that is a bad sign or a really bad sign. Bad in the fact that something hapened to the females that were laying here or really bad in that they sense a bad storm year.
JM_Runs #244

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/01/2009 04:17:05Copy HTML

 Good thinking BigBuzz  !!
Ex_Member #245

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/03/2009 02:02:26Copy HTML

Tuesday was a hot day at the Fort - The sun was cooking and the gulf temps was perfect! Almost no wind to speak of most of the day which made for a cooker at least the water is still refreshing.  I got a late start yesterday, not getting out until 1:45, hottest time of the day. I must say that I was surprised to see so many thongs and g-strings on the beach for a Tuesday afternoon. I setup my chair at the north end of the rope in past everyone else. I did notice along the way a group of women and one guy laying out and as I passed one of ladies proceeded to the water in her g-string and no top.  This was a good sign of a great afternoon at the Fort (And It Was)! I stayed until 5 worked on both sides getting an even tan while sporting my blue skinz g.  I noticed that around 4 the ranger with 2 trucks and an atv stopped were the women were laying out. It seemed as though they were helping them leave the beach.  Did one of them get stung by a ray? Or were they leaving or be escorted off the beach for another reason?  See ya Thursday!

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 Ski-How is the bug and fly population doing?
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I haven't been to Ft Desoto in a few years, but everyone NEEDS to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner because we do NOT need the Sheriffs Office, or Fish and Game bothering people who do not need to be bothered!

--No running around naked!
--Don't feed the raccoons!
--While you're at it, don't litter!
--Oh yeah, no sex acts on the beach!
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The bugs have not been an issue when I have been out, the black flys and noseums are not around this early in the summer but they will be soon.  The sting rays babies are laying close to shore so be cautious when walking in the water, do the sting ray shuffle. I wish people that went to the Fort and want to wear minimul swim and can do and enjoy the beach for what it is and like rock1212 stated, leave the --
No running around naked!
--Don't feed the raccoons!
--While you're at it, don't litter!
--Oh yeah, no sex acts on the beach!
Did any know what was up with those ladies the other day and the 2 rangers trucks and the atv?
I went to skinz store today since the weather was not great for the beach and bought a new g!

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Not sure what the ladies look like but there is one that usually wears a purple thong and has big boobs that knows some of the ramgers. She is kind of heavy so if the description matches it was probably her and she just wanted a ride. We have seen them pick her up before. I was told it is an ex boyfriend. If the description does not match then I have no idea.
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Re:Fort De Soto Beach

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I will be down in your area July 22-30, how will the flies be at this time? And should I park in the north parking lot, or farther down near the openings of the beach?
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