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skinzfan #251

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/06/2009 11:54:36Copy HTML

Weekends may get crowded, but it is easier to park further down near the beach openings. If you keep an eye out, you can see where the conservation area is roped off. I park near there (right off the road) and head almost directly to the beach. There is a footpath that parallels the south side of the roped off area. Once on the beach head North.
sol_y_mar #252

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/06/2009 03:24:31Copy HTML

 All of you in the bay area are very lucky to have a beach like Fort Desoto to go to and have an enjoyable day. I would gladly trade south beach for Fort Desoto anytime.
sailor250 #253

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/08/2009 01:05:38Copy HTML

I wouldn't doubt that your pest at Ft Desoto probably prepares for the beach by taking little blue pills hoping to impress everyone there.
bigbuzz #254

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/08/2009 10:50:18Copy HTML

The biggest problem we have with the few that act that way is that nobody will say anything to them.  I have no problem letting them know the rules and that I would prefer to keep the beach for the masses over losing it to one or two perverts.  People are getting better about saying something when they realize the person is actually more scared of you than anything else. They know one report and they are busted especially if you can kids to witness it. Then you have that child thing come up. I just walk and tell them put it away or I will call the ranger down here. No and's, if"s, or buts about it.  I do not have a problem with someone laying out nude that covers up when people walk by. It is the semi erect look at me person that tries to ruin it.
bigbuzz #255

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/13/2009 09:49:49Copy HTML

Went out with the family today. The beachwas packed. A bunch of thongers along the whole beach.  We had thongers on either side and some had their kids. That is a good sign. I did take a walk to the end. Again I must say thonging is not the problem. There were two guys having sex out in the water. This was obvious. Three guys up on the beach just letting it happen. One of which is always out there and raised a big fuss about the thong ban and bird area. I made sure the two stopped and explained to everyone down there this is why the thongs will be banned. Too many people associate it with sexual activity on that beach. Most people wearing board shorts do not have sex on the beach. It is up to everyone that spends time on the beach to make this activity stop.

No bugs on the way out from the parking area. That means no mosquitos yet. Hopefully they will stay away. Some ants on the beach but it appears they are where people have dropped stuff previously.  All goes well we will be thonging out there Sunday most of the day. So if you had thoughts of doing inapproprite acts you better just wait until I am not there.  I will throw the ice water on you.
JM_Runs #256

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/13/2009 10:47:53Copy HTML

 Good.  We have to all be responsible and tell people when they are causing a problem.  You should not afraid to call the rangers when things get out of hand.  For thongers it's not just enough not to be part of the problem, we must be part of the solution too. 
143741 #257

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/14/2009 10:22:31Copy HTML

Yes we should inform the rangers, about the few who spoli it for the rest, we need to identify those people, as I will be vacationing there in July, and  the toll it is a cheap destination from Treasure Island.
bigbuzz #258

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/15/2009 12:58:20Copy HTML

We were out today. The beach was packed with thongers. We saw no inappropriate behavior today. I actually went up and spoke to two people and tried to explain the situation. This being a thongers board I have to ask teh following question and would love to here back from other thongers.

Here we go. I understand wearing a pouch with no string up the rear. I understand wearing a very thin strapped thong. Guess that would be called a t-back or v-back depending on the design. I can understand the pocket on the front being larger on some than others. Here is the issue and question. Why would someone wear one on a public beach where they have to work their penis into a sock like extension out of the thong that holds the penis partially erect on a public beach?  

This is going to be the next issue at Fort Desoto.
143741 #259

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/15/2009 01:11:21Copy HTML

Buzz Where were the majority of thongers located. I am not from your area, but most familar thonging on the northbeach parking area, and down to the right of that area.
beachfolks #260

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/15/2009 01:47:15Copy HTML

 Buzz-You will work yourself into a tizzy trying to out-guess the ingenuity of committed people. Give it up. People just have to be responsible for themselves. I call that a penis display suit. Wouldn't wear one, wouldn't give it the time of day. By the time you have defined it, the guy will be into something else.
JM_Runs #261

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/15/2009 08:40:02Copy HTML

      This short of display suit is obviously inappropriate for a public beach in a county park.  It is effectively worse than going nude, for nude is not lewd but being, or appearing to be erect is. I don't think you have to define it, just tell people who wear such deliberately erotic wear that it's just inappropriate.
      By quietly saying something directly to the person concerned Bigbuzz is doing exactly the right thing.  This is a non-litigation surgical approach to dealing with the people who are an issue.  Much better than a state sponsored solution that would not be so discriminating or nuanced. Direct interpersonal intervention is the same method successfully used for years by the volunteer beach ambassadors at Haulover.

bigbuzz #262

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/15/2009 11:26:45Copy HTML

143741- Any spot between the Fort Snack Bar and the inlet south of the north beach parking lot is thong friendly.  Better known as the area where you park in the grass. The further north you drive along there the fewer cars you will see. That means the beach area gets less crowded. So further north is better. just park in the grass and get to teh beach. Then sit wherever you feel comfortable. If you want to be more secluded and alone then walk north. If crowds do not bother you then set up wherever.

The interesting thing abut this gentleman and the pinocchio thong is he is the same one that told my wife and I we were sitting in the gay area and needed to understand that things go on.  He did let me know the other day that he had been arrested at Fort Desoto before while wearing a thong and a naked couple did not get arrested. He said they had the couple on film but he had done nothing wrong and it cost him a night in jail and $1,500. I told him something was going on. He does not like heterosexual couples and the ability of women to maybe go topless. I think he is just a disgruntled old gay man that does not care if everybody loses the beach because of him. He feels he has been the victim his whole life and now he does not care. He did change his bottoms after I said something to him and the guy with him said something.

Discretion is the key and nobody will say a word if you just be respectful and conservative when people come by. If you are in the water what is another 3 minutes to give people time to walk by unless a big shark is after you.  Respect other people and use good common sense and the beach will be there for many years to come.
Ex_Member #263

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/17/2009 04:01:45Copy HTML

Another perfect day at the Fort - several other thongers and a one or two g's one on me of course. I had my newest purchase from Skinz, a orange, red and pinkish g that fits great. With the sun baking I got a great dark tan today the tide was low and the water is getting warmer by the day. I spent about 3 hours on the beach noticed a guy and girl pass by and then set up there chairs, they both stripped nude and went in the water then put there suits on. She kept taking her suit of thru out the day and played in the water. They cross the roped areaa and went into the dunes for awhile, I'd say they played around in the dunes. No sign of the ranger today good thing for them. Having such a nice time today, I think I will go back out tomorrow.

beachfolks #264

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/17/2009 09:27:45Copy HTML

 The birds won't object.
bigbuzz #265

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/18/2009 12:38:15Copy HTML

Sunday the ranger came down one time to run some kids out of the conservation area where they had come from north beach. But before he could get to them he had a medical emergency call on North Beach. With the new conservation lines they now have to drive the beach almst to the Snack  Bar before they head out to the road. We heard rescue a little later. The ambulance and Fire Truck. Figured it was a heat stroke issue or maybe a heart attack. A little later the helicopter came in and made a circle above the thongers. Thought it was the Sheriff at first but ended up being Bayflight. Saw on TBO.com yesterday where it was a 3 year old that had drowned but a nurse from Indiana on vacation managed to give him CPR. She teaches it at home. He started throwing up and clearing his lungs. The ambulance got oxygen hooked up and they flew him to the hospital. By Monday afternoon he was fine and went home yesterday.  Thought it was a great story from one of the best beaches in the country. Good thing she got invloved or the outcome might have been different. From the story I am asking each of you to get involved and keep the beach in order when you are out. Explain that we must take care of it ourselves and watch to make sure people act appropriately.
briankay #266

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/18/2009 03:37:08Copy HTML

>>The birds won't object.

They can't, of course.

And if they could, you'd say they were wrong.

Ex_Member #267

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/18/2009 02:07:17Copy HTML

Like I said on Tuesday, I needed a repeat day at the Fort and got one better. The Sun was HOT!! There was a great breeze blowing all day from the NW and the Gulf was up about 1 foot of wave action and the water was probably the most tropical looking I have seen it in many years.  The water temp is getting warmer by the day and soon you won't know your in the water. 

There was a crowed spread out along the beach, very spread out.  I stayed near the south end of the rope line just a few feet down were to women in conservative beach attire but they seemed to enjoy my walks and always waved when I walked by. 

To the north of me a few hundred feet two women setup camp and layed out in thongs and topless all day. Later in the day the were laying in shallow water topless soaking up the sun.  Nice to see the female gender enjoying what I am now calling FORT THONG BEACH! 

As the tide went down the sand bar created an island and a small body of water about 5 inches deep, so I took my layout lounger and set it up in the water this way I could keep cool and wet while sunning.  I was not there long when this lady older than me was walking and shelling, she stopped to talk and she had a lot to say. She told me about her grand daughter and how long she lived in Fl and how much nicer the Fort is than Treasure Island.  I think she liked my suit because she kept starring while I laid there and then when she started to leave she commented on how nice my tan was. She said was suit looked great on me and told me to enjoy my day.  I gotta tell ya that when you get a nice compliment like that it makes you feel good.  To bad I can't make it to FORT THONG BEACH today!  Enjoy!
flabehr #268

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/20/2009 03:01:53Copy HTML

I would like to take this opportunity to reply to the messages posted in the last couple of days by 'bigbuzz' and editor JM_Runs regarding 'bigbuzz' encounter with the 'old gentleman'.  From an outsider view of the situation, and a frequent user of the beach my observation would be that 'bigbuzz' met the 'old gentleman' for the first time that he was approached and told he might be more comfortable with the wife in another location on the beach as he had entered an area frequented by single men only who might be less than tolerant of a female in their midst. I interpret noble gesture on the old guys part and the concerns of a female.  Not as a woman hater as 'bigbuzz' seems to evaluate.  Remember here, 'bigbuzz' entered the territory already inhabited - and he had his choice of 1/2 -3/4 mile of uninhabited pristine sand and surf with which to place himself.  '  The party ensues for the day - perhaps 10-12 couples (textiles) including an eight year old girl - of topless women and bottomless men, unless the ranger is on the way --WATCH OUT. 
Now comes the second encounter -- 'bigbuzz' deliverately enters the same inhabited territory of 'old gentleman' with friend, and immediately approaches gentleman complaining about his attire.  An assumption is made that 'bigbuzz' saw this gentleman walking around in what he deems offensive -- the old gentleman changing said suit for something else.  Now the double standard -- it's ok for women to be topless --  men naked and running to and fro surf -- men in 'see thru g-strings showing Mr. Johnson and boys but 'old gentleman' is chastized for being fully clothed.  Hmmm  --  now I ask about appropriate swimwear by one of 'bigbuzz' closest ally -- lets call him 'Mr Fairy Dust' who patrols the beach, making 7 full return trips in a Koala 'Nasty Bitch' suit -  comprized of a wad of cloth held on by a c-ring, string ties, and a ring to hold the anal area open for easy access of a dildo or sex.  --  That's o.k.  ---  Let's end it -- let the rangers do their job - patrons stay out of it -- you exascerbate a bad situation, or what you deem to be a bad situation into epic proportions.  Let the old guy alone -- he hasn't done anything to you -- and you obviously don't have the arrest story quite right.      Thanks    
JM_Runs #269

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/20/2009 07:04:28Copy HTML

That the "old man" in the above posts apparently admitted he was previously arrested and at that time it is clear that the rangers must have considered his actions lewd.  By the size off the fine I infer that he went before a judge, pleaded his case and lost.  

That he is un-repentant and going up to couples so as to suggest they move off his bit of beach because of gay activities going on suggests that his head is in the wrong place.  That part of the beach is NOT a gay bath house. If activities are going on that would offend other adults (who are obviously liberal)  then they should stop.  The old man is wrong to attempt to run the couple off.  If he feels the need to talk to someone it is to the people who are engaged in the activities he speaks of, to tell them to stop. 

We spend a lot of effort encouraging women and couples to feel comfortable wearing thongs on the beach.  Running them off is NO way to behave and no way to develop a thong friendly beach.  If that part of the beach becomes a gay sex zone with the females and couples run off it there will become an obvious need for the county to bring in new laws to shut it down and a target for the police.  That's not what normal thongers want.

Bigbuzz is correct in telling the old man off.  Display suits, transparent suits, peacock suits or anything that is intended to exposes the male genitals, or highlight in a tube or sock is just wrong for a county park where everyone, including mothers and children should feel at home.  They should not have to avoid the thong section because of inappropriate displays or behavior. 

I think that thongs are fine, even small thongs, and women going topless is fine too. He may see that as sexist but it's not because the men can go topless too.

It is not "a noble gesture on the old guys part" to warn the women that inappropriate things are going on.  It is not noble to tell a women not to walk that way because there is a puddle.  The noble gesture is to lay ones cloak over the puddle so she can proceed without getting muddy.  The Noble thing for the old man to do is to defend her by going over and telling the offending parties to knock it off.

What exactly does "The party ensues for the day... unless the ranger is on the way --WATCH OUT"  mean?  There should be no activity going on that cant be viewed by the ranger or for that matter anyone else who walks down the beach.  The idea that you have to dive for cover when a ranger comes shows you are doing something you shouldn't.

"enters the same inhabited territory of 'old gentleman' and immediately complains about his attire"  Is this like walking over and telling the man his suit and behavior were unacceptable.   No I don't think there was a double standard, for both men and women can go topless, and no I don't think that there is a double standard, even if someone was swimming nude, because there is a difference between being naturally nude and strutting round like a peacock.   Suggesting that the older gentleman was "fully clothed" is a bit of a stretch.  

I will consed you one point, some of the other suits worn by others on the beach may be inappropriate too for other reasons, but that does not excuse the display suit or peakock behavior.   Beaches, especially in county parks should be friendly for everyone.  That does not mean thongs need to be banned.  A nude beach can be family friendly so long as overt sexual displays and activity are prevented and that means the beach users have to ask people to stop and not just really on the rangers who are not there all the time.  If there is a lifeguard then if you don't want to deal with the confrontation yourself you can ask the guard to say something on your behalf, but if there is no lifeguard or ranger present you have do it yourself. 

In my opinion Bigbuzz is doing the right thing by having the courage to directly tell the offenders that the behavior is inappropriate all the time, not just when the park ranger appears. 
flabehr #270

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/21/2009 01:57:59Copy HTML

Ah yes, another picture postcard perfect day at DeSota.  Tide going out, sand bar surfacing to walk out to and loll around and relax.  Who and how can beat this?
I want to say that in my last post that I thought you had some rather incomplete information on the arrest story or that it was heavily editorialized for other purposes.  The truth of the matter is that there was no fine as you have just made an assumption - the $1500. was the cost of an attorney to handle the case.  The outcome was 6months suspension from the park, levied by the park, and not part of any dissolution.  The 'old gentleman' is rather reluctant to talk about it, and he knew the offending parties.  The 'John Doe' warrant for the second person still exists, but the whereabouts of either of them are unknow. 
I want to take you back to the first encounter with 'bigbuzz'.  You both has centered on a single word - that word is 'gay'.  Something smacks of homophobe.  What was said to the pair was that they had placed themselves in an area of the beach frequented by gays, and single men, and that they might find themselves more comfortable in another spot.  They might not be so tolerant of a woman in their midst. No attempted was made to run them off --  we agree to disagree -- he had the best interests of 'Mrs Buzz' in his suggestion.  He was under no obligation to defend her honor, and what to 'hell' is 'bigbuzz'.  They put themselved in that environment by choice and knew full well what they were doing.  Don't like what is on TV - change the channel -- don't like your environment - move.  The 'scuttlle but' is that buzz went into a tirade about gays and that they needed to find someplace else to go and that their kind or any of their activity he'd clean it up and not afraid to confront them 'cause he was bigger and not afraid. Hmmm -- picture this - criminal and civil lawsuits -- yeah, great posturing. 
By the way -  I saw ' the old gentleman' today -- walked from the north end of the beach toward the south and back again a couple of time.  Got the usual casual wave and a mouthed 'hello'.  Dressed appropriately in a red pocket g-string like those of Skinz that he frequently wears these days.  (Seen him on numerous occasions where he will talk.  Erudite.)  I ask now-- anyone ever see him walking nude and laviciously? 
The fully dressed, that you seemed to scoff at, was an ivory colored boxer brief -- pretty much larger than a speedo.  I am not familiar with your words 'peacock' 'shaftwear' and penile enhancing garments.  I leave that to you, but I fail this to apply.  I asked previously - 'bigbuzz' suit of see thru fabric showing Mr. Johnson and boys is appropriate?  You failed to pick up on 'Mr. Fairy Dust' - that appropriate also? 
I take you to my comment - and the party ensues -- WATCH OUT - ranger.  In that grouping of perhaps 5 -7 couples were topless women (illegal) and bottomless men (illegal) ('Buzz' included) will lily white buttocks running and diving into the surf -- that's o.k. --  During this -- again -- has anyone seen 'old gentleman' nekkid?  Let's police our own --  then we are in a better position to police others.  This I am so pure I don't have body functions hardly works.  Sooner than later, let the rangers do their job, and this all gets resolved. 
I have failed to comment on 'Mr. Viagra' and we will let sleeping dogs lie.  You categorically throw an obligation on 'old gentleman' where none exists.
I end with this -  'bigbuzz' in NOT within his rights to confront anyone regarding inappropriate behaviour.  He places himself deliberately where it exists and complains bitterly.  Don't like the heat in the kitchen -- stay out and don't become a part of the heat.  
JM_Runs #271

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/21/2009 03:08:56Copy HTML

First, you are right, I did jump to the assumption that the cost was for the fine. I stated that "By the size off the fine I infer that he went before a judge, pleaded his case and lost."  It appears I was wrong.  According to you he was arrested, hired a lawyer, went before a judge, and ended up with a six month suspension from the park. Either way, my statement that a"at that time it is clear that the rangers must have considered his actions lewd" is still correct.

We don't build good relationships with park rangers by doing lewd things, getting arrested and getting banned from the park.

Both the old man in question and you seem very bitter that the swimwear of others did not get them arrested, but he was.  Maybe their behavior was better, or maybe they were less hostile when asked to cover up.  Either way, it matters not. The fact is that his behavior got him arrested. That there was another John Doe involved in the crime suggests it could have been a publicly observed sexual event.  If that was the case it was indefensible behavior for a public beach in a public park. 

What also matters is the idea "that if you don't like what the gays are doing go somewhere else."  If what the gays were doing was legal then I agree, people who don't like to see gays holding hands just need to look the other way.  On the other hand if what the gays are doing is illegal, or behavior directed towards others that make them uncomfortable then it should be stopped.  Moreover it is wrong for people to go round suggesting that this bit of beach is adult content and if you don't want to see their games go somewhere else. All the beach is the same.  People should be able to wear a thong on any part of the beach, including places where kids swim, and visa versa, the kids should be able to go adventuring anywhere in the park without their parents worrying that they are going to come across inappropriate behavior.

You say "Something smacks of homophobe".  I seriously think that very few homophobic men wear thongs on a public beach. If he was homophobic then he would probably not be wearing a thong because others may think him gay. 

You were the one who suggested approaching people and telling them they may be more comfortable somewhere else was a "noble gesture" so the question of noble gestures, which also means acting with honor is fair game. 

You said "What was said to the pair was that they had placed themselves in an area of the beach frequented by gays, and single men, and that they might find themselves more comfortable in another spot. They might not be so tolerant of a woman in their midst."  I think that any time people are intolerant of something as simple as a women in their midst we have to ask why?  What are the gay men doing that makes having a women in their midst threatening to them?

You claim that "No attempted was made to run them off" but I think that was the impression they got, the message was they might not be welcome on that bit of beach.

With regard to the old man in question, I am glad to hear that he is now at least wearing a skinz g-string and that he is being more cautious about his behavior. That sounds like an improvement.

I am not a homophobic.  I have some good gay friends and gay family members.  BUT it is a simple fact that some very good thong and nude beaches have been ruined by some very selfish gay men who caused problems.   Not all gays are a problem, and not all stright men are red-necks, but the few of each that are cause most of the problems for thongers. 

People who want to keep their beaches thong friendly have learned that they have to directly confront the few men who cause a problem. This is not just my opinion, it  has been the experience of the volunteer protectors of Haulover beach and other nude or thong friendly destinations.

When the beach users have not taken matters into their own hands, on beaches that were previously mude or thong friendly, the activities of a few selfish men have caused enough of a perceived problem to shut the beaches down.

It is in everyone's intrest to keep the beach thong friendly.  That means working with the rangers to curb abuse and talking directly with people to let them know when they are out of line. Lets be honest, it is a combination of things that cause a problem: Not just how people are dressed, but what they do and how they act towards others.

After all the problems that Fort Desoto has had, and considering the pending threat of new rules that would possibly ban thong swimsuits, my hat is off to anyone who acts as a beach ambassador and goes out of their way to tell people when they are out of line.

I also suggest, as I have repeatedly suggested in the past, that everyone steps back a bit and for the next year or two try not to push the limits of acceptable swimsuits at Fort DeSoto. That means not wearing suits with external penis pockets, see through suits, baggies or suits without straps. And yes, women can get away with less than men can. Get over it.
flabehr #272

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/21/2009 12:19:35Copy HTML

No, no, no, JM.  A thousand times no.  You are trying to make this arrest a crime.  The only crime was nudity, nothing less, nothing more.  Stop.  The arrest warrants by the sherrif department (called in by the park ranger) was for John and Jane Doe -- two people on the beach merely nude.  The problem was that when the sherrif got to the site the only person on the beach (7:30 a.m.) was Peter Doe.  Wrong John Doe --  that was the end of the story. Mistakenb identity -  John Doe goes off in his boat scott free and still looking for Jane Doe.  The crime was nudity --  get it plain and simple -- against the law in Pinellas County.  Purely coincidental he was attired in a thong.  And cuffed in a thong.  Horray for your team but thongwear had nothing to do with it.  Here is the reason for jail.  The State subsidises the County in monetary funds for the daily cencus of all those incarcerated.  Motive is to fill the jail and fatten the coffers.  Everyone let out the next day on their own recognizants, unless a felony, and awaits a court appearance.  The 'Hitler of the Rangers', nearly 20 year ago had a serious problem on that beach and was early in the season looking to set an example that 'nudity will not pay' on my park beach.  He got his man --  brave ole, mean ole park ranger. 
The following year his attempt to solve his nudity problem was to post two life guards on dute on said beach to keep everything in check.  What a hoot.  Nudity went rampant except for the 2 hour rounds of both of them.  Funny thing, one male and one female, worked beautifully.  The male hit the gay bars at work, slept most of the day on the Bunce Pass side of the beach, and had sex in the dunes with the nudits who were sunbathing there. 
The 'old gentleman' smiles while relating this, and a little chuckle.  I say what -- he says he has the most expensive pair of jeans in his closet.  Cost him $1500.  Call it memorabilia if you will.  It's the first pair of jeans I ever owned he says cause my parents would never put us in them, and this is an issue straight out of Pinellas County property room, surely a story to be told about the guy who lost them.  Wonder what e-bay would give?  A treasured pair of '501' button fly.  A prize to own back then -- waist size 31.  Could get into them at that time.  They had to clothe me -- put me in with the prison population with a thong.  Oh yeah!  Says he sure would have met Bubba that night.  Funny man, and he saunters off. 
Let me interject here, 'old gentleman' has not changed his style of dress because of 'bigbuzz'.  Hell no, seen that same Skinz pocket g-string for a long time.  If not in red, then another color, but basically the same suit, one maker or another, bigger pouch suggests custom made.  Don't credit 'bigbuzz' for that one selling your thongwears agenda.  He's the only one that ever saw that suit I venture to say, and I don't hold much credence to that.  Wouldn't call him a liar, either.  Let's credit 'bigbuzz' for what he truly wants not thongwears paradise -- real estate. 
The crux to the whole story here in not what you wish it to be - a haven for anyone who wants to wear a thong and have a safe and pleasurealbe environment to do it in.  The problem here is simple stated - real estate. 
The northenr most end of the strip of land.  One half to three quarter mile from the entrance totally out of sight of anyone.  Currently occupied by single men (I avoid type cast at this point, cause the smattering is young, middle, older, possible gay, bi, or straight) who have had squatters rights.  Who still have, except for a couple days a month -- nudity is the agenda.  Nudity is the agenda for 'bigbuzz' and don't think one iota differentrly.  You wish he were the salesman, voice piece that you want.  Sorry JM -- cut the BS about thongwears -that isn't happening, nor will it with 'bigbuzz'.  Nudity is his agenda, and that piece of real estate.  Where have your heard that out of him 'support thongwears'?   Out of sight, and out of mind,  get it all off.  WATCH OUT for the ranger.  'Bigbuzz' wants that piece of real estate.   
Women have and easier time than men I give you that -- not in question -- a nice pair of breast is great 'eye candy' I admit  Nothing to get over there pal. 
Yeah, peaceful co-existence for the next year I give you will help the climate there at DeSota -  but hostile takeover isn't the way of handling that.  Attacking the patrons that are there is either.  And attack he does.  It isn't only the old man.Let everyone police their own house, stop playing God and be the street Devil at the same time. 
bigbuzz #273

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/21/2009 02:10:01Copy HTML

First off let me, being the first hand party here, make a few comments. When we were approached by the older gentleman he came to inform us that we were in a gay area of the beach and what happens happens. I could care less if you are gay and we have made many a friendship with gay and lesbian people on that beach. This old man is out there for sex and to show off to unsuspecting people. He dislikes anybody that gets too close and/or impedes on his actions.

As I have told this group face to face, boobs are not sexual organs. They cannot reproduce and are not any different than male breast.  This person uses the term "eye candy" for breast. They are making them sexual. But none of the women jump up and have to walk up and down the beach topless looking for attention. Actually most of them always cover up when they see people coming down the beach and stay covered until the people leave the area.

As for being nude, I will admit I get naked out there. I will admit there are other people getting naked as well. But not when anybody is walking down the beach. I have no problem with wearing a thong all day. Maybe that is why I have white areas as you call them. And the running around with a white butt tells everyone that whomever did that does not normally do that. If you are wearing a thong your butt is not white. Any nudity done by me is deiscreet and very few people would ever know I was naked on the beach. So either you have been staring at us the whole time or you are one of the ones that has to walk back and forth 100 times a day to look.

There is no take over plan for that area of the beach. But it sure is funny how when this group is down there by themselves things start happening. My first nasty encounter with this person came when two of his friends, laying with them, were having sex in the water. I was walking down the beach to see who was down there and these two guys are going at it in the water. The older gentleman and probably the guy bashing me here were up on the beach watching it. That is a little different than laying on the beach in your thong or somebody swimming naked. Two guys, one backed up to the other bouncing around in the water is supicious to me.

Funny how you call it an attack. Guess if we just let you have your sex parties out there for a few months and lose the beach you will just find another place to ruin. We have been going out there for many years and every few we run into a new group of perverts that are hell bent to ruin the beach for everyone.  There will not be any more warnings from me you can bet on that. There will be pictures taken, a memory card ready to hand to the ranger, and a phone call to them. I will stand there in my thong and explain what was going on and show them the pictures. This is not a threat. I am tired of you older perverts trying to shock the families that come walking down the beach and run off all of the hetero couples that enjoy that end as well.  You are not special and you do not own the beach. If you were enjoying the beach nude and covered up when people walked by and did not try and shock everyone you would be welcomed as well. Nobody would say a word. I have to admit it is only about four of these pimples that are trying to ruin it for everyone else. Everybody on the beach knows it and wish they would go away beofre it gets ruined for everybody else. That old man has been gone for a few years now but has shown back up. My goal now will be to get him thrown out again. Appears it has happened more than once over the years. Nobody owns any of that beach. It is first come first derve. You get there a whole lot earlier than we do.  We go down that far because we enjoy taking pictures with the tree stumps and the mangroves to the east. A lot of the people that come out there with us enjoy that area as well. At one time there was a gentleman named Tom that policed the area very well and he had fights with this old guy. The old man is a very pushy gay guy. I wonder if he thinks my boobs are eye candy? Kind of scary that a man can't walk down this beach topless without feeling like a hot dog at a 7-eleven.  
bigbuzz #274

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

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This is Mrs. Buzz and here is the issue. That stretch of beach is enjoyed by everyone who likes to wear thongs, skimpy bikinis and sunbathe topless. It is not a homosexual beach nor a hetrosexual beach.

We have been going there for many years and know by sight, most of the regulars. The day we were approached by the "old man" we were setting up camp for the day. I always wear a small bottom and put my sunscreen on topless. This should have indicated we were there to enjoy the sun and have no problem with thongs or the like.

The "old man" walked up and said this was a section for gay men and perhaps I would feel more comfortable somewhere else where there was less activity or something like that.

First of all, that area is not just for gay men, and someone who had been out there frequently should know that. Besides that, why should being around gay men bother me? At least I know they are not ogling me. As for any kind of offensive activities, that is the problem. There should be none, period.

If that stretch of beach is used just for sunbathing, there is no problem with the rangers. If that stretch of beach is used for sexual activity of any kind, then there is a problem, and soon no one will be able to use it for sunbathing.

The issue with the "gay men", and I am not referring to all of them, is that they seem to lack discretion. I do not walk up and down the beach with my chest pushed out to show off my boobs nor do the other topless women. I usually cover up as people walk by, especially if there are children.

The suits I wear are designed to cover as little as possible, but not to enhance what is there. Some of the suits worn by the gentlemen I am referring to are designed to show off as much as possible. To most of the general public, it is offensive.

We do not need to fight over the beach, but we do need to be discrete. If the activity cannot be done on the street, besides the lack of clothing, it should not be done on the public beach.
JM_Runs #275

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/21/2009 03:34:34Copy HTML

Flabehr, I think your argument goes like this:  

The issue you have is that the 'single men' have established 'squatters rights' to part of the park.  That couples who want to use the beach are invading that part of the park the 'single men' collectively consider their personal 'real estate'. That the issue is one of a battle over this 'real estate'. You think the intrusion of the couples is an attempt at 'hostile takeover'.  Apparently among some of the 'single men' a 'party ensues' when the rangers are not around, that currently the men have only had to look out for the rangers enforcing the rules but when other people like Bigbuzz object they are being hostile for it is "NOT within his rights to confront anyone regarding inappropriate behaviour."

I think you have articulated your position well, but I think that most people disagree with you. 

Bigbuzz seems to think that he and his wife have the right to use or setup camp on any part of the parks beaches. They don't have a problem with thongs or even nudity but they clearly find some of the behavior of the 'single males' inappropriate and have told them so. 

I find the suggestion that some of the parks 'real estate' is reserved for a bunch of gay men thorough some form of 'squatters rights' to be part of the problem.   In his first hand telling of the incident, Bigbuzz said they were told that they were "sitting in the gay area and needed to understand that things go on."   The suggestion that Bigbuzz and his wife should move because they may "feel more comfortable in another location" is indicative of the problem and the tin ear of some of the gay men.

Why should Bigbuzz and his wife not feel perfectly comfortable right where they were? Both you and they say that he and his wife do not have a problem with regular thongs or even nudity, so what is the reason they  should move away?  Is it because they might observe activity that may make even these liberal minded people uncomfortable, activity that should not be going on?

It seems to me that if someone is going to tell someone something, it should not be a gay man warning the stright couple that the beach is a location for regular inappropriate gay activity.  Seems to me that the warning should be to the people doing the inappropriate activity.  If the gay men can't self police them selves then we should be thankful to others like Bigbuzz to step up to help before the few ruin the beach for everyone. 

This fear of a few stupid gay men ruining it for all is not unreasonable.  Almost all crackdowns on thong swim suits that I know of, where the park, city or state have imposed more stringent rules and dress codes were the result of complaints by the general public about inappropriate activity or overt sexual behavior by gay men.

As to the prior history of this individuals arrest, I think you have a misapprehension as to the process in cases like this.  The normal sequence on an arrest for behavior is the person is detained, then arrested, then charges are drawn up. The charges would have listed the individual by name. If other unidentified people were observed taking part in the crime then they may be listed as 'John Doe' co-defendants. Such charges are drawn up after the arrest. Only in cases where there has been a prior investigation into the facts of a crime that has already happened do they draw up charges before an arrest. For example a case like Bernie Madoff or a bank robbery. In all cases the event or crime that is the offense has to happen before charges are drawn up.

What happened in the past matters little, but past arrests of gay men for inappropriate behavior will obviously color peoples perceptions. What matters is what happens now and in the future as we go forward.  Will that part of the park be a bastion for gay men with the strong suggestion that stright couples and children stay away because of the activity they may observe?  Or will it be a thongers paradise where men, women, couples and children feel comfortable sunning in an environment that is not dominated by a strong sexual vibe from gay males? 

You seem to consider his attempt to encourage family thonging by discouraging inappropriate behavior to be a 'hostile grab' for the 'real estate' previously dominated by the 'single men'.  I think Bigbuzz and his wife have articulated the common view that you are totally wrong about who's beach it is.  More importantly I don't see you offering a better alternative way to move forward.

My bias is towards Bigbuzz's vision of a thong friendly beach where couples and children feel comfortable.  Being a stright male I don't readily identify with your apparent position that there needs to be a beach free from children and couples where gay men can go for encounters and inappropriate behavior is overlooked. 

Yes I have a bias in that I don't consider topless women on the beach to be inappropriate but I do consider a missile or rocket thong that has a penis sticking out, even though covered in cloth, to be inappropriate.  The same bias holds for some activities.  I don't have a problem with someone applying sunscreen to another or holding hands, but I do when people start having sex on the beach.  I even have a problem with some men who are rather froward with their overt cruising for hookups. When I go to the beach I don't want to be propositioned or leered at.  (Leering: To look with a sidelong glance that is especially indicative of sexual desire or sly and malicious intent.)

But maybe both gay men and thongers do share one thing in common: They should stop hiding at the extremities of the beach or in the dunes and come out to mix with the general population.  The habit of congregating in self imposed ghettos because you are afraid of the comments of some uneducated red-necks has to stop. 

Everyone should work on hard on having the self confidence to go boldly in public.  That means stop hiding or doing activities that are unacceptable in public, be that waving your willy around in a rocket thong or other inappropriate behavior. 

We need to police our own personal behavior and when we see others doing inappropriate things we need to advise them to stop too. That's part of the responsibility for being part of a community.

The park should be a place where everyone goes to swim and sun together.  Not segregated in to the white section, black section, Jewish section, kids section and the gay section. No one should feel an obligation to move over to a section more suited to their kind.  I find it deeply ironic that it was a gay man making this suggestion and that you are defending it as a noble action.
Ex_Member #276

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

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I guess I could say I was at the Fort today, went out on the boat and anchored on bunces pass channel side of the island. The gulf has been kicking big time the last few days and today was rough with the surge pushing the already high tide in more the islands were well under water.  I spent all day on the boat and in the water and am burnt brown from all the sun.. Great day over all in my black skinz g.  Hopefully I will be out Thursday at Fort Thong Beach!!!

Ex_Member #277

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

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Thursday was an awesome day at the Fort Thong Beach. The tide was way high and the roped off area was nearly under water.  The water was choppy and the wind was brisk out of the west but the sun was hot and the water was refreshing. Watch out for sting rays, they are in full force.  Do the sting ray shuffle or you might get stung. I was there around 12 noon until 3:30 and worked on the tan. While laying ass high on my lounger this tall young female walked by and setup about 100 feet north of me. She was wearing a red g-string with a black top. Long blonde hair and you could tell she to was enjoying her near naked freedom. She kept to her self all day but was looking my direction several times thru out the day.  Nice to have female eyes on you for a change. There were a few other thongs and g's in the area but spread out pretty good. The walks were nice and a few walkers. Laying on the shoreline were the was nice as the water rolled in and cooled me off. The tan is working now and the string line is well defined as the rest of the body is pretty dark and my orange, yellow & pink skinz g-string really stands out.  If the storms clear up this morning, I will be out there again today!

flabehr #278

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/26/2009 02:38:09Copy HTML

Want to know what the beach conditions are going to be prior to your arriving.  Will I be totally under water?  Tide charts are availble for the entire month for the immediate area, and can be had on a first come, first serve basis for the ensuing month around the 25th.  Current tide chart for July is now available and can be picked up at the administration building (behind the awesomely large flag). 
Other interesting information is available there if you have never visited the area before. Staffers have a wealth of information they are willing to share.  Need shells to give to a friend?  A basket full of them are there free for the taking (I note some rather good specimens.) Shell identification brochure to identify the ones you have found if you don't know. 
Give this certer a look.  You won't be disappointed.  And heaven forbid if your bitten (stung) by a sting ray an emergency first aid center is there also. 
JM_Runs #279

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:06/26/2009 04:52:33Copy HTML

I support going to the welcome centers and talking with rangers.   The more you know about the park and what is going on the more connected you will be and you will feel more comfortable with both the park and the rangers.

But you don't need to go there for tide tables.  Here is a good tide table for Fort DeSoto.
Tides >> http://www.mobilegeographics.com:81/locations/4583.html

From this you can tell the time of high or low tides and how high or low a tide might be.  You can check it from home before even going to the park. 

Remember that strong onshore winds may make high tides higher, and low tides not as low.  This is very true when it blows very hard, think hurricanes.
skinzfan #280

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/03/2009 10:05:36Copy HTML

 I'm hoping no drama manifests this Sunday. I'm planning a recuperative experience at Fort DeSoto or as someone labeled "Fort Thong." I'm assuming due to the holiday the crowd will be large. I'm thinking it might be prudent to wait for the weekdays, but I have school during the week. I'm hoping there will be a good turnout of thongers so the non-thong crowd will hopefully realize thongers are just regular people too.
beachfolks #281

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/04/2009 02:41:40Copy HTML

 The Pinellas bcc agenda for their July 7 meeting again shows no thong swimsuit ordinance related issues.
Is the proposed swimsuit ordinance just going to die or go away?
flabehr #282

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/04/2009 09:37:39Copy HTML

    My last visit to the administration building (a week ago) information I got on this issue from one of the administrative staff (swimsuit ordinance word change) was that it may or may not be taken up before fiscal year end (September 30) and brought up at any other month, or not brought up at all. 
The major emphasis of the Boad at the present time is passage of the budget for the new calendar year.  At the same conversation was the multi entrance fee proposal to the park - and that it may happen the same way.  Funds from these fees will be placed in county general funds, and a portion of them, or none at all,  may be allocated back to the park.  This fee would not save the positions cut from the new budget.   
143741 #283

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/04/2009 11:04:52Copy HTML

Beach and others. If we police  no pun intended , and speak to the few that give the fort a bad rap, then maybe this issue will go away. I will definetely speak to the ones , I am not afraid to do that. I will see some of you July 23-30, I would like to meet some of you, and any single females, would be appreciated.
bigbuzz #284

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/04/2009 09:49:11Copy HTML

We were out today. Traffic was very light at 10 am.  Very few walkers and a good group of thongers up and down the beach.  The pathway is under water for about 100 feet as you head out to the beach. It gets about 6 inches deep in spots. Smells bad and when you leave it is very hot. This means the mosquitos are not far behind. Probably by the end of next week if things stay as they are. When they do start you will run into a wall when you hit the path. They disappear when you get on the beach. I have seen them so bad you had to cover your mouth and nose to breath on the way out.  A quick shot of bug spray at the car and then as you get to the path when you leav keeps you protected.

Tide is up to the ropes at high tide. Realize that Sunday high tide is around 11am. That means it will not start dropping until about 2pm. You will be tight trying to stay dry at the far north end the next couple of days.

People out today were very respectful to those that were just walking along the beach. Nobody got up and made a fool of themselves in front of people. There was some nudity by both sexes and nobody made a big deal of it and people covered up when non thongers came by. Unfortunately it looks like there was another drowning at North Beach about 1:30pm today. As we were not at that beach all I could see was what I saw through the binoculars. looked like another child, older than the last. They did fly the helicopter in so hopefully the person survived the event.  Will keep an eye out and see if it gets reported in the newspaper.

It was like old times out there today. Just boils down to simple respect and a willingness to compromise a little. Hope it stays this way forever.
143741 #285

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/04/2009 10:27:48Copy HTML

It looks like it may be time to hire some lifeguards on the north beach. I was certified back in my youth, and would be willing to work at the fort, as long as I could wear a thong.  Wishful thinking
stang-driver #286

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/05/2009 04:09:44Copy HTML

i was there today and saw fully nude sunbathers. i wonder if they meaning pinallas would just make a nude area closed off from the beach? maybe a fee to get in. but anyway there wasn't any beach patrols in there today. it was like it was ok for some reason. today was a excellent beach day. well keep on thonging my friends
beachfolks #287

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/05/2009 05:05:32Copy HTML

 Buzz and 14etc- Sorry to differ, but my own take on the thong situation is far more pessimistic- I think the core complainers see all persons in swimsuits smaller than a bhirka as offensive, all swimwear looks the same-naked. No difference between a thonged person and a naked person. Even the beach patrol and sheriff continue to have difficulty to discern who is following the existing Pinellas county code and who is not.

Many of the complainers will be satisfied with nothing smaller than full coverup for sunning on the public beaches. That's why these complainers must be fully defeated, (a separate area for nude bathing where the textiles don't go) , not just compromised with. Efforts to compromise just encourage their presence, encourage more ill-advised complaints.
bigbuzz #288

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/05/2009 11:52:38Copy HTML

143- They do have lifeguards. As a matter of fact, they were out in their boat yesteday running up an down the beach.

Stang- Not sure where you were at but there have always been opportunities for people to be nude. The difference comes with respect to those that do not want to see it. When foot traffic is very heavy there is no nudity out there. When foot traffic is light you will get more nudity. Not people walking up and down the beach struting in front of textile sunbathers.  Sometimes what you think is nude is really not nude.  With clear waist straps and thin bottoms now sometimes it is hard to tell unless you are right on top of them.  I will gurantee you the nude people were not running around sexually aroused and trying to have sex. Thonged or nude is no the issue, it's the sexual behavior and the pushiness of a few on those that are non thongers that get the bad rap out there.
143741 #289

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/05/2009 12:28:31Copy HTML

Buzz  Ok I was there in February, yes thats true for most places except clearwater beach, they are on duty until Labor day. Now there job is too save lives, do they ever get involved with the thonging issues?
sarasotanudist #290

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/06/2009 12:11:26Copy HTML

Was there on Friday and Saturday.  I havent been there in over a month...was getting sick and tired of the cat calls and hootin and hollerin from homosexual guys and the public hand jobs they give eachother I have witnessed before.  This weekend was nice though with no problems. I do not have a problem with gays at all...to each his own.  But I have never felt that uncomfortable on a beach before, it was disgusting. 

Everyone has become much friendlier though and just because I am a single guy on this beach in a thong pouch doesn't mean I am gay or a pervert.  I enjoy the freedom of being nude but the politicians seem to have a problem with it.  It was so beautiful yesterday though and for those of you I have mentioned,  please have some respect for others.

I am usually there in my blue chair with a cooler radio and a book in a red thong pouch.  Dont be a stranger, come by and say hi.  Like I said I am as straight as an arrow but enjoy making new friends.

Hope to see some of you there next weekend.
143741 #291

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/06/2009 10:44:21Copy HTML

sarosota   I will definetely see some of you the weekend of july 25-26. Although I have had some thonging here in michigan, I do not have that sharp one yet.
bigbuzz #292

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/10/2009 01:23:36Copy HTML

Skeeters should be getting bad on the path out to the beach.  I know the walkways are flooded so skeeters are not far behind. Bug spray before you hit the trail in both directions. Don't do like we did the first time. We sprayed ourselves and left it in the car. Coming back was not much fun.
143741 #293

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/10/2009 10:51:31Copy HTML

Buzz Well thanks for the warning. The black flies in Michigan are ruining our beachtime right now. We are getting mid 80s weather, so if the flies would go away, I could have my thong tanline soon.
SlidingG #294

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/10/2009 12:09:35Copy HTML

Sarasotanudist, I love your attitude:  "Dont be a stranger, come by and say hi."....."I am as straight as an arrow but enjoy making new friends."  I guess I'm a nudist, too, but that's a separate issue. 

At Fort De Soto, is it possible to hang out among the regular folks in your thong, rather than among the concentration of thongers, where you find the illicit behavior is unsettling?

Hope to visit De Soto sometime, and would like to think I didn't have to isolate myself among thongers exclusively, especially if my wife is able to join me.  She absolutely wouldn't put up with the kind of behavior you've described.      
sarasotanudist #295

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/10/2009 12:14:50Copy HTML


The thongers at Ft Desoto typically are on a seperate part of the beach as we dont want to offend families farther south. 
bigbuzz #296

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/10/2009 11:00:39Copy HTML

Let's look at what is being called a seperate part of the beach.  There is a stretch of beach about 1 mile long that is frequented by the thongers.  Mixed in are some regular swimsuit types.  But not a lot of kids in that area. I would call this the more adult area of the beach instead of the segregated thongers beach.  South to the pier area from where the thongers start are more of the families and groups of people taking claim to their portion of the beach. When we take the kids out we do stay at the south end of the thongers beach. But that is out of respect for the noise they make not that they would see a butt as most of the time the wife is in her thong. We do it to respect those that do not want to hear the kids. And when people are walking down the beach with screaming kids you can hear the people wishing they would leave. Would have no problem taking my kids all the way up the beach but I would get hit with shells as people wanted peace and quite. Kids screaming throw it here and watch me is just not relaxing to most people.
sarasotanudist #297

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/10/2009 11:38:59Copy HTML

I have kids of my own...the noise wouldnt bother me at all
143741 #298

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/11/2009 12:54:55Copy HTML

Buzz and sarasota, so you are talking to the right of the north parking lot down almost to the inlet, and farther are the campers section. I would like to meet some of you when I am down.
bigbuzz #299

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/11/2009 01:22:47Copy HTML

143741- No you have gone to far north. If you look at an aerial you will see a small lagoon. Thongers are south of there. You park along the road in the grass and walk out to the beach. From there north to the inlet are thongers.
bigbuzz #300

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:07/11/2009 08:18:32Copy HTML

Just got back from the Fort. plenty of thongs onthe beach today. Trails have spots with 6 inches of water and tadpoles swimming around. Mosquitos not bad at all. We were surprised. Waves were very small and the tide was coming in. Water temps are good.
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