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shaved_thong_lover #351

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/09/2009 12:23:06Copy HTML

Went to Fort for FIRST TIME.  Usually goto Sand Key.  Long drive but it is nice to be at a beach where my gstring did not cause a fuss.  Only about 6 men in thong/gstrings.  And there were two women.  Each with their respective bf/husband.  Actually, after reading so much about it, I expected more thongers,

I parked towards the middle of the parking area, walked along the path behind the dunes in my square cut do not to bother the non-thongers, then when I got to the end of that path, right about where it says "no nuditiy", and when I saw the first woman in a thong,  I stripped down to my gstring and walked the rest of the way towards the end where the beach gets more narrow. It is a beutiful beach, but for the drive for me from clearwater, and the for the amount of thongs there, it was a bit far.  If there were more people there it would probably be worth the drive for me, but Sandy Key is so close and no one bothers me there.  The biggest advantage is that I could get up and go swimming without a hundred non-thongers, staring me down.  That was a definate advantage over Sandy Key.

I did see people nude however towards the end, which seemsed secluded enough, almost too far for the rangers to see them or drive too on the narrow beach.  I understand people's concern that nudity could cause the rangers to be less forgiving for thongers.  And I never go nude, but the ones that were seemed harmelss enough.  Some were gay and were enjoying each other, but nothing that seemed harmful that I could see.

Were any of the upset folks in the thread there yesterday, did you see more than I did from a standpoint of illegality... barring the nudity which I did see and I know they should not be doing... but again, it did seem harmless enough.

Also, are there ever more people especailly more women or are they usually in another section?
288988 #352

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/09/2009 01:01:32Copy HTML

Shaved Thong  yes i wish there would be some more single females at the fort. And I did go to Sand Key on two occasions on my vacation in July. I was the only male, and layed where the rental just start.  I saw 4 females in thongs, well I would say brazilian,  three were with bf or family members.  Where are all of the locals, I no it is the bible belt, but is it a sin to wear a thong?
beachfolks #353

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/09/2009 02:34:01Copy HTML

 Shaved-Yes, the saturday crowd was a bit light, but likely because of the threat of rain. We left at 4:30P and much of the crowd had already gone home. The rain came in about 6P and left after only a few drops.  We occasionally go to sand key, so we're glad to know there are other thongers there too. We have only seen a few others there also.
shaved_thong_lover #354

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/09/2009 07:43:33Copy HTML

are there often more people than yesterday?
bigbuzz #355

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/09/2009 08:05:41Copy HTML

We just got home from a wonderful thonging day at the Fort. If there was one thong there were 40 thongs.  Actually right as you come onto the beach just right of there was a lady sitting in a chair topless. But from there north was loaded with thongs. No single ladies but couples and a bunch of guys out today.  No strange behavior and everybody was waving and coming up and saying Hello.  Felt like it felt out there a couple of years ago. Wish we could have stayed as more were headed down the beach as we were leaving about 2:30.  No bugs on the trail and it was dry. So a plus there as well. Hopefully the bad apples have gone elsewhere and the wondeful peaceful beach will return as it did to day for good.
beachfolks #356

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/10/2009 12:03:26Copy HTML

 Sunday was great too if you like good hot sunny weather for tanning and nice clear water. No lack of friendly thonger couples and singles, topless, and many couples got nude at the north end but also no strange behavior.
shaved_thong_lover #357

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/10/2009 03:50:37Copy HTML

Wow, I picked the wrong day, lol.  What trail are you describing?  It that another way from the parking lot?  How is it on weekdays, I may have time to go down there Monday
beachfolks #358

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/10/2009 01:32:07Copy HTML

We park along the road to North beach just as far north as the signs allow parking, and walk the beach path along the fenced off bird space. The restricted parking signs are not at all clear, but do not park north (the toward North beach side) of the parking signs in front of the restricted space. We see the ranger giving parking tickets there Sunday. Likely the birds will be offended at that location.
bigbuzz #359

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/10/2009 08:46:43Copy HTML

Ranger is cruising on a 4 wheeler these days. They are watching a couple of nest at the north end so they come up there a couple of times a day. Stay out of the conservation areas and enjoy the beach.
briankay #360

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/11/2009 02:52:30Copy HTML

"Stay out of the conservation areas and enjoy the beach."

Fantastic advice.
beachfolks #361

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/11/2009 03:46:38Copy HTML

 Brian and Buzz-Just out of the fenced space is not good enough for some of the rangers. We see park rangers hassling other beachgoers for sunning close to the fence(like 4ft away-when crowded by the tide) or leaning their beach stuff against their "golden" bird fence. Some of the rangers are just anti-social, nasty, and trying to assert their authority over the beachgoing public.
briankay #362

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/11/2009 04:08:18Copy HTML

beachfolks wrote
"Some of the rangers are just anti-social, nasty, and trying to assert their authority over the beachgoing public."

I, however, have concluded that your repeated comments about the birds not minding and your joy over the bird watchers not finding anything to watch is in fact displaced animosty, with the birds as the target, resulting from what you perceived as harassment by a ranger who was a bird fan.  I'm sure the birds DO mind being disturbed - any creature minds - but they're certainly not going to perceive that your attitude toward them is more likely the result of your feelings toward a ranger than their existing to your minor inconvenience.

As far as rangers being anti-social, well, whether its true or not, its a little hard to give credibility to the assessment coming from someone whose actions indicate he believes he should decide for everyone else what proper sociality is.  For example, the negative attention you got was a clear indication your beach strolls to the south were considered anti-social by the people there.  I was particularly appalled the time you related touring the actual fort in a thong and the implication you'd pumped gas at the gas station wearing one.

You're complaining about rangers trying to assert their authority. Well, what are they to do when someone puts them in a position where the correct thing IS to use it?  It appears you support nudity as acceptable despite the law to the contrary, and yet if you practice it you are inviting those in authority to use their authority.  But you are characterizing the cause of the use of authority as a personal deficiency in those exercising it in a situation where the correctness of the application is clear.

bigbuzz #363

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/11/2009 08:53:30Copy HTML

 Some people just have a hard time realizing that other animals and critters should be allowed to have their own space as well. I would think those that really enjoy the beach would be into conservation and protection.

Brian- I cannot say that I do not prefer to be nude as well. There are a lot of thongs out there that really are considered being nude by County Code. Also those that have the tube for the penis are a little out of what I would call beach thongs as well. 

The real issue is to be respectful to ALL people otu there, stay out of the consservation areas, and clean up any mess you make.  If everybody does those 3 things the Fort will continue to be a great place.
flabehr #364

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/11/2009 10:19:17Copy HTML

Tell me something? Wonder where this all went downhill.  Our major thrust of late seems to be on the amount of nudity at Ft. DeSota and the presentation of that said nudity.  
Aslight correction to the above entry directed to Brian --  I quote 'I cannot say that I do not prefer to be nude as well.' should probably have been 'I can say that I prefer to be nude as well.'
Wasn't the purpose of all this to promote a safe, thong friendly atmosphere among beach goers where you go without the threat of ridicule for the garment you have on (i.e. 'thong')?  Not how nekkid you can get, or naked, without getting caught. 
Here is some stats:  my transponder read for the month of February 17 entries, March 19, April 22, May 16, June 18, and July 11.  What is this you ask?  The number of days in those months I was on the Sand Bar strand of beach at Ft. DeSota.  Give you round number of appx 10 - 2+ p.m.    I have seen some nudity, lot of it in fact.  Seen female topless, and topless and bottomless,  male naked, erect and or semi erect and any combintion.  Seen heterosexual activity, homosexual activity, some bi activity.  But I have to be the most deprived beach goer there is out there - I have yet, in all those day seen any male out there with an erect penis tube swimsuit.  'Nuff said.  No more crap.  Get your clothes back on, promote a g'string/thong friendly environment for those seeking that style of beach going.  Need to get naked on the beach to be happy.   Go to the other coast where it's legal.  Enjoy.
bigbuzz #365

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/12/2009 12:33:19Copy HTML

I would say there are more single naked men out there than those as couples. As a matter of fact I would gurantee that to be true.  You can tell from reading this thread that naked men are more prevelant than topless women even. 

Flabehr- Let's just be honest. I don't like you and you don't like me. Let it go. I came on to say that it was a great day out there and that animals should have space as well.  Some anal issue you have with me should not be put on this board.  Come face to face and tell me what you think. 

Tides have been great. path has been dry, and bugs not a problem. Go out and have a great time at the Fort.
288988 #366

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/12/2009 01:29:59Copy HTML

I was at the fort for 4 days in July weekdays and weekends, and there is some nudity at the far end of the channel, so if that is unacceptable, the people walking from the fort, are in my opinion walking much farther than really needed. I walked in my thong down to the end, and one guy had a black thong front with a strap showing his ass, and he said when the local walkers leave around 11 am he goes nude, and another really tanned man has his thong covering his penis all the time. So my statements maybe confusing, but that section is at the end, and even walking from the path with water lounge chair is a workout. I think that section should be nude.
beachfolks #367

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/12/2009 03:28:31Copy HTML

 Geez Brian and Buzz-lighten up.   When Pinellas county makes coverage rules, that is a bottom line for coverage and beachgoers can expect to see people who follow the minimum. Protesting authority is the American way.
beachfolks #368

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/12/2009 01:12:42Copy HTML

 I should add-the best way to popularize thong wearing is to be more visible to the beachgoing public. Don't be marginalized off in a far corner of the beach. Wear a thong which meets the law so you can be visible. Let other beachgoers think "That looks comfortable, I could do that too-and get a full tan".

JM_Runs #369

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/12/2009 02:24:15Copy HTML

I have had a couple of requests to lock this thread.  I am not sure if it's because they fear the thread attracts gay men looking for adventure or if the discussion of the activities people have observed only leads to more inappropriate showing off or other activity.

For example I recently got a PM from a long time board member that said:
  • "You should lock the topic(s) on the fort. I think it is only adding fuel to the fire. I had not been down there for a couple years and when I went back recently I remember why I quit going. The place is creepy. The nudists in my opinion are gays trolling. I won't go back there."
I agree that there appears to be a problem with the behavior of some people,  but I don't think discussion of the issue causes the problem, or ignoring the problem on this board is going to cure the problem. 

I am not going to lock the thread because people will just start new ones.  Having all the people speaking in one thread allows all to see the various sides of the issue, and more importantly read what other people have to say, even the people who disagree with them.

I don't know what the solution will be, but think the wrong attitude is to ignore the problem, declare defeat and to stop going to the beach.. 

I suspect it will only get worked out through one on one personal interaction, or when a group of beach users get to the point where they think they need to do something.  Maybe they will form a group of users who work with the park staff and other beach users to take control of the situation, set up a code of conduct, if only an informal one, and work with the park to curb inappropriate behavior.  A bit like the SFFB org did at Haulover.

People are prepared to stand up to the people involved in inappropriate behavior, both on this board and more importantly on the beach.  In my opinion this is good. 

Hopefully the more 'normal' people go to the beach and assert their presence the more diluted the problem will become.  If normal couples are on the beach in numbers then the perceived creepiness will be marginalized. The more regular folks around the less 'privacy' the bad actors will perceive.  Sunlight and public scrutiny being good disinfectants.  We need to let the few problem people know that some of their behavior wiggs us out and they are not welcome to take over part of our beach and ruin the atmosphere for others.
In the mean time this thread allows people to think through their positions and read what other people say.  It exposes you to the other opinions and positions.  Maybe you will find support from others who feel the same way you do and possibly some common ground with people you disagree with.

That's why it is important that you express your feelings and thoughts, after having had time to go home and reflect on them.  Hopefully we get well considered thoughts. 

Through this board both sides get to say and hear opinions that they probably would not say to each other when out on the beach. That's why this dialog is important.  
briankay #370

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/12/2009 05:02:57Copy HTML

beachfolks wrote

"Geez Brian and Buzz-lighten up"

This is a really inapplicable comment.  Rather than addressing what bigbuzz and I wrote, it belittles it to avoid comment.  Its an attempt to change the topic from what's going on at the Fort to our attitudes about it, and an overt statement our views can be dismissed due to alleged personal deficiencies.

In addition, your prior comments about the rangers wanting to exert their authority with the implication its because they can, not because they need to, and that they are anti-social AREN'T "light" comments.  Those comments are an attempt to blame problems on personal deficiencies of the rangers, again avoiding the real issue.

"When Pinellas county makes coverage rules, that is a bottom line for coverage and beachgoers can expect to see people who follow the minimum."

Well, yes, that "sounds" good, except that your non acceptance of what you wrote is clear.  For example, on the issue of see through swimwear, you commented that no modern swimwear is not see through.  This is clearly false, but by saying that, you're saying going beyond the rules is acceptable, meaning you think its OK for people not to follow the principle you state above, specifically that beachgoers can expect to see the minimum.  You're willing for them to see less than the legal minimum.  Furthermore, it is clear from your comments on nudity that you think nudity without sexual activity is acceptable, yet this is inconsistent with your statement that people can expect to see the minimum.  Nudity is not the legal minimum.

The idea BEACHGOERS can expect to see the miminum isn't something you follow.  As examples, a gas station and the actual fort are not the beach.  So while what you're saying sounds reasonable, your actions indicate the limitations implied by your statements are not something you follow.

"Protesting authority is the American way. "

Protesting authority is far from the same as repeatedly and knowingly defying authority.  Protesting authority is taking action to change the rules.

I'm not totally surprised at the techiniques you're using in your arguments.  The characteristics of your technique are to personally demean the rangers for their actions by saying they're anti-social and feeding their egos with their ability to act authoritatively, not addressing the points bigbuzz and I have made and instead belittling us, scorning people who enjoy something you don't (watching birds), and claiming other creatures would not care about intrusions into their habitat when its clear ANY creature would be disturbed by such events.  Then you end it up with invoking "the American way" on the issue of protest (which is true) but when the real issue is not protest but defiance.

These techniques, diverting the discussion from the issue, claiming personal deficiency is the reason people are in opposition, believing that in addition to being entitled to their own opinions people are entitled to their own facts, and concluding with an implied claim of superiority by waving the flag, is the argumentative template used on AM Hate Talk Radio.  So I've seen it before, and am somewhat surprised to see the ultra conservative argument template adopted to support what would be perceived by most a liberal issues of personal freedom.

I welcome a discussion of the actual issues, and I'm sorry I've had to comment at length on your techniques.  However, I am not the one who diverted the discussion by introduction of unsupportable allegations presented as facts and characterization of the cause of the problems as personal deficiencies of your opponents and those in authority.

One thing that concerns me is the misimpressions those who have not read the board in detail might get from some of of your statements.  For example, you have repeatedly stated thongs are acceptable everywhere, that people don't care.  Yet a supportable and reasonable conclusion from the negative attention you've received from rangers is that people DO care about how you've behaved wearing a thong and where you've worn one.  Your attribution the negative attention you've received to personal deficiencies of rangers is not a logical conclusion.

There are people on this board in Sarasota who regularly report on OCCASIONAL thong wearers.  Yet when you went to Sarasota, you claim to have seen half a dozen in one day.  You've claimed people are in car wrecks wearing thongs and there's no comment.  I'm not saying it didn't happen, but I have to ask myself, what are the odds of you coming upon a car wreck just as the people are getting out of the wrecked car, have them be just going to or just returning from the beach, have them be wearing thongs (not all that common) and have them not be wearing shorts for the drive, which is USUAL and COMMON behavior?  I'm not saying some of what you've posted is wrong, but some of it is so implausible that I have to conclude at least some of it is highly likely to be wrong.  I'm sorry, but its clear to me that you WANT thongs to be acceptable everywhere, common everywhere, and you'll post just about anything that you can to "prove" that to be the case.

What people really need to know is that thongs are CURRENTLY legal, and that they will be accepted in MOST beach areas without comment IF the person wearing it acts exactly as someone would who was wearing board shorts, appears non-threatening, and does not have the obvious attitude of "look at me, I'm wearing a thong".
briankay #371

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/12/2009 05:18:08Copy HTML

"I had not been down there for a couple years and when I went back recently I remember why I quit going. The place is creepy."

Yea.  A couple of years ago, the Fort was the first spot on my list when deciding what beach to go to.  I ddin't always go there, but it was always the first place considered.

When gas prices got high, that dropped the Fort lower on the list, and some of the antics there lowered it further.  I hardly go there anymore.

The question at this point is whether the problems there are going to be solved by the people, or are going to continue and possibly cause a reaction that spills over into the rest of the county, as it almost did earlier this year.  The problem is the seclusion of the area under discussion, and to what degree, considering the County is broke, it can afford to enforce the laws and, where no laws exists, appropriate behavior.

Clearly additional patrols is a costly solution.  The county could merely close off the area and cite anyone there for trespassing, or, additionally designate it a conservation area so the additional penalties of such an area would apply.

It would take a very practical, foresighted, and brave public official to conclude its impossible to control the situation and post a sign "Beyond this point you may encounter thong wearers, discreet nudist, exhitionistic nudists, or people having sex".

Folks, its likely real bad things will happen if the beach users don't address this problem themselves.
briankay #372

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/12/2009 05:28:39Copy HTML

"Brian- I cannot say that I do not prefer to be nude as well."

I agree if its situation where I'm comfortable.

Illegality aside, I would not be comfortable nude at the Fort under the current conditons.  But that's just me.

"The real issue is to be respectful to ALL people otu there, stay out of the consservation areas, and clean up any mess you make."

That WOULD solve the problem.
bigbuzz #373

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/12/2009 08:54:12Copy HTML

Strange how it keeps coming back to naked men.  I understand naked is naked but the topic usually turns to naked men. It's like Brain said there is a creep factor when a single guy is there naked. I don't know why that is but it is.  I think if there were more couples down there, even if nude, a lot of the issues would be a non issue.  I cannot say the menare gay and I cannot say the men are not. But that is not the point. The point becomes the creep factor as mentioned previously on this thread.  The other is issue with regards to the creep factor is the number of times these individuals have to get up and walk back and forth in front of you or get out in the water and stare at you for hours.

We try and go toward the end to avoid as many of the walkers as possible and to pass most of the single guys sitting along there. There is a fine line of location out there.  It goes families and then couples. Then you get into the start of the thongers and it goes mostly single men. A few couples stop there but the majority try and keep walking the beach to pass these people.  There are certain ones we try and make sure we are far enough away that they do not walk back and forth in front of us 20 times a day. We call it trolling.
briankay #374

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/13/2009 12:37:02Copy HTML

Well, I was actually quoting a message JM quoted that was sent to him on the creep factor, but as stated I agree with the feeling.

288988 #375

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/13/2009 11:30:45Copy HTML

Maybe it is time for one of the members of this board, or somebody ok with thonging to find out the locals of the beachgoers at the fort. I mean all the way from the fort in the so-called family area, to the end, and also the south beach. When i am there, the same people are walking to the farthest point north, and if you say good morning, there are some of the same looking like they have just eaten a sour lemon. And furthemore other than tierra verde st pete, the distance traveled can be 45- to a hour, I believe there are plenty of other beaches closer to there local, other than tourists. Thats my opinion, if people travel I mean thongers, and have to walk through dunes bugs with chairs and such, we should have a section. And technically the whole north beach by law if you do not expose yoour privates you can wear a thong. I would love to be able to support the concession stands, and use the bathrooms with out people complaining and rangers hassling us. 
beachfolks #376

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/14/2009 07:34:43Copy HTML

 288988-If I understand your post correctly you are wanting the situation we already have. Thongs are legal currently on beaches throughout DeSoto and most of Pinellas County except for the city of Clearwater, where thongs are outlawed. Not very many wear thongs or "strings" on the popular beaches, just a few do and can be seen most days. Most, but not all who want to wear micro swimwear are in the remote locations. You still see an occasional string or WW on the most popular beaches or sometimes a woman rollerblading in a WW-just like southbeach.
Last year Pinellas proposed a draft outlawing thongs, but has not proceded with it.
sol_y_mar #377

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/14/2009 08:00:53Copy HTML

 If you are having a problem with inappropriate behavior on the beach. You might want to try what they do at Haulover Beach in Miami. They have what I think  they call "ambassadors". Anyway these people look for  unacceptable behavior and then report them to the lifeguards, or in your case rangers. I don't think it will solve all your problems but it might help.
288988 #378

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/15/2009 12:54:31Copy HTML

beach  What I am looking for on the north beach, where the signs say no nudity, is to have a bathroom, or even some porta potties, so we can change, especially on the hot days. Plus I no technically you can wear a thong by the concession area, and i have on the south beach, but I have not seen any. And the one time I walked from the concession area in a thong to the signed area, I was chastised by people. Sayings like put your clothes back on. 
beachfolks #379

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/15/2009 03:24:05Copy HTML

 288988-Yes, some beachgoers extend the existing swimwear regulations to intimidate thongwearers. We need more brave thongers to exercise their rights by wearing their thong swimwear in the populated beach locations to show the opponents that we are not  just a fringe group. There is strength in numbers. Use it or lose it.

Regarding remote northbeach- the lack of remote bathrooms is the same for all beachgoers. One of the challenges of the wilderness.
288988 #380

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/15/2009 11:17:38Copy HTML

Beach Yes that was what I was trying to convey. I have no problem wearing my thong by the concession area, but I am a single male, and most posts say not to hassle single ladies, if there are any thongers left, would be nice to have a lady friend, and some of the ones who go to the far end come to that area. As you say safety in numbers. What makes me mad is that I am going on 50, and I am in decent shape, and I feel people should realize that having the guts in wearing a thong is a motivation to stay in shape. I think the other beachgoers are jeleous.
288988 #381

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/15/2009 01:24:44Copy HTML

This is for JM, our lawyer and leader. You have seen all the recent posts about the Fort. Any legal suggestions, that is pertinent to our situation. I cannot believe, that we must be segregrated on a remote strip of the beach, which sometimes is a hassle to get to. For instance in July, heavy rain made the paths hard to go through. We need to change the powers to be attitudes, let them try to walk through the muck. 
bigbuzz #382

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/15/2009 05:16:14Copy HTML

288988- They do have one elevated walkway funded down toward the concession stand. They actually have 4 planned to install over the next few years to get to the beach. Like they have at St. Pete and all along the beaches going north. It protects the environment and provides better access for us. 

I do not feel we are segregated. I see this a little different. When we go out with the kids we stay down toward the pathway to the beach.  We do it not because of thongs but because we want to respect those that do not want to hear others. We go to the north end for peace and quite. Like I said the other day as we headed to the path there was a lady sitting in a chair topless. They had kids with them. I beieve it is more a quite thing than a segregation thing for us. People have comfort zones and those are different for everybody. 

All the issues stem from a chosen part of society as a whole.  Commonly refered to as perverts by everyone. It's that person that makes you feel weird. The one that you think is staring at you the whole time. The one that has to make sure you see them over and over and doing things they should not be doing in public. You find them at the malls, busch Gardens, Adventure Island, and everywhere else.  It just seems Ft. Desoto gets concentrations of them at times.
briankay #383

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/15/2009 06:02:17Copy HTML

beachfolks wrote
"Yes, some beachgoers extend the existing swimwear regulations to intimidate thongwearers."

What does this mean?  You got tossed from the Fort for a while for wearing a sheer suit, which is clearly outside existing regulations.  Other people have been tossed for nudity which is outside existing regulations.  What are you talking about?

beachfolks wrote
"We need more brave thongers to exercise their rights by wearing their thong swimwear in the populated beach locations to show the opponents that we are not  just a fringe group."

Well, you already tried this.  Talk about your rights all you want... SOCIALLY it didn't work.  Sauntering aimlessly through the south area with no purpose other than to show you legally could do it probably contributed to the attempt earlier this year to ban thongs at all county parks.

Yes, it would be nice to be able to have social acceptance for wearing thongs at, say, the south concession area.  But I have to point out that common behavior is for women in regular bikinis to put on shorts or a sarong before going to the south concession.  So the chance of social acceptance for thongs everywhere is a long way off.

Laws are often the result of the desire of people to enforce social norms.  Its clear that in Pinellas, aggressively pushing to the limits of the current law may result in the law becoming more restrictive.

288988 wrote
"I cannot believe, that we must be segregrated on a remote strip of the beach"

Its not a matter of "must be".  This is what the thongers have chosen.  JM commented months ago on the inadvisability of creating a thong ghetto.  Thongers at the Fort HAVE themselves created a thong ghetto.  But part of the reason is the desire of some of them to act in ways unacceptable to outsiders, which is part of the traditional perception of what a ghetto is, but not necessarily correct.

288988 wrote
"I feel people should realize that having the guts in wearing a thong is a motivation to stay in shape"

Not necessarily.  And I expect this might be part of the problem.

While I understand the concept of body acceptance (previously haveing been a Naturist Society member for many years) your comment takes the opposite view, which is actually the view of society at large.

Consider the differences in  societal acceptance...

A very in shape person wearing a thong...

A reasonably in shape person who for the majority the minimum would be a bikini or speedo wearing a thong...

An out of shape person for who for the majority the minimum would be a tank suit (women) or shorts (men) wearing a thong...

A more out of shape person who for the majority the minimum would be shorts and not remove his/her shirt wearing a thong...

So while I agree with the body acceptance concept while at the same time, and a bit in contracdiction, have great concern for unhealthy weights, you have pointed out body acceptance is not practiced by society at large.

Frankly, the absolute WORST thing that could happen right now is the people from the north area moving en masse south or people resuming their walks south just because (for now) its legal to do it.  No one is going to get the general public to accept thongs by beating them on the head with a hammer screaming "like it, its legal".

The thongers at the Fort voluntarily created their own thong ghetto.  Then it got a rep for to the limit and over the limit attire and behavior.  To a certain extent, I have to wonder if some of the shorts/shirts walkers go there because they want to see what's reputed to be a push the limits and over the limits area.  DON'T move this area south.
beachfolks #384

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/16/2009 01:33:05Copy HTML

 Brian-You pick a great example of what I am talking about in uneven enforcement. When a ranger said my baggie suit was too "see-thru" many of the beachgoers wearing minisuits of various amounts of transparency were gathered at the end of the usable beach where a new bird fence had been constructed to waters edge. While my baggie was likely the smallest, it was swimsuit material, not fishnet, and also likely not as transparent as others. I maintain it was legal coverage. Apparently the rangers were looking for some excuse to get rid of me and it's impossible to argue with a decision concerning "too see-thru".
Some background-

The previous day several beachgoers including myself in the same micro baggie were literally marched off the beach by the bearded ranger for shelling on a sandbar in the gulf water in front of the fenced area (not illegal, now tolerated). I griped to him about it but he would allow nothing. At my age, I do not take any xxxx without arguement. The bearded ranger made no mention of my micro suit during the forced march in front of his SUV while he shouted to us to walk faster. Apparently it did not disturb him then, and my coverage must have been satisfactory to him at the time.

 My point is that they could (and may) expel any beachgoer under the same twisted logic. Pinellas rangers should not have that power (yet). The dubious ordinance they proposed would just exacerbate this dependance on the judgement of Pinellas beach rangers.

briankay #385

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/16/2009 05:09:03Copy HTML

beachfolks wrote
"I maintain it was legal coverage" & "....also likely not as transparent"

No, by these two statements you admit it was illegal... you're just saying it was less illegal what what you allege others were wearing.

"Apparently the rangers were looking for some excuse to get rid of me"

Well, gee... the light bulb is starting to come on.  Could you think that through a little more?

"My point is that they could (and may) expel any beachgoer under the same twisted logic."

Well, no, they'd have to find somebody with a transparent swimsuit who thought it was acceptable because it was less transparent than what others were supposedly wearing.  Let me say there is little doubt in my mind that yes, they were looking for a reason to expel you, and that day they found a plausible reason. 
288988 #386

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/16/2009 11:06:03Copy HTML

Briankay   I have a question for you? If I wanted to thong by the concession stand north parking lot, would a tback skinz be in your mind innapropriate? And this is for others too. Now if you said it was, well then I would respect that, and still would like to thong there, and would wear a speedo thong, or something with a square coverage, and would put my shorts on when going to the concession area. Now I have worn a speedo there before, and a thong on the south beach, and the strip by the second fishing pier walkway/concession.
bigbuzz #387

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/16/2009 12:43:35Copy HTML

288- I do not think anybody would mind a tback swimsuit around the concession area.

People keep missing the point here. It is not the tback it's the activity associated with the thong crowd.  You do not see men in their surfer trunks getting up and walking past women and/or men time after time like they  are trolling. You never see women doing it even in thongs.  You don't have men by the concession stand area putting their stuff 30 feet away from somebody when there is 1oo yards of open beach.  You don't have men toward the concession stand go stand in the edge of the water staring at somebody on the beach for long periods of time. 

When you push yourself on the majority by wearing just a door knob cover to the beach you should be asked to cover up or leave. From the back and sides you look naked. Same reason you should not weat clear straps on your suit.

Again, it is a chosen few that must push the rules in areas where the rules should not be pushed. Another example here is the fact that if I have a concealed weapons license I can carry that gun into the mall. But if I decide I am going to carry it into a Bar I am breaking the law. But I have a license I can do it. No you cannot. Rules are rules and sometimes we need to be a little more conservative when it comes to rules. I know I should not be yacking because I may get naked out there at times. Not around the concession stand and never when people are walking by. Only when regular thongers are out there walking do I figure they will not get offended. I don't walk up and down the beach naked.
288988 #388

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/16/2009 12:58:17Copy HTML

I would also like to mention that, thete is 17 miles of beaches for the families to go from Clearwater to St pete, and I have thonged on everyone except Clearwater Beach, so i have no problem respecting the families, in fact on Treasure island I rent a chair/ cabana to not offend. That gets expensive, and there is miles of beach, so what I am saying, and this is true of the fort, there is plenty of room for all. What amazes me is all the toys and things brought by families to amuse the kids. Is it not supposed to be swimming and sunning, and you say you want peace and quiet, thats a joke. 
briankay #389

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/16/2009 01:55:46Copy HTML

"Briankay   I have a question for you? If I wanted to thong by the concession stand north parking lot, would a tback skinz be in your mind innapropriate?"

If you mean on the beach area, I think its OK, but more importantly, I think most beachgoers would think it was OK.  Most people can see people might have a decent reason for wearing a thong for sunning and swimming, although they might not share that reason.

Someone showering off at the shower near the north beach concession in a thong... that's would fly... walking a few feet from there into the building in a thong... people wouldn't see a decent reason for that.

All assuming, as bigbuzz says, appropriate behavior.  Sometimes its subtle.  Something as subtle as looking around too much can be a problem... people may assume the thonger is mostly interested in who is watching him, not getting a bit of sun.

And then there's the more overt activity....
briankay #390

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/16/2009 02:01:07Copy HTML

"in fact on Treasure island I rent a chair/ cabana to not offend."

That's extra consderate.

Treasure Island is pretty open and its easy to give others plenty of space. 
briankay #391

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/16/2009 02:08:33Copy HTML

"What amazes me is all the toys and things brought by families to amuse the kids. Is it not supposed to be swimming and sunning, and you say you want peace and quiet, thats a joke."

Various uses of beaches should be expected and all users should be considerate of others.

There are party areas, and quiet areas, sometimes not very far apart.  People play with footballs and frisbees, fly kites, build sandcastles, walk for exercise, walk to find shells, walk to take pics of birds, swim, sun, read books, etc etc etc.  I don't see any of this being inconsistent with appropriate beach useage.
288988 #392

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/16/2009 05:38:08Copy HTML

briankay  Your statements, I think it will be ok is not what I am looking for. I am all about rules, I would like to no definetely if a tback can be worn. I realize interpretation of rules are part of what society does, it is half full and empty, so what i am trying to convey is the thongers should have a place, and signs saying what we can wear, as I mentioned families have alot of places to go on the gulf, and for most closer to there local.
briankay #393

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/17/2009 02:32:58Copy HTML

"I think it will be ok is not what I am looking for. I am all about rules,"

Other people have mentioned the laws in various jurisdictions, so you know where you're legal.

Nobody can predict with certainty whether you will receive no comments, positive comments, or negative comments from other beachgoers while wearing a legal thong.  About what I'd say if you asked what would happen if you wore a tuxedo to McDonalds or a Dixie Chicks shirt to a Toby Keith concert.

Given your apparent aversion to noisy groups, avoiding setting up in the midst of a crowd would seem a natural choice for you.  I recommend not leaving actual beach areas wearing only a thong.
bigbuzz #394

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/19/2009 10:19:38Copy HTML

288988- You can wear your Tback at any Pinellas County beaches. You cannot wear it on Clearwater beach or any street corner as a Hot Dog vendor.  They passed that Law about 10 years ago. Your cheeks must be covered out along the road. That is why people say cover up when you head to your car.

Common sense is what it all boils down too. If you liked to fish you would not do it where all the families are set up on the beach. You would either go out on the Pier or walk down until you found and unused spot on the beach. They put the buoys up to keep boats away from shore. They have all the water and want to get right up along the beach.
bigbuzz #395

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/30/2009 02:02:35Copy HTML

It was a beautiful late afternoon yesterday at the Fort. A good mix of people. Singles to couples. Everybody enjoying the day. We did have one stingray hit while we were there yesterday.  The waters are full of ones about the size of a good salad plate.  I saw no less than 10 yesterday. Either wear some type of shoe or shuffle your feet. Polarized sunglasses really help in being able to see them under the water. Water felt great.

flthongtanlines #396

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:08/31/2009 06:46:13Copy HTML

An outstanding day at the Fort on Sunday, 30 Aug.  Weather was warm, little breeze and a decent number of thongs-- but only about two on women...  BTW, still a very soggy walk if you take the trail nearest the off-limit conservation...One interesting configuration I saw among those laying out was a mid-twenties lady that was face down with only a wedge of clothing between her legs-- I think I've seen pictures in Spain of ladies doing that as well to cover up their most private areas while getting a full tan on the bum... but the Fort?  This can't be legal, can it??? She was sexy, but practically naked...  Any thoughts other than if a guy would've done it the Ranger probably would've told us to cover up....
beachfolks #397

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:09/05/2009 03:25:40Copy HTML

 INFO--The agenda for the Pinellas county bcc meeting Sept  8 again has no mention of any ordinance concerning swimwear.
beachfolks #398

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:09/05/2009 04:25:22Copy HTML

 flthongtanlines-Coverage is coverage. The ordinance says "fully opaque" but nothing concerning the method of holding the coverage in place. Reading additional requirements into the law by park rangers is a major problem for thongers.
NoTanLinesToo #399

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:09/05/2009 05:23:03Copy HTML

Went to Fort De Soto for the first time yesterday (Fri., 9/4) (just moved to the Tampa area).  Wow, what a beautiful beach!  Probably around 10-15 guys in thongs/g-strings/nude and at least 4 women wearing thongs or g-strings.  One was topless for most of the day.  Rangers drove through twice, which caused some scurrying by the nude people!  Now that I know how to get there and where to park, I plan on going back often. 

If anyone else from the board was there, I was set up near the south end of the conservation area in a black thong, then changed into a white thong later in the day.
beachfolks #400

Re:Fort De Soto Beach

Date Posted:09/05/2009 11:26:03Copy HTML

No Tanlines-If you are far enough out, you can see the ranger coming a long ways. Just don't go to sleep nude. We haven't seen the rangers or deputies attack from over land or from the sea for years. 

I do remember of 2 such invasions by what appeared to be a swat team of nasty Pinellas deputies who had no regard for anyone clothed or unclothed. They forced me to take off my walking shorts to prove I had a thong on underneath. (not without arguement-lots of arguement). Another time a Pinellas deputy demanded an ID from a friend of ours, then pulled his gun on the thonger when the thonger reached into his backpack for the ID. (His crime was being black.) We have seen enough of these sad incidences to make us very wary of all the Pinellas county beaches and Pinellas County in general (the 800lb gorilla), but we are close to DeSoto and still manage to go as often as possible.
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