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Fort Lauderdale is thong friendly.  You can wear just about any thong on the beach.  For years I run 4 to 8 miles on the beach sand, in a very small thong, three mornings a week. 

I sometimes run the full length of the main beach, from near Las Olas Blvd, all the way south to the port, and then all the way north to the other end up by 18th North. Lately I have just been doing the 5 mile out and back, Las Olas to the north end and back. When training for long distance, over 8 miles I sometimes go further north, to Oakland Park Blvd, and very occasionally all the way north to the light house at Light House Point, some 10 miles out.

Apart from the comments of the odd red-neck builder in a truck, the response is mostly very positive. There are always girls in thongs and often, but not always guys. Some mornings I am the only male thonger out between 8 and 9 am.  There again, that's not surprising since most people don't start arriving until about 9:30 am.  I am out there to run before it gets too hot where as the crowds tend to come out in late in the  morning.

If you come out to our beaches during a cold spell don't expect to see a lot of locals in thongs. We are generally spoiled so if the weather is to hot, too cool or too windy, the locals are likely to give it a miss. This should not come as a surprise. During the Christmas, January & Feb, you will mostly see over dressed tourists from up north.

JM_Runs #1

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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Like all beaches, different people tend to gather at different places on the beach. If you want to layout in a small thong you may want to be aware of the invisible zones the locals know about.  After living here for most of my life I can give you a quick heads up.

The following guide works from the South to the North. If you are not from here, it may help if you are looking at a map at the same time you read this guide. A mile north of the port, the road that started out running West to East as SE 17th street, turns into a road that is variously called South Atlantic Blvd, or Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, other wise known locally as (A1A).  This is the main beach road.

As A1A emerges from the buildings and turns north along the beach there is a marina on the left, (West) and a parking lot on the right (East, beach side).  The entrance to the parking lot is at the far end (North end) just as the road rises up a bit and you first see the beach.  This is start of the main "beach".  The parking lot is known as the 'South parking lot' and is incorrectly listed on some maps as South Beach Park.  It is directly across from the Bahia Mar Marina. Parking in the South Lot was once flat rate but now changed to being metered by the hour.

This tends to be a family spot with BBQ's etc.  On weekends the beach in front of the south parking lot has lots of families, barbecuing and some young punks hanging out at the ball court near the entrance.  It is probably a good idea to stay clear of this mob. 

If using the South Beach Parking lot, if you want a quiet day at the beach just walk away from the parking lot.  You can park near the entrance and walk North, back past the entrance, keep going a bit beyond the hobby cats. I like this bit of beach.  Or park at the very South end of the parking lot, away from the entrance, then when on the beach keep going South down the beach for about another quarter mile, past the beach chairs set out by the two two big hotels. 

To the south the beach runs for about a mile to the breakwater at the entrance to Port Everglades.  Along this Southern mile there is no easy beach access for tourists, unless you are staying at one of the hotels along the south stretch, (Marriott Harbor Beach or Yankee Clipper).  You have to walk south from the south parking lot.  Along this southern mile the beach is wide. Once you have walked south of the lounge chairs of the first three hotels it is generally very under populated, almost deserted. No lifeguards along here and so much space nobody really cares what you do.  The disadvantages are that there are no showers, restrooms, or ice cream from nearby vendors.

North of the 'South Park Parking Lot' the one way traffic starts. The north bound road runs right along the beach. If you are approaching from the south (by way of 17th street) this is the first point where you will actually see the beach from the road. At this point there is a Hobie cat launching area. From here the true main beach starts with the famous wavy low white wall. From here to Las Olas Blvd is about 1/3 of a mile along which you will mainly find locals. The Zoo health club and the Swimming Hall of Fame are located across the street, so in the mornings this zone attracts the athletic. This is my favorite part of the beach. I find this a good section for a thonger like my self, and I some times see thonging couples. There will undoubtedly be several girls in thongs and maybe one or two men with their girlfriends. There are several good coffee and lunch shops across the road. I like a local dive where the coffee is lethal and the food not too expensive. The breakfast company is locals and they don't object to thongs in the shop if I partly cover the top of the cheeks with a long shirt. (This is near Life Guard stand #5) South of the Las Olas Blvd junction.

A little bit further North is the junction of Las Olas Blvd and A1A, ground zero of Fort Lauderdale Beach.  Las Olas Blvd is one of the main roads from the beach to down town Ft Lauderdale.  There is a parking lot here on the land side of the beach road. The ocean front lot, at the junction of Las Olas and A1A is the most expensive lot on the beach. There is another larger and cheaper one two blocks west, back underneath the Las Olas bridge. Parking in both lots is metered and charged by the hour. Watch it, they love writing parking tickets. The lot under the bridge, two blocks east is cheaper, but now being replaced by a multi-story parking lot, so until that is complete parking there is in short supply.

If you were to turn inland at Las Olas, you would drive through the rich neighborhood for a mile, then a mile of cute shops and restaurants. Beyond that is down town. In down town, along the river, you will find a delightful area called the River Walk. If you are staying on the beach, rent a bike one afternoon and take a tour inland via Las Olas Blvd. Just after the Cheese Cake Factory take a left on South New River Drive and follow the River Walk foot path to Riverside and the Performing arts district. If following the RiverWalk, make sure you explore beyond the railway lines. I am digressing, back to the beach.

Back on the beach:  On the corner of Las Olas and A1A, right at the end of Las Olas, is the Elbow Room bar.  From there going North there are shops and open air restaurants across the road from the beach. The bars and restaurants run back to back for about four blocks, ending with Beach Place. The beach and sidewalk along here is more populated. (Mainly tourists on week days with the crowd swelled by younger locals on weekends.)

The beach directly across the road is always a good spot for girls and younger women in thongs, but it also attracts the beer drinking jocks on weekend afternoons. The weekend crowd drinks and can become a little obnoxious as the day wares on. I would avoid the beach directly in front of the Elbow Room and the beach for a block or two north.

Beach Place is a three story open air shopping center/ multistory bar complex. While once had normal mall stores like a Gap and Speedo store, it is now less retail and more bars and restaurants. It has a Hooters on the second story and a host of other bars. (Sorry Speedo fans, the Speedo store has moved out.) 

The beach directly in front of Beach Place is mellow, but used mainly by tourists and has lots of umbrellas and chairs.  There is parking in the multi-story lot behind Beach Place, accessible from A1A south, behind the buildings.  There is bathrooms in the back and second floor of beach place.  Beach Place was originally an attempt at an upscale mall on the beach, complete with normal mall stores but now they have all moved out and all that is left is tacky T-shirt shops and lots of bars like Hooters.  The one saving grace is that a CVS drug store has moved into where there once was a Gap store. This is one place on the beach where you can pay normal prices for suntan loation, drinks and ice-cream.  That's much better than most of the over inflated prices at the other beach front shops.

Just to the north of Beach Place is the Merywether hotel. Right across from it on the beach is about 150 yards populated by 90% gay men and some flattered women. This is the gay section, between Castillo and Sebastian Streets. The very famous gay hotel, called the Marlin Beach Hotel, was demolished years ago but the gay population still clam that 200 yards of beach. It's a tradition. Many young and good looking men, quite a few in speedos or square cut swimsuits, but surprisingly very few thongs. I think they are trying to blend in!  The local girls call it 'Man Beach'.

Just to the north, the main shopping strip ends and the traffic on the road again flows both ways. For the next half mile there are Hotels and condos on the land side of the road. Not many locals on this section because there is not a lot of public parking.  You have to find parking on the side streets.  The beach along here is a little skinnier. Here you find mainly tourists, but spiced up on some mornings by the European airline stewardesses.

The stue's are about the only girls you may see topless. Rare, and generally only between 8 am and 10 am, before they have to report for afternoon flights back to Europe. (Airline cutbacks in spending now have them in cheep hotels on the other side of town, and with the US dollar in the toilet they get good deals in the malls and so now spend more time shopping rather than sunning.)

At about 1/5 of a mile South of Sunrise Blvd (NE 10th), the hotels and buildings on the land side stop. Between Vistamar and 9th Street, accross the road from the beach, you will see a high iron railing and trees of the Bonnet House. On the beach side there are a set of low dunes covered in sea oat grass between the beach and the sidewalk.  No adjoining or overlooking hotels and no parking by the side of the road, combined with the dunes between the road and the beach  make it a quiet and more private section of the beach.  Along here you will find less people and possibly find a few men and women in thongs. probaby because it is under populated and a bit more private.

Bonnet House beach is where we had the Thong Brunch for Sunsplash 2018.  A good area for thonging. The only problem is finding parking nearby. There is limited parking availble to the South on the "VistaMar" side street. Get there early in the day to grab a space. (There once was a regular older thonging couple that I would see every morning on this section of beach.  They were regulars for more than six years but now only come on some weekends.)

Bonnet House beach runs from Vistamar Street North to 9th Street, (Next traffic light north), just south of major junction at A1A and Sunrise Blvd.  Between 9th and Sunrise there are a few stores, pizza shops and bars, and a little parking around the back.

Sunrise Blvd is another major East-West route from inland to the beach by way of a bridge over the intracoastal waterway.  If you were to go inland over the Sunrise bridge you will find the upscale Galleria mall and further inland regular shops like Publix supermaket. (Where I go for bags of ice). A ten minute walk from the beach. A good direction to head if it looks like rain is setting in. 

Back to the beach! For a mile north of North of Sunrise Blvd the road still runs along the beach. Here the traffic now narrows down to one lane each way, with parking on both sides of the street. Apart from the parking lots south of Las Olas, this is the only other place where you can park your car right beside the beach.  This was once free parking but now $1.75 an hour.  Even so, on weekends you will need to get there early for a parking space.  If you are going to be spending more than three hours at the beach then there is less expensive parking in the park behind the beach, (access park entrance from Sunrise Blvd). The park's parking is only $4 a car load. The park also has an underpass under A1A that comes right out on the beach.  (When you enter the park keep turning RIGHT until you circle back into the beach access paring.)

The first half mile North of Sunrise is wide and there is plenty of space for everyone. Some small dunes with grass separates the road from the beach.  New paintings of palm trees provide some shade for hot days. This zone is used by a diverse group of people, from groups of elderly snow birds, to families, couples and singles. During snow bird session, (winter months), there are lots of French Canadians on this section. If it is windy then they often cluster together and build camps of umbrellas and wind breakers. A very mixed section with lots of space and a generally thong torrent crowd.  Lay out your towel about 1/4 of a mile north of Sunrise, across from the park. In my experience this is another good thonging zone, except for the high traffic point where familes access the beach from the park.  

The second half mile North of Sunrise has a bit different character.  It was badly storm eroded and so the beach is a lot narrower, and there are no sea grass dunes between the beach and the road.  To help stop erosion they have planted more palm trees on the beach that do offer some shade.  Unfortunately narrow beach means you are very close to the road and that puts me off this stretch.  Better to stay 1/2 a mile south, closer to Sunrise Blvd.

At the very north end, 18th to 19th Street, there a long, low dune with grass and shrubs. This is just before the buildings and high rise hotels start on the beach side of the road. The beach behind that dune is another thong zone. Tends to be more of a shy gay thong zone, the thongers who want to hide at the very end of the beach.

This ends the main beach. However the sand continues to the North as a thin line of sand behind the condos, hotels and private houses, for the next mile to Oalkand Park Blvd.  Apart from the sections in front of the new hotels and monster high rise condos at about 20th to 22nd street, the next mile to Oakland Park Blvd is behind private houses and almost deserted. There is public access from a couple of small beach fron parking lots in the residential neibourhood. What you wear along that bit will depend on who is around and what is overlooking you. You may get a disapproving comment or be completely undisturbed along here. Be warned the beach there is narrow, and parts are non-existant on a good high tide or if the sea is being driven in by a storm.  

There is beach access at Oakland Park Blvd but almost no parking. North of Oakland Park Blvd the beach gets wider, but the shoreline is lined with a wall of condo towers. Gaualt Ocean Mile. The beach continues to widen as it gets closer to the pier at Commercial Blvd. 

Up near and around Comerical Blvd there is lots of beach shops, parking etc. A little comerical, along with a fishing pier. While the beach North of Commercial is more "family" orientated there is plenty of space, and thongs should not be a problem if you just walk North from the public access point at the pier.  Parking on street and in public parking lots North of Comerical Blvd. 

FOOTNOTES:The lifeguards are generally indifferent to the size of your suite so long as it is legal. They have never said any thing negative to me. You can wear a very small thong so long as it fully covers. The smallest I normally wear is a Dore's low cut or Skinz banded thong. I have never had any guard mention the size of my thong, even when it's been quite small.  I have lots of interaction from them including them bandaging up my foot when it was cut by a bit of glass.

Several of the lifeguards give me a wave or a thumbs up when I run by. This encouragement is probably for the running, and not for the thong. I do get some cheerful 'Good Mornings' from some of the female lifeguards, and greeted if they have not seen me on the beach for a bit.

As a straight man, out running in a small thong, I find the responses I receive are controlled by the attitude I bring to the encounter.  I ignore the ocasional rude comments shouted by passing red neck's in plumbers vans. I try to smile and say a friendly "Good Morning" most of the people I pass. I am pleased when the greeting is returned, often with a thumbs up or friendly waive.There are a number of very cute women who are regular runners and who all give me wide smiles and waives. I find this very encouraging.

To cross the road to the shops, or stroll along the sidewalk on the other side of the stret I put on a singlet type running shirt. (Tank Top) Yes you can still tell I'm wearing a thong but it covers my skinny chest and the top of my butt cheeks, so I'm a little less 'out there'.

The general rule is: Don't get in other peoples faces, and stay clear of young punks who are out to make a point.  If you are a women and swagger along the road side in a thong will get honked at. If you are a man and swagger along the sidwalk in a thong you maywell get some negative comments from the wall sitters. If you are on the beach you will be generally left alone or get mostly positive comments.

In Fort Lauderdale a women can parade down the road or stretch out right on top of the wall in the smallest of G-Strings. Men need to be a little more sensitive to exactly where they are, and who is around them. I guess that is true everywhere. 

If you show a little intelligence you should have no trouble or hassle. Please stay away from transparent thongs, or ones that make an thongs an "issue". Right now the City Commission has a bee in its bonnet about making the beach "Posh". Dogs are banned from all of the beach and adjoining sidewalk except one short stretch, with a permit, between 6 and 9 pm. There is an ongoing fight about people under 21 from attending the Atlantis dance bar. Too many teens sitting on the wall late at night and getting into trouble. (Update: Atlantis closed down). So use some intelligence and don't swagger down the middle street in a transparent thong making lurid gestures. The last thing we need is a thong incident in the local papers. Keep cool, show a little intelligence, and you will have lots of fun and no trouble on Fort Lauderdale beach.

Some people may be offended that I categorize one section of beach as gay and the next as straight. Don't flame me: This is only meant to be a guide to help people feel comfortable. It is important to some people to know what section of beach they are in.  Remember, this is only a guide. As a general rule you cannot tell sexual orientation by looking. The main strip of Fort Lauderdale Beach is only 2.5 miles long so every thing is going to get mixed up a bit, and that is good. The only prominent gay section is the stretch in front of the Merywether Hotel.

For guys, not getting hassled will depend on where you are, and also on your age and fatness. Fat old guys in thongs get more grief. Weekends and for the first couple of weeks of local school holidays there are more kids out with attitude. Single guys if not accompanied by a women might want to stay clear of the beach directly across from the Elbow Room bar and it's direct neighbors like Beach Place. (The three block section from Las Olas Blvd north to Beach Place where the bars are.) I am comfortable there but you may not be. 

Unless you are acting weird, you wont be hassled by the life guards or police. I would probably take a long tank top or shorts to cover up a little when going across the road to the shops. My top covers the top of the cheeks but you can still tell I am wearing a thong underneath.

Topless women are rare and technically illegal, but I know several women who always go topless and rarely have a problem.  I often see topless women when I do my early morning run  If asked by a life guard to cover up they do, but normally they are left in peace. I can't remember the last time I saw a guard asked some one to put their top back on. Topless is still not very common, this is the US. You should not come to the beach expecting to see topless women, especially during US tourist session.

If you are a women and thinking of going topless then you my find that men tend to feel it important they come and tell you that while they approve of your going topless they must inform you that you may get in trouble.  Its just another pickup line.  You may want to try lying out right down the beach in front of the life guard tower so it is obvious the lifeguard does not have a problem with you, and this may give you most peace. (Check out the reports from TopFree.com in the following message.)

As a straight guy I feel comfortable lying out on the beach in most places except behind the dune at the very north end (18th street) and in the gay section, directly across from the Merriwether hotel (Castillo Street). Both bits tend to be rather gay and I am not on the beach to pickup men.

I like, and use three sections of the beach.

1)  The area by 'Swimming Hall of Fame', north of lifeguard tower #4 and south of #6. Wide beach, easy access, some palm trees for shade, coffee shops across the road for bathrooms and vittles. Here you will find lots of locals.

2)  South end of Bonnet House Beach. Just North of VistaMar side street. Low grass covered dunes behind the beach so it is not very visible from the road or sidewalk. Parking on VistaMar. Bike rack by lifeguard tower #12.  No public bathrooms or shade, except for one group of three palms in the middle of the Bonnet House section. 

3)  The third section I like is about 1/4 mile north of Sunrise. Wide beach and a few palm trees. Low grass covered dunes behind the beach so it is not very visible from the road or sidewalk. There is no services along here except the bathrooms and vending machines in the park across the road, so we take a cooler with our own chilled water and food.

For less populated sections try the following: 

Anything along the mile of beach running south from the Harbor Beach Marriott to the entrance of the port. This is the last big hotel to the South of the 'South Park Parking Lot'. Normally there is almost nobody on this part of the beach, no guards, no people, but also no shade.

The two blocks between Vista Mar (7th N), to 9th North. (2 blocks South of Sunrise Blvd, across from Bonnet House estate.  Sunrise is 10th North.) 

To sum up: Men and women in thongs are OK and normal on any part of the beach. Small thongs are fine, just make sure they are not transparent and do have waist straps so you don't look nude from a distance. Women can get away with being topless but that it is a lot less common. Topless women should be prepared to cover up, if in the unlikely case they are asked to do so by a life guard. There are some areas that will be more comfortable and some less comfortable. Start with this guide and then just walk around and figure it out yourself.

ANOTHER NOTE: People look on the map and see 'John Lloyd State Park' located to the south of the big ship inlet to Port Everglades. This is NOT in Fort Lauderdale. It's the beach adjacent to the city of Dania, just north of Hollywood's beach. This a state park and it is NOT thong friendly. You would be better off going to the city beach in Fort Lauderdale, or to the South, on the beaches of North Hollywood. (See the separate thread on the issue with thongs at the 'John Lloyd State Park'.)

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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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If you are staying some where near or on the beach then the only thing you need to get you to the beach is a is a pair of flip flops or a bicycle.  If you are staying further away and driving to the beach you will need to park. (My house is close so I just bike).   You can also take the number 40 or number 11 bus.

Parking guide, working from the South to the North:

Parking once varied from free to very expensive, but now almost all lots and spaces are metered. How much you pay depends on the lot and how close it is to the beach and popular locations. 

The large 'South lot' located across from Baha Mar Marina, is shown on some maps as south park. It's not a park, it's a parking lot. It was a flat rate of $10 for all day but I understand it is being converted to metered parking.

North of that, at the corner of Las Olas and A1A there is a parking lot across from the beach. Very visible and very expensive:  I think it is extortion at $1.75 an hour !! Access from A1A south bound only. The machines takes bills and credit cards.

There is a small private lot just to the south of it, past it when heading south, normally daily flat rate of $5 a day but it is variable.  They charge more when the market will take it, up to $30 for boat show days. This is the best deal on the beach if staying all day, but the price varies depending on what they think the market will sustain on that day.

If you are just staying for a couple of hours then a better deal is the in the Las Olas zone is two blocks inland, just before the Las Olas bridge. Turn right just before the bridge. The Parking Lot is by the water, almost under the bridge.  This is a huge 600 space lot. It's just a couple of blocks back from the beach and only 75c an hour.  The machines take cards, bills or quarters.  This is the lowest cost parking unless you park in Birch State Park or on the other side of the intercostal waterway.

Local trick: There is a small lot across from the Swimming Hall of Fame that is almost on the beach and only 75c a hour, but it fills up fast. Access from southbound A1A only. South from Las Olas, past big lot on the left, just after Swimming Hall of Fame, on the left. Need quarters. Directly inland from Life Guard tower #5.  This parking lot is currently used as a temporary fire station. 

The rest of the on-street parking, south of Sunrise Blvd, is on parking meters that run $1 to $1.75 an hour. You will need a roll or two of quarters if staying at the individual parking meters but the new central meters found in the larger lots take notes and credit cards.

Almost Free parking but for residents only:
 (Update, no free parking any more)

On A1A North of Sunrise Blvd to NE 19th street they have changed the free parking into metered parking.  BUT Fort Lauderdale residents can now get free beach parking if they get a new $5 Resident Beach Parking Card.  The old free parking north of Sunrise is now free for resents with parking card but $1.65 an hour for every one else.  NOTE: Proof of City residency is required for the parking pass. Required documents include a vehicle registration and driver's license as well as a copy of a current utility bill. The service address on the utility bill must be within the City of Fort Lauderdale limits. The residence must be within the municipal boundaries, regardless of the postal designation. For payment online, they accept Visa or Mastercard only.

BEST Low cost parking.  There is a state park by the beach just north of Sunrise Blvd.  Entrance from Sunrise Blvd.  Take (A1A) to  Sunrise Blvd and turn inland. Take the first right, into the 'Hugh Taylor Birch State Park'.  The fee is $4 a car for one person or $6 per car for up to 8 people, flat rate all day.  Once in the park take the first right turn and park in the first spaces on the right. (Keep turning right).  You walk a hundred yards East and find a building with a covered walk way that lets you out of the park on the beach side. (Also has tunnel under the road to beach). The park also has bath rooms and is a good place for all day parking but you will have to carry your stuff over to the beach.


Other ways to get around and things to do:

Locals try to take a bicycle when going to the beach, no parking cost, no problem finding a place to park.  With the cost of parking, you may be better off bringing a bike lock.  If you are staying close to the beach e and coming for more than a couple of days then try purchasing a $75 bike at Wallmart and selling it on to some one else on the last day you are here.

Got blades? Blade the beach in the mornings before the people and heat. Watch out for palm trees.

Go sailing or canoeing on the ocean.  Sailboat rentals between lifeguard towers 4 & 5.  You can also rent windsurfers.  They also do lessons including kite surfing.

Rent a sagway scooter and zip around.  Please go slow and be careful on the sidewalk along side the beach.

Take the water buss and get an all day pass. For $13 dollars you can ride as many times as you want in a day. ($7 after 7PM).  It runs up and down the river and intercostal and stops at waterfront attractions. Not very well explained, if you don't ask you wont know where the different boats go. Pick it up from just south of the Swimming Hall of Fame, or a stop near your hotel. (The waterbuss/taxi keeps changing plans, cost and service hours so check it out on the web before counting on it operation)  http://www.watertaxi.com/FLLFaresTickets.Asp.htm

Walk or rent a bike to explore inland along Las Olas Blvd and the RiverWalk foot path past down town. The first mile from the beach is just past fancy waterfront houses but then there are lots of little shops and restaurants for the next mile into down town and the RiverWalk.

Butterfly world (a car trip inland): Looks like an aviary but with butterflies instead of birds. You walk through and the butterflies will come and land on your skin. Walking trough the humming bird section is fun. Need a car, some miles inland.

When it rains or the mid day sun is too hot, go swimming or go shopping in a mall.  I find that on rainy days that being in the ocean, while wearing a running cap so you don't get water in your eyes, is very cool and comfortable.
If you must abandon the beach there are beach front bars and shopping at beach place. If you want to get out of the Summer afternoon heat or rain then try the malls. The upscale Galleria Mall on Sunrise Blvd is only a 1/4 mile West of the beach. Easy to get to even if you don't have transportation. (All buses going north on A1A should stop at the Galleria Mall.  If you have transportation then on the other side of the city is the massive Sawgrass Mills. It is a HUGE shopping mall, but is WAY out west, and takes most of a day to walk around.  (Only Disney word gets more visitors than Sawgrass Mills mall)

On Friday nights and weekends you can catch some good bars and entertainment down town.  Go to SW 2nd St just west of the railway lines.  This is also where the Imax theater and the large preforming arts center is located. 

The following was in a reply to a private message but I thought it may be useful to all.

On some maps there are green spots near the beach and people think they must all be parks.

  • Hugh Taylor Birch state park. - Located on East Sunrise. No beach in park. You can park in the park and walk, via an underpass or across cross the road to the beach. Low cost parking, access to the beach, bathrooms and a good place for running, blading or biking on the 1.7 mile circle road inside the park.  When entering the park keep turning right and park in the first parking. Short walk due East to beach access point. Another advantage, other than bathrooms, is it is a fine place to get some sun when the beach is too windy.
  • John U. Loyd state park is south of the city and south of the big ship inlet. You get to it by going down to the town of Dania and taking Dania Beach Blvd, then following the signs. (First find the City of Dania). In this park a thong can and probably WILL get you in trouble. At this time, I would give this park a miss. Much better to visit the beaches just to the south of the park where thonging is no problem.  I suggest you go about half a mile south of Dania Beach Blvd. This section is often referred to as North Hollywood Beach. Parking is on the side streets between empty lots full of trees. Metered parking. Beach access is by walking over wooden steps that traverse the dunes. The beach here is  cool and quiet with high dunes and bushes between the parking and the sand. Lifeguards should give you no problem at all. Much better than in the state park.
  • South Beach Park in Fort Lauderdale. It looks like a park on the map, and is identified as such, but is really just a parking lot and is referred to in the above beach guide as the 'South Beach Parking Lot'.  This is the Southern most part of Fort Lauderdale beach that has easy access and parking. The beach here is wide here with some trees, BBQ stands, swings and a real set of bathrooms.  Consequently it is mostly populated by family's and kids, due to the shade, numinous picnicking tables, BBQ pits, two sets of climbing frames, swings and ball court. I suggest that if you are using this parking lot you walk north of the parking by one block, (going north beyond the hobby cat launching point).  You will then be across from the 'Swimming haul of Fame' (Lifeguard tower #5) which is a cool place for thonging. OR hike South on the beach for 1/2 mile, to the very unpopulated beach south of the volleyball courts and big hotels.  The one big advantage that this parking lot has was the flat rate charge but that is going to be changed to by the hour meeter parking.
JM_Runs #3

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/30/2003 08:50:00Copy HTML

Useful Links:

Water Taxi $13 all day, multiple trips, 9am to 1/2 past midnight.


Just a few things to do

OceanFront Hotel, on A1A - A location right on the best bit of beach Notes: This is on South A1A, 440 Seabreeze Blvd.   It was called the Doubletree Ocean Front but is now called the "Courtyard by Marriott Fort Lauderdale Beach".  Ain't that a mouthfull.

"Courtyard Marriott Fort Lauderdale Beach" It's just near the waterbuss terminal and you can rent a bike or a Segway next door. I have no idea why they don't have a picture of the beach in front of the hotel on the website. How dumb, must be some one from corporate who did the web site.

While the photos of the pool are real, what it does not show is the pool is on the roof of Bubber Grumps seafood restaurant.  You have do go down some stairs and cross the road to get to the beach.  Also the photo of the girl in the hamock hanging from a palm tree is stock photography and NOT shot anywhere near that hotel.  The beach is no longer that golden and there are no palms growing an angle like that.

Suggest checking out the Yankee Trader, about 1/2 mile to the south or one of the many smaller guest houses that are a couple of blocks back from the beach, clustered along North Birch Road.  They are/have been doing a major rebuild on this hotel.

List of hotels near the beach Do make sure you locate where you are going to stay on a map, and get the name right. There are two or three of everything, like the two Sherition hotels, one called the Yankee Clipper and the other one the Yankee Trader. Close but very different. Yankee Clipper is right on on a wide beach, with a bar and showers on the beach, and the other is the other end of the strip, across the road from a very narrow bit of the beach. (Yankee Trader currently being refurbished)

A page with some hotel recomendations Be careful, some of the listed hotels are not by the beach. (One is a mile a way)

Fort Lauderdale Weather Report Use this link and scroll down on the page to see the forecast Isn't this instant web weather amazing. Today is Jan 2nd and the forecast for the next three days in Fort Lauderdale is for 79F (25C). Wow, right now it's a cool -11F (-24C) in Great Falls Montana.

Note that in the summer the weather report reads "chance of thunderstorms" nearly every day. That means it's sunny in the mornings, and through to about noon. After that it will probably start to cloud over and that often ends in a cooling shower or thunderstorms in the afternoon. Very variable, may not rain and be sunny most of the day or may rain hard. The weather report is for all of Fort Lauderdale, all the way out to the swamp in the west, but most of the time the summer afternoon thunderstorms are out west. Afternoon rain is less common near the beach.

Rainbow carpet for the gay visitor Like it or not, Fort Lauderdale and the neighboring Wilton Manors are big gay destinations. The net result is the Homophobic are selling up and moving to the hills of North Carolina. The result is the officials don't care at all if you wear a thong on the beach, which is all good. This is also a useful link for the gay beach visitor > Cheston House list of gay events and places.

max77056 #4

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/21/2004 06:55:19Copy HTML

In answer to the question about rolerblading in Fort Lauderdale,  yes, you should have no problem.

I get to lauderdale a couple of times a year. It's a beautiful beach and unlike others on the gold coast. In the last few years the beachfront was renovated with street repaving, signage and lane changes to make the whole area more pedestrian friendly. People roller blade up and down the beachfront all the time. I've even seen roller bladers coming over the canal bridges off las olas heading for the beach.

As for thong rollerblading - well that would be up to you. In the past I have seen some body builder types walking on the boulevard in a thong. It's legal but you are sure to get some admiring glances, whistles, etc, etc.....I say if you are a hardbody and wear it proudly...go for it!  
JM_Runs #5

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/22/2004 06:11:17Copy HTML

Rollerblading on and around the beach is common. Every day you can see men and women who regularly blade in very small shorts, but thongs and blades are a lot less common.   The roads are busy, so if you get of the sidewalk then stick to bike lanes or quiet neighborhoods.

The good news is that dogs are banned from the beach and the beach side walk. Before that was passed, dog shit was a common and slippery obstacle. That problem has now vanished, Hooray!  The other advantage is you don't get the dog going one way and the owner another, so no leads to trip you up.  NO DOGS on the sidewalk, this is a vast improvement.

There are still several other hazards. The first is palm trees and the uneven paving around the base. The trees are scattered up and down the side walk. It is fun weaving in and out of them but watch out for the pavers around the base of the trunks.

The second is sand. Look out for sand, it is as slippery as ice. They do blow the sand off the sidewalk every week but it's still a hazard. More so if there has been a strong wind or storm that has washed or blown sand in from the beach.

The third, and biggest problem is people. Most of the sidewalk on the north end is narrow, and silly people want to walk in clumps that block the sidewalk orj tend to jump the wrong way when they hear you coming. It is more of a problem when the beach is crowded, weekends and some afternoons. Today, Sunday at high noon on a perfect beach, day it was way to crowded for me to blade. Your skill level is different so your mileage will vary.

The best time for bladeing is mornings. Not to many moving obstacles.   When approaching people give them good notice you before you are right on top of them.  Be vocal, a cheery good morning will help announce your coming and give them waning.  The ipod generation are unfortunately effectively deaf and a complete liability. 

The side walk at the north end of the beach is narrow and two fat people can block it. One of the tricks to learn on the beach is how to blade, on one foot, inside the lamp posts. Between the black lamp posts and the wall. Practice without people first.

It is probably fine to blade in a thong but try not to hit the ground: The road rash could be bad.

If it was me, and I wanted exercise in a thong, I would run on the beach. Less hazards and more opportunity to see what the reactions are. But then that's just me, I like running.  When I get hot I just dunk in the sea.

If you blade, go early before the heat, and before the people start blocking the sidewalk.

shs92645 #6

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:04/22/2004 09:47:03Copy HTML

Last week my wife and I had a wonderful vacation in Florida which ended with 2 glorious days on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale.  I have been to Florida many times, but had never been to the Ft. Lauderdale beach.  We found free parking just north of Sunrise and I wore my g-string with no problems at all.  I appreciate the fact that you gave us such a great detailed report of the beach!
rastus #7

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:10/05/2004 09:39:40Copy HTML

Hi all:  We just got back from Ft. Lauderdale, staying at Marriott Harbor Beach resort.  We wore thongs on the beach all the time, with no problems...In fact, there was a woman who had on the most gorgeous thong, who decided to sit next to us...We did not get up to the "main beach"  but we were comfortable where we were...Thanks JM
iowan #8

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/04/2004 09:54:03Copy HTML

Well, we just got home yesterday from our Ft. Lauderdale/Carnival cruise vacation.  You guys got a nice beach down there JM, but I was surprised at how narrow it is!  One morning the tide was in and a pretty good surf rolling in and the waves were hitting the wall along the sidewalk there north of Las Olas! 

In fact I believe that was the morning that a gent with a British accent went running by in a string/thong and gave a cheery "Hello have a nice day!"

It was a nice 3 days (rained the first day, but we just got a little wet!), and my wife liked Ft. Lauderdale a whole lot better than Miami Beach.  It is a nicer city, cleaner, cleaner beach, more family oriented maybe, but I missed the parade of thongs and topless girls on South Beach!  Less crowded too, but I didn't mind the crowds on South Beach either-more thongs to look at!

We stayed at the Best Western Oceanside. Nice hotel and almost on the beach, just had to walk out the back door and through the Sheraton Yankee Clipper's parking lot to get there.  The whole 3 days I never received a single remark or comment about my thong or sarong, even up where the beach is right next to the street, which I appreciated.

Also got to see the Regal Empress pulling in twice which was a treat, and the bus boats were a good way to get around too, and reasonably priced.  The city was gearing up for their annual yacht show, so LOTS of neat boats were in town too.  Really a super vacation.


JM_Runs #9

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/04/2004 03:06:43Copy HTML

Glad you had a good time in Fort Lauderdale. The man with the funny accent may well have been me.

Last month, October 2004, the beach was heavily eroded by the hurricanes. And then... the week you were here, there was a set of exceptionally high tides that came with the eclipse of the moon. Did you see the eclipse? Having the ocean getting to the road is an unusual event. Most years it does not happen. Very unusual. Only when we have a hurricane or terrible week of winter storms at the same time as a spring tide. At least it did not cover all the beach and was only at high tide. Normally we have quite a bit more beach!

You were at the Best Western Oceanside. When you come again, you may want to check out the Doubletree Oceanfront. Probably the best beach hotel, from a location point of view. 0.65 miles to the north of where you were. It's right by the swimming haul of fame, the main water taxi terminal, St Barts coffee shop, and right on my bit of beach. It's close to 'the strip' but not right on it. The pool deck overlooks the beach. Does not get much better than that except for at the Sheraton Yankee Clipper or the Harbor Mariot where the hotels are on the beach. As you found out they are both a little far south.

Did you also notice a small Brazilian looking girl running on the beach? She has with a bright white smile and a very fast turnover. She is one of the life guards. She regularly does 8 miles on the sand. I see here running most mornings. There is a regular set of beach runners who are out during the weeks..... except when the ocean is breaking across the sand.

My normal morning run is from the Swiming Hall of Fame, to the North to the end of the beach, and back. Its about 5 miles, but some times I run South instead.  

If you explored the other way, about a mile or so south down the beach is the entrance to the port.  If you like to see ships pulling in and out get there in the early morning. You can sit on the rocks and they wave as they go by.

I am not surprised that you had no negative comments. Fort Lauderdale is generally very thong friendly. Although I must admit I did get a rude comment from some dork standing behind us as we were in line at Subway today at lunch time. I suppose it's not the beach, but about a mile inland, and a less common place to find thongs. My girlfriend thought the man rude and about told him so.

As a general rule Thongs are just not a problem, most people don't bat an eyelid.

With the boat show gearing up your hotel was probably full of rather preppie looking yacht brokers and boat sales man from up north. Did you see the very large yachts they were moving in under the Las Olas Bridge?
ctmonline #10

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/19/2004 08:03:51Copy HTML

Hey JM,

               My wife's best friend and her boyfriend just got back from a trip down to Fort Lauderdale, they were there last weekend I believe. My wife said that her friend told her about a man running up and down the beach in a PEACH colored thong while they were there, was that you??? Her friend also said that there were a lot of overweight women in thongs there as well. Was the guy in the PEACH thong you JM??? I told my wife I would ask you, it's a small world you know.

JM_Runs #11

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/19/2004 02:24:02Copy HTML

No idea if it was me. I am not the only guy out in a thong. Day of the week, time of the day and a bit more info would help. Maybe even a description of the guy, and the thong too.

I am not sure that you would call any of my thongs peach colored as a primary color, but I do have a skinz banded thong that has a waist band that is sort of light orange or peach. The front and rear strap are sort of mixed blue and yellow flame. On the cover of the Skinz catalog a few years ago. (Not me, the thong)

If the guy looked hansom, charming and erudite, then it must have been me. (Said tongue in cheek)
ctmonline #12

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/19/2004 11:30:32Copy HTML


       I believe my wife's friend was at the beach on Saturday or Sunday last week because she called on Monday from Fort Lauderdale with the news.  Personally, I figured it was like taking a shot in the dark, trying to pinpoint you as the thong wearer that my wife's friend noticed during her stay. My wife and I have been to Fort Lauderdale a few times, we know that you are not the only guy in a thong down there, if I was there I would have been thonging right along with you. My wife's friend and her boyfriend are kind of backwoods, do I dare say rednecks, this is why I think they made a big deal out of seeing a guy in a thong on the beach. I must admit, you rarely see a woman in a thong at the beaches in Delaware, they are illegal up here unfortunately. I don't think my wife's friend knows that I wear thongs to the beach either, my wife's a teacher, she doesn't want anyone to know that either one of us wear thongs to the beach, which I must respect. I'll be in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area in either the end of June or the end of August on vacation, see you then.

JM_Runs #13

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/20/2004 02:13:59Copy HTML

It might have been me. You will never know, because I can't think of a plausible excuse you can use, for interrogating them as to exactly what the thonger looked like.
sailor250 #14

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/25/2004 11:46:39Copy HTML

Has anyone had experience with thongs at FLL beach hotels/Inns pools?   Many years ago I remember a girl in a very tiny G string around the pool at the Marriot Marina on 17th st., and she didn't do a very good job of wearing her top!

JM_Runs #15

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/26/2004 02:39:27Copy HTML

The Marriott on 17th street is right on the Intercostal, right by the ship docks, but a MILE walk from the beach.

Thongs and even topless are common at hotels, WHEN thong and topless women are guests.

It just depends on who is there that week. Are there lots Europeans and cosmopolitans? Or are they hosting the orthopedic shoe sellers convention?

The Marriott Marina hotel is across the road from the cruise ship port. I would have thought it would get a lot of overnight Iowans staying, just the night before, or after, their cruse.

That hotel is also on the intercostal waterway, hence it's name 'Marina Marriott'. If you wanted to 'see' thongs and topless women then you my have more luck just watching the human decorations on the prows if the leisure yachts that meander under the adjacent 17th street bridge. It's normal to see 'babes' on the foredeck catching some rays.

If you want to see thongs then just go to the beach. There were plenty there this morning. A perfect day at the beach. Today is the day after Thanksgiving. Cooler air, warm sun, not too hot, not too cold and the summer smell of tropical seas blended with coconut sun tan oil.

It's generally true that you will see more topless women in settings that are a bit more intimate or private. Out on our boats, at quiet or adult hotel pools, places where Europeans congregate, or at our back yard pools.

Right by the beach there is a small pool with a large sun deck in the rear of the Atlantis nightclub. It's open to the public.  Because it is attached to a nightclub/bar so there is normally no kids. On a day when it's windy on the beach it's a good place to catch some rays because it has a high wall around it. Just don't dive in the pool: It's only four and a half feet deep, so the drunks don't drown. Located on the beach, one block north of Las Olas. I think the street number is 219. Walk though the cavernous interior and the pool deck is out the back.  (UPDATE: ATLANTIS IS CLOSED AT THE MOMENT) 

There are a number of small hotels and guest houses on the streets behind the beach. Mostly along and around Birch road. They are only a couple of blocks from the beach and cost less than the big hotels. Some cater to adults and some cater to gay adults. Around the pools that have privacy screens almost anything goes. Just try a google search on 'fort Lauderdale' + gay' + 'guest house'. Or any similar search like 'Fort Lauderdale adult guest house topless pool'. You will find dozens of establishments that allow or encourage their guests to be a little liberated. We even have a guest house where wearing cloths is frowned on, but so are single males with a video cameras.

If you are coming to visit and would like a thong friendly pool, stay at one of the smaller guest houses that cater to an adult or European crowd. One with an intimate pool.

Unless you have the funds to own or rent a yacht, and you personally know the right sort of bow candy to decorate the bow, I suggest you put on your own thong, then head for the beach.

Should, by chance, you find your self behind the wheel of such a yacht, and looking over your martini notice the bow candy is lacking, or has fallen off, then proceed directly to Shooters. Pull up to the dock any time after midday on a weekend. Replacement bow candy is available by the iced bucket full. They know the routine: You provide the yacht and drinks, they provide the view, just as soon as you pull away from the dock.  (Do they still have the weekend thong competitions in the pool?)

steelfan3838 #16

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/03/2004 09:45:28Copy HTML


thank you for all the details ypu put into this beach report.  i was wondering where i could buy a mens and womens thong swimsuits in that area

JM_Runs #17

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/04/2004 05:27:45Copy HTML

Reply to steelfan3838,

The best sources for thongs are probably on the web. Even Dore, who lives by the beach in Fort Lauderdale, sells by the web and does not sell in a store.  The beach front shops are all run by the same people, and mostly all sell the same trash.  

Once this town was a serious party town, now there are only a few small venues left on the beach.  The same is true with thong retail stores.  They have either moved off the beach and gone inland or to the internet.  Now with many people purchasing over the internet, there are very few good outlets remaining.

There is only one shop near the beach I would recommend.  For women's suits I suggest a store that is set one block back from the beach on Sunrise Blvd.  It's just behind the Holiday Inn that is on the south corner of Sunrise and A1A.  It was actually ON Sunrise Blvd, with a front door opening from the side street.  It has now moved into a smaller store next door, near the Parrot Bar.  It is between the Parrot bar and Sunrise Blvd, right next to the Pink Pussycat store. Look for the words 'Splish Splash" and bright colored paint.  This store gets product from Brazil and the quality is better, and the styles more unusual than most of the beach front shops. (UPDATE, since it has moved from corner store to store next door, with a lot less square footage, there is probably less selection.)

If you have a car, you could drive inland and try 'Lace to Lust' on Oakland Park Blvd.  This sore once had a good selection of smaller women's suits, mostly in very skimpy cuts.  They had a good selection of women's thongs, swimsuits, underware and everything in between  139 E Oakland Park Blvd, Oakland Park, FL  (954) 566-1880    (UPDATE, I was there just before Halloween and the wall of women's swimsuits had been turned into walls of tacky costumes, and the mens suits were mainly the same awful selection as you could get in most adult stores.  The store seems to be now selling less swim suits and much more of the costume and tacky lingerie stuff, maybe this is just for Halloween, and afterwords they will return to doing the prior wide selection of women's swimsuits.)

For men's suits is is a bit more difficult:  

Since there is a lot of gay business in this town, you have to understand that if you want to wonder into a large store with racks and racks of men's thongs and bikinis then you will have to get over walking into a place that has a rainbow flag flying out front.

J.Miles is a little store on Broward Blvd, East of US1, a short walk from the shops and bars on Las Olas Blvd.  This once was a large and vibrant store on Las Olas popper, but moved off to a much smaller venue three blocks north of off Las Olas, at 721 East Broward Blvd.  (Look for the black and white cow).  They always seem to be having a going out of business sale, which is probably true because I understand they are in protracted litigation with the landlord.  I think the Landlord wants to kick them out and redevelop the block.  GONE

Either way, J.Miles has a good selection of men's bikinis and at least one rack of thongs (although hung up very high and difficult to reach).  All prices are currently 60% off the ticketed price.  So a thong on the rack for $25 is now only $15.   This may sound like a bargain, and there are some, but be careful the original ticket price of some items seems inflated to me.  Lots of shorts, 'short shorts', square cuts, bikinis and some thongs.  There are bound to be some brands and styles you have  not seen before, so it's worth the stop. Parking in the back of the store.  The store is a little gay, and the sales staff a lot GAY.  This does not faise me in the least but may make some people uncomfortable.

Next stop, Wilton Mannors.  This is a small community that's basically the gay part of Fort Lauderdale. To get there from down town Fort Lauderdale, go north on NE 3rd Avenue.  After going over the rail way lines it will become NE 4th Ave.  Continue, crossing Sunrise Blvd, and keep going North on NE 4th Av.  As it swings to the right it is renamed Wilton Drive.  It's about a mile and a half from down town.  The stores in Wilton Mannors come and go.

There was a good store called  Audace  that was on Las Olas Blvd, right in the middle of the upscale night life and dining,  but they have now moved about a mile away to 2031-B Wilton Drive in Wilton Mannors.  They now carry less thongs and most of them appear to be underware thongs rather than beach thongs, but may be still worth the visit. (954)522-7503 www.audace.com  

ON your way to Wilton Drive checkout two stores just north of Sunrise Blvd.  First is Zoo14 just a little north of Sunrise.  They are stocking some of what Miguel's once stocked.  Ask to see the thongs, I think they have them in a tub.

Next turn right on 13th street.   While driving by the other day I noticed that the Pride Factory had moved to 850 NE 13th Street, previously the venue of another large gay store.  I stopped in to see what they had.  Well there is a LOT of space in this store.  They are filling it up fast and had a good selection of thongs and swimsuits from Joe Snider, Tulio and Pistol Peet.  Nice stuff but in my opinion very over priced.  If you are gay phobic then this store may make you feel uncomfortable. Several racks of good qulity thongs and may more of cute shorts.

I am sure there are a few more in Wilton Mannors, but I don't keep up with the local stores becuse most of my thongs now come from the web, and we don't often shop for womens thong swimsuits becuase my current girlfiend is not much of a thonger.

mpike #18

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/08/2004 06:51:07Copy HTML

Very nice read! Nonetheless, with all that information gathered.. I have a specific question to ask. I'm trying to figure out where my girlfriend and I will go on our Spring Break trip.

Can you tell me the best place for my girlfriend to go in a really small micro gstring bottom and a moderate coverage top? Somewhere with alot of people. The thrill for her is to wear it when alot of other people are around. We are in the 18-24 age group, so preferably a place with some people our age, as well as younger and older (all age beach). The beach would be best if, in addition to being thong tolerant, has a good number of other girls who wear thongs throughout the day. Also, we are both compeltely straight, so we dont want to wind up in the gay strip of the beach! I won't be wearing a thong, only her.. so I guess just some place that is very female thong friendly and very active.

Is there a place with both tourist and local environment? Which would you say is more 'fun'? I live in alabama and usually we go to destin/ft. walton.. but we want a city that is less inhabited by 'redneck' tourists. 

What hotel do you suggest for the part of the beach that fits this description? Possibly with a thong tolerant pool as well.

Last one, Will the answers to these questions vary if I go at different times of the year? Spring Break vs. Mid-Summer. If so, please let me know.

Thanks again.

JM_Runs #19

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/08/2004 12:11:52Copy HTML

Reply to mpike's questions.    Probably the best bit of beach to go if you want to see and be seen,  Las Olas Blvd and A1A.   More locals in the two blocks to the south and more tourists and spring break kids in the three blocks going north. 

All this section is basically a straight bit of beach with a young crowed.  The gays will be about  6 blocks north of Las Olas.  They all sit together by one life guard stand. You cant miss them. 

During spring break there are more young people, on spring break. Q.E.D.  They come here because we have sun and fun.  But .... they still think like they do when they live in the north or mid west.  So you are more likely to see locals in thongs in the summer and kids in board shorts in the spring.  But you are more likely to find people your own age, and serious partying, during spring break.  Spring break runs for a couple of months.  Who is here in any one week depends on what universities have break that week.

txbeefdc #20

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/11/2004 05:19:25Copy HTML

This is a lot of great information, thanks.  I'm planning a 4-5 day mini-vacation down there right after I take the bar exam but am curious as to the spring break crowd.  I'm be there from the 24th of Feb to about Mar. 1 or 2.  I know that's pretty early but if the spring breakers will abound, I'll probably head somewhere else.  How thick are the kids that early?


JM_Runs #21

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/11/2004 06:04:21Copy HTML

No idea on just when spring break starts.  I think most of them don't show till March.  Christmas through Feb is rich snow bird time.  Lots of big yachts and fancy cars in town.

In Feb we often get the tail ends of the fronts passing through FL.  This can cause bad wether for several days.  If you are comming for only four or five days it may be perfect or it may be shitty.  That's just wether.


jn9195 #22

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/14/2004 01:47:41Copy HTML

Reply to : JM_Runs

For ALL vacation/trip planning, I use WeatherPlanner.com...    They forecast weather up to a year in advance.   I have used them for several years and their forecast  for temperatures and precipitation has never been wrong for me.    Even during Florida's hurricanes, weatherplanner had those dates marked as Severe Storms months beforehand.   The only bad thing is that it is now a subscription service.

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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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In march I will be staying at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale, for a week.  Saw that Marriott was mentioned above, not sure this is anywhere near there though.  Please excuse my extreme ignorance regarding Florida geography.

Does anyone know what the thong g string atmosphere might be re the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort?


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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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Reply to sailhoopsbare
The Marriott Harbor Beach Resort is a little to the south, of the south end of Fort Lauderdale beach.

from the Marriott you can walk south for beach with very few people. Or walk north, past the Yanky Clipper and you get to the south end of the south parking lot of Fort Lauderdale beach. Keep walking north and you will find shops and people and eventualy the main strip.
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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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Last week my wife and I went to Fort Lauderdale, stayed at a Marriott resort.  The first day we were there, I wore my black Suits You g string under my regular bathing suit.  I dragged a chair to one end of the beach.  My wife came down and I asked her if she cared if I wore my g string.  To my surprise she said she didn't.  So, I took off my bathing suit and was just wearing my g string.  My very first ever time wearing a g in public.  She even put sun screen on my back and my buns for me.  I stayed there all afternoon, about 4 hours.  Quite a few people walked by, some looked, no one said anything.  I got up the courage to go into the water and had a great time.  Overall the day was a great success.  The next day we went again.  HOwever, there were a bunch of adolescent boys around, wearing dork shorts and, get this, their boxiers underneath.  They'd sag their shorts so their boxers were exposed above the dork shorts.  Now, I think the dork shorts are stupid but someone please explain the point of wearing boxer shorts underneath a bathing suit!!!!!  Anyway, I did take off my suit and was in my g for a while but my wife said the boys were acting goofy, so I put my shorts back on. 

The first day we were there, there were two late teen or early 20s girls in thongs and I saw another female in a thong, that evening I saw a girl in a yellow g string along the main part of beach in the crowded section.  Absolutley no other guys though.

Anyway, the one day was great and I thorughly enjoyed it.  My wife's reaction was really a pleasant surprise, in fact she took a couple of pictures of me with my digi cam, another surprise to me.  You have to understand that I'm 61 and she's 56 to add a little perspective.  I also went down to Haulover two days and enjoyed the nude beach there, she didn't accompany me though.

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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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The weather looks real nice.  I am going to be in Ft. Lauderdale for 4 days, starting next Wednesday.  Can't wait to break out the thongs!!

JM (or others), is the Broward Co. public transportation system pretty good?  I'll most likely be staying at the Hilton in Sunrise, so a few miles from the beach, but I won't have access to a car.

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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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This last weekend the beach was trashed.  But by the time you come we will have have picked up all the trash and glass bottles left over from this last weekends Air-Sea show.  (Millions of red-necks watching jets and marines who storm the beach).  Ran the beach on Monday morning.  Clean as a whistle in the Las Olas and central beach section.  Still a lot of bottle caps and plastic where the food booths were at Sunrise but they are cleening it up faster than in privious years. 

Wether this week is intermitent cloud and overcast.   Normaly sun it's a better bet early in the mornings.  If the sun is out be on the beach.  You can't controll the wether but you can get a look at the clouds here:  Local satellite  (Now there's an oxymoron).  Down there the clouds often move West to East.  (Click the play button to animate.)  Looks like crap wether in the middle of this week.  Should be better by the weekend.  We have a running race on Saturday morning. I hope it's not wet.  Fort Lauderdale Wether Link

Looked up your Sunrise Hilton.  It's NOT in the city of Fort Lauderdale.  It's in the city of Sunrise on N. University.  About 80 blocks west of the beach.  Not a problem if you have a car.  If not, then try to see if the hotel has local ground transport or shuttle and use that.  The hotel says " Local Area Transportation; USD 5.0"  -  What ever that means.... Probably they have a local shuttle that will get you to the mall, but will it get you all the way to the beach?

Failing that, you will need to get the local bus.  The #2 bus South to the West Regional Terminal and then the #22 bus to the Central terminal, and then the #11 or #40 buss to the beach.  (#11 is quickest)   It will probably take you the best part of an hour, or longer on weekends because the busses are not as common.  Link to the buss system map here.  Bus map  You will have to zoom in to figure out the street names.  To locate your hotel on the buss map, the hotel is at the interseciton of route #2 and Route #56.

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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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I have been asked about the wether in the summer. It's hot and humid, and often rains in the afternoon. The mornings can be wonderful so plan to be at the beach first thing. If you get up early you will probably be greeted by a spectacular blue sky and no clouds about.

Early the locals come out to bask in the rising sun and enjoy the beach while the day is still cool. Around 9:30 the life guards arrive. About this time the beautiful girls who work at the bars and restaurants will be appearing. They only stay for an hour or two.  Just out  to catch the morning sun, before disappearing of to work, probably preparing for afternoon or evening shifts.

Some times the day starts with a night breeze that blows off the land. This will be replaced by the tropical sea breeze blowing from the South East. As the wind switches over there may be up to an hour of hot and muggy still air, before the stronger sea breeze fills in. Once the sea breeze fills, the quiet sea gets waves and it gets a little more comfortable, especially in the shade.

If the tropical onshore wind was blowing all night then, there may be small surf in the morning and you skip the dead air time as the breeze switches direction.

By 10:30 or 11 AM the sand gets hot to walk on. You will notice clouds building in the distance and maybe the start of high altitude overcast. Possibly you will see some small rain clouds starting to appear over the ocean.

Don't be surprised if by noon the sun is intermittently obscured. By one or two in the afternoon its probable that you have been rained on. Don't worry, you will find it a refreshing change. The rain may be a gentle drizzle or a torrential downpour from a local thunderstorm.

Rain tends to be brief. It's cooler after a summer rain storm has passed. Don't count on being able to return to the beach for sun. It's often overcast in the latter half of the afternoon.

Later the dripping will stop and it will be dry again when you walk out for dinner.

So the answer is, during the high summer and early fall, "GO TO THE BEACH FIRST THING IN THE MORNING"

Late Fall, Winter, early and late Spring,  all have very different wether patterns.  This post is just about what to expect in the middle of summer.  Did I mention humid?   

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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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Some guy called John Ford lives in Fort Lauderdale and has taken thousands of candied beach pictures.  Most are of cute girls in swimsuits.  Some are just of the beach or people there.  

At first I just thought there were a few pictures but then I clicked on the small ones to the left.  That brought up even more pictures.  Then I realized that there are lists of photo-logs, and then even more in achieves going back for years. 

While most are not thong photos, the colection gives you an good idea of what the beach, and the people on it, look like.  The photos look like they were shot with a high power zoom.  This tends to compress distance and make it look like the beach is more crowded, and the water is closer than in real life. 

Here is a link to the site  http://johnford.net/beach/ 

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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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Now I have been asked about the prospects for thonging and weather in the winter months.

Fort Lauderdale is very thong friendly for women, but there are only few men who are out in thongs. In the spring or summer, if you just sit down, across the street from the parking lot at Las Olas Blvd and A1A, you will quickly lose count of all the thongs you see.

During the winter it is 'WINTER' for the locals so they are all pretending to know about Christmas things, like trees, Christmas decorations and shopping. Going out to select a tree on a day when its's 80 out, dressed in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt may look strange to tourists, but WE have to just imagine Christmas and snow.

In winter the beaches are mostly populated by tourists, from cold places who consider it "positively tropical". Meanwhile the locals are showing off the fact that they actualy own long pants, and a leather jacket. I got to wear mine at least half a dozen times last year.

You will still see thongs out during the winter but you will also see people with cloths on, and maybe even jackets. It depends on the weather. In mid summer the days start hot and sticky, then get worse. In winter the days normaly start cool, and may get to beach temp by 10 AM, if it's a sunny day.

The winter wether can vary wildly. It depends a lot on the wether during the week you come. Big wether systems swirl across the USA, and during the winter their southern tails whip down and sweep across Florida.

One week can be hot and sunny, then the next bloody freezing: So cold you have to wear long pants and socks when going out in the mornings. As a rule cold wether spells last only a few days.

At the end of December the normal mid day temp is between 60 and 76, with the possibility that if we have a cold snap come through it could be very cold for a few days. By very cold I mean it could get close to freezing at night! I have never seen frost in South Florida, but have it on reliable authority that it sometimes happens up in North Florida.

Starting at the end of October it gets dryer. (The winter is the dry session, summer the wet). During November and December locals are prone to great each other with "Now I remember why I like to live here!" The wether is good. As the winter progresses, the months January and February, we get more cool snaps. January through March we get more wind and more 'wether', so to speak.

If you come in the winter it will often be warm or hot in the daytimes, with cool nights. If a weather system comes through it could be cold, wet and windy for a few days. Following a big front coming down from the US mainland we first get rain for a day, and then it blows hard from the West with very cool winds, lasting several days.

A wind break and thick towel would be good things to have. If there is cool winds it can still be warm when out of the wind. The thick towel is because in the mornings the beach sand can be cold before the sun warms it up. If you do thong on a cool morning get low and out of the wind, or try running on the sand to keep warm. The colder the air, the warmer the sea appears to be.

The difference in perspective between locals and tourists is often funny. During a cool snap a tourist sitting at an open air caf?says "Isn't it nice to sit in the warm sun wearing just a t-shirt at this time of year, there is two feet of snow where we come from." Mean while the local at the next table is thinking "It's cold today, I will have to put on my jacket when I go back in the shade."

Remember: Thongs are generally on locals, and locals live here year round. They don't need to go to the beach any time there is even the hint that it's cool and they may get goose bumps. Hot sunny day, locals in thongs, but a cool snap and the locals are at the mall.
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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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Asked by PM about transport and bikes. I would advise anyone who plans to visit to bring, rent, borrow or buy a bicycle. If staying near the beach it's all you need. A lot less cost than renting a car and then parking a car. You can even purchase a cheep mountain bike and sell it on to some one else before you fly home. Bring a small back pack to cary your beach supples.

A bike is a good way to get around and see people on the beach. When biking on the sidewalk you can see almost everyone who is laid out on the beach. When in a car you are lucky to see their heads, if they are siting up. Bikes are a fun way to get to the shops, mall and even go out to dinner. Much better than walking. You can ride on the sidewalks, (Pavement for UK people). Just don't ride the wrong way in the bike lanes. So on the beach, where the traffic runs one way, ride the lane going north and the sidewalk going south.

You can take your bike on the local buses. The buses have a bike rack that folds out on the front. You clip your bike in the rack and board the bus.  Bus from Airport to down town is the #1.  From down town to the beach - via Las Olas and then north is the #11 and the #40 goes to the beach via the longer route, past the convention center on 17th street.

There is a free shuttle that runs between Beach Place on the beach, via Las Olas, to Riverside and the down town.  Only runs in afternoons and evnings, till about midnight.  (Other busses stop sooner)

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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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Any recommendations for smaller, quieter hotels/motels near the beach that allow topless as well as thongs poolside?

I remember visiting a few years back and had lunch at the cafe of one...was pleasantly surprised to see topless women quite relaxed around a pool, walking back and forth to the pool from rooms, etc.  Dont remember the name of the place, but it was oceanside.


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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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Regarding your request for "recommendations for smaller, quieter hotels/motels near the beach that allow topless as well as thongs".  Sorry, I.m not much use to you.  I live here and so don't need a hotel, therefor have not tried them out.  But as a general rule any place that is gay friendly will welcome thongs, and some allow nude too.  

I dont know if you plan to come by your self, or with a spouce, for g/f, b/f or kids.  Your sexual orintation and accompanying travelers will make a big diffrence to where to start looking. 

You may want to get a copy of Microsoft 'Streets and Trips'.  It comes bundled with many computers as part of the 'MS Works' package.  You can bring up Fort Lauderdale beach, turn on the hotells and you will see a several dozen hotel and motel names with their locatons.  Ask your friends, some one has MS Works bunndled with their PC.  Ckick on the hotel icon and it brings up the address and phone number.  How cool is that ? !!   (Don't use google maps, jhas not got the hotels.)   

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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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Wether:  So you want to know if it's hot, very hot, bloody hot in Fort Laudale.   It may be cool or coold if you catch the winter month.  We get a month of winter delivered over three months, with hot bit's in the middle.   Due to global warming we are getting short changed.

TODAY  >>>  http://weather.noaa.gov/weather/current/KFXE.html  (This should be called a back-cast, because it reports only what has allready happned.)

For the this weeks Fort Lauderdale forcast >> http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=33301

Today, Dec 2nd, 2005, it's one in the afternoon and the temp is 72F, 22.2C.  Was a little nippy when I ran this morning,  was only 60F (13.3C) with a light wind of 5mph out of the NW.    When I arrived the locals were bundled up, and there was a little chill in the air.  By the time I split, at about 10:30 am, every one was coming out in shorts or swimsuits. 



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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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Got a Private Message from some one coming to town this Saturday, First week in April 2006. They were asking about thonging and parking.... Thought I would post the answer here as well.

Beach will be packed with local kids this weekend. First day of spring break for the local schools. I would seriously avoid the zone in front of the bars like the 'Elbow Room' and the Hooters. Interesting zone to see quite a few women in thongs, but quickly becomes overcrowded and rowdy as the day develops.

It is much better just a bit south of Las Olas, near the swimming hall of fame. The only shade is near the road. Kids all over the sidewalk and wall because it's Spring Break so take an umbrella and setup by the water or rent one of the chairs with umbrellas.

About two to blocks south of Las Olas. Metered parking in small lot across from Hall of Fame will probably be full but you might get lucky.

Parking in south lot and walk north (all day one fee), or lot at Las Olas, (By the hour and through the noise, fills up early) or under the Las Olas Bridge, take very first right after coming over the bridge and follow the road around under bridge to parking lot, then walk three blocks to beach, and then walk south three more.)

Or - I would select the beach outside the Bonnet House, 1/10 of a mile south of Sunrise. Only three trees for shade, be first or take an umbrella. Not much parking near by, that keeps the crowds down.

Or - I would select the beach running North of Sunrise for the next half mile, where the grass covered dunes are between the road and the beach. Quite a few tress for shade, but the spots may be taken. IF you get there EARLY then parking along A1A is FREE. If you get there later you will have to park in the State Park and walk through the tunnel to the beach. To enter the park from the beach road, turn W on Sunrise and make the first right. Fixed price all day. Make first right after entering the park.

P.S.  If you have a question, just post it as a reply in this thread.  You don't need to send me a PM. If you end up sending me a PM it's because I have not made the information clear or available, so I will probably post the response here anyway, for others who may visit.  It makes it simpler for me to answer a reply post, becuase I don't have to summarize the question from the PM before posting the answer, so that things make sense to others. 

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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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Went to Ft. Lauderdale beach. Was there this past Saturday from 9:30am-11:45 and no thongs! Went all the way from the swimming hall of fame area to the hilton, and I found no one else. Did I leave too early?
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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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RE: Finding thongers on Fort Lauderdale beach.

You may have missed most of the babes in thongs, because they often party till late on Friday and Saturday nights. Saturday and Sunday mornings they sleep in and don't make it to the beach till later.  Got to sleep some time.   Week days, when it's just their day off and they have not had a party the night before they start arriving around 10,  but on the weekends it's often quite a bit later. 

Like all beaches, it just depends who is out that day, and what the locals thaught the wether was going to do.

You came this last Saturday morning when it was very windy. Because the beach is made of shell sand it stings when blown by strong winds. Locals don't show much when it looks like a sand blast day.

Today is Monday and I ran very late, about 11am.  Missed running early but then it clouded over and the wind came up.  So I changed into a thong and biked to the beach on the assumptoin that it would be getting cooler.  When I arrived the beach was packed.  But soon a blast from the approching squall line sandblasted the people.  They took one look at the gray squall and approching rain and ran like cockroches.  Five minutes later 98% of the people were vanished.  Leving me to have good cool run on an uncrowded beach. 

Thonging is no problem anywhere along the beach. The life guards and police will give you no grief, so there is no need to seek out a thong ghetto. Therefore you are unlikely to find a group of thongers all clustered together. (Unless you look behind the dunes at the northen end because there you may find a group of older gays who like to show off.)

Most of the time thonging is no big deal so people just do it where ever they find parking. That said, most male thongers stay away from the BBQ and kids zone on the beach accross from the parking lot near Bahia-Mar.  They also give 'The Strip' a wide birth.

The Strip is the zone from the parking lot just south of Las Olas for the few blocks to Beach Place. (Three story bar complex with orange awnings and the Hooters, etc.) You get a lot of young youth and quite a bit of drinking. But, on the flip side, you do get lots of young women in thongs in that zone.

Right now its Spring Break. This changes everything!  Most of the people on the beach this week are not locals. They come from cold places like Michigan. They bring their Michigan beach style with them. Once spring break is over, the beach should get back to normal.

Just go out and thong. Who cares if the rest of the world does not. The lifeguards, the police, and most of the people, will give you no problems, so just chill.

Thongers in Fort Lauderdale are not pack animals. They tend to be loaners. If a male thonger were to plonk right down beside another male thonger, unless it was the gay section, the first would probably move away a bit. They are probably straight, and do not wear a thong so they could get cruised.

So if there is another male thonger, pick a spot a little away. That way he will not feel you are moving in on him. You can always get to meet in the ocean or at the shower. (See above)  Did I mention that it's good to set down near shower, but not too near so you get to see, and bee seen, as you walk back and forth.

If you are a women it will be no problem. If you are a man you may get a couple of funny looks, but you may also get quite a few admiring glances. You may even get some jerk suggest you put some cloths on, but on examination you will probably notice said jerk is wearing the most inappropriate beach cloths, and therefore should not be taken seriously as an authority.

One thing that many visitors to the Fort Lauderdale beach miss, is the social importance of the fresh water shower. On Miami beach you can get to know people by heading to the concession stand at the same time, and talking while standing in line. Unfortunately its an expensive introduction because of the price gouging in Miami.

In Fort Lauderdale a trip to the fresh water shower is not just reserved for after you pack-up for the day. NO dear reader, it's part of the dance. Every time you have been in for a swim, or about every 20 to 30 minutes when it's hot, you head for the shower and wash off the salt, sweat, or just get cool.  Most are spring loaded so it's considered polite to offer to hold the knob on while your new, soon to be best friend, gets to use both hands to rinse off. (The sand can be very hot in the summer so you need flip flops or, if you are cool, a pair of crocs to get to the shower.)

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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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I was there last week and JM you are 100% right, The all the beach was full of surfers and a lot of spring brakers, so I decided to avoid the crowds and I parked my car after sunrise near the best western hotel, there is like a little montain of sand there, thats blocks the visibility from the street so I thought that was  a good idea to thong there, then I saw like 3 or 4 mens there one  of them with a black G string, he was like 45 years and he get in panic when he saw me that suddenly he put on his short. I was planning to thong there but it start to rain so bad luck.

on sunday I want to SoBe and I want to thank you for the advices that you give to the Acapulco guy. I was in south beach and is hard to thong when you are the only one, or at least for me, so I saw a girl near the beach thonging alone and I remember your advice so I went close to  and asked if I can thong with her, she told me with a big smile in his face sure so I put my towel close to and SHUT MY MOUTH. she start to asking me questions like were I was, what I was doing there... I answered all the Q and asked a few others but always easy going. If she wants to said something i responded nicely if she dont want to said anything was ok too. She was 18 years, last year of high school at  Washington DC so she founded a little bit crazy a men in thong but she told me that she loves it then she told me that she wants to have a pic of our butts but she dont have the valor to ask some one to take the pic so I think that was fun to do it so I ask for the camera. We were really close to the beach so first passed walking a family with kids and I told that it is not a good idea to do it then a guy was coming and as soon as he get closed i ask him if he can take a pic of us, as used he said sure, then she told him -n our butts?he didnt said any thing and we turned face down for the pic. After that we got a lot of confidence she ask me for my email and my phone number and she told me that she was going to send me the pic.

She was waithing for a friend and I was waithing for my parents, they are coming to take a cruise so I told her that I got to go to the airport and she understand it I said bye and we shake my hand and we kissed each other, then  ask her about going to dance she told me ok but she never call me. When I was thaking my towel she told me that she loves the way that I think. I forgot to tell thank you for the complement. I just left the beach but it was an unforgetable experience



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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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Reply to erik3000:

Glad you took my advice for how to pickup girls in thongs (from another thread).  Sounds like it worked out well. 

You said you parked  "after Sunrise near the Best Western hotel"   There are two Best Western hotels on the beach, one south and one north. The north one is the "Best Western Pelican Beach Resort", about a mile north of Sunrise.  This is the point to the north where the road leaves the beach.  It is just a little south of the Palms, (the enormous new pink towers). 

You said "There is like a little montain of sand there, thats blocks the visibility from the street."   I know exactly where you were,  about 1 mile north of Sunrise.  Unfortunatly the bit behind that dune is a bit of a gay zone.  To meet women, you would probably have been better off about least 1/2 a mile to the south.  There wou will also find grass dunes that  block the street view. 

Sorry that you only had two days in South Florida.  Next time stay a week.

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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:07/09/2006 12:43:44Copy HTML

I don't know when you run on the beach JM, but I'd like to witness that.  I haven't seen one guy in a thong on FT Laud beach, except for the north end.  I, therefore, feel compelled to thong there among the gays, as there are always at least a couple of guys in thongs there..  They never bother me, but I get some mighty long looks. I just  wish there were another regular area where I didn't feel like the only one.
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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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Reply to Beachstrapguy,

If you don't like the 'long looks' from some of the gay men then don't thong at a spot where the gays ten to hang out.   You don't have to thong with others, just find a quiet spot and lay out.  All the beach is thong friendly.  On my morning runs I greet the lifeguards, and the local policeman if he is out on his ATV.  You can thong anywere on the beach, just pick a section that you feel comfortable in, or pick a bit and go so often you get to fell comfortable there.

I normaly run at least 3 days a week, M,W,F in the morning.  Running some time between 7:30 and 10AM.  I don't run for all that time, only run for about hour.  From the Haul of Fame, south of Las Olas, up to the shower just south of where you normaly thong, and back again.  It takes about 22 minuites each way.  Then streatch time and bike back home, or some days linger and eat breakfast before going home.

If sitting on the beach, there are parts of the beach I personaly would avoid:  The bbq zone at the south end becuase over time the coal from the bbq's has made the beach dirty;  The zone right in front of the Elbo room and Beach Place;  The block just south of Sunrise across from the bars.  I also don't chouse to lay out in the section running north from a point about  1/2 mile N of Sunrise, where the beach is skinny and right along side the road.  (That's up by where you went)

I run the lenth of it several times a week and often spend time hang out with friends after running.   On the other hand I rarely lay out to tan unless hanging out with with friends.  Get enough sun on my morning runs and just have too much else to do in life.  If I spend time on the beach, other than running,  then I like the beach south of Las Olas, by the Hall of Fame.  It's just a habit left over from years ago, my girlfriend would do a spinning class at the gym there, and we would meet after our workouts.   Good beach if arriving by bike, but parking can be a hassle, so if we go by car, going for a picknic with food in a cooler, and maybe others in the group, then we may use the beach north of Sunrise, accross from Birch Park.  The beach there is wide, some palm trees for a little shade, and parking is free so we are not watching the clock.

I often see other thongers on the beach, but rareley the same people in the same place.  Today Monday, I noticed that by 10am there were quite a lot of women thongers, no men, and two girls topess.  I am not searching out thongers, and normaly have other things going on in my head when running, so there are probably more that I just have not noticed.

jn9195 #42

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:08/04/2006 03:01:37Copy HTML

I've lived in Hollywood, Florida since November of 2005. I'm a 32 year old straight male, I'm in good shape, although not a body-builder or anything like that.

I've visited south Florida many times over the last few years, where I began thonging and/or wearing small suits. Instead of becoming more and more comfortable thonging, or even wearing a small bikini/speedo type suit, the opposite has been happening. I've continually seen less and less males in anything other than board shorts. More and more people have made rude comments or reacted badly. I've become very frustrated with all of it, I haven't even been to the beach at all in about three weeks.

I was actually in Fort Lauderdale for two full weeks throughout the 4th. I stayed at the run-down Beach Plaza right across from the beach. I was out no later than sunrise and in/out (to the beach, I mean) during each day until at least 4 or 5 pm. I saw ONE thong during those two weeks. I saw NO skimpy suits. I wore a thong a few times and was harrassed like never before. I started wearing a capri suit from Prevail and, again, could go nowhere without being "attacked". By the way, I didn't stay in that one spot. I tried going both north and south of my hotel.

Even on Hollywood beach north of the shops where I used to be most comfortable, it has no longer been comfortable.

I'm beginning to regret moving here. Maybe I should move back to Minnesota or Michigan where I can make 2 to 3 times my Florida low-pay at just about anyplace.

JM_Runs #43

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:08/05/2006 08:32:36Copy HTML

Reply to jn9195,

Sorry to hear you are feeling less comfortable in a thong.  Over the years is I have become more comfortable on the beaches here.  I don't know if thats an affect of the environment at the beach, or my self confidence growing with time and age. 

You stayed at the Beach Plaza hotel in Fort Lauderdale.  This is not a part of the beach that gets many locals because there is no available public parking lots for more than 1/2 a mile in either direction.   There is some parking on the center of a few streets but it's universally used up by the tourists at the local hotels and motels.  This being summer time, you are likely to find the lower priced hotels in this zone populated by budget families who drove down from Tennessee or Ohio.  The beach here is a reflection on the people in the motels and hotels.  (This part of the beach is also being re-developed into condos for rich old retirees from up north, not exactly a thong crowed.)

There are several large huge construction jobs going right near the Beach Plaz,  with lots of dust, and lots of red neck builders.  Maybe not the best bit of beach to be.  I think I would have walked a few blocks north and thonged accross the street from the bonnet house estate.

Locals coming by car are more likely to go where there are large parking lots, like south of Las Olas, or free parking, like north of Sunrise.  Locals on foot or bicycle are likely to be near the connectors to the main land, Las Olas or Sunrise, or to bike to the better sections of the beach.

As you may know, I normally get out and run on Fort Lauderdale beach, in a thong, three times a week.  Not very often in the last three weeks: Been away up state and and very busy.  This last week I was able to get to the beach, but only twice:  On Wednesday and again  today, Saturday.   Normally I do not pay much attention to other men in thongs, except to maybe say good morning if I pass close.  If you were not wearing a thong I probably did not notice you at all.

From last Wednesday, I may have seen more, but there are only two other male thongers that I can remember now.  One in an unusual  horizontal striped thong in the colors of the German flag, and one at the shower at top end of the beach by 18th street.  I remember him because he stopped to talk with me when I was drinking from the shower.  He asked where I got the thong I was wearing.  I told him the INTERNET, and recommended the board to him. 

I had read your posting just before biking to the beach, and was thinking about it on todays run.  So today I counted men in thongs.  I started out at about 8:30 am.  There were not many people on the beach that early in the day.   On my way north I noticed several women in thongs but only one man in what was a thong, or speedo bunched up.  (Did not get close enough to see). 

I expected to see the usual one or two men in thongs behind the dune north of 18th, but today that part of the beach was invaded by a large crowed of teens from a summer camp.  They had erected a white tent and had a mob of about forty teens with surf boards.    I did see one more man in a black thong as I was running back south, and then was surprised to see the old couple on the beach in front of Bonnet House. He always thongs but I have not seen them for a while.  (They are normally later on weekends and I am normally out early weekdays.)  So todays count was only three, or four if you include me too.  But since my survey ended at 9:30 am, and most people don't get to the beach that early, there may well be more out there as I type this.   It's safe to say they are widely dispersed.  

I also noticed that I did not see the same person twice, even though I rand up and back.  This shows the turnover rate this morning.  (This is unusual because I often see the same person on the return run).

I think the problem, or the joy, with our beach is that there is not one thong ghetto.  Unlike the kite-surfers or the dog walkers, we thongers are not restricted to one part of the beach.  Therefor we are spread out over many miles.  If you just plonk down in one spot you may or may not see any of the other thongers.  I get to see a few men in thongs because I run several miles of beach, though I must admit, I don't have much interest in men in thongs, and notice the women more. 

On my morning runs, apart from obvious common spots like 18th street where there may or may not be several male thongers, on the regular beach I guess the men in thongs are randomly distributed, with gaps of a half, to a full mile, between them.

Thongers also come and go.  Regular locals get to see the beach often, and so don't need to spend all day.  We are only there for an hour,  or two at the most, then split to do other stuff.  So while we may go often, we don't stay long.

With regard to your feeling uncomfortable because of comments you have heard.  Over the years I have learned to ignore the red-neck who comes by in a pickup and yells "put some cloths on."   This happens probably at least once or twice a week.  (A major road A1A, runs along behind the beach)   On the other hand I get lots of positive responses every day, from a large number of people, so one or two idiots are easy to ignore.  

Just today, after running, a long time friend B__ told  me that she looks forward to seeing me on the beach and days without me are less colorful.  I asked, "really?"  She replied that it was not only her, but J___ (who is an older regular walker and wall sitter)  who misses me, ( I had not been out much in the last few weeks).   J___ had jokingly accused my friend B__ of hiding me.

I don't know what you are looking for.  If it's to be part of a pack of skimpily dressed males, you may need to go to Haulover beach in Miami.  If you are looking to be mobbed by a bevies of hooters girls in thongs it's not going to happen.  That's not to say I have not been stopped by groups of girls.  Some have asked to take a picture with me, or some just ended up talking for a while.  Some have been groups of teens and some times its like stunning south American mother and daughter couple that I ended up spending most of the morning with.  Yes, sometimes I am approached by girls who looked like they stepped out of a photo shoot, but not very often.  Being stopped wile running is rare, probably only once a month.  On the other hand, people coming over to chat when I am at the shower is more common, probably once a week. 

If there is a large gathering or group, all standing together, say 20 to 50 people, I will normally notice this from some way off and aim to run one side or the other.  Until you are right there you never know what the reaction is going to be.  I have had rounds of applause from a yoga class and smirks and snigger's from a school field trip.  Often there is no reaction, or maybe it does not start until some time after I have passed.   

Today there was a wedding on the beach.  Fake plastic flowers, on fake plastic arch, with real plastic chairs setup like an open air chapel.  They all had cameras, and there was even a pro with a video setup on a tripod.  They were setup on the narrowest part of the beach, right by the walkover from the Sheraton Trader,  so there was little room on each side and I was forced to run by within about ten feet.   Got quite a few smiles from the congregation, and I think couple of pictures, but only one friendly wave when I first passed.  They were starting to take their seats when I went up the beach.  On the way back they were down by the water doing what looked like the after-the-fact group pictures and they all looked more relaxed. 

Most days I just see the locals and tourists.  Locals say hi and otherwise don't react.  Tourists some times nudge each other and point.  Some times I will hear one call to the other something like "Sally, Sally look!"  and I often notice one of them reach for a camera. 

I was going to write that I am not out on the beach to garner approval from other people, so it does not matter if some plumbers mate, or spotty teenage boy thinks I am strange.  On the other hand I do appreciate all the positive feedback I get,  so I can't claim to be indifferent.  I guess we all filter the input and only hear what we want to hear, and weight it according to our level of paranoia.  

Over the years I have made a conscious effort to be friendly to the rest of mankind, and that appears to be paying off.  I don't cruse, leer, loiter, I just get on with what I am about.   I treat others with respect by being friendly and saying good morning.  There are still a few people who pass by on the side walk with their noises in the air pretending I don't exit and that they have not seen me:  There problem, not mine.  All in all I find the beach to be thong friendly, but if someone does say something negative I just ignore it. 

My advice for negative comments from groups of teenage boys,  NEVER EVER let them see that they have riled you.  Don't show it by where you look, or by your body language.  Think like a poker player.  After one or two shouts of derision, or whistles, they will loose interest.  On the other hand if they get a rise out of you, If they see the weakness, they will circle in for the kill.

I don't know what will make you feel comfortable when wearing a thong on the beach.  If having a girlfriend along, thronging or not, would make you immune, then ask a girl to go to the beach with you.  Tell her you wear a thong to the beach and would like some company so you don't get teased by the teenage boys in board shorts.  Girls understand going out in a group for mutual support.  Telling her you thong before you go will make you a lot less nervous on the day.  (Don't surprise her, your worry over her reaction is likely to give you heart palpitations)

Make friends while in your thong.  Be sociable with the life guards, beach vendors, regulars etc.  There are some regular beach chair rental people that I pass on my run.  Most days they are setting up the umbrellas when I come by.  If I fail to greet them it's me who is on the receiving end of a shot of "What? No good morning?".   If I fail to notice some of the regulars and give a wave or nod in their direction they are likely to call out my name and wave.   Yes hundreds of locals know my name, and many more don't remember my name but have made my acquittance, so therefor I am not some weird man in a thong, but someone they know. 

Pick a bit of beach you like.  Become a regular.  Identify and become acquainted with the other regulars.  Not the people laying out on the sand, most of them got Ipods on and just want to be left alone.  Become acquainted with the people who work the beach, walk the beach, sit on the benches, or are sitting around waiting on others, for example mothers who are just child watching and would probably like a little adult conversation.  Mothers with kids are often some of the friendliest people on the beach.  They know you are not hitting on them because It is obvious they are already married and got a brood.  They often applicate some one else holding the shower on while they wash off a sand covered urchin.  They appreciate some one watching their stuff when they have to take a child across the road to the bathroom.

There is nothing that quite puts some religious nut off his sermon about how you should not wear thongs because of the children, when between the two of you walks a mother and kids, who brightly greets you with a personal good morning and asks how you are doing today.  Yes this happened once.  I think she heard the nuts words as she approached, and her timing was perfect.  The nut walked off in a huff.   I got to thank her a little later in the day.

I think thats another important point.  Just because some jerk has an issue with what you chose to wear, does not mean that every one else on the beach agrees with them.  It is far more likely that they resent his demonstrative outburst.  (how come jerks are 99% male?)  In cases where I would have just ignored the jerk and said nothing, there have been several times when other people have stepped in to tell a jerk off. 

OH, yes.... When leaving the beach today on my bicycle,  I heard a very loud rumble of motorbikes behind me.  Four bikes, five riders, and it sounded like more than eight un-muffled exhaust pipes.  Uh Oh, I thought, but needn't have worried.  A women on the first pair of motorbikes draws up alongside,  and with a big friendly grin shouts "Nice speedo" before roaring off. 

UPDATE:  Ran on early on Monday.  Not many people on the beach but did notice one fit looking guy in a small red thong or G-string walking south outside Bonnet House, and on my way back he was then walking to the north, north of Sunrise.  So very few people out early today, and only two men in thongs, that man and myself.

Second Update:  Ran again Friday.  It was very early but was hot and sticky because the sea breeze had not yet started.  On the first mile of beach there were only three people on the sand, the rest were chilling in the sea.   Of the three people, one was the same fit man walking up the beach in the same red thong that I saw earlier in the week, one was me, and the other was a women emerging from the sea.  So in the first mile 66% of the people on the sand were men in thongs.  (I know, "another skuid survey like that and I could retire for life", it's a quote from a famous cartoon drawing.)   Same man was then laying out about half a mile north of his first location when I ran back down.  So it's not just me that moves around a bit.   One women I passed later was walking with two very serious looking men, but as I passed by she called out "You have brightened up my morning".  It's always good to get positive feedback.

max77056 #44

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:08/07/2006 03:53:12Copy HTML

An excellent reply to the previous post JM......this also lead me to question my motivation and or expections about minimal swimwear and thonging. I love the beach and the ocean so for me there is no such thing as "a bad beach day." If I go to the beach and see hardbodies in bikinis then thats great -- but its not a let down if I dont. I recall the Lauderdale of the late 80' s and early 90's when you could drive down the A1A and see quite a few folks in minimal swimwear. But that was then and this is now. The current trend is board shorts and jammers at the beach. But I also see myself as a trendsetter so I am fine to be the only guy in a bikini or thong. Heck, I might inspire someone to say "hey that guy looks good in that suit and he does not seem to give a fuke what anyone thinks so good for him."

I was in Lauderdale recently and had a great time. The weather was dicey but I enjoyed a few afternoons at the beach. One afternoon I laid out north of sunrise at about 15th St. I set up my umbrella and had my book. Near me was a family and a couple and in the distance was a European looking woman in a small black thong. I felt comfortable on this beach and I swam and laid out and walked about with no problem or rude comments. There was even a city work crew nearby but they did not seem to take notice.

I have been going down to South Florida for many years and have had like 2 negative experiences relating to my choice in swimwear so I am not sure what to make of the previous post where the gentlemen said he was "attacked" for his choice of swimwear. My experience has been that people usually ignore or just seem to pretend not to notice my suits. Is there more to this story? What have I missed here?

One of the reasons the posts from JM are so helpful is that as a runner he is able to study and survey the various beach areas. Perhaps the gentlemen who posted shoud take a short walk or jog and survey the beach areas for a more thong friendly environment. This leads me back to the question of motivation. Are you out to see other guys? then there are beach areas or that. Are you looking for a more quiet beach? The north end of Delray Beach is pretty and thong friendly. Are you looking to see some skin? Check out Haulover Beach (North Miami Beach near Sunny Isles). On a busy day there are several hundred people out there and it is a pretty beach. Many nude but some are thonged and bikinied. There is a large str8 sectiion and a large gay section..... something for everyone.

Are you hoping to see Hawaiin Tropic girlis in g-string lying on the beach? Sorry, but I cant help you with that fantasy. But I will say that you live in a beautiful part of the country. Be resourceful and make it work for you!! I know I am doing my part to reverse the conservative trend....
Gstringing #45

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:08/18/2006 06:43:13Copy HTML

A question for JM_Runs or anyone who knows:

Is the Doubletree Oceanfront hotel mentioned in this thread specifically called the Gallery One? I have a couple weeks off and want to visit...checked expedia and that is what I found.  Have read about the good location of this hotel but want to be sure it is the right one. thanks.

JM_Runs #46

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:08/18/2006 10:29:10Copy HTML

Doubletree Oceanfront is closed.  Trashed in last years huricane.  No longer a Doubletree, no name on the building.  They appear to be gutting it, internal walls missing.  Will probably get rebuit and referbed some time during the next year. 

The Gallery One that you asked about is a  Doubletree hotel but is not on the beach.  It's west of the intercostal on Sunrise Blvd, a block from the galleria mall, hence the name.  Its the white building in the Photo  as you can see that one is 5 minutes walk from the beach.  I understand it too is going to be turning into a condo tower.  $400,000.00 for a one bedroom room condo ?? !

If you stay at that one you will have a five minute hike to the beach.  I dont know what sort of place you would like, or who you are travling with, so it's difficult to recomend a hotel.  The beach near here is quiet, thong friendly with low dunes between the road and the beach.  The beach stores by Sunrise range from tacky to super tack, but you can get low cost food like pitza and maybe a good fish sandwage.  The advantage is that this is the wet seasion.  Having the mall next door will give you somthing to do in the aternoon when the thunderstrom stops play.

At the south end of the beach is the Sheriton Yankie Clipper.  That one is right on the beach, no road to cross, but it is a good ten minutes walk south of the main beach.  The harbour beach hotel is just a little to the south of that and is a new first class hotel with a very quiet beach and a 15 to 20 minute walk to the main beach.

I should add that there are MAJOR changes taking place on the beach.  A lot of the hotels along the strip north of Las Olas are being torn down or rebuilt into condos.  Lots of noise and dust.  A lot of the resturants are closed pending re-development or somthing, so night life along the beach is now confied to a few bars and the few still functioning resturants. 



Gstringing #47

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:08/20/2006 11:06:30Copy HTML

Thanks for clearing that up for me.  Too bad about the Doubletree; sounded like once was a great place to stay in a good location.

So, can anyone recommend a hotel/motel on the beach (away from gay area) relatively inexpensive to stay for a few days? (main priority will be laying out in g-string at the beach) so nothing too fancy.  Thanks all for input.

JM_Runs #48

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:08/21/2006 08:35:56Copy HTML

greg bakus posted a reply to jn9195's post of  08/05/2006 in which he stated:

"For you or anybody in South Florida area who wants to see and be seen, and do *not* recommend Fort Lauderdale at all. It cannot come close to South Beach, Miami. It is 5% of "SoBe" for those who want to see and be seen."

The rest of the post was all about south beach so the post has been moved to the >> South Beach Thread.  Look for post dated 08/22/2006



JM_Runs #49

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:10/20/2006 10:43:31Copy HTML

Baring huricanes, In the off season, late October and early November often has fine beach weather. Still penty warm and starting to come into the dry seasion. Notice the drop off in rain fall during November and December. Last weeks in November we get the fronts coming through with the first chill air. By mid December it normaly ocilates, sun with chilly waves. One week warm and the next cold. Not the adverage low is the ADVERAGE, it can swing wildy during the winter November - Feb.

Fort Lauderdale

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg. High 75?/TD> 76?/TD> 78?/TD> 84?/TD> 86?/TD> 88?/TD> 91?/TD> 91?/TD> 90?/TD> 86?/TD> 81?/TD> 77?/TD>
Avg. Low 56?/TD> 57?/TD> 62?/TD> 65?/TD> 68?/TD> 72?/TD> 74?/TD> 74?/TD> 74?/TD> 70?/TD> 64?/TD> 58?/TD>
Mean 66?/TD> 67?/TD> 71?/TD> 74?/TD> 78?/TD> 81?/TD> 84?/TD> 84?/TD> 82?/TD> 78?/TD> 74?/TD> 68?/TD>
Avg. Precip. 2.5 in 2.9 in 2.9 in 2.9 in 6.7 in 8.0 in 6.0 in 6.6 in 7.3 in 7.6 in 3.5 in 2.3 in

Degrees in Fahrenheit

Current 10 day forcast >> Forcast

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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/22/2007 11:17:42Copy HTML

On a recent trip to FLA got to spend some time on the beach at Ft. Lauderdale beach in thongs.

After visiting South Beach it seems pretty tame!  I only saw a handful of thongs on others there, and the crowd was mostly tame, some midwestern tourist kids were the wildest.  Never got any hassles about my suits down to Dore Very Low thongs/ G and V strings.

I'd say it was a somewhat positive experience--

If thongs are numerous and thongers looked on positively like south beach is a +10 on a scale of  thongs 1-10 ( clothing optional over and above ) then Ft. Lauderdale is a 7.  ( places like Daytona would be a 3----places like Atlantic Shores in Key West a 15,  Haulover a 12)

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