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BorisVI #551

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:10/26/2017 01:51:28Copy HTML

The beach itself is fine apart from an unusual amount of seaweed piled up near the water's edge. You would be the only thonger at Sebastian, but don't let that stop you. The crowd tends to be friendly.
thongboy052000 #552

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:10/26/2017 04:51:04Copy HTML

All of which should trigger a wider discussion. Why has Sebastian become so conservative? The last time, I couldn't believe the number of board shorts on display
Martylouie #553

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:10/27/2017 02:00:21Copy HTML

 I think I’ve read on some of the discussion boards related to cruises ? that it was a good place to stay pre and post cruise. 
JM_Runs #554

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/05/2017 12:52:19Copy HTML

Fort Lauderdale once had many dance and night clubs, from large beach bar clubs like the Button, Candy Store or Penrods, to dance clubs down town, and even one large nightclub call Baja Beach club on the third floor of a shopping mall.

I was reminded about Baja Beach Club the other say and did a quick google.  This video from the early 90's, when Fort Lauderdale was becoming more sedate, but it will give you a taste of what that nightclub as like every weekend and most days of the week.


The club had lockers where you kept your street cloths and valuables. The shot girls served shots on the skin between their breasts. It was a very large club, about 30,000square foot, that benefited from the large parking lots the mall had when the shopping mall was closed.
max77056 #555

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/07/2017 07:58:43Copy HTML

Wow - thanks for the throwback to Ft Lauderdale of the past! I started visiting late 80's early 90's. You could park at yourmeter right on the beach and run into the ocean. None of the fancy high rises were there. And I recall seeing men and womenin the tiniest bikinis imaginable - before the board shorts & puritan attitudes came about. Very relaxed/fun time period....thanks! 
PaulFromMA #556

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/02/2018 02:45:07Copy HTML

First, I want to thank JM_Runs and all the other contributors to this site and especially to this thread.
I’ve read all the postings on the thread from 1/1/2015 to date, so I wouldn’t waste your time re-asking questions already answered.

My wife and I are planning on going down to Fort Lauderdale for 2 weeks in May this year.  We haven’t been there since 2006.  We averaged about one short and one two-week trip there annually from 2001 through 2006.  Primarily, we were checking the area out as a possible retirement location.  We ended up retiring to Ormond Beach, up in the Daytona Beach area.

We first stayed at the Marriott Harbor Beach for a short trip or two.  On a beach walk one day, I discovered the Lago Mar Resort, which became our favorite place to stay when visiting for less than a week.  For our longer trips, usually 2 weeks, we rented a house with private pool in Wilton Manors.
We currently expect to stay at the Lago Mar Resort this year.

Back in 2005 and 2006, I used to regularly wear a thong on the beach in front of Lago Mar and either a thong or slider back suit on the northern sections of the main Fort Lauderdale beach area.  I consider the entire beach area where there are no buildings between A1A and the beach to be the main beach area.  I’m delighted to hear that thonging is alive and well down there.


1.) Are there any non-gay / heterosexual couple friendly hotels / resorts that have nude or clothing optional pools?

2.) Occasionally, when on my own, I would head to the “Sebasian Beach” area to thong, simply because thongs and brief male swimwear was very acceptable.   Is that still true?  From some posts here it doesn’t appear to be. 

3.)  Fine Dining Restaurant - We used to enjoy a restaurant named The Black Orchid, which featured unusual meats etc. including bison (American Buffalo), elk, pheasant, and dover sole.   I find no sign of it on-line.  Anyone know if it still exists, perhaps under a new name?

4.)  Casual Beach Restaurants on the Beach - We used to love doing breakfast at Ireland Inn, then using their beach (and bar) for the day.  Any simular restaurants anyone can recommend?
JM_Runs #557

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/03/2018 12:20:00Copy HTML

I believe Black Orchid has gone. Don't get out much, and with my current financial situation when I do eat out I tend to eat cheap, so I will let someone else recommend a restaurant. 

Don't know of any clothing optional pools at non-gay resorts, but I hear some gay guest houses with clothing optional pools wellcome straight couples. However, from a women's point of view, a number of the hotels that cater to tourist will not say anything if a women goes toples round the pool, which may open the door for more confident men in thongs. 

Beach eating. I just use the beach less expensive cafes behind the main beach. My old haunt for breakfast or lunch has expanded, St Barts at South 5th St, Tower #5, Hall of Fame.  Last night I ate a dolphin reuben sandwich and had a beer with friends at the Quarterdeck, which is a basic bar and grill that is in line with local pricing. Other friends prefer the Tresuretrove bar.  Both are a block or two back from the beach, on the road that carries A1A south bound traffic. 

Sebastian Beach is still thong tolerant, but so is the rest of the main beach, if you just make it so.  Just go about your business with a little courage.  

jn9195 #558

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/05/2018 07:07:09Copy HTML

 I used to go farther north than Sebastian Beach but most of those little resorts that I liked are gone... there are new ones but they are either gay resorts or they are just too expensive...   There are still a few that I'd stay at... and I'd walk to the beach across from them... then then started going to Sebastian Beach...   Although I see much less men's thongs, I still see a few women in thongs... and I just go for it and I've never had a problem there or anything negative said to me.  Just do it.   Last summer, I went from my vehicle in just shoes, g-string, sunglasses and hat...   I didn't stay because the beach was so crowded.  But no one said anything negative.  I did get a thumbs up from a girl and a couple of girls said hello with a smile... but I was invisible to most everyone else.  
One thing to note is that the parking lot has added what looks like a couple hundred more cameras... maybe weird things happen there that they need to protect us from, but I feel weird walking around in a G-string with 200 video cameras capturing me.  :|

Browbr #559

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/08/2018 03:45:44Copy HTML

 I go to Sebastian beach on my days off. I would always be the one in the smallest suit. Posing suit style bikini. I finally said heck with it. Now I’m usually the only one in a thong.  If you live here or coming to visit and are apprehensive about wearing a thong...... it’s no big deal.  If more guys would wear a thong it would be even less of an issue.   I can’t stress enough wear your thong. No big deal
Alfresco10 #560

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/11/2018 03:04:54Copy HTML

Last year I walked by Sebastian Beach and was surprised at how conservative the suits were there.  That is not a casual "hang loose" kind of beach, it's more of a "model yourself" beach.  A friend on this board who organizes a summer thong weekend for guys suggested 18th street beach, and I went there a couple of times.  There are fewer people all around, and it is a little less conspicuous from the road.  I chatted with a couple of lifeguards while wearing a thong and they didn't mention anything about it.  It's legal anywhere, you just have to decide whether you are up for pushing the envelope (or the pouch forward, as it were).   Use judgment about the vibe of the area. 
I'll be down in FLL in a couple of weeks, hoping for beach weather!  If anyone has better suggestions for where I might find some fellow thongers, let me know. 
Alfresco10 #561

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/02/2018 05:24:24Copy HTML

I wore a thong on three mornings at 18th street beach last week.  I was the only one on two mornings, but on Sunday there were 5 others in thongs.  Had a nice chat with one guy, who said that weekends see the most thongers, and I got the impression that it's most popular with locals (vs tourists).  Nice atmosphere.  It was really windy last week, so I only played at the shoreline and strolled a bit.  Did get some skinnydipping in at Haulover another day, and a naked yoga class.  All in all, a great trip.
MrFalcon #562

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/07/2018 08:05:13Copy HTML

So this is kind of funny. I planned my trip to Fort Lauderdale weeks ago, and while looking for things to do I submitted a request to join a local thonging meetup. Thought if I got there in time I could join some people on the beach in a thong. Might be nice to have some moral support, you know? Well nothing happened, they didn't approve my request. Not to be undone, I did spend a little time on Sebastian beach in a very small white g-string, though I didn't make a point out of walking around much. I was tired by this point and just wanted to chill and not attract too much attention. 

When I was sitting in the airport waiting to board my flight home, I got a message saying the meetup group had admitted me. Perfect timing. 
JM_Runs #563

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/08/2018 05:54:21Copy HTML

 If you want to meet people when visiting the best thing to do is put a post in the Fort Lauderdale Beach CONTACTS thread in the CONTACTS section of this board.  Remember that most locals are not preforming seals, have regular jobs and lives, and their beach time may not mesh with your vacation plans.  So just go to the beach and see who you meet.

I see far more men and women thongers than most people, because I don't sit in one spot but walk or run for a ways down the beach. Then again I am not looking to hook up with other men in thongs, but just enjoy the day, and maybe meet interesting people.  If you are up and about, displaying self-confidence interesting people will tend to find you.

There is an unwritten beach code that says when someone is laying out minding their own business, people don't go over to bother them or say hello.  But if you are up on your feet, walking or just standing at the waters edge looking out at the horizon, people feel free to come over and introduce themselves. If you want to meet people, stay standing up. Do things, take a swim, then go wash off the salt under the showers. Be active.

If you wear a thong, fly a kite, or throw a SOFT Frisbee people will see an opening to talk or interact with you.  Expect dumb questions, "Like are you allowed to do that here?"  They are not challenging you, but just trying to start a conversation, so don't be defensive. Being polite, they are going to talk about something else first, before they ask questions about your thong.
aussiesf86 #564

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/20/2018 04:27:50Copy HTML

 First ever trip to Florida over Memorial Day weekend.   5 days from Friday 25th to Tuesday 29th. Staying at a gay clothing optional resort in fort lauded near the beach. 
Thanks to inspiring boldness and wonderful direct info from JM_runs here on the board and more in from luvnmythong I plan to go to and from the resort and Sebastian Beach in just my thong. I’m going to try and get through as much of each day in public wearing nothing more. 
I’ll also check out 18th street beach .... probably later each day when the main beach area gets to be too much. Weather permitting...fri and sat and sun Fort Lauderdale and Monday and Tuesday naked at haulover.  Being a first timer I’d love any further suggestions to make these great minimal clothing days.
Alfresco10 #565

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/22/2018 03:29:36Copy HTML

RE AussieSF,   I stayed at a gay CO resort near the beach (around Terramar street, well south of 18th street) when I was there in January.  I only saw one guy making his way from the beach to my resort wearing a thong, and he seemed pretty confident doing it.  I got something from the trunk of my car in a thong one night, but that was just outside the gate.  
I probably wouldn't walk to the beach in a thong, but was comfortable to peel down to one as soon as I got to any of the beaches.  Personally, I like 18th street the best, it's not too crowded, and I could find parking more easily.  
Yes,  JM and lovnmythong are great resources (check out the Sunsplash event next summer!).  They're the ones who really set me on the thong course on FLL beaches.
Have fun and tell us how it goes.
aussiesf86 #566

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/22/2018 03:39:29Copy HTML

 Thanks alfresco10
Nice to know you went outside in just s thong.   Even if it was at night. 
I just hope the guys working at the resort don’t have a problem with me walking out in s thong.  
luvnmythong #567

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:04/27/2018 04:15:50Copy HTML

 For all of you living in the Fort Lauderdale area, and also to those who are planning a trip there, please know that there is a beach meetup group for thongers.   This meetup group gathers at 18th Street Beach and A1A in Fort Lauderdale each Saturday morning at 10am.   The previous Organizer, who has since stepped down, was previously having the group meet on Sunday's.   This has now changed to Saturday mornings, with two new Organizers.  Come at 10am and stay as long as you want.   Hopefully there will be more and more join this group, which already has 262 members.   Come and meet others who also enjoy wearing a thong or g string on the beach.   To join:   https://www.meetup.com/flbeach/
aussiesf86 #568

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:04/27/2018 03:24:12Copy HTML

 Did my sign up request this morning ahead of my memoria day weekend Fort Lauderdale trip
WlbUVA #569

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/10/2018 08:57:17Copy HTML

 Went this weekend with the wife and was very surprised. Only a few women in thongs. Everyone else was extremely conservative. What are the best spots to go?
JM_Runs #570

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/12/2018 12:05:02Copy HTML

When the weather forecast is not perfect the locals skip the beach and catch up on housework and shopping.  Last week the forecast predicted thunderstorms all weekend. 

I did a thong wearing bike ride to Haulover and back on Saturday.  The day was mostly overcast, with quite a few thunderstorms rolling around.  Were lucky, got a little more sun than most and were only got rained on passing through Dania. However the only reason I went anywhere near a beach was I had committed to lead the ride two weeks beforehand.  

When the weather forecast is that poor people make other plans. That means the only people left on the beach are the tourists who have no choice. For tourists it is now or never. For young locals it is laundry day.

In the summer the beast time to go is early mornings. The best spot is where ever you are most comfortable in your thong. 

Do you want less crowds, or to hang with the younger people near the bars?  Do you want more European families or Snow Bird Canadians?  A lot depends on time of year,  who you want to be on the beach with, and what resources you want across the road.
krampop1 #571

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/12/2018 12:44:54Copy HTML

 For me it’s after work hours. 4:00-5:00 is when I can get to the beach. UV is still pretty high so an hour is usually enough time to toast the buns! 
luvnmythong #572

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:07/11/2018 01:29:04Copy HTML

 For all of you who live in the Fort Lauderdale area, are you aware of the Thonger's Meetup Group?   This meetup group meets on alternating Saturday and Sunday mornings at 18th Street Beach.  There are currently over 270 members of the group.   In addition to the beach gatherings, there is also a monthly "social" gathering at a local bar / restaurant.   Once you join this group, you will be notified each week about the next meetup.    This is the perfect place to meet other thongers who share your love for wearing minimal swimwear.

To join:   www.meetup.com/Ft-Lauderdale-Beach/   
JM_Runs #573

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/11/2019 02:26:31Copy HTML

NEWS for visitors to Fort Lauderdale. 

For people who have not been to Fort Lauderdale in the last couple of months, there has been a major change that is helpful for visitors. We now have FOUR scooter rental companes. 

Previously we had rental bicycles from B-Cycle that were availble from fixed locations, the bicycle docking stations. Now ALL the dock-less scooter rental companies have invaded.

Lime, Bird and Bot electric scooter are the most common to see on the streets.  They all work the same way: You sign up on your smart phone, then when you see one you grab it, use it, and just leave it on the street.  No parking problem. No fee for when you are not riding.   

Fort Lauderdale is very flat, and at this time of year has a lot of Europen visitors and no snow and ice, so is an attraictive market for the scooter comaines.  You can find them all over town, and the app will tell you where the closet scooter is that has been recently abanonded by someone else.   

I don't know how long this densicy of scooters will last.  Maybe when it gets warm up North the companes may move some to other states. Right now they are just about everywhere, which is the right density if you are looking for one. 

You have to be expacilly careful when driving, when turning out of a side road, because there are electric scooters zipping up and down the bike lanes and sidewalks, in both directions. We have not got to hover-boards, but this is close. 


UPDATE:  In the two months since electric scooters were introduced they have done more than 130,000 trips a month, with an adverage length of more than 25 minutes, and around 4.5 trips per scooter per day.

That is a higher trip per scooter utilzation than any other location they have been intordced on mass, almost twice the adverage trip length than the next closest city, and an asstounding 130,000 a month, even during January which was unsually cold and wet for us. The police chief told the City Commision there has been a noticible decreease in car traffic. Hopfully less Ubers, Lift or Taxis blcoking traffic while they unloaded cutomers, or waiting for them to pay their bar tab and get in. 

Mello05 #574

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/18/2019 08:54:35Copy HTML

JM_Runs Wife and I going to Lauderdale 4/4 and staying at W will be thong everyday at the beach....come say hello if your around
Alfresco10 #575

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/24/2019 01:00:00Copy HTML

I will be thonging Sunday Feb 24 at 18th St. And probably early in the day on Mon and Tues as well. Anyone want to arrange a meeting time. Staying at Cheston House through Tues.
Alfresco10 #576

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/01/2019 04:52:02Copy HTML

Well, I had nice thong time four mornings in a row at the beach at Viramar Street (walking distance from my guesthouse), and two afternoons at 18th street. Good swimming and sunning, but not company! No other thongs at Viramar. On my firsts 18th street visit, one female in a thong at 18th street, accompanied by her board-shorted BF. And one female in a thong wandering the beach collecting things in a trash bag on my second 18th street visit. Nice to know it's legal on those beaches, I felt pretty comfortable even though I was the only one in most cases.
thongerinME #577

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/06/2019 02:10:50Copy HTML

I am headed to Fort Lauderdale in May for Memorial Day weekend. My wife and I are going to be staying at the Marriott beach tower place. How is the the beach directly across from the hotel? What would be the best way to get the 18th Street beach? Is there another location really popular for thonging.  I know the whole beach is ok but would like to be part of the norm rather than a singularity on a busy weekend.

JM_Runs #578

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/06/2019 04:19:00Copy HTML

Your tower is part of Beach Place, a three story beach mini-mall. Right in front of the building is always busy. Ground zero for spring break and where the younger beach gowers gather for the rest of the year. Two blocks up is Sebastian beach. Fav of the gay population. You will have no problem wearing a thong there. Also Just North of that is a jet-ski rental, and nobody likes to sit there, because of the fumes, and danger of jet skis in the water. And just North of the jet-skis there is a gap of about a block up to the overhead bridge from a hotel further up the beach. A good gap on the beach without a crowed where you can wear whatever you want. Memorial Weekend, the beach to the South of Beach Place is also going to be crowded, until you get about four blocks South, past what was the Las Olas parking lot. (Now a construction zone with screen on the fence). Lifeguard tower #6 is at Las Olas Blvd. Keep going south. The crowded will thin out quickly around lifeguard tower #5, and down to tower #4. After that the beach will again be crowded because it is across from the South Beach parking lot. Between 5 and 4 there will be lots of space. You can walk from Beach Place to the two locations mentioned above, just a few blocks. About 1/2 a mile North of Beach Place, around 12 blocks, is Bonnet House Beach. A couple of blocks south of Sunrise Blvd. Wide open space with very few people, because there is no buildings and no parking on the other side of the street. Grass dunes mean you are out of sight of cars and people walking on the sidewalk. Good for quiet thonging for people who are shy or don't want to be overlooked. Often used by thonging couples. 18th street is about 1.5 miles north. Locals men like it because it is hidden from the road by bushes and trees. Some nearby parking but on a busy weekend you will have to arrive very early to get an on street parking spot. Electric scooter rental, running in the bike lane or on the sidewalk, would be the ideal way to get to and from the last two spots. (Not allowed on beach island during spring break, but may be up and running on the beach when you get there.)
JM_Runs #579

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/27/2019 05:24:11Copy HTML

Bikini Beach Cleanup in Fort Lauderdale https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-6851179/Beach-clean-group-sweep-shores-BIKINIS.html
FL_Beach #580

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/28/2019 08:41:33Copy HTML

If you have a hot bod, you can thong in front of Beach Place even with the spring breakers all you want. I do every weekend 2:30PM. When I showed my pics to the Hooters manager, he bought me a free meal! The Hooters girls are all into to it also. See my profile pics.
csnipwb #581

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/28/2019 11:19:32Copy HTML

Can anybody else see your profile pictures? All I saw was your little avatar picture. Later,
Mello05 #582

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/31/2019 05:26:46Copy HTML

Girlfriend and I are headed down to Lauderdale from the 5th to the 8th and will be thonging on the beach across from the Westin JM Runs and whomever is down there stop by and say hello
JM_Runs #583

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:04/01/2019 04:17:50Copy HTML

Sorry, don't have dalight time to get together. I am slammed, with work and some stuff I have to fix at the house to avoid fines from code compliance. Won't be doing the beach any time soon, but will be in a thong tomorrow finishing painting the driveway.  Will probably be doing cement on the dock, or painting the boats the weekend you are down.

barebeachbuns #584

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:04/06/2019 11:58:01Copy HTML

Next weekend is Tortuga Music Festival - will the beach outside of the festival be crowded? Is the small area between the festival and the water closed, or can people still walk the beach there? I was planning on walking the beach while visiting next weekend and just learned that the festival will be there the same days I am. Thanks!
JM_Runs #585

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:04/06/2019 02:31:54Copy HTML

When they first started festivals on the beach they would have casual fences, or just fence down to the water, allowing hot dancers to go swim. This worked for things like the free Christian rock festival, which had no tickets and no alcohol. However if they sell alcohol they have to have a perimeter fence. Not to mention drunks in breaking waves, not a good combination. So now, for paid events, where they don't want non-ticket holders wandering in, and because of selling alcohol, they have fences that runs right around the grounds, effectively blocking festival gowers from the sea. This allows regular people to pass by the event along the shoreline. I have found an aerial picture from a past Tortuga Music Festival where you can see the band of public access maintained along the shoreline. I assume it will be similar this year. http://www.ampthemag.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/13902021075_8591af5844_o-e1410542639918.jpg The Tortuga Music Festival is strongly marketed towards "Country Music" fans. There will be more boisterous and drunk rednecks in town than usual. On the other hand the fences will keep most of them penned in. The event is taking over the South parking lot for the festival staff, and the Las Olas parking lot at A1A is now closed, so the only remaining parking lot of any size, the one by the Las Olas Bridge, will be grabbed early by festival ticket holders. Meanwhile residents are being forewarned about the festival creating extra beach traffic, and hotels will probably be housing concert goers instead of regular beach bound tourists. So I forecast that on Tortuga Fest weekend you will see a LOT less locals and tourists on the main beach. Same thing happens on the Boat Show weekends.
Mello05 #586

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:04/21/2019 05:15:33Copy HTML

Girlfriend and I spent 4 days in thongs on the beach at the Westin. No issues at all.....few guys had the OMG look but no comments.....don’t like what u see...don’t look...that’s my take
poonster #587

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:05/07/2019 04:53:09Copy HTML

i'm excited; trip planned for last weekend in June. Going to be staying at the 'W'
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