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sailor250 #51

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/20/2007 08:47:18Copy HTML

Any one else been to the "thong marathon" at Bootlegger's and Shooters in Ft. Lauderdale?


Boatloads of new pictures on Flickr---nice looking ladies--nice looking suits!


tomtbackinminn #52

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:04/14/2007 02:46:48Copy HTML

Ok just got back from a trip to south fla. I have to say that I think Ft. Lauderdale was the best beach in my opinion. Sure there are tons of topless babes and thongs at south beach but i found ft lauderdale to be more laid back and friendly. It was also spring break for south florida the week i was there. Thanks fot the tips JM. I took your advice and parked by Las olas blvd parking lot in front of the swimming hall of fame. I like to get out early in the am too. It was a little chilly around 8:30 am each morning with a few clouds but perfect jogging weather. I probably wouldnt have considered jogging in a thong but since JM does it quite a bit i gave it a try. This was the highlight of the trip. I jogged quite a ways north then tutned around and went quite a ways south. There weren't many on the beach in the morning but it was interesting to see how it would fill up. It was very liberating to be able to run nearly naked down the beach in public even with beach patrols and city cops everywhere. Most didnt even bat an eye. There were quite a few cameras out and i know for a fact that i was photographed a few times. This didnt really bother me and most weren't even trying to hide the fact. It turned out to be low 80s most days. I cant wait to return. Ft lauderdale will be my beach of choice.
JM_Runs #53

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/20/2007 08:35:55Copy HTML

OK, two people have said they are comming this summer and asked if they will see me on the beach as usual.  The answer is no, not this month.  I have twisted my ankle very badly.  I have not been able to walk for a couple of weeks, and expect a few more weeks of recovery before I am able to run again.  So... I will not be doing my morning runs for the next few weeks.

This is a re-damage of prior injury from 1999. That time it took me off my feet for a year.  This time it is not so severe and I am already back walking carefully.  After more than two weeks it is still sore and so I am trying to spend as little time on my feet as possible.

But ... I did get to the beach this morning with my girlfriend.  Hung out under the palm trees with some other friendly locals.  Went to St Barts for coffee and breakfast bagels,(Bagel, ham, egg and cheese). Then we did some swimming and sun time on the beach.

My girlfriend is recovering from a neck problem so we are both moving a little gingerly these days.  Hope to get back to running in a month or so... have to see how things heal.  Getting old, things take a longer time to heal.  Jumping up and down on them does not help.  Think I will skip pulling an entry for the Tropical 1/2 Ironman. 

Hope to see some of you on the beach, but for now I will not be out on a regular schedule.

Dennis at Thong Beach #54

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:07/16/2007 07:43:33Copy HTML

 A couple weeks ago, I got to spend a short amount of time at Ft. Lauderdale beach.  I arrived early (just before 8am) and left by 9:15am.  However, just wanted to mention that in that short time, I counted 3 women in thongs, although one was jogging with shorts covering her thong (the side straps were visible).  Not bad for early morning, although I was the only guy in a thong.  This was between Sunset and the north end of the beach, about 2/3 of the way north.  Great morning.

max77056 #55

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:07/21/2007 04:48:35Copy HTML

I just returned from a trip tp Florida and was in Lauderdale a few days. Still such  beautiful place but - boy!  does it continue to change. I am old enough to remember the mom and pop joints on the beach in the 80's including the Candy Store, etc. Now an enormous St. Regis Hotel sits on the site. It is quite a beautiful building that looks like a cruise ship from a distance. I think the condos there start at 1.5 mil. There is also a  huge Hilton....with and a W Hotel and a Trump Hotel under major construction. That's progess I suppose but I am not critical because the land is so valuable and expensive that this is inevitable.

Only major dissapointment is that the neighbothood parking areas at 12th thru 18th - north of Sunrise - are no longer available. Parking in those neighborhoods are now by permit only. In years past, if I could not find beach parking, I could find a place across the street from the beach and then just walk over. No more. I am told meters are coming shortly to the beach slots. I would not mind that as I dont mind paying for easy access parking but they will be more and more difficult to get. Also a bad heat wave when I was down there so I did not spend too much time at the beach but I still love the place and was out there in my thong a couple of days. I'll return in the fall or spring when the heat is not so intense.    

JM_Runs #56

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:08/30/2007 08:18:19Copy HTML

I have been asked about the PinkPlanet video on YouTube that preports to show the 'Fort Lauderdale Gay Nude Beach'.  While the first part of this video is shot in Fort Lauderdale, the second part is not shot at Fort Lauderdale Beach.  The nude beach section is a video of the nude beach at Haulover Beach.  Haulover is south of Hollywood and mid way between Fort Lauderdale and Miami's south beach.  10 miles south of Fort Lauderdale and 10 miles north of South Beach. 

You can wear a thong or g-string in Fort Lauderdale with out a problem, but don't get the impression you can go nude on the main Fort Lauderdale beach.  To be nude you have to go to go to the North end of Haulover beach.

Pagan-Egyptian #57

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/05/2007 06:56:54Copy HTML

I am thinking of taking a trip down to Ft Lauderdale soon, and I am wondering, what is is too extreme? I have heard of people wearing semi-sheer swimsuits hear and there, but nothing official from actual residents or visitors. I could guess see thru would not be good, but maybe a black fine mesh 3D very low cut thong made by Dore` or something similar? I am considering the trip because airfare directly to Ft Lauderdale is only 89bux each way. Any advice will be very appreciated.
JM_Runs #58

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/05/2007 11:22:42Copy HTML

Right now, this week, the first week in November, the weather is perfect: 75 in the mornings and up to 80 by mid afternoon. We have some cooling winds blow in behind the tropical storm and it's wonderful outside.
Mesh or transparent suits are not allowed, but small suits are. Almost all the beach is visible, either from the road and sidewalk or the hotels.
It is more sensible and more fun to wear something that will not get you in trouble with the police. Much better to wear something that you know is legal so you can wear it openly with confidence. That way, instead of hiding out behind a dune or windscreen, you can thong with the throngs of other sun worshipers.
My advice is to wear a suit that is not mesh or transparent in any way, then enjoy confidently mingling in with the normal beach crowd.

Pagan-Egyptian #59

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/06/2007 05:44:33Copy HTML

Thanks for the input, My style and material in question was similar to the one at the top and the first on the left side of this page, http://doreg.biz/id4.html in identical fabric. They are not sheer as in see thru, as they are more opaque than translucent, so its definitely not obvious by any means of the exposure. I didn't know how they would work. If they are questionable to you guys, I will just stick with standard or 4-way lycra, which I hear is pretty good material.
bmicro #60

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/09/2007 08:32:09Copy HTML

Pagan-Egyptian, If you mean Dore's woven mesh, I have worn a black very low cut thong in that fabric at Ft. Lauderdale and elsewhere with no problem. If you mean her Lycra Mesh, that would be pushing it a bit at Ft. L. I doubt that you would have a problem, but I agree that it would be best not to push it too much. Take it down to Haulover or South Beach and you will be comfortable and not have a problem.
JM_Runs #61

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/05/2007 11:17:29Copy HTML

Wether is cooling off, cool front came through last night. My run on the beach this morning was invigorating. A beautiful clear sky all day. It is now night time, the temperature has gone back up a bit and it's still 74 degrees out side (23c).

Down here in Florida we find that early December is often a very good month for weather.  Generally clear,  dry and normally quite warm.   Only the occasional cool fron blasting through, then sunny and warm again.

Pagan-Egyptian #62

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/15/2008 01:53:43Copy HTML

 I am planning another visit to FL, this time I will fly in to Ft. Lauderdale.  Since I fell in love with the area, It is always on my mind to return.I would love to meet any of the members here while in town. I am looking to return sometime in late March/early April. Any suggestions on dates? Any times to avoid? Thanks for any input.
Pagan-Egyptian #63

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/19/2008 05:24:21Copy HTML

I was in Cocoa Beach 1/14-18/08 and got stir crazy with only a little bit of thonging the first three days. It was a little cool, so the enjoyment wasn't as good as hoped it would be.

So I decided on the 17th to drive down to Ft. Lauderdale. I am still amazed!!! It was in the low 80's and partly sunny. The wind was half of that in central FL. The people were nice and friendly and the beaches were clean with no signs of bums lingering around round like on Cocoa Beach.

I took I-95 to Sunrise St. directly to Las Olas blvd. I parked at the Southern parking lot, accross from Baha Mar Marina. I think the price was $10 that day. I know you said it was a bit high, but I parked from about 1 until 6:30.

Then walked north past lifeguard station 3. I have fallen in love with the area very much. I got there at about 1:30pm and thonged until about 6pm, shortly after sunset.

I walked the entire beach from Station #6 all the way to teh port. I was happy to be treated by a Royal Carribiean Ship leaving Port. I was mostly cloudy and about 81 degrees. No other thongers on the beach that day. But got an approving look by a lady walking the sidewalk at the south beach parking lot. I got dehydrated badly by not drinking ENOUGH water. But I never felt faint.

I am currently looking into another trip down. Hopefuly the end of march or early April for about a week. This time, I plan on printing out these post as a guide, in which I should have done in January. I will even show up on the beach early. If I see a guy running in a thong, I will make it a point to say "Good Morning" and introduce myself if its you.

Being that JM is a morning runner, I knew I would not probably see him, but hopefully very soon I will get to meet members that frequent this beach. I didnt see any other thongers there, but I wasnt expecting to that much as I have read Jims post about the area, which helped tremendously.

No more will my money go to a retirement village, instead, its Ft. Lauderdale all the way, and from Knoxville, its a very cheap flight. So look forward to me visiting soon. JM, I think this is closer to a paradise spot than anywhere that North or central FL has to offer, by far. I just wish I could have shaken your hand for all the great information and advise you have given. Thanks to you and your community for a wonderful and enjoying experience.

Would it be advised to return to Fort Lauderdale the second week of May? I know we have many residents from there and was wondering if it is a good time to visit for a week? I have already found my tickets and will be booking a motel once I get good feedback on my planned vacation. I may rent a car for a few days to visit Miami and South beach, heck I may go on to the keys since I have never been before.

Thanks - Tim
JM_Runs #64

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/20/2008 01:00:25Copy HTML

March now is generaly good to fantastic weather. By the second week in May it will be HOT. If the sun is out then by 11AM the sand will be too hot to walk any distance barefoot.
By March the the Summer cycle starts to kick in. Walm trade winds will blow in moist sea air and by early afternoon the clouds start to form, and later there is the posibility of showers.

Go to the Beach EARLY, before it gets too HOT and before it clouds over.
Pagan-Egyptian #65

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:04/03/2008 06:34:03Copy HTML

 I am so looking forward to it. I cant wait!
Pagan-Egyptian #66

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:05/22/2008 01:06:43Copy HTML

 I  will be staying in Ft. Lauderdale from June 5-10 at the tropic Cay Beach Hotel. I hope to see some members out during my stay. Please, let me know if you are, and I'll Private Meassage you my cell # to contact me. Cheers!
let me see that THONG!!!! #67

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/14/2008 08:28:41Copy HTML

I once saw a woman in a thong on the Ft Lauderdale beach
JM_Runs #68

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/14/2008 09:22:09Copy HTML

You only saw one women in a thong? Were you on one of the Japanese tour busses that only let their passengers of for 15 minutes? Was it after dark, in mid winter?

If you are at the intersection of Las Olas Blvd and the beach, on a warm and sunny day, it's almost impossible to look any direction without seeing women in thongs.

Men in thongs is much more rare, and you can spend an hour or two at the beach without seeing another man in a thong, but women in thongs is common. Not every women, and probably not in the family groups or picnic zones. But if the wether is good there is always some thongs in the places where young locals go.

I would guess, on a day like tomorrow, Sunday, if it is sunny, by one in the afternoon, there will be at least 40 women in thongs between lifeguard stations 5 and 7.

JM_Runs #69

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/14/2008 09:26:04Copy HTML

So  Pagan-Egyptian how was your stay?  I saw you on the beach a couple of times.  Sorry I was in a bit of a rush but it was a full week with a frind from the UK over to stay and a bunch of court stuff to do.  Hope you had a good time.
sebastianspencer #70

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/27/2008 10:09:31Copy HTML

We're heading to Ft. Lauderdale right after July 4th.  I know it'll be hot, so I plan on spending as much time in my thong as possible.  When we go to the beach, it's usually near Sebastian Street, as that's only a short walk from the resort.

JM:  what time do you usually run along the beach?
JM_Runs #71

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/28/2008 05:45:59Copy HTML

In the summer the mornings are generally a lot cooler and the sun is out, so I get out to run some time between 7 and 9, and it takes me an hour or so. If it is sunny, which it is most mornings, then by 10:30 the sand is often too hot for bare feet. By 11 or 12 the clouds start to roll in.
Some days, when the morning is still, running can be more comfortable after sea breeze kicks in to make it less humid. Normally it kicks in between 9 and 10 am.
Serious runners go to run the beach before dawn, but I am rarely out of bed before 7 and often it takes me a little while to wake up and get ready to bike to the beach, so I often arrive between 7:30 and 8:30, but it varies depending on how I feel and what email or phone calls I get that need a responce before setting out. 

thongback777 #72

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:09/07/2008 08:34:20Copy HTML

Hi everyone. I just moved to Ft Lauderdale about 2 weeks ago for school, so far I really like it but I just have a question about the beach.. or I guess you could say beaches..
I just spent hours today thonging at Ft Lauderdale beach. Overall it was a good day but some rude morons kinda bothered me.. Having read the reviews for this beach on this board I expected a better experience, not that the experience was bad, it just wasn't what I pictured.
Maybe I just picked a weird day to go. Anyways, I felt really "out of place on the beach" wearing a thong. I'm from the west coast of Florida and out of all the times I have thonged there I never felt nearly as "out of place" as I did today. It would seem to me that the East coast (especially the Miami Ft Lauderdale area) would be more liberal as far as swimwear and attitudes.
Anyways.. I got a lot of strange stares all day (even from 2 other women wearing thongs) and I heard some a-hole teenager yell "There's kids here!", as I'm sure some of you have heard before.
It's funny because I've actually never had anyone confront me with a negative comment, I guess this was my first lol. He's lucky he didn't say something really offensive.. otherwise things may have gotten a bit violent and he would have been very sorry.. I try to avoid any kind of physical altercations with people at all costs, but if someone pushes my buttons the wrong way it is hard to not fight back.
That's one thing I really respect about JM, I saw his posting somewhere about some moron teenager that called him a very offensive word once while walking by. He could have said something back and probably even punched the kid out, but he didn't. I really respect him for that, I wish I could let things like that go. I am not violent at all and hate violence, but I feel like if someone called me something like that I would have to hurt them back just out of my pride.
Anyways.. Yeah, I also got a bunch of cat calls and whistles later on from some numbskull teenagers up in a hotel balcony that saw me.. At first I laughed it off, but then they kept doing it for like 10 minutes. I finally just flicked them off and went to the other side of the beach.
So yeah.. overall not a very positive thonging day. On the bright side the beach is really nice and I did get good sun. Plus there were a few friendly women I laid next to.
I am thinking that I probably just had an off day for some reason. I went with a friend of mine to the same beach earlier in the week, she and I had a great time with no negative comments. So it was probably just a day full of idiots that I happened to come upon.
My question is does anyone know how tolerant Dania Beach is of thongs? I went there with some friends last week and wore my thong for hours with no prob. Dania seems quieter and more laid back, anyone with any info would be really helpful.
I still intend on thonging at Ft Lauderdale Beach, just maybe next time not on a Saturday.
Sorry to write such a long post lol, its my first post. I'm going to thong at Dania tomorrow   :)
shs92645 #73

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:09/07/2008 11:41:40Copy HTML

Dania Beach is fine, but just down the road at North Hollywood Beach Park is better....tends to be quiet during the week and locals on weekends - always people in thongs and I have never heard comments there.  
JM_Runs #74

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:09/14/2008 07:22:33Copy HTML

Sorry to hear about your experience.  By the date of your posting I assume you ran into some the morons on Sunday.  We do have them some times, often around the picnic BBQ zone at the South Parking lot or by the parking lot and bars near the end of Las Olas Blvd. 

With the storm erosion from this years storms the beach is narrower, and on the weekend the beach is more crowded than normal.  Still it's unusual to get negative comments unless you hang out in the afternoons on the bits of beach that attract teens and drinkers.  This would be the beach around the baseball court and that in front of the bars between Las Olas and Beach Place. If you are trying to avoid negative comments then stay clear of that part of the beach on weekends.

I was out there this Sunday.  I had not been out to the beach in a couple of weeks, because of a pulled tendon.  I got an email from some of my beach friends asking if I was OK, because they had not seen me around.  So I went today, to show the fag, and to try a short run of a few miles. I was out running late, between 10 and 11 in the morning, and then hanging out with friends until about 1:30.  I did not get any negative comments and did not notice any disapproving looks, but then I do make a mental decision not to be constantly looking around to see if others are looking.  I just go about my business and remember to smile at the pretty girls.

Today I ran through the crowds around Las Olas and up to Sunrise and back without any negative feedback and receiving lots of smiles and a few friendly waves. Then spent some time stretching by the wavy wall before chilling with friends. Nothing negative all day.

If you want to avoid possible snickers or comments from teens, I would stick to the bits of beach where people come to swim and sun in peace, not the bits where they come to showoff and be rowdy. If you do find that there are idiots near you, pickup and move down to another bit of the beach. 
I suggest you go in the MORNINGS, there are more girls and less teen guys out then. It's also more likely to be sunny in the mornings. See the original posts at the start of this thread for suggestions on which sections of beach tend to be more laid back, and which attract the teen or drinking croweds.
thongback777 #75

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:10/06/2008 04:04:58Copy HTML

<!--StartFragment--> Hey JM, thanks for responding to my post. Sorry I haven't replied back in a while, been really busy lately.

Yeah you're right, I was there several weeks ago on a Sunday right next to the south parking lot and I did walk around quite a bit near the picnic BBQ zone. I just noticed that I accidently said Saturday instead of Sunday, on my last post. So yeah, it was Sunday at about 3 pm when I arrived (which is very late for me). I'm going to get back to my normal schedule of going to the beach in the mornings, instead of staying up way too late the night before and waking up at 2 pm lol.

I checked some of the postings earlier in this thread but I'm still not quite sure the best area in which to go. I know that the south parking lot (right next to where I was at) is the furthest most southern part of the beach. I did drive a bit north and thonged on that stretch of the beach that day, but I can't remember the name of the street. However, I do remember that it was 2 streets north of Sebastian street. I saw this part of the beach and did not feel comfortable due to the incredibly large amount of homosexual men (I don't have anything against gays, I just wouldn't feel comfortable laying right next to 100 of them). I do believe the beach goes farther north than this, but I'm not sure how far.

Before I moved here, I had to stay here for 2 days because of an orientation for the school. This was like 4 months ago. To kill some time one day, I remember driving along the beach and eventually seeing dunes near a hotel I believe. But this was several streets after Sebastian. I think I read earlier in this thread that the dunes are big gay cruising areas, but also that a lot of other people use them just for more privacy. I would be curious to know how much further down from Sebastian this part of the beach is. Also, if this would be the best spot for privacy. Not that I am afraid of people seeing me in my thong (if that were the case I wouldn't wear it in public at all), but I would just prefer a more quiet peaceful part of beach.

On the plus side I have thonged at Dania beach several times since my last posting. This beach reminds me a lot more of the same beaches where I'm originally from in that its more secluded. I have only seen 4 or 5 women in thongs on Dania in total, and I've only seen one other man (besides myself) wearing one.

I've also been to Hollywood Beach once with a friend of mine, but her and I were the only ones wearing thongs on the beach that day (but we went on a Monday). Anyways, thanks again for the response JM and thanks to shs92645 for the info on Dania! I'll keep checking up with the beach reports. <!--EndFragment-->
JM_Runs #76

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:10/15/2008 11:09:15Copy HTML

 To thongback777,

I find that the zone between the sailboat rentals (at the N end of the South Beach Parking Lot) and the Swimming Hall of Fame to be thong friendly. 
I have also observed thongers out in front of Bonnet House (between 8th and 9th) and also north of Sunrise across from Birch Park. In my experience the crowed in front of Birch Park varies a lot, some times very positive but I have also had some very vocal negative reactions around there.
So my choice, is across from the Swimming Haul of Fame, south of life guard station #5.
T-Back #77

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:10/16/2008 11:29:19Copy HTML

Sebastian Beach is a very thong friendly area.  It's located just North of the Ritz on A1A.  It's about a 10 minute walk north from the area that you described.  
JM_Runs #78

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/10/2008 04:10:15Copy HTML

Web cam Link, for the bit of beach accross from Beach Place.
JM_Runs #79

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/11/2008 06:03:18Copy HTML

That web cam is not pointing at the right bit of beach, so you are unlikely to see people in thongs.  It is mounted on the top of Beach Place. Beach Place is a 3 story stack of retail shops, bars and dance clubs.  I think the cam is directly over the Hooters bar.
From this cam you may see me joging by on some weekday mornings, or a few girls in thongs, but more likely you will see tourists or family that park at Beach Place because it has lots of facilities: There is ice cream and coffee shops, but the most inportant for families with kids, easy bathroom access.
NJskeeter #80

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/13/2008 10:20:37Copy HTML

This has been a very informative thread for me since I'll be visiting Ft. Lauderdale in the very near future.  I just have a couple questions about the area.  I'll be staying on Belmar St. and was wondering how the beach for thonging is in that vicinity.  Is that area pretty quiet?  Is the beach narrow or wide?  Any shade at all?  If not, is there any place nearby to rent an umbrella?  We're pretty fair skinned so we try to stay out of the direct rays of the sun if we can. 

Also, I'm not very encouraged at the long range forecast.  It looks like a pretty big cold snap is possible next week, with high temps only in the upper 60s-low 70s.  On days like that, is it even worth it to go to the beach?  Finally, what is the water temperature like in late November?
sailor250 #81

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/13/2008 11:31:05Copy HTML

I've stayed in that area, no problem in G strings on the beach and hotel pool.  Beach is narrow on the street , pedest. and trucks can see the whole strip.A few other guys in thongs, girls too. Can't remember an umbrella stand.  Nov. is hit or miss tempwise, hi 60's and sun is fine if no wind.
JM_Runs #82

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/13/2008 04:07:07Copy HTML

Water should be warm, if the day is cool it will seem warmer in the water than out of it. 

Wether forcast is good for the next two weeks except for a front due in this weekend.  Should bring a little rain and clouds with a couple of days of nice cooler weather behind it.  Temp may even be in the low 70's for a day or two, with even cooler nights.  Front expected to pass through on Saturday with cool fresh air behind it.  Daytime temps this week have been mid to low 80's  with night time lows in mid 70's.  Next few weeks should have daytime highs in mid 70's and cilly 60's for night time temps.  Locals will have to break out our long pants and long sleaves when going out in the eavning.

You asked about the beach at Belmar St. 
Beach is not very wide at that point and rather exposed to the road.  Chairs and umbrellas for rent at Belmar and to the south, (to the right).  You will find a wider and quieter beach a block to the north, (left) running up for the next quater of a mile.  This is infront of Bonnet House where there are small grass dunes between the beach and road so you are not so exposed to the road.  Check this out on Google Earth.

The only shade is the umbrellas and scattered palm trees. If you go north about two blocks, to the middle of the section infront of Bonett House, there is a group of three large palms that provide good shade. (300 yards north of Belmar St). You may have competition for that prime spot from locals.

(Later, in the afternoon, if the clouds did not come in off the sea, then some of the taller buildings will provide some shade on the beach, but this is well after mid day when you need it most.)

If it is hot you should note the location of the beach showers.  They provide a refreshing wash after you have been in the salty sea, and lots of drinking water.

There is serious reconstruction on Belmar and next street and Covenent House which is a large home for run away teens is located a block away, so you might get some comments from builders or teens. 

I would go two blocks north, to the streach in front of the Bonett House, or 1/2 mile north to the streach in front of Birch Park where there are again small dunes between road and beach. 

Or you can go about a mile south ans setup accross from the Swimming Hall of Fame, where there are umbrellas, showers, shops and facilities, as well as a wider bit of beach and less noise from the road, it being one way down there and very few buildings accross the street to refect the sound out to the beach.

NJskeeter #83

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/13/2008 09:24:17Copy HTML

 Thanks for all the advice JM.  I think heading a little bit north might be the best idea.  We have free parking at our hotel so we'll probably be within walking distance of there, wherever we end up on the beach.  My concern about the weather was from something I read last night on Accuweather.com, saying a major blast of cold air was going to hit the east coast next week and make it all the way to southern Florida.  Next Saturday the high is predicted to be 68, with lows in the 50s, and not much warmer for several days after that.  I know that's still subject to change obviously.
JM_Runs #84

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/16/2008 08:13:00Copy HTML

OK front came through last night. Blowing a chilly 75 from the North. Enough to make me wear two T-shirts (one long sleved and one short) when I was out at 4AM helping with todays race. (I was still in shorts but at times, before the sun came up, wished I wern't).

After the sun came up and warmed up the day the tourists were out on the beach in their swimsuits, but the number of locals laying out at 10AM was sugnifincantly off.  It was chilly in the wind and shade but warm in the sun.  Will be out in a thong tomorrow, but I am not normal becuase even if the morning is a little chilly I stay warm by running.
JM_Runs #85

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/17/2008 02:31:45Copy HTML

Was this a race on the beach, JM?  I'd love to time a Ft. Lauderdale visit sometime to cooincide with a running or triathlon race in the neighborhood.
JM_Runs #86

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/17/2008 10:15:49Copy HTML

The 13.1 half marathon was was not on the sand but on the road, A1A that runs along the beach.  In all about 6 of the 13 miles were right along side the beach, and the finish was in the South Beach parking lot. Turned out to be perfect weather for a race.
There is another race with similar course and finish, the A1A Marathon and half that is run in Febuary.
There is a sprint tri at birch park in the summer, but only the swim and the bike are by the ocian, the run is in the park.
JM_Runs #87

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/18/2008 08:32:56Copy HTML

Thanks, JM, those races sound interesting, especially the half marathons in November and February -- a great excuse to head south.  And it's non-triathlon season, at least here in the north.  I will seriously consider them for the future, when I can handle that distance again.  Right now I'm still recovering from knee injuries, and my very careful training is focused on being ready to achieve a PR at Bay to Breakers in May, just a 12k.

Ending at South Beach as they do is great for a refreshing swim after crossing the finish, maybe make it the start of a relaxing rest-of-the-day recovery on the beach.  I often do that at Long Island Sound beaches here in CT after summer-time shoreline triathlons, and am always amazed how few of my fellow triathletes take a post-race plunge.  As the day unfolds, it's kind of funny, I find that as an athlete sporting race numbers marked on my arms and legs, I feel even more comfortable thonging and stringing among the regular folks on the beach, like somehow I've earned my right to be bold and daring.  Sort of like your thrice-weekly thonging runs -- as an athlete, your thong is just fine, perhaps more so than if you were just strolling down the beach.         

The format of that Birch Park sprint tri sounds good, too, but I don't think it's a sufficient excuse to head south in summer-time!  Must have an early start to beat the heat.  Speaking of early, your 4:00 am race setup reminds me of my favorite sprint tri each summer up here, the BMW Greenwich Cup at Tod's Point in Greenwich -- a 6:30 gun preceded by setup and a two hour drive from home.  A little sleep on the beach is part of that post-race recovery! 

BTW, I added your web cam link of Ft. Lauderdale's Beach Place to the top of my favorites list, and check it first thing each morning as I settle in for a day at the office, even before checking Bermuda's weather.  Gives a pleasant lift seeing the palms, the lovely beach and the gentle sea, an inviting alternative to the daily grind.  Ah, to be retired.  Or at least on vacation. 
JM_Runs #88

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/18/2008 02:11:09Copy HTML

I should clarify, the races finish in Fort Lauderdale at the large paring lot by the beach that is accross from Bahia Mar.  A lot refered to as the South Parking lot, or South Park lot.  This is the sothern end of the main Fort Lauderdale beach strip, NOT the Miami's 'South Beach' which is 20 miles to the south in Miami.
JM_Runs #89

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/18/2008 06:15:16Copy HTML

Yes, that makes more sense, I misfigured.  Ft. Lauderdale might be even better, a more normal environment, yet still a great place to spend the rest of the day thonging or stringing.  The A1A Marathon website makes it sound very inviting, and a Southwest credit I've got would make the flight free.  Though we're headed for Dallas the day before, we may cancel due to the economy, so a short, southern jaunt in February would make a pleasant consolation prize -- hope my knee recovers fast.  Thanks for the info, it's fun to plan trips linking thonging and athletics (no, I wouldn't even consider racing A1A in a thong, Borat at NYC notwithstanding!  But has anyone done it?).
JM_Runs #90

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/01/2008 09:24:03Copy HTML

Lets hope it's warm for this years race.  Never can tell at that time of year. 

It got warm again but another front came through last night.  It rained hard.  First thing in the morning the rain had stoped but it was chlly and overcast.

Becuase it had rained hard at night the beach sand was flat and damp.  Damp sand is nice and solid to run on.  It warmed up and so about 10am I went out to do my beach run.  Normaly that's too late but with the overcast it turned into the perfect cool day.  I would have found it too cold to just stand around but when running I work up a good heat.  

After the rain the sand was damp an this makes it more solid underfoot. It was also freshly cleaned by the beach rakes,  who kindly leave nice firm tracks to run in. 

Since the day started bad with early morning rain there were very few people on the beach, and almost none in swim suits.  So for most of the beach it was mainily me, the gulls, the life guards and a few bundled up walkers.  I wore a red and yellow thong from skinzwear that is bright and fun to wear on an overcast day.

It was the perfect day for a run, and my times showed it.   As I was running back the sun was just starting to break through the overcast and make the water sparkle. One of thoes days when running on the beach felt less like a slog and more like flying, like I was fireing on most of the cylinders and in the correct order.  (Still in the 9mm range, which is the best I can do on soft sand)

When it is too cool to thong, people should just go running instead. It's suprizing how quickly you warm up. 

I took a shower at the turn around and agian when I got back to the start.   I did get a few funny looks from bundled up walkers. I'm sure some people thaught it was too cold for swiming or showers, but at this time of year the sea is still very warm and the showers feels good after a run. 

JM_Runs #91

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/26/2008 11:42:20Copy HTML

Boxing day, December 26 2008.  Temp over 84 with fresh tropical breeze blowing in over the sea. Perfect day, warm but not muggy. 

For a change I did my run in shoes on the sidewalk.  After I passed a young women of twenty, who was out jogging with her boyfriend, she speed up to catch me, dropping her boyfriend.  We jogged together until Sunrise, then turned around and sprinted most of the way back, picking up her boyfriend again and promptly dropping him again. She gave me a good run.  As we walked back to find her boyfriend she told me about her studies and I invited her to the race tomorrow. It is amazing how many women you meet out running, more women run than men.

After that I spent some time on the beach and in the sea.  The wind made for a crashing surf.  It tends to break a little short but it was low tide so I got in a few good rides over the sand bar. One of the advantages of wearing a small close fitting thong when body surfing on a day like this, when the water is full of sand, you take a lot less of the beach home in your swim suit.

onesmallthong #92

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/27/2008 02:31:19Copy HTML

 JM, or anyone else,  I am considering a Florida vacation in June.  We have the ability to be in the Ft. L. area on El Mar Drive or we could stay in Hollywood.  I am limited due to RCI, so any help as to which would be better would be appreciated.  Thanks.
JM_Runs #93

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/28/2008 07:23:30Copy HTML

It's over 80 but not muggy because there is a fresh breeze.   Had a wonderful run this morning then swam in the waves fore a bit. 
Today the beach was filling up fast when I left at about 11am.  Lots of young teenage girls were running around and playing soccer.  There is a big teen girl soccer tournament on this week.  The team I talked to were from New York.
A good warm weekend like this, in the middle of Christmas holidays, is a sure way to pack the beach. If you go, take a bicycle.  People from cars mostly use the beach closest to the first parking place they can find, whereas on a bike you get to cruse up and down the sidewalk, then select a choice spot.
thongback777 #94

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/29/2008 05:31:00Copy HTML

JM you are right about how packed the beach was this weekend. I went thonging today and on Friday. Both days were pretty crowded but today was unbelievable, I think it was due to the perfect weather we had. I spent about 3 hours on the beach (near Sebastian street) and got a lot of sun in my thong, had a lot of fun. I saw like 5 other women in thongs throughout the day and one other man. 
What was really funny is the sheer number of people I caught taking my picture. I don't think I've ever seen that many people take my picture on the beach in a single day, though I'm sure most of the shots didn't turn out to well since they were probably so afraid that I'd "catch them" in the act lol. This was especially funny when a huge group of teenage girls walked by and tried to be "slick" about their photo skills, ha ha.

I've found the area right next to Sebastian to be an ideal sunning location. I sometimes still thong at the area you mentioned a while back (right across from the Swimming Hall of Fame) though I've been more comfortable near Sebastian lately. The gay men don't bother me, some of them tend to stare a lot and even walk around to "get a better view" I suppose lol, but so far no one there has tried anything inappropriate. Of course I don't lay out in the middle of all of them, but just a bit more off to the side. 
What I find funny about this area is that just by glancing over like 20-30 feet in several directions one can often see almost nothing but gay men, yet there always seems to be a few random straight people mixed in lol. I would assume that maybe they feel more comfortable at this part of the beach because they could wear revealing swimwear such as thongs with far less judgement and potential harassment than on other parts of the beach. But interestingly enough not many of them wear skimpy swimsuits, so I guess they're just comfortable there anyway. 
In fact they have that playground equipment area right there, next to tons of gay men wearing speedos, and I've seen plenty of families with young children there who seemed totally comfortable. It's nice to see that not every heterosexual person has bought into the widespread idiotic prejudices and misconceptions against gays. Reasonably intelligent straight people who  take their families there realize that the gays are not pedophilic demons waiting to snatch up their kids and perform satanic sacrifices with them, although I'm sure there are still many hateful morons out there who still believe that. 
Although I still can't say I'm totally comfortable being around that many gay men, none of them have bothered me therefore I see no reason to feel threatened.
Anyways... It was really nice out today. Hopefully I'll get back out there by Tuesday morning. I don't want Christmas break to end!!! Hope everyone had a fun holiday.
JM_Runs #95

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/29/2009 07:42:24Copy HTML

January 29, 2009  -  It is 85 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade.   It was cold last week.   It will get cool again later this week, maybe as low as 50 on in the night time, but the day time should stay in the 70's, at least for the next five days. 

The weather can fluctuate a lot during the winter time.  It gets cool or cold for a few days when the tail end of one of the cold fronts that storm across the USA gets this far south.   Right now it's sunny and hot, with a cooling tropical breeze blowing in from the south.
JM_Runs #96

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/02/2009 03:23:24Copy HTML

Fort Lauderdale is in Broward County.  The following is from the Sun-Sentinal news paper that is read in Broward, Palm Beach and Dade counties.  South Beach and Haulover are in Dade County and Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale are in Broward county.

Nude beaches good for economy, Broward legislators told

Advocate says Haulover Beach outdraws Marlins, Dolphins

A nude beaches advocate presented Broward legislators with some revealing figures Thursday.

They're good for Florida's economy, said Richard Mason, of the South Florida Free Beaches and the Florida Naturist Association, who asked Broward's state lawmakers to oppose any legislation that would force nude beaches to close.

He said the closest one to Broward, Haulover Beach in Miami-Dade County, is an economic engine, drawing tourists from other states and countries to a place where they can enjoy a beach without the encumbrance of clothing. Twenty-seven percent of Haulover visitors come from outside Florida, Mason said.

Mason termed Haulover "the most successful beach in the state of Florida." He said it outdraws the Florida Marlins and Miami Dolphins combined — a comment that drew titters from the crowd.

Mason also claimed enormous economic impact from Haulover, between $400 million and $800 million a year.

Other people appearing got questions from the dozen legislators present; none asked anything about nude beaches.

Nude beaches: Should they stay or go?
Richard Mason of the South Florida Free Beaches and the Florida Naturist Association asked Broward's state lawmakers to oppose any legislation that would force nude beaches to close.

What do you think of nude beaches in our area?  You can vote on the Sun-Sentinal website. 

GO VOTE >>  http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/local/broward/sfl-flbnude0130sbjan30,0,3394389.story
nakedotter #97

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:05/09/2009 12:38:54Copy HTML

 Hi Thongback
A belated response to your post about thonging near the gay section.  I'm gay and I have lots of wonderful relationships with women friends.  But it's more like girlfriends.  We both have the commonality of experiences of dealing with men as dates and in long term relationships, generally have a better than average sense of style, and love to shop.  So I'd encourage you to smile at and be comfortable with the guys around Sebastian St.  You might find a new "girl" friend.
I've also noticed that the gay section of Haulover Beach in Miami-Dade often has some of the best looking women who, I presume, hang there because they get less harassment.
surfguy #98

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/08/2009 11:37:50Copy HTML

 Hi All,  I am planning a trip down from NY in July, probably from the 15th to the 28th.  Being it is off season is there an area of the beach that you could recommend?   I know it will be hot, and I should get out early in the day.                 Thanks
underwater #99

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:08/22/2009 03:33:40Copy HTML

We'll be at the Harbor Beach Marriott during October. Is the beach at the hotel thong friendly or will I have to move farther North or South to find a good thong area?
JM_Runs #100

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:08/22/2009 10:12:13Copy HTML

For Surfguy, I like the bit north of the hobby cat rental that is just north of Bahia Mar Marina and south of the parking lot at Las Olas Blvd, at lifeguard stand number 5.  Fore more details read the beach report at the start of this thread. If you are looking for the most men in thongs then near NE 18th street makes sense, but if you are looking for a wide section of sand that is uncrowded, with nobody giving you a hard time about a thong, with the likelihood of some good looking women and with the ability to step across the road to purchse cold drinks then this is my choice spot.

For UnderWater,  Yes the beach near Harbor Beach Marriott is very thong friendly, the only people who might turn up their nose are your co-guests at the same hotel.  You should also take a stroll south to the entrance to the port. The beach to the South of Harbour Beach Mariott is almost deserted on most days, so you should feel very comfortable in a thong. Once you have got your courage up on a walk to the South, you can try it to the North too where you will run into more people.  In the summer it is best to take your walks early in the mornings before the sun gets too hot.

One note: The city now has NO free parking on the beach, so the local teenage kids have found out that they can park in the neighborhood near the port entrance and use a foot path to get to the beach near the port.  I tend to go in the early mornings when most teens and early twenties are still sleeping.  I have not been down that way during the times of day they are out there so cannot say if there is now a significant teen presence near the port or if the teens I know are just clued in to the secret spot where parking is free.   

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