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n2thongsngs #201

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:08/31/2012 02:55:04Copy HTML

I am headed to the beach tomorrow.  Planning on wearing thongs, so let me know if any of you are going to be there.  Would love to meet folks from the board. 
JM_Runs #202

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:08/31/2012 05:13:08Copy HTML

 Will be running some time between 9 and 10:30 or so, depending on the results of early morning phone calls.
JM_Runs #203

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:09/03/2012 05:24:34Copy HTML

Yes,  I was down on the beach this morning, from 9:30 through 12, in a g-string.  I did my usual run from Las Olas to Sunrise and back before stretching and hanging out drinking coffee. It was Memorial Day so the beach quickly got crowded. I said good morning to the lifeguards and chair vendors as I ran by.  There was the usual few with cameras and cell phones, but no negative comments. The word for the day seemed to be 'Awesome', which I heard several times, maybe it was about me, or maybe because having a sunny Monday at the beach instead of working is Awesome.

I think the your attitude and the style of g-string matters. If the thong or g-string has a  'push up' or 'push out' pouch you are more likley to get negative feedback, as will a suit that is tight around the waist because it causes a little muffin top. If the g-string looks natural, not forced, or forcing a display, you are more likely to get positive rather than negative feedback. 

It also helps if the g-string is the last thing on your mind, i.e. you are going about your business, not attempting to get reactions or looking to gauge what reactions you get.  I see some men who are doing the 'look at me', 'what do you think of me now', display.  Others just act as if there is nothing unusual about their choice of suit, and wear a thong with casual confidence. If at first you don't have that casual confidence you have to fake it.

I only noticed one other man in a thong, admittedly I was not on the lookout for men.  I did see dozens of women in true thongs or the current style of bottom baring swim suits.
thonglife #204

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:09/04/2012 12:14:58Copy HTML

 JMRuns, I'm interested to know what brands of g-string swimwear you wear for running on the beach? Thanks
JM_Runs #205

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:09/04/2012 11:00:37Copy HTML

From time to time I get people asking what the limits are for thongs or g-strings in Fort Lauderdale, or what brands of g-string I wear on the beach.

I have a large selection of thongs and g-strings.  I don't make much of a differentiation between brands, more I select by style, cut and color. 

I try to run about 3 days a week all year long, so have time to cycle through many different brands.  Although my current trend, this month, tends to be more g-string than thong, there is no specific brand that I favor.  Most no longer have tags because I tend to cut them out.  Some I know the brand some I don't remember.  Some were not right when they arrived but I altered them to fit.

I look out the window and make up my mind depending on the conditions, time of day, day of week, state of shaving, if I plan to meet someone, if it is overcast or sunny and just what color or style I feel like wearing.  If it is 8am on a quiet weekday, in the off session, my choice might be less  conservative than noon on the 4th of July. 

On sunny days I am more likely to wear a small suit, on cloudy days I am less concerned with tan lines and may go for a larger suit, but brighter colors to liven up a gray day.  It just depends.  What I was wearing yesterday is probably not what I will be wearing tomorrow.

I do tend towards smaller suits, but I still try to make sure that what ever I wear, the  straps are not too tight so they don't dig in to my soft sides. 

I don't wear suits that have just a thin elastic cord on the side.  This is for two reasons:
First: Unless you have a very fit hard body the thin elastic tends to carve a dent in your skin, making you look more puffy than you are.

Second: From a distance, like the sidewalk, people may think you are nude and call the police. The dispatcher will ask, "Is he wearing a thong?"
If the person answers yes he is wearing a thong but... - then that's the end of it.
The dispatcher tells them thongs are not against the law and no officer is dispatched.
On the other hand, if they report you are nude then an officer responds.

In Fort Lauderdale there are sections of beach to the north and south of the main city beach which do not have a road and sidewalk running behind them. In places there are low grass dunes between the road and the beach which provide a visual screen for the timid, but people will still see you. The main beach is about 2 1/2 miles long and staffed with lifeguards, paroled by park staff and quite popular with the general public. There is traffic on the road behind the beach, people on the sidewalk, diners in the restaurants, visitors in the hotels and condo commandos with their telescopes.  (Trust me, if you had a million dollar condo overlooking this beach you would own a fine German telescope too.) 

When selecting a suit you have to assume many people will see and some will pass judgement. 

A g-string held up with shoelace thin elastic or transparent side straps tends not to be visible from a distance/ This might cause people to report you as naked. I stay away from any suit that is mesh, transparent when wet or which does not fully cover. I stay away from any suit which makes it look like I might have an @@@@@@.  Similarly I stay away from from push-out, push-up, anatomy display suits.  My aim is to wear a small suit, not flaunt my junk. When there is a debate before a policeman I want to be on very solid ground. Also anatomy enhancing suits tend not to hold everything in place for running. It looks silly flopping around.

In my experience, acceptance by the people who work on the beach, and who are regulars at the beach comes from wearing suits that, while small, don't deliberately flaunt my junk in their face any more than is necessary.  The suit may be small, or micro small, but it is all covered and under control.

A brand of thong or g-string that works for me, with my body shape and style, may not work for you.  There is no magic formula for this suit is ok and that one is not. The best thing to wear is an honest smile and a suit you can wear in public with quiet confidence, rather than a suit where you feel the need to find a hiding place.

Sorry if I sound a little bossy, but there have been a couple of people who think just because I wear a very small thong, they can get away with wearing mesh or transparent suits, or a white one that is transparent when wet, or a missile suit with it waving like a flag in the wind. They think people will approve of them strutting their stuff.  While they may not get arrested, they may repulse the locals and cause a hard feeling.  So long as your thong or g-string covers the necessary, and the side straps are of a contrasting color and visible from a distance, you should be fine. There is a fine line between a small swimsuit and a sexual display.  We have worked hard to get men in thongs accepted on this beach, so just keep your junk covered and under control.

The rear strap does not matter much, unless you intend to lay out on your front with your legs spread, then it would be a good idea to have a little rear coverage too.
JM_Runs #206

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:09/13/2012 07:42:55Copy HTML

Fort Lauderdale beach picture from a few years ago.  L and I were at the beach and met another thonger from this board. Using his camera I took this picture of L and the other thonger.  This was a few years ago. Location is Fort Lauderdale beach, #5 across from Haul of Fame.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/8228786@N02/1516051756/sizes/l/in/photostream/
JM_Runs #207

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:09/14/2012 05:46:43Copy HTML

I ran this morning, a lot later than planned, so I was a bit worried the sand would be too hot.  It was not but there was sun and and a fresh sea breeze, making it a wonderful morning.

On my way north I got quite a few positive reactions, one from a big group of south american girls.  On the return a number of them, who had been playing in the sea, came dashing out of the water and ran up the beach to intercept me.  They asked if they could have a picture taken with me.  So I stopped and had my picture taken with the group of beautiful young women. 

After running south, showering and stretching I thought it would be worth my while, before cycling home, to take a detour and ask them to send me a copy of the picture. (Something I had failed to do earlier).   Unfortunately by the time I returned they had left, so no photo, sorry.  You just have to go to the beach yourselves.

It does seem that after the schools in the US start their fall them the population on Fort Lauderdale beach has more South Americans, and other nationals in general.  I don't know if this is because it is the Off Off Season,  and rates are cheep, or if they were always there, just not as noticeable in the sea of Americans.  For certain the Winter brings the Canadian snow birds, Spring brings collage break kids and early summer the swim teams.  As others have noticed and posted, in the last month or two there are a lot more foreign languages than usual.  This is good. The international crowed are generally very supportive of thonging, like the group young women this morning.
rickvt #208

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:10/28/2012 12:13:22Copy HTML

Any reports on how Ft. Lauderdale and Miami made out from Hurricane Sandy?
2xist #209

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:10/28/2012 12:19:14Copy HTML

 Rickvt- just on channel 10, abornsl high tides on the coast. Hollywoodbeach is having water all the way to the white beach wall separating the sand from the boardwalk. Miami is in the middle of its marathon  downtown miami go figure!? Lol
JM_Runs #210

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/04/2012 11:32:16Copy HTML

A plea for help.  I need anyone who was on Fort Lauderdale beach during the first week of October to contact me.  That is the week before Columbus Day 2012.  This is important, so if you were on the beach that week please contact me by private message.  Thanks
lindros #211

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/05/2012 01:16:25Copy HTML

Well, I wasn't on the beach, but your post piqued my curiosity. What happened?
JM_Runs #212

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/05/2012 02:14:59Copy HTML

 Nothing to do with thonging. Just seeking out people who may have observed something. I don't want to go into details here, but their observance of something they would consider insignificant may be very important.
sailor250 #213

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/23/2012 05:44:18Copy HTML

Anyone have any recommendations for a thong friendly hotel in Ft L either at or away from the beach- I prefer smaller places and with a pool where thongs would be acceptable.   I know while I'm there the beach is fine all over but if I want or it's super windy having a pool to sun and swim is a big plus.  I know the gay guesthouses are there but I'm straight so that's not for me- dont want to intrude on anyone.
sol_y_mar #214

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/01/2012 02:47:27Copy HTML

Any reports on how bad the beach is torn up by the high waves and tides? I heard that it goes from Sunrise Blvd. to Oakland Park Blvd. with half of A1A torn up.
sailor250 #215

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/01/2012 05:14:54Copy HTML

I'm interested too.  I heard in the Sun Sentinel that north of Sunrise the road was impassable, and may be only restorable to a two lane road with no parking to allow access to that neighborhood north of the state park.

I heard that the moon tides this month were as bad as early November but with less wind.  Miami Beach faced tidal flooding of some low areas too.

From a beachgoer's standpoint there's less sand out there but also some areas are less accessible which can be good or bad for us thongwearers.
JM_Runs #216

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/01/2012 08:21:13Copy HTML

The problems with the beach were very predictable, based on the construction of the poxy little wall North of Sunrise.  Instead of steps over the low wall, or a ramp, there are wide gaps. Gaps that were ment to be filled with boards if a strom was coming.  But the ends of the gaps are week and don't keep the boards in position.  The city has repetidly failed to re-inforce the ends of the gaps, after prior storms, and prior wall failures. 

Yet again the boards meant to close the gaps failed, boards which are meant to be put in when storms or high tides are expected.  Given a kick, shove or wave the wall it's self comes comes to bits.  It even falls apart when ever it gets seriously wet.  A direct result of the city insisting it wanted to manage the build the little wall instead of letting the state DOT doing it properly, when the state wanted to do it right. 

The inadequacy of the wall North of Sunrise is compounded by the continuing miss-management of the sand, the failure to replace coconut palms after removal, and general failure to understand long shore drift and other beach hydro-dynamics. The beach continues to be managed like a park and not a foreshore.

There is some temporary good or delight that has come from this.  The storm has exposed sections of the sand that have not been seen for years.  The original sand, made mainly from shells, was long grained, golden and slippery. Most people don't notice the texture difference but do notice the sand is yellower compared with the current white to gray grit that we have become accustom too.

The beach is no longer a long uniform, plowed and manicured foreshore stretching off into the distance each way.  Now it is re-shaped into a series of pretty coves and points.  There is less room in some places but the beach shape is more interesting.   The section where I start, (Swimming Haul of Fame), is hardly effected, other than being about 5% narrower and a foot taller.  You won't notice much difference until you get north of Sebastian Street.  From there north the beach undulates from being as wide as it was, down to skinny parts where the top of the beach is only just wide enough for the rental chairs.

Interestingly their are some shore side things that seem to relate to beach erosion.  Where there is a narrow gap between large new condos and hotels  which causes the win to funnel through there, the beach before that is often highly eroded.  Where there were grass dunes and palm trees on the sand their is a lot less erosion than where they were missing.  A few years ago, when we had a prior hurricane, I noticed one of the home owners north of Sunrise had gone out and chainsawed off the top of two palm tress that were in his view of the ocean.  This is the exact spot where the most sever erosion happened, where the sea took away the sand, the wall and the road.

In many parts of the beach there is now a step, where the sand drops off sharply from the top of the beach before the high water mark.  Thongers who like to be by the water but less visible to the road may be able to duck down below the step, best for catching the morning sun.

BeachLover007 #217

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/11/2012 09:46:17Copy HTML

I was out on the beach today and saw 2 women in thongs walk by.  Weather was great!  I was in my indio camo skinzwear thong.
orlspeedo #218

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/11/2012 10:17:25Copy HTML

Sure wish I had been there to join you.
JM_Runs #219

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/20/2012 02:38:07Copy HTML

Someone, not me, tagged on Fort Lauderdale Beach.  Appears to be across from Sebastian Street,  late in the afternoon as the sun goes down and the shadows spread over the beach: http://www.flickr.com/photos/digitalexi/2855544062/

A women under a colorful umbrella: http://www.flickr.com/photos/epixphotos/4433550335/in/set-72157623411971704/ A picture that is good enough for a Fort Lauderdale advertisment.
JM_Runs #220

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/24/2012 03:34:27Copy HTML

 I had a number of personal difficulties but after one of them was resolved two weeks ago, so two weekends ago I went out to enjoy the weekend.  For me that means going to the beach, doing a run and then hanging out drinking coffee and talking to locals.

In the week before Christmas a number of collage swim teams come to the warmth of Fort Lauderdale to swim. There are often groups of girls or young women on the beach. Swimmers and swim teams are easy to spot by their distinctive backpacks.

I don't often run two days in a row but did on the Sunday and Monday. Both days I met large groups of young women swimmers. I learned the identities of  a couple of the teams because they were camped on the beach where I finish my runs, we use the same showers and coffee shop.  The other teams or groups I passed further up the beach just nodded or waived, if they noticed me at all.

I did get to know the friendly team of young women from South Carolina.  I ended up talking with them and their coaches over a couple of days.  A few attempted body surfing and one was building sand castles but most of the young women were tired after a daily load of a couple of pool work outs and then extra gym or beach exercises. Hense they tend to spend time horizontal, not up and about or playing in the surf.

A few had tried to purchase new bikini's at the beach front shops but found almost the same selection in successive shops. I explained the beach front stores were almost all owned by the same group of Israeli merchants who peddled a rather boring line of cheep bikinis, (which are sold at much inflated prices). One of the locals asked if the flock of young women were fans, I said no, just a friendly swim team.

The weather was glorious, but have a friend who is undergoing some medical procedures and who I had to take to the hospital on several days this last week, so I did not run again till early Friday.  I don't know if the teams were still in town, I was out and gone long before they show their heads. I think they left mid week.

Saturday I was up at 4am to help with the Jingle Bell 5K out west. A cold front came through and it was chilly. 

By the middle of Sunday morning it had warmed up so I went to the beach and ran again.  It was a perfect day, sunny and warm but not at all humid. I felt full of life and ended up running all the way to Oakland and back.

Because it is cooler there are less local men and women in thongs, and more tourists in regular bikinis. A lot of locals are preparing for Christmas or working hard in retail and other business serving the rush of tourists as our season takes off with a bang. On the beach there were quite a few very white people from up north. A few tourists did double takes, I don't think they expected a man in a thong to run by.

I got some cheers from women, a lot of smiles from all, and a couple of snickers from groups of teen age boys. The positive comments and waves were many.  I had some people comment they liked my suit and no one told me to 'put some cloths on'.  The weather was wonderful.  I felt very good after a long run, so after stretching hung out for another our or two.

I often offer to take a picture for couples or groups so they can all be in the shot.  While I was doing this for one group a women passed and said, with a big smile, "You are allays so helpful, taking pictures for people." A few minutes later a women I know who comes to visit her parents every few months ran up and gave me a hug, saying "Leaving today, will see you again when I come back."  This is not a women I normally hug, I just know her because I say hi to her parents who often sit on the wall in the mornings. It is good to be friends with older folk, for they often introduce you to their daughters. - It pays to be friendly with all, work on it.
bmicro #221

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/24/2012 04:03:37Copy HTML

"It pays to be friendly with all, work on it."

Couldn't agree more, JM
JM_Runs #222

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/02/2013 07:57:18Copy HTML

I have had a few good runs during the Christmas holidays (vacation time). 

I have been running later in the mornings than usual because most evenings I go to look after a friend and don't get back till after midnight.  Today other things cropped up and I was not out till 11:30, which for most of the year is way to late for running but during the cooler Winter months is fine.  The it has been unusually warm for December and beach has been packed most days, both with locals and tourists.

There was quite a bit of positive feedback from the various groups as I ran by in my thong. Some groups of girls/women even cheered or whistled.

After my run I stretched as normal.  There are allways a few quizzical looks from walkers on the sidewalk (pavement).  I got a coffee and while at the coffee shop met one of the swimmers from one of the swim teams that was camped out on the beach. Turns out it was a Dive team from Michigan. They had two tight rope lines setup between some of the palm trees with a couple of long webbing straps (technically slack rope).  Some of them were quite good, jumping on, doing feet to bottom to feet jumps, reversals and even jumping from one to the other. Competition divers have fit bodies and the guys often wear very small speedos with confidence, like this team.  The spectacle of very fit young people doing back flips and walking tight rope caused a few passers by to stop and watch. 

They were attempting to film the slack rope antics with a GoPro camera but had a problem mounting it, so I lent them a bungy cord that I keep on my bicycle rack. This allowed them to attach the camera to the central palm tree and video their moves.

After that they asked me if I would video the whole group doing back flips.  They lined up along the water line and I ran passed carrying the GoPro as they each in turn did a back flip as I passed down the line. We did it both directions. Back flips are hard enough as it is, so springing up from soft sand shows just how fit these divers are, especially when they knock off a bunch in a row without stopping.
kevinb959 #223

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/04/2013 03:57:40Copy HTML

 Can you buy thongs swimsuits at the stores in Ft Lauderdale?
JM_Runs #224

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/04/2013 07:54:10Copy HTML

Yes you can buy thong swimsuits at stores in Fort Lauderdale, but there are very few for sale in many of the swimsuit stores on the beach.  You probably have to be prepared to travel inland to some of the gay focused stores in and around Wilton Manors to find good well made suits that fit.  Please read the store suggestions previously posted by myself and others on the prior pages in this same thread.
JM_Runs #225

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/04/2013 08:02:35Copy HTML

The beach was packed today, which is unusual for a week day, in the middle of winter.  A sunny day with a temp of 83 in the shade, low humidity and a light Southerly wind.  Maybe global warming had something to do with it. 

I ran late, did not get out to 11:30 and back till after lunch. There were lots of groups of young women, several mixed swim teams, bunches of tourists speaking other languages, bright sun, a few fluffy clouds, clear water and lots of smiles. Another glorious beach day. 

Normally in December, January and Feb we get sets of days when the wind blows cold for several days.  It is not normally like mid spring in the first weeks in January.  The forecast says it the days will be in the 80's for the next week.  The lowest high temp projected during the entire coming month is 76, even on days when they expect rain.  http://www.accuweather.com/en/us/fort-lauderdale-fl/33301/january-weather/328168

I am quite sure that it will feel cooler when the sun is not out and it is blowing a bit, but with daytime temps projected at 76 and above and night time temps not projected to dip below 57 it looks we are going to have a warm January. 

Of course weather forecasts do change: All it takes is for one of the large fontal systems that sweep across the US to have it's Southern tail flick down into South Florida and we might have a few days of near freezing temperatures.  Our weather in the winter is very jet stream dependent. If the jet stream to the north of us dips south then we tend get repeated blasts of cold fronts mixed in with some warm intermissions.  For now, and for the next week at least, the jet stream is going the other way, SW to NE.  This will continue to blow warm tropical winds up from the equator.

JM_Runs #226

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/04/2013 08:53:30Copy HTML

 I'm glad it's sunny and nice. I wish I could be on a beach and the temps in the 80s?! I live in Metro Atlamta and its been kinda chilly the last few days.
But I travel to Ft Lauderdale for work several times a year so I can't complain. I'll get my chance.
JM_Runs #227

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/05/2013 02:10:54Copy HTML

JM - Your weather is much nicer than what we have up here in the Tampa Bay area at least in the winter. We have had chilly weather the last week with no end insight. I think a trip to Fort Lauderdale is in the cards sometime soon as I am in need of some beach time since are forecast does look all that great anytime soon!
JM_Runs #228

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/05/2013 07:39:54Copy HTML

In the winter months, on the few occasions I do travel north to central Florida, the drop in temperature is quite noticeable and I plan accordingly.  Where I might be in shorts because it is in the 80's, like today, I will pack jeans and jackets for my trip.

Today started warm, but overcast with a light warm drizzle, by lunchtime the clouds had vanished and it is a clear sky with a soft breeze.  Daytime temp of 83 in the shade.

UPDATE:  I was watching TV last night. At midnight it said the OVERNIGHT temp here in South Florida was 78, and in North Florida 44.  This gives you an idea of the winter temperature gradient as you move North.  For those missing the beach, here is the webcam at Beach Place http://www.sunny.org/webcam/

JM_Runs #229

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/09/2013 08:09:04Copy HTML

Wonderful weather this January.  A mix of fresh tropical breeze, warm sun and puffy clouds.  Some mornings starting cloudy but clearing during the morning.  Some starting sunny but getting patches of puffy clouds later. 

Ran again today at lunch time. During the summer this would be way way way to late, but right now the weather is perfect all day.  After working yesterday till after midnight it is nice to roll out of bed late, jump on a bicycle and head to the beach.

Most of the swim teams few home, several flying out today, so only three or four teams left on the beach.  Lots of other tourists and locals.  Lots of people smiled, waived, gave thrums up or said hi. Met a very nice lady and had a good talk about crewing. Hope she follows up and comes by to borrow a canoe.

Lots of women in thongs or the cheeky bottoms that are close to thongs. I hope to see more young men follow suit. Where are the rest of the local thongers?  Ah, that may be a stupid question, it is a week day, they were probably off working in 9-5 jobs. Hopefully they will turn out on the weekend. 

When you come to the beach I hope you have the courage to be visible: Take a walk, jog, play Frisbee, fly a kite or just get up and move around.  Today a friend posted a picture on Facebook that said "FEAR IS A LIAR". 

Note to the regulars, the "Subscribe and be notified via email" check box at the bottom of the posting window.

UPDATE:  Today it was around 82 degrees in the shade (28c). It is now nighttime but still about 78 degrees (25.5c). The breeze has dropped but unfortunately the humidity this evening has climed to over 70% .  This is spring or summer time weather, not what we expect in January.  If this is the mid-winter brought to us by global warming then I am not looking forward to mid-summer! 

We were always a winter and spring tourist destination but if this lack of cooling continues we will broil in the summer and the hot tropical seas will spawn more hurricanes.  When the water temp in the tropics is above average we get more convection and more super strong hurricanes. Normally a cold winter helps chill them back down a bit, but not this year. 

The sea off South East Florida is continuing to be very warm.  Currently sea temp is 75% (23.5c), even warm enough for Floridians!  (I notice from the thermal sea temp maps the water is much cooler on the West coast of Florida.)

Tonight I am going to see an old friend.  We will take our usual a long slow walk outside. I will be wearing a short pair of short shorts and a string vest, I don't need more.

Forecast for the next week is more of just the same "Mostly sunny, with a high near 80" and looks like little change for the rest of the month.
kevinb959 #230

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/12/2013 03:15:16Copy HTML

 Does anyone want to hear the weather report in Dover NH?
JM_Runs #231

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/12/2013 06:31:24Copy HTML

Probably not, unless you have beach weather and a few swim teams of fit young people in speedos and bikinis to spice up the view.  January through March seem to be a good time to flee Dover and take a week or two in the sun.  Come on down, the sun is out, it is 83 in the shade and there is a nice breeze blowing in from the sea.

Today it was cloudy when I ran, not many people on the beach and so I saw only one other man in a thong. Later the sun came out and so did the crowds, including about half a dozen swim teams, from Lafayette, Eastern Kentucky, Pennsylvania and other Northern places. Most of the young men have gotten over changing to board shorts for the beach and just wear the same skimpy speedos they do for swimming.  I noticed that the prevailing trend for the young men in the swim teams is for briefer and lower cut speedos than in prior years. 
kevinb959 #232

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/13/2013 01:49:33Copy HTML

 Sorry about my sarcastic comment about Dover NH. I'm looking to relocate to Ft Lauderdale. My contract with my employer ended, and I really have no need to stay here in the Northeast anymore. Can anyone provide information on cheap places to live? Is there some place down there where I could just live in a tent?
JM_Runs #233

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/13/2013 04:17:13Copy HTML

This time of year you could live in a tent, but come summer time you probably want someplace cooler.  There are rich parts of town, poor parts of town and lots between. There are some RV parks and camp grounds but nothing dirt cheep like camping in the woods, unless you really do want to live in the swamp.

Lower rents can be found in some of the older communities between the beach, where things tend to be pricy, and the brand new homes out on the west side of town. In the middle there is a lot of variability. In the end finding a place near where you work, and where you want to play, is the secret:  Otherwise you spend too much of your life commuting.

If it were me I would put my stuff in storage and get a small sailboat to live on, and sail down the keys or off to the Bahamas.

Gay folks like Wilton Manors, Yuppy couples like Victoria Park.  There is something for everyone it is just a question of where you feel comfortable and fit in.

Dania and Hollywood, south of the airport, are older communities and often have older apartment buildings with low cost rents, as does Fort Lauderdale west of I95.  How comfortable you feel living in a racially mixed neighborhood or one with a bunch of poor people will probably determine how cheep you want to go on rents.  There are some places I would not feel comfortable, and I don't like living near railway lines if the trains blow their horns at night. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes that will change their perspective on a good deal.

Most comunities have a wide range of pricing so I would travel down, put your stuff in storage, Couch-surf for a week and drive around to figure out which part of this metropolis fits your taste. Short therm rentals near the beach during season are obviously a lot more expensive, but longer term apartments inland don't change much.
JM_Runs #234

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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JM_Runs #235

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/13/2013 09:22:33Copy HTML

I have worn a thong on the deck of the Swimming Hall of Fame during a large swim meet with full stands. I had found a wallet on the beach and figured out it belonged to a swim team member and went to return it.  

I am not a lap swimmer so I don't know what rules apply.  Hall of Fame pool may be a good one to start at, since the lifeguards there share some space and experiences with the beach lifeguard crew, and sometimes come to St Barts for food when I am there. 

Personally I would advise joining or attending a regular swim workout session, going regularly and making friends with the regulars who swim in that time slot.  Then just try a thong one day.  By that time the regular lap swimmers will know you and your name, and the pool staff will be familiar with you.  You are more likely to have no problem if they think "Oh, look Bob is wearing a thong today." than "Who is that strange man in a thong, I have not seen him before."

JM_Runs #236

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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JM_Runs #237

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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My apology to the thonger who hailed me on the beach today and for whom I did not stop to talk. I was already running a bit late for lunch date after stopping to talk to my friends who run the B-Cycle rental system. I stopped by later but you had either gone for a walk or left for the day. Maybe I will see you out on the beach another day.

This time of year I often procrastiante about morning runs, because it is a little cool first thing and so long as the mid day temp in the shade does not go over 80 degrees I don't have to make it out early to beat the heat.  So today I did not start my run until after 11am.  A glorious day. Ran up and back, stretched, quick dip in the sea and then leisurely breakfast in the sun. 
JM_Runs #238

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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Sunday run was after lunch, because I was over tired, slept very late.  Also it was cool and overcast so I was procrastinting to see if sun came out.  Good run, quite a lot of cheers from the yonger folk in front of beach place.

Having had a good run I streached, went to my bike, got shirt, shoes and money for coffee.  While I was accross the road, at the coffee shop, no more than a hundread feet away, they STOLE MY BIKE.  Cut the Kryptonite bike cable clean through. Must have had a very professional set of cable cutters. 

Very annoying because it was a very good dual suspension mountain bike with front and rear disk breaks, and a number of upgrades and other enhancements.

The police say there has been a rash of bike thefts along the beach in the last few days, with the thief going after more expensive looking bikes. They took a report but did not radio for anyone to be on the lookout for my rather unique looking bike. 

Be on the lookout for a full suspension mountan bike with a blue frame, black rear suspension, white front forks, dual disk breaks, black handle bars and the words Shimano Equipped in white down the sides. You know it is mine if you see, on both the front and back of the top beam of the frame a strip or patch of 2" wide high visibility silver reflective tape.  It is stuck on around both ends, one around the front and the other around under the seat post tube.

I am pissed of that they stole my bike and even more pissed of that I lost some of the more unique and hard to replace extra parts I had on it. 

That they cut the cable so cleanly suggests pros with the right tool. So my fellow Fort Lauderdale beach goers, if you bike to the beach watch out !
kevinb959 #239

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/11/2013 02:50:21Copy HTML

 That stinks. Was the beach crowded? You would think there would be some eyewitnesses. Hope you find the culprit.
luvnmythong #240

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/11/2013 06:13:23Copy HTML

JM, so sorry about the loss of your bike!!!   I so hope you find it!    Now....the big question we all want to know.    Did you have any shorts to put on, or did you have to find a way home while just wearing your g string?  
JM_Runs #241

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/11/2013 06:36:28Copy HTML

Dealt with police officers and walked home in a thong. No big deal. This is Fort Lauderdale.

The fear one might feel is in ones mind, with practice you can control it. If you are perpetually worried that someone will disprove you not only tie your self up in knots but have given in to the idea that the opinion of someone you do not know should control your actions. 
Grabeach #242

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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Sorry about the bike. Don't like your chances of getting it back, it's a fair bet it's already interstate.

Because I need to leave it at all sorts of places (beach, shops, libraries), I've purposely never updated my road bike. Although it was a made to measure high quality racer when new, the professionals are simply not interested in a 1976 model. I use a cheap combination lock that is enough to deter someone 'borrowing' it to ride home and I don't need to worry about losing the key. And if someone does bother to steal it, I'll probably find something suitable at the next council clean up day.
bbyrne78 #243

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/13/2013 05:14:50Copy HTML

JM sorry to hear that someone stole your bike. Savages!

A couple of years ago someone used a car-jack or vice to bust open my Kryptonite ULock to get at my road bike. Nowadays the bike I ride to run errands or a spin to the shops is my fixed-gear track bike. No one wants to steal one of those.

My husband rides to work a couple of times a week. Normally he has a change of clothes at work. Once while I was traveling for work, he had ridden to his work without a change of clothes. He spent the entire a day in the office in his cycling kit. Maybe no as revealing as a thong but a road cyclist's kit leaves very little to the imagination. To my knowledge he didn't ride to work for three months due to the embarrassment.
JM_Runs #244

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/13/2013 06:51:27Copy HTML

Oh dear, I guess your bike theft was worse than mine. While mine was a full suspension mountain bike with front and rear disk brakes it was not a top end bike.  Knowing a little about you I am guessing your road bike was. 

Well at least we are more fortunate than the people who's bikes got totaled when they were riding them. Only our wallets and sense of proprietary were damaged.
SlidingG #245

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/13/2013 01:51:43Copy HTML

My high-end, carbon fiber racing bike that I used in triathlons emerged unscathed from the wipeout that put me in the hospital unconscious.  The wife said no more riding; so no more triathlons, just recreational open-water swimming (Naples is fantastic!) and a little low-level road racing, where I run barefoot since it's more forgiving on the tired old knees.  Which is great when running Bay-to-Breakers 12k in San Francisco each May.  There my 'costume' can be described variously as Ancient Greek Olympian (wearing a light layer of olive oil), as an artists' model, as a swimmer (as in skinny-dipper), as a modern dancer (my wife delights in telling of the Paul Taylor dancers she saw perform at our local atheneum years ago wearing just olive oil head-to-toe, much to the city fathers' consternation), or simply as a nudist, which I have fun claiming I'm not.  Heck, in Naples I'm legal and decent in my favorite g-string, and that's as nude as I need to be achieving my overall tan.

So my bike hangs upside-down on our garage wall.  My hope that I may ride again one day never fades.  But I can sure appreciate JM's and bbyrne78's unfortunate circumstances. 
JM_Runs #246

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/14/2013 04:28:06Copy HTML

You folks with the stolen bikes should replace them with a recumbent; e.g., RANS.  Once you figure out how to ride it, you will never go back, I guarantee -- plus absolutely NO ONE will ever steal it, because nobody else will be able to figure out how to ride it.  As a side benefit, it's a real conversation starter and you will never ever get a backache or a sore crotch.  Best bikes I have ever ridden.  I started out with a BikeE on a whim, and my wife and kids essentially took it over from me, so I got my RANS Vivo and nobody else can ride it but me ... which is fantastic because I crank the seat waaaaay back and it feels like you are flying an F-15.  Especially good in South Florida ... not nearly as good on the hills of Missouri but I still wouldn't trade it.
JM_Runs #247

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/14/2013 02:56:40Copy HTML

I like recumbent bikes BUT in Fort Lauderdale I feel height is an essential element to visibility.  Everyone I know has been hit at one time or another.  I once went over the top of a car when my bicycle went underneath. A friend was hit last week an has a broken leg. For the most part bicycling around town and the beach is relativity safe BUT you need to ride with traffic, and be as visible as possible. Even then, it makes sense to take to the sidewalk now and again, when the traffic or road configuration calls for it.
The RANS Vivo is a more upright recumbent than many, and may provide a good level of visibility, but I tend to ride bikes that I get cheep. I park my beach bike at the beach, where they get sand and blown salt, so it makes little sense to take an expensive bike down there. If I come across a cheep bent than I will try it out.
It has been suggested that wearing a thong when going to the beach on a regular bike makes me safer, because at least people notice !
JM_Runs #248

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/22/2013 07:20:07Copy HTML

Ran today. Only saw one man in a thong other than me, but I did not go up to the North end where it is more likely there would be men in thongs.  There were quite a lot of women in thongs, including some who were part of a large flock of young women, and a group of four right where I finish my run. I meet a women I know and we had breakfast at the coffee shop.  Also got an email from a women I met on the beach a few months ago who wants to meet up when they are in town.

After a chilly start to the week the weather today is perfect. Bright sun, a few little puffy white clouds, 85 degrees in the shade, a fresh salty cool breeze of the ocean and humidity less than 60.
BeachLover007 #249

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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 I can't wait to get back down to FL next month.  I've been up in IL and it's cold!
kevinb959 #250

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/24/2013 09:44:18Copy HTML

I made the trip to Lauderdale. First day here and it's sunny about 85º with a nice breeze. I set up Sunrise which was probably not a good choice as I was soon surrounded by families, old couples and undesirables. Pardon me if any of you are one of the three. But I did my tanning thing. Took a dip. I must admit, you southerners must be spoiled with this water temperature. The things we have to go thru in the Northeast to cool off. We have a major shrinkage issue up there, which is not good for thongers. So I didn't have to deal with that.

On my walk, I did see some thongers, but not enough to declare it a thonger paradise. I did see a guy running in a red thong and baseball cap. I'm assuming it was JM.

There is nothing better than going to a vacation beach destination. It has a buzz to it. Hopefully, I will be permanent member here. I just need to find a job and a place to live. So if any of you locals can provide some help, I will be greatly appreciated.
Overall, a great day!
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