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JM_Runs #251

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/24/2013 10:22:05Copy HTML

Yes, the end of Sunrise, across from the pizza store generally has a lot of odd people, mostly tourists and a couple of homeless sitting under the palm trees towards the traffic lights. Keep walking south.

Today there were lots of tourists and snow birds on the beach for about half a mile either side of Sunrise Blvd. You can tell the old retired snow birds because they don't rent chairs but bring their own brightly colored umbrellas and chairs, just like locals do.  The French Canadian snow birds tend to gravitate to the free parking North of Sunrise, where large groups of them setup rings of umbrellas and chairs.

South Florida is a bit transient, so employers regularly have staff leave and have to hire new staff.  It is also a 'right to work' state so managers can fire people for the silliest of reasons, but then have to hire new. This creates a continual string of job openings, especially in the service industries. One serious advantage to South Florida is we don't have any heavy industry or very large employers, the business environment is mainly mostly hordes of smaller companies, therefore one going under does not cause large ripples in the local economy. We are also blessed with warm winter weather, beaches and a cruse ship industry, which are somewhat recession proof because is less costly to vacation in South Florida than a trip to Europe or most other off shore destinations.

Most employers hire locally, so getting a place is probably the first order of business, then you can easily appear for local job interviews. Unless you are very specialized, have a very unique skill, or they only want the very best in the nation there is little insentive for employers to look outside 10 million people already living in the local tri-county metropolis. If you subtract the everglades swamp from the land calculations this is the third most densely popluated place in the US after NY city and LA. On the plus side, down here being able to arrive at work on time every day is considered a major attribute. If you are in a specific industry don't wait for a job listing in the paper, be proactive and go round and visit everyone in the county doing that business, or a similar one.  
kevinb959 #252

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/24/2013 10:29:38Copy HTML

  Where is the free parking on Sunrise? I park in a strip mall, but there are tow signs posted. Is that parking garage free?
JM_Runs #253

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/25/2013 12:57:24Copy HTML

Sorry, I miss-spoke.  The parking north of Sunrise WAS free parking for many years, which attracted the ever cheep French Canadians.  Now it is become paid parking but they still congregate on that part of the beach, it is traditional for them.  Just like the gay section is traditional for the gays, even though the Marlin Beach hotel is long gone. I notice the French Canadian snow birds now gather in larger groups, maybe because they now tend to carpool to the beach to save on parking.

I suggest you do not park in the strip malls on the North side of sunrise.  Their parking is already constrained and you might get towed.  You may have better luck in the large parking lots behind the Galaria Mall on the South side of Sunrise.

The lowest cost parking at Sunrise and the beach is in the State park, from where you can take underpass to beach.  It also has bathrooms. Entrance to the park is first turn on the right going back inland from the junction of A1A and Sunrise. When in park bare right for beach parking.

Lowest cost parking near Las Olas is the big lot under the Las Olas Bridge.  Take FIRST right coming over the bridge and keep turning right to pass back under the bridge. 

The teens I know, who are perpetually short of money or smart enough not to waist it on parking fees, they park on city side streets: Anywhere where they don't block a drive and parking is not forbidden.  They then walk a couple of blocks to the beach.

Locals like me, who live within a couple of miles, avoid parking fees by walking or taking a bicycle to the beach. 

There also the bus or trolly.  You can park some place like Holiday Park and take the buss, or unload a bicycle.

If everyone on the beach came by car the parking spaces would all be taken every day, not just on sunny weekends.
JM_Runs #254

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:02/25/2013 04:47:13Copy HTML

 I'm just holding on until my trip to Miami Ft Laud in three weeks. I am sick of winter and I live in the south! It's been relatively mild but I guess my blood has thinned and I can't really handle temps lower than the 50s anymore. Maybe it's time to permanently relocate to Florida and get my emergency evacuation kit. Lol!
JM_Runs #255

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/04/2013 07:03:21Copy HTML

Chilly on Sunday so I ran late. Got some cheers from groups of women, including some of the groups of young collage age women who are down for spring break.  Got a few thumbs up from the guys, others gave odd looks, one even said "Put some cloths on" before his friend told him not to be a douche. One women on the north end of the beach hailed me to ask if I would stop so she could take a picture, so I stopped for a moment so she could.

It warmed up later and so after running I ended up drinking coffee on the beach and spending a couple of hours with two young women who were down for spring break.  They were both studding logistics so we had some interesting conversations. They took my phone number and will probably come by the house later in the week to go canoeing.
kevinb959 #256

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/04/2013 11:31:49Copy HTML

 It warmed up nice today. Hopefully, that cold spell won't come around for a while. You have to have a lot of guts to run the beach with all the spring breakers. Not seeing any thongers in their group.
JM_Runs #257

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/05/2013 08:03:25Copy HTML

Today the morning started chilly but by 11 it was warm and sunny, so I took a run down the beach. The beach was filling up, many down for Spring Break, mostly groups of collage girls. I got lots of positive comments.
As I ran by one girl from a large group of collage students not only give a wave and a thumbs up but shouted "You are a self confident gentleman!  I like your ass!"  I had seen the same group on Sunday's run, and they were pleased then too.
By Beach Place there was a big group of spring break guys with girls who were a little rowdy: Nothing negitive, just some whoops and whistles from the guys and smiles from the girls.
Fabulous day for the beach. Good run, fun crowed.
kevinb959 #258

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/09/2013 10:33:07Copy HTML

 Spent the day at Ft Lauderdale beach. Hung out at Sebastian. Only saw one other thonger, a young guy rocking a black thong. It made my day. 
JM_Runs #259

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/10/2013 05:57:42Copy HTML

 Kevin, if you travel a bit further up,the beach to a small quiet area, @ 17th/18th and A1A you'll find some thongers. I've been there several times and its a more quiet end of the beach. And where I noticed several guys in thongs. I was surprised as I was feeling slightly self conscious in my speedo. Imagine that!If you get there early enough you can park right on the street and walk thru the dune entrance right off the street near the last guard tower. Only thing is you have to feed the meters after a few hours. 
How has the weather been? Hope you're enjoying it. I'm not there until the first week of April.
kevinb959 #260

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/10/2013 11:59:24Copy HTML

 SixFive: I've been to that part of the beach, and seen some thongers. I usually spend the late afternoon there. Spring breakers are taking over every part of the beach, so right now, it's difficult finding a comfortable spot. Not that anyone bothers you, but it would be nice to be around like-minded people. Weather has been great! Sunny with a nice afternoon breeze.
JM_Runs #261

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/10/2013 06:49:38Copy HTML

SixFive - When you mentioned 16th & 17th is that Ct NE in Ft Lauderdale. The only reason I say that is from google earth I don't sand dunes to cross over to get to the beach. It seems you can see your car from any spot on the beach. Which is fine, I am use to having to walk a good distance over sand dunes at the Fort to get to my spot on the beach. I get to the east for work on the occassion and I would like to hit Ft Lauderdale. I been to Haulover but not really impressed. I like wearing my gstring on the beach when most everyone else is in dork shorts. It makes it more fun being me. It is nice to have like minded beach goers in similar attire as me.  G
JM_Runs #262

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/10/2013 09:27:05Copy HTML

gbod: There is one long low dune with scrub trees on at NE 18th street.  This is the north end of the beach where some thongers like to hang out, probably because the they can't be seen from the road.  South of that there are no dunes for the next half mile, you are correct around 16th there are no dunes.  Going south again there are low dunes with grass on for the following 1/2 mile till you get to Sunrise Blvd.

SixFive:  There may have been good parking and access around 17th and 18th when you were here, but right now there is road reconstruction running between NE 14th to NE 18th, so very limited parking and no easy beach access along that section. 

I think that will mean very few people will be at 18th unless they bicycled or walked. In addition the city has parked life guard tower 19 there while they are doing the construction further south, and the condo to the North has put up some rude surveillance cameras on a pole, which might make thongers uncomfortable.

There are a LOT of spring break kids on the beach this week.  Today, Sunday, we had a perfect beach day so both locals and spring breakers were in abundance.  I had to go see a client in the morning and did not get out to the beach until close to three in the afternoon. I wore a older Skinzwear M14 thong, bright orange with a yellow waist band.  It was warm and sunny with a cool breeze.  I felt good so ran the full length of the beach, turning around up past NE 18th, further up behind the hotels.

Although there were lots of spring breakers the reaction to my running by in a thong was almost all positive!

Some whoops and hollers, many smiles and waves and a few high fives and such. I stopped twice to assist young women by taking their group pictures for them. There were many women in thongs but I only noticed four men. One man in a black thong and one in red, near Sebastian, one man in green or turquoise thong on the Bonnet House section of beach and myself.  There may have been more but (a) There were so many people on the beach that when running I only noticed groups to navigate around, not individuals or what they were wearing and (b) I am a lot more interested in the women than men, and there were plenty to see.

The spring breakers tended to be in small groups, but in some places the groups had merged into dense packs of kids.  There were a few dense crowds where there was no longer space to lay out so most of them were standing up, taking, dancing, throwing balls around, or just trying not to fall on their faces. 

Even with all the young people down for spring break there were many parts of the beach without them, or where their impact was mostly negligible.  For example, the beach just South of where my run starts, south of Tower #5 had very few.  Even though the beach north and south of it was packed, the section in front of building number 303, just north of the jet ski rentals, was just about deserted, like normal.  And as usual, there were very few people on the Bonnet House stretch of beach, where I often see lone men thonging. There was a man thonging there again today.  At the North end there is 1/2 mile of beach where the construction prevents access. It had ZERO people on it, just a few through walkers.  So even when Spring Break is rocking addition to a full weekend crowed there are still quiet sections of the beach.

All in all, I was pleased at the amount of positive response. I must admit I was a little surprised at the number of enthusiastic whoops, hollers, and more verbal positive comments coming from groups of male spring-breakers, or men in a mixed group. They were more vocal and enthusiastic than the women.  Or maybe it is just the guys were louder. 

The key with spring breakers is to SHOW NO FEAR and SMILE like you are having a good time.
JM_Runs #263

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/11/2013 08:28:50Copy HTML

 Thanks for the insights because I'll be there in 31/2 weeks. When I'm not at Haulover, I enjoy the quiet up at 17th street, a little bit past that last guard tower. I just have to figure out where to park!  I love that area of the beach because its not crowded at all and I've actually met some people there I've gotten to know.  And I'm sometimes thing shy. Unless its a remote beach or few people I stick to my one to two inch swim briefs. I'd never thong down near Sebastian but up around 17th or 18th I would feel very comfortable. 
I've seen many guys thong there. I never have but am considering not being so shy this trip and giving that spot a try. But where to park!
JM_Runs #264

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/12/2013 12:53:11Copy HTML

SixFive: If you know some of the people who hang out there I would contact them and find out what bit of beach they are using now and where they are parking.

You might also want to consider renting or buying a low cost bicycle when you are in town instead of a rent a car. You can buy a bicycle for less than a weeks car rental. The bike allows you to ride the beach sidewalk, and see all the beach, stopping to check out various things of interest, where as a car only lets you stop where you can find parking.  This works very well if staying within 3 miles of the beach.

I recommend people go to Walmart and get the $99 special as soon as they arrive. Right now Walmart has a 26" men's mountain bike for $89 if ordered through the web, with free shipping or free in store pickup. You can order a bicycle and have it shipped to your hotel to hold (But you will have to do final assembly), or have it ready for pickup at a store where you are going. If it were me I would bring a mufti-function screw driver, a set of Allen wrenches and a small nut driver, just so you can be sure things are not lose.

A bicycle allows you to relocate to a new bit of beach, or ride of somewhere for lunch and come back later, without giving up your hard won parking space. Some beach chairs have rucksack like shoulder straps and a pocket to put your stuff in. You will see locals bicycling to the beach with one on their backs.
tbck1000 #265

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/14/2013 12:39:29Copy HTML

JM:I enjoy reading your posts and I like your philosophy toward thonging.  Thanks for what you do.
Two questions.  Sorry if you have answered these before.
Do you wear just a thong when riding your bike? If so, do the reactions to that differ from the reactions to your running in a thong?
You mentioned that you choose your suits based on the time of day, conditions, crowds, etc.  Do you ever wear a suit that covers some or all of your buns, like a rio or full back bikini?
JM_Runs #266

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/14/2013 04:25:33Copy HTML

Yes, I ride to the beach in a thong.  On the road sometimes a plumers mate makes a rude comment, more commonly I get a positive Wahoo, beep, whoop or other expression of support from a passing car.  Once in a while one will slow down so they can take picture when passing. Sometimes a car of women will slow and be more articulate in their support.

I almost never wear anything other than a thong, even when the beach is crowded with spring-breakers like now.  The only time I am on the beach and not wearing a thong is if I am managing a running event, or if I am running in shoes on the sidewalk, because then I will be dressed as I would for a race.

I have some short shorts that are lose and some that would be considered square cuts, and often wear them when biking or going elsewhere in town.  Going to the supermarket, post office or to do things with friends.  I don't wear them when going to run on the beach.
JM_Runs #267

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/14/2013 07:00:59Copy HTML

 JM... I've seen you many a times on your bike riding up/down A1A or jogging but did not know who you are. I travel to Ft Laud somewhat frequently for work and like to go to the beach there, especially up at 18th St but have gone to Sebastian when I wanted to people watch a couple of times.
When I saw you I thought " wow, this dude has balls. You really have to be comfortable in you skin and self confident to have it all out there like that."
JM_Runs #268

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/14/2013 07:04:50Copy HTML

 I am not the only guy in a thong, nor the only one who rides a bike, so it might well be me, but might be some one else.  While there are lots of diffrent men who thong on the beach, there are very few who run any distance in a thong, and I am the only one I know of doing it regularly.
luvnmythong #269

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/14/2013 08:15:22Copy HTML

SixFive:   I too saw JM for several years while on vacation in Fort Lauderdale.  I had no idea who he was until I found this board and figured out that he was the guy I always saw running on the beach.   I cannot tell you how much I envied him but being comfortable enough in a thong to run on the beach.  I wanted to do that too, but of course I never did.    Because of JM I felt comfortable on the F. L. beach wearing a thong.    And now, SixFive will be arriving there soon and he too will be comfortable on the beach in his thong.......at least he better be!!!    Yes, 18th Street has lots of thongers and you will have plenty of company there.    Guys on that end of the beach seem to all be wearing the tiniest and briefest of thongs and g's.       
SlidingG #270

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/14/2013 09:43:18Copy HTML

Never saw JM running the beach in his thong, but knowing he did made me comfortable trying it there, too, when my wife and I started our 9-day south Florida vacation in Ft. Lauderdale two years ago.  Went fine, as JM's example assured me it would, and I've since done it some on the beach in Naples, though being a more conservative town, I'm more discreet, choosing a Speedo thong, for instance, rather than the Muscleskins Classic I wore in Lauderdale, plus getting out early when fewer people are around.  

But running with the group this summer at SunSplash, my tan-thru sliding g-string will work fine.  It's fairly modest as g-strings go, and its colorful 1/4" waist cord is easily seen from a distance.  It'll be fun being a runner first and foremost, and a stringer only secondarily, like it's no big deal.  And being nearly naked, I'll feel like a model in motion, doing performance art.  As an aspiring artist fond of figurative art, I like that.  Almost beats modeling in the studio (but not quite!). 
thongboy052000 #271

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/16/2013 03:38:27Copy HTML

18th Street Beach used to be a reliable place for seeing a reasonable number of thongers. It fact it had become preferable in this regard to Sebastian. I'm not gay but I do prefer thong-friendly sections. But my last two trips have been disappointing with virtually nobody at 18th Street at all despite the good weather. On the second trip, there was one other thonger who said one problem was the grotesque volleyball net which the city had put up. This is a small beach, but the net dominates it in a truly unwelcome way. My new friend said that that many regulars considered it such an intrusion that they stopped coming. If that is the case, where are they going? Certainly not Sebastian which is getting more and more conservative.
lindros #272

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/18/2013 01:51:57Copy HTML

JMRUNS:  Thought you may be interested in a post I saw on another forum that I think may refer to you. Here's the link and a copy of the post is below.


"Sometimes we stay at my grandma's place in Ft. Lauderdale. It's really close to the beach, so we go out walking a lot. One time, this English guy jogged by and said "good morning" in a really friendly voice. On his way by, we noticed he was wearing a thong. We just thought it was funny. My grandparents said he did it every morning and would say "good morning" to everyone he passed."
SlidingG #273

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:03/18/2013 02:56:34Copy HTML

30 years stateside and still sounds like a Brit!  Got to love 'em . . . . especially when they're friendly.  Way to go, JM, you do us thongers proud.    
JM_Runs #274

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:04/25/2013 06:02:55Copy HTML

I went out and ran today. I hope to get back into a regular patten of morning runs.  I have not been to the beach for about a month because life just got to busy for a while.  Must plan to go out early, it is getting hot, summer is starting. 

The spring break crowds have vanished, as have most of the regular snow birds.  I saw a few women in thongs and one topless women face up when I ran north, but mostly there were very few people out compared to the last time I ran, which was during the height of  spring break. 

I was warmly greeted by a couple of life guards who had noticed I had been missing. A man in a Speedo stopped to say he liked my swimsuit. I overheard an amusing comment from  "Wow! That's some ass!" I believe it was a complement, but in print it could be read either way. 

After my shower I had a short conversation with someone who said "You must be JM Runs", turns out he is a member of this message board, just down on vacation.  

Then I had another good conversation with a young lifeguard who is one of the fitest and most hansom young man you will ever see.  He was doing wind sprints from the water to the wall when I arrived back from my run.  Being a life guard he does not wear a thong but he wears a Speedo like a high board diver, small and painted on. I am sure the women at the coffee shop tables accros the street were drooling over him. Unfortunately hansom is not contagious.
sailor250 #275

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:05/16/2013 05:41:14Copy HTML

Recently got to Ft Lauderdale for a few days.  Found a nice little hotel near the beach.  The A qua Hotel is right next door to the place where the Sunsplash is being held and is thong friendly.  Might be a good place for hetero couples to stay during that time.

  It's a place with about 40 rooms in two buildings with two small pools, just completely rebuilt.  The pools are right outside your door and open all night of course.  They were warm and heated.  Was able to swim day and night.  During the days wore anything from thong bikinis to G strings to B strings, baggie on a waist band- Dubio Primal suit.  No one said anything about my suits other than hello.  Did see some women in small bikinis though not real thongs.  Most of the guests were from Germany, Holland or Columbia that I met.  The pools get sun all the time, one all morning,into afternoon and the other all afternoon.

As for the beach out front it wasn't my favorite spot.  The Bonnet House section was OK, didn't see many other small suits on anyone.  Farther down near Sunrise was like a construction zone setting up/ breaking down for the Airshow, and up by 16th St is really a construction zone due to the bulkhead and road repair.

Found an open section behind houses up just south of Oakland Park Blvd., with a little parking lot called Vista Park, wore thongs up and down there no problem, but no company in thongs either.

Do be aware the beach is pretty narrow and has eroded a lot in the last few years.  Quite a difference from the 1/4 mile deep sand of South Beach.
JM_Runs #276

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:05/16/2013 06:01:08Copy HTML

I agree, the beach right out front of there gets a little crowed some days.  I suggest going South from there to just south of the pedestrian overpass, and just north of the jet ski's.  This 300 feet has no beach chairs, is almost always very lightly populated, and wider than further North.  Or go South past Las Olas Blvd to sun on the beach accross from the Hall of Fame.  Between life guard stations 5 and 4.  Again a wide wide beach, an almost no one there.
JM_Runs #277

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:05/24/2013 02:49:28Copy HTML

On Saturday A1A will be closed down for the 'Great American Beach Party'.  City advises you don't try to drive to the beach but park down town, $5 flat rate and take the shuttles to the beach. 

I suspect a lot of beer, beer coolers, beer bellies and a bit of general roundness will put off most thongers if they setup directly across from the strip. On the other hand the rest of the beach will probably be less crowded because the party crowed will use up all the available public parking. While the beach will be packed between lifeguard huts 6 to 8, just going a tenth of a mile south of  5 or north past 9 will probably mean a lot less people than usual. Unlike the Air-Sea show where the jets fly past the entire beach and people spread out over several miles, I think the Beach Party is going to suck all the people to the stage and leave the rest of the beach underpopulated.

So just don't drive on Saturday.  Come by bicycle, bus, trolly, or park down town or at the Galaria and take one of the shuttle buss they are putting on for the event. To avoid the crowed head away from the stage and have a good day.

Of course this is Fort Lauderdale, original home of the Spring Break and wet t-shirt contests.  So if you have the body and the balls for it dance on stage in your star spangled thong, you will probably get the most cheers of the day!

SlidingG #278

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:05/25/2013 08:42:57Copy HTML

Just got a star-spangled g-string from BuffedBod.  I think I've got the balls for it, but I won't be in the neighborhood.  Nor do I have the body for it, come to think of it.  So I guess I'll have to pass.

Joking, of course, but the idea sounds like fun.  Hope someone pulls it off.  JM?   
JM_Runs #279

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/02/2013 06:32:09Copy HTML

I have not been to the beach for weeks.  Had some other pressing issues I had to take care of first and told myself no play time until they are resolved.
Well they were resolved, but not in my favor.  Still, to get my life back on track, and to think of something else for a while, I headed out to the beach for a run.  Three months without running means I have put on a few pounds.  Today's run found me unfit and rater stiff when I stretched. Getting old is no fun.
Still it was sunny, a change from the rain we have had all week, and I did a few miles without dying too badly.  I got out a little late so it was a wee bit warm. Several friendly greetings from lifeguards.  Some of them have obviously not followed my example and taken time out from exercise, one of the cute blond female lifeguards was looking even better than I remembered.
Had some coffee, sat on the beach wall with the coffee shop manager, who it turns out was a fast runner in his youth. Took several pictures of tourists with their cameras so they had group photos, and then after chilling a bit came home. I decided to do some bicycle maintenance in my front yard before the clouds rolled in. 
No negative comments from anyone.  A couple of cheers from a passing car.  Friendly greetings from some of lifeguards and coffee shop manager, and much thanks from a three groups of tourists after I offered to take their group picture. Go out and thong. Remember to go out of your way to be friendly and helpful!
It is graduation week around here. Last night I attended a graduation party for my friends daughter. The same young women who stopped me on the beach and introduced me to a pack of her teen age girl friends, about a year ago when I ran by in a thong.

Which brings me to the subject of school is getting out.  Expect more teens on the beach for the next month, at least until the novelty of sunburn and sunstroke wears off.  Even so, don't be scared of teens. I think the prevailing pro-gay rights movement, which is very popular with that age-group, means less of the boys will be dicks, (Thanks be to Glee?). My personal experience during the last few years is that more teens cheer and show positive reactions to an old man running by in a thong than in the past, and it is often the boys who cheer the loudest.

I plan to run more regularly, eat a little better, sleep more, shed some of the extra pounds and get myself back in shape so I can run the beach without having to stop for breathing breaks along the way. Today was a start.
JM_Runs #280

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/03/2013 01:58:19Copy HTML

JM - Welcome back to the beach, I am sure you missed it as much as the guards and beach goer's missed seeing you. I am sure it felt great to get back to running and hitting the beach in your favorite running suit. G
JM_Runs #281

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/03/2013 02:54:18Copy HTML

It was a relief to re-connect with the beach.
"Felt great", NOT.  I felt heavy, slow, unfit and easily exhausted. Most of it was a slow jog, not close to a run.  I am stiff today, my calf muscles are very tight, walking down stairs is difficult. A couple of days off, persistence and time will take care of that.

As to the suit, I have more than I need, but am still tempted to buy a new one if it comes up on ebay and I don't have it. So this was the first run in a small black thong with wide bright blue straps that meet in the rear in deep V.  A recent acquisition for a few bucks on ebay.
SlidingG #282

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/04/2013 11:00:50Copy HTML

"Felt great", NOT.  Been there, done that.  All my runs at Bay-to-Breakers after my debut in '07 followed your pattern, alas -- undertrained, run-walk, run-walk, ugh!  Not the stuff of athletes.  But last year I ran barefoot for the first time, which forced a slower pace, and voila!  Controlled breath support, and never stopped running till crossing the finish line.

Did the same this year, and knowing I could run barefoot well, trained more for it, and cut about 7 minutes off my time.  Next year, entering a new age-group (M 70-79), I'll be gunning to win!  It's within reach, judging by this year's finish times for males 69 and over.  May even get dressed!  In my favorite tan-thru sliding sock jock, a sheer camo job from BuffedBod.

Looking forward to our group run this summer on Lauderdale's beach at SunSplash.  Training barefoot, the best way to go.  And probably in that camo sock jock, it's really sharp, goes well with a tan, and is very decent, all things considered.  Hope you're not so well trained by then, JM, that you leave us in the dust! 
JM_Runs #283

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/04/2013 02:06:47Copy HTML

I don't think I will be in shape in a month, at my age it takes many months just to regain basic fitness.
You would not catch me running on the road without shoes.  Running barefoot in the very soft sand we have here in Fort Lauderdale is a completely different technique than running on the road or hard compact sand. While basic fitness gives one the hart, lungs and legs, the actual technique does not translate well.
I don't walk bits, if out of breath or two hot I run over to a shower, get wet, and stand until ready to run again. Walking on the soft sand is probably harder than running because when running you impact the sand with the foot hard enough to create a compressed spot under the foot, from which to take off again. (This is why sand runners land mostly on the forefoot and not the heal.)  When attempting to walk fast soft sand it just melts away like warm butter.
If you can handle B to B over the hills to Golden Gate than a little jog on flat Fort Lauderdale beach should be no problem.
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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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I find running barefoot on firm sand, like East Beach, RI, Naples, FL, or Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda, the same as running barefoot on pavement -- mid- to fore-foot landing and shorter steps, to which I add some elements of chi-running:  proper pelvic tilt, and erect posture with the whole body slightly tilted forward.  Then it's gravity carrying me along, not pushing off on my toes -- my feet simply go up and down, landing softly, sending much less shock up thru my old, arthritic knees.  

Surely running in soft sand will be different in some respects, and I look forward to your showing us how you do it, JM.  My training for next year's Bay-to-Breakers has already begun, and anything should help.  At B2B, since I've met my dare of running the race barefoot and totally naked, I've nothing left to prove, so I won't feel chagrinned at having to add a knee strap or knee brace . . . . or both, though I'm no longer naked.  Same in Lauderdale -- since we're running somewhat clothed, a knee strap or knee brace with a g-string will be okay, no compromise to bareness.  

Began experimenting with these knee aids yesterday on the indoor track at my health club, and I can already tell I'm going to get fast, faster than in years.  A competitive athlete again -- yaaah!  Albeit a competitive 'elderly' athlete.  Hey, I'll take what I can get -- though we're old duffers, ours is a legitimate age-group, so any win is a real win, in my book.   
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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/07/2013 02:50:25Copy HTML

Although the weather forecast called for overcast sky and rain this morning on the beach was wonderful. Bright sun, not to hot, refreshing breeze.
Getting back to running after several months off is humbling. I am easily out of breath and struggling after a mile. I don't bend and stretch as well as I did, this takes practice.

Several people asked where I had been and why I had been staying away. Good to be back.  I am going to try to be more regular with my runs.

The Southern end of the Beach has fully recovered well from the fall storm erosion.  All sand back. The north is mostly recovered, it was skinny there before.

Turtle nests are taped off.  Not as many as usual, and tapes are close around each nest, not taping off as much sand around each one. There are some city meetings this month to discuss beach lighting, street and beach lights cause the newly hatched baby turtles to turn inland instead of swimming out to meet the moon over the ocean.
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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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JM - I am going to be in Ft Lauderdale on the 17th and 18th and want to hit the beach for a full day but I don't want huge crowds and I will have a car so parking is also a must. Those dates fall on a Wed and Thursday. What part of the beach would you hit? I have been searching on Google earth.

Thanks G
JM_Runs #287

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/27/2013 10:13:12Copy HTML

gbod - Everyone has their own priorities when selecting a section of beach, so what's good for me may not be good for you.  

On a weekday, in the off-season, there is parking available on the side roads at most points along the beach.  The most obvious and plentiful parking is at Las Olas Blvd. Either in the parking lot up by the beach or in the huge parking lot three blocks back from the beach under the Las Olas bridge.  

If you arrive early in the day you can probably find a space in the small lot across from the swimming Hall of Fame. This would be my choice because you have various facilities across the street, like a coffee shop which allows their customers to use the bathroom, a Bubba Gump's, at least two different bars and various other shops. It's also a short walk back to the 7-11 where you can get low-cost ice creams ice cold slurpees.

While while not gourmet dining I find the food, coffee and smoothies from St. Bart's coffee shop are perfectly adequate.

At this point, on the beach, is lifeguard station number 5. If you go to the left, to the north, you will find more people and tourists. If you go to the right you will have almost nobody in the section between that lifeguard stand, number 5, and the next standard the South which is number 4, which stands just beyond where they store the Hobie cats on the beach.  

If staying all day the parking lot to the south has a flat rate which may work out cheaper.  I don't recommend thonging in front of this parking lot because the combination of a city bathroom, picnic tables, barbecue stands, children's climbing frames, and youth attracting basketball court tends to attract lots of families, rednecks and teens out to prove themselves.  So if you park in the south lot I recommend you park as close as you can to the entrance and when you hit the beach go left, which is north, until you are past where they store the Hobie cats on the beach.  You will now be North of lifeguard station number 4, more or less accross from the swimming hall of fame.  

I liked this section of beach best.  It has one of the widest sections of sand, it tends to be populated by well-behaved locals around and to the south of lifeguard station 5 and recently well-behaved tourists just to the north 5.  (Where the rental chairs and blue umbrellas are)

The width of the beach between lifeguard stations 4 and 5 allows everybody to be very spread out and the limited amount of parking that is directly across the street prevents overcrowding.  While there are large parking lots 1/10 of a mile to the north and 1/10 of a mile to the south people just don't walk very far.

Don't be freaked out by the number of lifeguard's coming and going, having conversations, talking on the radio's, pointing, or running around in vehicles.  The main lifeguard's office is across the street underneath the swimming Hall of Fame. Therefore they access the beach and they are coming and going all day.  It's not unusual to see a dozen lifeguards by that lifeguard station.  They may be out to do morning exercise run, go paddle boarding, do a fitness swim or rescue drills.

I'm not gay, but if I was I might be attracted to the beach directly in front of Sebastian Street.  There is a small parking lot directly across the street but this fills up quickly and only a limited amount of side street parking around there. Around that part of the beach you can also park in the multistory parking lot in the rear of the "Beach Place" shops. But if you park there you may want to walk north from there, to the gay section of beach or beyond, so as to avoid the families and teens who sit directly in front Beach Place, because it has public bathrooms, fast food, convenience store etc.

Another good place for all-day parking is in the state park called Birch Park which is accessed from Sunrise Boulevard. When you enter the park keep turning right until you find a parking lot, and walk from there to the beach.  You can cross the road or take the time under the road. On the park side of the street there is a pavilion with bathrooms. Along the section of beach there are no hotels or condos overlooking the beach and there are low cross dunes between the beach and the road.  This is probably my second pick for best beach location.

Because of some reconstruction going on half a mile north of that point more cars and people than is usual for this time of year will be using that section of beach. Even so you will find it reasonably uncrowded and friendly.  If only staying for a couple of hours there may be some parking spaces right alongside the beach on A1A but most locals who was staying more than a couple of hours will park across the road in the state park because the fees from the hourly meters by the beach at up quickly.

I can't tell you which sections of beach are going to make you feel most comfortable.  You may well want to take a long walk up and down the beach just to check out the various groups and clans who populate each section.  The flavor of each section of beach changes throughout the day.    

In the summer, if the sun has been shining all morning the sand and sidewalks are likely to be too hot to walk on by midday. Bring some form of beach shoes to wear on the sand. Flip-flops or crocs are a good choice. You need a little more than a thong, but if staying on the beach for a while I would bring a LARGE beach towel, suntan lotion, water bottle and a hat or cap.
JM_Runs #288

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/27/2013 11:06:57Copy HTML

JM - Thanks so much for the detailed beach locations, I really appreciate it. I am so use to the west coast of Floirda and the late afternoon sun so I am hoping to hit the east coast beach early and enjoy the morning rays and stay unitl past 4 which should give a great day on Fort Lauderdale beach.

The google earth map really shows me exactly the locations you mentioned so I will feel like I was already there before I actually am.

Thanks again! G
JM_Runs #289

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/28/2013 02:21:49Copy HTML

Yes, hit the beach as early as possible!  By mid day it can be scalding hot and you may be heading for the shade. Most summer days it starts to get overcast by noon or shortly there after, and scattered thunderstorms with rain in the afternoon.  Although I can't predict the weather 3 weeks out, this is very very likely.  So hit the beach early !!

joshpr16 #290

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/28/2013 11:40:10Copy HTML

 I too would like to thank JMRuns for this beach info.  I go to Ft. Lauderdale every year and I didn't know most of the beach info he gave.  As to the weather, I have a good rule of thumb that seems to work fairly good.  Watch the weather reports in the morning.  If the wind is from the east or southeast, you should have a good beach day since the wind will blow the storms inland (west).  If the wind is from the west of southwest, the beach won't be so good in the afternoon (morning may be okay) as the storms will be blown east over the coast.  July is a good time of year to visit south Florida because average rainfall totals go down in July and hurricane season usually hasn't kicked in.
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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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Actually the 'dry season' is mid November through Easter.  Summer is the wet season, although this varies quite a bit week to week and day to day, there is allays a lot more rain in the summer, it just comes down in short sharp bursts, like a lawn sprinkler system switching off and on.

During the winter months we get the tail end of the massive weather systems that stomp accross the USA.  What brings snow storms in New York will probably just give a rainy cold front for a day followed by few days of chilly North West winds. These big weather systems don't come down to South Florida during the summer. In South Florida we have our own completely local system for summer months, only disturbed when a tropical storm works it's way up from the Caribbean.

During the summer the daily cycle runs like this:  Each morning, over the land and city the air heats up quick. The hot rising air draws in cooler air from the sea. This is a massive movement of air. By mid morning the movement of air causes a sea breeze to blow over the beach as the air moved in to replace the hot air rising over the land. The air going up over the land is very hot and humid, so quickly turns into thunderstorms. These storms take on a life of their own, with impressive lightning and thunder. The thunderstorms restlessly move around, randomly pissing down with tremendous force in limited areas. This banging and crashing continues into the night and early hours of the next morning.  Since there is no sun after sunset to power the storms they tend to settle down and dissipate slowly over night. At night the air cools and falls, pushing back out to sea. By sunrise there is a soft breeze blowing back out from the land to the sea. Next morning there may be some scattered clouds left from the prior days storms the sun will normally be out shining on the freshly washed beach.

The "tradewind" in these latitudes blows in over the ocean from the South East.  So when the local breezes are in the same direction they are stronger, and when in the other direction the softer.  Sometimes there is a balance in force between the trade winds pushing on shore and the air wanting to move back out to sea, so nothing moves and it is hot, humid and still.

What this means to you when you go to the beach: 
In the morning the sky will be clear or there will be the scattered remains of clouds from the prior days thunderstorms with bright blue sky in between.  The sun will almost always be out. 
If you are early there my be the remains of the soft "night breeze" blowing off shore, from West to East.  Very quickly, as the land heats up, the night breeze will die and the sea breeze kicks in blowing the other direction. As the wind shifts it may be sill and humid for up to an hour until the tropical sea breeze kicks in, blowing from the South East, soft at first, but quickly building to between 5 to 10 mph. This makes it feel cooler, or at least less sticky even though the sun is still rising and the day is getting hotter.

Looking out over the ocean you will face the incoming sea breeze blowing in from the islands. It will smell of the tropics. As the morning develops you will see small clouds develop over the sea, these are often in long strings running in the direction of the wind.  We get this formation out at sea even if there is no land around.  Because these cloud strings run parallel to the wind, if you are under one of these cloud trains moving a half mile down the beach may put you in the clear. (Take a walk)

In the morning the sky directly above you is likely to be clear and the sun will shining bright and hot.

Turning around and looking back over the city, if your view is not blocked by buildings, you will see the hot air rising over the land is starting to cause thunderstorms to form.

By mid day you have about a 60% chance that it is still sunny on the beach.  The air moving in from the sea is keeping the clouds from the thunderstorms inland. The beach and the 1 mile closest to the beach has more sun for longer than the inland city.

Once thunderstorms have matured they take on a life of their own, with their own local winds.  They may or may not come stomping back over the beach.  Wherever they go the sun is blocked and it is very likely the people underneath will get wet. This is NOT irish mist, soft drizzle or any of your wussy northern rain. It is more than likely to be like someone turned on a fire hose, the sort of rain to make you wish tin roofs had never been invented and wash stray cats into another county.

If you get wet on the beach it's a blessing.  It helps cool of the sand, the day, and the people.  It tends to clear the tourists of beach.
Unless lightning is very close and the lifeguards order you off the beach I suggest you just put on a hat and sink neck deep in the warm sea.
Often the blasts of rain pass quickly, leaving a beach cleared of people.

When a thunderstorm is near the breeze my blow from any point of the compass. Thunderstorms are very localized. Once they have passed by the streets will clear and it may be dry again in a matter of minutes.  As a local I look forward to an afternoon rain to cool of the day. It also helps to lower the AC bill on my flat roofed house.

Thunderstorms will continue to build all afternoon while the sun is still out.  If you get a clear view, the towering columns and anvils of the thunderstorms can give dramatic sunsets. They continue into the night but slowly wind down and deflate.  The cooling air falls and flows back out to sea.  By dawn the next morning all that is left is the soft night breeze blowing out to sea, maybe a few localized storms that managed to survive overnight, and the scattered remains of the rest as isolated clouds.
Today is a fine example. This morning was sunny with a bright blue sky. Just some distant wisps of cloud.  At 11:30AM, looking out from my computer desk I see bright blue sky out of my Eastern windows towards the beach. Looking inland, out the Western windows, I see gray sky and building thunder clouds. I know they are thunder clouds because I can already hear distant thunder. As I type this the first cloud obscured the sun and covers my house. I expect scattered rain this after noon.

The weatherman's logo of Half bright sun with thunderstorms is not uncertainty, indecision, or hedging his bets, it is a pretty accurate indication of what every day this week and month is probably going to look like.  As I type this I hear a soft pitter patter of rain on the old aluminum window awning, telling me to take in the shirt I had drying in the sun.  The sun on the beach, less than a mile from me, will probably last until noon, maybe longer in places. During the afternoon I expect we might get some bright sunny bits in between the clouds.

If you come in the Summer and want sun, Go To The Beach In The Early Morning.  Stay all day if you want, but take a hat, and maybe even a waterproof bag, because it will probably rain at some point in the afternoon. 

In the summer don't look to the wind direction, it WILL change during the day. Just go to the beach early. If staying inland, don't look out the window, it may be overcast where you are and clear a mile or two away at the beach. Just GO. Even on the barrier island the local breeze can be different from one part to the next, depending where you are on the beach, and if there are tall buildings behind. Often on my morning runs, IF I am out early enough, I will notice the remains of the soft night breeze cumming off the land, followed by a change in wind direction as the sea breeze fills in from the South East. Sometimes there will be a hot and muggy half hour of stillness as the breeze changes direction, sometimes it will just get soft and veer around without dying altogether during the transition.

Somewhere between 9 and 10:30 the sea breeze has set in, picked up speed and the lifeguards flags begin to flutter.

I am going to guess that during the summer months you have a better than 95% chance of good sunshine on the beach between sunrise and 11am. 
The only serious exceptions are when you happen to be directly under the remains of one of the thunderstorms that has been pushed to the coast by the night breeze OR we have a tropical wave, tropical storm or full blown hurricane come up from the Caribbean. This can disrupt the local weather for several days on end.

Although, to be fair, after a proper hurricane we get several days of bright sun, the storm having knocked most of the moisture out of the air. This calm after the storm is delightful, if you still have electrical power at home, a working AC and cold beer in the fridge.  If not the unrelenting sun is no fun when you are knee deep in storm water, alligators and all the sun is doing is heating the standing water so as to drive the humidity through the roof. 

OK, it is now 12:30 there sky over the beach is still clear, the sky over the city to the west is still gray, looking at the base of large cumulonimbus building over the land. Rain gone, driveway already dry and sun back out for now, thunder stopped, but I expect it to return later. Very normal summer day with schizophrenic weather.
mack_back #292

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/28/2013 08:24:06Copy HTML

Jm runs great weather information of how it is..I always compare weather around other cities on my app.. Usually when its sunny here and i'm on the beach shaking my head at thunderstorm forcast for florida cities. It's frustrating to plan for a trip here and find the forecast calling for rain.. Then deciding not to trek the long voyage to the beach finding it only to be a nice day very frustrating sitting at home with sunny day between 1pm or 2 pm.. Usually i need to prepare in the morning in order to be on the beach at noon or later trying to get some sun for few hours before returning home by dusk...
Find it miserable day when there are cumilus clouds overhead blocking out some sunshine.. Won't talk about the rainstorms passing through making it depressing not at all enjoyable.. 
Very frustrated here not yet seeing the beach as of yet being almost July with the weather forcasting rain or cool temperatures... Knowing that with cooler temperatures the beach sand doesn't dry out as if warmer hotter conditions exsisted .. Makes it a very miserable condition laying out a towel in moist sand or mud....
Suppose in florida you can expect rain everyday adjusting your schedule on the fly..While i have gut feeling here that rain will be the norm and people stay away from being soaked risking a day at the beach. While one weekend this summer just out of sheer luck we may have a perfect cloudless warm day with little wind that will feel like summer while people will overcrowd the beach in record numbers just to enjoy one day of sunshine..

Very frustrating looking at the hourly weather forecast seeing rain thunderstorms will expect to begin during 11am - 4pm while i change plans to visit the beach. Siting in my yard being clouldless sunny at 1 pm looking at the hourly weather report telling me it is raining now and continue until 4pm,  i should of not payed any attention.. This happens every year i naively watch the weather reports fearing that my beach time, money spent and efforts of prepetation will be wasted...
Talk to people who like the beach as much as me and conversation of how inaccurate weather reports keeping us at home rather enjoying a warm sunny day.. Some summers  ago local news channel had forecasts of thunderstorms and rain everyday.. For almost two straight weeks of no rain they stopped forcasting rain knowing how inaccurate and drought conditions we had.. Their take on it was when the afternoon sun heating continued it may bring thunderstorms during late or mid afternoon, which it never did.. Often weather meteorologist say it will be a spectacular day. Then i find cumulis cloulds covering the sky 70% of the time and cool north brisk wind. While being away from the body of water and beach in full sunlight with city concrete building heating up it maybe ok at 75 but near the beach and cloulds blocking the suns heat it feels as your opening the refridgerator door standing in your thong with the cool a/c blasting on your back.. To me that doesn't sound like a picture perfect day on the beach.. 
JM_Runs #293

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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mack_back - I don't know where you live, but my post in the Fort Lauderdale thread above is specifically about the very local summer weather pattern over the beach in South East Florida.  I am truly sorry to hear you too sometimes have clouds that block sunshine and they make you feel miserable. Maybe a sunny disposition could help.
joshpr16 #294

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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 What are the bicycle helmet laws in Ft. Lauderdale?  Do I have to pack a helmet when I come down for Sunsplash?
beachstrapguy #295

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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 I rarely wear a helmet.
Don't think they are required.
Thonguy4fun #296

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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As a cyclist, I recommend a helmet, but appears it is not required unless you are 16 and under in FL.  http://flbikelaw.org/2010/07/bicycle-helmets/
JM_Runs #297

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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Adults don't need a helmet in Fort Lauderdale. If on the beach, or on Las Olas where there are bike lanes you may be reasonably safe, (famous last words.)  If expecting to do longer bike rides around town, on major roads, consider a helmet. Locals know where the bike lanes vanish, merge into traffic or end abruptly in a storm drain or parking spaces.  You don't have that local knowledge so if on longer trips or trips into town helmet a good idea. 
There is a bike rental system called B-Cycle.  You can purchase a ride, or you get much better rates if you become a member for a week or year. There are 5 bike pickup/drop off locations on or very close to the beach.  There are 3 more down town, one at the shops on 17 street, one at the Galaria Mall and one close to the Publix supermarket on Sunrise. Lots more around but those are the close ones.  When you have a weekly membership you can pickup a bike at one, ride to another one and drop it off, point to point.  If the trip is under 30 minutes the ride is free. When you are finished shopping or eating you can ride back, and if your trip is again under 30 minutes the ride back is free too. And they have baskets to carry your stuff. http://broward.bcycle.com/home.aspx
JM_Runs #298

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:07/05/2013 04:11:31Copy HTML

4th of July.
By the time I got my lazy ass out of bed, shaved, hat and thong on, bike turned out and out the door, it was around 9:40am and getting warm. Beach was filling up fast.  The city was moving a portable stage onto the sand at Las Olas.  Others were setting up bounce houses, blow up slides and a myriad of tents.
People were hauling large coolers, chairs, beach toys, even buckets for beach beer pong.  At a number of strategic points along the sidewalk the city erected temporary signs saying no private fireworks, not even sparklers, and no alcohol.  I thought that's not going to stop them.

I did do a run, if you can call it that.  Having only been able to run a few times in the last six months I was easily out of breath and exhausted.  Took several long breaks under the showers. 

Tents, umbrellas and more tents were popping up faster than weeds after a rain. At some points it was quite congested making it difficult to weave a clear line through the flocks.

I got no negative comments from the thongs of people. A couple of over exaggerated "Oh my god!", but mostly grins and quite a few cheers. Surprisingly a couple of shouts from young guys, "I want one of those." I don't know if it was sarcastic, or just beer enthusiasm for anything different and interesting on the beach. 

By the time I came back down the beach it was even more dense and they were still coming in droves. The sea breeze was filling in strongly and the surf was up a bit, so it looked like some rips were going to develop later. 
I had an unusual conversation with one of the female lifeguards.  It started normally when I wondered over to chat about the weather, the extra trash bins on the beach and the surf condition.  Then she told me she did not like my thongs, not what she wanted to see, and "What about the children? " I was a little surprised, but I don't know her and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 
Some time later on, when I was walking near the life guard stand, she called me over to apologize if I had taken personal offense.  I assured her I took no offense and thanked her for being honest and expressing her personal opinion. Amusingly it turns out she is dating one of the life guards who has the same name as me.

There is nothing like the city organizing a public fire works display and a beach party with a band on the 4th of July to totally over whelm the beach and all the parking. A lot of people had the good sense to send one car down with the kit, another to unload people, then go park the cars some place off the beach island, and have the drivers walk or bicycle back.

I hung out until around noon. As I was leaving the beach they were still piling in. I took a bike ride north past beach place. The beach on the main strip was getting ridiculously packed. When I biked back at noon there was a back log of cars and streams of people walking, all heading over the bridge to the beach.

I saw plenty of women in thongs, or near thongs.  Saw even more in red, white and blue suits. Quite a lot in some variation of stars and stripes. Many others with just a blue top and red bottom to go with their white skin. 

Oh, I wore a blue thong with red, white and blue stripes on the waist band, and a large stainless ring in the rear. Some one later asked me where they could get one like that.  It is a Tulo, but I don't believe they have made that suit for years.
joshpr16 #299

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:07/05/2013 09:44:28Copy HTML

 Thanks guys for the info on helmets.  I always wear a helmet when I ride bike but didn't want to lug one down to Ft. Lauderdale.  So with the info the helmets weren't required, today I went for a bik ride without a helmet in my community.  Even though there isn't much traffic, I felt naked without a helmet.  Every pothole or bump seemed like a bigger obstacle and more dangerous than it should have been.  I think I'll bring my helmet down anyway so I'll feel safer when I ride.
SlidingG #300

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:07/06/2013 01:13:58Copy HTML

Joshp16, I quit my 20-year career as a triathlete a year-and-a-half ago, after crashing my bike near home and ending up in the hospital unconscious.  The wife insisted I quit.  Still don't remember a thing -- just as well, no nightmares -- but only my helmet saved me, it was a total loss.  In a neck brace for a couple months, but I was lucky and am fine now.  The bike is unscratched, and I hope to ride again one day, but for now only my swimming and running careers persist. 

Bottom line:  good move that you're bringing your helmet to SunSplash!  
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If you want to cut and paste from your word processor do not do it directly.
First paste it into notepad or other basic ascii editor so that the formatting codes are removed, then cut again. This will give you clean posts.
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