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SlidingG #351

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:05/20/2014 03:04:31Copy HTML

JM, I would think laying out on a sun lounger at water's edge would be a great way of inviting comments from folks passing by, and lead to pleasant conversations, don't you think?  In Naples, folks in their beach chairs with water rippling around their feet invite my friendly comments, and lead to pleasant exchanges.  All it takes is a plausible gimmick!  

In Naples I'm not inclined to do this sun lounger thing in my strings, it's a more conservative place and I'm disinclined to be perceived by my neighbors as an exhibitionist, but at SunSplash this summer I will probably try it.  Lacking a sun lounger there, I'll simply sit in the sand at water's edge as the waves roll in and out around.  Very pleasant, indeed. 
RapidBlue #352

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:05/20/2014 11:06:17Copy HTML

 I have been down in front of the Bahia Mar Doubletree a good distance from the larger buildings on the waters edge. It just has been a very windy few days. I finally got a day of scuba in after two days of cancelations due to the rough seas. Other wise it has been beautiful, warm and sunny. jM thanks for your suggestions I will keep them in mind for the next time I am here. The next two days I am going down to Haulover for some beach time. Then it's back home to the land of the full bottom bikini. It's a crying shame after seeing so many beautiful people wearing thongs. I wish the northern parts of the US would take notice. 
JM_Runs #353

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:05/21/2014 01:05:57Copy HTML

 Rapid Blue -  I am not surprised you saw a lot of board shorts by Bahia Mar. The parking lot in front of Bahia Mar is the only one that is flat rate for the day, so you tend to get family picnics.  Hence the BBQ grills and picnic tables among the trees. Also that is where the base ball courts are, so rather a lot of kids in falling down long pants. This is my least favorite section of beach.
To hang out I prefer the section a little further north. North of the spot where the sailboats and kite surfers launch. If I had been better and got my work done I would have started and finished my run at the life guard tower north of that, #5. 

Glad you had fun. Hope you took the opportunity to stroll down the beach for a few miles and see the different groups in various places. Other than die hard family picnics, and the French Canadian snow birds, I am amazed you saw any locals at all. When the weather is not right, like sand blast days, most locals go to the mall. On good beach days it can be swamped, like the up coming Memorial weekend, but on bad or so-so days the beach can be almost deserted.
RapidBlue #354

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:05/24/2014 07:54:57Copy HTML

 I went up and down the beach and saw many different groups. I walked a two mile stretch. It is a great beach. During the walk saw many women in thongs, a few men in square cut suits, just no other men in smaller styles. I have to say I did enjoy the women walking around so comfortably wearing thongs. I wish I would see more of that up here in the north. Now that I am back home I will have to keep an eye out for the one or two occasional thong wearing women that show up over the course of the summer.
JM_Runs #355

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:06/14/2014 02:55:09Copy HTML

When I run down the beach in the summer I stop every mile, or half mile, to take a breath and put my head under the cool fresh water. 
Yesterday, on my morning run I noticed two women near the shower I use at sunrise Boulevard. I had noticed the two women in the same place two days earlier. As I ran past I noticed they were again wearing matching G-string style thongs. 

By the towels, their location on the beach, and the fact that they were little white the first time I saw them I guess they were tourists.

While I was at the shower the younger one got up and walked over. I thought she was going to use the shower but instead she confidently strode across the road. This was unusual confidence for a tourist, For they tend to put on cover-ups before going to the hotels or shops.

When I came back in the other direction, heading south, I stopped at the same shower and noticed they were still there.  One of them was partly in the shadow of a palm tree and the other was out in the full sun, obviously trying to get a good tan, but was again sunbathing with her feet in the wrong direction. I stopped to suggest she turn so her feet were towards the sun.  

It turned out they were a delightful mother and daughter in matching micro swimsuits.  The daughter had just turned 16 the day before. Apparently the father had told the daughter she could only wear a thong swimsuit if her mother did.  So the daughter ended up buying her mother and herself four matching thong/gstring swimsuits. They both looked really good in them.

I don't know if this is a clever plot by the Husband to get his wife to where a thong swimsuit, or if it was a plan to limit his daughter to wearing nothing more revealing than his wife would wear, but when he came back from his walk he seemed like a chill dude so I think it was the former. I probably should have asked.  The leaving today but that they coming back again next year.  

I meet many people on the beach but rarely a mother and daughter in matching G-string swimsuits. More power to them!

tomtbackinminn #356

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:08/17/2014 04:20:08Copy HTML

I was wondering how the volleyball courts work on the beach. Do they have to be reserved or is it 1st come 1st served with general pick up games. I will be in ft Lauderdale/Miami the week of August 25 and would like to play some volleyball. Has anyone played on the courts in a thong? I'm assuming its acceptable since ft lauderdale beach is thong friendly.
JM_Runs #357

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:08/17/2014 08:50:20Copy HTML

Unless there is a scheduled tournament they are first come, bring a ball.  You may find some pickup games. Often it is groups of friends, but mostly people are friendly and will allow you to join in.

We had a sand court where I used to live and I regularly played in a thong.  It probably helped that most people knew me. I am on the beach in a thong regularly, but have only played volleyball once, when the poles up by Sunrise were taller, (not berried), and there was a net there. Neither of which is true now. 

The volleyball nets are at the South end of the beach, by the BBQ grills and picnic tables, which tends to attract large family gatherings. 

I am not sure how the pickup games work. You may want to be wearing a pair of net shorts over the thong when you start out and do the full reveal once you are in with a group and accepted into a game. By bringing a ball it shows you are serious about playing the game, even if you end up using their ball. 

The ball courts are south of lifeguard tower #3. When I run I start at #5 and go North, so probably will not see you. If you want a few less people or a bit more of an adult crowd walk North until you are North of lifeguard tower #4, where the catamarans are stored.  Low cost iced coffee from thong friendly St Barts coffee shop at Tower #5, with one free refill. 

In the middle of summer the sand is VERY hot during the middle of the day. Something like crocs might be comfortable to wear on your feet. Unlikely to find many players when it is very hot unless there is a cooling sea breeze. More likely to find locals to play with on weekends.

It is August, so lots of foreigners speaking funny languages, quite a few men in square cuts or speedos, and lots of women, both tourists and locals in thongs.  Ran the beach in my thong around mid day.  Got lots of smiles, a few thumbs up, and one high five.  One couple crossed the road and the guy said "Nice Swimsuit". Later, when walking along by the water a pair of thong wearing women asked to take a picture with me. Turns out they were from Brazil and Russia, but are now locals. After some conversation we later exchanged contact info and will keep in touch.
joshpr16 #358

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:08/18/2014 12:03:03Copy HTML

This comment is 2 weeks late but, I guess,"better late than never." 

I attended Sunsplash (great time) and stayed on for an extra week to relax in Ft. Lauderdale.  I thonged for 9 days at Sebastian Beach and had no difficulties.  By the last few days, I wasn't self-conscious about wearing a thong at all. 

I talked to some people but only one person commented on my thong!  This was a guy who walked barefoot from his towel up to the showers by A1A.  He had to stop under my umbrella to keep the sand from burning his feet.  We said "Hi." 
The next time he came by (wearing sandals) he sat down and we chatted for 15 minutes. 
The third time, late in the afternoon, I was laying on my stomach and he said "Wow!  What a swimsuit!" 
We only talked a minute or two (he and his friends were leaving) and he claimed he hadn't noticed my thong the first two times he came by.

BTW, JM Runs, I saw you running south almost every day.  I never saw you running back north.  Maybe I was so busy reading my book that I didn't notice you.
JM_Runs #359

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:08/18/2014 02:43:41Copy HTML

 You did not see me running back North, because I run North first!  If you saw me heading South I was on the return leg.  

You should have walked down to St Barts and come for coffee one morning. I spend 15 to 20 minutes stretching after I run so even if you walk from Sebastian you would catch up. Just walk three life guard towers South.  
joshpr16 #360

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:08/19/2014 11:54:09Copy HTML

 Thanks, JM Runs.  Maybe next year I will join you for coffee.  
tomtbackinminn #361

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:08/20/2014 03:12:34Copy HTML

Thanks for all the details JM. I will take all the info into account. I do plan to do some jogging as well and general beach combing. I won't be getting to the beach until 2:30 so I'm sure it will be quite hot. Hoping for great weather now.
JM_Runs #362

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:08/25/2014 03:09:48Copy HTML

Been out on the beach quite a few days this week. Hot!
Have been doing my usual shorter run and then later on walking the beach.
Several women have asked to have their picture taken with me.  Made some new friends.

Today I was out in the teal thong with the black and silver braided waist that I wore one Sunspash back.
There was a male thonger half way up the beach in a g-string type suit, with spaghetti thin or clear side straps, and a hat over his face.
I diverted my run a bit to pass close by and said a loud "Hello", but he did not react.

On my return run I called out "Hello Thonger" but was ignored again.
Maybe ear buds or maybe determination to shut out the world.

If it was one of the people on this board, good for being bold in your thong, but next time I greet you in passing say 'Hi' or give a wave.
Thanks to everyone else, including the life guards, for all the smiles and friendly waves I did get.
tomtbackinminn #363

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:08/26/2014 01:02:51Copy HTML

Thanks for the update JM. I will be arriving at the beach around 3 pm Tues. Plan to park in the lot just south of the catamarans. Are you saying the most active thonging spot starts there and goes north? How far north do you jog? I will get some jogging and beachcombing in as well. I will also be meeting up with an acquaintance for some Frisbee and some vball too. Is the surf rough from the storm?
JM_Runs #364

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:08/26/2014 05:42:52Copy HTML

Volleyball courts are at the South (far end) of the South parking lot, furthest from the entrance. 
As you drive in you will notice catamarans to the North of the entrance. 

The stretch North of the parking lot, from the Cat's, between towers 4 and 5 is wide but almost deserted, and the people who are there tend to be very mellow locals. I like this section just because it is uncrowded. This makes thonging very comfortable. BUT this does not mean there will be any other guys in thongs. Trying to predict where you will see guys in thongs is difficult, for they pop up randomly. Not that I don't like the crowds. After running, I often take an iced coffee and walk for about the next 1/2 mile north and back just to check out the crowds. 

You might see a few at the gay section at Sebastian, near tower 8, or near the Sunsplash hotel, around tower 11.  I saw men in thongs at each this weekend.  You might see men in thongs at the very north end, around 19th street.  It just depends.

You can see women in thongs up and down the beach.  Take a walk. Weekends the section from tower 6 at Las Olas going North gets quite crowded and there are bound to be lots of younger women in thongs or very cheeky bikinis.  For the rest of the beach there are often women in thongs where ever there is not a large 'hotel' contingent on a flock of rental beach chairs.  Take a long walk and see.

More young women in thongs in the mornings. Better weather in the mornings. In the Summer it often clouds over and rains in the afternoons. My runs vary in length, but I always do at least the section from tower 5, to Sunrise Blvd and back, 3 miles.  If I do to the Palms and back it is 5 miles.

No surf to speak of yesterday morning. Mornings are often very calm, with the sea breeze picking up late morning and the waves too. I ran Saturday and Sunday, but was not there today and will not make it out tomorrow morning either, but might run Wednesday morning. Work and life getting in the way.

JM_Runs #365

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:10/26/2014 04:22:21Copy HTML

It is difficult to describe how absolutely perfect the weather is this weekend. Yesterday morning I went out to run on the beach and ended up spending most of the day.  Today I have the doors and windows flung wide open as the warm but not humid breeze blows through. 
This time of year we get alternating groups of days with cloud and showers followed by days of perfect weather.  It is not hot or humid enough to kick off instant thunderstorms yet still perfect for running round naked or getting a tan at the beach.

Yesterday the number of women in thongs was uncountable, and I saw a number of single men in thongs or g-strings. I said good morning to them as I ran by but each of them was bum up and head down, ignoring the world.

I stopped to talk with a friend and used his camera to take pictures of him surfing with his daughter.  I offered to take group photos for a number of people. (See one person taking a group photo, just ask if they would like a photo of them all together.)  One group asked if I would be in a photo with the rest of the group.
Ran 5 miles, then after getting some iced coffee walked another 2 along the waterline through the crowded sections of the beach. I had a very good time. Brilliant weather and lots of happy people.
Maxin #366

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:10/27/2014 02:04:46Copy HTML

 Sounds like Paradise, must visit one of these days.
JM_Runs #367

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/02/2014 09:05:43Copy HTML

This weekend was the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.  for those of you who don't know, that's a VERY big event in this town.
During the boat show beach parking varies from $25-$75 a day. (You can get $7 parking 2 miles away and catch a shuttle buss.)

Only locals who live close enough to walk, who come by by bus, or who bicycle are on the beach. 
Note that bicycle is a very popular way for both locals and tourists to get to the beach. 

I'd been out on the critical mass costume bicycle ride on Friday night, and then went out to party with others at the Wilton manors Halloween Street party, where the dance bars don't close till 4 AM, and I didn't get home until almost 5 AM. So slept away the morning and didn't get out to the beach until lunchtime. 

The slightly cooler weather this weekend was marvelous. 
An incredibly perfect afternoon at the beach, but without the rowdier boys from the weekend crowd.  

I ran a full 5 miles on the beach sand, with less effort, in the cool air I didn't overheat as much. 
Lots of friendly hellos and waves. 

Even though lot of the local beach "talent" were otherwise engaged decorating fancy yachts, or giving out brochures in booths, I still passed quiet a few women in thongs, and even a few solo single men who were scattered along the way. 

Later on I took a walk down the beach passed the main strip.  A pretty young blond ran over to me and introduced to self. She said she'd see me running earlier asked if she could take a video of me running to send to mother. It is the least the I could do for her.  She later took my phone number and rang it just to make sure it is correct. She's from Tennessee, thinking about staying down here permanently, and just got a job early in the day was testing at the pizza place across the street. Maybe I will take her out in a kayak later this week.

Not much later on my walk another young woman ran over to introduce herself. We talked for a while and I discovered she worked as a dental hygienist for a dentist just down the street from me. Turns out she has a beach cruiser but finds the 17th St. bridge a bit tough, ( that is the tallest bridge around here), a wants to get something faster between her legs. Think I can help with that too.

Not much further up the beach I had a young man come over and ask if he could have his picture taken with me, and then they did pictures with me and the girls in his group, from the front and the rear. When he first approached I thought he might be making fun of me, but turns out they were a nice crowed. The guy was local but the girls were visiting from out of state. 

Another fine afternoon on the beach.  Now the weather could be like this all year round it would be perfect ! 
JM_Runs #368

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/16/2014 01:44:15Copy HTML

 One morning this week I ran with a friend who wanted to learn how to run on the sand. She did good. 2 miles first time out. Speed will come later. Photo reminded me I am a little over weight, need to lose 8 to 10.  Got to get out to put more miles on the sand or bike.
luvnmythong #369

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/16/2014 05:04:02Copy HTML

JM, I don't think you look the least bit over weight.   I think you look great! 
cb61973 #370

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/16/2014 02:48:35Copy HTML

 JM, I agree with luvnmythong.  You look great.  I have been to Fort Lauderdale once -- a very nice beach, and the showers are a nice touch.
JM_Runs #371

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:11/22/2014 05:45:50Copy HTML

When people come to Fort Lauderdale they often ask if they can meet me on the beach.  Over the years I have met many people who are board members, or who later become board members.

But be warned, I don't spend time laying out on a towel trying to get a tan, don't even take a towel to the beach.
I am out to run. Then maybe hang out for an hour or two if the weather is good and I don't have something more pressing to do.

Still people want to know when I will be at the beach. I just replied to one inquiry, saying:

The simple answer is I come out after the sun is up and it is Warm.  That can be 9am in the summer but might be as late as noon in the winter.
I don't go to the beach every day.  Some weeks it is 4 times a week, some only one or two.

Today, Friday, was rain and cold, no beach.  Tomorrow might be better.

I just look out the window, and if the weather is not to awful I get on my bike and head down to the beach.
So this week I may be out on Saturday, if the weather clears up, but based on today's weather it is more likely I will not be out till Sunday.

I don't run a bus company so don't have a set schedule.

If it is cool I may lock the bike and set of running as quickly as possible, then after running a quick stretching session before putting on a top and drinking hot coffee inside the coffee shop to warm up. 
Conversely, in the summer, when it is hot, a cooling shower may be just the thing to bring me out to the beach.

If it is warm and sunny I may spend another hour or two hanging out on the beach, drinking iced coffee under the umbrellas or walking another mile or two on the beach sand. 

When I get out to the beach is VERY dependent on (a) The weather (b) If I was up late the night before, (c) what other plans I have for the day.

Some times I am out late, late evening bicycle rides followed by a drink or two at our local cyclists bar on Las Olas. Sometimes I work until the wee hours on legal briefs. Sometimes I am over in the City of Davie taking care of an old friend and don't make it home until after 2am.

If I am not in bed by 3am I may not make it to the beach until very very late in the morning: Which in the winter gives the sun a chance to warm up the sand.  Other days I get to bed early, and get out early to beat the heat, but mostly in the Summer. 

This time of year, late November, when the mid day is rarely too hot, it mostly depends on when I get into bed, then roll out of bed again, deal with the email and issues of the day, and get on the bike. 

Sorry,  I can't be more specific, probably some time between 10 and 12.  I will then spend somewhere between 90 minutes and several hours at the beach. Unless I am with someone I am not going to be laying out on a towel, The only time I am not actively up and about doing something is if I am sitting on the wall or under the umbrellas at the coffee shop by tower #5.

If you want to chat just flag me down when I am out running or catch me there after a run.
JM_Runs #372

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:12/30/2014 08:14:10Copy HTML

Behind on my homework, so have not been out to run for almost a week.
Probably won't be out again this week because I have pulled something in my back when moving a heavy cast iron bollard.

However I did notice the video of me running on the beach
    taken by someone I don't know, 
        which a board member found sent to me,
              that I later reposed to Vimeo, 
                      now has over 2,000 views.

Tanned Bum #373

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/10/2015 01:20:10Copy HTML

 Hi JM,I was wondering if thonging over near the fishing pier is acceptable. My son want to do a little bit of fishing over there and I figure I could kill two birds with one stone.
JM_Runs #374

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/10/2015 11:49:27Copy HTML

Thonging is OK anywhere, but less popular as you go North of Fort Lauderdale strip. 
I assume you are talking about the pier up at Commercial Blvd.  Really should not be a problem.
The beach is nice and wide to the North of the pier.
Tanned Bum #375

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/13/2015 02:51:18Copy HTML

 Thanks for the information.
poonster #376

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/21/2015 06:46:12Copy HTML

 Hi JM: I am thinking of a return trip to FLL and I have some time during the week of March 18. Is it squarely spread break time down there and should it be avoided? Thanks!
JM_Runs #377

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/21/2015 09:42:37Copy HTML

Depends a bit on if you have a thick skin.  During spring break I get a few off color comments from a few young guys, but I also get a lot of positive feedback from the young women, many who ask to have a picture taken with me.

The key is showing no fear.  Show fear and teens turn on you like a pack of dogs.  Smile, appear to be having a good time. They came here fore a good time and can identify with that.

Mornings are still the best time for the beach.  Set up early and be visible.  If people don't like thongs they will go sit somewhere else.

The main strip for spring break is a short few blocks between Las Olas and the Merryweather, that's where most of the bars are. You may want to stay away from the more densely populated strip after 3pm when the kids start to feel the effect of their drinks.

It is not like the old days, now we get a rather quiet bunch of kids.

Other than that you are likely to find the beach pretty much like normal for the Spring, i.e. lots of tourists from the North States down here for Easter.  If the weather is good you will get a fair smattering of locals too.

I look forward to spring break because I like the cheers and waves from the women.   Your millage may vary. 

JM_Runs #378

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/22/2015 05:58:45Copy HTML

I was asked about Sebastian Beach.  There is no beach called Sebastian, this is just the name of the crossing street. 
By tradition the main gay section is the 200 yards running South from lifeguard tower number 8 at Sebastian. 
As you can see from this recent bit in the local news with a picture of the lifeguard tower.

Kind of funny that they used a picture from a very gray rainy day.  If it had been sunny, and they swung the camera about 45 degrees to the right, it would have been a totally different picture.
People often call that section of beach Sebastian, even though you could just as well call it Castillo which is the next cross street to the South.  

beachlion #379

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/23/2015 04:35:29Copy HTML

 Even with Google Streetview you have a much better picture. When I see the sun at the beach, I wished I could be there and leave the snow and cold behind.
stanpuppy #380

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/30/2015 04:58:47Copy HTML

 JM (or anyone else who can help).................wife and I are taking our annual family trip to visit the in-laws in Boca.  Typically, we get a free night out in which we hit sobe for some thonging and nightlife.  Looks like we may not be able to get that much time this year, so Michele and I talked about running up to Lauderdale.  So a couple of simple questions.  In your opinion, what is the very best place for a couple to thong such that 1) she is not uncomfortable by getting harassed by rednecks and ideally has other thong wearing female company? 2) I am not uncomfortable by getting harassed by rednecks 3) Ideally, she can take her top off when sunning (not walk around...just sunning) ?   We are headed out the 2nd week in Feb.  Any insight would be appreciated....thanks
2xist #381

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/30/2015 05:20:10Copy HTML

 Stanpuppy-I would go to haulover beach in north miami...;)
JM_Runs #382

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

Date Posted:01/30/2015 07:15:39Copy HTML

No question that no one will care at Haulover Nude Beach. But you must expect a bit of ogling from men. Most of the population is older men, many older gay men who go there to show off, and a good smattering of clothed people who go to look at the nudes. 

There is no problems with being topless in any part of Dade County (except state parks), but it is more common on the Southern beaches of the City of Miami Beach. Less common to see men in thongs down there, and you may get a bit of snickering from the young men in board shorts, depending where you are on the beach.

If you don't have time to go that far South and wish to stop in Fort Lauderdale which is just down the road from Boca, I would suggest my fav spot, Lifeguard Tower #5 across from the Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale. It is on one of the widest sections of beach and there are not many people. Those that are there are mostly locals who are mellow could not give a toss.

You can't legally go topless in Fort Lauderdale, but between Tower #5 and Tower #4 to the South, there are so few people no one will notice if you are laying down out towards the water topless, just don't camp right by the water where people walk by, and don't run around topless. You can also wear any micro swimsuit you want. Men's bits must be covered but I have seen women in tiny transparent suits. Again not common but no one objects.

Over the years I have had rude comments on most parts of the beach, but never near Tower #5, unless I am actually up on the sidewalk and some jerk was walking by. The locals just wave and smile.

Walking north from there it quickly turns into the most populated section of beach, first with families and tourists between #5 and #6 and then with locals and snow-birds between #6 and #7.  If you walk that way should have no problem, but don't do it topless. You will also see quite a few local girls in thongs around Tower #7, for this is where many of the single locals hang out, for uUp by #7 is more the party crowd, which will later turn into Spring Break central. 

Even so, during spring break the crazy does not go very far because the kids herd together on the sand across from the clubs and bars. This does not spread down much past tower #6 so at #5, and down toward the sailboat lunching zone just before tower #4, it is still quiet and free of crowds.
JM_Runs #383

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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 HaHa!  Thong man, like you're a super hero or something.  Way to promote, JM!  
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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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 I ran on Sunday afternoon. After running I walked the beach and met several groups of young women. One pair decided to walk with me and I took them down the beach explaining the various people who gather in each location. We exchanged text links so I could later send a music video I think they would like.
Another group of women sent me one of the group photos with me in it.  I asked for a copy of that one because we were photo bombed by a guy with a frisbee who jumped in the shot shouting "photo bomb".   Which I reposed for some of my local FB friends - for last week posted an amusing photo of me accidentally 'photo-bombing' a wedding shoot.  
Sunday was a bit windy and chilly. The tourists who dug out of snow to fly here thought it was amazing, but to locals a wee bit cold.
Tuesday was much warmer. SUMMERS BACK.  Temp in the 80's and by noon the sand was getting a little warm to walk on.
Had another good run. Spent some time just admiring the perfection in the day. Not humid, but warm, sunny and with a rising tide it was a crystal clear sea. 

ON Tuesday I met a young women in a thong who was topless except for two nipple covers made in the shape of a pair of lips. A cute young women looking for a new job up here because she wrecked her car and can no longer get to her Miami job, as an exotic dancer and shot girl. I am not much into tattooed people but hers were small, and symmetrical and looked quite good on her. Gave her one of Z's cards so I hope they connect and she becomes part of our local community. Cute as a button. 

Note to locals:  
Due to A1A construction there are is only ONE working beach showers North of Vistamar.  That is the one at the entrance to the tunnel under the road to Birch park. That means only one fresh water shower from Bonnett house, which is South of Sunrise Blvd, until you get to all the way North to the big pink condo called the Palms, which is north of 20th Street.  Looks like it will be that way for months to come. 
To find working shower coming from Sunrise, look for entrance to tunnel under the road. Looks like the entrance to an underground bunker.  From the other direction it is hidden behind a sea-grape tree.

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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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 Hey, JM.  I'm gonna be down there in May for a week before Sunsplash in July (hopefully).  Where you run at again?  
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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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I normally start at tower #5, across from the Hall of Fame.

I run north for about one and a half, to two and a half miles, before turning round and heading back south. 

3 to 5 miles round trip. 
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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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 Ouch!  But, I think I'm finally up to that distance.  
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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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Today started a bit gloomy, but got better and sunnier.  
After the last few days of poor weather a lot of people came out to enjoy the warm sun.
Fresh warm tropical wind blowing in from the sea, with temperatures back around 80.

Spring Break is starting. Not too many this week, but the following two weeks will be heavy.
Still I met a few groups of spring breakers and was asked to do some photos with some of them.

I have been battling a cold and chest infection for weeks. It left a long running dry cough. 
Think I am finally over it. Have put on 15 pounds by just chewing through cough sweets 24 hours a day.
Over weight and still slow, but a fun run anyway. Was good to get out and run. 
Between the cold and doing a lot of trial prep, in a comply screwy case, in central Florida,
I have not been out to run as often as usual. 

Today I met a nice women from Spain who is wintering over here, and will be here for a month.
Also met a big group of spring break students from Michigan, who left deep snow. 

Ran the full beach once. Walked down to the South park and up the main strip twice, 
then road my bike up and down the beach, and then home. Good few hours out of the house.
Came home and took a well deserved nap. 
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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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 Hey JM,

Since 99% of spring breakers are tourists from somewhere else, do you find that more of them wear thongs since they are out of town and on vacation or is it just the opposite?  Headed down there in a couple of weeks and would like to know what to expect.

Nice picture.  The lady 4th from the left in the blue is quite lovely!
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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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The spring breakers are generally conservative. Having dug them selves out of the snow to come here they are still in winter mode. A few of the women wear g-strings or v-string back suits. Many of the cute ones wear mini scrunchy backs, but most wear a rio or a more traditional back bikini. Less thongs than the regular beach population.  Mostly single color fabrics. Lots of black bikini bottoms matched with bright color tops. The multi-panel or detective prints tend to be the more expensive brands like Triangl or Victoria Secret. Got to remember they are North American tourists, not locals or Europeans.  Still we do see quite a few in thongs and some in true g-strings.  Very few of the young guys get down to a Speedo, but when they do it tends to be very skimpy racing or diving suits with not much room up front.

Recently found, but apparently from last Labor Day.  Biking down Fort Lauderdale beach:  https://instagram.com/p/sasuTEgx7p/
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I was in Fort Lauderdale during the first week of March. Perfect weather. Must have seen 250 college girls in semi-thongs. Saw you, J M Runs, running by me as I was sitting in a lounger reading (unfortunately not buns up). Threw a mini football around with some pretty coeds while wearing a Skinz Teardrop; they took some pics - don't know if they'll find their way on line.
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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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In the US We have a phenomenon called spring break, where the college students flee the winter and come south for a few days to have fun in the sun. For many years Fort Lauderdale was Ground Zero for spring break. That is no longer true. A lot of students now go to Other destinations like Panama City or Mexico. 
However we still get quite a number of students, and each year the city gears up to handle them. We have extra police patrols on the beach and each evening extra patrols in the entertainment districts. We have a special cleaning crew who go out and pick up all the trash from the beach, so each morning it is fresh and clean.  

I can tell which weeks will have the most spring breakers because there are some websites that publish the total number of students having spring break in any one week. So I knew in advance the last two to three weeks were going to be quite busy. 

Previously I have ignored or avoided the spring break craziness.  I'd go out and do my run in the morning, hang out on the beach near the coffee shop and then come home long before those any serious afternoon shenanigans started.
The morning after they arrive students come out to the beach as soon as they can, but after the first day, after a night of drinking, they are a little slower, often not making it onto the beach until around lunchtime the next day.
Although alcohol is technically banned on our beach, discrete consumption is tolerated, as long as they are not falling down drunk, or too out of hand with the rowdiness. Mostly the police turn a blind eye to the serious afternoon drinking in the spring break crowd if they keep it out of sight.
Sometimes the police write tickets, but mostly they warn them, telling them not to have glass bottles and to throw away the empties. 

Over the years I've become more confident in thonging publicly. I've gone from being a discreet thonger,  to an open and confident thonger, and now maybe I'm an exhibitionist.  Not in the way that I wish to flush my junk people, but I do want other people to see men wearing thongs and to know that it's perfectly okay to do so on my beach. When I run down the beach I enjoy the friendly smiles and waves, the high-fives, the cheers, and generally positive feedback from open and public thonging.  

I've always gotten on very well with teens and young adults, and enjoy their company. So when spring break rolled around this year I decided that instead of doing what most of us locals do, and which I have done in the past, avoiding the beach and the crowds for a couple of weeks, I would start my run a little later in the day and afterwards spend time at the beach with the spring break crowds. 

In the US there appears to be a significant change in the attitudes of young adults. While I expect a lot of positive feedback from women, almost all the feedback from groups of young men, even the drunk ones, is now positive. Cheers, high-fives, fist bumps, and general congratulations.  

So after my run, instead of hanging out at the beach near the coffee shop, I've been taking long walks back up the beach, and then hanging out in area in front of 'Beach Place'. That zone is Spring Break Central.

By early afternoon the crowds build. There are college and fraternity flags flying on makeshift flagpoles. Scattered tents dolling out who knows what in red single cups, and in between carpets of towels making navigation through the crowds a little tricky.  There are students everywhere. Laying out on towels, playing with balls on the firmer sand along the waters edge, or standing around in informal groups, on the sand and in the sea.

Each day I was at the beach, after having run through twice, (up and back),  I then walked back to this melee. Each day the young women ran over and wanted me to pose with them for pictures, some of the guys did too. People gave me drinks. Generally everyone was super friendly.  I warned them to keep the alcohol discreet and to throw away the empties instead of littering the beach. At times I would walk over and clean up a camp site that had discarded glass bottles or beer cans. This garnered more respect.  

A lot of the young women who were actually wearing thongs were locals, either from the greater Fort Lauderdale area, or in some cases from further afield like Boca, Miami or even Orlando.  I know this because I talked to quite a few people. The spring breakers suits were a little conventional, that's to be expected considering most of them are from the North and Midwest. While only a few of the Spring Breakers were wearing g-string type thongs, many were wearing tiny scrunchy backs or rio backed suits. Victoria Secret color block Itsy bottoms were very popular. 

I think some of the young ladies did change down to thongs. Maybe it was after they saw other women in thongs, or maybe it was after seeing me, and deciding if he can, I can.

After seeing me some guys stripped off their board shorts to reveal their Speedos. I only saw two of the male spring breakers in thongs.  One said he had to wear it because he lost a bet, but I think that was only an excuse.  Either way the girls liked it. 

I'm not sure I set an example that the young men and women will follow when they return to their hometowns, but I know there was a lot of looking and quite a lot of talk about me. The general attitude was that thong on men are fine. A lot of the young men admired my courage for wearing one, saying things like "Respect Man, Respect" Along with the fist-bump or high-five. 

In some ways I feel a lot more bulletproof than most: Because I thong on the beach regularly, because I know the lifeguards and I shouldn't get any grief for many the police. I guess 'fearless' is lack of 'fear'. 

During Spring Break, for three to four days each week, I have been deliberately setting an example by first running the beach, then spending several hours mingling with the spring breakers. Along with just hanging out, having fun and talking with people about everything under the sun, I took time to compliment girls and guys on their suits, either for thongs, bright colors, or for suits that just look good on them. 

With crowds it is difficult to tell if you have directly influenced someone to be brave enough to thong. However I hope that because everyone else with accepting a man in a thong, the few that might have had a problem not only piped down, having realized that other people didn't have a problem with my thong and the young women generally appreciated it. Hopefully, on seeing many of the girls and guys positive reactions, on seeing others running over to have their pictures taken with me, or having other spring breakers including me in their groups to play volleyball or to drink, it changed a few attitudes. 

Amusingly about the only negative comment was when I was on the sidewalk. A young man who had a dog on a leash said "You should not wear that" in a very loud and confrontational way.  I said "You shouldn't have a dog at the beach." to which he said "Never you mind about my business." 
During this exchange three police officers in tactical jackets were walking our way. As they approached I said "Good Morning". The first officer said "How are you doing?" and as they walked by I replied "Well thank you, it is a wonderful day."  
I think the man with the dog expected them to stop to talk to me, but they walked right on by, and pointing to the man with the dog, who was a then couple of paces behind me, said "Hay, you!"  
I walked on so I don't know if they just waned him or ticketed him for the animal, but it made me smile. 

This last Sunday there was still an afternoon crowd in front of Beach Place, but a lot less, and mostly locals. No collage or fraternity flags. Still a good mix but nothing like the throngs of the last two weeks. Spring Break is tapering down for this year. It is the local schools turn on the beach. They tend to spread out more, going to other sections of the sand, like Dania or the Jetties, which are local teen hangouts. 
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 Your "spring break" sounds like the phenomenon we have known as "Schoolies' week". The Gold Coast is the popular destination for students on the east coast, but here in Perth they mostly end up on Rottnest Island or down south at Dusnborough or Margaret River. Either way, they are well away from the city of Perth. The island is basically off limits to everyone else during that time.

I'm glad they didn't have the custom when I was at school, and i'd hate to be a parent of a school-age kid wanting to take part. For most of the kids, it basically means drinking and sex. Almost invariably there are a few nasty incidents, some serious. If I were a parent I'd much rather my child didn't take part, particularly if it was a girl, but how can they accept that if all their friends are going? I'm glad I don't live near one of the resorts in question.

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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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I suspect most our big "spring break" crowed is a little older, all 18 to 24 Collage & University students. In Florida you are not allowed to drink until over 21. Most of the students told me they were old enough to drink.
If under age, and if they had funds, they would probably head to Mexico or the Bahamas where drinking age in bars is not enforced as rigorously. 

That's not to say there was not plenty of informal beach drinking during the afternoons, as well as plenty of completely sober students just out to get a mid-winter sun tan.  Even so I would guess the age range is 18 to 26, with most being in the 21 to 23 age group. As I get older I find it becomes harder to tell the age of a younger generation. 
But this week 20th to 29th, although spring brake has wound down, the local schools are now on vacation. So the kids on the beach are a LOT younger, a lot of local parents with local kids.  

The older high school girls will try to hang out with the few remaining collage kids, those who did not get spring break until this week. But the local girls don't understand the culture, or how to introduce themselves, so many will quite literately end up sitting on the wall, watching the cars and people go by.

As I said, most of the older teens, ones without parents in tow, will head to sections of the shore that have traditionally been teen friendly. That would not include Fort Lauderdale's main strip, where police on horseback and foot are patrolling the few remaining spring breakers.  

Instead the under age high school kids will head to places like the Jetties, where parking is free, there are no life guards and almost never ever a police man. 

It was interesting to note that although Spring Break was crowded with young people, the women wearing the true thongs were mostly locals, mostly a little older, and unlike the students, not clustered around Spring Break ground zero.

The women rocking a thong this last weekend were mostly in the 22 to 35 age range, often young mothers with little kids in tow.
There was, in general, more micro thongs per person, away from the center of the Spring Break action. What thongs there were in the thick of things were real small thongs, mostly worn by tanned locals who were mixed in with the crowed.

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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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 Will be on Ft Lauderdale Beach Sunday and possibly Monday morning.  What can I expect to see from the spring break crowd?  What week is expected to be the busiest?  Where is the best spot to see attractive ladies?  Hey, I had to ask that last one didn't I?  :)
JM_Runs #398

Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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Spring Break in the Collage sense will be over, done, toast, dead.

Local school kids are off this school this week so I expect you will see a good number of mothers with kids, or groups of teen age girls hanging out in groups.

Sunday afternoon there will be quite a few locals and snow birds out front of Beach Place. Probably a good number of local teens, with a good number of them rocking scrunchy backed suits or thongs. (For the right location look for the orange awning on the front of the second story Hooters at beach place, then sit on the beach right out front.)

Sunday should be good. Monday will be really quiet as even the local high-school kids will be back in school.  

Take a long walk down the beach.  You will find ladies all up and down the beach, mixed in with the French-Canadian snow birds who are finishing off their winter tans before going back north.  Do not go North of Sunrise Blvd because no one will be there, due to the road reconstruction and current lack of parking.
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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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 JM, I was wondering where you were yesterday AM.  I was in the area for work this week and had some time yesterday morning before heading back here to the gulf coast.  Went to the beach and hung out between lifeguard stands 4 and 5 in a Black Skinz thong.  I spent quite a while buns up and in and out of the water, no crazy looks or comments, everyone acted like it was perfectly normal!  I diid go for a run but wore shorts and t-shirt, still need to lose a few before running without a shirt.  Guess I just missed you as I left 15 minutes before noon; I had to get back home as the wife had stuff for me to do before our company arrived for the weekend.  Maybe next time.
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Re:Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Ft Lauderdale Beach ) FL

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car57 - On Wednesday night I had been on a late night bike ride, followed by a couple of beers at the bar, so was not sparking in the morning. When I finally looked out the window on Thursday morning, it looked overcast, so I felt no need to get out before the sand got too hot.

Got a late breakfast and then did email and stuff on the net. I did finally made it out of the house around noon, but while biking to the beach got stopped by a long bridge opening, so was probably not on the beach until twelve thirty or so.

I recommend that stretch between towers #4 and #5 for hassle free thonging, even during spring break.  Glad you enjoyed your time on my beach. Your comment that "everyone acted like it was perfectly normal!" is exactly what we want.

I start my run at tower #5 and head North. If you between #4 and #5, unless you were looking North to tower #5 you would probably have missed me coming onto the beach and running North.

Yesterday I only ran to Sunrise Blvd and back, 3 miles.  Since I had made a couple of stops during my run I probably did not get back South to #5 until after 1pm.  Then stretched by the shower behind Tower #5 (swimming hall of fame), before getting coffee across the street and before walking North again, to talk and hang out with the spring break crowd.

It is easy to tell if I am on the beach.  If my blue bicycle, the one with red and white striped tape. is locked up across the street from St Barts coffee shop I am on the beach. This is the bike I normally (but not always) take to the beach.

Telling if I am on the beach is the easy part. Finding me is a different story. Once I am on the beach I don't stay put anywhere for very long. I don't put down a towel. Yesterday afternoon I did spend a little time laying out with some women from the spring break crowed, but that was unusual. Normally I am on my feet and often on the move.

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