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Date Posted:07/24/2018 10:39:43Copy HTML

Some people think the world is coming to an end when I moderate, be it editing a post to tone down the language used, move it to a more appropriate thread or remove it totally. 

This message board is primarily about wearing thongs, in public, on the beach or at the pool.  Years ago, to accommodate people's interests in all things thong and closely related subjects, we expanded the subjects to cover underwear, shaving, etc. 

It is hoped this board is a resource for finding beaches and pools that are thong friendly, and provide support and courage for wearing thongs in public through beach reports and personal experiences. 

We keep things mostly PG, with the hope of encouraging members of the general public, including females and teens. The teens being our future thongers, and teenage years where many form their love or hate for thongs. 
There are subjects that are discouraged, and some that are removed. For example fantasy stories or descriptions of the size of your peinus.

One of the reasons we don't have images directly in the threads is to keep discussions to intelligent written comments, rather than a series of closeup pictures of mens packages. Gay men are disproportionately represented on this site, and without some control it could easily turn into just another gay men's hookup board. 

As the Moderator I think of this like editing a magazine or the letters section of a newspaper. Users contribute the raw content and I often edit to correct spelling, reformat into more readable paragraphs, etc. 

I also try to keep the discussions on track and civilized.  This means calming down flame wars and removing disparaging comments.  

I won't allow this board to become just another sex hookup site. There are plenty of those and they do a much better job at it. Similarly, if your thong experience lead to sex we don't want to hear the explicit details. Nor do I allow fantasy thong stories. Here we try to keep it real. Real life. Real beach reports. 

We have had some problems with men thinking that a women posting on this site means they are looking for men friends. Sometimes a man will ask where or when a women goes to the beach: Not comprehending the women has shared just as much as she wanted too, and further questions, however innocently intended, come off like stalking.    

From time to time we get a spate of male misogyny and/or chauvinism. I won't stand for this. On this board we treat women as honored guests. As a general rule the more women thong the more likely it is to be open for men to thong. 

I also edit or move posts if they are off topic or another thread would be a more appropriate place to put them.  Along with moving the off topic post the off topic replies will be moved too.

Unfortunately when posts are moved to another thread Aimoo.com software does not update the link from the "Today" page so it appears the posts were deleted when they were only moved.  Nothing I can do about that. Maybe when the upgrade is done that will be fixed, but I would not hold your breath. That has been a bug for more than ten years.

There are posts that are off topic for a thread, that are moved, and there are posts that get deleted because they don't belong on this board at all, like advertising for viagra, a new mortgage, or the joys of rolling coal on cyclists.

This board is for helping people thong in public. For helping people find places to thong in public. We don't want to know what you do in private in your bedroom. We do want to keep it more or less PG so women and new younger thongers will not be grossed out. 

Some posts are edited or deleted because they are racist or denigrating a population or group. No you don't have freedom of speech just because this board is on the internet. As a rule of thumb, if a term is not one a group would use to describe themselves in polite company it is a pejorative.

Edits will be done when someone has a valid point that I think could or should be preserved. However this will not be a safe place to spout casual homophobic, misogynistic or chauvinistic views. 
killamozilla #1

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:07/25/2018 01:03:56Copy HTML

 I am going to start keeping a log of all the times when JM breaks his own rules and make a big post of them here in this thread - When he is "denigrating a population or group" or when he uses a "term [that] is not one the group would use to describe themselves in polite company".
JM uses moderation to silence people he disagrees with politically and he gets to insult and denigrate those groups he doesn't like. 

Don't get me wrong: it's his rules and I have never said or implied otherwise. But I will criticize him when he is inconsistent and breaks the rules outlined above or when he is obviously playing for his political team. 

He can delete my post, or move it into the memory hole, or he can just ignore it.

All of you JM fanboys will now retort, "JM's BOARD, JM's RULES!1!!11!!1!!". 
Yes, I agree. The sky is blue and water is wet. Death and Taxes. So what?
I'll continue civil criticism until I am sent to the Gulag.

“Someone that you have deprived of everything is no longer in your power. He is once again entirely free.” 
tobias5711 #2

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:07/25/2018 01:43:36Copy HTML

 Anyone not liking how JM monitors this board, they are free to go out and start their own board. I for one appreciate very much how JM has over the years has run this board.
killamozilla #3

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:07/25/2018 02:14:16Copy HTML

what is your reaction when people say, "if you don't like the way Trump is running the country, you can just leave!"?
Seriously, honest question: How does it make you feel when some Americans say similar things to the statement above?
Thongzo #4

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:07/25/2018 03:08:05Copy HTML

Agree with people treating this like a hookup site at times. I’ve been here for years and cannot count the number of PMs I’ve received that were pushing for or hinting at a male-male meet up. Appreciate the attention but that’s not why I’m here!
stringster #5

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:07/25/2018 05:34:40Copy HTML

 what about misandristic posts? or does the 'honoured guest' status of females on this board give them immunity from your 'moderation' ?
NudeNArizona #6

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:07/25/2018 06:42:10Copy HTML

 I thought SunSplash was a Gay hook-Up sponsored by JM and is there any OTHER moderator? or is JM the DICTATOR of the message board?
killamozilla #7

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:07/27/2018 03:00:08Copy HTML

"On this board we treat women as honored guests." This statement in and of itself is sexist against women. The implication is that women are different and unequal to men and therefore need special additional consideration that men do not require. This is an inherently bigoted notion by our beloved dear leader.
Matt37 #8

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:07/28/2018 12:57:21Copy HTML

> This statement in and of itself is sexist against women. What's more is that a good number of the "women" on the board are men pretending to be women. So it's kind of silly regardless, IMO.
ezduzit #9

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:08/11/2018 09:10:45Copy HTML

I've been a long time on again off again member of this board since its beginnings and as far as women being here, exactly why do they need to be here? I can think of two certain female members who seem to be here just to compete for attention on a messageboard full of men and to see how many replies they can generate with their outrageous stories and beach experiences, conversations with total strangers about thongs that most likely never took place. Does this fall under the category of "fantasy stories" JM? Are we all suppose to have "stupid" written across our forehead and just believe everything these two women post about without question?
stringster #10

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:08/11/2018 10:01:05Copy HTML

ouch. well no. they have every right to be here and comment on threads that may contribute uniquely to the discussion, which is what i find usually anyway. i doubt they are competing for attention (with each other or from males?) and i don't think their stories are usually outrageous at all. they are just experiences either positive or negative. to claim they are made up, well that's again a stretch because they all sound pretty normal and expected situations depending on where one might live in the world. i think you'll find the reason why there's only 2-3 regular female posters is because most women just don't feel the need to discuss thonging amongst strangers (that said, it can be fun/reassuring/therapeutic for some). they can do it almost anywhere without anyone batting an eyelid (but usually attracting perverts like magnets). that and a lot of threads here are garbage. the most useful content (for males) is location information and swimwear talk.
John Howard #11

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:08/11/2018 10:09:09Copy HTML

ouch ezduzit,

I reckon the gestapo of thought of this board will not like your comment, it might be considered offensive, or shaming? or any of those words that are so trendy today

or it might earn you a visit to the siberia of this board maybe?

I'm glad I havent' been sent there yet,  actually there are a few members that probably would be spending holidays there before me, killamozilla, NudeNArizona and even mackback,  they are all candidates.


JM_Runs #12

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:08/11/2018 02:56:56Copy HTML

Sometime the level of misogyny in posts is palpable. We have had this problem before: - Men claiming women must be men posting as women. - Men demanding women prove they are women. - Men claiming the women's posts must be fake, without an ounce of proof. - Men bitching that women get favorable treatment, even though there are more beaches where men can wear thongs than places where women can sun topless. (a) I tend to take people's posts at face value. (b) I have met some of the women who post on this board in real life, so maybe have a reasonable basis for some of my jugements. (c) I have lead, and continue to have an interesting life. This includes many incidents that others, who were not there, would consider unbelievable tall tales. (d) Even now I have bicycle friends who can't belive I get invited to wild parties, and when I post a picture they say they can't believe "that" keeps happening to me. People who have met me at Sunsplash or on the beach know I am reasonably fearless. This helps. Maybe I get it from my parents, who grew up in the middle of WWII and who are not scared of people or mountains. Once they were in the Mideast when a war broke out. I spoke to them by phone. My workmate said "Tell them a war has started and they need to get out." I relayed my coworkers concerns and my mother said "We are not worried, it is at least 30 miles away, we just get to see the jets screaming low over our heads." They continued sailing round the Med and waking in the mountains into their late 80's and early 90's. My father, in his 90's just sent me a picture of him on his paddleboard. When young I ran yachts in the Caribbean. I did some wild things, and saw some even wilder things. I once worked an old wooden sailing ship that chartered in the summers as a sailing summer camp. We had a crew of five, and in the summers about twenty teens and their two female chaperones. When sailing into an anchorage we really turned heads. Not just because we arrived in a harbour in what amounted to a proper wooden pirate ship that was actually sailing, but it was manned by a wild crew of Canadian teen girls between fifteen and eighteen, half of them running around topless. I personally know a number of adventurous and wild women. One who just came back from an add-hock bicycle tour of eastern Europe, another who just posted FB pictures of her snorkeling with sharks in the Caribbean. There are a lot of people leading brave, colorful, adventurous lives. You are probably not going to meet them unless you get out in the world and are brave and adventurous too. I have had more than one women in my bed, more than one flight in a private plane, and been friendly kidnaped more than once, flown hang-gliders and have a few scars from adventures that got the better of me. I have also been wearing thongs or very skimpy speedos since the late 70's, longer than many of you have been alive. Not wearing them in secret, but openly out on the public beach and on the boats I worked on, more days in the year than not. I have probably worn thongs, in public, more days than most people have even been to the beach. This breadth of life and thong experience has helped in the fifteen years of moderating this board. I have become reasonably good at detecting the fake stories. Most of the posts on this board are real, are from real people, some of whom I even know in real life. (Shout out to those of you I have met at the last eight years of Sunsplash.) And YES, I am going to call you out when you are misogynistic, or shouting fake when you have absolutely no proof or reasonable basis for your claim. We do get people making things up, but not much, and it is normally the men who make things up, not the women. Maybe that's a macho thing, or just that we have more men posting. And YES, women will get more leeway and more protection here than the men. They need it, because some men can be real pests and don't understand boundaries.
Matt37 #13

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:08/12/2018 07:48:23Copy HTML

How do we delete our accounts on here? I've been here for almost 8 years now, and between the "women" making the ridiculous posts and the 1980s appearance and lack of features on the board (despite the continuous "updates"), and the almost incessant downtime of the board itself, I'm just ready to move on and would like to remove my info from here. I've been through "My Profile" and I don't see any place to just delete the account (which I would have done without announcing it if I could find it).
JM_Runs #14

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:08/12/2018 11:52:04Copy HTML

Matt37 - I don't know the answer. The new Aimmo code appears to have many major functions missing, or not yet switched on. I don't know if the option to delete your Aimoo account is live in the new code. However you can remove yourself as a member of this board by using the iAmoo icon from the main page. I have not tried this so don't know what options it then gives you. Aimoo is saying they have done a total rewrite that will, in time, give us more options. We will have to wait and see. In the meantime we are frustrated by the rollout of immature, incomplete, and apparently untested code. Aimoo help page for users is here: http://aimoohelpforum.aimoo.com/category/Help_for_Members-17-1 You may be able to find the answer there. Maybe your best option is just not to log in for a bit, and come back in a month or so to see if more of the user account control functions are back.
stringster #15

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:08/12/2018 12:21:10Copy HTML

LOL wow, i didn't realise the Hef was still alive and is in fact running this forum! thanks for your life story that no-one asked for (complete with blatant arrogance in parts - i expect no less from an american). "You are probably not going to meet them unless you get out in the world and are brave and adventurous too." yep, i've met some great female travellers that were friendly and good to have conversations with and spend a lot of time with, lots of laughs and lots of fun (sometimes it's just pure friendship - other times its built from an obvious romantic interest, and in some cases (depending on age) - desperation!). but i've also seen neurotic behaviour that has surfaced from the most minor of disagreements on fairly insignificant issues. these 'wild and adventurous' women were also quite hypocritical in the sense that they were quite happy to 'mansplain' or should i say 'womansplain' me, but as i attempted to voice my opinion i was instantly made the villain and talked down before i could even finish my sentence. it was amazing to see how shallow these women were as well despite trying to portray a personality that suggested otherwise. i think you need to take a look in the dictionary for the definition of the word "misogynistic" you seem to throw around all the time, because merely disagreeing with a woman doesn't make one a misogynist. but what i'm noticing coming out of the 'divided states of america' these days is more and more blatant accusations of misogyny, racism, transphobia etc. whenever someone doesn't agree with the respective ultra far left viewpoint people are expected to adopt without a second thought (like sheep). free speech seems more like a myth in your country but is happening around the world now too. "even though there are more beaches where men can wear thongs than places where women can sun topless." another blanket statement that just isn't accurate (nor can it be measured). buttocks are just not the same as breasts and the statement appears to have been made without any consideration of cultural and best practice norms in other countries. the EU for example is completely different, and this statement doesn't even take into account the reactions of beachgoers of seeing female breasts to male thongs - which varies greatly across cultures and locations around the world.
killamozilla #16

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:08/15/2018 12:46:08Copy HTML

@stringster I am 95% sure that JM is British, although he may now be a naturalized US citizen. Great Britain is now a police state that throws people in jail for their tweets, youtube videos, and facebook posts.
Chris_P_Bacon #17

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:08/15/2018 01:32:39Copy HTML

Get over yourselves... I believe that JM is doing great job. <-period. It's not even an opinion, it's a fact. Proof? Longevity. :thumb:
killamozilla #18

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:08/15/2018 01:46:48Copy HTML

@Chris_P_Bacon No. You should get over yourself. No one says, "I believe X". Followed by, "X is not my opinion. X is factually correct". By saying "I believe X", you are telling me that X is your opinion. :thumbs down:
John Howard #19

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:09/08/2018 11:15:07Copy HTML

I'm sure if we changed the references from 'ISIS' or antifa to 'Christians' or white middle aged men, or republicans, you would be more than happy to keep them, even if they were not related to the topic 'thongs or flags' Your double standards never cease to fascinate me.
killamozilla #20

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:09/09/2018 02:34:29Copy HTML

JM, I wish you would just be honest with us and admit that the real rules are: "If you criticize my political team, your post will be censored". 

Your excuse for censoring my posts as being "off topic" is a joke. I can find dozens of posts on this website that contain off topic comments, and yet they are not censored. 

What really happened was that I (in a somewhat oblique fashion) criticized members of JM's team (sacred victim groups), and he decided that would not be allowed. 

Please just be honest about this.

For all those crybabies who are about to post in reply to this, "JM's site, JM's rules!~!!1!!!!!11!!" 

I completely agree. He has the right to censor what he likes, when he likes. That is transparently obvious to anyone with a 3rd grade level of education.

After all, he started the site and continues to maintain it and make payments to whatever crappy Chinese company owns it (i.e. AIMOO). 

He can kick me off today. He completely has the ability to do that. I agree with you, screaming infants. 

So what?

I'll continue to call him out on his hypocrisy until I am banned.

“Morality binds and blinds. It binds us into ideological teams that fight each other as though the fate of the world depended on our side winning each battle. It blinds us to the fact that each team is composed of good people who have something important to say.”

EDIT: This post was originally in this thread:


But JM moved it into this free speech Gulag thread. It was specifically in response to our dear leader's post: 

As a moderator I have removed some comments from this thread that were taking it off topic. When people repeatedly posted about ISIS thongs, (Not a thing), and links about political protests that were not about thongs or flags, I put up with a bit of it. But repeated attempts to hijack the thread means those comments are gone. This is not a 4chan message board. The thread topic is "stars and stripes thongs".

killamozilla #21

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:09/09/2018 10:41:47Copy HTML

This thread is rapidly becoming the official cordoned off "free speech zone" of this board. Just like when the G8 or some other globalist institution comes to town and the police cordon off a small area far away from where the meeting will take place so that no one will see the protest or hear dissident concerns. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_speech_zone JM is happy to heap criticism on his political opponents (and allow fellow travelers to do the same) in lots of other threads even if it is not directly related to the topic of the thread. But if you criticize his team, it's off to the designated "free speech zone" with your post. It'll be disappeared from the original thread without a trace. And then any comments that you made will have lost the original context and seem very strange to the casual reader. That's a side benefit with this type of quarantining of posts he doesn't like.

JSJax #22

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:09/09/2018 11:08:53Copy HTML

Nah, you're just being held to your word: killamozilla #1 Re:Free Speech & Moderation Date Posted:07/24/2018 08:03:56 I am going to start keeping a log of all the times when JM breaks his own rules and make a big post of them here in this thread...
JSJax #23

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:09/09/2018 11:59:16Copy HTML

I have no political enemies. I come hear to read/talk about thongs, not who assaulted who or whatever you're trying to hijack a thread with this week. Since you seem terribly concerned with pointing out hypocrisy so I figured I would point out your own. That's the purpose, nothing more. First (paraphrased): "I'll use this thread to complain about moderator hypocrisy" Second (paraphrased): "I'm upset that my post about moderator hypocrisy was moved to this thread" Hope that clears it up. Cheers.
killamozilla #24

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:09/10/2018 12:06:21Copy HTML

@JSJax, you know you can just not read posts you're not interested in right? If you see something I write you're under no obligation to read it. 

For instance, whenever I see a post by mack_back, I simply move on and ignore it. You are welcome to do the same with me and no one will be the wiser. 

Regarding my so called hypocrisy, your paraphrasing of my statement that I will "use this thread to complain about moderator hypocrisy" 

has nothing to do with the fact that my original posts were deleted by our beloved moderator,

which is in large part what I am alarmed about here (not just the siloing of the post you originally replied to, but the outright deletion of several other pre-existing posts without any warning).

My original statement that you are referencing also doesn't preclude me from using other threads towards similar ends. 

I have a feeling that either you don't know what the word "hypocrisy" means or maybe you just have a very difficult time with basic propositional logic. 

My guess is the later.

Chris_P_Bacon #25

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:09/11/2018 12:20:34Copy HTML

Vote to ban Killamozilla.
wearsthongs #26

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:09/11/2018 03:05:32Copy HTML

JM has done a fine job keeping this board in a good place, I have no problem with him being this boards BDFL. JM, please ban this guy and disable image posting abilities please.
killamozilla #27

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:09/11/2018 05:26:40Copy HTML

Ban everyone I don't like!!! Keep people with wrong opinions out of my safe space!!

killamozilla #28

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:09/11/2018 05:34:38Copy HTML


are you going to be deleting all posts with images now? As far as I know you've never stated any rules about this. If you would just create a detailed list of what is allowed and what isn't that would make life a lot easier for all parties involved. Right now it feels like you are just randomly deleting things.

stringster #29

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:09/11/2018 11:26:18Copy HTML

@killamozilla unfortunately the problem with most internet communities, whether they are on a forum software, facebook group, or website article comments is that there is always a 'higher power'. there's always some kind of moderation. usually the moderation is clearly defined by guidelines or t&c when you sign up, but when it's something run by one person with no clear defined set of rules and guidelines it's pretty much an "if i don't like it i will delete/edit it" scenario. it creates an enormous amount of bias based on that sole persons prejudices/opinions. this is particularly a problem in small, niche forums/groups. that said, i agree with other comments about this forum. it appears to be chinese owned (and aimoo being the higher power could at any time decide to delete the entire forum, but likely won't because they getting $$$). everything you post here is owned by them, if the admin could actually get a copy of the database it could easily be transferred to a new forum. if the owner was actually skilled in this regard, software could be written to transfer all these threads to a new forum. that said, even i could steal all the content here and transfer it to a new forum! wouldn't be anything the admin could do about it either (unless he's going to claim ownership of your intellectual property from posts?) there's already other similar forums out there. this one just doesn't exclusively cater to a defined sexuality, and the limitation of images etc. makes it easier to view just the worded content. it's a simple layout that even an average programmer could code up fairly easily as a pet project. the longevity of such a forum and gradual buildup is what makes it popular (as popular as a little community with probably no more than a few hundred active members could be). and finally killamozilla, it's all good and well to call people out on hypocrisy but if they're not willing to accept or take the criticism on board you're just wasting your time. i noticed this long ago. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=male+feminist (and no i'm not referring to you)
John Howard #30

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:09/11/2018 01:03:16Copy HTML

@stringster, quite an interesting insight....and I believe you are right. I knew of a few other less polite definitions than the one you cite from urbandictionary, but I reckon it's spot on man, the boot fits.
Filledthong #31

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:09/11/2018 01:23:14Copy HTML

I vote to ban killamozilla.
JM_Runs #32

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:09/11/2018 04:27:09Copy HTML

Yes - I will continue to remove images from posts, and the entire post if it does nothing but display images. The goal and mission of this board is to encourage and support people who wear thong swimsuits in public, at the beach or elsewhere. The quiet success of this board is because we encourage written input instead of images. There are thousands of websites, forums and facebook pages for sharing images of people in thongs. Most of these are full of pictures of models with hot bodies, and don't contain much useful information about the location or the swimsuit. On facebook I belong to a number of groups, some about local bicycle rides, some are just for sharing political memes, and some just for sharing pictures of 'hot babes' in thongs. Fun, but none contain the useful information about beaches and swimsuit brands that one can find here. There are also lots of dating websites where you can post pictures of your crotch, if that's what you think people want to see. I don't, and I suspect most people don't want to see that in the today section of the board. It could easily become nothing but a gay sausage fest stream of images. There are lots of other sites which do that, and do it better. The reality is half the people in the world are women, yet a lot less than half the members of this message board are women, even though a women wearing a thong swimsuit generally face less resistance or disapproval than a man. Maybe we have many more men because they need reassurance and hand-holding, because they are more scared about what other people will think. Maybe it is because men spend more time on the internet, although that difference is diminishing fast. I would like to see just as many women being members and regularly participating in our discussions as men. Maybe that is for selfish reasons, because I have found less resistance to men wearing thong swimsuits where women are already wearing thongs. Maybe because I like it when women accept and approve of me wearing a thong swimsuit. Maybe because I am always pleased when a woman tells her husband or boyfriend not to be a homophobic jerk, and that she would like to see him be brave enough to wear a thong too. Maybe because I am a secret feminist who believes women deserve full equality, representation and participation. We have over 32,000 registered members. Most are perfectly normal rational humans. A few stand out as blithering idiots or unabashedly misogynistic and chauvinistic. Often the offender is unaware of just how awful they come across to others. One would have thought that as thong wearers, we have a population who are more aware of how a disparaging comment or even just a disapproving look can be keenly felt. For most board users I think that is true, but not for some who seem to lack self awareness of how really odd they appear to others. For me it is a bit like the insane logic of religious fundamentalists, who can't see how strange their rantings are to rational people. I am accused of being a male feminist. I think a feminist is someone who believes women should have equal rights, opportunities and representation. Guilty as charged. Is it just me, or does the text and example from the urbandictionary linked to above seem hilarious? The reference to a ‘White Knight’ is also an appropriate attribution. When 13 years old and skiing in Austria the girls in our group started calling me the “White Knight” because I would always stop to help them up when they fell. Later my mother told me the nickname was a good fit, because the family crest on her side of the family was a white knight, on a rearing white horse, brandishing a white sword. It is the only all white heraldic crest. I believe the modern term “A White Knight” originated because the British considered her Irish family the friendly tribe. I will consider the label of ‘Feminist’ and a ‘White Knight’ as badges of honor. So long, and thanks for all the fish.
gw32 #33

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:09/11/2018 04:52:21Copy HTML

killamozilla - give it a rest. Your constant griping and snarkiness makes you a bit of an asshole. I wouldn't be sorry to see JM ban you (as well as the couple of guys who seem to just be here to agree with you and be insulting). JM_Runs - do what ya' gotta do, man
wearsthongs #34

Re:Free Speech & Moderation

Date Posted:09/14/2018 01:04:38Copy HTML

killamozilla - You do realize that free speech refers to a law that says you can't get arrested for speaking your mind, right? As in, it has nothing to do with being able to say whatever you want anywhere, or anything else for that matter. It strictly pertains to the government and you not getting arrested for words by the government. People have the right to call you out on being ridiculous, they have the right to ban you from private establishments and forums. The law is that no one gets arrested over any of it, and that's as far as free speech goes.
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