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Date Posted:04/30/2005 10:04:06Copy HTML

Which of the Vegas hotels is most thong friendly around the pools? I plan on going there this summer and would like to find myself one with other thongers.Do the big name hotels let you thong it?
clubthongs #1

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:05/01/2005 12:29:25Copy HTML

While I have worn thongs at many Las Vegas hotels, my vote would be the Luxor!
1Monte #2

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:05/01/2005 09:02:36Copy HTML

The best would be the Hardrock. They have a webcam, and you always see thongers--two guys were on yesterday.

I've personnally thonged at the Flamingo Hilton. Very thong friendly. They even were selling men's thongs in the store.

Enjoy and report back!

divenhike2002 #3

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:08/13/2005 07:00:14Copy HTML

I have worn a thong at Mandalay Bay's private beach (topfree for women and lots of female thongs) and at the topfree pool at Ceasar's Palace. No problems at all!


sailhoopsbare #4

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:08/13/2005 07:07:25Copy HTML

Wondering if those of you who wear thongs in Vegas, have great bodies.  I've never been there but it seems that the image is usually people who are unusually fit.  I'm a guy, in pretty good shape but definately not sculpted and could afford to lose 10 pounds, so not sure I'd feel comfortable there.  I hope to make it out there sometime this fall.
chasnsx #5

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:08/14/2005 09:04:32Copy HTML

My own pick so far would be the Tropicana, due to the general absence of children, and the presence of a lot of young and middle aged adults with tattoos, piercings, and sort of a general "anything goes" and "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" vibe.

Regards, Charles

GymThongGuy #6

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:08/16/2005 08:05:29Copy HTML

I'd have to say Luxor is my favorite to thong at. I have seen others do it there and have done it myself. (I will never forget the 80+ Year old guy shuffling around with his wife in a lipstick red thong! I wanted to cheer him on out loud.)

Tropicana would likely be a good spot and I know some folks who've done it at the Flamingo Hilton and Mandalay Bay. I would not advise going to MGM Grand. It's pretty family heavy there - not even a speedo insight (other than mine once). I thonged there once but was not comfortable. Did see 2 women in thongs though, but I sensed that was OK.

Again, Luxor is my top vote. I have seen lots of guys in speedos there. I think the owners would say it's the "Power of the Pyramid."

Enjoy Vegas and give us a full report when you return.

chasnsx #7

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:08/17/2005 08:17:35Copy HTML

I second the statement about the MGM Grand.  I had the same bad experience -- nothing but families and guys in dork shorts, and not even a speedo in sight.

I'll have to try the Luxor.  The Luxor used to attract a lot of families due to it being owned by Circus Circus/Excalibur, and its proximity to the Excalibur, but I think the vibe over there has changed, due in part to the very adult oriented "Midnight Fantasy" show -- and I believe that the video arcade there has been removed and replaced by a shopping complex.


Endo_Rowe #8

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:09/20/2005 12:28:46Copy HTML

Got rid of the arcade?!?! I loved that arcade.
In any case, the presence of families at Luxor seems to fluctuate constantly. I've been to the pool when it was nothing but adults, and times when it seemed there were no adults to watch the swarming kids. I've seen speedos and have worn a g-string myself. Of course you'll get some looks, but there was never any sort of hassle. I think most people understand that Vegas attracts people from all around the world with different preferences in dress.
jn9195 #9

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:11/21/2005 05:45:44Copy HTML

The Tropicana management will tell you that thongs are not allowed.
kgagne #10

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:02/22/2006 03:06:42Copy HTML

Going to the Rio this Sunday thru Tuesday anyone else be about.
mjstacey #11

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/09/2006 09:55:41Copy HTML

Just got back from 3 days in Vegas staying at the Stratosphere. They have a pool there called "Beach Club 25". It's a small pool on the 25th floor - adults only: topless, thongs, etc. It's free for the ladies and $10 for the guys. The last day I was there the sun was out and it was in the high 70s and I decided to check it out. It is as you would expect from a cheaper Vegas hotel. Yes there were a lot of couples there: guys wearing dork shorts and their unattractive wives wearing thongs and going topless. But there were also a few guys who paid for the privilege to see some exposed skin. There were also a few Europeans there as well. I asked the attendant if I could sport my thong - he had a shocked look on his face and said, "I guess if you really want to...."  Well, I did and got a few jeers and mumbles from some of the guys and even some snickering from their topless wives. I'm not out of shape (5'9", 165 lbs)  and have been tanning a while in my thong, so it's not like I was out there with a stark white bottom.

It was just real disappointing to pay to go to a place where "European" style sunbathing and thongs are allowed only to be snickered at by dorks and their wives. Oh well.

Bottom line is: it was OK, but just beware. It probably would've been better if my wife were with me.

riothong #12

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:07/03/2006 07:38:58Copy HTML

Hi All

I have thonged at the Luxor and MGM with no problems.  Has anyone thonged at the Bellagio?

sailor250 #13

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:07/04/2006 07:18:34Copy HTML

Has anyone thonged at the Venus topless pool at Caesar's Palace lately? 
thonger_man #14

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:07/18/2006 10:04:39Copy HTML

Last weekend I was at the Luxor sitting in the casino and a couple of girls had just came out of the pool area and one walked right through the middle of the casino in her thong.
shavedthong #15

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:07/23/2006 05:27:53Copy HTML

What abou the Bellagio?
sailor250 #16

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:09/06/2006 05:13:35Copy HTML

There was an article in USA Today the other day about local people crashing the hotel pools in Las Vegas.  They either talk their way past the poolboy or sneak in.  I wonder if women have ever used a thong to gain entrance? 
shaved_thong_lover #17

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:09/07/2006 01:21:12Copy HTML

I have been lucky enough to be in Vegas the last four weekends in a row.

Thonged at:

Four Seasons Pool: no problems

Mandalay Bay's topless pool: awesome, people even wecomed it and many girals and another guy in thong

Hard Rock:  Less than perfect, a lot of guys that didnt like it buton Sunday at the Rehab party there were probably 50 girls in thongs, one other guy and me, and we had a blast, got some bad looks but after everyone was drinking the thongs even became the center of attention.

Bellagio:  Thonged at Spa's sundeck all one day, but only gets sun in afternoon... the pool has mor people with families, can thong if discrete without problems, I had a Cabana and thonged all day,the waitress loved it.  No problems at the Spa sun deck and great steam room, baths, massages...

mark_issac #18

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:10/20/2006 10:38:25Copy HTML

try the Golden Palm hotel, it's near new york new york. very cheap hotel!
when i came back from a night out and was very drunk i asked the reception guy if i could go for a swim and he said it was fine as long as i didnt make any noise. so i wore my thong and some swim shorts over the top. then when i went swimming i was very drunk and decided to wear just the thong which was great. as i was so wasted i decided to walk to the lift in just the thong, which felt very exilerating but was very nervous too! as i walked past reception three really drunk girls stumbled out of the bar, they saw me in a thong and started cheering at me and chased me into the lift! i was shy and put my shorts on as soon as they caught up with me but they demanded that they see my ass. i then spent the night in their room in just a thong with my shorts on the floor. they generally liked grabbing my ass and took a few pictures! when i woke up i really liked just casually walking around in a thong and enjoying the attention. later that day i met them by the pool and again wore a thong in the pool and jacuzzi. we had been talking a lot by this point so was sad to say goodbye but i did get to look back on the whole time as the best thong experience i've had!
sailor250 #19

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:10/25/2006 08:00:54Copy HTML

While in Vegas I heard about several topless pool venues.


Caesar's Palace Venus Pool, Mandalay Bay Beach Club, Stratosphere pool, "Club Bare" at the Mirage is the newest topless adult pool.  Most charge admission, check websites.  It's becoming more popular--topfreedom equals thongfreedom for guys too you know!

sailor250 #20

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:10/29/2006 04:20:08Copy HTML

Now for some interesting stories about laying around the  Venus pool in Vegas.

One day I came out at about 2 pm and there were many people there on the sunny side.  I was by myself so I saw a single chair and took it.  I was wearing a yellow Dore verylow cut string thong.  Beside it were two chairs with towels and someone's stuff.  Well shorty these two girls come back to their towels.  I'd seen them before, both wearing bikinis.  The one girl had a Brazilian bikini and usually sunbathed and swam topless.  The other wore a small bikini and pulled it up between her nice cheeks.  They sat down after slipping out of their pants, and started speaking Italian.  I don't know much Italian but one said to the other something to the effect "This is a better place now".  Now keep in mind that the chairs are very close to one another.  I spoke too them briefly and they spoke some English but didn't say much. 

After a while I had returned from swimming.  I'm sitting their on my back, and the girl next to me starts to look over at me.  She started staring I thought,  but I couldn't see through her sun glasses.  I had my hand on the edge of one of the towels  just a few inches from the front of my suit and with my hand flipped up the little tag-- you know the fabric care tag--on the hotel pool towel. 

I couldn't believe it when she said to her friend in Italian---"these towels are made in Israel"

Talk about Eagle Eyes!!! this was tiny print a few inches from my suit.  She was staring!

sheluvsmythong #21

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:10/31/2006 05:29:46Copy HTML

Sailor, were you at the Venus Pool recently?  I'll be in Vegas next week and wanted to know which of the topfree pools would be open this time of year.  If anyone knows I would greatly appreciate it.

sailor250 #22

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:10/31/2006 07:43:23Copy HTML

Yes, a few weeks ago.  I understand the Venus pool closes in Nov. because it gets cooler. They have to staff all the pools with waitresses and lifeguards.  Last winter Venus underwent renovations.  I don't know about the other pools.
sailor250 #23

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:11/01/2006 07:11:38Copy HTML

I saw something else interesting while at the Venus Pool at Caesar's.

One day I came to the pool about noon and there were already 15-20 people there.  I took a chair and went for a swim.  I saw this girl  looked European about 25 years old at the end of the pool sitting on the edge of the pool.  She was pretty thin, and curvy, with dirty blonde hair.  She wasn't too tanned, but had an even look.  She was topless with a bikini bottom.  She got up and then layed down on a chaise facing the pool on her back.  I swam a few more laps and then I saw she was turned over on her stomach feet toward the pool.  I looked at her butt and couldn't see her suit anymore and I thought that she had pulled it up between her cheeks and the sides weren't visible because it was high waisted. 

I got out, layed down, got warm again and now about 30 min. later swam down toward her.  She turned over onto her bottom, and sat up.  I couldn't believe my eyes but she was nude!  She put her legs astride the lounge and leaned forward to pick up her suit  bottom which was on the floor beside her chair.  When she did this I could tell she was a natural blonde!  She paused a second looked around, and bent forward, lifting her feet and slipped her suit over her legs, raised up and pulled it up her waist.  ( noticed no tan lines) I looked around and no one seemed to be bothered at all!!  She layed there with her suit on while face up for a while, went for a swim then left later.

This amazed me that no one, including the waitresses and lifeguard said anything to her.  I guess they would if she layed there on her back nude, but after all you couldn't see anything on her stomach that the Gstring I was wearing didn't show.

sailor250 #24

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:11/04/2006 08:23:08Copy HTML

Another funny but not as amusing story was that a woman came to the pool with her husband.  They were about 30.  She was fit and trim and so was he.  She pulled off a  long sun dress and had a black skirt and what looked like a black one piece bathing suit on.  She sat there a while, he was wearing long swim trunks.  Then they get up and she gets in the pool with the skirt and all.  They swim a few minutes and get out.  She's dripping about 50 gallons of water from the skirt which is sticking to her legs, but she just sits there.

Well apparently this was because of her modesty.  I thought for a few minutes about why she would come to a topless pool, sit next to topless women and wear such a skirt bathing suit then it hit me.  She came there because people were tolerant.  At the regular pool she would have probably gotten as many giggles as I would have in a thong, but at the topless pool no one cared.

sailor250 #25

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:02/20/2007 07:54:08Copy HTML

Has anyone visited Club Bare at the Mirage?


Here's a link



sailor250 #26

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/02/2007 08:21:22Copy HTML

Little dity about a recent visitor to Club Bare who didn't bare it:



The place will get more popular with more buzzzzz.

JM_Runs #27

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:07/31/2007 02:28:24Copy HTML

I wouldn't pay extra for Club Bare at the Mirage when I can see the same thing for free at a New York City beach. I wore my black thong at the huge main Mirage pool and swam and walked all around. No one paid any attention to anyone except their own friends. The guys only wore board shorts, no Speedos or thongs.


sailor250 #28

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:01/23/2008 12:09:09Copy HTML

http://blogs.usatoday.com/hotelhotsheet/2008/01/party-topless-p.htmlLooks like topless is restricted but still legal in LV.
1Tinysuit #29

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:01/31/2008 08:57:34Copy HTML

Wife and I are going in June. We are staying at the Mandalay Bay resort. We are both thongers from Florida. Are there many people who thong there? And also are there alot of kids that go there? Less kids the better. Has anyone gone up to the topless area, and if so how was the thonging population there?
sailor250 #30

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:03/09/2008 02:15:45Copy HTML

The thong season is starting in Las Vegas -Bare is open.

sailor250 #31

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/21/2008 11:39:48Copy HTML

Heard about this new MGM pool club- not topless "but sexy " they say- don't know if that means thongs or "Ma and Pa" show a little pasty white leg?  we'll have to see.

tbck1000 #32

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/25/2008 05:02:49Copy HTML

 Any word on Harrah's?
miaswim #33

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:05/23/2008 07:09:01Copy HTML

Harrah's is not thong friendly at all.  The hotel caters more to a conservative, mid-Western crowd than the other hotels.  All of Harrah's properties have been classified and they are trying to target specific markets to specific properties: upscale = Caesars, Gay/Lesbian = Paris, middle of the road/conservative = Bally/Harrahs.  Not sure what they've decided about Rio.
riothong #34

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:06/29/2008 11:00:10Copy HTML

Hi over the years I have thonged at Luxor, MGM, Paris, Ceasars, and Bellagio, without any issues.  I think if you do not do anything in public that most people would think as unacceptible you will be OK.  Try to be respectful of others and their ideas seems to work for me.
JM_Runs #35

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:10/18/2008 07:04:42Copy HTML

Any current thong / g-string recommended friendly hotels on / near off strip for a mid 30's guy ?

Many thanks
cats89 #36

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:10/24/2008 05:45:59Copy HTML

 Just got back from Vegas.  My girlfriend thonged all week at all of Mandalay's pools.  She looked great and felt comfortable but the best place for topless and thonging was clearly at The Moorea.  Can't wait to get back.
barklee #37

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/02/2009 02:10:44Copy HTML

I think the best pools accepting of thongs and g strings would be the Hotels with "adult pools". The Wynn, Ceasers, Rio, Bare (Mirage), Moorea (Mandalay Bay), Stratosphere, Flamingo, Vitentian. Have I missed any? Hardrock and The Palms do not have "adult pools". If these places promote topless sun bathing then thongs are no problem. I have been to all of them. Vegas is open minded generally, and I have never been"called out" in a negative fashion when tanning in a thong at the "adult pools". So to be safe try the Hotels with the Adult pools... Hope this helps.
tanga #38

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/02/2009 09:52:25Copy HTML

Mandalay Bay (Moorea Beach Club) and Luxor have been the most thong friendly in my opinion, never had any issues there.

I thonged once at Bellagio and didn't feel comfortable although my wife did and no-one really seemed to mind.

The Wynn has a European style pool (I hate that description even though I'm from the UK) I believe!
brflines #39

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/06/2009 08:58:57Copy HTML

speaking of the Wynn, i'll be there over memorial day weekend. any one been?

jn9195 #40

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/26/2009 05:44:06Copy HTML

The Best Western on Paradise Road is very thong friendly.  Then have a large pool, but it is not heated, a really nice hot tub, and then a sun deck overlooking the pool.  This is all in the center of the building (rooms with exterior entrances).  The Office / Casino are in front and then the rooms make a huge u-shape around the pool and courtyard.  You can walk to and from your room in a g-string or thong and no employees seem to mind.  The maintenance guys might look at you funny (a guy anyway) but they don't say anything.   We spent ten days there and we wore nothing but thongs/g-strings the entire time unless we went up front or left the property.  I got compliments from a housekeeper, from a housekeeping supervisor (housekeeping inspector/room check person), and also from one of the women that operates the breakfast buffet (below the sundeck).  We were there at the beginning of April 2009.  My girlfriend got too much sun and stayed in the room for a couple of days.  When I went to the sundeck, I would wear my towel, but if I went back to my room for something (even if I didn't "need" anything), I would be in only my thong and sometimes a hat.  People didn't treat me any different than anyone else. 

Just one of many incidents:  There were two mid-twenties girls there. One wore a bikini and her friend wore long shorts and a tank top even in the pool and hot tub; she also had lots of tattoos, etc.  I was in the hot tub when they arrived.  I got out and walked around, got in the pool, back in the hot tub.  Their eyes followed my every step.  It was great.  We spent a long time there together.  The next day I went back to the pool in my g-string and passed them on the way; they appeared to be on their way somewhere.  They were talking.  When I got to the pool and stuff, I still heard them talking.  I dove in the pool a couple of times, tried out the hot tub again, walked around, got a drink of water from the water fountain, etc.  I thought they were gone.  Then I saw the tattooed girl.  She was at the corner of the pool's iron fence, on the outside, just staring at me.  Her hands where clenched on the bars like someone in a jail cell.  This was at least 30 minutes after I passed them on the way to the pool when they appeared to have been going out for the day.  When I looked up and saw her, she acted "caught" and then smiled, then they left. 

jn9195 #41

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/26/2009 06:15:02Copy HTML

After staying at a Best Western and then spending some time in Laughlin to save money for a week, we returned to Vegas and stayed at the Motel 6 on East Tropicana for a week, then extended our stay for another week.  Yeah, it's a Motel 6, but not a typical Motel 6.  This is about two blocks from the Tropicana and Excalibur casinos.  There is the Tropicana, Hooters, the old half of Motel 6, America's Best, then the remodeled part of Motel 6.  Both parts of Motel 6 have pools.  The updated section has large pool area surrounded by rooms, with the office and convenience store at one end.  This pool is fairly large but it goes from 3 feet to 6 feet to 3 feet again.  The older section's pool goes from 3 feet to 6 feet and it is a smaller pool but I liked it more... and it is a little more "remote".  You can walk across the America's Best property to go back and forth to the motel 6 sections.  Oh, we stayed at America's Best for 3 days, but their pool was ice cold and their hot tub wasn't working.  Someone told us they fixed the hot tub, though.   We thonged at America's Best.  I think the housekeepers were talking about me, but I don't know Spanish. :)   Also, around here, you can thong, but you have to watch out for the redneck type guests and the "rapper wannabe" types.  They will say stuff or laugh if there are a few guys in a group.

The updated part of Motel 6 has 32" LCD TVs, internet available in all rooms, etc... (unlike before when it wouldn't work well). They have armed security 24 hours per day.  Those guys are from Texas and they didn't say a word about me walking around in a g-string.   My girlfriend and I spent at least part of most days at one or both of these pools.  There were about 3 days where it was too cold or windy to spend time out there, though.  She'd take a dip then read or sunbathe.  I can't sit still to lie in a chair; I like to be in the water or moving around somehow.  Sometimes I'd be thonging alone and a family or a couple would join me.  Some of them would look at me funny, it seemed, but no one freaked out.  This is Vegas, but you don't see a lot of guys in thongs.  In the past, I would chicken out of wearing them, but this time I decided to do it no matter what. Once at the smaller pool, around noon.... two Latino girls joined me and they chuckled at first and then one of them said I looked "nice" when her friend was in the restroom.  They left.  I left but came back an hour later.  I was alone. 

Just as I returned, a mother and daughter walked into the pool area.  I had just dropped my towel and was stepping into the pool.  The daughter was probably only about 10 years old.  I was thinking about leaving, but I was already there and they had seen me.  Well, the Mom & Daughter didn't seem to be bothered.  I swam around.  Well, the Mom wasn't getting in the pool, she was just reading and getting some sun. The young girl jumped right in the pool.  I was uncomfortable at first.  I'm in my mid-30s and it was just me and this young girl in the pool, even though her Mom was right there.  After about 5 minutes of thinking about it, I got out.  Her Mom was just two chairs from my towel and stuff.  I picked up my towel to dry off and cover up.  As I grabbed my towel, the Mom looked up and said something about it being a nice day, etc.  I asked, "I don't want to be a problem with my suit or anything."  The Mom said, "What's wrong with that suit?" and smiled.  I said something about it just being her daughter and me in the pool.  She said there was no problem and not to leave for that reason.  So, I dove into the pool and spent at least an hour more. It was still a little uncomfortable at times because I would catch the girl looking at me.  And after a while, she had gotten a mask out of their bag and was swimming around underwater a lot.   But then another couple joined us in the pool, they said nothing, and I was more comfortable about my suit.

sailor250 #42

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:05/10/2009 01:38:51Copy HTML

Anyone been to Caesar's since the Venus Pool has been remodelled? 

It sounds like they may have enlarged the area?  I don't know how sucessful their plans at charging everyone admission every day will be with the economy and occupancy rates in the dumps.  There reaches a point when having a number of employees at a venue with too few guests and too little revenue will cause them to open it up without a fee and then raise revenue off of drinks and food with more guests/fewer employees.
tanga #43

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:05/27/2009 01:21:55Copy HTML

Has anyone visited recently?  Any recent thong reports?

We're aiming to go again around the beginning of November.
barklee #44

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:05/28/2009 03:14:09Copy HTML

tanga, I will be in Vegas the week of July 6th and will be more than happy to report back. I usually stay at The Hotel and split my time between Morrea Beach, Ceasers Venus and Rio Saphire pools. Those pools have historically been VERY thong friendly for both men and women. I have always had a good time, never been hasseled and always have a story to tell relating to wearing a thong (I actually wear a Y back SKINZ suit). I am looking forward to my trip and will pay particular attention to "things" that people who wear thongs, g strings and women who like to sunbathe topless are concerned about.
tanga #45

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:05/28/2009 09:05:46Copy HTML

Thanks a lot., much appreciated.  I have mostly stayed at Mandalay Bay because of the beach and due to Moorea Beach club.  Such a beautiful resort too.

Have a great time in July (ouch that will be hot!).
sailor250 #46

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:06/13/2009 08:00:44Copy HTML

I see the new Venus Pool Club website (caesar's palace) says European sunbathing but at the bottom says "no topless swimming"--that's a change from before. I hope it doesn't turn into a clothing nazi state like some clothing optional places in Key west where you had to dress to stand up or swim- supposedly. It opened in May after remodelling.  Any reports?
riothong #47

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:06/14/2009 01:31:43Copy HTML

I recently spent a week a the Bellagio.  I used everything from a slightly see thru bikini, a thong, I g-string and did not have any issues. 
barklee #48

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:06/15/2009 12:09:06Copy HTML

"No topless swimming" that would be crazy if thats the case... I will see for myself and let you all know when I get back in July. I thought with Vegas catering more to the "adults" now days they wouldn't be concerned making more restrictions. Actually, I am going to call out their next week and if that is the case I will probably switch hotels. I really don't see the point...
barklee #49

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:06/15/2009 01:16:13Copy HTML

Ok now that I got all worked up before having all my facts I realized that this "No swimming topless" rule has been in place for a few years now and I can say from personal expirence in the past, that it apparently is just not enforced. I will still will do some follow up... What a crazy rule!
sailor250 #50

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:06/15/2009 02:08:02Copy HTML

I was last at Venus in I think late 2006 and several women never wore tops all day, walking swimming, sunning.  Truly European would mean that many women don't even own matching tops!  I never saw any notice about this rule then...and as explained above even saw one girl nude there.This may be a rule displayed as a legal issue because they may need an adult entertainment license if they have topless women doing anything but sunbathing.  Seening as it's now a "club" with admission etc. it's probably more closely regulated.I don't know how the Sapphire pool deals with this- seems they'd need such a license if they pay women to be there topless.  That might not be a problem as the night club of the same  name must be licensed that way- at another location.
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