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s.turner #51

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:02/21/2010 04:58:12Copy HTML

 ok... so since my last topic got deleted, I will add it into here.

I'm trying to plan a trip for me and wife to Vegas and am just wondering what hotel has the best pool where she would be able to see men and woman in thongs as she is against me thonging because its her perception that men who wear thongs are gay, and woman who wear thongs are sluts. And i want her to break out of this. Me and her are both nudists, so i know shes not opposed to showing off her body where appropriate.
Slimmer #52

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:02/22/2010 04:28:03Copy HTML

My vote would be the Luxor, i have been many times and enjoyed thonging at the pool. I have met other guys there too. Then the Spa is great too. Mandelay Bay Beach would be second. Hot there too
ithongit #53

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:02/22/2010 11:56:52Copy HTML

I hate to say this but Vegas is probably a place where you will see more openly gay men and slutty women wearing thongs than at most other thong-friendly places.  They are accepted here more than many other places.  "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

s.turner #54

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:02/24/2010 12:11:23Copy HTML

 Looked at Mandelay Bay... looks like a great place! How is the topless pool? Looks like a great place to thong. Definitally think we're going to end up down there on the May long weekend.
miaswim #55

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:02/24/2010 04:19:12Copy HTML

Luxor is pretty popular but depending on the weekend you may find a sea of board shorts no matter which hotel you stay at, especially Memorial Day weekend.
That said, the topless pool at Mandalay Bay (Moorea) is a good option.  I've thonged there before with friends who were in town and had no problems.  The only drawback are the goofy guys that pay to enter Moorea only to hang out at the bar in their board shorts in order to watch the topless girls.  Go figure!  Some of the other adult/topless pools to consider would be Venus (Caesar's Palace) or Bare (Mirage).  The scene at Wet Republic (MGM Grand) is more of an afternoon club scene with DJ's and plenty of people, but most are there to party and play, not enjoy a day poolside.
jamaicaman #56

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:03/07/2010 09:37:28Copy HTML

My wife and I were staying at the Luxor and we saw 3-4 women wearing thongs. I can not speak to what the policy is for Males wearing thongs. Although we did see one male wearing a speedo with it tucked so far up his butt cheeks you would have thought he was wearing a thong!  It was drawing a lot of attention and it was very funny!

We also saw one woman remove her bikini top. She was quickly approached by the life guards and required to put it back on. Evidently the guests are watched closely!

We love the Luxor!
sailor250 #57

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:03/14/2010 07:29:29Copy HTML

Anyone been to the new ARIA pool Club Liquid in the City Center?  I hear it's over 21 but no topless allowed....which seems opposite of the trends.  ?Thong friendly

I see Hard Rock Hotel is opening a new european topless pool.  Should be interesting.
s.turner #58

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:03/20/2010 06:25:29Copy HTML

 Booked our trip! Going to be staying at Mandalay Bay... any reviews? Looks like a beautiful hotel with a nice topless [and thongs!] area.
barklee #59

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:03/21/2010 08:49:56Copy HTML

You have made a good choice! Actually The Moorea pool is the one to go to, (20 cover charge but worth it),it looks out over the main Mandalay Bay pool. I usually stay at The Hotel which is associated with Mandalay Bay and wear my thong every time. To date I have been the only guy in a thong but never had any negative comments. I usually keep to myself in the mornings and "mix it up" in the afternoon when everybody has had a few drinks as is in the party mood, then people are very complimentry, buy me drinks, ask to take pictures and just want to talk. Get to the pool early so you don't get stuck having to buy a day bed to have a comfortable place to catch rays, the day beds start at $200.00. One  more thing just because your staying at Mandalay don't be afraid to try the Venus pool at Ceasers it's fun also.When are you all planning on going?
s.turner #60

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:03/22/2010 10:39:06Copy HTML

 Going on the May long weekend. May 21 - 24. Me and my wife haven't been to the states yet together, so it'll be a great trim! Hoping it's not too too busy at that time.
miaswim #61

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:03/24/2010 01:30:47Copy HTML

S.Turner - that should be a great weekend here in Las Vegas for you.  The pools are all starting to open and by mid-May you'll be guaranteed some warm, sunny days!  Weekends are always busy here, but you're coming one weekend before the US Memorial Day weekend which marks the official start of summer season here so you should do just fine.  
I've thonged at the pool at Moorea and the comments here are spot on.  Get there a little early so you can get the best location.  You'll see plenty of topless women and the Moorea pool is up above the family-oriented wave pool that can get impossibly crowded in the summer season.
riothong #62

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/03/2010 11:54:13Copy HTML

I will be in Vegas from April 18 thru 23.  I have stayed and thonged at the Luxor, Paris, MGM, Belligio, and Ceasars.  I have generally found that if you keep to yourself and do not do anything that would unusually draw attention you should be OK.  That being said the best place was the Ceasars Adult pool.  Lots of thongs (mostly gals) and toppless females.  This time I am staying at Planet Hollywood - Towers.
miaswim #63

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/03/2010 03:58:10Copy HTML

Riorhong - if you're staying at the new PH Westgate tower, just know that their pool area is completely exposed to the lobby area and the Miracle Mile Shops that surround Planet Hollywood.  You should have great weather by April and I'm sure they have areas that are away from all the gawkers that aren't resort guests that stare through the glass wall out to the pool
Hopefully I'll be out boating at Lake Mead by mid-April to start working on my thong tanlines again this year.
pkthong #64

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/04/2010 02:14:18Copy HTML

 This is not a hotel related post but pertains to L.V. To anyone visiting the area in the next several weeks be advised if you suffer from allergies or asthma; to take your meds before getting here. It has been very windy lately and I'm seeing a lot of this.
 There is a local hospital which sells a T-shirt in its gift shop that reads something like"I spent my L.V. vacation at ______ hospital".You do not want to plan a vacation and spend the time and money only to end up in the hospital especially if it can be avoided.
Hope this helps.
riothong #65

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/11/2010 10:57:43Copy HTML

Thanks miaswim - I will change my hotel to the ARIA and try the adult pool there.  pkthong - thanks for the update - I do have allergies and will be sure to take my meds.
sunnedtbuns #66

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/11/2010 03:49:08Copy HTML

Has anyone been to the ARIA before?  I don't believe there will be a problem.  According to their brochure (http://www.arialasvegas.com/spa/) the spa features a co-ed balcony pool & notes that 'Spa at ARIA does not require any dress code; it is a clothing optional environment.'  There are separate men's and women's spas with eucalyptus steam rooms and redwood saunas.  Photos of the resort look great.
riothong #67

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/12/2010 11:54:06Copy HTML

I will be at the ARIA next week April 18 thru 22.  I will post some comments. 
riothong #68

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/13/2010 10:41:53Copy HTML

If you use google and search Aria Spa Las Vegas reviews, you will find a number of reviews.  It seems the Co-ed areas require swimsuits, the sun deck is small 6 chairs and over looks the liquid pool. 
JM_Runs #69

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/19/2010 12:43:17Copy HTML

An article in the newspaper today says that the Tropicana is remodeling and will have a new theme...South Beach.  Will this mean topless and thongs at their pools, like the real South Beach?  We sure hope so.
jn9195 #70

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/26/2010 06:21:35Copy HTML

I prefer the smaller hotels and motels, the thonging experience is much more exciting.

The Best Western on Paradise has a hot tub and a pool, though not heated, and also a sundeck.  The hotel is 3 floors and it surrounds the pool and sundeck area.  It's not the greatest place, but you can spend all day in the tiniest thong, pouch, or g-string.  The housekeeping staff will be super-friendly to you.

DavyJ #71

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/26/2010 05:48:59Copy HTML

I also think you are better off at smaller hotels.  Frequently there is no set "policy" which means if you ask, the desk clerk has no idea what to say, so they are much more likely to say "yes".  Or if you don't ask and are "caught", no one will know about any rule, so you will be ok.  And most of their help is often part-time, frequently young people, college students, etc. most of whom don't care anyway.  The big mega-hotels are usually way too formal for my taste.
flthongtanlines #72

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:05/11/2010 05:58:13Copy HTML

These hotels that have cover charges like Ceasar's, Mandalay Bay, Stratosphere-- can you go to these pools without being a guest at the hotel and get in by just paying the cover charges?
sailor250 #73

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:05/12/2010 01:22:02Copy HTML

yes they all charge admission even to hotel guests- because they are a "club".  Expect to pay more as a male!
20897 #74

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:05/14/2010 09:39:18Copy HTML

Has anyone tried the pool at the Wynn? We have stayed at Mandalay Bay and Ceasar's, but thought we would try the Wynn this time. I have heard that they do not charge to use their European Style pool, but don't know if thongs or g's are allowed. Any info would be great. Thanks!
smoothtantush #75

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:05/14/2010 10:06:25Copy HTML

I've stayed at the Wynn and Encore and had NO problem wearing thongs and g's there. Spend several days at the Wynn last year and even wore a Koala Secret Wish without a single problem, a few compliments even from a group of women from Ohio. I felt free to walk between pool areas in a teardrop g-string as well as to and from the poolside tables. Just make sure you cover up before going back to your room. 
20897 #76

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:06/16/2010 02:25:13Copy HTML

We just got back from spending weekend at the Wynn. The hotel is very nice and so was their euro pool. As far as thongs and gstrings go, I was the only one wearing one that I noticed on Sat. and Sun. Their were a few ladies that were topless besides my wife.
koenig3456 #77

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:06/16/2010 12:45:57Copy HTML

I just saw an article in USA Today online that lists many adult-only pools in Vegas.



Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:06/16/2010 03:27:33Copy HTML

We are lucky in Las Vegas, there are many places to wear your thong.
cats89 #79

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:06/30/2010 07:22:41Copy HTML

just returned from 5 days in Vegas; girlfriend spent entire time thonged at Moorea at Mandalay.... was a ton of fun.  Highly recommend to all.
riothong #80

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:07/04/2010 01:40:57Copy HTML

I spent 4 days at the Aria in May and plan to go back in July.  I thonged the entire time with zero issues.  I even made some friends at the pool.
sailor250 #81

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:07/05/2010 12:10:54Copy HTML

riothong tell us more about your experience.  were there others in thongs?  did you wear conservative or really small suit?  did you get any compliments?
riothong #82

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:07/05/2010 07:50:33Copy HTML

There were just a few thongs that I noticed.  There was a couple who set up next to me, there were from Belgium.  The got stuck due to the volcano.  In any event we became friends and spent time outside away fromt he pool together.  One evening we spent time comparing suits.

I have some thongs, and g-strings.  I started the week in an adjustable front thong, That went from a conservative front to very tiny.  As the week went on I work smaller suits - not issues.

I did check with hotel about the thong poiicy and was told it is OK.

I am really looking forward to going back.
barklee #83

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:08/09/2010 11:36:57Copy HTML

I have been off the board for awhile do to a job relocation and all the personal time that takes. I have heard that Moorea no longer allows topless sunbathing for women and that RIO's VooDoo Beach pool allow's it again, on Fri. Sat and Sun. (this after the Saphire failure). I say that to say this, if a pool allows topless sunbathing then I have never had any proplems wearing my G-Strings.That crowd is usually pretty excepting. I'll be at RIO Sept 3rd and either Rio or Ceasers Venus pool the 4th 5th and 6th. I am looking froward to being in Vegas again!
cats89 #84

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:08/10/2010 06:58:27Copy HTML

Topless and thongs still no problem at Moorea.  Its by far my favorite pool in Vegas.
sailor250 #85

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:08/11/2010 02:01:39Copy HTML

I've worn thongs and G strings at some of the pools too.  Anyone else worn any "out there" suits at any of the pools?  I've worn a torpedo G string and "semikini" one sided G string at the Venus Pool with no issues at all.  It is an adult environment after all.
mrhb2008 #86

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:08/13/2010 01:24:32Copy HTML

 Haven't been to Vegas for awhile, but we stayed at the Hard Rock before they started the Rehab thing.  I wore several different thongs & Gs.  The was another gent in a thong and 2 or 3 girls.  Didn't get any comments good or bad.  Question is:  Has anyone been to Rehab & sported a thong or G in recent years?
JM_Runs #87

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:08/13/2010 04:22:24Copy HTML

 Given the crowd of people who frequent the Rehab parties I would not suggest it.  I'm sure there would be no problem for a female though...
JM_Runs #88

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:08/14/2010 02:48:03Copy HTML

Thonging at the Rehab party (or one of the other major Las Vegas pool parties) has been a fantasy of mine for several years now.  I've only been to Vegas once, and was not there on the weekend.  Maybe I'll make it out there sometime in the future and give it a try.

BTW - there's always some good thong shots at the following picture sites from Vegas parties:


pff61 #89

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:08/16/2010 01:09:34Copy HTML

Will be in Vegas at the luxor from Aug 18th to the 27th just a speedo thong anyone been there lately? anyone going to be there around that time would be fun to have otheres thonging.
muzz #90

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:08/19/2010 05:19:14Copy HTML

Just got home from Vegas and stayed at the Stratosphere, awesome time.  There are two pools one family and one topless.  Got there Thurs the 12th and went to the family pool, walked thru the doors and a girl in a thong walked past, great start!.  Friday went to topless and I was the only male thong but there were 3-4 females including an amazing European blonde in nothing more than a g-string.  Lots of topless.  Saturday saw 4 women thongs at family pool, didnt make it to the topless pool.  Sunday at topless there were 3 males(incl me)and 6-8 females and once again lots of topless, Monday,Tues,Wed there where fewer people but still 5-6 thongs daily.  I started in my JS rio and switched to Muscle skins, nobody cared, everyone freindly,walked around,up to the bar etc.  Great experience and cant wait to go back.  Last night there wore white JS full cut at family pool and at closing time threw on my t-shirt and walked to elevator and went to room with only t-shirt and white bottom,was fun.
barklee #91

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:08/26/2010 02:06:20Copy HTML

Summer is ending fast! I intend to try the VooDoo lounge pool at the RIO on Friday and then the Venus pool at Ceasers for Sat, Sun and Mon. I usually am the only male thonger wherever I go and I am challenging anybody else in Vegas (men and women) at that time to wear a thong, g-string, go topless whatever it's the last blow out of the season. If you see me at one of those pools on those days please say hello and lets give the rest of the Vegas visitors something to talk about over the "off season".I actully perfer to wear a g-string opposed to thongs because of the way they fit so I will be easy to pick out of a crowd. Lets have fun over Labor Day!
barklee #92

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:02/21/2011 02:47:54Copy HTML

I like to go to Ceasers and Rio. Always positive expirences at both places. Probably won't be there until late May this year... I usually go 3 times a year. Have a good time.
tanga #93

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:02/21/2011 08:02:29Copy HTML

I am going to Encore next month, anyone stayed there yet and thonged?  I see there is a European pool there so hopefully won't be as busy as the main resort pool.
riothong #94

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:03/07/2011 12:10:04Copy HTML

I have not been to the Encore.  I have stayed at a number of hotels and never really had a problem.  I will be at the Aria in April.  I stayed there last year twice.  They have a number of pools and was easy to find one not to busy. 
tanga #95

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:03/07/2011 03:43:06Copy HTML

I have not been to the pool at Aria but visited the casino last April when I went, it was great to visit one so new, everything was gleaming and I loved the decor.

We got a good deal at Encore otherwise Aria was on the list.

Saw the biggest group of stunning girls all going out, they strode across the casino en-masse and it was certainly a sight to behold, must have been 40 of them, every single one was stunning.  I'm sure there were some beautiful thongs under their dresses! lol

Only a few weeks to go before we head off, can't wait for the end of the month.  Viva Las Vegas!
pkthong #96

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:03/08/2011 08:05:52Copy HTML

 I love when people come to Vegas and truly enjoy themselves. If nothing else our town is known for entertainment.
March and April( last year May also) are generally good months because it's not too hot, although it can get very windy. With the wind comes dust and pollen and crap.
So bring plenty of anti histamines.
And do post your thong vacstion experiences so that some of us may live vicariously.
tanga #97

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:03/08/2011 09:57:00Copy HTML

I am starting to get concerned that all of the pools may not be open at the end of the month at Encore, I have e-mailed to find out but I do hope we haven't timed our trip too early.

Any Brits on the board considering a trip, BA have announced direct flights for £450 until early April, this is a great price for direct from Heathrow.
riothong #98

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:03/08/2011 12:27:50Copy HTML

I would suggest you call the hotel regarding the pools.  I have not been to Vegas in March, but have been in April and May and found the weather to be great, but run the risk of some cool days.  It is interesting that you found the Encore to be less expensive then the Aria.   I was able to get a great rate for a suite at the Aria.  If you are intersted email me and I can give you some pointers about where to find promotions codes online.
tanga #99

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:03/08/2011 03:24:25Copy HTML

The deals from the UK sites like Expedia, Opodo and lastminute.com vary almost on a daily basis for hotel prices, the air fares less so (although the current BA deal is excellent for travel to LV within the next month).
pkthong #100

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:03/10/2011 06:01:54Copy HTML

 I guess Vegas this time of year is "a crap shoot". Lol(pk pats himself on back)
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