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miaswim #101

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:03/10/2011 06:25:37Copy HTML

 PKthong is correct, this time of year here in Vegas can be warm or cold, but then again coming from UK it will definitely be warmer than back home.  We're already getting some nice weather, so later this month should still be nice during the day and cooler in the evening.
As for Encore, I have stayed there and did thong, but actually at the European (ie topless) pool at Wynn, not Encore.  The Encore Beach Club is a loud, club scene by the pool but I don't think they open until mid-April.
BaltoBob #102

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:03/12/2011 11:06:40Copy HTML

Just got back from Vegas. Pools at Rio were not yet open. I walked down to Tropicana and took some pics of the redo. Nikki Beach is nowhere near ready but should be quite nice.
sailor250 #103

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/17/2011 09:45:02Copy HTML

here's a usatoday article about Artisan Pool  "naked pool party"  I think thong and topless was too long a name- why I use the term TNT-next time I'm in Vegas might check out what they'd do if you party naked!
g_stringmelbboy #104

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/25/2011 03:45:00Copy HTML

Ok, so i have a week of holidays to use in mid june. I am thinking Vegas, what is it like this time of year? Or are there better locations in the US to thong in mid june?
miaswim #105

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/25/2011 05:18:39Copy HTML

TO: g_stringCome June, the weather is in full summer which means 40+C days every day, and clear blue skies nearly every day.  There are some options at the adults-only pools in Las Vegas that you can thong at or a bikini would be acceptable at most any resort pool.  There are some good posts here you can review.   Everyone has a preference, so I sent you a private message with details.
g_stringmelbboy #106

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:05/01/2011 02:40:52Copy HTML

Thanks miaswim. I have been to vegas last year and stayed at the luxor although there were some girls in thongs at the pool, i never felt comfortable to thong as there where also heaps of families about. Do any hotels have an adults only pool that is not turned into a dayclub like Moorea beach and the like?
miaswim #107

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:05/01/2011 07:08:54Copy HTML

For that you may want to check Venus at Caesars Palace.  More affordable and an adults-only pool is also located at Stratosphere.  Rio used to have an area that was adults-only, but I'm not sure if that's till the case or not.  You can probably check their website to confirm.
BaltoBob #108

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:05/01/2011 01:12:56Copy HTML

FYI-There are VERY few families staying at Rio.
g_stringmelbboy #109

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:06/05/2011 04:15:22Copy HTML

Any reports from vegas so far this season? I will be there m a couple weeks. Does anyone know if the stratosphere club 25 adults pool is still open?
muzz #110

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:06/05/2011 03:20:32Copy HTML

I had a trip planned to the Strat in May but ended up cancelling.  According to the website the pool is closed, also called and was told it was closed.  No reason given and she did say a lot of people were asking what happend.  To bad as I was ther last summer and able to wear a thong and g with no issue.
carolinastingray #111

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:06/05/2011 03:57:52Copy HTML

I stayed at the Wynn Encore for 5 nights then a night at the Stratosphere a few weeks ago.
The euro pools at both Wynn & Encore were quite busy every day and had zero male thongers so I didn't work up the courage. I felt perfectly comfortable wearing a bikini or square cut. Over the course of the week I only spotted 2 female thongers and 5 going topless. They pumped up the music over the weekend so it became quite the party scene. BTW, if they have a special event they will close a euro pool so check before you go. If the pool is closed at one hotel you can usually walk over to the other, guests at either resort can use the other resort's facilities. 
The one afternoon that I was at the Stratosphere the pool was virtually empty because it was cloudy, windy, and cool. It looked like they only have one pool so they may not have an adult pool anymore. 
JM_Runs #112

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:06/06/2011 03:23:07Copy HTML

I spent yesterday (Saturday) in Vegas after a business trip.  I've always wanted to try thonging at a beach club (in the past Rehab).  After some research, I decided Rehab wasn't the right crowd (I prefer a little more class than Jersey Shore trash - no offense to regular Jersey folks).  So I tried Encore at the Wynn.  Waited in line for 45 minutes to be one of the first in.  Found an area off to the side a little and slipped off my shorts into a Skinz G-string and slid into the pool.  I was there maybe 5 minutes before they told me I had to cover-up :(  Guess if you're a guy, no G-strings allowed.  I finished my drink and left - I had one day in Vegas, and I wasn't going to spend it in anything other than a G-string.  

I looked up best pools to go to that weren't "clubs" and would allow a non-guest. Ended up at Caesar's and was I happy. Caesar's has kind of a club at their topless pool, Venus.  They've got a DJ, beach chairs, cabanas, etc - but it's very small and they don't pump the music loud.  I was pissed at Encore experience, so as soon as I got into the Venus pool, I walked straight to the far end of the pool itself (it's basically rectangular), laid down my towel and stripped to my G.  I laid there for maybe 5 minutes before I saw one of the bouncers stop by look at me and talk into his walkie.  I figured "great - here we go again" but then he just turned and walked away - Money!  I sat up, threw my legs over the edge of the pool and just sat there at the end of the pool, taking in the Sun, in plain sight of probably 100+ people.  That's when the first group came over - a group of 5 girls saw me and come over to talk.  They all really liked my black G, and were curious as to why I was wearing one, whether I wax (I get that a lot because I spend a lot of time "preparing" before I go thonging) and where I was from.  They also asked if I was hired by Caesar's (again, I got that one several times during the day).

There weren't any other thongs there yet, but plenty of rio's and two girls (little older) topless.  So I figured, time for some fun.  I went up and bought a drink at the back bar.  That's when groups started to want pictures! Not only did the girls want pictures, but several guys came up and told me they appreciated my confidence.  Throughout the day, I had no hassels at all from any guy (not one bad comment) - in fact, everyone seemed to love it, several people told me I was the most popular guy at the pool.  However, I think the staff did not appreciate me at all. First off, not a single one of the waitresses would even approach me, I had to get my own drinks.  The other interesting thing was that after about 1/2 hour, the door manager told me that he had a big group coming in to use the chairs I was laying in front of, and that he would give me my own "private space," which consisted of a beach chair in the back corner cabana blocked from the pool by the wall.  I guess he wanted me out of the pool area - screw that.  I set my stuff down and used that as a base camp and just walked back to the pool.  Either I was going to be tolerated, or I was going to be thrown out - it's Vegas after all.  Besides, I didn't want to be the "perv in the corner."  I talked to lots of women and several guys.   When in the pool, I walked up and down occasionally and almost every group would say hi and we'd talk about something.  I walked around the pool area several times, talking to various groups.  

One time a yellow duckie hit me in the ass when I was laying pool side (not hard, it was obviously miss thrown).  Well, I had been talking to the group that had it, and the guy who threw it specifically.  The staff came by and told him they couldn't use the duckie anymore because they had "just hit someone in the ass."  I didn't care, and din't ask for that treatment, so I took the duckie and tossed it (lightly) down the pool to keep it moving.

I probably got up to get a dozen drinks throughout the day (over 5 or 6 hours).  Had tons of group shots, everyone had a great time - like I said not a single negative comment by the guests.  When I left to go the bathroom, the pool manager asked me to put a towel on since the bathrooms are outside the "topless" area and it was more family at that point.  That was reasonable so I obliged whenever I left the pool area, but would drop it as soon as I walked through the fabric door into the Venus pool.

Overall, great experience.  A couple thongs in the day (not too many unfortunately) and probably 6 topless girls throughout the day.  One lady was topless almost the whole afternoon in a sunbed wearing a green-yellow rio back.  She was probably in her late 40's and looked really good for her age.  I walked over and she greeted me so I stopped to talk.  She was great - laid back, loved my thong, thought we should all be allowed to do what we want, etc.  I asked her if she's ever heard of "wicked weasel" to which she said "that's tomorrow, Sunday is Wicked Weasel day!"  Too bad I had to drive back that evening.  Her husband was right there and he was cool also (but in shorts/T-shirt).  I complimented him on his wife and we talked for probably a good 10 minutes.  Keep in mind, I'm standing pool side the whole time in nothing but a black G-string.

Like I said, I probably had 5 or 6 groups of lady's throughout the day (Bachelorette parties, just friends, tourists, etc) approach me and want pictures, want to talk, compliments, etc.  The last group was visiting from Scotland (great accents) and they were surprised I was there.  They said in Scotland it's not unusual for guys to dress like me, and they were glad to see someone in the States willing to do so.

Highly recommend the Venus pool - but stay confident and social.  It's okay to stand-out in Vegas as long as your cool about it.  I think if I had acted like a perv or something instead of like everyone else at the pool (just wearing a little less) than I would've been asked to cover up.  Thongs are definitely okay with the guests though.
pkthong #113

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:06/08/2011 06:58:58Copy HTML

 Your experience at Venus Pool is inspiring. I live here and have not had the opportunity to go to one of these pools. If I could convince my wife to go it would be great but she is not into the minimalist thing nor ostensibly the topless thing. I am a little surprised by the double standard at Encore, I would imagine that if you were accompanied by a woman they might have let you be. Oh well, they don't deserve your business.
I too love the Scottish accent, after Jamaican it is my favorite.
Keep up the good attitude, for now I will have to live vicariously through you and the others who can and do thong with confidence and non chalance as "SlidingG" would say.
g_stringmelbboy #114

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:06/09/2011 04:40:15Copy HTML

Thanks for the feedback guys. Dissapointing to hear about encore. Think i will try bare at mirage and the venus pool first. I too will be wearing a black skinz G.  
pkthong #115

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:06/18/2011 06:49:14Copy HTML

 So I had a day off yesterday AND my family went out of town for a couple of days, so I was a "bachelor" for a day. I was just gonna throw on a thong and hang out by the pool in the backyard but I was thinking to myself that I pretty much do this all the time (in a rio not a thong, because of kids being around and wife's objections)anyway.
So being inspired by "cyberluc" I decided to make a day of it at the Venus pool at Caesar's Paalace.
The Good: no cover charge this particular day usually 20-30$. Plenty of topless women, most were with guys, and were a 4-7/10 but still cool. Weather was great.
The Bad: I was the only guy in anything less than boardies. I wore my JS capri in black, did not want to thong it because of wierd tan lines, besides I'm sure people referred to me as the "thong" or "bikini" guy (or possiblygay) LOL(not that there's anything wrong with that). I did not strike up a conversation with anyone unless you count the waitress but "Can I get a club soda? and "The Memphis sliders look good" does not a conversation make. 
 No one was eager to have their pic taken with or by me. No one except one or two of the staffers seemed bothered by me and I recieved no compliments good or bad.
Th Ugly?: As the day wore on and the place filled up I was still the only "bikini" man and I had a pair of loungers(that's how they are set up) to myself. One of the cabana boys asked me if I was waiting for someone and I said no and cleared by garbege off of it, I told him if another party needed it they could have it.
So I went for a dip in the pool  and when I came back to my lounger, I was dissappointed to see in the lounger next to me was a 60 something, out of shape, man in a grayish sequined G!.
I proceeded to sit in my lounger and was thinking to myself"Cyberluuuuuuuc!!!!!!!"(put in in the context of William Shatner in The Wrath of Khan)
Great now everyone is gonna think that we're together or something. My own prejudices and closed mindedness took over me and I did not even say "hi how u doin""
I went for another swim and when I got back he had moved down several loungers that had been emptied in the interim. By then I had seen all that I had to and left.
I suppose it's a luck of the draw thing coupled with having a gregarious personality.
So conclusion is it is a great place to hang and people watch and probably even meet some interesting people. Just suppose I had a sampling error that day.
abczyxabczyx #116

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:06/20/2011 11:00:47Copy HTML

I was at Mandalay Bay this weekend and wore a thong to the pool (not lazy river, beach or Moorea).  No one minded.  The lifeguard walked by a few times and did not say anything.
I saw Moorea and it is not worth the money.  
g_stringmelbboy #117

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:06/23/2011 10:32:44Copy HTML

Went to the venus pool tuesday and wednesday and had a nice relaxing time. Wore my black skinz MIR2U. Didnt get any negative comments, did get a group of jocks walk past and lol but that was about it. I would say 80% of the girls were topless but alot of husband/wife couples. There were two hot young girls topless and wearing g-strings. No other thong wearers.

Entry was free tue, wed but they did charge $50 today. Must charge that thur-sun. More of a party crowd was there today so didnt thong, and less topless girls aswell. So I  would suggest going early in the week when people are relaxing.

Does any one have any recs for friday? rio? strat? Any where that is topless but not too club like.
seigs #118

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:07/06/2011 07:44:25Copy HTML

Anyone in Vegas over the holiday weekend?  I'm heading to the Rio at the end of the month and am looking for an update!
levipenumbra #119

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:07/07/2011 07:32:47Copy HTML

Might I suggest not using your laptop or smartphone at the Rio during the last week of the month. DEF CON is that week.Opps, turns out it's August 4th-7th.
mrpba #120

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:07/17/2011 08:41:13Copy HTML

Wife,myselfand my sister in law will be at the palazzo in august.We were wondering if there were a lot of thongs or g strings at the pool. We dont mind if we have to scale it down to some string rio bikinis but we would like to be in our thongs for the 4 days.
sailor250 #121

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:08/09/2011 01:08:50Copy HTML

Any reports from "off strip" places that have european sunbathing?  Like the "Artesian"?  I think the Statosphere has closed their Pool 25 club and that small pool which was topless.

To bad about cyberluc's treatment at the Encore.  I see many thongs on chicks there on napkinnights.com photo albums this summer....sounds like they dont want guys in thongs
minimalist75 #122

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:08/09/2011 10:06:23Copy HTML

Anyone been to the Aria adult only pool?
BaltoBob #123

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:02/04/2012 04:37:59Copy HTML

I don't know how many here will be interested. Note "Option 2" on the link, where to stay .
publicgirluk #124

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/01/2013 11:44:03Copy HTML

I'm going in May. Are you allowed to thong in the resort/casino - shall be at Aria
pkthong #125

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/03/2013 02:32:19Copy HTML

 @public: As a female you should have no problem other than the loads of attention you would likely get from men. If they tend to be innebriated it may be rather uncomfortable but security is pretty tight in most places. You may not find many guys in less than boardies but if you prefer it that way then should be alright. On the other hand there may be a fairly large European contingent and more skin than usual.
Anyway enjoy our crazy city, the weather is great, but it is high season forallergies and asthma so take your meds if you need them or you may end up in one of our fine hospitals , possibly under my care LOL.
publicgirluk #126

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:05/20/2013 07:44:48Copy HTML

 Had a great trip, weather was ace 38 for most the week. In the end I only went to Liquid at Aria 'cos I had a free entry ticket, pretty small but OK, several young lady thongers but all the guys in board shorts. The prices put me off too be honest, charging for everything from entry to a lounger. Spent most my time in the main Aria pools, no issues but only thonger.
iloveum #127

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:05/20/2013 01:58:14Copy HTML

Sounds like you had a great trip. It was bitter when i was over there...Anyway weather getting better now in the UK. Spring has almost arrived.
sandrhymes #128

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:10/07/2013 04:09:27Copy HTML

Stayed at the Bellagio last weekend for a wedding.  Beautiful hotel and pool area.  Was only able to manage getting to the pool for Saturday afternoon.  The weather was a little chilly in the morning hours but warmed up nicely for the afternoon.  Only hotel guests are admitted in the pool area.  I wore a new gstring from ebabee for the several hours I was able to spend there.  I saw no other strings, thongs or rios.  The pool deck was crowded but not fully packed.  No problems at all, but a little disappointing there were no others in small swimwear.  This is probably a little less adventerous (in terms of pool attire) group of guests that stay at this hotel.  All-in-all I would not have a problem going back again, but would prefer if given the choice to stay at another hotel or walk next door to Caesar's if time permits.
OS777 #129

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:10/08/2013 04:52:51Copy HTML

I lived and working in Las Vegas for 13 years and from my great acquaintance with the hotels and attractions I would never plan a trip and expect to see anything worth writing home about by thinking that thonging at a pool in Las Vegas would be noteworthy. It is a pipe dream!  Wake up people! That town sucks for everything. The whole town is smoke and mirrors. Why would anyone in their right mind waste their money and time in Las Vegas???  That is so far beyond stupid that only a tourist would think the trip there is a vacation. That town has nothing, absolutely nothing to offer a sane person. For your best return for your money go to San Diego and visit Blacks Beach, a world famous nude and clothing optional beach. Blacks Beach is at La Jolla, a northern suburb of San Diego and well worth the time and money to visit. I lived in and around San Diego for 10 years and often visited Blacks Beach. If you see nothing else in the western USA, at least make the visit to Blacks Beach. Please, no more wantaB's desires to visit Las Vegas to be seen. That is a pipe dream and a very unrealistic super far fetched waste of time and money to visit that desert town of broken dreams and wantaB gamblers/losers. Vegas sucks, in every way imaginable. Go to San Diego for better weather and Blacks Beach were you can wear as little as you wish or wear nothing at all. Vegas was built on the loses of losers.  Think about it. Wake up. Don't waste your time and money in Las Vegas. San Diego is only 325 miles away and the weather there is usually great in all seasons!!! I am a 10 year veteran of Blacks Beach.
BorisVI #130

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:10/08/2013 01:07:25Copy HTML

I'm glad Liberace didn't live to read this. 
jprob50 #131

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:10/09/2013 10:05:44Copy HTML

I have to agree with OS777. The town sucks !!! However, when I lived in Vegas, about 40% of the women at my apartment complex would wear thongs or g-strings at the pool. I was bold enough to wear mine as well and got quite a few compliments.
DesertThong #132

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:07/29/2015 02:50:33Copy HTML

Venus "European" pool at Caesars is fine with thongs. I was there last week (about 100F each day) and enjoyed tanning and walking in the pool. Some people were standoffish, but most were talkative if not outright friendly.
Indythongz #133

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:10/06/2016 03:21:04Copy HTML

I just spent two days at the Venus pool at Ceasers.  It was pretty late in the seasson so I was not charged an entry fee. I wore a vuthy thong the first day and a skinzwear M77 the next. The pool has a chill vibe. I felt very comfortable very quickly as the waitresses wear cheeky bikinis that are almost thongs. I got no negative comments. One guy told me and my wife that I must be very confident. It was my first time thonging at a pool. On my way to the restrooms, located outside of the main pool area, I got some looks. One woman sat up from her chair and pointed me out to her friend. I smiled as I walked by and they waved to me on my way back to the pool. It was exciting, and as the time went by, I walked around everywhere around the pool. It was great!  I cant wait to go back again in March!
shavedm #134

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:11/16/2016 06:51:49Copy HTML

 Was in Las Vegas at the Trump Tower over the weekend there is a small pool with about a 100 loungers at the hotel.  Over the weekend I saw mostly board shorts for the men with a couple of European bikini on non USA tourist.  As far as the ladies go 1 g-string and 3 or more cheeky bikini bottoms.  The wife and I were traveling with some friends so I had to leave the Skinz Sunseeker at home to keep the wife happy.  
sailor250 #135

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/25/2017 09:45:21Copy HTML

 Got to spend a couple of days in Vegas recently.  Got a quick cheap room at the last minute at Luxor.  The rooms are like a 1970's Hampton Inn but that's another story.   Went out to the regular pool there in a thong bikini and found a spot over near the far end and spent a couple of hours there.  Saw several chicks in thongs and a few guys in bikinis.  Four 20's chicks come walking up to the chairs beside me.  They seemed to have their suits on under their shorts and tops but one had this long shirt/dress on short enough I could see some ass!  I thought that's got to be a thong!  She bends over to spread her towel and I could see almost half her ass.  So she gets something from her bag and walks away.  She comes back a few minutes later wearing a bikini- well a cheeky bikini, kind of loose rear!  Well they all four had loose bottom cheeky suits that were imped immediately.  They were Germans.  Another woman and her husband sat on the other side. When she took off her tank top I saw her nipple bars thru her top....and yess..a thong bikini!So I went in and changed into a Dore Very Low Cut which is a 4 inch high V string.  Chairs had been moved around and now I'm out in the aisle with people streaming by.  No one seemed to mind at all.  The waitresses were coming by often.The next day I went over to the Artisan Hotel.  I've had good times before there.  I wore a small missile sling suit over my shoulder which is held in place with an internal ring. There were 6 or 7 topless chicks and only a couple of guys there when I arrived. Everyone seemed to be locals. The TNT chicks were posing for belfies and clowning around.  Soon one was slapping my ass then one rubbing me with oil, and next everyone jumped in the pool. After a while and a few drinks I thought I could change suits so I dug out a suit and hopped in the pool and just changed there.  I put on my tangaland manbag overt which is a root and shaft exposure suit. . The girls loved it.  Well a couple of them were making plans whispering in my ear, detailed plans for the three of us and it didn't mean going out!   My suit was almost exploding.The waitresses and  female manager were walking around and with this suit I tried to keep it out of their face. So yeah had a good time.  It's very thong friendly! and the people are friendly!
trm1 #136

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/28/2017 06:27:58Copy HTML

 I just had a relaxing couple of days at Mandalay Bay. I was there with a couple of college buddies and asked if they minded if I wore my thong and they said to do what makes me happy.

I wore a thong under a pair of see-through nylon short shorts just in case I couldn't thong I wanted something loose and that would allow as much sun on my legs as possible. I almost instantly removed my shorts and enjoyed the freedom I love from wearing a thong.

We hung at the crowded pool visiting with lots of people swimming. After about four hours my friends went up to their room to chill and I moved over to another section of the pool where the sun was still shining.

I had become completely relaxed even walking around the pool to go to the bathroom . When I moved to another chair a group of girls said that they loved my ass. I'm in pretty good shape for a guy in his fifties and try to hit the gym regularly.

Then heard a very cute gal say " I'm not going to lie I have been watching you all afternoon and you have a hot ass."   I have a wonderful girlfriend and didn't want to lead her on but I politely smiled and thanked her.

Needless to say I was floating ten feet off the ground for the rest of the trip. I have thonged in many different places and have found that people really don't mind a guy in a thong.
sailor250 #137

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:05/06/2017 03:10:57Copy HTML

 found this article about the latest in the topless pools in LV.  I have seen that "toptional" the word is now copyrighted!! http://vegasseven.com/2017/04/12/whats-story-topless-resort-pools-las-vegas/
sailor250 #138

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:06/26/2017 10:02:10Copy HTML

 more info above about Las Vegas pools--- over 110 degrees everyone into their thongs!
sailor250 #139

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:04/07/2018 01:58:12Copy HTML

 Looks like the Las Vegas pool season is beginning- here she's kicking it off in a thong
sailor250 #140

Re:Friendliest Vegas Hotel??

Date Posted:09/01/2018 12:12:06Copy HTML

Hope everyone who is interested has seen this thread. There are two here about Las Vegas.
Please cutback on starting new threads and try to post messages as a reply to existing threads.
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First paste it into notepad or other basic ascii editor so that the formatting codes are removed, then cut again. This will give you clean posts.
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