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Date Posted:10/04/2015 03:38:19Copy HTML

I usually do a daily quick 1hr road bike ride through some hills in my area 
Everyday before I leave the house I would check how visible my thong is under my biking spandex.  I don't mind if its slightly visible, I figure if someone is staring hard enough at my ass they deserve to see a little something. But if its too visible, I feel that is just as bad as being a creepy flasher and trying to make a statement.
Well after riding nearly every day for almost a year I just stopped checking since every time I checked, it wasn't noticeable at all.One thing I forgot was that spandex/lycra wears out and gets to the point its almost see through.
So one day I had my old neon green thong under my old Rabobank orange kit and went on my normal bike ride.From the beginning I noticed cars were slower around me than normal.  Great I thought, finally jerks are being cautious, but latter I noticed people were staring at me as they passed.Once I noticed the staring, I thought my thong must be a little too noticeable, but being too far from home I just kept going with my route.
When I got home, I checked and laughed, I was stunned how bright my thong showed through, the lycra was so worn out that when I went into a riding position (basically stretching the lycra) it was about 85% see through!
Now I check my thong line everyday before riding just to be sure and I took that bike kit out of my rotation, maybe ill turn it into a bag or something.

ECman #1

Re:Funny experience road biking in a thong

Date Posted:10/04/2015 07:16:43Copy HTML

 That is funny. I had a similar experience one time in a Speedo suit at a hotel pool. It was an older suit but seemed fine. As soon as I jumped in the water, the elastic in the material let loose. Something felt different, so I looked down and my Speedo looked like see thru granny panties. I had to jump out, wrap in a towel, and go find a different suit.The lesson: spandex doesn't last forever!  :-)
NudeNArizona #2

Re:Funny experience road biking in a thong

Date Posted:10/04/2015 09:59:44Copy HTML

 I have had a similar experience, but it was with N2N net G-strings.  I wear these a lot as daily underwear and never give it much thought as to how sheer these become over time.  Also when traveling I will wear the same G-strings as swimwear if staying in a hotel. So I had been staying in a hotel for a few days and using the pool mostly alone in the evenings with no issues.  So Saturday morning I decided to go lay out by the pool, and while I was applying suntan oil I noticed how sheer the fabric appeared, but still no issues since I was the only one laying out.  After about 30 minutes in the sun I went in the pool to cool off, and as I swam a few ladies came and set up towels a few chairs down from where my stuff was but it required walking past their chairs to get to my lounger.  After a few minutes I built up my confidence and climbed the stairs out of the pool and glanced down at my G-string which was now totally sheer leaving nothing to the imagination. As I am walking toward my lounger both ladies smile and are staring right at me and as I get closer they said hello! and one said I love your G-string!! Then she said 'you are welcome to come lay by us if you would like some company" so I said sure let me get my things.  So I brought my stuff over to where they were set up and as I went to get a chair next to them they started moving their chairs apart and one pulled a lounger between them and said here use this one! So I layed my stuff out and as I settled and started applying some oil the one girl commented that she would never have the guts to wear a G-string to the pool especially one so tiny and sheer, then I said Why Not? She said because I don't think I have the ass for it, which I said I don't see why because you aren't fat. Then I asked have you ever wore G-string panties and she smiled and said all the time, they are all I ever wear! Then the second girl said "we were joking in the room" that I thought we should wear our G-strings to the pool and get some sun on our buns but the only ones that I have that could pass for swimwear are sheer!!  Then I smiled and said what's wrong with that? Then she smiled and said I can see you have no problems with sheer.  So I said why don't you back and give it a shot, then I said you never know you might enjoy it and since I am already here in mine no one will care. Then the one girls said to the other "I will if you will" then she smiled and said are you sure? Then the first girl said Hell Yeah!!! So they got up and said We will be back shortly.

So about 15 minutes pass and I figure that they decided against coming back to the pool, so I decided too cool off again in the pool and and as I swam to the deep end of the pool I turned around to swim back and saw them walking thru the gate with sarong's tied around there waist's and noticed the outline of very tiny G-string front panels!! So as I swam back to the shallow end I heard the one girl say "sorry we took so long" but I couldn't figure out which color to wear so we decided to match you and go with white, so if anyone comes out they will think we all planned it.  She also said don't get out of the pool we are coming in!! Then they both dropped their sarong's on their towels and I noticed the one girl had on a mesh bottom and the other had fishnet G-string. I also saw both of them remove their bikini tops and smile, and then the girl in the fishnet said "Oh, we also stopped by the front desk and asked if it OK if we laid out topless, and she said they told her that it was fine, because they didn't have any kids staying in the hotel today!

Then they both walked over to the pool and walked down the steps and commented that the water was a little chilly then I said it's not too bad once you get used to it, I also noticed the one girl no tan lines on her breast while the other girl had very distinct white triangles.  So we swam for a few minutes and decided the get out and get some sun, so as they came out of the water I noticed how sheer their bottoms were and smiled and said I guess you both have outdone me in the sheer G-string department! Then she smiled and said "I guess the only way to go is go Big!!" then the girls with the tan tits stood up and removed her bottom and said "or go home!!!" Then the other girl removed her G-string.  I asked did they say you could go Nude! Then the girls who had no tan lines said I do this all the time here! Then I asked why didn't you say something earlier, then she told me she had to go check the registration check-in to see who was staying in the hotel before saying it was ok to go nude, she also said that she works at the hotel and that her family owned it.  She also mentioned that the whole reason they were coming to the pool today was because her freind had never laid out nude and she had finally convinced her to come with her to the pool, and when they saw that I was in the pool they both got a little concerned that they wouldn't be able to sun bathe nude today because they didn't want to offend any guest's but once I got out of the pool with my sheer G-string on they figured everything would be fine. Now i asked "what if someone else from the hotel decided to come out by the pool?" she said usually if they have an issue they will go tell the front desk and then someone will come out and ask us to cover up, and then we will just put our suits back on!  Or if they don't have an issue nothing will be said. She also mentioned that I was welcome to join them if I liked or if I felt more comfortable with my G-string on that was fine too.  Then I let me go get some water in the vending machine and when I get back I will strip down, I don't think that walking thru the lobby naked would go over very well with the girl at the front desk. Then the girl picked up her phone and called the front desk and asked the girl working it "how many other guest are here in the hotel right now? and I heard her say ok, thanks" then she hung up the phone and said "your fine" I just asked and she said only three rooms are rented out today and none of the other guests are here, the only other people in the hotel are the cleaning staff, and they don't complain they see this type of thing all the time.

So then I stripped down and said anyone else need something to drink? As I started walking to the gate the nudist girl said i'll take a diet coke and the other said if you don't mind I'd like a bottle of water. I said give me a few minutes I need to go to my room to get some money for the machine.  Then the nudist girl said or you can just go to the front desk and have them put it on your room because there is a small pantry across from the front desk! I asked are you sure, because being nude by the pool is one thing but nude in the lobby is a whole different animal.  She said don't worry I will walk with you if you like I need to get some sunscreen anyway. So she got up and we walked inside and she called out for the girl at the desk and asked if she could get her sunscreen that was behind the counter and as the girl came out from the back she said I see you found the guy I was telling you about that was swimming in a G-string every night.  Then she smiled and said sorry, but you have been giving the night shift some entertainment every evening when you go for your swim, then she said I'm surprised you just go nude in the first place, because usually when we have guest use the pool late at night most of the time they end up skinny dipping especially if no one is around!  She also said in case you hadn't noticed there are security camera's all around the pool area, so when it is slow what else is there to do besides watch reality TV on the security camera

Since I am a nudist I really didn't mind who was watching as long as no one was offended, then I asked how often do you get complaints from guest's about seeing someone nude in the pool? She said hardly ever, usually when guests see some one nude in the pool or hot tub they either ignore the fact that they are nude and go along with what they were doing or they just turn around.  As long as no one is doing anything vulgar it isn't usually a problem.  She said if it is an issue we will first come and ask you to cover up and that takes care of the incident, but more often than not when someone comes to ask if we knew there were naked people in the pool, we say no and would you like us to send someone out? They usually say no, don't worry about it. Then we got our drinks and sunscreen and walked back out to the pool, as we walked to the door the girl from the front desk said enjoy your day!! If you are still out by the pool I'll come out and join you when I get off in an hour!!

So back out by the pool we laid out and swam and the girl who had the tan lines asked me "how long have you been a nudist because you have no tan lines at all?" I just started today and can't wait til my tan is all even.  Then a little while later the girl from the front desk came out to the pool still in her uniform and said to her sister that she set the door ringer and forwarded the phone to her cell and said it was just too nice of a day to stay inside and slipped off her skirt and top and walked over and got a few towels and layed out her stuff and said I should be fine as long as I don't get my hair wet until shift change. Then I asked what if someone comes to the front desk while you are out here by the pool? She said I'll just get dressed real fast and go back and say sorry I had to step out for a minute. but we rarely have anyone show up between 10am and 2pm.
Dr S #3

Re:Funny experience road biking in a thong

Date Posted:10/05/2015 08:16:20Copy HTML

I've experinced very similar to Hawaiianthong (unfortunately not NudeN's sheer g-string fantasy). I normally wear nothing under my bib shorts to cycle, but if I'm commuting to or from work I often leave my underwear on underneath as I have to change and we have no facilities for that other than a toilet cubicle at work. Usually that presents no problem as I use decent quality black bib shorts or tights and my cycling shirts and jackets usually cover enough of my backside to make sure that if someone notices I'm wearing a thong, they'd have to have had a good gawp. However, earlier this summer I ended up wearing some older shorts as the other pairs were in the wash, and a new top. I discovered on my way home that the elastic at the bottom of the cycling top was a little tighter than usual and so crept up my back as I cycled. I didn't think anything about it until I passed a line of cars queueing for a busy junction and received a sarcastic wolf-whistle from the driver of a car with his window open. When I arrived home and checked myself out in the mirror I could see that the lycra was fairly sheer when tight and the black thong was clearly visible against my pale skin underneath.. A little too obvious!
2xist #4

Re:Funny experience road biking in a thong

Date Posted:10/05/2015 02:47:33Copy HTML

 Ditto for me! Both out on the road and indoor cycling classes! Oooops! LOL!!!
hawaiianthong #5

Re:Funny experience road biking in a thong

Date Posted:10/05/2015 03:36:03Copy HTML

 Haha glad to hear im not the only one, I knew it must have happened to others before.
I only had one creepy incident, when I was riding a different route from my normal one, there was this guy that followed me for a bit smiling at me trying to make eye contact, and that time im sure my thong wasn't visible.  I had a group of black (not that it matters I love all colors) ladies holler at me when I rode by, but by the time I realized they did so I was too far away, shame really because some of them were HOT, but I think the hollering was more just because I was a guy wearing bike clothes, im sure if they saw my thong the yells would have been even louder lol.
I know your not suppose to wear any underwear under bike clothes but I find that if I wear something like a JS rio thong, I can ride beyond 60 miles and not feel the thong or any chafing, but if its a mesh thong then by about 50 or 60 miles I can feel it.  And if im being honest I like wearing a thong under spandex and having a only slightly visible thong line, its a minor biking motivation (besides the pure joy of biking) for me, and if were all being honest, I think we all like so show off a bit.    
mack_back #6

Re:Funny experience road biking in a thong

Date Posted:10/06/2015 05:51:04Copy HTML

My experience riding in short shorts with a wide leg circumference. While i normally wear a thong underneath riding along towards the beach. Decided against wearing a thong only because a visible whale tail maybe seen while cycling in short tank tops. Thought i would be more modest saving anyone that i maybe deliberately flaunting my thong deciding to wearing nothing underneath my short loose shorts. Until i was ten minutes from home riding down a steep hill along bike path. While other roller bladders and runners, cyclist passed me from the opposite direction thought nothing of it. This woman climbing the hill she had a big smile on her face before we passed each other. Thought it was odd not knowing her while she appeared to look like she knew me very well. Then after getting down the hill i adjusted my shorts along the hem and noticed my testicle was openly showing. Then i clued in that i flashed maybe half a dozen people without realizing it or intentionally doing it. After that day i wear my thong always under my nylon short shorts when cycling lesson learned. Not worried of showing any thong whale tail or Visible thong line under my thin shorts. Actually i enjoy it if someone notices but ain't to concerned or care..
Chantelle4both #7

Re:Funny experience road biking in a thong

Date Posted:10/10/2015 05:56:38Copy HTML

 Wow, 60 miles with a thong... You ARE motivated. Under biking shorts with pad, or just lycra long shorts? On the aero bars?
hawaiianthong #8

Re:Funny experience road biking in a thong

Date Posted:10/11/2015 04:41:50Copy HTML

 Oh biking always with bike pad shorts, no way would I ride with just Lycra non padded shorts
lauren1 #9

Re:Funny experience road biking in a thong

Date Posted:10/27/2015 08:06:11Copy HTML

 I rode my bike in a thong bikini for a laugh once and it was great fun. The best bit was whizzing by people and by the time they'd realised I was wearing next to nothing I was away up the bike track! There's a photo in my profile too ;-)
JM_Runs #10

Re:Funny experience road biking in a thong

Date Posted:10/27/2015 10:03:44Copy HTML

Lauren1, I normally ride too and from the beach in a thong.  I use a mountain bike for going to the beach and around town.

When on the road bike I often ride in very short shorts and crocks. Sometimes manage to drop the younger guys in their full bike kit and proper clipless shoes. It's the legs, and how you spin, not the gear.

Halloween is coming. It is an American excuse for dressing up, because they don't normally do costume parties.
In Fort Lauderdale we do a couple of costume bike rides. I did thong batman two years ago. Black thong with Batman patch on front (thanks friend), batman mask and short cape. My friends got a laugh out of that one. (Tip, always use a short kid length cape to keep it from getting tangled in the wheels.)

johny_b #11

Re:Funny experience road biking in a thong

Date Posted:10/27/2015 11:08:23Copy HTML

i was riding back from the beach one time about 26 kms im pretty sure, well i had been there pert near all day and decided to just bike back home in my thong bathing suit and a tshirt. i ended up joining a group of tourists on there bike ride. i thought it was a little bit funny that no one in the group of strangers even said anything about my bathing suit choice. we all just talked and enjoyed the ride until i had to go down a different road to get back to town. it was fun.
Thongzo #12

Re:Funny experience road biking in a thong

Date Posted:10/28/2015 05:55:30Copy HTML

Ha! That's a great photo lauren....I've always wanted to do one of those world naked bike rides but they never seem to come through this area. There is also an underwear run on Valentine's Day and I've thought of wearing a red thong for that but damn if it's not cold up here in Feb and I don't know if I could survive a sub zero run in just a thong!
thonger_in_oz #13

Re:Funny experience road biking in a thong

Date Posted:10/29/2015 01:44:50Copy HTML

 lovely bicycle Lauren !!! :P
lauren1 #14

Re:Funny experience road biking in a thong

Date Posted:10/29/2015 02:30:57Copy HTML

 Haha thanks riding is great for the buns too ;-)
bmicro #15

Re:Funny experience road biking in a thong

Date Posted:10/29/2015 01:29:23Copy HTML

 I try to get in a bike ride and go up and back the length of the island at least twice a week. If I have time, I will cross the bridge and hang out at Haulover for a while. I can go up the bike path next to the beach for most, but not all, of the way. Unless it is too cool during the winter, I am always in my beach wear (small g-string or similar). I usually stop at an outdoor tiki hut on my way to get a fresh orange juice for the ride. I have made good friends with the waitress there. The only time I get an obviously unusual reaction is when I must ride on the side of the main drag and sometimes a car will slow down behind me to take a picture.
BJR #16

Re:Funny experience road biking in a thong

Date Posted:09/13/2017 04:32:04Copy HTML

This summer when its been super hot i have worn a thong under my shorts to volleyball which i always do . Then on the ride home at night wearing my bike compression shorts i stripped down to my thong . I have never done this before. I then road through the cemetery a couple of times giving security a show and whom ever else was out. It was very exciting, exhilarating and refreshing at the same time.  
stringueur #17

Re:Funny experience road biking in a thong

Date Posted:10/14/2018 11:57:16Copy HTML

Yesterday, the weather was unusually beautiful and hot for the season. I decided tu put a thong under my cycling shorts to be able to stop and tan a little on the edge of a lake. My thong was a black speedo thong and my lycra short is white. However i thought my thong line wasn't visible thanks to my jacket who recovers the bottom of my back. During my trip (90 km - 60 miles), i doubled in a climb a couple who were riding too. I doubled firt the lady and 2 seconds later i doubled the man. As i was getting away (i was riding faster than them), i heard the woman talking to his man : " Hey, have you seen the black thong ? " The man muttered "yes". I understood that my jacket had gone up a little too more and that my thong was visible under my lycra short. I didn't stop and continue my road ride but i pulled down a little my jacket.
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