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JM_Runs #51

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:12/17/2009 01:26:45Copy HTML

I don;t see why you couldn;t wear it on SoBe. I've never bee nthere, but bassed on what I have read on here and other places, you shoukld be just fine with it. And defonatly on haulover, where if you can get away with one of the ose koala suits, then this should be way more that fine.
clubthongs #52

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:12/17/2009 02:19:01Copy HTML

Stanpuppy, that is a great looking suit on you. Wear it proudly! Who is the designer?
beachfolks #53

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:12/17/2009 03:41:55Copy HTML

 Stanpuppy-Your gstring material looks like the material of a suit I purchased recently of the sale rack at Skinz. I think your suit is a Skinz Roman. Your suit will meet the Pinellas coverage regulations-it is actually conservative and fits well. The coverage of a string is not significantly less than a constructed thong. I would not hesitate to wear it anywhere-anywhere! in florida, except for a few beaches where all thongs are banned (such as Clearwater).
At Sobe (and most other Florida beaches), you can wear the suit on the street.
JM_Runs #54

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:12/17/2009 04:56:27Copy HTML

Stan,That suit is perfectly fine for beachwear, actually it is more conservative than most of what I usually wear.   
fordrs #55

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:12/17/2009 05:02:46Copy HTML

cant see anything
WeaselGirl #56

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:12/17/2009 06:21:47Copy HTML

I prefer g-strings as the tan lines are better, however at busy beaches or pools I tend to wear a thong (triangle back WW). When less people are around I will normally wear g-strings.
luvnmythong #57

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:12/17/2009 09:24:38Copy HTML

Stanpuppy:  No way!  Say it isn't so!  YOU of all people should be the ONE wearing a G on South Beach.  YOU set the fashion pace for the rest of us.  According to the polls I've seen today about whether you should or should not wear a G on South Beach, I see that the Blue States are definately supporting you wearing it.  Even the Red states are leaning in that same direction.  Looks like it's going to be a landslide "YES" decision by all your supporters.  Hey, I've worn a G at South Beach before.....from the hotel.....along Ocean Drive.....thru Lumas Park.....and on to the beach.  I've worn them from 12th to 16th street and beyond.  I've also worn a G from the nude section of Haulover to several blocks north of there.  No problem.  So, we'll be expecting daily postings from South Beach, along with lots of new pictures!
stanpuppy #58

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:12/18/2009 12:38:14Copy HTML

thanks for your vote of confidence luvnmythong.  I am not sure everyone shares your enthusiasm, but i appreciate the kind words
yogabutt #59

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:12/18/2009 10:28:21Copy HTML

You string looks fine!  I wouldn't worry about it at South Beach at all.
beachboi65 #60

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:12/18/2009 12:04:14Copy HTML

 Your should be proud wearing it. Go forth my friend
Popeye1 #61

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:12/18/2009 01:58:35Copy HTML

Stan, you look great, as does your smoking hot wife.  You'll be fine with that at SoBe. Olive and I have regularily worn smaller in Key west. You're in great shape and will draw quite a few admiring glances. Have fun. Peace Popeye
stanpuppy #62

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:12/19/2009 01:33:06Copy HTML

wow...thanks for all the support guys.  Michelle thanks you as well.  Maybe I will get a pic of her in her mailibu strings crystal back G and post it soon
bmicro #63

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:12/19/2009 02:12:39Copy HTML

You will have no problem wearing that suit or even a briefer one when you go to South Beach. The suits in my profile here and my Flickr site http://www.flickr.com/photos/7989287@N08/ have all been worn on south Beach.
Great to see you moving into the g-string mode!!  About time! Your suits should be as brief as your wife's.
stanpuppy #64

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:12/19/2009 02:53:56Copy HTML

Thanks micro.  My wife has less to cover than me.  not much less...but less....LoL!!
JM_Runs #65

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:12/19/2009 07:51:08Copy HTML

 For serious sunbathing definitely a g-string. I like minimizing the tan line by
moving the strings around. Plus I like the idea and feeling of covering the
bare minimum.
stanpuppy #66

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:12/19/2009 10:14:02Copy HTML

It just occured to me that I never did post the back of the suit.  Here it is....


I like the ring...but am still concerned about wearing it in public.
ffuj69 #67

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:12/20/2009 12:14:26Copy HTML

My wife lu's G-strings on me.  I don't have an Adonis body but she luv's it when i wear g-strings.  It also feels like I am wearing nothing on underneath.  So when I do go to places, where I can wear them, all I have to do is take off my clothes.  I wear a lot of thongs.
beachfolks #68

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:12/20/2009 04:30:18Copy HTML

 Stan-Wear your gift gstring shopping in a beach store with your wife Michelle-It will make her happy and improve your confidence too.
ffuj69 #69

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:01/30/2010 03:41:17Copy HTML

Why is it that mens g-strings cost more than womens?  You can get womens g-strings for at least a dollar but for mens averaging at $8. 
bmicro #70

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:01/30/2010 04:51:24Copy HTML

Demand, market size, amount of competition
trapking #71

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:03/27/2010 02:06:52Copy HTML

I much prefer G Strings.  The pouch is looser and the tan lines are  lot smaller.  I wish they were easier to find in underwear and swimwear.
foelsie #72

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:04/02/2010 02:50:28Copy HTML

Any g-string wearers going to South Beach April 5-10?
foelsie #73

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:04/08/2010 10:34:37Copy HTML

Well, I made it over to South Beach. Beautiful women laying out around 20th St. yesterday. This one lady had a dental floss suit on that was just beautiful, she appeared to be with her young daughter and mother! One of the best suits ever viewed at SoBe. Hopefully she's around today!
thong1 #74

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:05/05/2010 07:34:47Copy HTML

I have found myself going skimpier over the last few years, beginning with thong back briefs and progressing to full G-strings. I always pack both, however, and wear whatever suits my inclination at the time. Nowadays my Kiniki T-back thongs, Jovanka triangle-back string, Sunup/Sundown V-string and latterly a superb G-string from Skinz dominate my beachwear. I don't get the opportunity to tan much, but would go for a G-string if so doing, not that the difference is particularly significant.

I'm not keen on anything that goes beyond the basic pouch - you won't find me in any of Koala's items. That said, I don't want to cover anything else up, although I often appreciate the definition of a small strap or triangle at the back.
JM_Runs #75

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:05/10/2010 02:23:15Copy HTML

 I too love the feel of G strings.  I prefer the minimal pouch design and the narrow string.  It's the ultimate erotic clothing to wear for that special someone.
Ryan Booth #76

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:05/31/2010 02:31:36Copy HTML

 I personally prefer thongs. But when I'm tanning I do tend to wear a g-string to maximise the tan.
Depending on location I sometimes go nude.

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:05/31/2010 02:47:41Copy HTML

When on the beach i am nude.
But on a normal beach i wear my g-string which as an adjustable front that i can make as brief as possible,a string surround and no back.
clubthongs #78

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:08/17/2016 09:21:25Copy HTML

 I have worn thong swimwear for over 30 years but in the past few years, I decided to try g strings. I wear the Skinz Adjustable Micro G String almost exclusively since it is tiny but does cover what needs to be covered. I would be interested to know other brands of very skimpy g strings people have worn in public and also the skimpiest g string you have worn in public.
JM_Runs #79

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:08/17/2016 09:30:07Copy HTML

I generally find Gs more comfortable than thongs.  I just feel like a smaller back strap is more ergonomic.  Less is more...
JM_Runs #80

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:08/17/2016 10:13:12Copy HTML

The only "thong" suit I own is a MS Poser, narrow with 3/8" sides.  Otherwise, I almost always wear a g-string to the beach.  I have a Skinz Stuffit and Adjustable Micro G.  IMHO there is no real difference between a thong and a g-string.  I don't think the general public makes any distinction anyway -- it's not like the public goes, "Oh, that's a thong so that's okay, but he's got a g-string and that's way out of line."  The general public sees your ass, so if they're okay with seeing your ass, you can wear whatever you like that's legal.  If I'm going to a beach like Venice Beach (CA) or South Beach (FL), I don't hesitate to wear the g-string all day, everywhere.  I was just at Venice Beach on Sunday and as the only thonger on the whole *&$& beach, not one person said a word about my Skinz Stuffit g-string.  I also have two Extreme Micro g-strings by the old Dore.  Those are really tiny.  Properly adjusted, they cover everything legally, but very much movement and I have some concern with them exposing the top of ... you know.  Not the kind of suits you want to do jumping jacks in.  I have worn them for tanning on public beaches with no problems, and I have walked around some in them, but generally I don't walk in them very much because I'm gaining a couple of square inches of exposure, and for what?  Risking arrest?  No thanks.  The Skinz suits are nearly as small but hold everything in and legal in any activity = safer.
JM_Runs #81

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:08/18/2016 01:50:59Copy HTML

 Went to the community pool today which is in my townhouse complex.  With most kids going back to school already I had the whole pool to myself.  I figured such so I switched to the G-string when I normally wear a thong.  From the front, my things look like a speedo which gets no extra attention.  From the back, like facelessdrone2005 said above, if they're gonna see your ass...they're gonna see your ass.  I was just happy to work on some thin tan lines.  With the hottest days of summer ahead and the tan I've worked on all year, I'm migrating towards more g-strings these days.
hotbunz1969 #82

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:08/18/2016 06:56:56Copy HTML

 As I much prefer to sport a prominent tan line I tend to wear a thong or even  1/2 thong for tanning in. I love the skimpiness of a g-string back but find it near impossible  to keep the straps in the required position to acquire the tan lines I prefer so don't tend to wear them as much nowadays for tanning in, just as underwear. 

That said a few years back I was dating a girl that wasn't keen on my thong tan lines so I started to wear the tiniest of g-strings and one-sided thongs almost exclusively to make sure I eliminated any tan lines for her, She was the main reason my love affair with the one-sided thong and really tiny G's started.......easy to eliminate tan lines.

As for other makers of the really tiny stuff clubthongs, try Tendenze.com, their 'Joker' or 'Louis' styles are pretty small. 

As for the skimpiest G I've worn in public, (in a  quiet London park and on the beach in Coz) that would have been the 'tangaland24.de' micro mini string....... now that suit won't  leave a tan line!!!!! 
itanng #83

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:08/18/2016 12:31:51Copy HTML

I agree: the average person doesn't know the difference between a thong and a g-string - they simply see the buttocks. Be aware some jurisdictions have requirements for anal cleft coverage, such as one-half inch width.  If you are wearing a g-string in one of those areas, there can be a legal problem.

I pick my vacation spots based on the legality of the g-string.
SixDelta #84

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:08/19/2016 01:21:52Copy HTML

My thong of choice is a string thong, something like this: http://skinzwear.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Mens-sheer-g-string-thong-adjustable-pouch-M1R2U-1534-by-Skinz1.jpg
For me, having just a string up the rear is much more comfortable for all-day wear than what I get with a more traditional thong style.


Re:G Strings

Date Posted:08/21/2016 08:57:03Copy HTML

My swimwear of preference is a g-string. I have a few thongs though but they are so tiny that cover only slightly more than the strings. Just enough so that they will produce tanlines which I don't like. Therefore I usually will wear one of my strings.Apart from not liking the tanlines I do like the feeling of a string riding up your rear end that is just that more pronounced than that produced by a thong.
Latex_Fan #86

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:08/23/2016 09:02:57Copy HTML

 I virtually always wear G-strings for tanning and around the home.  I've grown out of favour with thongs as I prefer the minimal/micro variant of g-strings.  

My favourites at the moment for tanning are:

c*ck-bag from Beachkini (black mosquito, black net, bright pink lycra) 

Men triangle string and daring teardrop from Tangaland (neon yellow, neon orange)

609 naughty mesh from Wicked Weasel (neon yellow, bright coral)http://wickedweasel.com/en-de/shop/knickers/buy/609-M36

packiest #87

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:08/26/2016 03:57:47Copy HTML

  Find strings to be more comfortable than thongs. As long as they fit properly, less fabric means less being.
SlimSuit #88

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:09/02/2016 07:48:29Copy HTML

 Given a beach with a high "acceptance level" I much prefer sunbathing in a g-string (all string except the pouch) than a thong. But I do try to adapt what I wear to what I think the general vibe of the beach is, whether that be bikini, thong, or g-string or, at some unfortunate places, trunks. Although if I didn't push it a little I would never wear skimpy swimwear (as many here have repeatedly said). Some have said that there is not much difference between a thong and a g-string. I generally disagree. For one thing, I think since the g-string is mostly string its harder to see from a distance so people, from a distance, are more inclined to assume you may be nude and call authorities. But even close up, to me a g-string looks more bare, and while some people may tolerate a "conservative" thong, a g-string may set them off. Also, as many here have said, I progressed from bikinis to skimpier & skimpier suits. The more skimpy I got, the more skimpy I wanted to go, if that makes sense. Ideally, I like something with a very narrow pouch, I guess something like a Skinzwear spartan. I like to minimize tan lines and feel as much sun on my skin as possible. jm_runs said: "Unless you sun in some very funny poses the rear thong strap covers nothing that the sun would be tanning anyway." I took a cue from the ladies I've seen sunbathing in the past. Again given the right environment, I like to get as much sun as possible. That means that when laying on my front or back, I'll spread my legs as wide as possible. (trying not to get too graphic here) Or I'll lay on my side and keep the lower leg straight and bend the top leg upward. It actually feels kind of freeing, if that's a word, to be so "open" about sunning (once again--in the right environment). I was a bit surprised, but a few times when I've dozed off like this I woke up to find a lady right behind me obviously enjoying the view, which was kinda nice. ;-)
gsj #89

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:09/03/2016 09:16:58Copy HTML

 Re"........The more skimpy I got, the more skimpy I wanted to go" - I totally concur
leo40 #90

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:09/03/2016 12:25:07Copy HTML

 I thoroughly enjoy wearing a new kind of G-string, albeit only in limited locations.  It's from ebay store swirlfashions, and it is so narrow as to cover only your shaft, and that not entirely.    Billed as a FUN G-string, and it certainly is.
Thongzo #91

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:09/03/2016 02:58:10Copy HTML

I've been getting more into g-strings than thongs lately. I find them to be more comfortable for everyday wear. I get support up front and it feels like I'm wearing nothing. Still wears thongs to workout but g's are starting to become my go-to for everyday fun.
kmackhard #92

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:09/03/2016 06:49:47Copy HTML

 I totally agree, I also push the boundary on how small you can go when wearing in public. Also how brave you are when wearing. I have had some health problems so have only had two beach visits this year. On both occasions I picked quiet public beaches a little out of the way. Both times I started out on my own when I got there the first visit I wore a micro black G-string rocket suit and wore just my micro min shorts from the vehicle as a cover up That day 5 more people showed up and I didn;t cover up and they all got a good view. I got a few looks but no comments just some pleasant hellos and smiles. All and all a good day. Three days ago I went to another small public beach and when I left home I only had my dores micro mesh black G-string on under my shorts. So that's what I had to wear. When I arrived two older gals were just getting out of their vehicle when I pulled up they said hello and we exchanged a few words. They went down and set up on the dock. I went to the end of the dock and set up and took off my shorts. and sat down in my chair. There were two other younger gals with their dogs set up on the actual beach. No one noticed what I had on until I got up to stretch and then I noticed the older gals saw that I had a G-string on but hadn't seen the front yet. after a while I thought what the hell and decided to cool off, so I would have to make the long walk down the pier go but them to the beach to the water. So I confidently walked the length of the pier and as I got close to them one went wow some ones brave. The other said nice suit and great tan. So I stood and talked to them for about 10 minutes went and cooled off and that made my suit much more see through. So when I came out the other girls were watching now and one of their dogs ran down to me so I stopped and pet the dog and one of the girls called the dog back and came to get the dog she apologized and I said no problem I love dogs, we chatted for a bit and as she was leaving she said nice suit. I thanked her and she gave me a smile . I went back to my towel. Another young girl showed up in short jean skirt and tank top and she sat down on another part of the pier that had a straight on view of me in my chair. I looked up and she had her phone out and I caught her taking a video or pictures. She then got up and walked all the way down to wear I was sitting pretending to look at the lake. I said hello and she smiled and said hi back. Hung there for a few minutes. Then said bye smiled and left. The older gals got up and left. Both stood and smiled and waved. I waved back. It was a great day and felt quite comfortable in my see through string. 
capnscallywags #93

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:09/04/2016 11:27:03Copy HTML

 I used to live in a little, two-story apartment building on the beach. It had a deck, of sorts, on the second story that overlooked the beach, but it was next to a 10-story condo complex. The residents were all in their 50s-70s, while I was mid-20s. I would wear a g-string to sunbathe and everyone who lived there thought it was cool. My 70-something year old neighbor even bought a string-bikini to sunbathe with me. The condo president got a few complaints from the building next door, but he'd tell them to piss off.

I definitely prefer to tan in a g-string, over a thong, but it all depends on where I'm at.
clubthongs #94

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:09/05/2016 01:11:55Copy HTML

 I often sunbathe in a local park on my lunch hour. I have noticed over the 20 or so years of doing so that the regular group of men who wear thongs seem to be converting to g strings. There is one guy who even wears a c string on a regular basis. For those of us that wear thongs and g strings it appears that the trend is to go a small as possible.
thong1 #95

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:09/10/2016 11:55:32Copy HTML

 G-strings have definitely grown on me since I started wearing them a decade ago. I still prefer the support of thongs for working out in, but for general wear in warmer weather, nothing beats a G.
sunnfun #96

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:09/10/2016 03:01:08Copy HTML

 I've really started loving g-strings lately.  I love the very minimal coverage.  Bought some Jovana Gs, which are practically like a Wicked Weasel Microminimus for men, they are so comfy and fun!  I've got some pics in my profile of them.
Chrish217 #97

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:09/10/2016 11:03:26Copy HTML

 I have also moved from thongs to mainly g-strings.  If I can't be naked, I might as well wear as small as I can.  Plus, with g-strings it easier to adjust the sides and back up or down an inch to pretty much remove all tan lines. :)
Indythongz #98

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:07/18/2017 10:55:02Copy HTML

 This might have already been asked, but what brand/type of g string would you recommend for daily wear?  I currently wear JM Skinz daily, but am looking to diversify. I have purchased a cover male g, hom g, and cocksox g. All are just a little too small to contain the goods. Any suggestions?
Maxin #99

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:07/19/2017 05:13:36Copy HTML

 TM, TxM and Tendenze are good to wear as undies. Also some of the Tangaland g's are nice and comfy.
XChip #100

Re:G Strings

Date Posted:07/19/2017 12:04:37Copy HTML

 I like Daniel Alexander g's, available on Mensuas.  Also Boodieswimwear--Kay's g's are bigger in the pouch than DA's.  Both are well made.

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