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Date Posted:08/26/2018 08:11:10Copy HTML

I got back to wearing gstrings.  I wear them everyday and all day.  Are there any health issues to be aware of?  I mean like infections, bacteria and stuff.  I change underwear everyday and handwash them.

Lycrafool #1

Re:G-string and health

Date Posted:08/27/2018 10:31:27Copy HTML

I've heard warnings from random people as well as a few warnings from gynecologists (just google), who claims bacteria can wander from the anus causing vaginal infections. I have never ever heard of a woman who has had this problem though. That said, I suppose women wouldn't share all of their health issues with me... Maybe some of the women of this board could fill me in? I find it hard to believe that it would ever be an issue for men though. It doesn't seem likely given the anatomics (the distance between the butt and the penis, to be clear :)
J_R_365 #2

Re:G-string and health

Date Posted:08/27/2018 01:00:36Copy HTML

The importan thing is to keep yourself and your thongs clean. Of course, you should be doing this anyway. The danger is getting a Urinary Tract Infection. UTIs can be treated wth anti-biotics, but if you already have health prioblems, they can be more serious. My Dad, who had a stroke last year, can't get up to use the bathroom usassisted, and was embarrassed to ask the nurses to change his diaper. He got a UTI, and it set back his recovery a good two months.

And there's the old bit of advice, "Always wipe from front to back".

nick12341234 #3

Re:G-string and health

Date Posted:08/27/2018 07:10:00Copy HTML

Yeah.. I was thinking it's a lesser issue for guys. I did tried googling and most if not all mentioned women. Thanks.
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