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Date Posted:07/17/2004 10:53:33Copy HTML

Galveston is really cool for thonging. totally legal- i usually go on the east end near appfel park.  go to eastbeachparty.com for rules and regulations.  wore a yellow undergear pocket thong there for two days last week. saw topless women as well as other guys in thongs. what a blast!
Dennis at Thong Beach #1

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/18/2003 03:33:57Copy HTML

On Tuesday, I decided to hit the beach at Galveston. Unlike South Florida beaches, Galveston beach is by comparison, enormously wide. You actually park on the beach, but 30-40 yards from the water the beach is roped off, so there is no driving on the beach. However, you can park conveniently close.

When I arrived a thunderstorm had just moved through, so the beach was relatively deserted, even though it was now sunny. After parking my truck, I immediately took off my sandals, shorts and shirt, left them in the truck. I wore a thong for the rest of the afternoon.

I purposely wore a conservative thong, so I could go jogging and walking on the beach. It was my thong with black rear and waist straps and a front geometric print of mostly black & white, with a tiny patch of every other color thrown in. Although the front is about half white, it is not revealing at all because of the pattern and it is lined (one of the few I like lined). However, it does fit low and looks great.

I immediately hit the sand running. I jogged and walked all the way from East Beach to Stewart Beach, passing only a scattering of people and then walked back. Some folks were downright friendly. I think they admire someone out jogging on the beach. However, because of the conservative nature of my thong, I don't think most people realized it was a thong until after I had passed and they finished saying Hello, etc. Of course, I could tell they noticed by hearing the occasional gasp after I passed and was running out of sight.

It was interesting to watch the people I had passed in one direction, on the return. Most seemed genuinely shocked and I could sense the disapproval in their body language or their quiet conversations. I definitely got the impression from some, that they had never seen a guy in a thong before.

I am always amazed every time I go to Galveston how many overweight, out-of-shape people there are. Where are all the beautiful women? Granted it was a Tuesday, but still, come on folks. I saw only one woman that was wearing anything even close to being sexy.....and her suit covered about 85% of her rear! I did pass one guy in a thong, but he was cowering in dunes in a remote part of the beach.

Come on people who like to thong.....get out there and do it!  I refuse to "hide out" in a remote corner of the beach, like some pervert, yet when no one else on the beach, man or woman, seems even remotely interested in trying to present themselves positively on the beach I sometimes feel like I'm the only person in the universe who is proud of their body.

It turned into a great sunny day and I swam and walked in my thong, until I left.
JM_Runs #2

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/18/2003 05:44:50Copy HTML

Good move, it's amazing how frendly people are to runners.   A few "shocked people", don't worry, you are in the bible belt, you have to expect a few shaking heads. 

I find there is a much better reaction in the early morning becuse the locals are out and they are often more beach minded, if you see what I mean. 

I would see some of the regulars on the beach and smile and let out a cherry good morning.  At the biginning I got a lot of odd looks.  After a few weeks they were up to the point of smiing and waving back.  There is a  man I knicknamed "Mr Disagreable". Dressed in a cap that identifies him as a retired army officer he allways walked on the beach with a frown.  It tookd a year and a half for him to finnaly nood his head.  After three years he will say good morning and smile, so long as know one else is with him. 

Keep it up, smile a lot and try a lusty good morning.  It's a funny thing but every one is preconditioned to smile and give you a good morning back.


yerasimos #3

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/18/2003 09:31:39Copy HTML

I've heard that Houston is ranked near the bottom of American cities when it comes to fitness, health and exercise.  Your observations on the people's apparent level of fitness/body-consciousness there do not surprise me in the least.  That's not to say there are those who defy the statistical norm.  As a matter of fact I'm quite interested in moving to the Houston area, but I don't want to burn my current gig--which is not that bad, but not super either--until I have something solid lined up down there.  America in general is moving in a more ample (supersized?) direction, despite the trend in advertising towards presenting thinner-than-average women and more muscular-than-average men.   

I'll state it up front:  personally, I'm not too keen on running on a beach in a thong.  It seems a little too "displayish" or contrived, in my opinion.  Of course, it's not on the level as pulling a Gottschalk (his stunt with the pouch-type swimwear, not what he was doing before, which was legal).  If you're going to thong in public, it should look natural, as you're doing things people normally do at the beach, ie, sunning yourself, swimming, or perhaps a pick-up game of catch with a football or a frisbee.   People generally don't go to the beach, set up a towel, and then decide to go running for 5 miles up and down.  People do stroll up and down the beach, though.  A strange metric, I know, but if you think about it, it's absolutely true.  Trying to look at this from the perspective of a non-thonger, which looks more normal, running in a thong or taking a relaxing stroll on the beach while wearing a thong?  If someone runs for exercise, what do they normally wear?  Shorts, a singlet, running shoes and socks--not a thong (unless it's under their shorts).  See what I mean?  As I see it, thong swimwear is exactly that--swimwear. 

JM_Runs, your situation is the exception, and unique.  It's a little late to turn back the clock.  You've established yourself as a year-round local phenomenon, maybe even a minor tourist attraction, with a degree of peer acceptance.  In your situation I see no reason to stop running on FLL beach in a thong.  As far as other people in other locales, I wouldn't suggest it.  Far be it from me to tell somebody, "No you cannot wear that," but I felt like expressing my druthers.  Thong on! 

Txthong #4

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:08/12/2003 10:14:52Copy HTML

You will probably see a few thongs, anywhere you go on Galveston Island. East beach is good. Stewart Beach is nice too, but there are more families there. Thongs are totally legal, and you should wear one anywhere down there that you want to. I have only seen girls going topless between Stewart Beach and East Beach.

 Basically anywhere on the beach, or along Seawall Blvd ( even the hotel side of the street ) is thong friendly.


Dennis at Thong Beach #5

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:08/13/2003 02:48:09Copy HTML

Jim, I don't believe I have ever seen any women topless at Galveston.  However, the area between Stewart Beach and East Beach, where the two high-rise condos are located, is relatively deserted.  That would be the only area where your wife might try going topless.  However, I'm not sure it is legal and the beach patrol may not approve.  I'd ask first.    There are also usually a number of guys in that area in thongs.  Be aware, however, that the deserted areas seem to have a strong gay atmosphere.  When I go to Galveston, I usually end up near the edge of  East Beach.  I've seen other thongers there and it doesn't have the sneaky atmosphere of the deserted area.

Although others have said they have seen thongs at Stewart Beach, I never have.  There are more people dressed for a picnic in the park, than a swim in the ocean!

Good luck and let us know how it goes......

jonny883r #6

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:09/12/2003 07:15:17Copy HTML

I don't know if you have been to Austin, Tx., but there is a place called Hippie Hollow on the South shore of Lake Travis that is very thong friendly and completely nude if you want.  My wife and I go there as much as we can just to get away.
gold_string #7

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:11/30/2003 11:28:41Copy HTML

I've been thonging in Galveston for four years now and it gets better every year and within Galveston, thonging/g-stringing increases exponentially by going from south to north respectively:

Stewart Beach- family oriented, a few people wearing thongs

East Street Beach- more thongs on women and men, fewer familes,  

Crystal Beach- very thong/g-string friendly , thongs on women  and a quite a few men, some toplessness, very few familes, and mostly couples and adults, the only negative is that there can be some young rednecks riding by in their pickups yelling stupidity in the crowded areas, I'd rather thong further north up the beach

McFaddin Beach- most people wear thongs or less, lots of  toplessness, lots of total nudity, very G&L friendly, not unusual to see swingers having open social gatherings, nudist clubs, generally 30 to 60 age range, some nude familes 

Crystal beach is my favorite because of the cleaner shore, and it has at least 12 miles of beach area for walking, jogging, swimming, camping, and beer drinking. 

iowan #8

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:11/30/2003 10:09:02Copy HTML

I haven't been to Galveston since 1978, but isn't Stewart beach on the north end of the island?  About what street would Crystal Beach be across from? 

I was just a youngster when we were there,  but when we went to the beach it was near the Flagship Hotel, which was a hotel built on a pier over the water.

I'm also curious, is there a beach at Galveston State Park?  And is it considered thong friendly?  I've been thinking about going to Galveston again sometime, I just wish there was a closer airport that Houston.

Thanks, iowan

Texas Thonger #9

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:12/17/2003 03:34:30Copy HTML

I was in Galveston during Mid November, the weather was great. I thonged at East Beach and was the only thonger there. There were only a few other poeple on the beach and dork shorts were the "suit" of the day. Looking forward to more time there in the Spring and hope to see more thongers there.  
nakedotter #10

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:12/17/2003 07:12:49Copy HTML

This is in response to yerasimos's post back in June. I, like JM Runs, think that thongs are great for running. Unlike JM, I run in thongs nine months of the year at non-beach locations - principally through local neighborshoods and on golf courses. (The other three months during the winter, I alternate between thongs when it's warm and tights and polypro shirts when it cold.) I wear thongs because they are the coolest thing I can find. I suppose if you are a person who sweats a lot, it may be cooler to wear cool max or some fabric that holds and evaporates the mositure; but for those of us who don't sweat very much, it's much cooler to maximize the air cooling surface. Since I typically run during the wee hours of the morning, I don't see very many people, but the folks I do encounter - other early walkers, bikers and runners, paper delivery folks, partiers coming home late and early morning worker, and even an occasional sheriff's deputy - seem cool with the thong. Maybe some of them don't realize I'm bare-assed because of the dark, but when you're running down the street in the headlights of a car coming up behind you, it's kind of hard to miss that fact. Most of the time they either give me a friendly wave or toot on the horn. Some of them even stop and chat or ask questions. But over five or six years of thonging, I've had no obvious negative reactions. So for me, thonging is a logical and natural part of running.

naked otter
imathonglover #11

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:07/19/2004 08:55:18Copy HTML

I am only an hour and a half away ... guess I will need to take a drive out to East Beach and check things out. I have seen a few women in thongs, but never any men. Maybe things are changing ???
thongbutt1 #12

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:07/20/2004 11:21:55Copy HTML

yeah, i'm planning to go out there tomorrow (wednesday) should be fun!
imathonglover #13

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:07/20/2004 12:11:08Copy HTML

I wear thong underwear all the time and I have a blue Speedo thong that I only wear in a more secluded location ... not sure if I'm ready for East Beach yet. Maybe I'll have to try to go on down there tomorrow and look you up. I'm sure you will be easy to find.
thongbutt1 #14

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:07/21/2004 10:38:45Copy HTML

yeah, i was down there all day. you'll be absolutely fine in  your speedo thong- got lots of them!  i moved on to the under pocket thong- alot racier and more low cut, not to mention the g-string y-back.  i also lay out at hotels  in the north part of houston during my visits. no problems.
imathonglover #15

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:07/22/2004 02:59:24Copy HTML

Well, I was all set to go on down to Galveston and just when I was about to walk out the door, an important call came through and changed my plans for the whole day. Needless to say, I didn't make it and I was so looking forward to it. I would still like to get there and possibly meet up with someone to thong with. When will you be there again?
Ex_Member #16

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:04/06/2005 02:51:37Copy HTML

I'm going to be visiting Houston in the first week of June and scrolled through all the past entries to find this one. I'm glad to have found it. Looks like eastbeach is the place to be. Beer is allowed, and thongs too. I'm impressed the rules are posted on the web site and specifically say thongs allowed. Being Texas, I didn't think any man would go to the beach in a thong--but it sounds like you guys do, and other men. Cool.

I am hoping to get down there May 29th and spend May 30 and 31 on the beach. Anyone want to join me? (just so you know, I'm married. This is a business trip with a bit of fun thrown in).

Would love any more info anyone can recommend. Best places to stay? Which part of the beach is man-in-thong friendly.



Ex_Member #17

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:04/06/2005 03:30:21Copy HTML

Any other beaches that are thong friendly besides East Beach? What about Crystal beach?
imathonglover #18

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:04/06/2005 10:38:29Copy HTML

Hello Sunbare, I haven't a whole lot of information on East Beach, but I will share what I do know. The few times I have been there, I have only seen a couple of females in thongs from time to time, but never any men. Each time I've been, I wore one of my Speedo swim bikinis and carried a swim thong, but never changed. Now I have heard that you can get away with wearing a thong on an area of the beach just west of East Beach on what is known as the "Gay Beach", but I haven't any information on that. I've only visited that area once to lay out in the Speedo without the negative attention I was receiving elsewhere. Once again, I never saw anyone wearing a thong there either, but there were a couple of other Speedo wearers other than myself.

As for Crystal Beach, I would have to say that would a less likely place to wear a thong than East Beach. In my opinion, they are very much not thong friendly towards guys there. There will you most likely encounter a bunch of college kids and a few drunk rednecks. I remember once seeing a guy in a Speedo with his wife in a skimpy two piece bikini and they were giving him nothing but pure hell. It was so bad, I thought a fight was about to break out. Needless to say, I avoid that beach as much as possible.

There is, however, an area of the beach that is east of High Island that is known as a "Nude Beach". Although full nudity will land you a citation or a trip to jail, you will see alot of guys in thongs and topless women in thongs. Even if the law enforcement pass you by while you are wearing a thong, they will not say anything to you. About 95% of my trips to the beach will end up being there, for I can go thonging without any hassles whatsoever. The only problem is that you may need a 4WD vehicle to get to that area on occcassion. You will definitely want to pay attention to the tides so that you don't get trapped out there.

sundood #19

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:04/07/2005 07:26:00Copy HTML

I frequented the beach area immediately west of Appfel Park for a number of years during the 90's.   I have since moved away so haven't been there in a while.  I always wore a thong or g-string and never had any problems and was never hassled by anyone.   The Sheriff's car drove by me several times and never said anything.  This is probably the area referred to as the gay area and was back then, too, but everyone was always very polite and seemed to mind their own business.   I did go there once about a year ago and there was a mixed crowd of couples, guys, and some families.   I wore my thong and no one really paid much attention except one guy came over and said 'hello' and invited me to join him.    I politely refused and he wished me a good day and returned to his spot. 

I've seen women in thongs at several different locations on Galveston Island...all the way from Appfel Park to Jamacia Beach.   Not a lot, but it's wasn't uncommon to see them either.  I've also thonged out on the west end of the island which was a little less populated at that time.   No hassles there, either.  Overall, Galveston has been very thong friendly in the past and probably still is.   I'll return soon for old times sake.   Good luck and Happy Thonging. 



thongbutt1 #20

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:04/10/2005 01:12:06Copy HTML

see eastbeachparty.com- it's totally legal- been thonging there probably 40-50 times. the area we're talking about it just west of the paid parking area at the extreme east end of the island. worn thongs and g-strings  many times- no problems- seen topless women, guys in thongs, walked in front of cops with a thong on. no problem- just behave yourself as usual, should be ok. call up the eastbeachparty.com folks- they have a number of their website.
Ex_Member #21

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:04/11/2005 03:04:58Copy HTML

Thanks Skipper1. I'll plan on going to the far east end and thong just west of the paid parking lot. I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for your help, and Jace63 too.

Anyone want to join me? I'm planning on being on the beach May 30 and 31 st. (male or female - just to hang out and enjoy the sun). 

thongbutt1 #22

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:04/22/2005 03:14:02Copy HTML

yeah, just go east of broadway, then at the 2nd traffic lite ( i think) take a right. go down that road then slightly veer to the left- don't take the road directly in front of the condos.  you'll drive maybe a couple of miles then you'll see the paid parking area "toll booth" take a quick right and there you are, in between the wild party beach to your left and the gay beach to your right. have fun. worn a undergear g-string there many times, no problems. 
skelly24 #23

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/19/2005 09:53:17Copy HTML

I am probably going to go to Galveston and thong in public for the first time this weekend!

I am so excited, but I am wearing my JM thong swimsuit which is about the equivalent of a speedo thong, pretty conservative. 

 I just don't have any other thong swimsuits yet!  I don't think that my cotton underwear would fair too well in salt water!

I will probably check East Beach first to see how many people show up, and if there are any other thongers there as well.  If not, I will probably move down to the previously mentioned area between E. Beach and the "gay" area.

I will be down there saturday 5/21/05 if anyone cares to join me.  I will be the tattooed guy in a grey thong unless I can buy a different one before then.

skelly24 #24

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/19/2005 09:54:40Copy HTML

My girlfriend is jealous that she has to  work, and is going to miss seeing me in public for the first time in a thong swimsuit!
imathonglover #25

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/21/2005 10:19:00Copy HTML

Hey Skelly ... I was in Galveston visiting with a friend just a few days ago. Too bad I couldn't have known sooner, otherwise I could have met you down there today. I hope you had fun in the sun. Please give an update on your visit and how the day went for you. I am planning a return visit soon for I only live a little more than an hour away.
skelly24 #26

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/22/2005 12:07:07Copy HTML

Well, I did it! 

I went to the area between East beach and the "gay" area.  It was a record hot day 94!

I didn't see many people, but some did walk by.  They were having some sort of  pride celebration on the Gay section.  I parked my motorcycle there, because it was free parking.

I walked past the party to an area about 100 feet north toward east beach.  Just past the posts that say no vehicles beyond this point.  I moved back towards the dunes because of all the sea weed, but ended up moving closer to the water later.

I have to admit that I was very awkward. I am not really used to giong to the beach.  I took everything i needed, but didn't think about a rake to clear off a spot. 

After much searching, I found a pretty clear spot and laid out my towel.  I put on the head phones, stripped down to my JM thong and began to tan.  I turned over, and noticed a man in a G-String walking down the beach from East Beach.   It was tiny, and he was carrying a  butt pack. 

I am not saying this to be mean, but he did not look relaxed.  He looked good in his suit, but he just seemed stiff.   I hope I didn't look so nervous.  He just looked like maybe he just  left a confrontation or something. 

Anyway, I got hot so I decided to go for a swim.  I put on a speedo and got in the  water.  I decided I was just being silly and took it off and tied it around my wrist.   I went out deep nough that the water got cold and swam around. 

Then, I just walked out to my towel in my thong and dried off.  The sherriff drove by and did not say a word or even look twice. 

People walked by and did the same.

Then, after I got dressed and was on my way back to my bike I saw the man in the thong walking down the beach the other direction.  He still looked stiff and uncomfortable.

It just made me think a lot about why I am going through all of this trouble and stress about wearing a thong on the beach.

We actually have to worry about a physical or legal attack because we want to wear a swimsuit.  How ridiculous.



thongbutt1 #27

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/24/2005 09:43:21Copy HTML

isn't that what i've been telling you for 2 years? it' a fun place...
max77056 #28

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/31/2005 11:51:19Copy HTML

Well Memorial Day was kind of a bust.......a mix of sunshine, clouds and a little rain. I forget that Mother Nature must always be factored in when planning a beach outing. Smart people always have a 'Plan B'. Tuesay was awesome with great  sun and breeze. A good number of folks out. I took a stroll down on east beach and noticed a guy sunning in next to nothing. It turned out to be sunbare from this board!.....that's like the 4th person I have met randomly who posts on this board. wow, he was a 6 foot hardbody in a yellow narrow front dore thong.  some great eye candy for the girls and the guys!.......we can look but we are just not supposed to stare. :>:>:>  I'll be out again this afternoon even though it's cloudy. should get better in the afternoon.

Ex_Member #29

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/02/2005 01:00:37Copy HTML

Max flatters me too much. Galveston was very nice. Sun came out beautifully in the afternoon. I was the only one in a thong (man or woman). I met up with Max and Jace (both from this board) on Wed and we laid out and swam in our thongs. I took a nice long stroll for about 1/2 mile down in a Dore very low orange foil mesh and passed a few young ladies in their late teens who seemed shy and somewhat on the verge of giggles, which didn't bother me at all. They were looking for shells and we had friendly greetings as I passed. I quickly turned to look back after a few seconds and caught the oldest looking at my backside. Then ran into 3 more women, who said hi first with no problems. The first day (in my yellow thong) was a period of adjustment and getting to know the place, but the second day was even better and I got more daring. Would love to go again.

Tip - Don't go to East Beach and pay the $7 entrance fee. Thongs and g-strings are legal along the entire beach area. I was passed by beach authorities on their 4 wheelers many times and by a sheriff's car at least once and not one stopped and said a thing. Galveston is a very nice place to thong. I liked to stay in the less crowded areas, west of East Beach -- where you can park for free.

All and all - a nice trip.

imathonglover #30

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/02/2005 10:24:09Copy HTML

As already mentioned by Max, I was down in Galveston on Wednesday. The morning started out a little gloomy, so I took a drive to the west end of the island. As I was returning to East Beach, the sky was clearing and it turned out to be a beautiful day. I was actually surprised to find not one, but two other members of the board. We all laid out for a bit, each in our thongs, and much to my surprise, no one said a word to us. At one time we even saw another older guy walk down to the water in a thong. I guess it easier to be little bolder when you are in the presence of other thongers. Thanks for company guys! It was a pleasure to meet eaxh of you.

sailhoopsbare #31

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/02/2005 11:47:17Copy HTML

How did you recognize that the other thongers were from this board? Did you just ask?  I think I'd be a little shy about trying to strike up a conversation with someone else in a thong, for fear they might think I was hitting on them or something.

I think it is really cool that you were able to meet and lay out together though.

max77056 #32

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/03/2005 07:48:38Copy HTML

I guess that's a good question.....I was was out walking east beach that afternoon and I was back in my shorts and not in a thong. I noticed sunbare had put on his shorts and was walking over to the parking lot......I said "hey man, I noticed your suit...I like thongs also, do you ever check out sites on the internet?"....our chat then ensued and that was that. I am not really shy about talking to people. I think alot of life is missed by being too shy and if you encounter a jerk now and then, well that's just part of being out there. But obviously, if someone has negative energy and is standoffish, I would probably not try to strike up a conversation....and Sunbare -- you are the beach god! there were 3 young girls laying near you that afternoon and one of them was taking photos of your bubble butt. I forgot to tell you that......see guys...be more popular at the beach in your bikini or thong!!!!      
imathonglover #33

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/03/2005 02:31:58Copy HTML

For me, it was a bit easier. From the messages that were posted previously, I knew that SunBare was planning on being in this area, so we had planned on looking for each other. When I first arrived, I was parked in an area away from the beach where you had to walk across the dunes to enter the beach. There were no other vehicles around at first, but I had decided to take a look on the beach anyway. Not seeing anyone, I started walking back across to where my car was parked when I noticed someone parked next to me getting out of his car wearing just a thong. I wasn't in my thong yet, therefore, I am sure that my approach was a little awkward at first. I greeted with a "hello" and received the same in return. Then my next move was to ask if his nickname was Sunbare by any chance and he said yes. We talked briefly at which time he told me of another board member that should be in the area that he had met earlier. We proceeded to look for him and ended joining him at his location which was where the main group of people were. I stripped down to my thong and enjoyed a nice day in the sun with my new friends.

By the way Max, you mentioned about the girls admiring Sunbare ... well, I must say that you didn't do too bad yourself. I seem to remember you and two ladies striking up a quite lengthy conversation as you were walking back from the surf. It would appear to me, from the smiles they were wearing, that they were admiring you as well.

skelly24 #34

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:07/29/2005 09:23:15Copy HTML

Hey, I will be thonging on saturday the 30th if anyone is interested.  I would love some company, but i am going not matter what.  I had a great time with my girlfriend at Hippie Hollow last weekend.  She thonged for the first time in public, and went topless all day long.  Eventually she just said forget it and went nude.  I wore my first Dore thong and loved it!  I liked it as much as nude!

Anyway, I will be wearing it just south of east beach on Saturday.  I park in the free parking area by the "gay" area, and I have a blue ford focus.

well, I hope to meet someone there who enjoys thonging too!


skelly24 #35

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:08/03/2006 08:19:55Copy HTML

Anyone up for thonging in Galveston this weekend???
ithongit #36

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:08/27/2006 12:06:13Copy HTML

Hi --

I'll be back to Houston for an annual meating this September.  This is my second time there.  Last year, the Huricaine Katrina and Rita mess had overwhelmed our meeting and it was almost canceled.  Because of the displaced people from the coast, we had to double up hotel rooms and this created some interesting situations at the hotel to say the least.  My BF/Husband Randy can come along for free.  He does not go to the endless meetings, but just takes it as a vacation.  Last year it was very hot, but Galviston where he wanted to go to the beach was basically off-limits and so he hung around Houston and made quite a reputation for himself out at the Hotel pool by wearing nothing but thongs.  The staff not only didn't mind Randy exposing himself in his thong to half the guest room that overlooked the pool, but one of the maids brought him a thong to try out that turned out to be really skimpy and very revieling when wet.  It probably was designed as underwear -- not swimwear -- but Randy felt it important to show his appreciation by wearing the gift he had been given and letting the young maid come out and check him out in it.

This year we hope to spend an extra day or two in Texas, and maybe try to spend some time together on the Galviston beach.  How are people reacting to thongers this season?   Are single men in thongs (Randy going by himself when I am working in Houston) acceptable, and what about couples?  Any information about specific areas that are more thong friendly or where thongs are less likely to be accepted in Galviston would also be accepted.  We would probably only wear our more conservative thongs in Galviston until we know more suggestive swimwear was accepted.


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Re:Galveston Texas TX

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Thongs are legal on all Galveston beaches. Probably the best area to check out would be East Beach (just take a left at the seawall and follow the signs), check out www.eastbeachparty.com ---under the rules section it states that thongs are allowed. The reality is that it is somewhat family & redneck but you can find a favorite spot since it's a large beach area. I have seen couples out there in thongs. I suggest that you take the road to the first entrance & to the right of the guardstand there is a large free parking lot. Check this area out first as thongers are sometimes in this area and also to the area to the right toward the large condos. This area is more private so people tend to bikini & thong there without any hassles. 

If your hotel is on or near the seawall you can always just walk to the beach and thong there ---it will be legal but you may be the only folks out in thongs. You can email me with questions. I will be in SoCal in September but can at least give you some tips on the area. Should be a nice time as the crowds are less after Labor Day and the weather is starting to cool down.    

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Re:Galveston Texas TX

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just curious- what hotel did he thong at?



ithongit #39

Re:Galveston Texas TX

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Report from Galveston --

Our trip to Galveston was alright, but nothing too spectacular.  While we did wear our thongs exclusively as swimwear, with two exceptions, we were the only ones.  The chamber of commerace suggested East beach as the place to go, but when we got there, it was deserted except for earth moving equipment building the beach up again.  East beach also had awful fly problems, so we didn't even try thonging here. 

We also went ot Steward Park beach which is considered "family friendly".  There were no bugs and the conssessions were opened here.  The guy taking money at the parking lot gate said we couldn't thong since it was a "family" park, so Randy said we would dress appropriately, and once we got inside didn't worry about thongs since the chamber of commerace and Gavleston police both replied to our e-mails that thongs were permitted at all beach access points, at all city and county parks, and on all beaches.  Had we listened to just the guy at the gate, we would have not stayed or not thonged. 

What is amazing is that there were two other women, one with two little kids and one by herself thonging and the one with the kids was also going topfree.  She was sort of isolated from others and put her top on when she was not laying down, but she did lay quietly on her back for a while and got some sun on her front.  There also was another man thonging at this location.  He had a gaudy rainbow thong and Randy stuck up a conversation with him.  Yes he was gay and admitted it, and he hiked into Steward Beach whenever he came to town. 

This added up to 5 people thonging out of maybe 50-100 total guests or 5-10 percent thongers -- one of the highest thong percentages we have seen anywhere recently.  We also Thonged on the seawall and on the main beach by the seawall without incident.  We basically hiked all the way from about 95th street to 39th street on top of the seawall and back each day by the ocean.  We got a few people honking and once or twice people drove around the block to get a second look as they drove by.  On the way back we would find a nice looking place and throw down our towels to lay out and other times we just walked.  Again, there was no comments about our minimal swimwear except for a couple of homeless people who were living in a cave-like hole in the seawall.  We stayed at a new motel about a half block from seawall and used the pool several times daily in our thongs again with no problems, even though sometimes others were using pool.  Randy did talk me into not bothering with a top on one pool visit, and at first we were alone, but later others showed up, but they were cool with my topfreedom.  Twice, Randy slipped his thong off by the pool to get a better tan when nobody was around and the maid came around picking up unused towels and didn't seem to mind even though he was laying on his back.  We even went to the front desk to get pool towels wearing just our thongs and the desk person didn't even give us a second glance.  I think the motel had only been opened a few weeks and they had not had time to compile many rules yet.  They had enough other problems to deal with.

Houston --

In Houston this year we stayed at the Hilton in the Galleria area.  Last year we stayed in the Marriot in the same area and both were more than thong friendly.  The Hilton has a pool side bar and pool side food service (same menu as room service) and It was cool to order drinks and even dinner one day wearing just our thongs as we layed in the sun by the pool.  Hilton had responed that thongs were "most certainly acceptable" at this location. 

I wound up visiting a friend from the confrence at the Weston hotel and there was someone in the pool there in a thong too, so I assume thongs are probably okay at almost any Galleria area hotel.  These places are expensive and cater to a lot of people from overseas -- mostly european -- who are there for business.  I don't think I ever took the elevator without hearing some of the other riders talking in foreign languages.  The airlines also seem to put up pilots and stewardesses here, which is a long drive from either airport, but when they stay on airline vouchers, they tend to go to the best places.

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Re:Galveston Texas TX

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I visited East Beach the afternoon of Friday, October 6 from about 2:00-4:00 p.m. and Sunday, October 8, 2006 from about 8:30-9:30 a.m. I got out of the car wearing just my tiny little G-string and walked eastward until I reached the roped-off area near the jetty, then back westward through the free-parking area to the condos. There were only a few people in the area Friday afternoon. One guy was wearing what appeared to be a home-made thong. Two guys were wearing bikinis. On Sunday morning there were even fewer people. The Sheriff's patrols both days were quite concerned about getting cars off the "beach" area (between the roped parking area and the water) and drove right past me several times, so obviously no legal problems on East Beach with thongs and G-strings.

Stayed at the Beach Comber motel on 61st Street. They LIED to me when I phoned before booking the room. When I told the clerk, "My girl fiend wants me to ask if thongs are OK at the pool", he said "Sure". When I tried to lay out in my thong, the manager came out and told me "not at this motel" and said one of the complains was from a policeman who was at the Waffle House (I did not see a police car and an office would have know that thongs were OK, anyway).

I did not try any of the beach area at Seawall or at Stewart's Beach. Although, driving by Friday afternoon, one guy was about the cross Seawall wearing only a T-shirt, flip-flops and a bikini. Lots of surf boarders there, but none wore thongs when I passed by.

thongbutt1 #41

Re:Galveston Texas TX

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thanks for the reply- which hilton at the galleria? also which hotel in galveston? i've never thonged on stewart, and probably wouldn't try- i stick to the west end beaches and the east end.  had alot of success thonging over the years in houston and galveston.
itanng #42

Re:Galveston Texas TX

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Galveston Trip Report - July 22-23, 2007

I stayed in a short-term rental unit at Islander East (415 East Beach).

On Sunday from around 5:30 until 7:00 p.m., I walked from the beach at the condo all the way to the eastern-most lifeguard tower at Apffel Park wearing my tiny blue g-string thong and my backpack. A few guys in bikinis and square cuts were between the condos and the free parking lot. Most looked at me and smiled - I consider that a friendly greeting. Once I crossed the free parking lot, I heard several giggles (expected) and a several "wolf whistles" (cute). Unfortunately, I also heard several "put some clothes on" heckles and one guy walked down to verbally abused me for a few seconds. While I was on this unfriendly portion of the beach, at least two patrol trucks and one patrol car drove near me without a response - officers obviously know tiny suits are perfectly legal.

On Monday, I phoned the Galveston Police Department and received an "OK" from a dispatcher that a pouch covering only genitals is an adequate swim suit. I spent from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. on the beach a little west of the free parking lot. Many people, both men and women, walked by me during the day. I did not hear a single adverse comment or see an unfriendly face. Several guys were wearing bikinis. One exchanged a few words with me and another talked for a few minutes. Otherwise, everyone kept their distance and respected people's "space". It was a good day.

I did not see a topless woman or anyone else, male or female, in a thong either day.

Weather was unseasonably cool - high was around 85 or 90.
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Re:Galveston Texas TX

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Thought we could bring this thread back to life... I was at east beach today and counted 4 thongers including myself. Beautiful day in Galveston today and the beaches are in very good shape after last fall. All 4 thongers were guys and I saw one girl in a brazilian cut suit but I probably was sleeping for 3 out of the 5 hours I was out there...
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Re:Galveston Texas TX

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I just wanted to give you guys (and gals) some idea of the potential devastion that hurricanes can cause. Click the link to some before and after pictures of Hurricane Ike. I've been going to this beach area for some 45 years and have many fond memories.

Hope this doesn't happen to you!!

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Re:Galveston Texas TX

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 I was at eastbeach last thursday and friday and saw no thongs but did see a guy in a rio and two girls in rios that were almost thongs.  I wore a white, ultra slim thong with a clear silicone back panel that covered almost nothing, I almost felt too naked but kinda liked how extreme it was.  It felt amazing being on display like that yet still being covered. I walked the beach and didnt have anyone harass me surprisingly. The eastbeach website that announces the legality of thongs and beer at their beach is no longer up ( I couldnt find it) but the gate attendant said that thongs were definitley legal and almost encouraged because they want to promote the party atomosphere. Overall it was actually a pretty relaxed environment and most people seemed to have looks of approval.  
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Re:Galveston Texas TX

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I thong at East Beach all the time....with no problems at all. Many times I wear strings and have never had a negative comment. One day last week it was in the 70's and I went there for a couple of hours, would have stayed longer but the wind picked up and it got too cool. As soon as it gets warmer, hope to see more of you there! 
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Re:Galveston Texas TX

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 Yes it was a nice weekend. This weekend stinks. Too cold to be out  in a thong or less. I've been to east beach. A few people know it by being more of male beach. I've  laid out there a few times, and I believe 2 out 10 times there were some creeps. But other than that it's a  beautiful beach. I've also been to McFaddin beach know as the nude beach. Not since Hurricane Ike though.I wouldn't go down there w/o a four wheel car.can't  wait to get out there in my thong.  As soon as summer arrives I'll be heading out there.
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Re:Galveston Texas TX

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I am going to have to wait until it gets into the 80's before I get down there, it has been unseasonably cold in the Houston / Gaveston area.  My only complaint about this beach is that I wish we could have more females at East Beach who like to sun in thongs and g-strings. I have been sunning in g-strings on East beach (actually just to the southwest of the entrance gate) for the last 5 years and no one has ever been disrespectful and for the most part everyone keeps to thereselfs however it is mostly males. It is a great place to relax and and get maxium sun. I still perfer the warmer temps!
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Re:Galveston Texas TX

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Barklee  Yes we need more females in all parts of the usa. Not just at spring break, but in the summer . And at places that are not common thong areas. I vacation in the Tampa area, and you would think with all the nationalities there, there would be a large amount.
TexasThonger #50

Re:Galveston Texas TX

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Don't know of anything special planned for that weekend. The pavilion was destroyed by Hurricane IKE. All that is still there is the toll booth, to charge you for parking. The beach is still there and clean.
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