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SusanaM #51

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:03/06/2010 04:24:23Copy HTML

Being from Forth Worth I never knew East Beach was thong friendly. Then again I never asked, right?

Here in Texas I've been to Sleepy Hollow and thonged. Sorry folks, I'm not gutsy enough to bare all. But hey, I throw on some micros that cover the bare essentials that makes baring it all seem less fun. As my husband says, it's better to tease than to show it all.

I want to find out how many know that Padre Island National Seashore is thong friendly. This is in North Padre Island south of Corpus Christi. It actually is! However it IS NOT topless friendly. One of the park rangers there is a very by the book and he seems to be the one on duty every single time we go. I think everyone here will agree that topless sunbathing over by your own camping tent away from anyone is not a big deal. Well not him. Of course the tent was near the wooden walkway and the beachgoers were scarce as they usually are on the Malaquite camp area during a slow weekend. Anyways, beware of the one park ranger who won't tolerate female nipples on display.

Retirees and weekend folk from Corpus usually make up the crowd if you can even call it a crowd at the Malaquite campsite. This is the reason we love PINS so much. A great beach with high temps and sparse crowds and naturally you're going to see me parade a few g-strings. I've been told you can actually nude sunbath if you really go a ways down the beach but based on my experience with the nipple police I won't put much faith on this being true now as it might have been in the past.
odie77301 #52

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:03/07/2010 02:33:53Copy HTML

 Went down to galveston today. The weather was real windy on beach. Found  a secluded place near the beach. Took a few pics. I'll post them soon.
Sipper #53

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:03/18/2010 07:08:27Copy HTML

Primal State:In the mid-1990’s, I had a very enlightening experience that I will never forget and will always draw upon for inspiration and understanding of the world.

Arriving at the office one morning, fire trucks were everywhere around the building and no one was allowed into the parking garage or the building.  A fire had erupted in the basement and the building manager told me that the building would be closed for the day.  Unbelievably, I had never considered a contingency plan to conduct business in such a situation.  It was primitive times whereby I had no cell phone, let alone a smart phone, and no way to log into my office computer.  I had dropped off of the planet so far as work was concerned, so the beach beckoned.

I drove alone from Houston to High Island, Texas, turned East at the beach road that runs along the Bolivar Peninsula.  I drove around the road closed barriers—this part of the road between the High Island Junction and Sabine Pass, Texas—is closed due to hurricane damage.  I kept to the road’s remnants on up the beach past the Galveston county line, a bit further through the Chambers County section of beach and into Jefferson County—total of about 3 miles or so. 

I took off my shirt, bicycle shorts, and flip-flops and stowed them in the car.  I was completely nude.  I locked the car and found a piece of driftwood behind my car and hid the car key under that.  I then started walking Eastbound along the beach.  Not a soul in sight, I was alone. 

I walked to the East for some time and turned around to check my car.  It was about the size of the picture of a car that you would find on a postage stamp.  I saw a guy in an oil-field service truck leaving a nearby pumping station and heading West toward civilization.  I waved at him and he gave me a big wave back.  I think that he was just happy to see another human being.  He had probably been lonely while he was working. 

Once the oil patch guy was gone, it dawned on me that I was very removed from all of the security things that were ever available to me. I remember thinking: "What if the Sheriff of Jefferson County drove up or a family with children? " My car key could be found by someone and my car stolen before I could run back to it.  I had no weapon to defend myself, save what I might find on the beach, I didn’t have a stitch of clothes on, surely some ‘good ole boys’ could do most anything to me.  No food, no water.   It was a primal thing such as a cave man may have felt sometime B.C.  It was just me. 

My imagination ran wild and I was a little concerned at all of the things my imagination was telling that could go wrong.  A sheriff’s car was the least of my worries now.  I began to look around me to detect threats as an animal probably does every moment of their lives—alligator signs (rare but one had been reported on the beach a month earlier--they can run at 25 miles per hour, but surely not for long.  Allegedly you should run in a zigzag manner as they may not be adept at turns.  Rely on someone else to verify this).  With this thought, I now sensed what being prey might be like.  It was amazing at the survival awareness that had kicked in to my mind that I had never experienced before.  Being so isolated and totally alone in this situation was eye opening.  Those poor first cavemen.

I could just return to my car or I could continue Eastbound.  I decided to head Eastbound.  Wacko me for doing so, but it was also a thrill to head on to the East.  In this state, I also felt some sort of triumph at being in this situation in the first place.  Perhaps triumph from setting my mind to overcoming my fears and unease.

I continued on for as much time as I had previously walked and I could then see my car, which by now was the size of a grain of salt.  I had decided to continue with the thrill of being so far removed from any support system at all.  I still had my wits. 

Finally, I spotted in the distance what looked like a blue paper plate that was nailed about 15 feet up an abandoned telephone pole.  I don’t know how far it was, but that was to be my goal.  Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.  I was getting thirsty.  Press on to the blue plate special.  My feet were hot and rid of any calluses by now.  I walked in the water a bit to cool them off. I reached the blue plate! 

I started to trudge back, joyful that I was doing this in the nude.  I probably wouldn’t have done this if I wasn’t nude.  It was, for me, an exhilarating experience.   I was happy even though anyone who came by would be able to see me and that I could do nothing about it. 

After walking back to my car, just for the heck of it, I drove my car—an International Scout in 4-wheel drive—up to the blue plate. The distance one-way was only just over 2 ½ miles, not as far as it had seemed. 

However, experience of being in a primal state had been exquisite.  I recommend it.  It took the right combination of events— not being able to get into the office on a weekday morning and going to the nude beach when it was devoid of another soul.  I consider myself fortunate to have had the experience.
Sipper #54

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:03/18/2010 07:46:11Copy HTML

I emailed the Galveston Beach Patrol and got a reply.  Here are excerpts from the dialogue.

To:  beachpatrol@galvestonparkboard.org
Subject:  Spring Break
1.  Is spring break a mob scene now?
2.  When does spring break end?
3.  What is the minimum swim attire allowed. 

From: Beach Patrol
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010
Thank you for your inquiry.
Galveston Island does have a large number of people enjoying the warmer weather, but there are not any mob scenes. Spring Break ends for most students this weekend (March 21, 2010).

Minimum swim attire requires that genitals and/or anus are not exposed.
On behalf of Galveston, please visit and have an enjoyable time.

Sipper comment:  I think that they meant to say the the minimum swim attire requires the genitals AND the anus are not exposed.

MODERATOR NOTE:  Here is a link to the dates of Spring Break for each collage, the numbers at each collage and the total number on spring break for that week. 
ithongit #55

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:03/19/2010 12:38:21Copy HTML

On one of my trips to Galveston, I did like Sipper, heading out on the ferry onto Bolivar Peninsula and then past the barricades to the section of closed road between between the High Island Junction and Sabine Pass. 

My trip was because the sun was hidden by clouds in Galveston, but I could see breaks in the clouds to the east.  I was determined to find a sunny area before the best part of the day was over.  I found sun at the place where the barricade was standing.  I had a rental car so I only drove a few hundred feet down the abandoned road before finding a place to park. 

Unlike Sipper, I wore my swimsuit (thong and top) to the actual beach, and dragged along a huge bottle of water I had purchased for my outing.  I was unimpressed at first, there was a lot of junk of every description between what remained of the road and the beach.  The oil wells and smell of petroleum also took away from the atmosphere.  There were not really sand dunes, only piles of junk with some sand showing through.  This was probably due to the high water level of the hurricane which floated the building materials and other things to this location. 

But once I got to the beach, I found a different story.  It was clean and private.  It took me only a moment to take my top off and only a few minutes longer to take my bottom off.  With my bottle of water, I too headed east.  Many thoughts went through my mind, just like Sipper's.  I too had a friendly pump service person drive by and give me a big wave.  A 4-wheel with a family of four, a mom, dad, and two high school age kids drove by a ways and also waved before setting up a little ahead of me.  I kept walking, right past their umbrella.  They didn't seem to mind my nudity, even though they were wearing "traditional" beach clothing -- the father and son in board shorts, the mom in a one piece, and the daughter in a bikini. 

I kept on walking, finding one marker after another to pass.  Two more 4-wheels drove by on the nearby road, one a Jeep Wrangler with no doors and with the men driving it as bare assed as I was. 

Finally, my water was down to about half, and I figured it was time to return to my car.  One car came up from behind me as I started back, and the driver honked friendly honks until I noticed him.  It was a pair of friendly fishermen who waved me over to the road to ask me if I wanted a ride.  My preservation instincts kicked in and I said no.  They probably were no threat but why risk it?  They said I was the third nude beach walker they had seen that week. 

I continued to the umbrella set up by the family.  They had enough time to set up a grill and some beach chairs.  Dad was grilling, mom was getting some sun, the daughter was walking in the tide, but the son had shed his board shorts and was laying out on his back getting some sun.  They insisted I stop for a burger and a beer.  I took them up on the burger, but passed on the booze, having a soft drink instead. 

It felt liberating to sit with a family near the umbrella, eating and drinking with the son and I nude, and the others clothed.  They told me that nudity on this beach was quite common, and the boy's complete tan made me believe what they said. 

As I hiked the rest of the way back, I passed another group that had set up, this time four men, but they simply waved and said "HI" and didn't turn out to be a threat at all.

My adventure turned out to be the nervousness of a woman walking nude and alone along a deserted section of beach, with several groups of men in positions where they could have taken advantage of me or hurt me, but with nothing happening.  I don't know if I could do that again, but it was both frightening and liberating at the same time to have done it that one time.
Sipper #56

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:03/22/2010 03:35:46Copy HTML

 Wow!  What a great post by ithongit!  Not only was it interesting, it showed the risk that thongers take what with not going with the herd an dressing differently on the beach.  There is a general disapproval of thongers, even male bikini wearers.  At some point we all ask ourselves why we chose to be outside the norm in our beach wear.  Maybe it even crosses the mind that we are some sort of pervert.  Yet ithongit wrote a magic word in her post that I would bet we all feel after thonging and are leaving the beach:  Liberated.  Hooray for ithongit!
ithongit #57

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:04/28/2010 06:48:07Copy HTML

I haven't been to Galveston since the big huricaine (Ike?) blew through and took half the town with it.  The seawall was in pretty bad shape back then -- lots of cracks and holes, and a sizable drop from the road to the beach, with a staircase or road access only once every block or so.  I wonder if this has been fixed since Ike?  It seems that if a new seawall was built, it could have more and better access from the street level to the beach.  I had been told repeatedly that thongs were "discouraged" on the beach in the main part of town, but Randy and I never had any issues.

I think this is the first post I have seen from a mobile phone!

ThomasWMutherJr #58

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:04/28/2010 05:25:54Copy HTML

I'm not sure what the law says about thongs in Galveston, but when I asked around about it, the reaction was decidedly hostile.  I wore my thong anyway, but kept down the beach away from the crowds.  One woman, from France, joined me for awhile and we had a nice chat, but otherwise, everyone who venture near gave me a wide berth.  Several times a woman or two would be strolling the beach, but upon coming within "thong-discerning-distance" they  turned about.  Paranoid?  Well, it happened about a dozen times.  Not once--save the Mademoiselle--did a female come within a few hundred feet of me (unless I was lying on my back).  Sigh.
odie77301 #59

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:04/28/2010 08:17:26Copy HTML

 Thomas, don't get discourage. I have been to Galveston many many times. I've had days just like that., but the other days made up for it!  Which beach did you visit. I've been to East beach where there's a free parking area, and had no problem. Usually there's a few men in thongs which helps!  Now that there's a new condos there's more people on the beach. There's always the nude beach on High Island!  I would say about thirty min away from Galveston! Happy thonging!!
ThomasWMutherJr #60

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:04/29/2010 12:03:15Copy HTML

Odie--I've only been to Galveston twice, the last time was 2 years ago.  Don't recall what beach I was at, though it was near an old 2 story bathhouse (the first time I was there, it was operational, the second, no).  And I do find it discouraging--though not so much that it will drive my thongs into the closet.  Never saw a man in a thong there.  Heck, except for SoBe, I've rarely ever seen another man in a thong. 

Oddly, (actually, not so oddly) the only support I've ever gotten for my preferred beach attire has come from men--both gay and straight.  Back when I used to be very fit, guys would sometimes make positive comments.  From women I've gotten only turned up noses, scowls, or a studied dismissal of my existence.  Oh, well.  I never really thought of a thong as a dating tool anyway ;-)

TexasThonger #61

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:04/29/2010 12:37:39Copy HTML

I was at East Beach today and I was the only guy there thonging! I have been several times this year and so far no thongers. There were guys in bikinis and Speedos.......the thongers like us need to get there and make a statement and enjoy the great weather.
odie77301 #62

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:04/29/2010 12:42:21Copy HTML

 Texasthonger, how was the weather? Where you in the free parking area ?
Thomas, sounds like you where at east beach that's where that building is located.
TexasThonger #63

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:04/29/2010 02:05:54Copy HTML

The weather is great! nice sun, not too much wind. I park in the free lot off East Beach Drive, just past the high rise condos and the houses in Beach Town.
Thonginpa #64

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/07/2010 10:17:35Copy HTML

After Ike the nude beach in High Island might be no longer there, any word?
TexasThonger #65

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/07/2010 03:29:13Copy HTML

Not sure about High Island....have been told it's OK and other guys say don't go it's not worth the drive. I did go to East Beach yesterday, I was the only thonger there, but it was a great day to lay out. I am hopeing to get back on the beach tomorrow.
Sipper #66

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/07/2010 03:55:35Copy HTML

 The nude beach is still there.  Was there weekend before last.  However, the last word that I have is from a constable from Jefferson County in which that beach lies:  "follow Texas State Law and don't expose the genitals or anus."  One Jefferson County officer, a female, years ago said that a woman who was of shaved wasn't exposing her genital.  I'd wear a g-string.  The county seat of Jefferson County, Beaumont, is a 68 mile drive from this particular section of beach.  When I was last there:  no thongers, no g-strings; but dork shorts and women in, at best, 'regular' bikinis.  I was with my spouse, so wore skimpy Solar bikini that I had cut the front lining out of.  Didn't give me any tan lines.  Kept the all-over tan.
dfwsandman #67

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/08/2010 03:41:36Copy HTML

won't be till July or August before we're able to venture out to Galveston, the wife's never thonged there before but I do think a 3 day weekend can be worked into the summer calendar.

This thread has certainly been helpful.
carolinastingray #68

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/08/2010 04:47:00Copy HTML

I'm planning on going to East Beach. Does anyone know if the beach at the state park is thong friendly? I might go to Schlitterbahn too, in a perfect world thongs would be welcome there.
TexasThonger #69

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/08/2010 04:54:26Copy HTML

I live near the State Park and camped there before I moved to Galveston. I have never seen anyone there in a thong. I have been thonging at East Beach for the last several weeks....usually I am the only one there in a thong, but thongs are OK there.
pacal44 #70

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/08/2010 11:16:48Copy HTML

I was at East Beach last Tuesday but was the only one wearing a black swim thong.  I did not see many people there between 2pm and 4pm.... but it was nice to feel liberated in knowing I was free to be myself and get in the water and lay out under the sun.
carolinastingray #71

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/13/2010 10:57:41Copy HTML

For the first and last time I went to East Beach last Sunday (Mother's Day). This was NOT a party beach as advertised! Perhaps because of the holiday there were many families and ZERO thongers besides me, who went to the western edge of the beach to avoid offending anyone. The state park was great on Monday, not another soul for a few hundred yards in either direction, perfect conditions for carefree tanning wearing next to nothing. 
odie77301 #72

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/14/2010 01:31:06Copy HTML

 Sorry to hear that carolinastingray, I've been there several times and had a blast!! No, there"s always families there, I too keep to myself and try not to offend any body. Maybe I'm not missing nothing after all.. We should all get together and have a thong day at east beach. Just a thought!! Happy Thonging!!!!!
ithongit #73

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/14/2010 05:49:26Copy HTML

I think East Beach gets it's "party" designation from the fact that they used to have (and perhaps still have) live music concerts and similar things going on there, and the fact that they used to sell beer at least when these sanctioned "parties" were going on.  I too was the only one on the beach during a mid-week visit.  They didn't even have people out taking parking money on the drive into the beach.

I still vote for the beach down from the seawall (if it survived Huricaine Ike).  It was thong tollerent if not friendly for both men and women and was near the hotels where people stay.  The responses we have gotten from Galveston Chamber of Commerence and others we have contacted say something like "there is no rule against thongers on any beaches, but that you might be more comfortable on East beach, which is more of a party beach."  Hotels and motels however will say basically "wear what you want on any of our beaches" if you check with them.  Some will also not have issues with you wearing your thongs at the hotel or motel pools.

TexasThonger #74

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/14/2010 09:26:14Copy HTML

I was at East Beach yesterday and there was one family there with two kids and they took over the beach. They ran almost everyone off! I did stay and after they left several more single people did come to the area. All in all, it turned out to be a nice afternoon. I was there Wednesday afternoon....no kids and two other thongers and several guys in bikinis. 
SusanaM #75

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/22/2010 04:05:07Copy HTML

Has anybody experienced camping out at the State Park? I actually prefer a good campground to staying at a hotel. In Corpus Christi we camp on the beach at PINS and it's a blast.
odie77301 #76

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/22/2010 08:28:54Copy HTML

Susana, I've never camp on a state park in Galveston. I wonder If it would be thong friendly. Are any of your pics at Galveston? There's one that looks like it, but I've been wrong before. I need to look into a state parks in Galveston.  
SusanaM #77

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/23/2010 03:17:46Copy HTML

Odie, carolinastingray and some others have posted and lead me to believe that thongs are tolerated at Galveston State park
We're definitely going to find out this summer. Oh, we've never thonged there before.

More info on the park:
Sipper #78

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/23/2010 02:17:26Copy HTML

Texas State Law allows whatever swim wear so long as the genitals and anus are not exposes.  However the Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPW) regulations provide the following:(n) Public Nudity. It is an offense for any person to disrobe or appear nude in public. Females are considered to be disrobed when their breasts below the top of the areola are exposed except when nursing a baby.
I wrote the TPW and asked about thongs.  I'll let you know their answer.  I think that the above implies that thongs are fine.  I might point out that I was there last weekend in my one-inch solar bikini and some guy made a point of taking my picture.  The bikini (pink to coral in color) was notable to a few of the total populace of the park that Sunday.  However, there wasn't any shock that I could detect, just something noteworthy.  These people may be teachable.
odie77301 #79

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/23/2010 11:00:41Copy HTML

Susan, thanks for the Galveston state park web site. Looks promising for 5 bucks entrance fee sounds good.

dfwsandman #80

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/24/2010 03:12:50Copy HTML

Odie, we looked at a few more details about camping at Galveston state park. Even viewed it from Bing maps Birds eye view and it looks very promising. (google maps street view looks like crap and if it was the deciding factor no one would go there based on the extremely poor street view)
Sipper #81

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/21/2010 04:04:10Copy HTML

 I wore my Intersparta Naturiste G-string with the dental floss size side and crotch straps on Galveston' East Beach this last Saturday (June 19, 2010) and had a wonderful time.  I saw one fellow in a yellow bikini, who was sunning and another fellow in a tie side g-string.  I tried to talk to the G-stinger asking him if he was on the thongboard, he said no and didn't belong to any clubs, wouldn't look at me and did not want to talk.  He was tall, had a white beard and was tanned as brown as dark brown sugar and had no tan lines.  Obviously, he has been at it awhile.  One fellow in dork shorts came up to me and, sounding gay, said:  "Wow, you're not wearing very much".  I told him that it was just enough to be legal.  He went on to say that he was too modest to wear such.  Later, I realized that I should have told him about Traci's (ithonit) statment about how liberating it can be.  A missed opportunity.  The sun and sand were very hot, the water warm and soft feeling and although most of the people around me would look at me again and again, no one said anything untoward.  A good day.  I wonder if anyone on the thongboard was there Saturday afternoon?
As an aside, the dental floss strapped Intersparta Naturiste g-strings were a limited edition that they sold when there regular strap supplier couldn't supply them.  They had to find an alternate source.
SusanaM #82

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/23/2010 04:21:11Copy HTML

We enjoyed an afternoon at Galveston Island State Park on Sunday. We actually were out in Galveston on Saturday but that day we sort of wanted to see what the public beach access areas at road mile 7 and 8 were like. In a nutshell they were crowded and very family oriented. We only saw a few rio bottoms but more daring were some small tops that were really sexy. No thongs on anyone. I went prepared to thong but with a crowded beach I actually decided to put on a new rio back one piece.

Sunday was the only day I thonged and that was actually at GISP in their day use area. For $5 you have a great uncrowded beach, plenty of parking, rinse off showers, restrooms (not portapotties), we thought it was a great value. Only one other female thonger who according to my husband drew more attention because of her generous top rather than her half thong bottom. There was a 20something with a cute boyshort that was more of a booty short that drew many approving looks. The sparse crowd Sunday was tolerant of women thongers I felt, and my husband and I commented that men thongers would undoubtedly fit in just fine. I wore a rainbow WW with short shorts over them but I stayed put in our sunning spot trying to undo the scoop back tan on my buns from the 1 piece I wore Saturday. So I didn't really draw a lot of attention.

A fun afternoon overall Sunday in that area of Galveston Island, I loved the water, the beach is great, it's a good long stretch that will allow you to find a semi-private spot. Hope to be back again this summer.
imathonglover #83

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/26/2010 06:54:03Copy HTML

 This was a missed opportunity for me. I too was in Galveston Saturday the 19th, but I was family and friends with kids. They all wanted to go to the water park, so I had to dress a bit more conservatively. By the way, I didn't see a single thong there. Would have loved joining any one of you on the beach wearing one of my thongs or even a small cut bikini. Oh well, maybe on my next visit.
max77056 #84

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/27/2010 09:46:37Copy HTML

Just to be clear --- esp for out of towners: the beach referred to here is the area between the condos and the first entry to East Beach/Appfel Park. Take the highrise condo road and you'll come to a small parking area where you park and then it's a short walk to the ocean.  If you pay the entry on to East Beach (like $7 or so) and drive in you may end up in a crowded family (dork short) beach setting. The thong beach/couple beach/gay beach/cool beach (whatever you want to call it) is just west of the first entrance to EastBeach/Appfel Park.
SusanaM #85

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:07/10/2010 02:35:56Copy HTML

I heard today that the tarballs found recently on the Galveston beaches were identified as NOT being from the BP Deep Horizon well. Tarbars must have fingerprints, :)

Anyways does this classify as good news?   "we got oil on the beach, but it ain't from the BP well"
Snookie1 #86

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:07/31/2010 03:43:50Copy HTML

Do any other females thong or G-string at the public access beach between Beach Town and East Beach?  I wear one when possible and only if I see other men or women in thongs.  So far, when we go as a family, I am only seeing males in thongs or G-strings...  My husband and I went during the week without our kids and hardly anyone was there.  I felt comfortable in a thong, but we practically had the beach to ourselves...  Saturday, I was in a Rio and even felt I could go topless.  Many families came and went during the day and didn't seem to mind, but I was the only female topless and in Rio bottoms.  We were a ways back from the water and still had quite a few people walk past not quite sure they were seeing what they thought they were seeing.  It was comical.  Just wondering...
speedosoldier85 #87

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:08/01/2010 01:06:43Copy HTML

Looks like I'll be able to check out galveston in person during labor day weekend. Woohoo!
Snookie1 #88

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:08/12/2010 03:52:44Copy HTML

OK.  Went to "east beach" over the weekend.  It wasn't very crowded when we arrived.  We chose a spot further down from the access point.  A few more people showed up around 12:00 to 1:00ish.  Only men in thongs or G's and some families.  It is very frustrating to feel like I have to go to an uncrowded area to avoid being commented to in a negative way, but also frustrating that I was the only female.  Am I thonging on a mens only beach (and of course some families included also)?  Someone please tell me I am not the only female that frequents this beach!  I am not shy and wear what I want, but sometimes feel out of place.  Help please!  Are there other beaches in Galveston where female thongers go?
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Sometimes when you go to a beach regularly, at a particular time of day and day of the week, others see you and gain confidence. This may lead them to strip down to a thong too.
I suggest you try making friends with some of the couples who you see on the beach, who, if encouraged may join you in thongs.  You could use the line "Can I lay out beside you guys so that the single men don't hit on me?"  Most people are very protective and will not only say sure, but invite you into their conversation and group too.

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Snookie, I definitely loved Galveston after our first ever visit but we went twice to the GISP beach and just east of there the previous day. We didn't go to East beach, hopefully next time and we hope that next time is soon. I do understand your frustration with finding other thonging females on Texas beaches but I've grown the bad habit of thonging away from crowds at the beach especially here in Texas.
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Thank you for your input.  It was and will be helpful.
We haven't tried GISP yet... 
I currently also have the habit of thonging away from the crowds.  I feel like I am intruding or going to make a beach walker upset. 
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Re:Galveston Texas TX

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Thanks for the ideas!  I really appreciate them.  I will try some of these tactics next time we go to the beach.

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Saturday was a great day for me on Galveston's East Beach. I arrived at about 1:30-2: PM and stayed until 4:30 PM.  There was one other tie side g-stringer (male) besides myself.  There was another g-stringer of note.  I had walked from the parking area down to where I had set up to sun wearing only pink tie-side my g-string.  A family consisting of a woman a man in board shorts and their boy were unloading their beach parenphernalia in the parking lot as I walked by, and I could tell that they took some notice of me.  Down at the beach, they set up not to far from me and soon the woman had stripped down to what looked like a Wicked Weasal skimpy bottom and nothing else.  She was completely at ease and walked about freely. I was so happy to see a female celebrating our "clothing freedom" on East Beach.  May others join in.  I look upon this woman as a pioneer insofar as my experience on East Beach goes.  Bravo to her. I saw a number of men in bikini's and the short shorts but that was about it.   The woman thonger, who sets up near the dunes was not present. I walked the beach to the west (I set up to the East side of the entrance) and garnered no remarks, but a good deal of interest.  I did see a woman thonger (wearing a top) with a board short wearing male on the West side, and somehow I got the impression that she was justified with wearing her thong, when she saw me.  Strange how I get these impressions from a distance, but I got that one.  I wonder how accurate these impressions are?  Does any one have an opinion as to these impressions?   Walking further to the West, I came across two woman taking multiple pictures of me with their digital camera.  They seemed pleased when checking the results on their camera display.  I regret that I didn't offer to pose with each of them.  I will if I see them again. I wonder if they may now be inspired to thong themselves? It was a great day for me, It would be nice to see more thongers on East Beach. Are any still out there?
One last thought, would thonging be as much of a thrill if a multitude of thongers were out there?
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I am the pioneer!!!  I am hoping more women will feel as though it is OK to thong or g-string.  I was wearing a tie-side black thong from Microkitten.  I enjoy thonging and so does my husband.  You must have missed him discreetly change into his bikini style suit.  He said the board shorts bothered him and changed.  It was funny and interesting to see the beach walkers reaction to a woman topless and in a thong.  Nobody has bothered me yet, so I keep coming back to enjoy the beach the way I like. 

One interesting event happened.  A older man and woman in conservative clothing walked past and either noticed me or my husband sitting in a beach chair with his bikini on.  From that distance it must have looked like he was wearing nothing.  The kept staring and did many double takes all the way past us and didn't seem pleased.  After they walked past, they must have called Beach Patrol.  Now Beach Patrol, the police, and Park and Rec have seen me numerous times and have waved or did double takes, but left me alone.  They now smile and wave. 

Well, shortly after the couple walked past, Beach Patrol came through that part of the beach going much slower than usual.  I figured they were going to tell me to put something more appropriate on.  However, the did not pay attention to me, they saw my husband sitting in his beach chair and were probably trying to find the "naked" person on the beach.  They ignored me and slowed down only to smile at my husband and wave.  They appeared to be looking for a man dressed inappropriately and found nothing.  It was quite humorous. 

We arrived around the same time you did and didn't leave until 7:30.  We love the beach and want to feel OK with what we choose to wear.  We feel comfortable coming to this location on the beach and keep coming back.  I know I have a few fans that we see every time we go and they now wave at me.  Maybe I can inspire other women confidence to be comfortable to join in.  That is my goal!
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Re:Galveston Texas TX

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Wow!  I wanted to say hello, but felt that I would be an intruder.  I salute your goal to inspire other women to wear thongs!  A noble pursuit.  I was the guy in the pink tie-side g-string who was sunning near you.  Saturday, I had worn my Koala Micro Extreme Pouch under the g-string.  As usual, I untied the sides of the g-string and sunned wearing the pouch as I love having an all over tan.  Unfortunately, when I sun on my stomach, I look as though I am completely nude.  However, the Beach Patrol drove by when I was lying on my stomach and got fairly close to me before I could pull the strings on the tie-side up. I assumed that they saw me without the strings up, but they drove by without a pause.  I will bet that the elderly couple--I vaguely remember them, I think--saw me with only flesh exposed and they may not have seen the pouch.  When wearing only the pouch, I usually try to cover up as anyone walks by,  but was caught by suprise several times due to the unusually heavy foot traffic.  After what you mentioned about the beach patrol acting on a report of a naked man on the beach, I am going to have to re-think the pouch for sunning.  This, even though it complies with the email that I received from the Beach Patrol that states that one must not expose the genitals and mentions nothing more.  Who needs the bother of explaining to the Beach Patrol?  Why cause them any grief as it does not help the cause at all?  I usually cover up with a towel and re-tie the g-string after a satisfactory period of sunning, which I did Saturday.
I'm so proud that you are so self-assured in your g-string only beach wear.  I was beginning to think that and the guy with the beard an me were the only ones wearing g-strings and was somewhat self-conscious as a result.  You have pushed me to a new level of determination:  inspire others to thong. Thank you for response to my posting.  The next time I see you there, I will say hello.  Keep as much skin showing as legally possible on East Beach to promote satisfying thonging! 
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I know the weather finally turned "cooler" here in Dallas, no longer 103 for a high. Can someone tell us if Galveston is still seeing good thonging weather in Sept and Oct?
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 Sipper, Try wearing a thong in contrasting color, maybe a bright color or black, something that contrasts so people don't think you are naked from a distance.  Stay away from nude, sand or skin tone colors. I have some thongs that have skinny sides but the bands are bright contrasting colors.
   If it is obvious you are waring a thong, and someone reports you, and they are asked if you are naked or wearing a thong, it is a lot less likely that the beach patrol will come out when the person admits you were not actually nude.
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Thanks for the advice.  The G-string that I do wear, and was wearing on the day in question, is a bright hot pink, which I untie and lay the strings out for easy replacing.  My genitals are covered at all times. However, the pouch (Koala Micro Extreme-it is a pouch that covers only the genitals) only comes in black, which contrasts fairly well against my tan.  In this case, I don't think that I had enough time to drape the side strings around my waist--I was lying face down, so the pouch did not show at all. Only bare skin was showing.  I have to keep a better watch out for those who wish thongers ill.  At any rate, the Beach Patrol either did not notice, or did not care.  As for the old folks, I am not certain when they happened by when I was wearing only the pouch and it was not within their view.  I don't think that Koala has any intention to change or add to the available color of the Micro Extreme. I have asked.  I agree with you about he use of color and I wish they would change the Micro Extreme pouch.  As I wrote earlier, I have to re-think the use of the pouch altogether.
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DFW... I live here in Galveston and the usually the weather is great that time of the year. I have thonged as late as the end of Nov and started again in Feb....the weather will be great....come on down!
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 Slipper,  if you are scrambling for the side strings it looks like you are guilty and attempting to cover up.  I suggest you leave side strings tied and just move them a 1/4 inch now and again if you don't want a tan line. 
People seem to think they will get tan lines from skinny side thongs. This only happens if you keep them in one place all day long, which is not easy.
I have a good all over tan and never wear thongs with tie sides. Just move the straps now and again and you will be fine. The last thing you need to be doing is looking around and checking out who is cumming, then furtively scrabbling to tie up the strings as they approach. If you do, you are making an issue about your thong. Much better to be wearing something that needs no adjustment so you don't need to be fumbling with it at the last minute.
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