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dfwsandman #101

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:08/26/2010 02:59:42Copy HTML

Thanks for the info TexasThonger. We sure would like to get another visit out to Galveston this year and enjoy the sun and sand out there once more.

It sounds like there are some thongboard users who go regularly out to East beach. And that the beach patrol is very friendly towards thongers. That sure is encouraging!

TexasThonger #102

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:08/28/2010 03:53:23Copy HTML

Spent the afternoon yesterday at East Beach. The weather was great. Several couples there, a few guys wearing baord shorts, a couple in bikinis, and four of us thonging! Hope to see more and more thongers there.
Sipper #103

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:08/31/2010 03:53:56Copy HTML

East Beach, Saturday, August 28 2010.  Wonderful afternoon for sunning.  The sunlight seems to be changing from yellow to a more golden color, but we may be able to sun well into November this year, I hope.  As I walked East from the entrance to the beach I noticed a couple sunning, she was wearing a bikini bottom, but topless and unabashed; he was wearing a g-string with clear plastic sides.  I wonder if one can tan through the clear plastic?  The couple's behavior was that of experienced sunners.  Later, I guess the man changed to a pouch only.  I did not know this as I was out in the water.  While in the water, I noticed that a Galveston Police Car drove by this couple.  That was an odd site as the Galveston County Sheriff's Department's Beach Patrol polices the beach.  The Sheriff's Beach Patrol had driven through the area at least twice before and had not stopped.  I figured that the cop, a male, was bored with his regular duties and just wanted to spot some bikini clad women.  This is the first time that I have seen Galveston Police driving down the beach.  I'm guessing that he was not within the parameters of his employment, yet peace officers in Texas can take action anywhere in Texas, if they spot a crime in progress.  As the cop drove by the couple in question he was looking at them.  He drove on about 30 yards, did a U-turn and went back to the couple.  His driver's side window was now on the side that the couple was on.  He rolled down his window and said something.  Later, when I got out of the water, I asked the guy what had transpired.  His answer was that he was wearing a pouch and the cop said that he wanted to see a strap up the back of the guy.  Also, the guy guessed that the cop was 'new' and unaware of the beachwear policy in effect.  The guy did put on an adjustable thong after the cop left, however.  
Apparently, the woman was not dressed improperly in the cop's opinion.  
A Galveston cop on East Beach is a rare occurence.  The couple said that they did not know of this thongboard, so I gave them the URL.  Hopefully, they will get on the board and have more to say about this incident.  I didn't see a Galveston cop car the rest of the afternoon, but I will be looking.  
TheSilentOne #104

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/16/2011 09:51:26Copy HTML

Everyone keeps talking about thonging on East Beach, but I'm wondering if anyone has thonged at the Seawall beaches?
I may be going to Galveston some time in July. I was there in April of '09, but it was an unplanned trip on the way to somewhere else. That was right after Ike of course, and I just wanted to stop by and see how things were over there at the time. They were still rebuilding then, and I didn't really get out on any of the beaches, other than to just get my feet wet at the Seawall for a minute. I haven't been to Galveston on an actual planned vacation in over 15 years. I used to go there every few years on family vacation when I was a kid, and we usually went to the Seawall beaches. I've always loved the convenience of being able to walk straight from your hotel to the beach. Plus, I just like the Seawall area in general. I always remember Galveston as being a nice place with a nice atmosphere, but I wonder how things may have changed in 15 plus years. So I'd like to hear anyone's experiences on the Seawall.
odie77301 #105

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/16/2011 10:34:04Copy HTML

 I was just in Galveston on Saturday. East beach to be exact the last free parking area before you get to the gate where you pay. I wore a Dore' thong at the seawall once with no problem. I personally don't like the seawall might be all the cars going by . You should be ok at the sea wall depending on your suit just watch out for small families. At east beach you shouldn't have any trouble. I wore my skinz bikini this past Saturday because my kids where with me,but others times (when alone)I just wear thongs or a g string. I saw several  people in bikinis women and men , and one guy in a red thong with tie sides. But no problem  Good luck .....
odie77301 #106

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/18/2011 06:02:15Copy HTML

  I'll be heading to Galveston this sat if anybody wants to join me.. I'll be at the last free parking spot before you get to the east beach gate where you pay. Hope to see fellow thongers there..Cheers..................
alee01 #107

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:07/29/2011 03:32:16Copy HTML

 I have worn thongs, bikinis and g strings at East/Stewart beach many times. Especially on the Splash Days. A few times I had some bad looks but most times, nobody could care less.
houtx46 #108

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:10/04/2011 01:45:50Copy HTML

 Does anyone still thong on the beach in Galveston?  Thinking about going this weekend and would like to know where I can go with the least amount of hassle.
odie77301 #109

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:10/04/2011 02:35:53Copy HTML

 I always go to East beach in Galveston. The way I get there is make the first right after Ferry road on to East beach Drive. There's about  4-5 free parking spots. Have your pick, but the last one is what they call the gay section of East beach. That's where I go to all the time. I never had any trouble from anybody there. I get a lot of stares, but that just comes with the territory of wearing small swim wear :-) There's a  lot of couples that visit that part of the beach and  a few singles like me. You should not have any trouble tanning in a g string or thongs. Take a few beers it's legal to drink there.
Good Luck  
dirtyd3815 #110

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:10/04/2011 05:46:59Copy HTML

When checking on Google maps I only see 3 parking areas on East Beach Rd but I may be looking in the wrong place or just missing something.  Anyways, how far are the lots from the beach/water?  Also, are there any stores in Galveston that carry thong swimwear?
odie77301 #111

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:10/05/2011 01:43:36Copy HTML

 I checked it on Google earth and it's the third parking area before you get to Apffel park Dr. The parking area looks like the letter "L". 
houtx46 #112

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:10/05/2011 03:22:07Copy HTML

Thanks for the update.  Know of the area you are talking about.  Will try to make it there one day this weekend depending on the weather.
imathonglover #113

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:10/05/2011 02:01:59Copy HTML

The parking area Odie mentioned is the same place I park when I go. This will be the parking area just past the high rise condo and before the beach home development. If you drive up to a small clock tower at the entrance to this development, then you've past it up. It's a solid place to park with any vehicle and it's just a short walk across the boardwalk to the beach. Once I get on the beach, I usually go left a short distance and set up in between a small break in the dunes. I'm not easily seen looking down the beach unless you walk up close to where I am at. In all the times I have been there in a thong or skimpy swim bikini, I have never been hassled. Even the beach patrol just drives by without any word. Hope you have a good time. Maybe we can all meet out there soon while the weather is still nice.
sundog516 #114

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:10/08/2011 05:07:42Copy HTML

I go to East Beach every wednesday am and layout in my thong and have never had any problems. I usually layout down towards the jetty. Last weds. nobody was on the beach except myself and one couple. 
High Island is history. I used to go down there almost every day 10 years ago and after moving back into the area last year, I decided to go back down and check it out in may/11. After Ike, the erosion is so bad it's not worth going to and you will get stuck if you dont have 4x4.  Its not worth the effort to wait on the ferry, drive over there, worry about the sherrifs dept and game warden patrolling the area, plus dealing with crappy driving conditions and severe beach erosion just to layout.
sundog516 #115

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:10/08/2011 05:10:55Copy HTML

I have 5 or 6 thongs in differant colors that I bought 15 years ago from skinz out of fl. google them, they are still in business.
Thonginpa #116

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:10/13/2011 11:39:23Copy HTML

What a great three days its been down here the beach, now we are going in for the red tide with fish ke=ills around. its going up the coast of texas.
houtx46 #117

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:10/22/2011 02:36:03Copy HTML

Thanks to all that responded to my post about where to thong in Galveston.  I went to the area on East Beach suggested in previous posts and enjoyed an excellent day.  It was partly cloudy and windy during the 4 hours I spent on the beach beginning at 1:00PM wearing my Dore 3" g-string the entire time with no problem.  Not many people were at the beach, most were just passing through biking, walking or jogging.  Of the ones lying out on the beach, only one other guy wore a thong.  There was no red tide Friday the 21st on this section of the beach. Sounds like tomorrow will be another great day to thong, but unfortunately I can't make it.  Hope that some of the rest of you can make it there and enjoy the day.
houtx46 #118

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:11/07/2011 12:59:26Copy HTML

Met beachman76 on East Beach on Saturday the 5th of November.  We were there from 11:30AM to 3:00PM and were the only ones on the beach in swimwear, both of us in g-strings.  The rest of the very few folks on the beach seemed to believe that what passes for winter in south east Texas has set in as they were dressed in gear more appropriate for street wear.  Too bad as it was a beautiful day, with a light wind, partly cloudy with times of full Sun, enough to keep you comfortable.  Hopefully we will have another couple of weekend days with similar weather before the real winter weather sets in.  If so, I hope to see some other folks who read this board on the beach as well.
houtx46 #119

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:11/13/2011 01:48:54Copy HTML

Met beachman76 and sundog516 on East Beach on Saturday the 12th of November.  Very few people on the beach this time of year.  Can't understand why as this is some of the best weather for being there as you are not sweating at all.  Periods of sun and clouds set the temperature at about 73 degrees and the wind was not too bad.  We had a visitor from Sydney Australia ask if she could be photographed with us, the three of us clad in g-strings.  Being Texas gentlemen (2 of the 3 of us are native are Texans) we were happy to oblige her, so she now has a picture of a memory of Galveston Texas that she will not soon forget.  Don't know if the weather will hold for another trip during 2011, but if it does, I hope to see some other folks wearing their thongs and g-strings on the beach.
odie77301 #120

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:03/01/2012 06:58:30Copy HTML

 Wuttayaknow10,  the area where you want to be at is between east beach and stewart beach.  parking is free and is the last free parking spot before you get to the road that takes you to east beach where you have to pay to get in the beach.. It's past the two tall towers, and theres a a few condos i call beach town. once at this beach you should be able to see a rather large clock. You see that clock you are in the general area Beware this are is frequent by male with males partners. I see couples there all the time male and female. you should be fine don't be surprised to see law enforcement in vehicles. as long as they can see material going up your crack you will be fine..Good luck let me know how it goes..P.S. dont forget your sunscreen
tangathong #121

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:03/02/2012 12:51:54Copy HTML

 East beach is thong friendly. I have worn some pretty ridiculously skimpy g strings and thongs there many times. 
sundog516 #122

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:04/29/2012 07:28:43Copy HTML

 Another beautiful day in Galveston. I left Seabrook around 730, and after a couple of stops, I was on the beach by 0830, my 4th beach day this week. I layed out tuesday, wednesday and 3 hrs friday at east beach. Friday the wind was blowing between 20-30 mph so not many people out, in fact practically no one, however beach patrol had their sentrys out collecting parking fees at the entrance. I haven't paid to park on a beach in over 35 years so I just park at the free parking area and walk it. But not on friday, too windy. I backtracked to a turnout on the access rd to east beach and layed out behind fairly high dunes which afforded a pleasant 3 hrs of basking in the sun, with a slight breeze. My suit of choice lately has been a white cocksoxpouch g string. Saturday was windy still so didnt go down, but went today, Sunday.
At 0830 the wind was pretty strong, probably 20mph, no guards at the gate yet so I buzzed down towards the parking line where overnighters had been camping. No thongers anywhere that I could see and with the wind, nobody was doing any sunning. I went back to my spot off the access rd,  parked, let my dog out, spread my beach blanket, flipped on the radio, oiled down and layed out for a while. I picked up Wuthering Heights at a used bookstore and continued on with the story for a few chapters enjoying the morning. I guess around 1030, Jake, my 11 yr old sheltie, gave me the " I am so bored look" and I gave him the "yeah ok, we'll do something about it look". I packed everything up and headed back towards east beach, got over there and the beach sentry was out, finally, ( look at all the revenue lost for 2 hrs during an almost gale force wind), actually the wind had died down a bit and theyt still had the red flag out for dangerous conditions for swimming. I decided to go to Apffel Park and park there. We had to take the long way around, of course, and finally parked, got out and had our little walk to the twin towers. 
People are funny about nudity, or being almost nude. As soon as we started there was a lady that saw me in my bathing suit glory, and as soon as it registered what she was seeing, a smile broke out across her face. I smiled and waved and headed down the beach. Nice to get those little smiles, even at 50 ( Im not dead yet. :) ). Anyway, we continued  down the beach, which more people had started to show up and up ahead was two 50 - 60 ish ladies walking towards us, when we got to about 30 yards from meeting, they decided to turn around. He he, ok ladies. Then there was a black lady, kind of chubby, walking up and refused to even make eye contact. Umm ok, whatever. Jake and I continued our stroll, soaking up the rays. Then there was an older couple, 60ish, walking with a Bouvier, and not on a leash, which when I saw that, I headed more towards the surf, (they were walking 40 yards inland on the beach patrol route with the trash cans). I didnt need to worry for their dog stayed with them, which is good. anyway, the woman smiled and waved, I waved and continued the walk. After 20 steps I turned around to check on that dog, he was ok, but I saw the husband had turned and was looking at me, yep,Im wear a thong and the string is up my ass crack. 
We finally made it to the twin towers and headed back with no incident to speak of. Got back to the truck and by this time it was 1130, so 3 hrs of sun is good enough. Drove back around to east beach gate and hit the shower, washed up, rinsed off, slapped on the aloe vera all over, dressed, (Black tux, tails, white bow tie :) ), hehe, shorts and shirt. Stopped off at churchs chicken for a 3 piece chicken dinner and headed home. 

flthongbutt #123

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:04/30/2012 03:56:57Copy HTML

no, it didnt "take 1/2 the town with it"...
about 6 months after ike, by the following spring, everything was back to pretty much normal.... no thanks to FEMA,however.....Ike was a bigger storm than Katrina, and caused more monetary damage, but of course  no FEMA help in sight....
galveston did NOT suffer a direct hit from IKE.....you should be able to do anything you ever did before.... actually, with the buoyant local economy, there's probably more to do than ever....

sundog516 #124

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/06/2012 08:56:09Copy HTML

Got to the beach late, around 9am. East beach had some kind of beach party going on called "Splash". A big budget event. The signs out on the road were written with a magic marker on cardboard. Jake and I parked in the free parking and headed to the north end past the jetty and layed out for a couple of hours. It was overcast in the morning but I still put on no ad spf4. Left there and tried to get in at apffel park but there was ahuge line to enter there to go to the splash thing so we parked at the next access rd, which put us between apffel and the twin towers. got out, splashed on some sunscreen and took jake for a walk. I was wearing a new gstring from abc underware, a zebra stripe thing along with a white cap ( sorta matched), and we strolled toward apffel parking area then back down again. There was quite a few people out and I was the only thonger that I could see out there. I attracted attention as usual but no incidents. everybody was cool and cordial.

If you want to talk about meeting go to the "Contacts" section of the message board then to "Galveston,Tx" or simply email me.
sundog516 #125

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/17/2012 11:52:57Copy HTML

another day at the beach...I was the only thonger at Beachtown from 0830 till 1300. 
tony15021 #126

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:09/13/2012 11:14:09Copy HTML

 Thinking about going down in late Oct or early Nov.How's the weather then? Where is a good place to tent camp, where I can leave my car and walk to the beach to thong. Is there markets close for supply's ?
sundog516 #127

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:09/29/2012 05:31:42Copy HTML

 re tony15021:
best place is east beach. you can pitch a tent and thong to your hearts content. take the main "seawall drag" towards the ship channel, when you get to the end hang a right, about a mile down is the beach. free parking during the off season, just park behind the red parking pilings and you should have no worries. 
houtx46 #128

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:10/23/2012 08:35:24Copy HTML

Went to East Beach really early this morning (Tuesday October 22nd), watched a great sunrise.  Left about 12:00PM, had a very short but enjoyable day on the beach.
Only thonger, very few folks out on the beach.  Wore my pink Dore over the shoulder suit, much briefer than the Koala suit of that style that I have. 
Walked from the jetty on East Beach all the way to the pavilion on Stewart Beach.  Saw maybe 25 people over the entire distance.
Hopefully some other thongers will be out on the remaining weekends of beach weather this year.

itanng #129

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:11/09/2012 02:49:12Copy HTML

"Barest Beach"*

This posting refers to the beach in the vicinity of "Beachtown" between "Stewart Beach" and "Apffel Park", specifically at the free public parking lot marked "Access Point 1A".  The phrase "Barest Beach" comes from an internet article, referenced below.

My visit was from Thursday November 8 to Sunday November 10, 2012.  Temperatures all days were in the upper 70s in the morning then lower 80s in the afternoon.  Thursday and Friday were sunny; Saturday was mostly sunny until 4ish, when it turned cloudy.

Thursday - arrived 12:00 noon.  There was a guy in a "speedo" close to the water and one in a thong close to the dunes.  I wore my Body Aware J-String (CS0012), a J-pouch with no waist band.  Another guy arrived around 2pm and wore a "speedo".  All 3 left mid-afternoon.  I stayed until the wind got too chilly around 5pm. Temps were nice, around 80, with wind.

Friday - arrived 9:00am. Whatever event on the free parking lot next to Apffel Park was gone.  Today I wore my Dore g-string.  Another g-string wearer arrived around 11:30, then a second minutes later.   The first introduced himself, is a member of this board; the other e-mailed me later, so is also a Thong Board member!   There were three "speedo" guys during the afternoon, plus 3 "squarecut" guys.  And a girl with a fairly small, but not thong, bikini.  Around 3:30, three other guys arrived, two wore "speedos".

Saturday - arrived 8:30a. Another thong board member arrived around 9am. Except for a walkers, we were the about the only 2 on the beach most of the time.  Some "speedo" and "squarecut" guys arrived around 1pm.  Another thong wearer (who I didn't meet was on the beach around 2pm.  Most everyone, including me, had left by 4:30ish.

Sunday - I visited only for a few minutes from around 8:00 until 8:30, then headed home.  It was very cloudy and windy.

* "Barest Beach" http://www.chron.com/CDA/archives/archive.mpl/1991_795175/what-you-should-know-when-you-plan-beach-outings.html

ithongit #130

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:11/13/2012 02:05:59Copy HTML

I will be going to Houston for business and hope to get over to Galveston for at least a few hours. Unfortunately, my schedule is tight, so I may have to do most of my thonging at the hotel pool. (The up-scale Galleria area hotels they put us up never have an issue with thongs in their pools. Even when I have brought Randy along, and he has spent days on end pool-side in his skimpiest thongs and g-strings while I went to stupid meetings nobody seem to care.)

I would like to check out the Galveston beach stores and surf shops for thongs -- both for me and for my men. Last time I was there, only two shops had women's thongs and only one had thongs for guys. This was before Huricane Ike (?) and I know the phone number of the little mom and pop surf shop that used to have men's thongs does not work any more, so I assume they are out of business or have moved. They were not beach-front but about a block back.

I want to spend most of my time in Galveston on the beach, and may have some co-workers along (the guys just love going to the beach with me when I wear a thong and they know that in Galveston I usually go topfree too). Because of my schedule, I won't be able to spend hours cruising every surf shop for thongs.

I also stop at a place between Galveston and Houston on the northbound side of the highway that sell adult movies, costumes, and "toys". They have a really glittery store with lots of pink and red neon lights all over the place. They don't have too much in real swimwear, but they do have some interesting bedroom costumes and stripper costumes which I have used on the beach or at the pool occationally. I have gotten super tiny string thongs for myself with a bottom width of maybe 3/4 inch maximum and cups about the size of a half dollar coin. I have found a few male stripper costumes too for Randy. I don't know if this shop is still in business either.

If anyone knows of a shop that sells men's or women's thongs in Houston, Galveston, or someplace in the area, please post a reply ASAP since I will be getting to Houston on Thursday and leaving Sunday morning.

bryn515000 #131

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:11/13/2012 04:05:43Copy HTML

The best place will probably be Cindy's lingerie. There is one on westheimer west of the Galleria about 2 miles. It's been pretty cool around here, low 40's to high 60's.

Have fun
Reznor7 #132

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:11/15/2012 02:09:04Copy HTML

@ithongit - The best thongs are from a place in Chicago called Egoist - they ship for free and have a ton of styles and brands. Great store if you're in the Chicago area or want to shop online.

Anyone know how the beaches are this time of year in Galveston? I want to go either sometime this week or this weekend but the weather will be highs in the low 70s, so I don't want to be the only person out there wearing a thong.
Reznor7 #133

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:11/15/2012 02:17:08Copy HTML

Is anyone still thonging in Galveston these days in 2012? Is east beach still a good spot to wear thongs and g-strings for both men and women? I have some Joe Snyder thongs that I am working up the courage to wear on east beach.
odie77301 #134

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:11/15/2012 06:40:22Copy HTML

 I wore my thongs and g strings all summer long  at beach town next to east beach in Galveston.excerpt taking from houston Chronicle East Beach: the Barest Beach. On East Beach just west of Apffel Park is Galveston's barest beach - the place for sunbathers who prefer to go topless or wear thong-style bathing suits.Beach patrol Capt. Vic Maceo says it's perfectly legal to go topless on this beach, unless you are flaunting your body "with the intent to arouse," in which case you may be charged with disorderly conduct.This is not a nude beach. Total nudity is unlawful.There are no facilities or lifeguards on this beach.To get there, take Seawall past Stewart Beach, turn right at either of the two Condominium Road exits and follow the back roads to the beach.free parking pick the one after the nice " Beach Town" Might be a bit cold for but lets us know how it was.
houtx46 #135

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:12/02/2012 10:07:20Copy HTML

 Went to Beach Town December 1, met up with another ThongBoard member.  A really great weather day for December in Galveston.  Both of us were wearing our g-strings and walked up and down the beach for half a mile or so.  Not too many folks out at the beach for such a great day to be there.  Most likely the last trip of the year, weather like this won't last much longer.  Should have gone back today, weather appears to be pretty much the same.  Now have all winter to try to get into better shape for thonging next year.
Reznor7 #136

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:03/04/2013 04:02:45Copy HTML


When does thong/beach season start in Galveston? I am chomping at the bit to get out there and thong for the first time. It is supposed to be 75 today, but I'm not sure about the weekend. The first Saturday that it is anywhere near 80 degrees I plan to head to East beach and wear my very brief thong bathing suit.

Do a lot of women still wear thongs there? Have you been near the clock tower area on East beach?
Snookie1 #137

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:03/05/2013 03:57:45Copy HTML

"When does thong/beach season start in Galveston?"

Whenever it gets warm enough.

"Do a lot of women still wear thongs there?"

Nope, I'm usually the only one, when we can get out that way.

"Have you been near the clock tower area on East beach?"

That's where we usually go.
aunaturel #138

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:03/17/2013 03:19:33Copy HTML

I haven't been to the Galveston area for several years, so I'd like an update.  Are C-strings legal, and are any seen on the beach?  They're not great for swimming or moving about, but terrific for sunning.
houtx46 #139

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/19/2013 09:58:17Copy HTML

Went to beach at Beach Town on Saturday the 18th for a short visit, arriving at 9:00AM and leaving at 11:00AM.  It was pretty cloudy when I arrived but cleared out around 10:00AM and was a beautiful day.  Temperature was fine even at that early hour for sunning.  I can't handle the sun like I used to be able to.  Lots of walkers at that time of the morning.  Met another ThongBoard member there, so I was not the only one in a minimal swim suit. 

Will make another early morning trip during Memorial Day weekend, just not sure which day yet.  Hopefully some other members of the board will join.
Reznor7 #140

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/09/2013 11:13:13Copy HTML

Snookie - we need to get more females thonging on that beach. It seems like it is nothing but a bunch of dudes. No offense to the rest of the thongers at East beach, but I'm not going there to meet dudes.

Went to East beach and sported my Joe Snyder thong - no one else on the entire beach had a thong on. I had some creepy tan asian guy come and sit about 15 feet away from me (just wearing shorts) which is minutely flattering, but very annoying at the same time. I would have preferred it to be a good looking woman. Anyway, while I was laying out I noticed a tennis ball, a lady walked by with her dog and I pointed it out to her, she started talking to me not acting like she noticed I was wearing a tiny thong - she must've been in her 50s or 60s. another lady who was probably in her late 40s (with large fake boobs) also walked up. The two women started talking conveniently 10 feet from where I was standing drying off and re-sunscreening.  The fake boob lady seemed to position herself so that she could see me drying off - this was a pretty big turn on because I was basically naked.  The ladies talked for the better part of 15 minutes, and as they walked off they said bye to me.  They were very nice and didn't act like I was wearing any bit of a different bathing suit. In fact, I think they enjoyed seeing a late 20's male with good physique wearing a thong.

Second part is that it seems like every time I am there some dude is set up way back in the dunes wearing some skimpy bathing suit. I think it makes it seem weirder when someone hides way back as opposed to just laying out where a normal person would.
itanng #141

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/10/2013 12:31:24Copy HTML

Reznor:  First, I agree about needing more women at the "Beach Town" area of East Beach!  I usually see one or two women, in "standard" bikinis, on days I am there (vacation days), and many women walking along the shoreline, usually in shorts and Ts but sometimes in a swimsuit.

This area gets the nickname of the "barest beach", largely because of the "party environment" further east at the paid area of Apffel Park.  But, I must admit, the guys who wear thongs and g-strings contribute to that term.  On my occasional visits, the guys are mostly east of the entrance from the free parking area up to the most-eastern set of condos.

I see people all over the beach.  Yes, the ones who are "in" the dunes are "creepy".  I think the people who choose "close" to the dunes just want to get away from all the beach walkers.  Personally, I choose a place about half way between the dunes and the water for the same reason.  And, of course, there are people who get right next to the water. That's true of most every beach, except the "creepy" part.

On my last visit in October, I remember about 6 men (other than me) on the beach in minimal swimwear on one weekday afternoon.  Two were in "speedos", two in thongs (all 4 alone and sunbathing at different locations) and two in g-strings (together).  One or two guys stayed in "dork shorts".  There was one young woman that day, who stayed almost all afternoon sunbathing and in/out of the water.
houtx46 #142

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/11/2013 12:27:11Copy HTML

Is thong/g-string wearing coming to an end at "Beach Town"? 

I was there on Saturday the 8th around 3:00PM and a Sergeant with the Galveston County Sheriff Department drove up to me in his ATV while I was laying out on a blanket and told me that there were complaints about me wearing a thong on the beach and that I had to cover up.  I have been wearing the same style suit (Dore Man's String, Very Low Pouch, 3" High, solid color, can't be seen through even when wet) for years with no problem at East Beach, Beach Town and even Stewart Beach and told him so.  He then responded that he did not care if I had been wearing thongs on the beach for 50 years, that I had to cover up.  At this point I told him OK and put on a pair of shorts that I happened to bring out on the beach that day (I normally wear my g-string from the parking lot to the beach).  I was back against the dunes (in the "Creepy" section, I guess) so that the families with children would have to intentionally look in my direction to see me, but I guess it would not have mattered.  It seems like the crowd has changed at Beach Town to more families. 

Later in the day another member of the ThongBoard showed up and we moved further down the beach toward East Beach and set out next to the surf line.  I switched to a thong instead of my usual g-string, but I was unhappy about it.

I flagged down a pair of passing Beach Patrol guards and ask if anything had changed about wearing thongs or g-strings on the beach and they said no and that the thong I had changed into was legal as far as they were concerned but that I should keep a pair of shorts with me to wear if the Galveston County guys came around again.

Just a heads up to everyone on the board that times may be changing.

JM_Runs #143

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/11/2013 01:10:58Copy HTML

Sometimes we see some policemen throwing their weight around.  Often it just takes a quiet word with their supervisor, or from their supervisor to set them straight. 

Next time he comes around you can tell him the beach patrol ok'ed your suit and told you there was no law against thongs. (You might want to check up on that first.)  Maybe ask the beach patrol talk to the man from the sheriff's office. 

It is possible the officer is just trying to cut down on some of the less savory activity back in the dunes.  Maybe laying out near the water in full view will be better, because it is obvious you have nothing to hide, and are not up to no good.

You may also want to drop a little friendly, non-defenseive note to the zone supervisor, often a Major, might help too.
odie77301 #144

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/11/2013 03:17:46Copy HTML

sorry for the county sheriff that ruin your day at the beach. I have never had any problem from no one in a authority position there before. I have notice a few sheriffs there on atv's and one that stood out once was a black sheriff. If you don't mind telling me what color he was I would appreciate it. I always set up near the signs that read "stay off the dunes" only because I respect the families that walk the shore towards "east beach", and don't want people taking vouyer pics of me.   As far as I can remember I usually never see any creepy activity going on behind the dunes unless somebody has to go pee. Again I might be blind to it as I'm not looking for it.  Where there more than usual families there at BT that day?  I will have to be more careful from now on, Thanks for the heads up and I hope this incident didn't discourage you from going to BT.
sailor250 #145

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/11/2013 10:13:11Copy HTML

good luck "setting straight" the sergeant!  Just one more "naked man" 911 call on his watch this month and his patrolmen under him and his Lieutenant will be on his case and he won't be back in his air conditioned car until December.
Slim2Magnolia #146

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/15/2013 12:50:21Copy HTML

I'll be in Galveston on Sun morning - any takers?
ithongit #147

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/16/2013 10:56:32Copy HTML

 Randy and I have both been to Galveston Beachs many times.  Personally, we prefer to stay right downtown at the seawall.  We have never been hassled here either when together or when thonging by ourselves.  East beach has a "anything goes" reputation.  It is a popular hang-out for sex, under aged drinking, and drug dealing.  I think the Galveston community promotes East Beach as being thong friendly in an attempt to keep complaints (and the associated police actions) away from the main tourist areas along the seawall.  I am sure that thongers, would be approached a lot different (and more politically correct) along the seawall where there are dozens, if not hundreds of witnesses.  Down on East Beach, there are few if any witnesses, and those in the area are perceived as living outside the mainstream anyway.

Regardless of where you go -- and this could be any place you choose to thong in the world -- there are times and places where those responsible for "enforcing the laws" either do not know exactly what the law is or have some personal agenda that shades their legal judgement.  Even judges occasionally get into trouble for not being fair or applying the laws correctly -- sometimes resulting in suspension or even jail time. 

Thonging, while legal, is not a "normal" activity in many areas.  In some places, the sighting of a thonger might be as strange as the sighting of a UFO.  JM's comments on getting the beach patrol (or life guards) to "approve" what you are wearing is a good idea -- an idea that is even better if you can give the cop (or person complaining) the person's name who said it was okay.  This is the same thing we do if we go to a motel pool and feel we need to ask permission -- we ask at the desk (or ask the pool attendant or person who checks the water or whomever) and then if someone comes along later and says "thongs are not permitted" we at least can show that we took the time to check into their acceptability before we thonged and that we had a real employee who should have known the "true" rules give us permission.  More than once, the person who said thongs were not okay lets us go ahead and thong after hearing we had ask first, or at least apologizes for the confusion. 

If the person who tells us that thongs are not appropriate does not change their mind (or does not try to get a clarification from "higher up") then we don't fight them.  If they say we need to cover up we do (or we leave).  We can always try to get a resolution later if we want to.  Fighting with an official who insists that your thong is not proper usually does nothing but escalate the situation.  But if we do cover up (or leave) at the request of the "official" then we make sure we know that person's name as well -- more than once we have gone to their "higher ups" and not only found that thong wearing was permitted, but also that the employer would take time to insure the employee knew what the rules really are to prevent further confusion in the future.

While it is true that you are ultimately responsible for your own actions, most cops will at least give you some leeway if you approached an appropriate person who should know the law and they said what you are doing is okay.  If for example, you come along a highway that is posted as being "closed" and you ask a member of the construction crew "can I go down as far as the bridge" and they say "sure" and later someone comes along and asks why you are driving on the closed highway, you at least have a reason that you thought it would be okay.

The reverse is also true (as mentioned in a recent post on Myrtle Beach NC).  Myrtle beach has rules that have outlawed thongs in most public beach areas.  Some lady wore a thong.  She apparently did not ask for permission of ask any authority if if was okay.  After warning her twice that her thong was not legal, and asking her to cover up and never following the police request she was arrested. 

If you want to be be another Rosie Parks and challenge an unjust law you should accept that you could be arrested.  Standing up against an unjust law is perhaps commendable, but if you are just being stubborn and think they never really would arrest you then you might be in for a surprise.

Now, as Sailor250 said, you are probably one of many "naked man" or "naked person" reports that are undoubtedly turned in each year.  Some people will exaggerate how little you are wearing simply                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    to make trouble for you.  Others just make assumptions about your lack of dress due to swimwear color, skimpiness, and how far away they are.  A person with average vision, looking into the  sun from 200 feet away may not realize that you are wearing a flesh-tone g-string.  They call the cops on the naked person, the cops come out and perhaps see the same thing at first, and the stage is set for a confrontation.  That G-string might be perfectly legal -- but from a distance and under the lighting conditions and other factors, it looks like you are violating  the law and this can set all types of things into motion.

Besides keeping away from areas where unsavory behavior of any type (sex, drugs, etc.) is happening, another thing Randy and I do is wear conservative thongs most of the time when in places where we have never been before or only been to a few times.  Extremely skimpy or suggestive thongs and G-strings can be lots of fun to wear, but we only wear these in places where we know that potential spectators will not mind or in totally private settings. 

We also wear swimwear that contrasts with our skin tones to make them stand out as much as possible.  Personally,  I think this is very sexy.  If you have to wear a thong because you can't go naked, wear one that looks like a thong so people can see how great you look in it.  More than once I have seen people get approached by cops when they wear flesh-colored G-strings which while probably legal in many areas look like no clothing to many and which causes the confrontation.

LeaB #148

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:08/21/2013 01:17:00Copy HTML

 Couldn't make is Sunday sorry Slim, I did try. . I will be there Wednesday, today, and Thursday morning at least. If anyone will be out there please let me know, I would love to not be the only one thonging. Can anyone tell me the best place to thong on East Beach? Do you go in the main entrance and drive a ways down? Is Galvaston pretty thong tolerant right off the Seawall as Traci suggests?  Is it legal to thong in all of Galvaston? Thank you for your input now it's time to go sun by buns!
odie77301 #149

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:08/22/2013 12:52:35Copy HTML

 Lea,  best place to to lay out in a thong if you are a man would be at beach town tight before you get to east beach. Now being a woman I you could go anywhere on the island, and topless is allowed also as long as nobody complains FYI.     Right past the tall condos Beach town will follow. There is a free parking  you can park and walk to the beach. You will know you are in the right area because you will see a good size clock towards the back facing the road near the homes. This area is consider gay/ lesbian area where people feel comfortable with there surrounding. Hope this helps if not you can PM me and I can can email you a map..
LeaB #150

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:08/22/2013 01:56:22Copy HTML

 Thank you Odie. I am a woman and so far haven't had any real issue. There weren't that many people yesterday so things went okay. On the beach i stayed mostly by the life guard hut 1. The life guard glanced my way way a couple of times but didnt pay me much attention. There wernt that many people at all so it was nice. I say okay because there were two men who would not stop gawking and cat calling when I went to and from the beach. Oh well we can't always have it all. I am off again to enjoy some sun, maybe I'll walk some along Seawall but for the most part I'll stay on East beach and also take a look a Beachtown.

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