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sundog516 #201

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:01/08/2018 07:44:25Copy HTML

 getting antsy to hit east beach twice a week...waiting for warm weather. would be nice to see other thongers to hang out with.
TexasThonger #202

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:01/12/2018 05:58:28Copy HTML

 Feeling the same way. Hope the weather warms up soon. Would like to find more thongers on East Beach. 
mainly_bikini #203

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:01/13/2018 05:30:23Copy HTML

 Is the "clock tower" area around beachtown still the best place to thong and not be bothered? Last year I used the access road before the clock tower and sunned in-between the beach houses to the east and west (the part where there are no beach houses), although the path to the beach was heavily eroded / had lots of mosquitos. I saw a decent amount of people thonging around there at the end of summer / start of fall in 2017.
beachtx12 #204

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:01/13/2018 08:35:31Copy HTML

Yes, mostly in front of the clock tower ; hit me up and perhaps we can thing together . I am there about every other sat in the warm months 
MeSoooQuiet #205

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:02/16/2018 05:24:11Copy HTML

 The weather is finally warming up, anybody going to head out and get some sun on their buns?
beachtx12 #206

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:02/17/2018 02:38:08Copy HTML

Would love to meet up with you when the weather warms ; let me know —i go about every other week in the summer. 
Kev1212 #207

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:02/25/2018 11:36:40Copy HTML

 I hope to be able to visit a couple times this spring.
Reznor7 #208

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:04/08/2018 07:00:52Copy HTML

 Can not wait to get out to Galveston in the coming teo weekends. I think I will take my girlfriend to Stewart beach where it is packed so we can thong together with lots of people around. I love feeling women’s eyes on my bulge and ass cheeks.
mainly_bikini #209

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:04/28/2018 03:56:31Copy HTML

I was out this Wednesday wearing some very short trunks. Honestly there was not that many people around and I could have thonged without any problems, but I was a bit self conscious about wearing a Skinz Thinskinz g-string. I think I am just going to stick with a more opaque thong or cheeky cut next time.
MeSoooQuiet #210

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/10/2018 02:11:21Copy HTML

 Thinking about hitting east beach tomorrow for some thonging.  Anyone else going to be out?
Jpbikini #211

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/24/2018 12:58:40Copy HTML

I plan to be on East beach next Saturday- monday.  Will be there with my two kids and wife.  I may be in a bikini, or thong.  Come give us a holler if ya see us.
beachtx12 #212

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/30/2018 05:14:42Copy HTML

I was there sat in a black transparency Arroyman ; were you the guy in the string bikini walking with your son ? You both had small boogie boards . See the email I sent you
Jpbikini #213

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:05/31/2018 12:37:34Copy HTML

Yes, that was me!  Had a blast, beautiful day!  Was wearing my N2N South Beach daredevil bikini
everydaythonger #214

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/06/2018 01:34:10Copy HTML

Well after looking where to thong in Galveston i came accross this board online. Im pretty sure i cound the right place by the clock tower and beach town. I went a couple weeks ago and didnt see any other thongers there. I could not work up the courage to take the shorts off. I returned yesterday and again no thongers. This time i said what the hell im here and went straight for the thong. It was great. Layed out for a couple hrs never saw any other thongs but cant wait to go back. I really thought after reading this message board there would be a lot more people there in thongs.
beachtx12 #215

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/06/2018 02:59:28Copy HTML

 Would love to meet up with you soon ; love to thong and weekdays are great to wear what is barely legal. At Beachtown beach about every other week . Great place ! Emailed you 
Mary0826 #216

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/07/2018 06:24:19Copy HTML

 My experience with Galveston is that thonging there is rather sporadic at times.  One day their might be no thongers, the next there could be a half dozen or more.  It does not seem that the size of the beach crowd makes much difference.  Weather also does not seem to be a factor.  But many times, it seems like the crowd is just looking for someone to start.  I have worn my thong on the beach, and the next thing I know, a few others follow my lead. 

I actually prefer the main across from the hotels where there is the big sea wall.  The only negative comments have been directed towards Brad and were from the homeless men who hang around this area, eating food from the trash cans and collecting cans and to sell (and occasionally walking away with valuables left by people who leave them when they go into the water.) 

Most hotels use those credit card type door locks, and don't put a number on the card, so you can not tell what room a person is from, even if the hotel name is on the card.  A nice cop I met on the beach (I was thonging and topfree) warned me to leave everything I didn't need back at the hotel, and only take the key and maybe a few bucks with me, in case I wanted to buy a drink or something.

It seems this beach never sleeps. Late at night Brad and I wandered across the street from the motel to the seawall. There are still people swimming and hanging around, and people are still parking and going to and from the spots on the street.

If you want to thong, and have a companion, you might want to start in the middle of the night. There will be enough people around on a hot humid night that you should be perfectly safe and with the dim light from the city across the seawall street, your swimwear choice will not make much of a difference. 

I have seen several couples nude, right there next to the seawall, where they could never get away with nudity during the day.  Not that I am promoting this.  A person who takes everything off can get into a whale of trouble even if they strip at night and Texans take law enforcement very seriously.

One other note.  If you ask anyone in a prominent tourist relations position about thonging (or topfreedom), they will often say that you "probably" or "might" be "more comfortable" at one of the outlying beaches.  The one East of town that is next to the shipping channel can be pretty buggy at times, but it is interesting to see the huge oil tankers coming in and out of port every few minutes.  Other ships lined up,  for as far as the eye could see, waiting their turn. 
bryn515000 #217

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/08/2018 03:22:25Copy HTML

Check out this news clip from Galveston. This probably no big deal for you Florida guys, but I've only seen this clarity of water in Galveston maybe twice in 40 years. Its not often that the tides, the currents and the wind all come together. Pretty cool.
mainly_bikini #218

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/08/2018 11:23:40Copy HTML

Wow, sounds like I have alot to look forward to next week at Galveston! Thanks for that.
I think thonging by the seawall works best if you have someone with you like Mary suggested. I personally wouldn't consider thonging there alone, its just too busy and more family oriented for me. 
I never have gone far enough east to see the tankers line up. That must be east of east beach? I usually go to the beach to get away from it all, so maybe I will have to see how many people are there next time. Might be selfish but I enjoy having the beach all to myself!
beachtx12 #219

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/09/2018 04:46:08Copy HTML

Mainly bikini— would love to meet up at Beachtown beach one on one or with me and a couple of other thong buds; sent u an email— let me know ; go to Beachtown about every other week in summer and early fall. 
everydaythonger #220

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/11/2018 02:29:13Copy HTML

Well sunday after noon was a bust. Am i going to the wrong spot or am i the only one at the beach in a thong? Not that i am looking to meet up would just like that im not the only one on the beach thonging.
mainly_bikini #221

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/11/2018 03:38:07Copy HTML

 Its like that most of the time. I would say every few times I go I see someone else with minimal swimwear. Sometimes quite a few people are. Just depends on the day.
beachtx12 #222

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/11/2018 01:10:25Copy HTML

 Everyday thonger, me and a friend or two will be there thonging from 9:30-2 or so in front of the clock on Saturday, June 30 and Saturday , July 7. We will be in arroyman bulge thongs or joe synder sock it gstrings— you are welcome to join us. 
TexasThonger #223

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/11/2018 02:35:29Copy HTML

everydayman, I find it the same. I am usually there during the week and only once or twice have I even seen another thonger. So I make the best of it and enjoy my private beach, but it is nice to have other thongers around!
mainly_bikini #224

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/11/2018 08:59:37Copy HTML

 I was out today in a rio bikini at beach-town, was a wonderful day other than the strong currents in the water.
beachtx12 #225

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/12/2018 12:37:39Copy HTML

 Mainly bikini,  Wish I had known ; would have loved to have met up 
MeSoooQuiet #226

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/28/2018 03:12:33Copy HTML

 Thinking about being out there either on Friday or Saturday (Most likely Saturday).  Anyone else going to be out?
mainly_bikini #227

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:06/29/2018 03:03:03Copy HTML

 I was out at Beach Town today in a Skinz Rio. Was relatively quiet, saw one guy wearing trunks but that was it.
MeSoooQuiet #228

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:07/07/2018 07:18:58Copy HTML

 At East. Beach right now.  Nobody else thonging.  There is a guy in a yellow and navy speedo l.  Nothing else.
JM_Runs #229

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:07/07/2018 07:28:25Copy HTML

Sometimes you just have to be the first. 
Often others will follow.  

imathonglover #230

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:07/08/2018 09:15:55Copy HTML

 I was there late Tuesday evening around 5 pm wearing a blue Joe Snyder thong. Everyone else around me were wearing baggy shorts with a couple women in bikini swimsuits.
JC2162 #231

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:07/14/2018 02:20:19Copy HTML

 Going to East Beach by the clock at noon today and will be sporting one of my favorite g-strings. Hope to see others there. 
itanng #232

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:07/17/2018 02:37:40Copy HTML

Long overdue, here is a link to the "Google Map" for the "Beachtown" area at Galveston:


I kept the URL as short as possible, leaving only a marker for the L-shaped lot.  I suggest you select the satellite view, then zoom as necessary to get the information you need, perhaps including directions.  The street view is especially useful if you follow it back to "Seawall Blvd" to locate the actual turning points (be aware the current view from the street is likely a bit different from the day the Google car made the trip).

As of July 17, 2018, the map has labels for the "Beachtown Galveston" development just to the west of the parking lot. Continuing westward are the "condos" frequently mentioned in this thread's posts: "The Galvestonian", "Palisade Palms", and "Islander East Condominiums". A bit father to the west are "Stewart Beach" and the rest of the "mainstream" beach areas along Seawall.

If you continue traveling on "E Beach Dr" eastward past the L-shaped parking lot, you'll reach the second development, with the "clock tower" just to the north of "Ocaen View Dr" (the map misspells Ocean). If you continue through the development, you reach a "T" junction. If you turn right onto "Apffel Park Rd", you reach the "East Beach Free Parking" area just before having to go through the booth that collects fees for parking on the "East Beach" area.

The area most frequented by thong wearers is between the two free parking lots.

When I choose "Street View", there are two photos near the "East Beach Free Parking".  The photo taken from the sand shows vehicles on the free lot and the rest of "East Beach" beyond that.  Turn the other direction and you see the vehicle path (including a truck coming this way), the second development, a spacing (that's the undeveloped area and parking lot), then the "Beachtown" development and the tall condos.

itanng #233

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:07/17/2018 02:48:10Copy HTML

Reference the Satellite View for post 232#, above.
It's been about 3 years since I've been to Galveston.  Last time i was there, the areas surrounding the parking lot were pretty much uncontrolled growth of vegetation. The path from the parking lot to the beach might have been 2-3 feet of usable path instead of the 5-6' between the poles.

The satellite view is tan instead of green.  Has the are been cleared?  For what reason(s)?

tobias5711 #234

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:08/03/2018 05:22:29Copy HTML

I made a very short trip but long drive from Atlanta to Houston. Visited family for 3 days then on the way back made a side trip to Galveston. I was on the beach 5 hours. It was a gorgeous day yesterday.

Stripped down to a thong/g-string basically a bulge g-string with a small triangle in rear. (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Sexy-Men-s-Spandex-Bulge-Pouch-Micro-Thong-Underwear-Super-Stretchy-Male-G-string-Swimwear-Micro/32800218922.html) the pouch is made well and the fabric thin, only complaint is the pink dye bleeds on everything even after several washings.

I walked the short distance from the street and layed out on the sand close to the water. A group of 3 or 4 families with about 15 kids from 5 yrs old to teenagers set up 15 feet away. Never had a problem. After an hour or so, I got bored and decided to take a walk. I walked from lifeguard tower 37 past tower 43 and the emergency clinic, then turned around and walked past tower 21, crossing under the pier and back. I stopped and talked to each life guard on duty. All very very friendly except two which I later found out were from South America and didn't speak much English.

One life guard in tower 21 was still in high school and talked for a few minutes. He said he had the perfect summer job. He was very friendly. I saw another young life guard walking the beach close to my things and started a conversation with him. I told him I was glad to see him walking. He replied he was bored. He graduated this year from High School and will be attending college in a few weeks. I asked if he got many guys in thongs. He replied one goes past tower 43 and there was a totally naked man this summer his superior had to escort off the beach. I told him I don't understand why the guards don't wear small speedos because they didn't hold water and easier to swim in. He agreed. He wears speedos every morning for training at the local pool with all the other guards, but the city makes him wear long shorts while on duty. He said he would prefer to wear speedos all the time. He said the shorts slowed down his times. I think he also wants to show off his amazing body. He has been doing 100 sit ups and push ups since he was 8 yrs old and has been doing weight training for the last 3 years. I have never seen a guy his age with such a perfect body and he didn't seem shy at all about showing it off. We talked for 20 minutes.

I walked the beach 3 times. When I was packing up to leave, I asked the lady renting chairs and umbrellas if she would take a few pictures of me with the water in the background. She said they get 3 or 4  guys in thongs over the summer. Several guys on skates on the sidewalk by the street saw me and yelled out and waved. No negative comments and only 3 older bums under the pier made wolf whistles in good fun. I walked past lots of families and got any waves, even from the teenagers. I would not hesitate to recommend wearing a small thong on Galveston Beach.

mainly_bikini #235

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:03/12/2019 03:10:44Copy HTML

Wore a mukscleskins sport thong today at east beach by the ship channel. Only had one person drive by the entire day. Wasn't sure if the weather was going to be good but it ended up being just sunny enough to get a tan and swim in the cold water.
everydaythonger #236

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:03/26/2019 12:36:53Copy HTML

So went to beach town yesterday, turned out to be a nice day. Not very many people at the beach so it was nice to be able to break out my new Skinz thong. Alteast until 2 males started hanging around staring, one even started rubbing himself. Needless to say my nice beach day ended pretty quickly after that. What happened to being able to go to the beach and relax? Is there another place the people are going to not have this issue? This is actually the 2nd time i have noticed this behavior at the clock tower area.
JM_Runs #237

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:03/26/2019 06:26:57Copy HTML

Re: Nice beach day ended when "at least until 2 males started hanging around staring, one even started rubbing himself." This would make me uncomfortable too. In the past I have told men that I am not interested in them, and sometimes asked them to please go away. Most times they apologize and bugger off somewhere else. This is a bit more difficult to do if they keep their distance. When a beach becomes known to be thong friendly for male thongers, it often attracts gay men looking to hookup. Some of whom assume that just because you are wearing a thong you must be gay too. The shy ones, often gays still in the closet, who don't know how to be publicly friendly, often engage in improper behavior. A simple solution is to seek out a more public part of the same beach and lay out alone, not near other men in thongs. Your more public location will probably cut down on the lurkers and improper behavior. Since gay men looking for hookups tend to head for the bushes or more secluded parts of the landscape, planting yourself in or near the most public and high traffic parts of the beach will help keep the flys away. You might even want to use the tried and tested: "Hi, I am going to be wearing a thong on the beach today. Can I lay out by you so the gay men don't think I am single? It gets annoying when they try hitting on me." This works best on a group of two or more women, or a women with kids.
mainly_bikini #238

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:03/26/2019 11:04:57Copy HTML

Ive noticed this type of behavior around the clock tower as well, although only a small percentage of the times I have visited. One time a guy sat down beside me and tried to grab my dick. Now I know what women have to deal with all the time! Lately I prefer staying around east beach. The farther east you go the less people, so you can setup somewhere you are comfortable with but still not deserted either. I think the thing that works best is going to the beach as a group if you are going to wear minimal swimwear. The hard part is finding people who are not creepy to go with.
imathonglover #239

Re:Galveston Texas TX

Date Posted:04/14/2019 04:21:59Copy HTML

I had intended to post this earlier, but better late than never. I was in Houston for an early meeting this past Wednesday and was done by 1:30 in the afternoon. The weather was beautiful and needless to say, the beach was definitely calling. To top it off, I received a message from a fellow board member stating that he was already setup near Beach Town in Galveston, so I informed him that I was on my way.

I arrived by 2:30 and proceeded to his location. Interestingly, I walked past a female laying out by herself, buns up exposing her thong. I proceeded past her to the spot where my friend was laying out in his Skinz thong and I quickly dropped my shorts to expose my own Skinz thong.

Just like all of my previous trips there, no one harassed us, although, there was one guy that walked passed us and hung around close by. I caught him taking a couple of pictures with his phone camera, or at least it appeared that he did so. Needless to say, it did make my friend a little bit uncomfortable and I have to admit, it does irritate me that people feel the need to do that without consent. I spoke to another friend that was in the same area the day before and he described what may have been the same person hanging around close to him. By the way, I had noticed that the girl in the thong had packed up and left at some point during this time. 

All in all, it turned out to be a great day to be at the beach.

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