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Date Posted:05/22/2009 10:31:29Copy HTML

Kudos to Mary Fields who is quoted in the article saying the reason she comes to Gandy Beach is so she can wear her thong bikini.   Great article about tolerance and "live and let live"

skinzfan #1

Re:Gandy Beach - Gandy Boulevard - Pinellas County FL

Date Posted:05/26/2009 11:47:43Copy HTML

I wonder how they feel about men in thongs. Being the "Redneck Riviera," I'm sure almost all the guys here have had disagreements from rednecks. One could assume it would be okay for women to wear thongs, but not men. Still, it would be a pretty good place to thong. Have your car, beer and tunes right on the beach.
Ex_Member #2

Re:Gandy Beach - Gandy Boulevard - Pinellas County FL

Date Posted:05/27/2009 07:11:52Copy HTML

 Great article. I like the "It's more the people, instead of the beach" aspect.  It sounds like a great place to go and just meet all kinds of interesting people and characters.
143741 #3

Re:Gandy Beach - Gandy Boulevard - Pinellas County FL

Date Posted:05/27/2009 10:58:35Copy HTML

I will check out this place on my vacation in July.
tboy18z #4

Re:Gandy Beach - Gandy Boulevard - Pinellas County FL

Date Posted:08/14/2009 11:08:11Copy HTML

Being a Tampa native... Gandy "beach" (beach... a real stretch of the imagination...) is plain and simple the Redneck Riveria.  Anyone who thinks it's the coolest thing to park their already distressed mode of transportation in 15-18 inches of muddy sea water and cast fishing lines in the same in hopes of catching 'dinner'... (let me sighhhhh here)...  we should steer clear of 'their' "beach"... A parking place, white sand, and plenty of diverse and wonderful people is my idea of a beach...  and for me... add my skimpy thong and wait for the sunset.  (Sunset Beach on Treasure Island)... 
briankay #5

Re:Gandy Beach - Gandy Boulevard - Pinellas County FL

Date Posted:04/13/2013 08:44:53Copy HTML

Gandy isn't really a beach.  Its a wide spot on the Gandy Blvd causeway with some muddy sand.  Since its just a place, not a beach or a park, there aren't any typical beach or park rules.  Drive up on the sand and park as close to the water as you dare.

Typical activites at Gandy are...

Drinking beer.
Playing with dogs in the water
Riding ATVs
Drinking beer
Running 4x4 vehicles through huge mud puddles
Cooking greasy food in smoker grills
Drinking beer

Based on this article


there are some women thongers but no mention of men.

I don't recall anyone here mentioning going to Gandy.  If so I'd like to hear a report.  Maybe I'd be surprised.  But still, its doesn't have much to offer as a beach.
kohler1977 #6

Re:Gandy Beach - Gandy Boulevard - Pinellas County FL

Date Posted:04/14/2013 11:30:34Copy HTML

Right near Tampa per say, there is no beaches, other than Ben Davis, and the strip at Gandy, so if you do not want to travel over to st pete Clearwater, and that stretch, that's all you have. Thongs are allowed at Ben Davis sometimes, I say sometimes, because there are no set rules, and if someone complains, then the cops approach you. I wish, they would spell out the rules.
redkillz #7

Re:Gandy Beach - Gandy Boulevard - Pinellas County FL

Date Posted:06/22/2013 07:53:22Copy HTML

ST PETE side of Gandy I have thonged a lot pleanty of semi private spots (I am bisexual) Have had men and women approach me about my thong (The men wanted me) the women loved that I was wearing a thong. Since I got married my wife and I go there to thong, We are lookimg for other couples to thong with? I am 42 in good shape she is 39 in good shape. (not looking to swing) just a couple to thong with?
SteveandCandy #8

Re:Gandy Beach - Gandy Boulevard - Pinellas County FL

Date Posted:04/07/2018 12:06:32Copy HTML

We only go on weekdays, it is overrun with Fams with kids and dogs on weekends or school breaks. Mondays seem to be one of the best days and an incoming tide is a good thing, low tide isnt.Happy Thonging!
jn9195 #9

Re:Gandy Beach - Gandy Boulevard - Pinellas County FL

Date Posted:06/17/2018 02:04:45Copy HTML

 I don't care for any beach that is crammed with cars. The only cars on a beach should be the lifeguard trucks and ATVs.    Just my opinion.   Too much activity, too much noise, too many radios clashing, just too crowded.  You don't ever feel like you have any space of your own.  People driving right by you, or walking a foot from your face, it is horrible.  Not an enjoyable experience at all for me.
sailor250 #10

Re:Gandy Beach - Gandy Boulevard - Pinellas County FL

Date Posted:06/17/2018 06:57:56Copy HTML

 Yes I  think driving on the beach is stupid- there are millions of miles of roads to drive on....and only a few thousand miles of ocean beaches.  Americans are so out of shape they can't drag themselves down the sand??  I read some Fla beaches are thinking about allowing cars (where the sand is firm enough" because they don't have any parking lots??? What?   Maybe I'll park on the taxiway at the airport if I don't find a parking place in the garage/lots???
SteveandCandy #11

Re:Gandy Beach - Gandy Boulevard - Pinellas County FL

Date Posted:06/18/2018 01:16:17Copy HTML

FYI Gandy Beach is a "causeway" beach and so in effect you are not driving on the beach you are driving beside it and pulling in, lots of causeway beaches all over FL, some are better than others. Gandy is nice for a quick and easy time at the beach, very little regulations. Most all causeway beaches allow pets, alcohol and often open fires at night. Kinda of a redneck thing I know but keep in mind this is Florida :-)Happy Thonging!
Mary0826 #12

Re:Gandy Beach - Gandy Boulevard - Pinellas County FL

Date Posted:06/19/2018 03:38:14Copy HTML

 Driving is permitted on some parts of the Outer Banks.  These are monitored areas to insure they cause the least harm to endangered species and sea life.  People must take an orientation class and pay for a somewhat expensive permit.  Beaches are closed or pulled from the permitted list when issues warrant.  I have driven on the beach there a few times years ago, and did not get any real pleasure from doing it.  I love cars, and have a muscle car and a Jeep, but I could see no value in spinning around the beach just to prove it could be done, nor in going as fast as I could.  It was something of a bore for me.  I tried it, but did not like it.  

At the same time, I have learned how much damage vehicles and bad driving can do to our beaches.  First, there is the environmental aspects.  Dripping oil, cutting through closed areas, etc. can create damage that can take many years to correct.  Second, heavy vehicles crush shells, even buried ones as well as those that harbor wildlife.  They also turn the sand form a smooth walkable surface to a mess of three-dimensional tire tracks that can be hard to walk along or across.  Third, there is a true hazard to people trying to use the beach on foot or for sunning.  Some of the beach drivers go so fast that they are unable to stop or change directions when if they come across a person laying on the sand.  Several people have been injured because of this.  I have been told that at least two died as a result of these accidents.

I can see that there is a need for limited vehicle traffic on the sands -- for rangers, and first respondors.  A case might also be made for those who do not have any other way to get to the water's edge due to health issues.  Regardless of who needs to be driven onto the beach, the size and speed of the vehicles should be reduced as far as possible, and established pathways used for these purposes.  A small ATV vehicle will do less damage than a full sized pickup.  There are also things like using monster type oversized tires that will lessen the damage to the smooth beach and the shells and other things living under it.  Only professional drivers, who know the area well and do this work on a regular basis should be permitted to drive on these pathways or sand roads.  

I have witnessed irresponsible people tearing down signs which dictate what portions of the beach are vehicle friendly.  I have almost been hit by more than one pickup.  I have seen someone paying to have vehicles rescued when they get stuck or go too far into the water.  Would a strictly enforced "travel at your own risk" law help if vehicles could not be towed without permits -- permits that might take hours or even days to create?  Today, even AAA will come down to the beach to pull you out if you do something stupid.  Maybe if you know your car or truck might be totaled you would drive differently.   Some states have stiffer motor vehicle violation fines in constructions zones violations.  Some go so far as to create mandatory prison time if someone is killed in a construction zone.  Why not make bad-driver fines on beaches worse than they are now.  Perhaps some drivers would try a bit harder if they learned they can loose their vehicle or license, or maybe even wind up in jail if they damage bird or turtle nests, or face imprisonment if they hurt a beach goer.

As far as parking goes, this is a pretty lame excuse to open up beaches to vehicles.  If you go to the store and they run out of parking you don't get to park inside.  Most places have a limited number of parking places, and while this can be changed by building more real parking lots, permitting parking wherever people want when a lot is full is certainly not the answer.  In the old days, the infield at the Indy race track was used almost entirely for parking on the days of races and time trials.  Today, this number is more like 15%.  They had changed the golf course, and added additional seating, as well as a second race track inside the olriginal 2.5 mile track.   Race fans still go to the races -- even when they have to hike in from outside the fence and a distance away.  Attendance has not dropped any due to less infield parking.

Perhaps a small section of larger beach areas (perhaps less than 5% could be designated for driving, keeping the other 95% for non-driving activities and natural habitat.  I would not mind if the beach in front of all the block after block of houses and motels in a place like Nags Head 5were opened to beach driving.  I can likewise think of places in Texas, Florida and even California where the encroaching developments have virtually destroyed the beaches anyway. Another idea would be to set up special off-beach areas for those who want to drive in the sand.  Put them away from the beach in a place that is less special, dig some pits to hold water, and basically eliminate rules and let the beach drivers go there to "test their skills" or their vehicles.  This would be similar to motocross driving tracks -- except there would be no audience and the drivers would be using cars and pickups instead of motorcycles..
gw32 #13

Re:Gandy Beach - Gandy Boulevard - Pinellas County FL

Date Posted:06/19/2018 03:56:01Copy HTML

  I agree with @Sailor250 - driving on the beach is stupid. Its also totally unecessary and a ridiculous concession to our car-culture. Millions of miles of road, acres of parking lots, and you want the beach too?? I don't go to those beaches.
ithongit #14

Re:Gandy Beach - Gandy Boulevard - Pinellas County FL

Date Posted:06/19/2018 04:44:15Copy HTML

 I think beach driving is totally unnecessary.  Mary did make a few suggestions like if there is lots of beach, open a small part for driving.  I don't like that proposal, even if it is supposed to calm down those who want to drive on the beach.  Make the beach vehicle free.  Mary's concerns about the handicapped could be addressed by some boat system, and police, rangers and true first-responders who need to get to people in a hurry could use jet skis.  Those things really fly, and would get the people just mentioned to where they were needed many times faster than cars or truck or ATVs.  The only thing I can think of that needs to be on the beach would be a true ambulance, and then only in a true emergency.

Her point about most places having a fixed amount of parking is so obvious.  Why should beach goers get super convenient parking while they accept realistic limits for parking most other places?  No use of the beach as a parking lot!  (Who thought up that dumb idea anyway?)  Just because beach conditions or vehicle designs make it possible to drive on the beach, that does not mean it should be tolerated.  

sailor250 #15

Re:Gandy Beach - Gandy Boulevard - Pinellas County FL

Date Posted:06/20/2018 01:49:29Copy HTML

 This sounds like the brainchild of some greedy local merchants!  Same thing as saying  There's not enough parking in the shopping district- let's make it permissible to just park on anyone's lawn or sidewalks!  Well that's someone else's property- let's take a public asset- hey everyone park in the Public Park on the lawn, and in the Veteran's Cemetery - come on down!
nospam_TN1 #16

Re:Gandy Beach - Gandy Boulevard - Pinellas County FL

Date Posted:06/20/2018 02:29:21Copy HTML

 Mary0826:  you're basically right.  Motorized vehicles kill and injure both humans and wildlife, use lots of fuel, and they're often obnoxiously loud.  That's true on both land and water.  In places where there is neither alcohol nor motors, the need for law enforcement presence is minimal.  Riding a bike or paddling a kayak improves physical strength and endurance, but revving a motor provides no such benefit.  We, as a society, need to find ways to keep motorized vehicles in their proper place (roads, rails, and commercial shipping channels) and eliminate motors from our recreational activities.  Individuals on 4 wheelers and jet skis seek places certainly enjoy being alone on the water or in the woods.  However, no one ever goes to a lake and says "I wish there were more motorboats and jet skis" and no one ever goes on a hike lamenting the absence of motorcycles and 4-wheelers on the trail.  That's even true of the owners of these motorized recreational vehicles. 

For beaches, the best approach is make the beach accessible to all by maximizing nearby public parking off the beach.  Too little parking results in people circling repeatedly in search of spaces and that's bad too. 
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